Sioux City Journal from Sioux City, Iowa on May 18, 1881 · 3
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Sioux City Journal from Sioux City, Iowa · 3

Sioux City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1881
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. 1 X- TOOTLE, LIVINGSTON Pear! and Fourth streets. WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 1881. ft We arp now; displaying the finest stock of Dry uuuua, muuonsj Hosiery ana uarpets , t to be found in the city. - 5Tli Weather. Indications l For tho upper Mississippi and lowor Mlnwmrl valleys: Areas of rain, east to outh wind, shtas-to wpst and northwest. r followed duriDgTfie Bight by rising barometer uu vumer weainer. DRESS GOODS. .MERE MENTIONS. It rained last night, of coarse. Methodist sociable The Merchants hotel has added a life- sized advertising dwk to its other attrac tions, 'id George Heard yesterday let the job for an extension to his house on tapper Douglas street. . Iteturnlns pilgrims from Missouri Valley report a building boom of huge proportions at that town. -s & Mayor Smith yesterday received from Will 0. Hagy, now located at Iluhtleyi Montana $10 for the flood sufferers. Mrs. Sbfeii-er Will at bhcb foirbbeed td fehlattri! ahd beautify tier bdard tog-iittnse' Wh Fifth street west bf rbnrl. htH: t;iia tab5 lial tli thahM Bf Hie ripUrtef feF.ft MnmBoln bf lilites And Hitter cltp'rlth'&S mm fHtgrnrit SHHibS im twnmi mm the mmmm u ftFBlliRf F8HHd PFHHtieH8tl ItiM ItWHHM bp wen mmw & ummnm im mtvim ff to m fc m mmtw Twit ft WW Plr I W W PftHPfl fftft if: Ft MWfl! rge fimyes. has bought a M on uppef nrginji street Jw$t nortb pf the Talbot "pur chase, and yesterday began work on a pew resilience on sum u. The ti ask repairers working near the Jim cool their water .with ice left by the great flood. The ice has kept well under the sand in which it was burled. The ralu that began falling shortly after . m a - i - i i iiiiuuiKtii xcowiuni auutuiiiifc vutcaiciicu w UUr UarDOt lJGTJartmGnt hag bfifm rmnxrori keennn all forenoon, but did not. The to flrat flnni nnrt laApnllw TAlnnlVir wtf, 11 ttf temoon was bright and warm. ;u " ' " r ,7 i ri "1"" V" i Tbewhelesale men of tho the city say Wiy uaB"a VUxveiS, UOay UrUS- that May, 18el, promises to go far beyond SOlS. Tat)OStriQS and Wool fitn.4r nnrl any previous mouth lathe amount of sales tt i i nJ4. n. s i-rT"r'Wl" VaT nee wholei city Mins Cloth, " Merrclciix Casjnnorcs, Brocade Surahs, DrapD'Alma, , LficfJ Striim iliiiitlngSj . Ltiieii ljiimlM t'liiiiMliiiiiliiu tteoteit (iiiia-lmms, Foulards &Momie CJlotli Lace :3Iitts,y LaccOlovcs, Fine Hosiery, Kibbons and Laces, 1 Siidi! lUbftohs -j ttiiM mm fietius, Kuibralddrad nmt llAiii IfiUHtliei'ehiefti, : and that ttiers will be no remuneration for ' the arduous services of ths day save the free admittance within the canvass to which : the tin star entitles the wearers. This star i route will afford the only free route into the An intoxicated gentleman from the conn- try had a discussion with W. W. Gibson, traveling man rom' Cliicaeo. yesterday morning. In front of the Hubbard house. and in the 'course of tits remarks drew a venerable black-handled knife on" the man of samples. The, traveling man took the knife away, and the gentleman from the country- persisting in making himself dis agreeable was chased down the street with a scales weight borrowed from Decker's store. t - .- ' It would hcTp the appearance of the court house surroundings If an iron fence were nt around the jail yard, a walk of some ind made from the sidewalk to the south steps of the building, and the stable refuse in the alley lust east cleaned up. A better fence around the jail yard is particularly desirable to prevent the children who pass by on their way to and from school, from coming to the windows to talk with the criminals, insane persons and prostitutes confined within. HOUSE KEEPING QOOD8. Handspmei I4nen TftWeetattw ,in pattra with K Naplims to match j Ppjaiep, Towa and Nap, vSf, Silk and Embroidered Cloth; Haw Silks and Cretonnes, with fringes to match; Sheetings and Pillow-Oase Cottons, Twilled and Linen Sheetings. Hall Carpets, Moauetto