Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 19, 1958 · Page 40
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 40

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 19, 1958
Page 40
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PAGE SJXTEEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, JANUARY 19, 19S8. Ann Landers Secretary Should Learn To Use 'No' With 'Sir' • Dear Ann: I'm a secretary to a successful business man. He's a bachelor about 50,. arid a stickler for' formality. He insists that I answer "Yes Sir", and "No sir", and if I forget, he reminds me. I resent, this show of pomp, particularly since after 5:00 o'clock he becomes overly friendly. He has asked me repeatedly to join him for a cocktail and even dinner. can give her. I wrote that I would soon be sending a box of clothing and mentioned the lovely snow-suit so that she wouldn't go out and -buy one. I left the box over the weekend. When I prepared to take it home I was shocked to find that most o£ the good things had been taken out. he snow suit was among them. I feel I've committed myself, yel I can't afford to go out and buy another snow-suit. Shall I mention I'm married, and he's well a ware of this Also, I'm about 20 i'-his to the lady of the house or years his junior. This ."Sir" rou-';what? Please help me do the right thing.—DAY LADY After giving you the clothing, il should have been considered yours Apparently your employer hac ^some second thoughts, which was j unfortunate," but there's nothin; you can do. Simply write your friend and ex- tine irks me because it's so put on. Yet I love my position arid I don't want to lose it. The hours and salary suit.me'perfectly. Any advice on how to keep my job— AND my self-respect?—IRRITATED Dear Irritated: Say "Yes Sir" from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. After 5:00—say "No Sir". « * * Dear Ann: Will you please settle a dispute between my husband and myself? My father-in-law, who is a widower, writes to us often. He always addresses the envelope to "Mr. Ex And -Family". He never bothers to put Mrs. on the 'envelope. Then he begins the letter "Dear Folks", again failing to mention my name or making any acknowledgment that I exist. He •winds up by simply signing has initials. I've become increasingly annoyed over this and my husband and I have had some words. He claims it is just an oddity and I say it's an underhanded way of ignoring me. I'm in favor of bringing it up fte next time he visits. My husband says to skip it because it's not important enough to be made an issue. May we have your opinion?—LEE I agree with your husband. This is too petty to complain about. It would only result in a knock-down, drag-out family fight. Since the envelope is addressed to "the family" and the letters begin "Dear Folks", include yourself in. Recently I heard from a woman whose husband received three letters a week from his mother. On the envelope she marks, "PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL TO MR. ONLY" — now THAT gal has a problem! Dear Ann: I have a rather embarrassing situation and don't know how to handle it. I do day work for a woman who has a small boy. A few weeks ago she gave me a box of clothing her child had outgrown. I have-a friend with a boy the same size, who is in financial difficulty and appreciates any help I "Your Private Secretary" FLORENCE DAGGY Typing — Mimeographing Offset Printing — Business Forma 129 Fourth St. Phone 3381 •S. DR. 0. L BftAUN | FOOT AH.MENTS K Reg. Podiatrist If Foot Specialist l| Office: 314 North St. || ' IOGANSPORT PHONE 3330 |j *. Wednesdays & Friday! 9 to 4 t* DIAL 5144 Pleasant Hill Greenhouse FURTHER REDUCTIONS ON COATS SUITS DRESSES SWEATERS SKIRTS BLOUSES Now Reduced AND MORE 326 East Broadway Friday tor observation and possible ;urgery. Edward Begley, of Monticello, was arrested recently, charged with .driving under the influence and forfeited his driving license until December 20, 1958. Marriage licenses were issued to Fern Taylcr Lewis, of Monon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emmet V. Lewis, of California, a saw mill employe, and Bonnie Jean Brouhard, Monon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Brouhard. The license was issued January 16, 1958. Mrs. Donald Cross, of South Bluff street, was scheduled to submit to major surgery Saturday morning at 11 o'clock at the Home Hospital, Lafayette. Miss Ruth An n Mull, who will become the bride of Francis Krintz, Sunday afternoon. January 19th, at 2 o'clock at the Monticello Presbyterian Church was honored with a bridal shower given by Mrs. Robert Tyler, Mrs. Melvin Boyer, and Miss Connie Douglass. Paul Biederwolf, who recently completed a fifteen-day leave at plain. She will