The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana on March 3, 1934 · Page 10
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The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana · Page 10

Kokomo, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 3, 1934
Page 10
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TEN THE KOKOMO TRIBUNE, SATURDAY, MARCH 3,1934 Keep Step With The March Of Progress By Reading These Ads Every Day ANNOUNCEMENTS Funeral Directors THE NEBBS ENTER MR LOTTS By Sol Heu "Wright. Jewell--Funeral Home, 12S W. Markland Avc. Ph. 3530. Personals Mineral Water Crystals for faulty elimination. Send 60c lor -52.50 size box. Crystal Club, Box 317, · Mineral Wells, Texas. Rev. Lillian Jonef. Private reading hour* 10 to 8. 1718 JJ. McCann. USU.O, MR.S,IDei2, I'M 'PROM SECOWlTV INJveSTMetOT COMP».NJV_ VOOR CEM. is coMsiec-TED ujrn-t OUR we SUGGESTS -THAT- i see vou iw ujrrx Txvi(O3 CT^ER. VOOR ne«e vou BUSINESS SERVICE Bnalnew Service OUered HAULING: Garbage or trash to b*o] nod «mlu to clem- LEV! PAIJ£EE- Dial S833. Laundering WET WASH--13 P, 50c, over 5c; wash iron lOc P. Gladys Wright, 1322 S. Lafontaine. 1-roleiisloruil Service* MADAM ROBINSON -- Buaineaa readlngg £ all affairs. Martin Hotel. Practical nursing. F-eterenco given. Olivs Turner, 1425 W. Walnut GOT A. PROPOSITION) FOR AfOO TH(S PSLLOvW AOESS THAT UJILL- vou .50 iKioePHMDewT THAT CASJ MAKS. PACES AT VCXJR. CALL HIM MAMES UJHICM W/OULD HIS WEART _ I KlOOaJ YOU'RE SOLD OIO TMe. PROPOSITION) _ 1 LUAlOT YOU TO dUTROOUCe ME .TO /IMTRODUCE VOO TO MEBB ?_I'M NJOr~""\ · ES/ENi SPEAmihoG TO HIM t^lVSCCF_ MV W COME-S DOWfO HERE ASJO TURMS L. A.R.E.ef\S(_e. PfvaTMSR-Sl-HP, A F'MEL AMD A. TRA.MQUII- WOMS LlPE IMTO.A, TURMo'L. THAT UJOULO MAKE E: UJO«LD WAR. LOQ^ LIKE A _ vx iioTROouce LOCAL INSTITUTE HELD BY W. C. T. U. Bwaty Sbopn 28A LIVESTOCK Homes, Cattle, Soga t FOR SALE-- Sows to farrow soon. 2nd house east Ben Bells Station. MARE, harness, wagon, hogs. 1321' K. McCann. Before noon. MERCHANDISE Household Goods 69 GOOP USED RANGES-- CHEAP. ARMSTRONG-LONDON co. Musical Merchandise 62 LEGALS L.DUUI Noticev 91 .Notice to HcIrN, Creditor*, u n i t LcKiitcc* XivLic-u it hiireby £ivi:n Ly fchc creditors, helra ;inil Ic^a-tccs of John Dobbs, duce.'t.iod, and all piir- LETTER CARRIERS ' REPLY TO RUMOR Editor Tribune. Dear Sir: I desire that you pub- REPUBUCAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE TAKES ISSUE WITH DEM "REPORT' Washing-tor., March 3.-- CUP) -- 1 committee nreitv anirrv. Sander SPFCTAI, dem^^tio, machine- TWO^r^colU^mllTM west, 1 low permanent waving, Green Room, Hotel Frances, Monday. Good used piano. 709 W. Mulberry.: mile north of Judo'on church. Radio Equipment 62A March 5, 2 to 9 p. m. One permanent wave to bf. away. Mr*. Kelly, KELLY'S BEAUTY SHOP 'PERMANENT waves £1.30 .$3.00. Margaret Summern, Ph. 9-C623. SPECXAL: Meh. 1st to 17th. Croq. S1.50. Helen Snyder, 1103 W.North, TWO fresh cows, one work horse. LATE MODEL Majestic radio. Inq. Dave Carter, Sharpsville. SOMS more good horses. Lyrnan A, Thatcher, Lake Erie St. Yards WORK HORSE--Trade for cow, A K. Chaae, Rusaiaville Ph. Poultry and Supplies Steam oil mnchlneleas Perm. 53.00. Kelly Beauty Shop, 936 ft. Wash. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted--Femnlo S3 INCREASE POULTRY PROFITS. Oldest and Best Poultry Monthly tells how. Special offer: 2 yrs.. 2Gcts, Agents wanted. American Poultry Jourr,.il, 553 So. Clark, Chicago. LADIES--Copy names and nd- (Iresscn, spare time for Mail Order Firms. Good pay. Experience unnecwsary. Stamp brine" details. Holt Service. Nichols, N. Y. Special Work for Mothers who need JH weekly at once. No can- vftHsinp, experience, or Investment. Give dress size. Dcpt. 42129, Harford Frocks. Cincinnati, Ohio. '$16 weekly and your dresses free, demonstrating Fashion Frock*. New plan--no canvassing. Send firj- nnd color wanted. Fashion Frocks, Dcpt. JT.S191, Cincinnati, Ohio. TIME TO ORDER; Heavy and Leghorn chicks for March and April. Hcavys each Mon.--$8.00 for 100; $38.75 for 500; ?75.00 for 1000, Leghorns each Wed. afttr Mch. 38--$7.75 for 100; $37.50 for 500; J72.GO for 1000. Started chicks of different ajjcs. HOOSIER HATCHERY, Michigantou'n, Ind. POULTRY TRIBUNE, America's lending poultry magazine, describes oil latest methods. Five years Jl.OO. six months tria! lOc Poultry Tribune, Dept. 139 Mount Morris, III. 1536 S. Webster. . Wanted lo Buy 66 .Large baby bed. Box M-10, Tribune. WANTED TO BUY--Used heaters cook stoves. Hopkins Eros. 912S. ROOMS AND BOARD Booms with Board 67 appcitr in an.[d d r u u u court on ."vjondiiy, tliu -Otli day oi" .M^rch, 1JS4, bclntr die dny nx«d and endorsed on tha .^in/Ll seUlerr.c.'it iiu- count oC Josiiph C. Horron. atl- mi.Ttatrwtor, wi:h u'lll annexed, of 3Rld deciiilont, and show cause, It' any, why such .Vlnal Account should not bo approved: ti-.iri t h e heirs of said dcccdc-nc, and .ill others interested. arc also h e r e b y n o t i l i a d to »p].'yai* tn said court, on .said d.'iy, and make proof of t h e i r h o i r y h l p , or (Seal) Joseph to relute a certain rumor which has j What the Democratic' National comu to me in regard co the letter i committee didn't soy about Presi- carriers' convention held in our city |dor.t Roosevelt's first yetu- in office on February 22. ,vas seized upon by tho Republican I am told that a certain lady at)"" 10 "? 1 , committee today , a W. C. T. U. mcetins reported that Sounds for a t:rstclass politic io ;iny p a r t of said *;«:ate EMKP.SON MARTIN, C l e r k , C. H e r r o n , AUy. 315 E. Mulb.-Rm, board, pvt. ent. / Booms--Without Board Mod. rooms cheap. 530 E. Mulberry, 214 E. WALNUT-- Sleeping room. 2 good work mares. % m, W Prairie Sch,, Tipton Co. Edward Shuck. Room" for Housekeeping 69 2 unfurnished rooms. 919 S. Main. 731 S. 3JTZ?.--2 turn, rooms. Adults. Wash., S., 1200--Mod. furn. rms., pvt. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flats 74 Help Wanted--Main 33 POSmCN OPEN- Representing establtahcd New York shirt maker: tics, sox. underwear also; direct ro conaumnr: year guarantee. Free ofTern make enay sales, Liberal commls- Kionfl, Cfljih bonuses; samples Free. Write Dcpt. B-29. Quaker, Broadway iit Thirty-first. New York. MAN WANTED In this locality as Direct Representative of well known oil company to sell srnaN town and farm trade. Experience not necessary. No investment required. Chance for immediate steady income. Write P. T. Webster, General Manager, 623 Standard Bank Buildlnp, Cleveland, O. 'FOUR MEN--for local regular store routes with bisgest line 5c, 10c Counter Displays, 92 necessities. Up to 125% profit .for you. Ufr to HQ% ~!or dcalerB. Experience unnecessary. No investment. :FREE catalog. PKO-CO-PAX, Dept. WA 106, 1956 S. Troy, Chi- cnfto. JUST WHAT YOU WANT Started Barred and White Rocke. 