and Velvet Rues. Felt and Linen Crumb Cloths, Linoleum and Floor ou uiotns, velvet Hassocks and Ottomans. Opaquo Shades and Shading, Cocoa, Straw and Napier Mattings, all Styles. wholesale trade has started at tilts A window In the county Irensurpr'aoiWce was found broken yesterday morning, if the light was broken by a bullet according to tho accepted thnorv, said bullet made no mam wumn ine room. Baud concert and festival Thursday night bit Cehtral school groutids. A febob tdi-i to db gfeberai hbbseWbtk; Abbi id MM; Adams; Nebraska street, hbnt Fdtirth. tiiSiU hibtti M at tltMiF- rfm baud ttind ha iimls VMM MM if mm& ts$m w as t8 M m& fep the gfaHfl etttPFrftiiHtiPHtfiiHBiy mhh RlvlRNiW7 Ma flpwj ffftffl Hip wm (W8t: wartk p-day. Joe flannlken, mate pf the peninah, has arrived from Vankton by skin'. Tho river is still rising slowly at this city, and is reported rising at Bismarck. The fare from Bismarck to Buford, over all of the Hues of boats, is uniformly fixed at 840. Deck fare, 817. The Niobrara is due from Cheyenne about Friday. It Is expected that she will bring down a full load of hides and furs for U Of 1110, liOSICK (X uo. Yankton r reus and Dakotalan, Vi: "II. J. Huston, who came to Vankton a short time ago, at the Instance of CapL Wheeler, win leave tor i'lurre in we morning, lit AliiitiatA ft AIISMtasHlSutnli'i TRACKS AND TRAINS. OfTtcia AMurancs Tbat tlie Con' olidated Kt. Xnul i Iot to le -. Western.' Steel Track Between St. Patxl and Sioux City Transfer Tracks A Through Oar Repairing' the Roads, to. a leuax. opnnos. J. II. Swan, attorney for . the Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul and Omaha railway. dropped his usual reticence about railroad matters yesterday long enough to tell a reporter that there was nothing in the oft-repeated rumor that his company would be absorbed by the Chicago and Northwestern Having thus begun the job of freeing his mind, Mr- Swan went on to say that his company 19 negotiating for steel rails .to finish laying a through steel track between St. Paul and Sioux City and that said steel track Would be completed this season. The rtbdrteri hdblh tb extract sbnie In fdrmntlott iibbtit fcxteiislons ittftfebraskni ex bibbed tlis regl et tlldt a libe Wegt frbhi Kbr- fttlfti Jiaraliel with km Uhlbn Pablflci Wiis bbt w m built m the ebmnaHy witu m or. a i ai i k i uerfl win oif co- pet-WhprMi RWi hy thie i rttciuu a cunueciion iSt. W Wit i the UP with an ttm cpuptry m oxsorwikrHironefltnere wyl te a npavy movement of freight across the rivet to this Pity, THE TRANSFER BUSINESS. To do this transferring more room was needed op the city side. The iate rise had washed the company's river track, and more lots, and a right of way over another street is needed and needed right off.. The company is willing to pay for the lots, and if it cannot buy will proceed to the more dilatory plan of condemnation. As for himself he had always thought the company made a mistake in not putting its transfer below Floyd's bluff where all the ground needed could be had on both sides of the river. The site of a transfer landing Is necessarily, shifting with the current, and It Is impossible to get on without some considerable length of river front on each side so as to follow the changes In the channel and current. And what makes the matter more expensive in tho present cage U that the lots bought for transfer tracks are waidied Into the river. A CLOSKa eONSOMOATJOX. The following from the Chicago Times of the ibth Inst. Indicates that the final step of the consolidation of the Kt. Paul system of rauroau lines nas ueon taken; The eousollda uon was practically ettected nearly a yesr ago, but legislation was needed in the different states touched by the various lines before the union eoukl be perfected. This legislation was secured In Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin last winter, and now comes this announcement of the complete cuuHuiiuauon oy me saie 01 tne main line to tiff n by pnnect 1W WMoaH where ho will operate as quartermaster agent uunng tne uoating season." Dead wood Pioneer, 19: "A recent arrival from Pierre states that the steam ferryboat