The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE POUR BLYTHKVILLE. (AKK.)' COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MAY 9, 1031 THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., FUDL1S11KRS O. B. BABCOCK, Editor . H. W. HAIKES, Advertising Sole National Advertising Bepicseniallvei: The Thomas P. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sau Antonio, Sau Francisco, Chicago, St. Louts. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as sccona class matter at tlw l>ost office at BlythcvUlc, Arkansas, wider act ot Congress October 9, 1317. Served by the United Press SUBSCBIFTION BATES By carrier In the city ot BlythcvUlc, 16c jicr week or »8.H per year in advance. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1,50 lor six months, B5c lor three months; by mall Jn posUl zones two to six, Inclusive, $8.50 per year, In zones reven and elshl, flO.oo per year, payable In advance. Election Machinery Needs Tightening Uf> ' Whatever the outcome of the election contest that, has, been tiled by A. B. Fail-field it will serve a valuable purpose. We luivc become careless in the conduct of our elections ami it is a good tiling to be reminded that there arc laws governing the rijjht of franchise and the exercise of that right. The fact Unit last month's municipal election was probably as carefully and conscientiously conducted as any that has hedn held here or elsewhere in the county in recent years is beside tiie . point. It is obvious that most of those who apparently voted illegally did so out of ignorance of the requirements of law. It is to be conceded that the election officers, in jruneral, were good ' citizens who beyond question acted honestly. But when, in spite of these favorable circumstances, it is indicated that approximately ten per cent of the vote was illegally cast, it is evident Unit it' is high time the election mechanism was tightened up to insure that in the future public officers will be chosen only By those legally entitled to vote. We think particular attention should be given to the law's requirement that to be a legally qualified voter a citizen must not only have a poll tax receipt, but must have properly assessed his poll tax. In the tirat place the man who assesses his poll tax has no excuse for failure to assess whatever properfy^hfe-may have. In the-second place close observance of thi.s requirement would automatically end the practice which candidates at times have adopted of purchasing poll tax .receipts for their supporters in wholesale quantities. stranger things have happened than would be the discovery of oil here. Whatever the ultimate result may be, local landowners have nothing to lose by permitting a test lo be made. 'Die Schafer company, which plans a test well, will take all tin: risk. If oil or gas in found they will no doubt derive a handsome profit: if none is found they will pay the bill. The property owner who helps lo make jtossible the test by signing H lease will draw royalties if the test is successful but will be out not a cent if it fails, The "Third Term" Tradition The re-election of Kemal Pasha as president of the Republic of Turkey for a third term of four years means that he is satisfactory as a ruler. It also draws attention lo the American tradition that a president must not "choose lo run" after he has served two terms. The, people in America have been reluctant to see .some of our ablest presidents step aside afler serving two terms. When they have proved themselves wise, honest and efficient executives it has often been unfortunate to have them leave the presidency. Perhaps in the year.i to come tradition alone will not decide here; the people may decide they want to keep their "good" presidents more than eight years. