Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 19, 1958 · Page 27
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 27

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 19, 1958
Page 27
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SUNDAY, JANUARY 19. 1958. THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE THREE Nob Man For Three Murders By MILTON MARMOR HAMILTON, Scotland (fl — A husky American - born Scottish woodcutter accused of four murders was spirited to a secret hideout Saturday under heavy police guard. Angry women chased the GROUP MEETS AT ARMORY 31 Boys Members Of YMCA Rifle Club police wagon devil! ' ,h out ing "you Peter Thomas Anthony Manuel, 31/ hid his face under a raincoal while being hustled from the court The firing range at the National Guard Armory echoed with the sound of rifle shots as four young boys pumped bullets into the -argots 50 feet away. Bach boy fired five shots from a prone, position and then cleared the firing line to make way for another group of four. When the old targets were taken down and new ones put up, the four boys took their places on the line and prepared to fire. Such scenes are repeated every other Thursday night when the YMCA Rifle club meets at the house to a police wagon. His es- Armory. . First organized here to cort of detectives held back the 1«4.*e <*£« a f. hated will, the shouting crowd, mostly women. Manuel was arraigned behind closed doors. Guards barred both press and public from the courtroom. The handsome woodcutter, who was born in New York City of Scottish parents, was silent at the brief Bearing. Detectives refused to discuss a motive for the • murders. Body Dug Up National Rifle Association and sponsored by the YMCA. The club now has 31 active members ranging in age from 11 to 18. It was originally organized by F. A. "Dutch" Kniesly. The- instructor this year is Don 'icles were taken from the Smart home. Returned As Child . ... . Neighbors of Manuel said he Manuel was arrested Wednes-j born in Man hattan of immi- day and secretly charged with orant Scottish paren u who re- slaying a family of three in their ,j> d to Scol ]and while he was ' bungalow on New Year's Day. The j next day police dug up the body of Isabella Cooke, 17 - year - old schoolgirl who had been missing for 19 days. The widespread search for the girl had led to a shallow grave in a lonely field near her home in this suburban town 11 miles outside Glasgow. Police Supt. Alexander Murray told newsmen Manuel was charged this morning with the Cooke girl's murder. The New Year's were Peter Smart, Day victims 45; his wife Doris, 42; and their 11-year-old son. All had been shot in the head. Manuel was also charged in this housebreaking. Detec- case with tives said money and other ar- im a child Hc been living in a Glasgow suburb with his el- derlv parents. His father, Samuel, formerly was district council- lor in the local government. Scottish police refuse to discuss cases they are investigating or the background of suspects. Feeling has been running high in the Lanarkshire area around Glasgow for weeks. Ten unsolved murders • brought public criticism of detectives. Detectives are working on the unsolved slayings of five women and the disappearance of an 11-year-old girl, all in Glasgow or its suburbs. What has baffled detectives Is that the murders fit into no set pattern that might give a clue. SALE ONCE A YEAR New and pre-owned cameras, projectors, fripods, enlargers, viewers, meters. State-Wide Science, Math Test Planned A state-wide test of science and mathematics knowledge for all! 60,000 Indiana ninth grade students; during the week of February 17-21 j was approved today by the Science! and Mathematics Advisory. Committee appointed by State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Wilbur Young. The group is headed by Clarence Manion. The test will cost fifty one cents per pupil. The committee expressed the beliel that every high school in the state would participate in the program. Chairman Manion stressed that the purpose of the tests -will be to "determine how we're doing in math and science up to the ninth grade level and indicate whether it is necessary to improve the education in these fields." "Our purpose is not to set up a crash program in response lo alleged Soviet scientific ments," Manion said. VIOLENT REUNION of Rock Hudson and Dorothy Malone In Universal International's "The Tarnished Angels," marks continuance of their exciting co-player success in "Written on the Wind." Their new picture has Robert Stack, Jack Carson and Robert Middleton in other starring roles. SALE PRICE ORIGINAL PRICE ARGUS C3 35 mm Camera Flash and case complete $69.50 BOLSEY F/3.2 35 mm. Camera Flash and ease complete $79.50 KODAK PONY 135 35 mm Camera with F/4.5 lens $36.50 RETINA - 1A - F/35 Camera, Case, Flash & Accessories ... KODAK BANTAM-RF 35 mm. Camera with range finder ...