The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE BL'ITHJLVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NIWS THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1951 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION tnirrtla*: KlolmiiH ffcJiM J time p*r li.f 7 Hmei per lint p*r i 3 tlBir« p*r lie* >** d*T » \\rnr* p*r I in* per d%y fz time* p«r nn« l**r <Uy ...... .. «• Moult p*t linr ...... • • Mr Co 11 ii I flff arrrare words lo Ihe IfRf. Ad erdtv«<i for tbr« or ill limn «nrt *topp«d kffore fiplT*tlon will hr rharKf* '<» Ih* number of tlmfs Ihr ad •pptArrd and jdjiutnwni nl hill mad' All rUsiilfkri jrtYrrtlnInc ™py """• •ilrtrd h» pir^on* rftirilnr oiMiMe in thf clly mitsl hf arcompAnlrd by ratti Rites mxy faulty b« computed from the afcny* l a til*. AfUfriinlns ord*r»d fnr Irrrinlii 1"- •rrtion*. t»k* (he nt\r time table- No r«pomihlHlT will *>f '»^rn fnj wore than onr Inrnrrrrt lrn*rtlnn ol anr rlmilfl^d art. All *ds »r* ir-itilrtfrt Tn thflr prnpri r Unification Hylf »nd *JP*- Thf Courier News rf""« lh ' rl * hl to " ll REFRIGERATION «xp*rt Mrrle* on Alr-Condltlonlnc. rfrlKP ration »nd Appliances. Bill Tegetholf »nd Harrr Brook* Phon** —If no »n*wer <•»!] *fVM, BROFF RATION CO.. 3337 plrrh. b 21 Ck tl Gtiiir«nt*t<l piano in nine Rn <l r '" pair. Call 2011 daya, 2050 nlghta. » 2« tf Tor pumplnR nep-uc-tnnx*. cess poo IK, oulrtoor toilets—call Jr»*sle Turner, 1<X>9 fHxL« St. Phone 8291. Work guaranteed. 6 15 p* 13 Apartment for Rent K. R Allry—Air rrmnmanintr rffrtK- cratlon Aprvlr*. Ph. 2-178. 302 F. M1s- irl, BiylhptlUe, Ark. «1 pX 7 6 Watch and Jewelry Repair l-r>«T •rat rinn " ,>wplrr — ^ unri rlnrk* nnflranl«f' hy pjprrt rrpnlrmert PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 2 rin fxirn- ,, nil 6 11 rm. turn. apt-. pii"t« vate *ntr(inrf. r«ll 2109. fi 11 pic IS 3 rm. fnrnl*hf"1 ^pnrtmpn 719 W. Ash S\Ttfl, phone upartmrnt will; nrUoie Rlh. UtlUtlen furnlshcrt. 621 Walnut __ "tTnfurnlshed 4 room upt. wUh rrl- Tdt* hath and gl»MPrt-ln hack pnirrti Electric hot water heater, rh. 6^TA fi 1(1 px IA • itl. with hath. 12IX Hol* 6 If) ^k 13 imf. 3B12. ly. Ph. r>uplrx unftirnlshftd. ."! room A- TBte bath. Electric W. H, Newly cralerl Anrl 2 roam* and private hath n furnished. All Elec. Kitchen O pho. 2fiil pift*:r S'flO. 3-n.V fill P' Emull furnlslird room. Ph. 2?>20 7l" Unf. 3 room Cherry. Apply al 112 6 6 pH 1 COMMFRCTA1, neK Air CnnrtltlnnlriK. 1 dfty. 3IT5 nlRhl in a *•>: ti ERATION CO. mnirrrla] «n«l 7. Main 5 23 C'A f> 23 For Safe, Misc. Grocery «torr and fixture for tt West A*h St. rook. Phon* 2r'.*.r>. HI N>w medium R!?*La rije Hnnl*r* Mri. ; 7 pk M Fjfl F.offi heel 612 pk IS P rr.idy to fi t2 pk 7.12 19-19 fr'OKI) \j\ A-1 c'onrllUon, this Ford fftrt\nr Sedan Is equipped nllh radio, hfatrr, nnd e>rr!lfnt Mr*». Only $015! tfllH KOIU) $1(W5 Powered hy Ihr famous V-S pnpinr, this mnrnnn C'llih C'niiiw Is i lop performer. Ka- dlo and healer. J10051 1050 FORD Or«n Tudor Sedan. And »nly $ll!)5. Vnu cnn always make a Ittllcr iiKed car trade at Phillips Motor Co. 1M7 CHKV J1!)5 ff you hive, yniir eyr on a. ^ooH-runnlng, oMpr mofjpl rar al ^ bargain prirr, (his Chevrolet Conch is il'. 