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark 0/7 and Gas Here Whether or not oil and gas: in quantities warranting development underlie Blytheville and Mississippi county is a question that can only be settled by the sinking of test wells. Far be it from us to hold out to property owners of this vicinity a prospect of sudden wealth as a result of activities planned in this neighborhood by an Oklahoma oil concern. There may be nothing to it, but on the other hand Dishonest Officials Should Be Punished In our last Issue we carried an article under the above head which seems lo have slruck a immilnr chord judging ]>y (he favorable comments we have received. It Ims been called lo our attention that onr article might have been understood as u reflection on Shcrlft W. W. Shavcf, of Mississippi county and his deputies for Ihey are the chief law enforcement officers of this county. Wfl did not have ShcrilT Shaver or any of his deputies in mtnd [or we have no criticism to make of the way he has conducted his oltlce. Ills deputies In Osccola, Messrs. Clem Bowel), Hale Jackson ami Baker Turner, all high-class gentlemen and lo the best, of our knowledge his deputies at Hlylhevllle are men of equally good charucler nnd slaildlng. Hero at Osccola Iho work of deputies Jnck- saUj Rowcn and Turner has been more than satisfactory and they have been complimented many limes because of their efforts to enforce the law and to play no favorites- Our article spoke of conditions In our towns and cities and everyone knows that Sheriff Shaver and his deputies are not supposed lo do police duty. So fur as Ihe sheriff's oflice in Mississippi county is concerned we have never heard one V.ord of censure but to the contrary v:c have heard Mr. shaver lauded as pcr- haps the best shcrltr we have ever had and have also hear:! him complimented because ol Ihe kind ol men he selected as his deputies. We are prompted to make this explanation because svc do not care to be the innocent cause of unjust censure for any faithful peace officer and because we realize that onv article might have been considered a criticism ol Ihc Sheriff's office. ShcritT Shaver made no complaint because ot our article, ffe knew that it was not leveled at him or his deputies for this newspaper has heretofore expressed its approval of him ns a man ami as an olTlclnl In nnmlslnknblc terms. Oiir sense ol fairness is the Impelling and only motive lor ihis article. —Osccola Times. elementary substances; instead he cats foods which are grown by nature and which have been found through hundreds of years of experience to be suitable as a part of Die diet, Were it not for the fact that, nature builds these foods substances successfully, I h e r e would be far more disturbance than there now Is from diet dc- llclencles. for this reason the safest Advice for anyone at the present time is to eat a widely varied diet, Including both raw and cooked quanlllles of all of Ihe common food substances The mineral substances are essential not only for the building of bone and for the replacement of degenerating tissues, but also for Ihe stimulation of the formed Clements of the blood, for aid In the rnelabollsm, supplying proper combinations leading toward the excretions of undesirable snbstau ces and finally for acting to promote nutrition generally. Only a beginning of the necessary knowledge concerning the- (icllons of minerals In the bod> has been secured, and with intensive research on this subject much more should be learned in the coming years. "Oh, I'm tihvays ijitrtitil (o t'ggs, any slyle- voii't loiiL'h his if the yellow is broken." -but Hoiiry BE SURE YOU'RE RIGHT- THE FIRST IRONCLAD, THOUGH 1HE t TODAV IS li WASHINGTON LETTER leiiubHcan Leaders Hasten (o Say-to fc; licked and was merely going Thai Ciirlls Ci:n Have Vice al'lcr a sure thing. The old war- I'rcsiclnVial Numimili.m Agahi hcisc has held public oiTlce for 47 If He W.ints It, Hut Some IK'-lycais and no one thinks he is lieve lie Wants lo Ilcturn lo going to retire voluntarily. Nevertheless there is plenty of CAPTURE OF FKKSNOY On May 0, 1917, llic Germans rc- cnpturert Frcsnoy at the height of tits battle of Arras. Philip Oibbs, war correspondent, describes the capture as follows: "Upon this village (Frcsnoy) and the neighboring ground the enemy concentrated everything he has in artillery which can be directed on this sector of the front, and in acldtlon to t!ie ordinary high explosives and shrapnel, he flung a storm of gas shells wherever he thought, the British had battery positions. "Fresnoy Itself had been a difficult place to hold since the Canadians took it so gallantly on May the Senate 11Y HODNEYT ULTCHLIl NLA Service Writer vice presidential talk among He- 3. . The enemy had marked \ publicans, based on the possibil- WASliiNaTOpj"--"6iia" comfort |'4' ""it ChoriU; doesn't ^yanl^ II. ibout pclitlcul writing Is Ihni "--••— '•• ""- ••- vlicncvcr you get tired writing —--• •- -• -—•- ' about presidential politics you can | tary ol War Hurley or Hanffird urn (o vice presidential politics. MacNider of Iowa, our minister Hardlv any slate is so pro;- : '« Canada, seems ralhcr inconse- hat it "hasn't n candidate for a I <>nc-nlial alongside the suggestion vice- uvciUlculial nominotlon and ol Senator Arthur Capper of Kan- ileiilv of reasons why its favor- sas. H has been obvious lately tc fin is lh» logical choice. Many tint the Republican command is states have notenlial presidents,. • worrying about the fnimcr- Cap-too but nowhere near as many a* P« is tlic administration Repub- can produce what they term the, hca'ii from an agricultural state be", men lo slrenijthcii a national!