understand. You i his home is now stationed al Josephine Lowman Menfolk Ought to Try To Stay Youthful Too are not obligated to buy her child a snow-suit. From now on, when Blythville Air Force Base, Ark. Delbert Stotler, son o£ Mr. and the lady of the house gives you a Mrs F ran ir. stotier of Monticello, box of clothing, say "Thank you" L. n ' ow stationed at Hollman Air —and take it home the same day.j Forces BasC| in New Mexico. He * * * 'had been stationed at Youngstown CO'NMOBNTIALLY: EAGLEEYE. JONES: Your vision is so perfect I think you're seeing things that don't exist. What you consider "evidence" is not evidence at all. Quit reading those junky novels and give these people a fair chance. * * * FEELING BLUE: That Bird ot Paradise you speak of is not at the bottom of the bottle. You need A. A. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1958, Field Enterprises, Inc. Ohio, since June, receiving a 30- day leave in December. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hickman and son, Tommy, left Saturday by motor for a several months stay in California. They expect to locate . near Long Beach or Garden Grove [as Mrs. Hickman has accepted a j teaching position in the second ' grade at the latter city, the second semester beginning February 3rd. Tommy, a second grader, will be enrolled in school for the second semester and the family expects MONT/CELLO MONTICELLO—The Rufus James Sawmill just sowthwest of Reynolds was destroyed by fire incurring a $5,000 loss Thursday afternoon. James operated the business »s a spare time hobby assist- New US Bombers On Line In Britain LO'NDON W-The .U.S. .Air Force Saturday moved its newest bomb- :rs, the Douglas B6&B Destroyer, into the H-bomb front line. Eight of the sleek giants flew n from Hurlburt Air Force Base in Florida. Eight more are due /Do you have a regular yearly or semi-yearly physical checkup? "Why Grow Old" is essentially a woman's column but a lot ol men read it, too; in fact so many that once or twice a year I spend a week bringing information which is of special value to them. Actually, many of the subjects 1 write about are equally vital to to"remain on the west coast until!men. They, too, age, become over- spring. Mrs. Henry Hohman, 525 First street, arrived home last week weight, develop poor posture, become malnourished or frustrated and are subject to problems of evening, January 22 at the home of Mrs. Melvin Steverts with Mrs. Lon McKinley, Mrs. Virgil Zellers, and Mrs. Francis Knarr assisting Mrs. George Graham will give the lesson' on "Perennial Planting." Eighteen Brownie Scouts of Troop 11, received their, pins at a ceremony Wednesday evening. This iii &• ivsuuci. ±Liig,m, luuit ale uuc - . j Sunday to take up the watch on • is the Troop which was organized last fall of girls who are second- grade students, Mrs. James Gor- the east coast of Britain as part of the NATO retaliation force. A U.S. 3rd Air Force announcement said the 70 m.p.h. bombers have a nuclear carrying capability, a modest military descriptive for an H-bomber. WINAMAC WINAMAC—The Rev. Richard J. Berkey, pastor o fthe First Chris- don and Mrs. John Kelly are the leaders. Parents of the girls were invited guests. A mistake was made in the report of the Polio benefit dance which will be sponsored by the V.F.W. and Auxiliary. The correct ±J\^L Ifc^JT , ^tIi31.Ui VI 1.1.1IV7 J.' JJ. a\, \slli 13" . . •*/[ tian Churcli oC Winamac, has been afternoon at the home of Mrs. elected to the board of directors, charlcs Arens - Th ? P™^, 3 ™ was Suit Over Patent Won By Defense BUFFALO, N.Y. iff) — A patent infringement suit against Trico Products Corp^of Buffalo over tha design and manufacture of a flexible windshield wiper blade for curved auto windsliields was struck down Saturday by U.S. District Court Judge Justin C. Morgan. ' The suit was brought in 1953 by John W Anderson of Gary, Ind., V.r.VV. CIIJU rtllAJllulJ. .mw *.«***-». - 1 " v . . dale is January 24 at the Post! and by the Anderson Co and Ti nm . Productive Inventions, Inc., of 1! „, , - u i. ivr „,!„,, which Anderson is a substantial The Women s aub met Monday ot Purdue Christian Foundation, West Lafayette.'The foundation is the student center for Christian students on the Purdue campus. Berkey attended a meeting of the board on Tuesday at the center on the west side of the campus. At present the board is searching for a new director for the center. Rev. C. A. Underwood, former director is now pastor of the Christian church at Rochester. The First Christian Church of Winamac hopes to erase the debt on its new building, which was dedicated May 3, 1953, on Sunday morning Jan. 19. A special build- in charge of Mrs. George Graham. The study of Buddhism was continued. Mrs. 0. H. Keller and Mrs. Gill Gordon assisted the program leader. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Florence Leeson, on January 27. The Monroe Township Farm Bureau will meet Tuesday evening, January 21, at 8 o'clock in the American Legion home. The program for 1958 will be arranged ] , with the incoming president, R. R. , I? Shaw, in charge of the meeting, j ? Anderson claimed Trico had illegally taken his design and ideas for a flexible wiper blade, infringing his patent. Trico filed a coun- tersuit claiming Anderson had filed a false affidavit with the U.S. Patent Office in connection with the case. Anderson did not ask any specific damages in the patent suit. But in a related Monopoly suit, still untried, he is seeking damages of $16,467,51. Morgan's d e c i s i o n,_ to appeal, the* The first and second, seventh and eighth grade, basketball teams from Star City will meet the Fair. dressed envelope with your request for The Tubby Hubby Reducing 'Diet. Address Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Men are Wise to Cut Down on Their Fat Consumption." •(•Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate,1958) ing. fund offering will be taken! view teams on Tuesday evening. during the morning worship hour.. January 21, at the Fan-view gym. The Christian Women's Fellowship This is a change of date from January 23, as previously announced. The. first game starts at 6:30. Dr. E. L. Hollenberg is to return during the weekend from Deliver, Colo., where he has been taking Izvesf id flaps from Whiting, Iowa, where she ' health and personality. was visiting iher daughter and hus- j I also give a week or so every ! band, Mr. and Mrs. Wynn Conyers. i year to men because their wives. The Assembly of God Church] are greatly interested in keeping. was incorporated at a special busi-i them youthful and well, in help-' .. ness meeting Wednesday, January ' ing them avoid the greatest mas-. MflfA WetfTnlK 5th. A board of trustees was elect-; culine hazards, in getting them, •"«" w " •" •*•••* . ed and the pastor, the Rev. Eugene;. to take better care of themselves. Dayka is chairman. William Wiechman is the 'treasurer and Hubert Von Holten is the secretary. There will be an installation service Sunday morning for those ot office " | — - _ -, ViV-t; VJLIUUHJ iJ ed by 1 his son. John James. Itj wl]0 are takng is not possible to carry insurance'^ the c j ]urc j li o n the business. | ^g f.; rst m€e ting of the year Gasoline falling on a lantern ex-jf or fte Methodist Men's Organiza- ploded and the fire soon had thejt-on will be Monday evening o'clock in the social hall of the church. All Methodist- Men and their friends are invited. Concerned Now In the past a man who admitted to any interest in his physical appearance was considered to be somewhat less than manly. This conception has disappeared. Many of the most successful and virile men now have an intelligent concern for MOSCOW (B- Izvestia charged Saturday President Eisenhower's State of the Union message was permeated with the spirit of cold war. The President and the U. S. government "hawe again confirmed | their loyalty to the interests of 'monopolists, who wax fat on the * ^™^*^\= 1 ™*^^ SSS place in ashes within a few utes, one tractor being saved. Lost in the fire were 400 feet of lumber, another tractor, mower, grain elevator, jointers, planers, band saw _ ,.„,„ „ _ J . I .._ _.. _ and other equipment. Some logs j Coaches Paul Moore and Jim Lods| age. This''picture has changed. of energy and efficiency. Women used to age more rapidly than men. And, men of 50 Coach Dick Roberts, who is inj or so , looked younger than their charge of the meeting, has secured | wives of approximately the same stored nearby the other lumber i as the speakers. did not catch-fire. The Reynolds! white County Memorial Hos- Women are years ahead of nnen , ,„,„„ ., -. -— in Hie art of remaining young. fire department made a run toj pital news _Births, January 17,—a Even more frightening is the the scene and stood by to protect nearby property. An invitation to speak at the dedication of the new 32-room Monon school building and gymnasium February 7th, has been sent to Gov. Harold W. Handley. Monon Township trustee Grant F. Long said a reply is expected soon. The school, built for approximately $1 million, is composed of 12 grades. White County's sales of U. S. Savings Bonds for December were $62,297.70 compared with $48,157.02 a year ago. V. H. Henderson, is chairman of the White county U. S. Savings Bonds Committee. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold | f. ao t that women are outliving Edgecomb, R 1,- Chalmers. Dismissals, Mrs. Robert Hering and daughter, Medaryville; Mrs. Carl Jennings, Jr., R 5; Mrs. George Andrews, 502 E. Cleveland street. D. M. Hatton, who has been seriously ill at his home in Burnettsville, is improving. • Mrs. Leroy Bundy of Fort Myers, Florida, former well known resident of Monticello, is recuperating satisfactorily following major surgery she , underwent last Friday at a Fort Myers hospital. Gary Cooper, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Fraser entered the men. At the beginning of the century, the average woman lived two years and 10 months longer than the average man. Today her life expectancy is' six years longer than his. It begins to look as though man is the weaker sex and must take good physical eare of himself if he is to prolong the youthful portion of his life and live to a ripe old age. Check List This week, we will investigate some of his hazards. In the meantime, have the man in the house ; editorial reaction. The State of the Union mes sage and the Eisenhower budget message "go right down the line set by the Rockefeller report," Izvestia said. The Soviet Press already has denounced the report as an attempt by American millionaires to boost the sale of arms for the sake of profit. "Though the State of the Union message contains several phrases on peace, in reality from begin, ntig to end it is permeated with the spirit of cold war and calls for boosting U. S. military might and stockpiling nuclear weapons," Izvestia told its readers. "All eight points formulated by President Eisenhower as a pro< gram., for further activity of the U. S. government deal with preparations for war and leave no room for steps aimed at peace." s expecting to contribute a substantial sum, which they have earned in the past six months at various work projects. Rev. 3erkey has chosen "No Gospel Without the Church" as his sermon :opic for this service. Mrs. Max Gilsinger, Mrs. Andrew Nufer and Mrs. John Dilts were at Plymouth on Thursday and attended a meeting of the Indiana Heart Foundation, area one. Mrs. Loyd Freeman of Tempe, Arizona, who is making an extended visit with relatives in this vicinity visited the past week with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. 0. E. Williams at South Bend and in the 'home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Wilkes at Akron, Ohio. She is :o return here before going home. Mrs. Charles Arens and Mrs. Florence MeCaskey spent Thursday afternoon at Rochester and observed the Fulton County Cancer detection center in operation. Monroe Home Demonstration club No. 3 'will meet Wednesday Noblp Grard William B ! Jar ' uary 6th for a two '™"- ^^ He * winter short "course_a^Purdue^^on chec ' k himsel£ against the fol- Koons will install as Noble Grand of I.O.O.F. Lodge No. 107 Wednesday evening at the lodge hall. Other officers who will take their oaths will be Jess Van Meter, past grand; Charles Gross, vice-grand; Walter Houts, warden; Jess Kalfise, conductor; Lee Washburn, chaplin; Norman Carmichael, inside guard and John Buchanan, outside guard. Also, William Bryan Koons, right support to noble gjand; Claude Allen, Sr., left si^jport; Lamar Bretzinger, secretary; Fred Miller, treasurer; Clyde Hansell, Lamar Parrish, and H. B. Blankenship, trustees. Also, Dean Miller, right support to vice-grand; Foster Capes, left support; Larmar Bret zinger, degree catpain. and W. B. Koons, publicity. White County Memorial Hospital naws—Births, .January 17, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Edgecombe, R. 1, Chalmers, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nipple, 718 South East street, a daughter. Dismiss- als.January 18, Mrs. Denzii 'Daulton and daughter, 'Reynolds. Bill Brandt was taken to the St. Elizabeth Hospital at Lafayette in the Union Building. • Howard Stange, route 5, Pierces 1 Lakewood- Addition, was taken early Friday morning in the Smith and Aufenberg ambulance to White Co. Memorial Hospital. "• 1. Do you have a regular year- physical check- French Plane Can Take 135 Af A Time NEW YORK .UP) — A huge new French airplane, capable of carrying 155 passengers, arrived at tions of the employees in some of our large companies ,have uncovered startling .facts. A large percentage of the employees had serious impairments of which •they were unaware. Early treat- Mayor Wants No Harsh Treatment Of Court Patrons WEST FRANKFORT, HI. ffl — Mayor John Heaton thinks fines are fine, but he's asked the City Council not to be. too hard on "regular city customers" ar- ijudge: 1. Invalidated a patent issued to Anderson on May 6, 1952. 2. Struck out all claims involving patent infringement.- 3. Dismissed Trico's counterclaim. 4. Directed each side to pay iU own share of trial costs. A principal part of Trico's defense had been that Anderson's WHO., wnere ue ..« -- ~~. 