1 wk S9.50; 2 wk. J11.25: 3 ivk $13.00; t wk. $14.75. Any ace should be on the, market by .Decoration. All growing line. We sort brooder chicks good--you will like them. Come Ht once. HOOSIEK HATCHERY. Michigantown, Ind. Baby Chicks. Hatched right. Priced right. Custom hatching. Hunslng- er Hutchcry, Grcencown Ph. 255. CARROLLTON HATCHERY Get your February Broilers now, Club orders under one name, 1000 nt 7 3 /3 Cts. oach. Hatch iff every .Friday. FJora Phone R. R, 3. STARTED CHICKS, 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks old. Baby chicks, 7%c in 1000 lots. Now is the time to make up club orders lor March April, KOKOMO ELECTRICHATCHEP.Y Ph. 7211, 716 N. Washington. 114 S. Wash. 2-rm. apt. turn., mod. CLOSE IN 4 5-rm mod apts, SMS, Farms and Land for Bent 76 3-ROOM house, 9 acres ground, near Darrough Chnpe). 2nd house north Glen Hlllis home. Furnished Houses for Bent 77A Nuliuc to Aon-ltvKldciitM State ot Indiana. Howard County. In the Howard Circuit Court, January Torm, 103-1, .EJiabcth Johnson vs. Booker Complaint No. ItjO'J'j. Now comes the PlaJnUf:', by Overton Manning, her attorneys, and Jiles her c o m p l a i n t herein, together with An ttflldy-Vlt that the defendant Booker Johnson, Is not a resident or ttiu State of Jndian/1, Notice Is therefore hereby Riven sali Defendant, ' thK-t unless he be and .ap;e;ir on tho Cist J u d i c i a l day of the next term of the HoWJirci Circuit Court to bo hodden on the 2nd Mondfiy o£ April A. D. ID3-I. the same being JUty : A. D. 1S3-1, at the Court House In Kokomo, Indiana, in siUd County and State, and answer or c!emur to said complaint thti same win be heard and determined In his nbsonue. In Witness Whereof, I 1 haroiiiito .set my hand and affix the Seal o t ' j Ktiid Court. H.I; Kokomo,, this ind tiny of March A. D. 1SIM. (Sen.1) EMERSON MART.IN, Clerk. there were seventy-live letter carriers wno were too drunk to attend the banquet at the Masonic Temple ·that night. I want to refute such a rumor as having no foundation in tact. It is true that plates were set at the banquet for about seventy- five more than actually were present, but they ware not absent because they wore drunk. As a matter of fact it snowed the night before and the roads were so slick that many could not come. Some started and had to turn back. Many free-for-all. Reversing the ordinary procedure, Chairman Everett Sanders of the Republican committee attacked Charles Michelson, Democratic publicity director, and the Democratic party, Tor what they didn't say instead of what they did say. The strange turn of events resulted- when Michelson did not issue a 1,000-word summary of Mr. Roosevelt's first year in office. The statement was prepared and sent to newspapers to be released on the left at the close of the convention'anniversary of the President's in at 5 o'clock because they were j auguration. FURN. house. Inq. 1536 S, Webster. ·118 S. MAIN--2-room furn. house. I I "" "otl.ft of AilmlitlHlriltlon Nutiee l« hereby given. thitL the undcrsfft'netl das been appointed by Ch*i ,Jud£e of f.he C i r c u i t Conrl. of. Howard Counts', State ot 'Indiana, H d m i n l a t r i U o r of the estate of Laura .er, i H t c or Howard County, osuue in supposed to be 30!