-vho is most conspicuously idinti- iicket. Some suite have- several ficd with agricullurc. His form such candidates publications circulate in several Political writers usually arc m ,.Mates and he appears lo have held deadly earnest when Ihey discuss I the esteem of formers without presidential possibilities, bill every- Joining the insurgent croup, thinj goes when it comes to the I" the _samc election lhat_ re- vice presidency. For u long lime batk il lias been common custom in pic-convention years lor correspondents lo liyht on sonu es- rjcclnlly good friend in political life and Kive him a good boost us j vice presidential choice. 1 Curtis, but none seems as logical it down for attack, and for several days, made .strolls counterthrusts on each side of It in order to prevent British trcops getting forward to straighten out the line. English troops hat! to bear the brunt of the German concentrated fury." SUCCESSFUL OtfE, FRANCE BUILT THE F112S>T IN IS5&. TfeOUGH rPECERiCK 1UE 6REAT S*tfS KlKG OF PROS9A HE DESPISED -THE GERMAN LANGUAGE AHD IGNORED. GERMAN YWITEPS. *i«i mrexsuwctmc. CHURCH EXCUSES -By Georje W. Birham= "Again therefore Jesus spake unto them, saying, I ani the light , of the world: he that lolloivcth shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY ^ Committee. lion !«iys Rgg in Death LINDSAY. California, (UPJ — Biddy, pet hen of Earl Houghton. Straihmorc rancher, proved faith- Biddy strolled the Houghton farm and was struck by a speeding automobile. Death was instan- .ancous. When Huughton went to ail even in death. into the ro:id near turned a Democratic senator from Kansns lust year over Henry J. Allen, Cupper he-id his seal with a majority o! 135,000. Other Republicans the:i those mentionc:! have been suggested to succeed likely Makes "Hero" Happy The pi adieu doesn't cost anything. H makes n lot of people happy, especially the hero and his family. It's a good trick fur a day when nev.s is lacking. And the writer is always able to tits, avg::e that Ihe party is pretty suve to do worse when it actually now as Capper. Baker May Have Chance Outside Ne»- York, most of the niL'n suggested for the Democratic presidential nomination are real- iy only vice presidential no?sibill- dces select the presidential candidate's running mate Also, there has been some if that. If one ol then merits serious consideration a this time it. would appear lo Vet Didn't Know He Had Bullet in Leg 13 Years COLUMBUS. O. (UP)—For 13 years Carl Eblngrr carried a German machine gun bullet in his right leg and did not know it. Ic. happened during the Mcuse- Ansonne offensive in the fall cl 1Q18. Ebiiiscr'-i diviMcn, (he Sllh, was approaching Montfaucon. As thev started acro?s a clearing jick up the dead bird he found a in Ihe forest the deadly raUle : to fall to the ground to escape its | lire. Ebinger was' hit three times, he I knows now, although at the time I he thought he was hit only twice. | Doctors removed tivo slugs. Years later rheumatism develop- I ed. Ebingei' applied for compe tlcn and an X-ray v.-as taken. third bullet, was removed from leg, eight inches froin where it entered. rcshly laid egg beside her. Glass-lined tank cars for the transportation of milk have been j an enemy machine gun cansed-fliem 'introduced on British railways. Ncuton D. Baker of Ohio. Kis nomination, barring a change in ;eri- tile pro-sent situation, presupposes GUI 1 OUR WAY OH , HE'S MAD! N sez t-\e HAD TO GO To Vw'AR BECAUSH vAE. WAS MOW V-AlO ALV. 1U FIW5.T. V4HO I DOvtV V<MOVV! ME.T AN' 1 OOMT- CARE, BuT X'M &£.