Ileshlch and dry about twenty vards fom ,, ,.. ,,.,,. i nie river, a jorcu at men are v wot en- bloux City banken Bay that gold l a drug deavorlng to move the craft into the current. Prints and Glngiiams,Caui-brics and Percales, Scpr-stickcsand Skirtings, Illack and Colored Cioaldiigs, Sttmtiiei1 Bkifts, Pantsois, Nmi tfmbrellas, Jninmese Pat'itNoy, Vin littehiup, Kid UIovcm Our sale of Hamburgs continues. BtocK newly replenished 2o to $160 net4 yard Ladies' Misses and Children's Muslm undewear, La Underwear, Children's in the market, and that since the hog buy In season-is over there Is much more silver than Is needed. Paper money straight is what bank customers want. A deed Was filed for record yesterday by which E M, Crady and Wife convey to der emtah Hudy the e9t third of lots tf 8 and 9 lttbloek8t6loUJt City feast addition! The eobsldetfttlott biehtlortid is 83,400; f ha besl Way la gel m aiikte mm tins ettv nisi bbw is tn take the ears to rtmetu frbbi WhlftlBln a Jtnp JSaVPS dalUf tbf ifctMH: Titat isi tn is tne tie?iwayex- or Passengers are now crossed In natboats. The Rucker completed her load lost even ing, and starts at daylight this morning for Pierre with a cargo of about 273 tons and a big crowd of passengers. Of the freight 70 tons is it her load tons is for Yankton. at Running turn to that port 10 ValiktMHs Tlmll&thislthli MSI .wit? 6M Pfbt bii siieR ttayi as ft bbal ftavwl hm foi upfitefi 6h3f liad 88 faf ieieveied fibni the ffppts ef fel Bltel she wnd m b Our Uwi or DolnmiN In Huinli Hiitin and mt mMm& mi ti mam mm mm The boat will add to Water and will re- frohi Pierre for another oadi Omaha Ilefaldj iti "The steahier Ke West is the best boat expected lipte: She is Hf due hffe the last bf this week; , There is a Wtte HUantltJrjHf tiiftirtr WWi Wftitih it.ehrtisaa city, mm f vim m take en a iyd bf years. At the first attack thereafter. It was tuiuuiisbera ut hit wuu sucji srooa results, that she continued its use until cured, ana made so enthusiastic in its praise,' that she indueed twenty-two of the best-families in ner mrcie to adopt it as their regular family medicines. That "stuff" is Iop bitters. ? Fob the real Common Sense shoe call at 77 Fourth street, - - J.-Wutra. Good driving horsevtop buggy and har ness for Sale. Or, will trade for city real es tate. :t - : .. Geo. D. Pebkci& Stbayed from the fair grounds on the nbht of the Uth.lonr steers, marked on the hin with tar.-' A reward of Si.W . ttor hrad will be paid for their return toBroadbent's V. WATTS and C BASK JOJTES. PERSONAL ITEMS. C. C. S perry lea-es this mominir for Yankton J. C. Itutari left fur Onnir. ftil.. on tmIi. J. H. Ffsentlen started for an InmccHnn of nis uoiorauo mining property yestcroay. Mlsfl Al)hl(i Tjilrn. who hfirf Iwn t-loltlhir invnus in ice cut, returns 10 iuik romtto-aar, J. H I'rtjrfnhl nr Rliiiin trna In iYth w(-c reiMfiv on 1 nts wn v nfinw t mm inn nintiff- tn thus after is. feSttt ioft yfftordaj- for blitw!, kht?re U prbbabty:tiliiiii all stittttrier looking b!i Winlnr lnterrefs: M)L ImMhm imuwm lis A' ITri. ' rpfnll hv llnnro The citizens of Denver have held a meet ing and appointed committees to arrange for a national mining and industrial exposition at that city. Carter's Little Liver Pills have no eounl as a prompt and positive cure for sick head ache, biliousness, constipation, pain in the side, and: all liver troubles. Try them. Wholesale by Hornick, Walls & Co. ; retail by Moore & More. Dan lloularrt. one of thn Stork ton trnnir. killed J. W. Lace at Durango, Col., without provocation, and made bis escape. Carter's, Little Liver Pitts 'miut not txi eonfoundikl with common mtlinitln or tmr. gntlve pills, as they are entirely unllKo ilium in every renMct. une trial win i rove uioir suiernriif . wholesale uy liornlek, Walls Co. : retttll by Moore A More. CITY MILL & ELEVATOR Co Snow Flake Patent, none better, per sack, 1.00 Winter Wheat Flour. . . Gold Dust, or XXXX Beet Family, xm BtandardXiX, warranted....... t" . ; U5 Rye Flour... Orahara Flour....... . r- X.60 Fellow bolted Meal, per 100 pounds.. . ..... 