The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina on July 5, 1954 · Page 11
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The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina · Page 11

Lumberton, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Monday, July 5, 1954
Page 11
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MONDAY, JULY 5, 1954 WANT ADS CLASSIFIED RATES WORDS KACH ADDITIONAL WO*D 2 CKNT* , 1 liwtrtkn 2 liu*rl|«ni * lM«rtl«M On« 1.00 2.00 r.flo tomt, »*«mt M f*"' rw»lutl« w of niptct, tnri ·mll«r lt«mi will b* chir«»4 fer «n For Rent Cetu c . »t Ku*V* Be»ch. Call Inex S«s«om« »t 3181 d»y »nd 6836, nlfht. ·· Jly-l-thru-S-c » - Room unfurnlah*! apt. * Screw porch, prJvit* entrance, bath, hot fcnd cold water. Garaga for car. Call daytime James D. Lamb at 4*75 or after 6 p. m. Mrs. R. r, Uunb at 6534. . tf-p * nd on * 3 :«·«««»: Apt. ·"on Avenue. Ruimlnr w*t«r. per month. Phone 3U?$ or J60«, Jiy-l-U-c Two bedroom house at 90! K 10th Street. Phon* 6382 or 6928 ' ' ' 0 K ^,^ lltr1 . Cottaoi and Room. at Wllmlnrton Beach, N. C, Fully furnished: Write'-Mr». H. C. Sea.- ley.;Kur Beach, N. C. Jly-l-7-p lx room nous* located across street from , RoBeaon ' County Tralnlrir School in Maxtoh.: Hot tnd cold water. Telephone »nd bath. Contact Thonja* C. Edens, at phone 1268 In Hamlet. J-30-thru-Jly-30-p "Apartment. Llvlnz room, dining room, _ kitchen, bedroom, bath. Hardwood rtoore, Venetian bllndi and electric hot water. «3 K. 6th Street. $35 Per month. Call «T9. J-30-tf-c Four room hous« in Victory Helsbtg West Lumberton. J20 per month. Kay A Company, phone 3725. J-29-tf-c First floor 3 room uniurnisbed apartment. Floor furnace, electric water heater, wired for electric itove. 115 B. 5th Street Call M66. A.-ll-«-c Modern 3 room apartment up«taJr». Also 3 room apartment downstair*. Both unfurnished, WTell located. Close In. Reuonable rent C*ll ilil . , . · . N-it-tf-6 COTTAGE at Wrlfhtsvllle Bsach. 1 or 2 bedroom. Furnished except Urn- ens. Phon* 6968, Oscar Simpson. M-Z4-tt-c L*r*« unfurnUhed thr»« room aptrt- ·icnt. located clot* to poat off lot. Well arranged, newly palnt»d. Plenty cabinet ipace, ff aa heat, hot and cold water furnished. R«nU for »35 o«r month. Phon* 6787. ' M-H-tf-e COTTAQB at Cretcent Beach. Call Mrs. T. BalJou, phone S101. Trailers, Floor Polishers,' P o w a r Mower*, JLawn Spiknrs, Baby Beds. Reasonable rates. Fulltr Hardware; Front of Armory.: ' ' For Rent or For Sale Twenty *l K ht foot Robins TralUr with llvlnr room, bedroom, bath and kitchen. Phon* S493. Jly-2-tf-e' For Sale Finest mixed Oermtn Irla. M a. m y y»ri«tUi. Mr*. N. B. : Strickland, :.phon« S667. Jly-l-thm-14-c Tobacco sticks, Mules, Used C*r« Used Trucks, Used Washing- Machines, Used refrigerators, Uaed Hadlos, «tc. Red Johnson, Rowland, **·· c - _ J-30-thrii-3ly-6-c Tires, tubes and batt«rl«». Fall ttria*. No money down. J. D. Herein* Motor Sales, 2nd Stre.t. Lurab«r- tc - _ · _ \-n-U-e Pure comb honey; Pht,n» «75. Troy Baaley. 601 Wtnona Avinue, Lumberton. N. C. ' . J-lB-U-c Used Allii Chalmers and International Combine*. Priced to «elj. Tou can handl* your crain crop this year with. on*, of these excellent barjaine. ; Lumberton Sales Co Phont utt. M- _ Baltd oats with heavy heads, apply to Russell Thompson, Rowland N C. Phone. 