~2- A CAMT GC.T A JOS MES, Rt&HT OoT AM' GET MARRIED, IF KlOMAP <3OME HE'S OoT OF A DOB. ous discussion tills year, the sec- a bad jam a: the Democratic con- ond place on the ticket i perh.ips - mention in \\hich forces favoring Governor Hcosevell, Owen D. YCUH5 and Al Smith would all be balfied. Nevertheless, getting move attention thnn usinl :U this stasc ol tlic mime because there is not. ccrtalnlj- about the usual 11:1. Ihc presidential . ic-mhiiHion. The Republican* expect to rcnomluatc Hoover. Most Dcmocrnts are anticipanl o( rr rc- to a pj'CMdcntuil c.i:uiidatc from New York stale, which leaves liie to Baker, Senator Robert J Bulklcy ami Governor Gcorg: n. Wh.ite—all three of Ohio—may distinctly be considered as vice presidential pcssibili- tics. 47 states in which ether fellow. Republican leaders hav u-:iccl to .spread the \\0fd tint Charlie Curtis can Itnvc !!•„• vice nomination ;I-;LU:I if 1:: v-.nn'.s it. Many of -.hi-in !IOIK he decs. TrtftT-s Sdiatc ArtUity One hears of Chnrl:i'*> y-.irn- lu y:t back in ii:. k .Si ::alc vvlicrc- lie cr.n be tnurt: lt:-.i)p.:y ac- ::\c. init conditions happ. n \-j be Mich that if ho rcno'.ip.Ci 1 .-. ;..- vic^ pivr.idnicy next year so ii:.r. he can run for Ihc Senate ;..-..-••. al-i prophets believe tne D;mocr:its arc pretty s-ure to pick their man for the second place has- from Ohio, which in presidential years Is one of those very important states. Vico piesidcnlial booms will bi dcvE'iopir.u during the i:c-xl .session of Ccnejr-.-s. lx'£innimj sever months before the convcnlion. am before .session is over Senator J. Hum Lewis, who \ l .ap ciccie by such a tremendous majority I: Illinois, may have maneuvered himself in'.o an acUanlagcous po £ition. West of Illinois and south o together loo many P'G;K<- v.iinld I Ohio the prc&pccts for Dcmorrati fciiie on that as a su;e i-i;:i ihat vlco iircMckntial nspirnnt.s don Cintis fell the parly v.i.-. liXcly I s;cni to be so hot. Minerals in Pood Build Bones and Aid Nutrition General! 1 KY 1)U. MOIIR1S I'i-illlM Eililcr, Journal nf lln- .\iv Mtdirnl As r oci.ilinr.. .ir ( ; Ilyccia. t!ic llc.\llh V,.i.-.i» There arc 10 lu-prs ;...,•. Invchccl in hnm.r.- lio:i. AIUCIK thj n:.'.i : ; of thcs; is calcium Tl-.i-v- •. c-iicicnce that the r..i-..f:.,: into Ihc tody mvi?i b: i-..;.:. K-iaticnshin to cr.c!i L.•.:.-.. ! harm is to res'.ilt. 1 proloiizcd plvir,4 ;•: cl'.i'.rircn is no; ,i.i.i . : ::-.L- t-r'.cnim '.', r.rr-—.-,; ,M. .. : phyMolof;! 1 cm;r\'-:<-!:- ,: 1 phcviis. The dar.-:i;^ .. i I f.c:e:icy of c.'.ici-.ur. :.-, :.. jlnv: \::cn frovr;! m <••• ;•• In additlcn i) fali;.,iv. 1 must ccnlaln '.oSn:o. :•,»..i. ROMANCE AND REALITY " Sometimes, when you turn the pages of a book, your mind is seeking romance. You long to leave a too- familiar world ... to travel with the speed of thought to far-off purple lands ... to bathe in tepid, lotus- scented surf. , nlran: chlcriii?. pu'iEiFsiiim mid ^o;lnl if ; l-^nch om- t f these mineral M:I inr j stance Is dcfinUcly n.^socinlcd wit : iin-' certain conditions ol growth, c! i.-;:rl- \ vrlopmcnl and ic^istmice tn d: , ;-m;;t : case. The choosing oT u pro\i -o:nc , diet is :;ol r\ matter ot cluuc«\ ; r-;ci\ j j n bbinii-jiirs nf loso^roh. nl- • i -i i^ , tempts <ir«' boir.e made ihrr.niih i.iiicss | ti- 0 ffoniiM c[ nium.ils to ric-'.oi'- 1 the lo'.a'.LonMiips of ll:;- u.i-' • . to j:ciljr.i iiv.-i'tMiLOiUA lo path oliv;, '- is-.ioss! b;:t aK ci ti\r experiments in- A, then bo c.\incd o\c; to aetiiM i-'.ios- • feed' 1 . 1 !? of cliildi-en ftnd of adults .- dc- i in crdcr to dct:niilr.e jujt hnv, " ojiiy I ihcic I actors are concerned ir. the Innuan b:in-^. '. clicL The h'jn;aii licin^ doos. :iot • k:.;:|x;r,- make h:s cim out oJ ^ nilxiuvp of J UC3T i . •, But your daily paper finds you in a more practical mood. Interested in real people, in the facts of the day. Looking for news of things that you may buy and enjoy—here and now. You may find in the advertisement just what you want in the way of a better breakfast food, or a new radio, or an improved face powder. If the thing fits into your living, is practical and possible — you are vitally interested. Because you are reading about yourself! Today, a great many things that were romantic dreams only ten years ago are common realities. Life has more color, more charm, more adventure. And the things that give it all these may be found in the advertising columns. Advertising discusses realities—romantic ones often enough—but actual articles you can have for your own, new joys for your family, stepping stones to your happiness. e The advertisements in this pupcr are written (or //OH. Then arc real.'Then are reliable. Take their advice.

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