2 RED-HOT TRUCK SPECIALS! 19-18 KOIU) llrrr's a I '^-'I'n truck u'LUi a unn ?d innleir. It'll ..... $795 Slakf BixJy rcroniHilnn- make, mcincy f:i95 for you, Drive It tomorrow. nl 51-1 N. A 12 pV 10 . ft-ir> pk 17 PIANO RTORAOK SAl F, Carlowl plinon MUM Frl) qtilrklr •Mime price, for rn!-h Iti unrf Ktomyp' ISO _. j75 _ 155 Ph. 37-1074 Memphis, Tenn We hnv« frrsh flAily. n »nri irycru, chick fn An1« honip baked hnrn Crcll nnrt Mnrltcl. ph 4W7. 1917 KOFU) A bU 2-'ron (ruck .it n nii^hly stml] prirp— S3!).V Make (he l>rs.t trade evrry day at I'hll- Ups Motor Co. jompany Phone 4453 Repair Parts John Blue Fertilizer Equipment Jack Robinson Implement Co. Itlylhevill*. Arkansas — Phone 2371 CfU] k ly. We s [fir can -:!) U ur ni**t plrnlc or i«e Grocery mid Markrl, S.20 ck fi 20 BMORSi NViw. all Men iVt Wnmrn ;t7p» and klndfi, Boyn >. 1000 Pair; Yom 3 room unfurnished »;mrtr IB. Pbooc 250V unlurn «pt- P^t, er heMtr. Ph 312S 3 room fc 4 room Mil. C. Ahrnhum pnt. CI(i!if j 5,i ck _ Oil ck t( lll'-y- 2 room fur Apt Modern »pt-. 3 room.i ivnd bilh, nf.w- It dpeoral^d. poort rurnltnre. p».^ fqnlp- ment Ph. 3313- r.. Blmcn./ ck tl Small Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms |4 up single. 114 West Ash. Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Auto Supplies and Services with Don't endnneer your family fruity tires—BUT LEK T1RE3 CHAPMAN aCRVIC* STATION Msln nnd DLrlBlon Phone 25ft ia;i3 ck U Seryvcei PHOTOSTATIC SEHV- TCI. OSTXIN'S STUDIO. 115 W MAIN H 4 etc tf Higher prlCM palrt for ofd p*r«, •rrup Iron, meitils. hnltcrlrs and radiators. No longer connected with Blr- 1hevlll« iron <V Metal Co. For plck-np unri « nqimre dps I cftll 4fi09. W. A. Al- Ifnsworth. 0,9 pk 33 I nell And Install completo wi eystem and no money do wit 8n tmymenlR. Ph. 631S. H. Mpyers. 3,11 pk 71 Plans-Estimates T*or new construction remodellnR or rep uln. r.H.A. OR G, I. LOANS NO OnLIGATION rhone 2066 i Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. & Haulinp Closed Van trucks. Safe—Dppeildnhlp ricnced help. W. W. Brckham. I! Ros«. Phone 893S G'B pk T-l Nnw nnci UMMI poifvcr mowpr •le purls nnrt cepnLrn. A1"O power itin.v- for rrnt. Wcsthi-onk Machine Shop Arrosft Irnrn KrfR«r S;H ck ir Save Money When You Ruy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HAKRISON & SON FURN'ITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2ftS2 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. iia w. walnut rhone am Plenty of Parking Space Lucian Games Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers term? Vi down, hatance in the fall Formerly Arnold & Gaines. Ph. 6357. 