1.0S WWte Bolted Meal per 100 pounds....;.,..fl.lS Unbolted Meal, per 1U0 pound Kt eta. OornBraa. " SO eta. Chop Feed, . ss ota. Bmn. ... .... .410.00 per ton, 80c per 100 pounds. 8horts..i..... J1.00 66o - Middlings... .U.OO ?6o "'-. '. Will do an Exchange with farmers. I Wpod.takenllntrade. " f j AH kinds of Grain Bought and Sold. Peavey & Stephens,- Saeeessors to FRED PEA VET. Furniture pholsfel 98 Fourth Street, Sioux City, wpposire ixu u nam i i oiise THE T?W'ELftT"8T01e mhh If, files, Preprit0i', pai Fino Watehos, Clooko, Silverware and Optical. Goods, Special Attention Qiven to; the Repairing of Fine Watchet, G8 FOURTH STM SIOUX CITY. T.S IViart the new eninnnnv; a deed of conveyance was yesterday riled m Ihli HB-t!lt1i tit iImmIu' dftli tnim thn Bf tai.i nnu hiou vits railway L-ompany to the to; Bts PaUli MlhitbtttiOHS and , Untrthft , fOititJattri iHiiislrMU iM ViHil hull fby Mlfflrrtr t the CfilfcttrtOiPi: PSilli MtHUPtttt? L.ll. UU.l .-tlUUU 111. Ij 11 M.tiu l....... ( . 4 .... 1 ....... . oils niiu uiiiiMia timjiranj: ineiieeu IS ueninrru m lie ttitttte h tjHinJifiMH ifijft the finr the HHtr Kl!tlHf.HHH9t.tHM, HIU, WBlB UtMlUMH: tl BFiHWt HalSHdHlrat l?l, rW Hf 18:' HUH ffahnt Bf eHi ft Bt: t'lllen- nna. noui li vnn namiof Iin tiiirniimspil in wtvln. lviiplftiinnHliin Aiifl t 7f t?i vftnnyr rTT7. itr Ar t. w it rJF " " " w TiriiTtinr-'ijf .v unit l lif Ijgfpflltt Devllcction Of lit, HavolocIv'H Ulstors, Clrculais, Indies Holts, itt nil f-laik -m- Aiir crt-iLT act " f Mu 4iuy Tstijtua, rhe honsehoW ff P, Q, M$ are being shipped ta Missouri valley, where Mr. Hills will make his home hereafter. Mr. Hills' mauv friends la this city regret A onnlint iiivirntlnii tt vlwlt aiii nctnhlf ulunont fa that business compels tne removal or mm i i ii ( ill -1 'VJV i ix self and family, DXiciuieu to an, ah oruers proiupiiy aiiouueu 10. Agents for lutterick'8 Patterns, elegant in design ana -ranmess m ni. Will Hagy, writing from Huntley, M. T. under date of the 7th, says:. 'The Yellow- Send for Samples. Tootle, Livingston & Go. stone is rising rapidly, but we anticipate no aanger ironi nign water. NORTHWESTERN TENT AND AWNING MANUFACTORY. 1 f rj'A ?- .v4;; - Crons nearly all in : snow all gone and country green. We expect lettuce, radishes; etc., for dinner to day." ' The engine of the Ppnca train was undergoing repairs on Monday Afternoon and. yes terday morning ana so tne trip to ana irom Ponca was omitted. The train went out as usual vesterdar evening. The company bad no engine to tend in place of the dis abled one. It is announced on good authority that O. 0. Wool worth of this city has secured the furnishing of beef for most of the lower river agencies, and that - the herd of Mr. Wool worth now at Big IJend will be moved to Matures new probably somewhere in the Mack Hills country. Ed Carey, travelinjr man of Chicago, Inst In from trip, throtigh the north river counties in Nebraska, and through lJakota as far no as Marion Junction, Is enthusiastic vef the annearance and ares of the small grain crop. lie says f hat he neve saw grain io ing so well at this season of the year. A tfttiUl tit imtitAhn ihti i-fittit HtiiM tri himti M'H wb weM tttiitig it it n The alttntin f the piiy Mm Is palle to tlip nwfl of blftRHiiiif between t!ie fails, R'lrt ft generjil Sm HP fit lfaPfcS. t pense caused by the e ay m Inadinstnr- or iftcfc pr ?,hese. crossings nas cow the loais mare mis snnnir man woum Dut m tue piuni(ipg Commodore W Kount? leaves to-day for Yicksburg. He will arrange to send the steamboat Gen. Tompkins at once to join tne uen. v. u. Kucker. Together, they will form the Rucker line, runnlnsr from Kunninir Water and Chamberlain to Fort Pierre, connecting with Uho Chicago, Mil- wauKee ana ou i-aui rauroau. The Big Horn will leave at daylight this morning with 200 tons of freight for Yank ton and a full passenger list. Part of this freight is through eastern freight billed for Yankton and forwarded by boat at request of consignee; the balance is stuff bought here by i ankton dealers. Capt. John Todd says mat tne uig iiorn win coma down to this city after completing her nresent trln. ana laae on a ioaa ior uemon. Yankton Press and Dakotalan, 12: "Capt. McVay says the Coulson line carried