5 stemmed from an ag- a week's course in post graduate,'.. _ „, m - or idoas and ... » work at the Medical Center there. and dcvic( ,/ said Miss Vclma Long of Winamac! Tric0| was particularly anlicipat- who has been leaching in the cd by a | )lade distributed Si > carl y schools of Ada, Ohio, has accepted a. position in the North Judson high school and will begin her duties there al. the beginning of the second semester. Pauline C. Shorter of Winamac has filed suit for divorce from Francis Shorter. She stales that they were married in 1956 and separated last week. She asks custody of the daughter, Davitta Georgene. A restraining order was issued, to prohibit him from bothering her. Mrs. Shorter also signed an affidavit against him, charging him with assaut and battery. Shorter was taken into custody on Thursday by the Sheriff's department and lodged in Cass county jail awaiting arraignment. as 1D40 by the Zaiger Corp. of Boston, Mass. In his decision. Judge Morgan said that the Zaiger blade did jhave all the elements present in ' the Anderson blade and that the patent office should not have issued a patent to Anderson. "The 'dream' of Mr. Anderson as to the conception of an 'entirely new blade construction' tends to strain one's credulity," said J.udge Morgan. EARLY CITIZEN DIES CHICAGO WV-Oarles D. Weeks, 81, founder of the coal mining town of Weeksbury, Ky., died Saturday in suburban Highland Park where he lived. ment is essential in so many in-; re sted on dsunk and disorderly stances. It is also necessary to i charges. recognize the background conditions which lead to chronic diseases. 2. Are you overweight? We now know, that this is a definite health Idlewild Airport Saturday for the j hazard and greatly increases your start of a demonstration tour in; susceptibility to many of those the United States and South America. Known as the Breguet Deux Fonts—or Two Decks—the plane is described as the only commercial aircraft now operational having two full-length decks. The lower deck can be converted at short notice to carry a large number of. "thrift class" passengers or bulky cargo. The plane's four engines give it a cruising speed of 23 miles an hour at approximately 10,000 feet, with a range of 1,250 miles. S PE Cl AL! -ALL WEEK- TROUSERSda" The Qualify Dry Cleaning You Long .For" diseases tp .which man is most apt to fall prey. 3. Moderation in everything is the watchword for youth after 40. * * * If you would like to lose seven to 12 pounds in 12 days' time, send The mayor made the plea when councilmen announced they were considering an ordinance to increase fines for certain offenses. Mayor Heaton suggested setting a $5 fine for persons most frequently arrested. "If we make the fine too stiff we might lose that 'regular' business—and we need it," he explained. 10 cents and'a stamped, self-ad- dependence Day. One state of the Union, North Dakota, celebrates Norwegian In- PLAN NOW TO SEE THE A FIRST CLASS TOUR Your Motor Club Travel Bureau will again operate its special, oil-expense, personally escorted rail tour to the Mardi Grai in colorful New Orleans next Spring. You leave Chicago on Saturday, Feb. 15, 1958, returning Saturday, Feb. 22, visiting old New Orleans during its most glamorous season... see the Mardi Gras parade from reserved seats... cruise on SS President in New Orleans Harbor... visit the lovely Gulf Coast, including Bellingrath Gardeni.. Rates from Chicago $263.00, plus tax. Start planning NOW to attend this exciting trip. Send for free, illustrated folders, and make your reservations early. Space il limited. I ' ,. ... . I r nil >>vl>9i >n* Atcidtnt I Logansport Branch | .i^t^aiM, | CHICAGO MOTOR CLUB 128 South Third Street Phone SIM FAST, EFFECTIVE, RELIEF FOR COUGHS OF COLDS: 1. controls deep-down bronchial cough 2. loolhei rasping throat tickl* Mother, harVi fast r«llef for those nagging coughs that turn nights into nightmares. More effective relief, too, because new Vicks Cough Syrup relieves the cause of coughing. You •••, tough* ol colds are often caused by irritation in 'the throat... and by congestion in the bronchial passages. Because new Vicks Cough Syrup has a special penetrating ingredient... Cetamium®... the first 3. eases sleep-robbing "croupy" cough 4. calms dry, hacking cough spoonful stops throat tickle. Then it works internally to control bronchial coughs . . . thereby getting at the cause of the cough. In fact, a Boston medical center reports that Vicks Cough Syrup gives faster, more effective relief than the 5 other leading cough medications tested! Flavor? Dvllclous wild cherry! Mother, get Vicks Medi-trating Cough Syrup today! !s;:';^X«i^tJri;i:«i!4 ; ^«:*i-*;irj> ; ; ; 'ri | ij->>" : COUGH SYRUP

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