The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAY 9, 1931 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cen;* i word for first li-'tnion end one cent » word 'or ench subsecjueut li'-sc:tlon. No advertisement, taken [or less than 506. Count the words uui (end the ?abh.• Phone 306 FOtt SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks. Pay this fall. Sec us auoui plan. Marilyn HiUuK'ry. DOT* KOH SALE—Five rcom course with nice bulli. Ho;:se damaged Dy fire. It is situated on pretty corner lo'. witii shade uees. Good out. build-1 inys. Small Mim will pill In good j shall:, llcuts at $M. $750 gclb it. 'liiomas Land Co. UC-K11; FOB SALE—Two 5 room on W. Main Si. Each have nict 1 balh Corner lol, 'i saraues. Renl $10.00 inonlli. Sell for 52:>50. Easy icrins. Thomas Land Co. QC-K.11 FOR SALS—O:'.c Jersey Cow, six years o!cl uivinj Ihtce gallons <lai!y. Ho;.;ehcjM luriiilurc- Musi sell. R. O. LciU'Kty. Gosnell, Ark. 9P-K12 FOR KENT l-'OR HUNT—Apartment In Ingram building, 'sec Parkliurst Company. 9U-TF FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms for linht housekeeping, 113 W. Missouri Ave. - 9P-K12 FOR DENT—5 room nnrJeiu apartment on West Main SI., Arcola heat. Phone 417 or 473-W. OcklS WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- entry, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework, llrs. Dora VJzdl, 2207 !8tll St. TP WANTED TO KENT — Furnished apartment. Call 505. C-K-12 LARGE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION will establish ambitious man in higliiy profitable business ill this city. Applicant musi be over 21 with good references and small capital. No experience needed. Write or wiro, SANISBNE SERVICE SYSTEM, INC., Dept. 24 Michigan Squaie, Chicago, III. LOST AWD FOUN1> LOST—On Thursday night, browi leather bill foM. Finder rcturr to W. D. iMcClerkin, Oil Ash St Reward. .... . . SC-K1 PERSONAL CASH PAID for second hand fur niturc. A. L. Flowers, corner Mail & Lake Sis. fiC-TF FOP. TRADE—Ford roadster, cow, hogs or chickens, 113 Missouri Ave. fo W OI?-K1 STOCKHOLDERS MEETING of The Blyfhcvillc Cotton Oil Company The Annual Meeting of the di rectors and ^tcckhoklers of th above company will be held Thurs day. June 9th at 10:30 A. M. i the offices of W. A. Gage & Co Falls Bldg., Memphis, Temi. 4C-KG-3 COUUIKU NKWS OUR BOARDING HOUSE ^!olvJ, \f Vail 5URiMe>"Trl 7 (dio-r, OTJ I i-lAPPETMs,irLis-r -rHose , Birr Lit ' FOR Me -TO VE(-L.[ AUTHOR or OF WALKS, CRAUit-S GR WrlY, pa-r VriofO Hi .^ ( Taw IIIXilN llCltl] UDUVJ, linill]l:.V, trrrrllr In love itllb TOMMY WII.SO.V, JI«- vfttrri ihnt kc !• planning (u e ullh btr balf-hlalrr, IIIKNM i:vi-:iu?rr, nuJ the n.MUInuri: of lirr "unnj;." She uricr. him In may lu rallrKe anil nnl break the Li-.irt uf (hi* unnl •lUu li flunnrlnK fcli. cncclnre him. llrryt Ire* Tvtuaiy /rturn («> Irvnc lhc ilrlay, rt(u*t« tu IU(cii null FLU HaP MV ARMV GAT, A/a T Sl-toof A L<rT OF _._ i/o -TrU-r SPOOK, OR -p ROM MQR-TQAOE -frlgRE'S t^C> 5POQK IT/ ~ IF ' On/" Beryl sfammcrci/, "I'm sorry." QW IHEM.MR. l.ntrr Tmumr KHU* iMitat? finds llrrrl nntl lier K»HK < J " licnch. One »if tbe IHIJM out Iijr tlie IIJp and Tn; lieryl rritcur Mm. Shu llmU it linrU (o hear I Im rrjirurichr* of |J!M mother and ike »»CLT* n£ hrr Wbrn Tummjr tignlii IJT^" Ir^ne tn iiinrrr bini wlic rrftiM-v, ll might •pull Lrr i-arecr, and I fitriui him Ibat »Ue fx (u 1m ve i radJu nuiilttim, Ske i>iumI>rM *' take Jlrrjl (,; tbe ttLiiI.ii If nil will