off about all there Is in thn Indian transportation contract worth havlmr. He secured for the company all thn seaboard freight ana the transportation of goods purchased In Yankton and Sioux City for a number of the lower agencies. Kountz Wd below him on a few atrencles and may set that contract. thotfgh no award has yet been made. Th reliability of the craison line counts in its favor." ftfmtittlt ttitmti. iHi "The steamer & K. Peck arrived at 1 1. at. yesterday, bring- triK rood load tft tmtcht and hhmtthmi rierigcff jrotti. W"iw....4h is arreaay roftflttig ror uitivftt iitvi wirt get awayjatwr- mi .mtitMtm .cot; j j, i xv, , v vwh t: ajj"pi or triinr niH anw ji v si I Ml TFiisf itiiimny ut ix r itrtt, m U h 3. Ah uiliillouifl lufil luima ilnttil llacch B. intnl wifft inn siiiuu initit Pftinnauy; l- X lurtfiei: iaz slFHrnpftr MfpHlPd ItelWPMn. lha sinp puiiius iwB-ii fl? win Hv m mi mm itta uuta nay of aufii; 4. a iuoi- IfHSlWpa eP(HWd hytUeSt Paul. Stillwttte . ni....i in . . ;i - " f i . : m ..raMWav wwnpsny m toppe Thompson anil Wiil'im B. ppn, trustees, dated January 1, 1878, to secure the sum of fcfiH.SOil, according; to the terms anil conditions of cer tain Donas, aeuoiplaatetf nrst'inortgago bonds, Issued by the company. The deed is dated the utn oar or May. ana is executed bv tb and Sioux City railway company, by H. H. Por ter, president. MILWAUKEE MATTKBS. At noon to-dav it is expected to ctet a train from this city over the Sioux bridge into Dakota again. Just how loner it will take to fix the track so that a train can be run to Elk Point cannot be ascertained. A large iorce is working on tne road-bed about McCook. A railroad man from Council Bluffs had heard talk there among the Milwaukee en gineers aDout tne survey oi a line irom the southeast to this city, but could not ascer tain irom what point this survey would start, or where It would cross the North western. St. Paul Globe. 17: "Gen. J. W. BUhon. of Langdon, lilshop & Co., contractors ot the Milwaukee and St. Paul short cut toss Iowa to Omaha, was In Kt. Paul over Slinnay and last niaht returned to Council Bluffs. Uen. Bishon slates that it Is the in. teution to nave tne roan, son miles long. wholly bnllt and not In Alteration thin venr which will be an extraordinary feat In railroad building. The contractors have now aoont I.WW teams distr nuterl along tha line, and a construction tan at work on every twenty miles. They are alsA Increas ing their forces as fast as possible. Intend ing ur KinniuT an manr nutn ana vimi can ne worked to advantage, lm new line rnns as aire ci as nossioin rroni Marion on trie, cedar liaf.tdrf line Vabotrt. af x mile xii cedar KsnwsTf, tn cmticn .uittna. . i . . i, . i i a . . . . . ; J i 4 . . A-a . , 1 . .11 i A J J . ignpxi js Buventnenatrim win wars, m .vis Absolutely Pure Made front Grape Cream Tartar. No other preparation knakes such liirht. flulrv hot hrenila. or luxurious pastry. Canbe eaten by dyspeptics without fear of the Ills resulting- from heavy indigestible food. Sold only in cans by all grocers, f hotai. uakino rowDSH uo.. ew York. in & Co Arc dally rccriviiiff new goodsand open tho Spring and Summer Trade With a Aill assortment of Tho very latest styles In Illack Satin, lined and laco trimmed, j Vlain Silk and Japanese. PARASOLS FANS, LA0E MITTS, HOSIERY Aitt A M Lt, LI Mi OP LADIES', CHILDREN'S AND QENT8' Dress Ooods. SUMMER SILKS GUINET BLACK SILKS, CASHMERES, Pacific LawhsiCambHcs. in all tho now noreltlcs. 1881. 1881. H. G. WYCKOFF, r (Sueocssor to W. Voting) WIIOLB8ALE and KBTAIL DRAtRIt IN Coa, k -- r a vi ft rn r' - - a liAMIW I'AWm VOhMM (M FOR TMfl hWT i$ i mm, m k run strut. row ww, ?owa l m cedar itanidsY, vf Cittttten .Ulttfia; Mt roftrtift iftt iifttffti unit win mitt wrv Ktf. I i.wr ...... J A i. f4 J 1 .:! . .'K .ills. 1. 1 . .'I ..H.. .1 . .. :r r . r . . .-'-" -. . " - - IJ-- r , -T-7-- WWII. TBtm,ttm.vmtm(nyn.