- Wonted--To Rent 81 WANTED TO KENT--House a.nd Nurch -. DUCKWAU:,, A d m i n i s t r a t o r . .several acres near Kokomo. A( dress CE-'.'S, care Tribune. WANTED--To Rent, 3 Or 4 uijfui nished rms, or small house. Ph. 522 3 or 4 light housekeeping rooms Address Box 112, Tribune. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Bouses tor Sale Salesmen Wanted S3A BUFF ROCK pullets. 601 W. Dcff ORDER your chicles, save money-- Hatching--3c per CHICK; resv PAREE. 2'/i mi. east on Sycamore MERCHANDISE WONDERFUL, OPPORTUNITY-for specialty anlcsman copable m«kinsr bijr monthly earnings. Finest set-up in America. No flcl- vnnces but plenty ot co-operation and expense suarantcc. Write "Box 78. Tribune, jjfvinj; .street address and phone number. .'REAL MONEY--An opportunity to make real money selling 1 lubricating oils, greases, paints to dealer and consumer trade. Big- yett season just starting. EQUA1 ITY OIL FUEL CO., 10th Brady., Avc., Sast St. Louis, 111. SALESMEN EARN ?50 WEEKLY SELLING OUR nationally known Mild Havana cigars direct at factory prices. Permanent income from repeat business. Experience not necessary. Old reliable factory, established 30 years. Write today for Free Sample Case. J. Articles for Sale 5 H.-P. gasoline engine, cheap. A- condition. 160S N. Phillips. Business nnd Office Eoulpment 54 10-ft. back bar with large mirror Call at 310 ZV". Main. AS LITTLE AS $4 A MONTH FOR A REMINGTON Kentcd by the maker--from stocks always in first class condition Low monthly rates, with added reductions for periods of 3 months or longer. Remington Rand, 207 S. Main Street, Kokomo Phone 9331. W. Roberts A, Fin. Son, Dept. 12, Fuel, Feeds, Bassett Fuel Co. Ph. 61S5. Black Mhjlc forked ?4.75 ton. 1024 W, Mon- ro«. Will Bassett. Wcston Bassett, Good Things to Eat Solicitor*, Canvassers, Agents 35 AGENTS-TEXAS LAND EXCURSION. Agent goes free when taking prospects. Write Kent, P. O. Box, 1654, Indianapolis. Situation* Wonted--Male YOUNG man, exp. nants position, waiter, counterman or short order cook. Box O. H.. care Tribune, FINANCIAL APPLES, cooking and eating. S-S- 10-12 !i- Ibs., 25c. or "Oc basket and up. Also oranges, onions, potatoes, nnd eggs. Prices reasonable. Ph. 5S45. 162S S. Washington. Household Goods B9 BUY your new spring rug now. 51 will hold any rug for future delivery. KOKOMO FURNITURE CO. Bunlneiw Opportunities ATTENTION: INVESTOR. Financial Independence plus an Executive position, for an immediate Investment of three thousand five hundred dollars. Address Box F-ll, care Tribune. INSTRUCTION Male InKtructioD 43B See HOPKINS BROS, now for low prices on used and new furniture, stoves and, rugs. Phone 912S. FOR SALE--3 ac. between Vaile Markland E. of PJaie Glass. 5-rm ho., barn, electricity available Price $1050 for quick sale. $500 cash, bal. terms. 2 ac. W. 1% mi. on road 22. 6-rm. ho barn, good water, electricity .$1000 me-rt. Price $2150. ?11CO.OO cash. Have gome money to loan on 1st class city property. DENNY C. SPRINGER 50.1 A-L Bldg. Dial -1751. 