4117 ck t: mrnt rtlfiplfty ')ox [l f food 1 Dnyton tcalr. I Ho butt Rllrcr I footl chopper I nipnl hlocV I cash register 1 Cnrtls 6CM1 All 1 Biro mr:U onv 1 cnfJpe mill Conditioning Unit irrtay. 1st, n EJOSE SALES CO.. ythpvnip, Arit. 2 PC. Sft WllKf Eii« Khdl niJili.'i pfclal I'rlfc 11 OR V/pclnnsflav Ihrrujfih >ntiin1ay. ROSK flAI.RS CO,. SOI .Son ,h Lnt. >ESIIF:S '4 rricr. naynr nianr* '', irlrc. Mon'f Sox *<j I'rlrp, pishing Rorls - f Pete* 1 . Ovrt -IfKin It inn 5 to choose roin nt 'i RPE- rilrc. Come out ATIC! rr for yourself. ROSE 5A1.RS CO., 501 South 21st. KKMTONK PAIS*T In QiurU. RrR. ''tlcf. U.W, SM.F, Price T!lc. Vo«u« 7o1orH ROSE SALES CO., 301 Scjuih 2 IK I. Hillbilly or II. RO3K RECORDS: Pnpulnr fis: 15c enrh or RALKS CO. ft; 11 pX 14 ntlon pnpplfs. 4. IS 6;11 pV "RIG STINKY" FLY TRAP Naiionnlly known nrd vertisccl. Will positively ric vour home of flics or your money back. ?4.fl5 postpaid. HUGH W. ALLEN Osceola, Ark. 519 pk fi|U For Safe. R«aJ (state n ?»"£! 1912 -Hearn Street 1 2 Ijectraom niodorn honie. lust redecorated. Ideal loca- ion. Choice neighborhood, iriccd to sell. Chickasawba St. 2 Kcdrooni home located in :lie 1500 block of Chickasaw. This home is in perfect condition and hag a wonderful location. Those ai-e two of Ihe nicest homes to be offered in Rlj-- theville and should be investigated if yon are looking for a nice home reasonably priced. Shown by appointment only. See or call J. E. Stevenson Jr. Noble Gill Agency Phone 68G8 6i6 ck 14 PRETTY KITTY-CORNERED-Hunting social "lions" at (he Paris Fair, Arabclle, 16, left, has filially cornered a pretty kitty, Claude Richard. Claude's bathing suit is the cat's meow, and there's nothing wrong with the attire of the "huntress." SuBYan-Nekon's SPECIALS 1951 CHEVROLET 4 ir. Sediit— fr«sh air $1 JAC htr. & d«f., whit* tires, low mileage, one ^vvner 1499 ftAC U93 For Kent •nsrn*M Opportunities Sta FROZRN CUSTARD EQUIPMENT pr rnl roniis, JICKHK ji.rt -4M r\ fit_ Rroafl !)r,12 C' Ahinhtxni Will srll lining on niniiry down. S25 » n \vnn*m TKoina*. 161 ChHBBO, 111. cl pnrRKO J«0n. ,i2fy) nnlh. Ahn CBfc. lo- y nnrt Ash rliotip 3,30 cX tr lRt Slrrrt No th. WrLlo Mrs. N. lUsscll SI., Emnielt Wilson Grocery O*cool«. Ark fl.7 p* H USED PIANOS FOR SATjE—*.l low an L Gil 2059. nlcpcl contlttton. Ph. 3071 14 fl whffl plywood bo«l. 12 b p- :r»llfr. Fh. «.S3 or «U9 Shop In Comfort In Chamblin's Showroom Cool Air Conditioned I95<1 STUDK. . .. Grren Business CoiipT — ovrr- t^^iv^ 12,000 miles. 11)50 STUDE. . . . S13D:> Grev 4-dtxir — ovrrdrivp, radio • nrt htaler. 19:>n CHKV ..... $1395 Twn-ir>nc crey 2-door — rartio and heater. STUOR. ... Sllflo Gr« n 2-dnor Sedan — over- flrive anrt hpatcr. 101!) S' >larnoii 511*15 Coup* — 'I room house and bath on corner lot on (il Highway N. and l.mncrale St. A home or tfooil business location, lot 75 x 75. Priced for quick sale ?.