-K ixpaiMi . mmttum .cot; j, , c;. . u vlm-utttf wmhjv&. wMmmiMMm i&mMiiFMMMii iiijuysW' mt mvnit Miwuw jww hwh urn mmnn unaiMv hm- tmnpnmi t twsefmmmim .tif 1110 HILL: LIB. J' VI lb i I . I a.U llElltttJi" I r.f Ilia r ' Wood pnorcssioNAL. oakum. jor wiiffiiiTf ATTOUN15YS AT Ii A W, tleaa C'Hy. Tws wil uraetloe In wirt vt foa. Kebmsas ami Ibiliota Territory, tuahe etilhtetlons, pt laics. mnlns MtltNfc t y ATtOtiSm AT LAW, AMI) t).l,(MMlP?IUNtt" I AH I 1lf, IWsW win un.ti(ie in tfta noHrisnf Iowa, wirass (Mi l OsVoi Oflttia, four! btri. UpWn. rV n, Mivif f iff, 1 'attohnky AT LAW omi In Paris Block, cor, fourth and Pearl, tows rtty, fewsu Will practice In aU the finiirte o rforthwesv ern Iowa. Nebraska and Dakota, pay uses, f muip titbw, eta. Ouminerolal iww m speultuty. (Jll,t7r. Jr TAVLUIl, ' !t Aaoritc$ and Counselor, iijt dty, Iwa. win prmnkmin Ihe fjouH rf lda. Npmlifc "i iMlifta, Attnotlott irlttt a eowtncrtijai Ice. ce! hni'Ou inuj s cuuwa i mo uit bn?fuf7lf9td.W, The total pinMn subscribed for the band stand, eic, pn Jbe paper clcuiatec py tev P. M. kranl nd was sn4.1JI. The number of subscribers was pri and the largest oinunnl nuinht r or men and firms who are anxious to enntrlbute Ibelr miles were Inadvertent y omitted, and these win do contribute WlUifil a dajr or II, G. WYCKOFF i ami firms who are anxious cere inadvertently given a chance to rtwoi l)tnuly fihw-lft Nelott bfoiiitlit lip frotn th Iniiuesl bf the bod fouml fn tbt Ml' ffmirllfrMr-jlakbtft tilt i.ieees bffliitll flit rrom the elothlfitff and, tfinket tiiKeit from ilie tioiei! .Wrs. Ibdtmije. .with whom iolilf feJiJHPf ' hftd ijvwt fof Mif mi lw yeahii biejiuned wi tw. iw iavini wj QUeHiuil m to til" niPhUty vi tne reuiaiusf TIib deroolltiM of tb 14 8eiilwi bfw pry jiipt noHli of the Central f teundj adds greatly to tna gpTiearanep. m inn naighhorhoiat, iJiillH Vleckenstfiin, t ha present owner nf the proper ly will have tha frfu.l.t.l ifrtuh a tin will rmr. 1111 a Henn in the rtlltf ' K nil I or twntliera forrentai. noliiawig. SfOdUMf IV IM UBllft who la In the Utack If Ills, bas made a raie, Will ftinilsli lee an follows Prlvats families by ths month, in fa Ifi Iht dflll... . 1W f f w www wfp i - ponreit W)d WliV!llf Wtoiw? Cib- pigbt, ppj forget It. TIeewrglaIlisre ialurdar Klthl Jieniciuber that the unapproachable fjeor glas will be at the Academy .pett Saturday night. Prom the good words spoken of this troupe wherever It lias appeared (his season (here Is bo doubt about It belinf A first-clrtsi ofBinilc.sildii, bfohAbly the flni'st of the klbd now traveling, it is ine original ueiira i Mlitstrel tt-oupe. ,hu long rests, be fot-e.llie ptihlie nave luade It iirflt The leaduig jeTfttfmrl are artlsw ,tt Kentmwlfilgetl anility, ami an pvenmg wrof tiiein win y imaba iieoubllcai; - . . t hi m ibo nm say ment. and Icq, .In fl bft Me, feitieii, laitr lair, tlu., m b iinupe fioiia puf fbo te iiua . and auaraniea urice an 1 f'l ia.aa,! iiitiii us uiiiviwo I. a kjiias attmi.ti faLf. Hi. Paul and Omuha road to that City, that iiuy came tntro on an otliurinalters of business, and alsd to cmii- picto arrangemenis ror running athroimh fcarfroin Ouisha to Ncllgli. Thll car will run, over the Chicago, St. Paul and Omaha roaii rioui uuiatia to uioif, ami from iiialr OftWd, ' I Sa ipf l B WWII IM HI llhla I liars mm between roup and live Tltl Hioiiannd tiina of ilia Iri.VI NT 1UJJ and will make iMo eyerr boiir's alyan laa to rail mill lei ns Plor luaklntf fuiiiraoia, e $ 1.25 iniiiiy. ma .an wmm uernra input wni w big feiiienibefwi wuu PleiwtiWf pay wbat w win, iiioi'tf gpijiiiiiM rm em m Miwtwi i Of, a llilMilftl t1! b'f litftllfi I II all fHHit fit n. wi) DPtdylay in iitklntf out hi It 111 tlltijllHlltf Ulliii.lili.ltul IIimI (Iih Wlli he I"L'm "HdBiuuii Fails tine is td be openi'ti us: w ftioiiM Fails itwwywfiwrow. nis any olfii'r cntftammiit goingt Faoit erowuwi in f. I Kill and lis who U wiae hi his day and ge iw tbHii ffi ltd for tl hha hv I lia sale ikewise feiHirteti. biitMtbrtii;iallr timt the mwauRpe iraea irom vntuon win hp tmett twiitv. Ilallsfpr Witttt'rR'.SM IIMMlv PftH A11II OVV1t Vtnif Meend Mild eltaon ftu(i'i.onneeiiil fey telea oliooei nrfcra tylll reeelvf tietiMiH at leiinwii nam in inn niv -r ir fitaiii hat iiui.u ifcii) ui'Mt lim favoKi liuoruias Maturilay itiufif. 