3S15. M-2»-tt-c Help Waritect # Two salesmen between 25 and 55 with cars for permanent part-time or full-time work. Largest and oldest company of its kind offers protected . territories. This opportunity has the advantaces of a business of your own without investment- plu.i Social Security, company retirement program and other bent- fits. Farm backeround helpful. For , complete information without obligation write Box 112, % The Rob«- sonian, Lumberton, N. C. Jty-5-p In Case You Miss YOUR ROBESONIAN Call4322 Before 6P.M. Real Estate For Sale Phoa* 48U, Fairmont, ,N. C. ' " Fairmont, N. C. Wanted A- p!a c « within bu* -or -waliclnr dla- Unc* of Cathoili' Church. JUply to Box in % The Robesonlin, y in? Lumbtrton. y. c. JIy.5-thm-»- p Notice _ . ; . . - NOTICE A! * n! tra * "«·- . Also complete Jin. of ktw turnttur.. WhltUy Kurnltur. Com- 3r1 * Wat «- Street/ jihon. J-I-«-« NOTIC» If It ; u IB wood we make it, Cabia- tcr '* nln «· ll *n lunnltur., nor ' Ff /' · lttm * t «« ««* «·- TM"*» . C u s t o m Wooi- C « « Coa "TM* !« Owe. Street Call 3179 or 4121. J-T-thru-Jly-T-e P TOO want automobiU or truck In«uranc«. b* ,ur« »nd chsck on I 0 " 1 " ''WbUtty for Onmr* ^orer- «*-«. Ther» u nan* better and It coaU It,,, w. JC BethuM, Scott!ij» Bank Bulldlnfc. Lu^bertok. Pho". ""· ; · TOWN OF ROWLAND ROWLAND, N. O. SALE OF PROPERTY FOB " UNPAID TAXES FOR THE YEAR IMS --. .--.«, , ft f^ unawslfiTieu tax collector will on Monday, June 14, 1954, at 10 o'clock A. M. at the Town Office in the Town of Rowland, sell at public auction to the Highest bidder the* following property described and situated in iaid town and listed in the nam« of the following pex-honr, firms and c tr- porations . to satisfy the unpaid tax^a due the Town of Rowland fDi (he year 1953. (MRS.) VIRGINIA P.'-LYNCH. Clerk: A Treasurer M, Sc M, Motor : Court W. W. Webster Estate J. C. Andrews Mrs. O. F. Bracey Estatt W. N. Cox ; A. R. Jackson G.W.Jackson W. H. Jackson * Wife Mrs. Isabelle Jones Malcolm M. Jones Mrs. F. E. Mayton H. D. Marie Morrison W. P. McArthur Mrs. J.-H. McAm * Others Mrs. J. H. McArn Sar* Elizabeth McCallum W. T. McCormick W. T. McCormick * W. P. McArthur THE ROBESONIAN. LUMBERTON. N. C. 'ISSUE 9 --The Story Of A Robeson County Indian By LEWIS RANDOLPH BARTON Th« white people O f the Southern United States are now facing the sam« dilemma we faced * hundred years ago: that of going to school along with colored people or not going at all. ' Prior to 1885 the state of -North Carolina recognized ho third race in connection with its school system*; My people had to fit into one group or the other if they wished to attend school. A few of them--those who were fair enough to; "pass,": went'to while schools, keeping their deep, dark secret locked .intox their bosoms. Those who readily revealed their race, either by word or appearance, were shut out. ; I ; This was a terrific-.blow/to the Indian, who has always 'had more than his own share of', human pride. : Ey en'today the prefer death to open humiliation. / T h e y positively, refused, to attend alongside their black brother. They chose, rather, to grow lip In Ignorance. This · same factor was responsible for the career of Henry Berry Lowry being launched, ahd: the name of that proud Indian going down In the pages o£ American history in blood. His name Is proudly: acknowledged and revered to this day among the Indians, who consider him one of their greatest .benefactors. "There's not a drab of:colored blood in, any 'of you chillen," my father used to tell us, almost with infuriating frequency. "The part of you that Isn't Indian is white. Always he proud of that, the whole passel of you. We were thinking about what would be.good for our chillen long before they were ever born." : . . ' · · . , ; Later his confided to me, in hushed, awed tones: "If it hadn't been for Henry Berry Lowry the, Indians would still have no schools of - -- .. their .own-" Th« books may hot say By virtue of the authority con- ?°' but h ? was the one that got us ferred by law. and by order of the lchoolil '?- H you weren't brought Board of:Commissioners of the enou 8;h to pass for white you got Town of Rowland, the undersigned *** schooling -- unless you got it tax.collector will nn MnW/Uu : T....I. with the colored iwinin " «. r .u $162.00 28.00 52.00 21.80 21.60 76:80 52.20 50.00 15.30 21.00 4.00 56.SO 77.90 40.00 4.QO 30.90 125.70 30.00 ou . w J. Thurman Mclntyre Estatt 1400 No experience necessary to earn good Income with Avon Cosmetics. "\V« will train you with Interesting- color films. Write Box 23 % The Itobe- aonian, Lumberton. X. r. Jly-5-thrus-3-c « cm uss Iwo reliable men between the apes of 2t and 50. This (5 n permanent position if you qualifj-. C h a r r c f.t r re{-rencrji required "Write fully EivinR- rOmpleU · address, including when 1 can ttr y,u ": .1. L. Edwards, Box H23. Florence. S. C. .t!y-S-7-«-e Miscellaneous NOTICE A U T O M O B I L E L I A B I L I T Y T*u don't know what th« other man fniKht do. But you do know that n« mlRht icause you to lose your driving license unless yon Iniinre with uy. rrntecth-c Af».n f r. 'inc. Phono 32'^ 'jly-S-c ! BRING yojr cattle «nd hofja to~th« Lumbrrton Auction Compaiiy s j[, «ach Wednesday. M-S-tf-c Lumbtrton Aviation, I n c . will fly you to your business destination by our X»Te-Fli'oht service. SlgM»««ina . . f l i g h t * . fti(jh« instruction. A i r p l a n e ,;renta!j and s^iei. Briny the f a m Hy to the Airooft. Everyone we|. come. Phone 5516. J - 2 R - t h r u - J l y - ! - p USKD PURNITURK - XV buy, » e li and trade, Caah or lerms. Spivey'n Sfllv^Rn and Trading Center, Fairmont Bo»d, Lumberton. Jly-JI-tf-c K V E R V B O D Y CAN'T GET IT . . . Bat If yon are. eliribl* b« «ur« yon t«t ORANGE Automobile and Truck Insurance. --THE P01JCS 13 STANDARD --THIS COST IS LESS H yon are, a member of th« Oranr* or »r« eliitrlblR for m»mb«r»hip the tnnnranf;* is avt;Ub!