615 S. Brandon; one and one half story semi-modern house. Clear. For sale cheap. Call 3091 after 5 p. m. HOME--free, clear, seven rooms, S. Main St.; semi-modern. S«ll or exchange tor property in Flint or Genesee Co., Mich. W. A. Branara, Baldwin, Mich. Wanted--Real Estate 89 . t S t r o d e . A t t y n . ^Nolli'e to Nim-RcMldt'iitN Xonce is hereby £lven that ]jux- tor JDauyhcrty, 'Lena D u u f f h o r t y Gycr. Uoyd Cnrrls, C.'eo Kr/inx nnd Eurt Garrls, have been made Parties d e f e n d a n t in an action entitled Dcl- afraid to drive home after night. This Is the real reason why wo were short of our four hundred and fifty at the banquet. However, we j paid for four hundred and fifty plates. We .idmit that three of the bane! boys from Indianapolis got a little funny and took to the stage and had a little waltz which was not on the program. They probably had imbibed just enough lo be smart tout their tnan-, ngcr informed UH that while they j played"in the band they were not letter carriers. Neither Mr. Collins, manager of the band, nor anyone else present, indorsed their antics. As a matter of fact, wo have heard nothing but compliments a b o u t - t h e convention with tho exception of this rumor. Yours truly, R, A. PUP-VIS. Chm. 'Convention Committee. j Thef. notice was sent to newspaper offices to kill the statement because the Democratic bureau of publicity was "anxious to avoid tho issuance o; any statement which car. possibly be construed as partisan, propaganda, detrimental to a united national effort for recovery." That action made the Republican indicated. "The announcement of the Democratic national committee," said he, "must rank as the outstanding piece of fiction 50 far th;.t year. The plain truth is the record has been suppressed because the baliyhoo it contained r.bout success of the "new deal" would have excited derision among all classes of people." Sanders claimed the Democrats killed their statement because they suddenly realized that all of the President's recovery agencies had failed. "The Democratic national committee exercised such self control in-its effort' to avoid even the appearance of being partisan," said he, that it limited its expenditures last yaer to a little less thin half a million dollars." COLORED CIRCLES WALTON NEWS mo Glbb «!., bclns Announcing Revival. A revival meeting is announced to begin Sunday. March 11 at the Separate Baptist church. South Elizabeth street. The services will C i"x ; °.. N l'i' "Si 5 ..? 0 ^.?.?."?.: i be conducted by the pastor, the W. M. Williams. Joseph DatiKhcrty, et ties mentioned to appear at the Court Room In the City Bul'dlnK if; Kokomo, Indiana, and anMW«;r or d e m u r , to the plaintiff's complaint on the 30th (fay of April. 103-1, and on f a i l u r e so to do the cause w i l l bo d e t e r m i n e d in their absence. The complaint la riled Tor the purpose: of partitioning certain ijoscrlbed reM locjKfla in Ho\vard County, ;l. By orrlor of tlio How.ird Circuit Court. E.VJERSON JIART1.V. Clerlt Howard Circuit Court. T. C. Herron, Attorney for P l a i n t i f f . On Feb. 12th Georgia will ob- Walton, Ind., March 3--More than seventy-five members of the Farm Bureau attended the session held in the school building south o£ Wai- tor., Thursday night, with G-len Zartman, chairman, in charge. The principal talk was delivered by T. I. Ferris, president of the Indiana Wool Growers Association. Short talks were delivered by Henry Preiser, Emerson PolJc and Fred i Beimcr. Mrs. Lee Scott gave a report of tho conference: A vocal number was presented by Herbert Myers ar.d group singing was led by Glen Zartman. Patty Lou Shuman and Maurin were awarded first honor in the Saesar Latin contest conduc ed by Miss Dorothy Lindsey. in th Walton high school and wili ente "Man God's Workmanship" ' will c the subject