$49.75 LEICA - 11F 35mm Camera with F 3.:5 lens $178.50 ARGUS—C3—35 mm Outfit. Camera, case flash, wide angle, telephoto lens $188.3,5 ARGUS - C-3 Camera, case 8. flash . Older model .. STEREO REALIST 3 Dimension Camera—Good condition ....$159.00 VIEW MASTER 3 Dimension camera Make your own View Master reels. 139.50 POLAROID MODEL 80. Your picture in 60 seconds Camera $72.75 POLAROID MODEL 95A Camera complete with bracket & flash .. .$108.45 KODAK TOURIST F/12.5 Lens Folding Camera $24.75 ANSCOFLEX Camera, Case, Flash, film & Bulbs $23.95 VIEWLEX 500W Powermatic 35 mm. Slide Projector .."... .$119.50 T.D.C. HEADLINER 35 mm Slide Projector 300W $50.00 S.V.E. PROJECTOR 300W with case Good used projector REVERE 8mm Movie Camera F/2.5 Magazine Type $104.50 CINE-KODAK Movie 8 mm. 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Some of the above listed items are one of a kind subject to prior sale. $ 55.00 60.00 20.00 45.00 40.00 150.00 95.00 30.00 50.00 65.00 60.00 95.00 18.00 12.50 100.00 22.50 15.00 80.00 60.00 95.00 12.00 3.95 2.50 10.00 15.00 150.00 10.00 7.50 100.00 195.00 75.00 10.00 10.00 JUNIOR RIFLEMEN—Members of Ihc YMCA Rifle club arc, standing left to right, Don Nolen, instructor; Lyle Durbln, Bob Firman, Fred Harrison, Dick Douglass, Jeff Eno, -Warren Cline, Gary Hahn; kneeling are Ted Ayres, Robert Orr, Nolen, a former Marine Corps- and Air Force range instructor. At present, Nolen is working for the Durbin Firearms company, learning to be a gunsmith under the GI Bill. He maintains strict discipline at the firing sessions in order to teach the boys respect for weapons. Nolen would like to have the club more often, but by. limiting the sessions to one every other week, the cost to the members is kept down. As it is, the cost of belonging to the club is nominal. Each boy must be a member of the YMCA, which costs two dollars a year', but provides many more recreational facilities in addition to the Rifle club. The club membership fee is one dollar a year, plus 25 cents for each firing session. The 25 cents pays for the ammunition and the range fee. The members use .22 caliber rifles and normally fire ten shots at each meeting. The younger boys are coached by the more advanced members until they mas' •ter the fundamentals. Firing is done from four positions, proTie, sitting, kneeling and standing. The new members are started out in the prone position and gradually work up to the more difficult ones. As the bays.become more skilled they can earn ratings from the National Rifle Association, ranging from junior marksman to junior A rigidly controlled se- Dick Bell, Jay Hirschauer,' Frank Coble, Dave Macy and Glen Bodlnson. Other members were at the Cass county basketball tournament when the picture was taken. ifeJ&'V'-^ '•'"•'"•^'''''"•v" : '. "'.ir*'"'l ^ LEARNING HOW—Dick Bell, 12, one of the Rifle club's newer members, is shown the fundamentals of firing from the prone position by Don Nolen, the club's instructor. This is Dick's first year in the club. Formal Ceremony for New Ago Khan Tuesday KARACHI, Pakistan COP) — As , Although tile new Aga possesses expert. _ . quenoe of firing is necessary to earn the ratings. Another 'point stressed at the firing sessions is neatness. Before the boys are dismissed every cartridge case must be picked up from the floor and the equipment must be carefully stored away. If any of the boys get out o 1 line, Nolen in an authoritative voice developed during his years as a range instructed, puts quick end to the horseplay. The discipline maintained apparently has paid off. There nev er has been an accident on the firing range, and none of the members have -ever been hurt while hunting or shooting away •from the range. Later this year the club will take part in competitive matches with clubs from New ^Albany, Elmhurst Academy. — compete for the state and national NRA championship. In past years the club lias been active only during the school year, but Nolen plans to keep it goin? during the summer if enough members remain active. Nolen believes the club does more than merely teach the fundamentals of firing to the boys. "Our purpose is to provide entertainment, relaxation,' and develop teamwork," he said, "but most of all the club gives the kid« a place to go and keeps them off the street." spiritual leader of the 20 million- strong Moslem Ismaili sect, the new Aga Kl.an has a lot of territory to cover. The new Aga's faithful followers range from Nairobi in Africa to Chitral near the Russo-Chinesc border, and from Singapore to Buenos Aires. Prince Karim, a 21 - year - old Harvard undergraduate, will be officially installed in Karachi as Aga Khan IV next Thursday, Jan. 23, although he assumed the title in a token ceremony last summer. As such, he is regarded by the Ismailis, a Moslem sect partial-j ful d i p i omat ' a pas t president of d! , larly strong in