«. Se» W. K B«THUNE. Scottish Bantc Bldic.. ni»l '"*· A-14-U-o Mrs. G. K. McNeil! F. F. Townsend H. B..Ward Mrs. Hilda S. Wilson Sam Alford Mary Antone Clara Barnes McKinnon B. B. Barnes Estate Berry Barnes, Jr. King David Barnes Odelia Barnes Cattle * Ernest Bonner Lizzie Bostic Edgar Boyett* Alex Braswell ' Ella Braswell Pete Brockington Henry Brown Simp Campbell Estate Eula Bumes Eugene Campbell Harrison CarmichaeJ Gladys Carmichael Jack Dean , Wary Dessasure ' Ida Bertha Etlerbre Roami*. Fladger Willie'Gerald Afurdock Green Frances Harle* ·Tulius Harrington John H. Haskins Grady Hayes Mary Jacobs Estate Geneva Johnson ' Hymonia McCallum Kfng Hurbert Lew's Id* Miles Ewen Miller Estale Johnny Miller ·Tanie Moody Estate E. C. Moor« Roosevelt McCallum Ethel McColl Estate Annie McCallum Babe McCormick Cart McKay Chas., Nancy Jane. .Jetty Mas McKay. Daisey Ward Charles J. McKay Annie Jane McKa\ Etla Roe?e McKay John McKay June McKay Estat* Ida McKinnon Shirley Temple McXinnon Uoyd McLean Harvey McNeill Estate Harvey J. McNeill, Jr. George McPhaul Nan McRae Ma* Odom Estate Paulint fc George R«evM with the colored people." He said the last words as-If that were the worst calamity imaginable. H my people -have an unusual dish'ke for the Negro, it stems from those days, for It was then that the'seeds of hate were securely planted in their hesris. . One;of the mast colorful characters who ever lived, and one of ihe bloodiest controversies ever to smudge the'-pages of North Carolina history -- thi^s combined to attract natioh-widV'interest by historians, newspapermen, novelists,' poets, and statesmen. One of the staunchest white friends the Indians ever had, the Hon. Hamilton McMillan, Robeson /^Bounty Representative in. the Ndrth Carolina General Assembly, was probably first attracted to the Indians and- WTSB Program M O N D A Y E V E N I N O 6:00 Six O'clock KeporUr «:05 'Trading Post 8:10 Evenliflr ReporUr -6:20 Evtntldt.Echoe* 6:30 Sparta Final _ Jim Mac t:iS Spot Kewc S:4J Slustcil Snapshot* 7:00 Fulton L»wl3, Jr. _ M« w . 7:15 The Three Suns 7:30 Gabriel Heatter _ New* 7:45 .Pirry Como Show S:0» Adventures Of The Falcon S:30 Under Arrest 3:00 Bill Henry _ N' ews 9:05 Carleton Frederick* 9:15 Mutual N'ewsreel S:25 .Musical Interludp 9:^0 Reporters' Round up 10:00 Frank Edwards -- X e w s 10.-1S Jfanhattan CrossroadK · 10:30 Senate Hearing 1V:UO Ed Pitiitt -- News 11:15 Weather Sign Off TUESDAY »:2S Sign -On 5:SO Uncle Lukie Show 8:00 First News First ,6:05 Uncle Lukie Show 7:00 Early Edition -- News 7:05 Tobaccol and Timetable -·'-« of 1 ^" On Sporta - i.-jO Birthday, Saluto 7:05 Spot Is'gws S:M VV.athir Summary _ ACS S:»3 Tobtecbland TimetaMe S:15 Morninj Devotions-- Rer. ap K, Godwin, Christian And Missionary Alliance Church 53.60 10.00 73.20 80.00 16.80 1.50 14.00 2.00 1.00 1.10 16.00 8.00 4.00 io.oo 12-00 10.00 13.20 2.00 2.00 3900 2.00 12.007.00 5.00 2.00 14.96 12.00 3.10 250 10.20 20.00 12.00 2.50 87.40 10.00 1.00 4.08 230 8.00 88.20 7.00 8.00 14.00 12.SO 3S.30 3.10 H.OO John R. Shambree 12.00 : Hattie Surles 52.70 ; John Stephens -00 Carean Taylor 52.00 '11.00 3.00 6.00 Ada McKinnon Watson 12.00 Will Walker 35.80 Daisey Let Ward 3 00 Daisey Lee Ward 1-10 Annie Mae Washington 40.00 Booker T. Washington 8.00 j Eugen« Wright their sad plight by the Henry Berry Lowry story., , . , ' . . Representative McMillan spent a huge slice of his life .conducting a personal study of the Indians because he was.convinced until his dying day that! they : were descendants . of John White's historic "Lost Colony". The federal government became interested to the point of sending a Mr. McPherson to; Robeson county for first-hand