iTMli ht-r Linn*?, hut : 1Le work IK flnl«hrJ a>k» llirlr iiiutlirr to keep llrrjl lunar, rv*r. IlcryJ forcm Ircnu tu h«r Imrgnin, and poi"< in Hie uludlo ', link- arvainfn;? tilmi Ihe ttJvcti- Itirff b:it In Ktorr for litr. KUW CO OX WITH T»i: STOIIY CIlAVTEIl X IE anteroom in which Beryl waited was more in the nature of a central hall at the top lloor of a spire-like building t!ia;i a mere part of a suite. Through the many doors people- came and went In •varying degrees of preoccupation'. But all seemed to have one thing in common—an utter obliviousncss to her. She sat quietly withdrawn In a lantlsomc but uncomfortable chair and watched, them with keen Interest, particularly tho (?orgcou^ woman who came in with her chauffeur, tlie latter carrying a pet clog, and a maid as Gallic as Paris. In a lew minutes lite maid reappeared and went at once to a door opposite where Beryl was sitting. She was careless in closinH the door behind her and Beryl could see, through the crack she left, the remarkable quickness with which she extracted a clgaret case from a packet in her einart black uniform, drew out a clgaret, and applied a match to JL She puffed It greed fly and Beryl guessed that the indulgence was a stolon pleasure. Then, after tbe-raaid had crushed out the burning end In an ash tray. Beryl saw her hold the cisaret case tn her mouth In the manner of one using a throat spray. Hurriedly thrusting It back into her pocket she camo out of the room, leaving the door wide open behind her, and went to rejoin her mistress, Tho room exposed to Beryl's view was u dainty sitting room- She was charmed by it and decided to have n closer look at Its perf^c- tion. But she'd never seen anything like it before and admitted she'd need a postgraduate course iii interior decorating ever to think of (loing one similar. from the white and gold mantel she turned to n small Florentine piano and found herself unable to resist the desire lo run her finders over tlie keys. The tone of the iu- wish to There, was loneliness i:i It too— tho loneliness ol one who walks atone. When she stopped, her hands remained poised over the keys nnd she stared away into space beyond the Btlk-liued \vulls of Lho room Into the cniilinK face pi-her lather. "You liked it?" sho naked, and was startled to Lear a voice behind her say, "Very much." Sho turned in a flash and the newcomer wondered at lirr surprise, since, lie believed, she Uai! just addressed him. "Oh," Beryl stammered, "I'm sorry," "Sorry for what, pray? For some o( the loveliest sounds ever heard hereabouts?" Beryl's confusion le£t her ami she stared at the man with a coldness that dared him to bait her further. "I mean it," he said quietly. "But I TV as hasty for you may ue IOO'K- "Try It doiilitfully. "Vca, since you're I:oro at Ihe studio it won't he any troublo for any ot us. I've a free moment to 1 give lo it. Conic along, and try not (o forget what you were slitting just now and how you were sing- lug It" "Oh, but I can't," Beryl protested. "I'm waiting for my sister. She's having an air Icat—you sent for her, you know. Irene Everett. She's a soprano." The man shook his head. "Then I didn't send for her," he declared emphatically. "The only soprano I care for is Jenny LI ml." "Her teacher hr.s great hopes for i her," Beryl boasted. T~illfc] man needed. "I see—the •*• teacher Eirraiigert (he test. Quite often they turn up good material for us—and quite olten—but come along. 