Africa, India an Pakistan, as the 49th lineal descendant of Hazrat All, the son- in-law of the prophet Mohammed. Ismailis from such widely diverse places as Argentina and Goa are expected to attend the- and Culver Military The boys also will ceremony. Many Will Attend They will be joined by their fellow believers from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Bahrein, Kuwait, Malaya, Singapore, ,Ceylon, India, Burma, Lebanon Syria England, France, Belgium, Africa and probably Brazil. So big is the expected turnout that the committee making the arrangements is building a camp I celerated its campaign • Friday for to accommodate 25,00 persons I an early summit conference of who will be unable to find hotel big and little powers to halt the space. world's cold war. elck Film S 324 Broadway ervice Phone 4444 Social Security 1. Q. I am receiving an old age benefit of $30.00 a month from social security. I also have a disabled daughter who is getting a child's disability benefit of $15.00 a month. If I should die would my daughter continue to get the $15.00 payment? .A. At your death, your daughter's benefit would be increased to $30.000 per month, and she would continue to receive this amount as long as she remained unmarried and unable to work. 2. Q. Can a person assign his social security benefit to a creditor as a guarantee of payment of a debt owed? A. Social security benefits can not be assigned nor can any creditor levy an attachment against these payments. 3. Q My husband, who is 57, is getting a'social security disability benefit. I will be 62 next month. Can I receive a wife's benefit? A. No. The law provides that only the disabled person may receive a benefit while he is under age 65. However, when he becomes 65 his disability benefit is converted *a wife's benefit. to Two 'births during the Mayflower'* historic voyage raised its passenger. liM from 108 to 104. TRADE-IN YOUR OLD SHAVER ON The Sensational New WORLD'S NEWEST ELECTRIC SHAVER New from Schick—inventors of electric shaving. FULL- CONTACT Head is twice os big. Hundreds of Built-in WHISKER GUIDES gently smooth skin down and pop whiskers out. Result:,a new kind of shave . . . deep down where your beard begins. Choice of four colors. Deluxe travel case. Try it today. Only $29.95. -BRING YOUR SCHICK TO US~ We carry Schick Parts .•• . Do Minor Repairs Tune Up ... Clean and Oil CENTRAL DRUG CO. 4th at Broadway In this son, Wisconsin, which is their area diana slate-wide norms. way, a school will be able to com- State Superinten- pare its resul'-s with the slate as dent ot Public Instruction will mail averages on the California lest. leaders of parochial plicit instructions as to ordering The California Test Bureau was t is lhat sc ^ oo]s wM not only selected for the tests from a group determine the extent companies whose CONFER ON HARSHMAN programs were investigated by a and math at the CHICAGO W) — Baseball Com- appointed Young. The California missioner Ford Frick has called dents who have gained consider- Sox and Baltimore Oroles officials able knowledge in these areas and all of the tests by machine hence may plan programs lo chal will return the results to the in- lenge these students. back should nullify his trade by The test can be ordered on both the national the Sox to Baltimore Dec. 3. norms for the tests and the In- California Testing 4-PIECE TRUEASE ENSEMBLE A S«»lyTru»as« twin size mattress with beautiful carnation cover; match- Ing box spring; deeply upholstered washable plastic haadboard; metal frame on eiiy-roll casters. in diamonds in 1946 multi-millionaire FAIRMONT ENSEMBLE Sealy Fairmont twin six* 'mottrets with smart florol matching box spring; upholstered washable plastic headboard; mttol frame on *asy-roll caiten. SLAVS GET IN ACT COLON I At ENSEMBLE A Sealy smooth top Colonial twin ilz« maltreu; matting box spring; Nutmeg Maple finish wooden bookcast headboard with tliding panels; metol frame on easy-roll costers. Leu $5.00 For Your Old Shaver 313-315 E. Broadway the same following, it is doubtful if he will be fii>le to capture the headlines and •fill the wide footstep's of his globe-trotting grandfather. Received GUIs Aga Khan III is perhaps best remembered as of Rita Hayworth and the rotund chap who received his weight in gold in 1935, and in platinum in 1954. gifts from his Ismaili following. He was the Aga Khan for 70 of his 78 years, and before his death last summer, he was a success- the League of Nations, nessman and breeder and bred horses. The late _ French, Arabic and Persian, helped dissuade Moslems throughout the world from joining Turkey in a holy war against the British in 1914. He trave around the world, was a friend of the British royalty and married a former Miss France. LONDON (/F) — Yugoslavia ao Phone 3131 LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY

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