observation and study of the Indians. Mr. McPherson, " a - special Indian agent, made an exhaustive study,of the subject he knew so well... He too went away, vonvin- ced. beyond any reasonable shadow of a doubt that he had indeed found the remnants of White's colony, some to have been kiUed by the Indians. Casual Observers .and lazy' or disinterested historians have: disagreed of course. But those who have known the Indians longest and best know after carefully weighing all the factors involved, that there is no other sane deduction. ^History records that some of Henry Berry Lowry's ancestors were slave owners themselves. In view of this it is riot'hard to understand Henry B. Lowry's protests against being drafted into the Confederate army .to help build forti- cations along with the Negroes Negroes' were not allowed to bear arms, naturally, and thpugh a few of the Indians '^- presumably 'the fairer ones -- fought in the Civil War on the side of the South, yet there were others who were forced into slave camps to help build fortications, etc. ',...·. "I'll die first!" evidently was the thought uppermost in Henry Berry's mind when he went. as a young man, to plead with a friend of his, .a Mr. Barnes, who was head of a board of appeals. No -one knows whatr actually passed' between, them that day; But it led to an argument, and later Mr. Barnes lay dead at Henry Berry's feet. Paul Green, the famous playwright, wrote a one-act play, "The Last Of The Lowries" with Lowry as it's "central character (1922), The play;;.was produced by the Carolina; Playmakers at the University of North'Carolina. ' In 1924 William Norment ; Cox, of Robeson, also · wrote a'one-a'ct play about the bandit, called "The Scuffletown Outlaws." He produced the play, playing the main role himself. In 1940 a complete novel was published, "The King Of Scuffletown, A Croatan Romance.'' It was written by John Paul Lucas, Jr., and Bailey. T. Crobme, two North Carolina jivriters. \ (To B» Continued) ...... By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS From the mountains to the seashore, thousands of North Carolinians prepared to head back home today as the long Fourth, of July holiday .weekend nearefl a close. ; A -lull settled over . the . state with most business at a standstill. Since the Fourth of July fell on Sunday, today was generally observed ag a holiday. ··-.."·· Business offices, banks, many industries and most stores were closed. State, federal, ci'.y and county offices also were closed. Many textile plants throughout the state were shut down so that employes could have their annual vacation. '. . Vacation spots reported -huge crowd* yesterday as residents took advantage of the holiday to get relief from the hot weather. The forecast today ' was for partly cloudy and- hot, humid weather Lakes, parks and picnic areas were jammed with visitors yesterday. The State Highway Patrol reported that travel was "about average" for. the Fourth; of July. Travel was expected" to" pick', up late today. Bus and train termi- Teacher List For Fairmont City Schools Is Released of the FairmS c scS vwafao "l ^iculture,. Louise 'Pet board of educaHonS y its S Si' ^n, ^branan, elementary mu- meeting, held on April 