of the Rev. D. A. Graham's sermon at Wayman A. H. E. church Sunday morning. At the evening-sermon he will speak on "Overcoming Depression." This will be of special interest to young people. The Chumming club wi]J meet Thursday evening at eight o'clock with Mrs. Lcona, Holland. The program for the evening will be "Your favorite recipe and lips on the market." There will be a.demon- stration fay Mrs. Elizabeth Winburn. Mrs. Ora Winburn is confined to her home by illness. All members of Worley David The North W. C. T. U. held its local institute at the Beamer M. E. church Friday. Twenty-four were present including six children. Miss McCallom. was a special guest- Mrs. Golda Hart presided over the opening session which included song service by Mrs, Irene Rice, and devotions by Mrs. Richardson. Sentence prayers closed the devotional service. Mrs. Rice gave x special number in song. Mrs. Venus Howard, county director of the L. T. L. had charge of the flag salute and gave the American creed. The following committees were appointed: Membership, Mrs. Lela Clark and Mrs. Fisher; Union Signal. Mrs. Mac Petty and Mrs. Ella Wills: courtesies, Mrs. Maude Crume. Miss Harriet Stockton was presented as leader and took charge of the program which was opened by singing, "Carry On." The head of each dcpartnient gave a brier talk on'"How My Department Aid? the New Crusade." The different departments and chairmen were: evr.ngclistic, Mac Pcarcfi; child welfare, Carrie Fisher; flower mission, Lela Clark: medal contest, India Guerin: narcoucs, Golda H a r t ; ntcma-tioniil justice, Mary Good: lunday school, Mac Petty; tcmpcr- incc ar.d missions, Bculah Werkng: publicity and press. Irene Rice. Discussion on "Crusade Anniversary Goals" was given by Mr». Golda Hart. Miss Evelyn Nixon, ircsidcnt of Y. P. B., gave an in- eresting Uilk on her work with he young people. The morning cssion was closed with the "Lord's raycr." At noon a pot luck diner WAS -served. The afternoon service was op- ned with song and prayer by Mrs. .oss. Mrs. Hart gave a talk on . T. L. work. Mrs. Petty a read- ng on "Union Signal" and there r as a song by Earl Hart. Mrs. ·uchardson gave an interesting ad- ress on "The Fight Is On." The, J white ribbon service was conducted by Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Hart, the ribbon being tied on little Johnnie Prathcr. Mrs. Richardson offered prayer during this service. Mrs. Ross gave a reading, "All Covered with Smoke," Miss Harriet Stockton spoke on "Youth's Place in the New Crusade." Miss Stockton urged placing a demonstration in public places showing the amount of foods or needs the $7.50 would buy that each family is supposed to pay as t-ixes on revenue. Two new members were added, Mrs. Richardson and Mr*. Olinger and the Rev. Mr. Richardson as' an honorary member. The closing prayer was given by Mrs. Martha Bowen. serve the 201st anniversary of the! in the Latin contest for the distric landing of Gen. Oglcthorpc, I contest held in Peru, March 24. THIS CURIOUS WORLD ** Wiffiam Ferguson N'oticc is hereby Driver), that thn .Jiidersiprncd lias Is eon a,ppoin!.^1 by ·-hn .Tud££ oC tlic Circuit Court of -Toward ' C o u n t y , Stat* of T n r i m n n , ^xecutoT* of :hc estate of Eva Ma- ION Bless late of Howard County, ceased, Said estate Is supposed to bo sol- C. MASON 1 . Executor. AUorncy. STAKTIKG WAKTED TO BUY--Cottage or lot on lake front. Price must "be reasonable. Box B-R,., care Tribune. AUCTIONS Auction Sale* 90 AUCTION Wed., March 7, 1:30 p. m. 421 W. Taylor. 