|500. Jlodcrn atxl cxlrn roomy -t room house and halh on paved streel in northeast, part of (own. Same ns new—tip-top condition inside ami out. LavKC lot $1250. cash, $<U.QO :otal monthly payments. Va•ant, move in tomorrow. .Modern 't room house ami >ath 11 If. Ilcani St. Choice leiKhhorhood, lieaulifid hack- .'ard, newly decorated inside. Vacant, $1500. cash, ?-KUfi a Month. It's a pood invesl- iient. Have sc'vri'al Ihat will JOHNNY MARR Realtor 1 I 2 So. 2nd. Phone .11!! Residence Phono 2506 5'10 cl< tf . riiilio A- hralrr. 10 hi KOK1) V-S $1105 iMarnon Korrtor — orTcrinR vrry kiw miltA^t, in is niKV ...... $915 Rlark 2-rtoor Srrt;in — hfMer anrl srnl rovrrs. mifi I'LYSIOl'TH Sf>ln Rcfl Cnnvrrliltlp — new molnr, t«p anri paint. Jun« 30 is the date when new truck licenses or* due. Now's the time to trade for a brand new Sfudcbaker Truck. Come in. Authorized (MD) Servke 0 2 Mf L*N «t K«ilr*«J 4V A*fc Str*«t«. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. ca Custnrrl or Frp For (»ill rtctnll O. fioi 664. Ph Ark. sec ness with Frozen Fresh Crpnm. E E. Van Rlbber. e 6300. BlylhpTllJp. 6 3 pk 16 F«mo/e Hcfp Wonted Room, board of two chlldrc and Rfilnrj" for Ihe c i. Ph. 6198. 6 5 pit 12 IjtiHeA with snlf-x ivhlllly can P $,10 or nior^ wi'rkly conduct las; Raw- VVrltr 'flic W, T. Hivw'lel«ti Co.. Dcpt. AKF-21Q-iir-2. McmplUB, Tcmi. S 11 pie 13 J room furnished «pl- with ha'.h. Utilities furnished. Ph. 4255. 6-10 cic U 4 room house -3 miles from city limit. Phone 6571. fl.7 pic M One 3 re 4 o'clock. : Apt, unfurnished. Newly 6,7 pV- H Shetland ponies by the tiny, wee); or Delivery service. John D. Mc- Dowetl. ph. 3706. 5 room iwba. pk 7.6 \mfmnlshcd house. . Inquire Rt 815 Chl 1 room furnished house, electric kitchen, good location. Ph. 2918. 6 4 cX 7;A Bean and corn land. E. B. GEE COTTON CO. Call C. C. Councille, 6645, 2026, night jirione 2880. 5:6 ck tf Wonted to Buy or 4 used pool tables- Ph. 426B. B.10 pk We will pay CASH for your old Kodak s. cameras and. lens« Tor parta O'STISN'a STUDTO. 113 We*t Main. U,4 ck if 1946 CHEVROKBT 4-Hr. S«<i«n— pUstie rover*, htr. A defroster, green finish. . .only, . . 1951 CHBVROMCT '/j-T. I'kp. Trk.— now's M th« time io trade for a better (ruck ......... 1950 CHfcVROl.BT deluxe i/j-T. I'kp. Trk __ MAC trade up before truck licensing time comes . . . vv V 1919 CHEVROLET '/,-T. I'kp. Truck— here's MIQC an example of the money you save now ...... Ovv 1918 CHEVROLET '4-Ton 1'ickup Truck— re- *CQC member, you can always make a good deal here OvD 1948 STUDEBAKER 1-Ton Pickup Truck— new painf, motor overhauled, extra (food rubber 1917 INTERNATIONAL Vi-Ton Pickup Truck — motor A-l, tires like new, a real clean one . . 1S46 DODGE 1-Ton Slake Truck— this good- $ running trk. was made for farm use. . .bargain 1939 CHEVROLET short wheelbase Trk.— has Itood body and 6 very good tires... cash special 1950 CHEVROLET long wheelbase Truck— the motor is in perfect condition .. .a real clean-oneowner truck! Tires look like new: 825 x 20 front, 900 x 20 HO AC rear. All for only ........................ 