12. and ' ^ ; K t , ",.' subsequent meetings at which ex- ~ Elg TM h: *':? de: Maxter E. Allen, Jsting vagancies were fillprf ~Q r a. H. Pittm'an. . jsting vagancies were filled. ' White schools. William H: Brown, principal; Alice S. Campbell, English; Wil- uam A. Johnson, science;- Mildred E. Rouse; English, history; William L. Ratteree, physical educa- social studies;' Evelyn Hammond, commercial;-V. F Teal vocational agriculture; «'· · Thelma Collier, vocational home eeoiiom- ics; James M. Crocker, ·band, history; Yvonne Brice, French, general business; Not-yet filled, Math, Physical Education. ..Eighth grade: Joyce F. Hodges Pauline ·'McD. Lewis. Gladys c McDaniei.' . . Seventh grade: Aleene B. McRae, James W. Pittman. . .. 'Sixth grade: Gladys S. Britt ' -/Fourth gi-jJaeT Mary B. Bracy. i Third grade.: Jones, Maiy '"S . Second grade^Beth A. abeth Baker, Florence'-^^u . First grader Maggie Fr Barnes, Frances G.;G. Hales, Jfarlha F Rusher. Bible: Rebecca Jtate. Piano, "Ruth"..; Smith, 3$rs, =L'. J Watson; tap and ballet dance'; Peggy Wright; pisbii- school musical Mildreh Warren. . The special teachers, are on a student subscription basis as has been true in the past i SOUTH ROBESON ! Warren G. Smith, principal, 6th I and 7th grades: Evelyn R ; Far-i nor, 5th i»nd-"8ih grades;' Flora f Ford, 2nd and 3rd grades; Not vet ' filled, 1st gra 'de. '- - " j XEGRO SCHOOL Seventh grade' ; Lois B'; Arnette, -Mildred. 'S. Ford. Sixth grade: David Little, Carrie B. Moore, Theodore R. Vines. Fifth grade:' Louise B. Floyd, Claude Hostler, Rosa E. McAr- thuri. '"·:·" .',':. · -. : . · .;. ·· Fourth grade : ' Lillie Ros« Mc- Shaw ' Third grade: Hazel F. Allen Mattie F. Allen, ./Matlie B. 1 es- sane, Beatrice Qioveiv Second grade: Lillie S. Coleman. JuJia S. Hill, Ruth Ttionipson. First grade: MatHe B. Haggins, Eva P. Peace, Nora M. Reid ; _. Percy E., Shaw,; principal and 6th grade firm a" R, Arhette, 7th and 8th grades; Lee 'B. McRae. 5th grade; Ethel Cunningham, 4th grade; Emma S. Thompson, 3rd grade; Margaret R. Gavin, 2nd grade; Geprgiahna; Little, 1st grade. .'. , -' ' The opening date of schools has not been set. ; i J:33 Tobaccolana SMS Jtorninjp Specia.! »:« Kob«rt F. Hurleigh _ J:15 Bob Eb*rly Show 5:30 Kangeland Kevitw 10:0fl K»u Griffin 10:1S Th» Chapel By Ths 5:dt Of The Koad 10:30 Frank S!n E iser -- News IO:JS Stnat* Htarins 11:00 Swain's Shopping Party ll:« Holland Eng-le -- News 11:30 Qutcn For A Day !»:» Tar H««l Farm Hour . IJ:13 WesinRhouse Kewg Revi«w 12:25 Hillbilly Hit* 11:37 Spot Xcvra 12: *0 Trading- Post 12:45 Debnam Views Th» »ivi 1:00 Cedric Foster -- N»W» 1:15 Smiley Furnoltf Shoxr 1:SO Gam» Of Th* Day 3:»S Camel Pcoreboard 1:00 Frank Singiser 3:»S Break The Kxn\- ?:20 Rhythm, iTircn p-TatCfi S-.JO Ridln' Th« Kang. 4:M Frank SinFi.