6 rooms good clean furniture. See Monday's issue for list. Laura J. Kalter, deceased. Fred R. Duckwall, Admr. Don Strode, Atty. H. H. Wood; Auct. LEGALS Legal Notice* 91 Xatlix tit A \"ew Meeting Announced to Be Held In North Part of City JCert Week. Beginning Sunday night at 7:30 o'clock, a revival meeting will be held in a. room at Main and Morgan streets. The Rev. Myrtle Davis j will be in charge and will be as-j aisted by the Rev. Jimmie Johnson i and the Rev. E. Lcwellyn. | . Meetings will be held each night the coming week with preaching and music. The public is invited. A Sundaj- school will be held at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon. FLtfZ LIES FLAT, NO /AATTER WHICH WAY IT IS STROKED/ THE LITTLE ANWAL CAM TRAVEL FORWARDS OR BACKWARDS THROUGH HIS TUNNEL WITHOUT RUFFUNfe HIS COAT. Girl Scouts Meet. Ths C'JrJ Scouts of Troop 4 met Monday evening at St. Andrew's church. In patrol corners, dues were, collected and attendance ·ked. Mrs. Hil'.is collected money the cookies and it was i has been appointed by! made on the =°okics and it was of the Circuit' Court,of { found $66.10 had been made, Dor- imity, Sta.t« of Indiana, i othy Barker had charge of the f tho astatc Of Timothy m^iir,,, , nd intrndu^ert two r-amfs FOK SALE--Stoves, planos.^radioa and all kind of furniture. Open afternoons. Cor. Washington and Jackson. Phone 4127. Co executrix ol, -.._ B. Newman, late ot Howard County, deceased, , Said estate is supposed to be solvent. N, Executrix. .10*. C. Hfrron. Atty. maetinjr and introduced two games "The Miller" and "My Ladies Toilet." Her patrol (gave a play and^ a discussion on stars was held. The meeting was closed with ?ood night 'circle. ' ' MOST SNAILS ARE ! A FEW, HOWEVER, TWIST THEIR SHELLS TO THE LEFT". Gaskin Post No. 177 of the American Legion are requested to meet at Keystone club Monday evcnin at 8:15. There will be many thing of importance to come before th body. Come out and do your duty Guy Sweat, Commander. Clifford Hall, Adjutant. There will be a special meetin of Pride of Kokomo No. 429 I. B P. O. E. of W. at Palmer's hal Thursday night'at 8:30 for of importance. All members ar requested to be present. George E. Ba!J, E. P. Clifford Hall, Secretary. The Siete Amfgas alumni wil present a pro-Eastern fashion show at the Douglass school Wednesday evening. March'14. The models wll style Che latest in spring fashions Tickets may be obtained from an member of the sorority. The Progressive club will i Wednesday afternoon at -the home of Mrs. Georgia Waldon, East Haven.; street A St. Patrick's program n a humorous strain will be presented. Members will respond to ·ol) call with'Irish jokes. A (juar- et composed of Mesdamcs Mayme Carlisle, Julia Foust, Hazel White and Lacey. Marsh, will sins: and Mrs. Edith Howan will read a bio- raphy of Mrs. Edith Rowan. Mrs, Julia Foust, chairman of he junior stewardess board of the A. M. E. church, wishes to thank 11 who assisted in making the play. An Old Fashioned 'Mother," such success. s Thanks are extended es- eeilly to the director. Dr. Gene Williajns, The Music club will meet at 7:30 . m. Monday at the home of Mrs. Cordelia Waldon, North Kennedy street. Members are urged to be present. GREENTOWN Greentown, Ind., March 3.