1 15>3 Many More »« Chonnc From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, yo« can »lwajr» mak« K food deal at SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Bit Used Car Lot •• Walnot Street" 301 Wett Wqlnut Phon. 4578 HIGHEST PRICES PAID P'or tin, wire and all kinds of scrap metal. Blytheviile Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdwfiy & Mpultrie Drive Phone 8962 4J15 ck tf Ancient Ruins Probed, Moscow Radio Reports LONDON f^j —Soviet archaeologists have excavated a 2,200-year- olcl city in the Ky/.yt-kum Desert, near the Aral SCA in Soviet Central As!;., Mas cow radio re[K>rted. The town of Koi Krylgan.Kola was one of the monuments of the ancient Khorezm state. Bnilt in the third or fourth century B, C., it consists of a fortress surounded by a wall with buttle- ments. Many pieces of decorated porcelain have been uncovered and an Inscription on one clay vessel is regarded a.s the most ancient in- scriptio in Central Asia. Room ftnct Doatil for men nlsn, room or two. working girls. 115 W. Ash Mrs. Well fiirnlshrH house, hnth. Phone 2925. rooms nurt 6; 11 pk 14 Rooms . 311 3. Division, for Trade A rnniplptc RllRhtlj- ii.«<* pUUnc mitttt. Sell or trntle host or motor. Phone 27M- Ooort w tnllor, | or with piano for 2 f. Phoop H70R. 6,11 pk M Help Wanted Oood fFist EOn:l fnr iSrt apply hy Mo or ptionf *l9 rnlxv (U US W a altoi 7 pin. Insurance i rhalr, Main Persona! Arc you having trouble from excess drlnhlng? WonW you H'.e to quit? Lei us show you A way to happiness. Write AlcoholICK Anonymous, BOK S13 Bly thevllle. Ark. S'27 r>k 627 Bedroom convenient to bath. 611 W. Mnln. Ph. 3325. 66 pk 7,6 *-llh private bath. Ph. 29m ft 4 ck 7 k 4 Nlr« bedroom for rout ncnr high srhcxjl. Coinfortnhie nnd cool, prlvntp pnlrarire. Phone 3-103. 72 DH 2 bedroom prlTata bath. Phonp 4643. 6.2 pk 7^2 llie prnclice of burial in churches or churchyard* was unknown to the pnrllrst Christians. Call 4553 For Coniplcle Insuraiic.c Protection \V. J. Pollard Aooncy Planned Protection Gi.rNCor nnTET mil LOT NCI Notice chanc- mrmbiTK mrftlnc nlcht. H r s m r r 1 1 n s T 1 1 tt rt a v . K R ni 1 1 y llnc pvcry Frtrltxy. RriilnntriR Frl. 13lh. ' 6 1 1 pk H Real ESTATE Farms—City Properly LOANS II intrrmTrd In Burlni Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE <^loncoe BldR. Ph. R868 20, H of rholrr PcmUrot B.,vn,i Nnrnh^r S'ln^ loratotl in i-p. 16. RFHICC T2 <nr> vn r.