^-r, Xe-n-. i:0fl Bobhy Benson S^hntc Ehster L. Peterson, principal; Beulah G. Arnette, home economics; Betty F. McClinton, social studies and music; Mildred S Grier, history and math; Elnora L. Wooten, biology, general science; Charles Wilson, chemistry general science; Lynette A. Mor- Drive-In M O D E L Blmdeaboro Rtchwar Phone 842! LAST TIME TODAY "Fighter Attack' 1 with Sterlinr Hayrfen Jnr Pare In technicolor CARTOON -- SHORTS TUESDAY * WEDNESDAY Tennesiee Champ" " OPS IX FIRST TIME AT REGUI.AR PRICES Tar Heels Head BacE Mome After C«nJury-Fox presents Ann Richmond Polly Thompson 7.00 12.00 14.00 35.00 "High Water «« · %·» TeThniColof-delltjre ~" RtCHARD WIDMARK · BtlLA DARVI 17.00 » f *» .:^-- 8.00 25.50 8.00 21.00 13.00 PRICES Adnlts 50. Children ,," is c The effects are Terrific in full High FideJity STEREOPHONIC SOUND; TODAY _ TUESDAY ^VEDNESDAY ' SEE )T IN COOL -SEA BREKZE" CbMFORT Ive-In BUdecbor* Hw?. PHONE 5X«f Two Showi Nitctlr - at LAST TIME TOD AT " H O N D O " with John Wiyne In Technicolor NEWS -- CARTOON TUESDAY A WEDNESDAY Family Ni*ht -- Carload for Price or Two Admissions or 80c "'ALL I DESIRE" with Barbara Stanwyck * Richard Carlson -- Also _ "ABOOT FACE" CARTOON Kiversicffe M O N D A Y T U E S D First HOW Ml AMI PUT THE HEAT ON THE MOB! eouj The MIAMI W SULUVAN PAGE ELEVEII nals were expectinz brisk business. The Highway Patrol cautioned (notorlsls to drive carefully and avoid'accidents., ^ v^'Lel.- your ^holiday' end · on 1 tfV ;alendar instead of on the high- vay," the patrol advised. J3ov. and Mrs, Umstead spent Yesterday and today at the execu- tivi- mansion here. The governor's office reported that he will be Sn Haleigh all the week. Nothing but ordinary office routine is on his schedule for the week. Firm Name Changed FAIRMONT «r Effective July* he.^am^ of Fairmont VenWr^l Jna.'has been chaiiyed to'Standa'wl 'lywood, Inc. Robert W. Anderson s the manager of the firm and h«i made this announcement. U Fined For Resitting Arrest ,:; In a hujiday Recorder court session held this morning from the Robeson county jail for those under lockup. John F. Fuller of Hamlet, was fined J100 and court costs on charges of resisting arrest, public drunkenness, and assault on an officer. Arresting officer was State Highway Patrolman L. E. Daniels, who encounted trouble when he stopped a car south on highway 301 near Lumberton. There were two other men in the car at the time that Patrolman Daniels was assaulted. The pair were not immediately identified however. STARLITE Drive-In PHONE 6510 \Vi MHet on Charlotte Hwy LAST TIME TODAY "3 SAILORS AND A GIRL" with Jane Powell, Gordan McCrae * Gene Nelson In Technicolor BflEWS -- CARTOON TUESDAY BARGAIN NIGHT "RHUBARB" with K»y MJlhuid PICK CDRfflC BAHH I N S U R A N Fire or Windstorm can take away yow Years Work, and Profits, in a few minuU*. w T e ««» lB « u «-f ""·· Telwee. from ihe Field to the fttfe* Warehouse Fl«K»r, ineladinir while la Curlnr and F»dt PROTECTIVE AGENCY, INC. PHONE 3217 NEXT TO. SCOTTISH BANK LUMWBRTOK, K, «. BORROW ON YOUR CAR or FINANCE A '-·r- U n i i l F a l l ! ROBESON FINANCE AUTO CORP. 118 W. 3rd St. Phtme6748 TAKl MB! IF YOU WANT A L O A N . . . The place to go i* where you get friendly, genuine interest in your problem and your needs. And that's at-- Lumber River Discount Co. AUTO FINANCING, REFINANCING LOANS QUICK, CONVENIENT, CONFIDENTIAL ! IOZ So- Elm st, · ; . . Phone 5185 : LumberIOH, If. C. We are having full sale* every week. Please bring your cattle and hogs early so we can start sale on time. COME TO OUR SALE EVERY WEDNESDAY Inmberlon Auction Co.

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