--Mrs. Phillip Richer is visiting with her husband in Detroit, Mich., and Mrs. Stella Bogue is staying with the children while she is gone. The Girl Scouts met Wednesday evening after school at the city building. The troop was just recently organized under Misses Bernardine Gipc, Elmira Booher and Mrs. Hunter. There are twelve members. They received Instructions in their work and played games. Will J'arvis left !ast Friday afternoon for Bradentown, Fia., having n called there by the serious illness ot his brother. Charles Jarvis. Announces far Trustee. Garland Orr has announced as a candidate for trustee for Jefferson township Tiptcn county, on tho Democratic ticket, subject to the May primary. He is a well known ·oung farmer living south of Goldsmith. BUI ro lM.IUn.poU. t:4S p. m- 11:65 p. tn. To P«rtt Jt S. Bend 10:4E . ou 4:15 p. m. THE PK/NTED £OOf, FOLtMD TO DATE., CAME FROA\ THE CAVSS OF THE IN CHISA/ THE BOOK WAS DATED A. D. 698 Find Stolen Car. A Chevrolet sedan reported by Paul Kirkpatrick, of Union township, to have been stolen from parking spot near the high school here Friday night, was found near Michigantown Saturday morning, stripped of batteries ar.d other accessories. Driver Is Harlcy Gilmore, 39, 1130 North Washington street, was arrested at 2:23 o'clock Saturday morning by local officers ar.d held in jail on charges.of driving -a. motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor. He was released on bond early Saturday forenoon. | T:4S a. m_ 11:15 a. m., 6:10 p. m, To Chlcnro 1.1:15 a. m_ 5:30 p. ca. Trans ContlBoctal Weatcrn Air Bxpresi Dnltort Air Lines. TOTON BUS STATION 200 W. Mulberry. Ph. ««1 To NUDCl« 7:45 . m, 1.1:00 a. m.. 1:00 D. tn., CO p. m. To Marlon 6:45 a m.. 10:01" a. roTM 1:35 D. tn., 5:00 D. m. To Frankfort 7:01 n, tn., 10:00 a. m.. 1:11 ». m_ :45 p. m. ONION HOTB1- 109 N. Cnlon. Ph. «5Sz JOE PALOOKA POOR KNOBBY By Ham Fi*her MAN: Age 1S-15. To qualify in Retail Merchandising Field nnd Government Work. Experience not essential. Man selected trained. Personal interview by writing Box 44 this paper. Male and Female Instruction 43C WANTED--Names men-women. 1850, wishing Government Jobs, S105.00-J175.00 month. Many examinations coming. 23 coached FREE. Apply today for particulars. Box 19, Tribune office. LIVESTOCK K», t l j i l s . I Bulldog pup. cheap. 132-1 N. Purclum HECK NO/HE'S ON1V NINETEEN. HEU. BE ISNT PAVOOrVK_J FIGHTIN' AN 1 MAK1N' 1WEWTY ONE \ET?H BIG DOUGH PER TEN VEARS. THE DOCTOR SAVS, jg HE'S GOTTAs HAVE- ^ GOOD HEAVENS MAN-"THEN BIGG'S CONTRACT WAS 1NVA.UD . 1 THOUGHT FWLOOKA WXS OVER TWENTV ONE- NO CONTRACT- IS GOOD IF SIGNED ONU*' SY A MINOR. · IT MUST BE SIGNED k BV HIS LEGAU GUARDIAN. ·JOE? MISTER WAUSH THIS is THE COMMISSION OFFICE . WHATTA YA MEAN WHATTA YAMEAM? FOF2. A. NOTHER TWENTY FOUR HOURS. THAN VCxOUSE . WARD 1 QUIET PLEASE Costs Reduced on Amounts Over $150 · CAN yon nse SSO, $100 or more to help you clean np your debt*, buy things you need, or to meet some emergency? If so, »«e us. We lend any reasonaWa amount to families on their household goods, auto, etc. Repayment terms arranged to suit your circumstances. Call, write or phone for prompt service. LEGAL LOAN CO Ll» South M»ln St, Acnmo St. (ram (nil Theater, trooixl Qoor. *ontb of UnJoo Bank and Trout Co. Phone UJ? Kokomo. Inrt.

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