1 waul to bear what you can vet. ITo had something eho to do." I lory]'.* kind* hovered iwi-er- repealed lalniy over Uie piano keys. "You'io jrr;neil," she said to herself suom- i" ully. "Ueryl Borderi, yuu'ro !scared!" In self reproof she besan to play with a bler.1 ilclcrmtimtlan. The resultant guumls displeased IK.T more than her stage Cvfglit had done. "That's no good." she BH!U aloud and stopped. The helpful young man came over and stood beside her. "They say that Krehlcr always plays to liia wife—no mutter Low many people are listening to him. You know what I mean—nnd I'd say you must have someone Ilka that—a boy friend, ywrlmps." Ik-ryl sisiUcd up at him, tlicn looked away. "Tliauk you, Mr. Leonard." tho saiO. softly. Anil in herself; "I waa falling down nu you. wasn't I, Old Scout 1 ; \Vell. now you listen and I'll Bins—just for you." BOOTS AND HEK BUDDIES WII.UK IS IMPROVING! By Martki ing for a job." . J do. i']] sec that your sister is in- llc F:ni[r-d and Bc-vyl smiled with 1 formed of your whereabouts." him. ."Xo," she said, "I'm not a singer." "No." he agreed willi her, "you arc not a singer, thank the Lord, hut I'd like to hear whatever it U you were doing on tho air." Bciyl's eyes opened in amazement. Then a <H?coura:jin£ thought struck her. "Are yon a singer?" she asked suspiciously. The mail chuckled. "I thought strument delighted her. Sue Eat 11 vns once upon a time, but 1 soon WAKNINU ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CH1CKA- SAV.'BA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Missouri State Life Insurance Co., Plaintiff, vs. No. 4925 H. O. Steinberg, ci, al, Defendant. Tlic defendants, M. \V. I.amb, Lula Lamb, .13. 11. Wilhite, Trustee, A. N. Martin and Mrs. A. N. Martin. ?.-? warned to appear within thirty days in the court- named in the caption hrreof and answer the complaint of the phintilt Missouri State Life Insurance Co. Dated May 2, 1831. R. L. Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D.C. Ivy w. Crawford, Ally Ad Litcm. 2-3- Thieving Bull Pup Sent to North Carolina Prison WINDSOR, N. C. (UP)—The Bertie county home and prison f.irm lias-a new prisoner ,in the person of an eight-month-old bull puppy from Aulander, N. C. A Mr. Pierce owned the pup. H had the habit of stopping little children on the streets and taking their ice cream, cakes and cand) away from them. The dog is nol vicious, but he satisfied his hunger at expense of the children. Justice of the Peace Lacy Early in answer to the pleas of Aulandc women, decided Suiierintendcnt rrcd Phclps of tlic county farm might need a/iog. Accordingly, P. II. Lee. Atilandcr policeman, was ordered to take the thief to the farm and prison camp at Windsor. down on the rose and blue stripe:! cushion of the bench and began to play very softly. Always, when she sans con- sctously, she sany to an audience. Mostly it was an audience of one— her father as her fancy pictured him. He'd have liked her music, she thought, and just for him shcM got over H.' 1 "You and me too," Ueryl ad- mittc'l. Then she thoucht of what he hr:<l said al;ont hastiness. "Do ymi hire singers?" she a^ked rectly. ".Sometimes. Are you sorry you're not a siuyor?" "Yes." Jictyl- nnswcrod simply, bcs^.n to feel cxcHeil as she was conducted to an oEilcc-like room down a corridor. There nn S UB iliJ not fully recapture the mood IliLit Mr. Harnlioff liml found her Ijt, but she saus (eiulerly. „ ,. u „.., Leonard absent-mindedly nodded nV-rt looking J-OIIHK