1'lia alaof --- . ' Til T ""I";!' r . riwarvwa nw win nin at itranya n-nior row. an eration M It 0 it.7, yitAsa, rHwr a Ldotik, - t, rftyAVt . m iu'ii v, ATTOIINKV AT LyVW. KIONV Cllf, ltWA. ilBr wilt, F. W. reanyhacker, 81 floor west of Ftiai National Bank, jip-smtr. tiot given. i Jiam,uau..n jji.. . j.at1 xmvs "auj.iM.a'j referanoe From and after thin date will exhibit the celebrated N. B. COX & GO'S FINE CHILDREN'S Shoes together with S. D. Boilers fis Co's. These two brands stand at , the heati of all best makes and are sold in Sioux City only by J. WALTER, 77 Fourth St .15 25 50,.-100 ' . Oy ths ton at fed House By tho ton delivered C it i ii ii It it ii it ii ii 6n r I by th way, and has purchased for hie fauli 1 1 Q I ly the old Charlo Wise residence. If there U to be a Fourth of July eclebra Hon, and everybody wants one, it l none too et the tnaehlnery in working orner. ooaceienration is inanneu some any tsit oi viiy 9.50 12.00 22.50 2.25 2.75 soon to gel If a roallvtrofwlrplnhrfltlon thing might b done in tho way of securing Ik If a rt-a Mpnmlon trains over the various roads thai filter at the - eitv. The crowd that came when nantunre: snow was iere niustrawi ine rauroa Ins are. 3 6 00. Sioux City Brewery Msanfaetoi of Beer in Kegs or Botttef .An, txal,r - ITOP. AND MAI.T. ELLIOTT'S BAZAB Noga PrJ Bloiix Oty, Iowa. thB.eity.- ufti'a alio how bntiular eintbrofltabie, to t folks, these Cheap eacurslott trail A boy KPtl IT w Jinwkwl down bf ft ffiht train m thfl NnrthwcstefB SOHfl Vllytlt fiftf Itlfdfllgtit yitwlay tnorninR' pvwf (ars tasw nver kit, and tlnne waa ftt?Jatfd Ins), llaw thn knee by f he by had bemi work fng on the Bradaat I'arrelf, at4 JfM trving to steal a rfda to Connm! tilulfs. Ills narenw Itva at Aihert ea.Winn,, but tha train man whu kindly gave the item could not give the name. , j - , The city marshal says that it hat . only been the impossibility of getting teams that has prevented tha city from hauling in earth to fill up lots and cellars that have been branded as nuisances by the ; health officer. The lot at the northeast corner of rwiri rwf Vlfth atreeta is narticularly ob noxious to everyone in that part of the city, and will receive attention first. The. two cellars on vacant lots on the east side or lower Pearl street wilMlso be attended to. It was Mayor Smlth'i first experience In the line, and eo when the circus agent took out a license for the ahow the mayor did not think td suggest the osnal two free tickets for each of the councllmenand bim-tf. The councllmcn aforesaid looked sad wutrtil like w he n they heard oi this 11 form a eeaary An ordinance passed by the city council of Sioux City November Wl, 1J07, granting rkzht ef way to the iottx City ftud raclflc, mentions that! "Crossings convenient . for loaded teams shall be constructed and main' tallied between the east Una f tmughu street And Terry ereek, not more than 100 fact apart, and at the foot of reatl street such crossings shall be continuous for a die. reet along eaui track of erossiiiKs are not main eotiitiittiy, nf ftftf they otiipr , coimmnips IsvtM lHht tit til. A n th t iirttt bf wf y wilnaneM w tlie tlf In MiuUfc fmmw wni wrtild iiftva made tii niitiiiifr ftii tym mm tot tliaiiwhiliiy of th switffi eiiames m "Hfi'iy hip nvst. Wnsiga gn4 wntedwy BmbreHa. ItHb bpflptji, um& han4!fc jMMajf mt ml .iwi.ii.mBijjjLj it .. , .. s ,. JlKEtj's Cornet Pand Invite all their ! friends to the concert Thursday night. Fes- tlral and Illumination, swings, croquet, hlnese lantern and head-lights If this Is not enough, notify the writer and other attractions win iw given. . SPENOERIAN STEEL PEWS gf Hit Vtrf att gwmntan .jakt,t4 tmiivt14 fa$ JtHAL h WAN IjlliLL ACTION. tnnee of it least feet tracks' Now such ero taltted by the pgeifle oi a. tiiJ T tttafntatted y trat'tia n - tin Ami tfttt ritflit u pr enmpsBres ffltin tht Bierfvlfli m tol vroaxuiMV n ieit .m i iiclua sun ItOHtS, lemia atuntlo below the dupot, a. CFOtialDifS wofga Aliens ineonveniunea nd 8pBwiv MQiny w hip itnHuna wi imw, .