* ~ Rhoflrt* KMfxtr. P.irtlrs Inic,v-,t In this Innd p'.r^^p svibuilt -tM^r'I tn B. F. Rl»o.»ri« ,1r. Ron'r No 1 M?, nivlhpvlllf. Ark. BL()=: «t!i he ptrd untU 17 o'clock noon J.iiy 5 nil hlfls. nn of FVM.LKK RIU'SII .JAMKS I.IOHTY. DKA1.KK For ^rvlrc at your door ml! fi^ns Snccials Hrlrne Curtis \\>TP ("oiiduioiifti sio oo °""RKVrTY°R"AR P Ph 130^. Cilcncop Hotrl H:<t« 5 15 ck « 1 I^o and Doc's Roat Dock •I mi. \Vrst of Gosnrll Hack of Green's Stove nod Fishing — Picnic Area Roats — Motors — Bait Sandwiches — Drinks G7 pk M DRIVE WITH Hint means Speedometer Repair! \\'t spcri.ili»e In givinjf t-rl.iy service on sjHTdmneter rcp?.ir tor 111 niA k ds of en rs n n il I ni cks. Drive in tumor row—we'll help yon DKIVK WITH CARE. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Oiryslrr-riymtralh lle.ili-r lit F.. Mnln Thone ira EXPERT, REPAIR nveons fXTRA weo r\ HflLT€RS UBLITY SHOC SHOP lt'$ a Sturdy Jalopy GliELPH, Canada yPj — William Scanlon o( nearby Rockwood \ifces driving to town in hlR 1924-mode ai;toinohile. He thinks the newer car. 1 ? haven't anything on the high- topped old Model T and says the high-wheeled car Is at its best in deep snow. Get T/ie Best AUTO R Faclory-trained mtch^tifcs nsini; genuine parts are yniir assurance of depenrlable service when you bring yonr car to T. I. Sear Motor Co. ... on Main Street. Try rmr friendly s«nrlce next time! T. I.SEAY MOTOR CO. Chry*l«r-Plyjno»th Dealer 121 E. Main rh.«f 3121 \ff SAVE AT HORNER-WILSON! FARM LOANS • You Con Pay ANYAMOUNT or ANYTIME from farm incom* without penalty Thit FtinifMU FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE r* irrif/^n intt> yottr note when vnit tinrc n ln<m from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 21.1 Wnlnul Phone 2.SS1 Mori Rape Loans of All Kinds Zp \p 1951 GMC I Ton Short Base. Rranri new tire*, dplaia cab and Terr taw mileage. Bargain! $1645 [9H STTinF.RAKF.R l*r\f Whetl BABC. Vtrr low mi\e*«e. Jttftt like new! See H IrwUj mi Ho rner-Wilson. $1195 195* FORD cvrtom Clak Coop*. Radix, heater, white itdfwmll tlrn. Dirk blue co!- •r. Clt«nKt car In Bljlhrville. $1295 19M PONTIAC i-rtoor Fle«t- Hne, Radio A Heat«r, WSW LlrpA, Uptht bine color. 6-cyI- Irrfftr, with standard transmission. Priced At $995 195« GMC Pick-Up with pr»c- [irallj nrw tir«, Uelnxe C»b. Priced imperially low. SEE IT! • SAVE • 1M1 CHEVROLET Z-door Sedan, ponrt motor and new !lrr». Drive II. . . jnn'11 buy tt at this low, low price of only $295 •W2 Acrrs '.tt nT \.Vl!«?ti i on'-h^U hla.'k lAntl. btvlsnce nnanrrrt iir»npy win hold fo ft hlch rlrr «? Jn n ua Ciood. ir vpl, i SO Acres Ilalf-Mdon id npnr HsU-Mnon Tsvo hous,pf.. I Mr Kemp \YIuponluint, Realtor Thono iJ 100 1 on mam • ' niTf j 610 cX 13 WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL HOT or COLD! A Slice or Truckload! SPECIAL PRICES FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Slrcel KlythcviUe I9M CHEVROLET I Door with Ught (tre*n Bntsh. Bai radio, heater »nd white sidewall tires. Clean! $1695 I5«« NASH Amhassador l-door Setlin with new ilren. Has radio and healer. Spe- cfallv ;..<td for quick »ale... $845 HORNER-WlLSON EAST —: MAIN Rocket Oltfsnobik — GMC Trucks Phont 2»5« UsH C*r I^>t — Phont 6151

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