wan was Intro-1 Approval time aiul n;;aiu. Jleryl for- dnc^il to her. She k*it tliat room for still anothor. The man v.'tsuse name she' did not yet l:now re- r.Kiincd Vehinil. This lime she was Icii lo a room that looked like a (ira«:ety disjjlay (o her, ur a slaye set 10 exhibit a microphone. A liiaim stood beside it and Ueryl was seated there. ".Vow wiH you pleaso play and sir.y for yourself?" the alert youni; man asked her with a casual frieiul- iH-j!inos3 that helped greatly to put her aL her case. "The saiuu thiiiH you were singing when Air. Barn- lioff heard you," his presence there but sho diil not forfict thul at Eome time during her sh'.sln:; Mr. nurnhoiT woul<l listen In. And the thought disturbed her. At the u:il of the first ronR she turned nuil looked about as ft ox- pectint' someone to tell UC.T what to do next. "0:ie more." Mr. Leonard said encouragingly. "Soniethiiii; different Ihi3 time. Sometliing lively, EO we can get your vcr.Hntility." Ueryl Eau^ a snappy moilern mui]ber and because she was trying lo bold bark her grrv.vlnj A hint ol .stage (right appeared eitemeut she unwittingly sans H ns - ...... -...-,-. ...... - ---- -, ........ ----- ! ..... ..v,..,. „„.,„,..,„ .,,,.,,„.., . learned a tender ditty or two. Now | "but no one knows it cscopt you j in Ucryl's expression. It broujlit I sllc so 0[lc '" sins at homo— sm-nh. sho jang them with her head on ami—am! my father." one side and a dreamy lisht in lier soft gray eyes. a rcothin.q. "You've never done this "Well. I'm not sorry—not if you i N before- have yon?" from the youny turn out lo ho what I think you i nnn. are." I Ueryl shook her head. pRKSKNTLY tho dreamy lisht; Acain ncvy^st.ire:! at him in dj- "\Vel], just take it ca?y while faded in tears hut site tans on, ] maud of au cxijlanrttlon. "I think | you \van:i up a. lictlc. Mr. llanshofi eict! in (be velvety riuiHly that waa the chief ehavm of her voice. Y\"heii sho turned lo Leonard a second time ho .said in a bit of excitement of his own: "Now we wih hear what Mr. Itarulioil has to say." The city of Minneapolis is exactly midway between the equator nr.d the Xorth Pole. (WASHED: GREASED! EATON AND SON Phone 7M Main ft 5th St. VND HIS SOHE...THIS PLACS UAS ^_ S6T WWSSLP A SOPA 8EF026 I <so O)J DO>NrJ To WES. CULUEK'S !! New York Cotton SA^tJ OAT KID AROOHD .... SI1CS ... I 85TCUA HE'S Pt-AVlN' HOOK6V AU 1 IS DovwW HIS OLD TWIWGS ARoOuD H£R6 U>OJi A UlTTLe STIU.,1 SUSSS EXPECT A SVIELU SODA PAELOR in THIS PACT OF 1 146A« TAUKISJ' BACli OF THAT RAtrriTlOrJ NEW YORK, May 0 (Ul'l— Cot r lou closed steady, open IS MOVJ THAT SScTioU Or TOVJM AS ISUftKID CITY, H'.S TO A MCS. dote Ml 1012 1047 1070 10S2 1101 low 035 1001 1013 1055 1070 1015 New Orleans Cotton DSTECT1VE STESLE HAS S6WT U!tt BO THAT V& MISWT NEW ORLEANS. May Cotton closed steady, open his;h May July Oct Dec Jan March Spots 970. OOT PC& AMY SISS1S OF TUB COAST GUA1U) WASH TUHHS EOKT COMES £ no TIME TO RON SE To MEET WWfie WC BtTTER. WVt CUR Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Auburn Catcrpillnr Tractor Chrysler Cities Service Continental Baking General Electric General Molors Montgomery Ward New York Packard KacUo Simmons Texas Corp U. S. Steel A tolal of 2,553,431 .OiO 4.7C6.83VOCO fry ai;<i i.f53.i81,- COO fingerlines, were produced by U. S. govornmcnl flsli lia'.clierics during 1330. REST OF TA£ STOW. IN P.EG. U. S. PAT.OFF,© 1?.J.t. BYM^ SERVICE, INC.

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