- . Another matter mat neui aitntion i ai onn rood to the lUtnoia Central dpot, am to tha nai t of tho town below tha donot ?'ie present rood down Nebraska street! ram fcecond street to the river bank is at times blocked wttn cars longer than the fifteen minutes allowed by right of way ordk- lances granting tne rignt over street cross- j nirs. it is assertea mat tne aioux uttv ana Pacific claim this end of Nebraska street ice grantm? depot grounds but a reading of tbeordM ays that tills is the a expected to ook' after r-:'''.eonsignfneiifiLent-'''to-lfebfiMikg y 1- mm gomei. Tl priest K in each under the ordinance granting depot grounds nance fails to show that Nebraska street be- to the companj as vacated. -In any event low Second has not been va- v Crockry,-Glassware,; wmq MjrnztKJT; ari"t.;i taW no atens to Do not suffer from elclc lieadacho a mo- Lh r.v. the imhed for neulcct of MrJ rl niut im. iia kihivm trimniKiri j... in tiiia fitititrtion ii innv uo n c i"i iinmnici mvrx i YZ'MZZrjr: ..7 iVii im of iiohm rur f'l ; rf tho nnn,imbred tittle nllb All drug'its sen them, whole Inahliia' ooua,i io, - I timr .hat want to oe SPWiai police n i vi j.i.....v., w .w.. vi rruM Jamao4 JsiiyiAUBPirra.vauvo- i.uVwT.. .hat tha number is lim tedWBW.iau riifM . ... ' ' low, second wa Pierce street be: cated, and no pretense la made toward keep ing the tower end or that street open, tsy a tacit understand inn between the public and the railroad folks the claims of the public to the lower end ox Pierce street have been waived in consideration of the keeping open of lower Nebraska street Aud that street end should be kept open. -t if i'd to 300, 1 Moore A More, juvenile Intnla-raMta. Capt. 1. C. Dooley of the New York Cath olid Protective society tf rived is the city yesterday with thirteen bright lads ranging from 4 td years ef gg; ott hit way to the Iww valley, la Cedftf bounty, Neb. Ithir y hlitg wilt tske chaf ge f tbt bnyn . there siidsfe tajlhelr distftbutlnn rni9tig the fftrtneri who hava gm& gdjpt ttiem Th party figlnglly edngisteil of seventy boya, Tb tiieri livifetii nt te home at Neiigti and elsewbere Ia , .NebrMka, atti f iimy b neighborhood the youngsters. None are sent ; out but to famines woo anniv mrouen tneir orist. The society has a report monthly from each wi tne ooys u senas out, ana a representa- ii vo ot uiu society visits eacn noy once every three, months. . - , Of the lads heretofore sent onL 75 dav cent, are doing well, 5 per cenL more are in sight, and SO per cent, have left the families to wnom tney were indentured, and have gone out in the world to do for themselves. '.The state of New York. Cant. Ltoolev sa vs. encourajma th carina' for thM wif by allowing every properly organized socie ty S110 per year for the care of each child Id its keeoinsr. Most of tliA relhrlotia aMta have homes where these homeless children are gathered and eared for i until they can ue Vimcvu wtui iamiiH. 1 Uon't Want tbat ttuO - - - KtantUnl. Is what ft lady of Boston said to her hus band when he brought home some medicine to cure her of sick headache and neuralgia which bftl made her miserable for fourteen idsEbr mu oa recHpJ p( BIJJ)I two PI. -Ill I for retoJpt of 1Q Iviso Blakeman, Taylor & Co. 189 aa4 144 BnM Btft, KmW Yarlk. ,,9S?J'i Hie Card, Uit of th r,eaaiaa Styles, :: Jm : ' 4',-" - , 1 '-: ... - ADAMS & WESTLAKE'S Improved Oil Stores, General Hardware, Wacon Stock nixecil I'a.mto. Ooalos. Ign "flic Anvil, A. tmo.M.KtiEIt. ' TEAItL ST., BI0UX CITY. Parties wishing Carpets will ilml it to their advanit- -j ago to cxninlno our Immense Lino of Carpots before ! purchasing clscwliorc. TVT T Tho best value of Black Cashmere to J.N 0 -tJ. iftQ cjty fQr price Ts 8. Matntin (&Co., VouHHtiiifiieiHvmVi'dtiHuilUiiuttiHiii i tuHiiiaiiM mv& om, iom Boy's and Ojiiidi'on's uit9, Waists and Hatsr m invite tho inspeotipn of all intending pur- oha&ors of: Olothinef A v or PurnlQliinB Goods io oxamino our otook , of goodo a far bottor . quality .and assort- mont than i has over been shown in this : 0it3T. . : " ' . msE-BRba;-;:;-'':'.;;; ;' :!86 FoortOfre'st, naxt Io Posfofrice." 1; Hats Caps, Trunks, Bags and Straps, LJBBEY WMcheMewelrv I will-open one of the finest and best assort ments of the latest designs in .my;, lino ever offered in this ci,ty. ... - - I. P. LIBBEY. 100 Fourth Street, Opposite Hubbard House, i

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