The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana on February 6, 1934 · Page 5
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The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana · Page 5

Kokomo, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 6, 1934
Page 5
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THE KOKOMO TRIBUNE, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, FIVE SOCIAL- Fried* P. H«»etttiie, Society Editor--Fhone 3131 SOCIAL CALENDAR TUESDAY . P»I Iota Xi-- Carnegie library, T;30 p. m. Embroidery-- Mrs. Frank WiUer, South Mala street. Blue Ea-Rle-- Mrs. Maud Seymour, 600 East' Morgan *tr«et. "· Kokomo. Chapter No. SO. O. E. 3. -- Magonlc Temple, 7:45 p. m. ·VVKDJTESDAY Phi Chi 1 Epailon benefits -- Mrs. Kenneth Shockley, 1216 West Mad- lion streetr Mfss Lura Lantz, 222 West Harrinon street. St. AndreWa Auxiliary-- Mrs. W. . J. Gollghtly. 1003 West Walnut *treet, 2:30 p. m. Loyal Sons and Daughters, South Side ChrtKtlan-- Mrs. J. L. Starkey, '1R29 South Main street, 7:30 p. m. U. N. A. P. O. C. Auxiliary-- Mrs. Clyde Cosand, South EuckeyB ^street. L L-- Mrs. Viola Hurrcll, ForK«t-Me-Not-- Mrs. C. E. SIccth, 703 Emit Walnut street. T. C. B. -- Mrs. L. M. Winters, West Sycamore streot L. O. A^-Mrs. Hubert Chcnoweth, 1127 South Buckeye street I/. P. H.-- Mrs. Harry Turner,S12 Vaile nvenue. Happy Hour-- Mrs. Mac Tucker, West Sycamore street; all day. Iris -- Mrx. Rftlph Marquis. North Chautaueiua Study clans-- Woman's Deportment club. 7:30 p. m. W. M. A., First U. B.-- MTH. Elizabeth Quirtc, 1235 Worth L'afon- bilne street, 2:30 p. m. Rabb! Tarshinh Lecture-- First ConjrreRatlonal church S p. m. W. M. S,, First Baptist-- Mr*. W. P. Peatrce, -108 West Tuylor stroot, "nora^-Mra. A. W. Holcombe, MO Wont Walnut street, 2 p. m. JCoJcomo Mornlnfr Musicalc-- Mrs. fjfon Hito, 420 Wcot Superior street, 30 a. m.: chorus -rehearsal, fl n, m. Evangelical L. A. S.-- Mrs. Will- hvm Kring-, 608 East Mulberry street, 2:30 p. m. TJUBBSDAY Dance -- Maaonlc Temple, 9 p. m. Department of Nature Study-Woman's Department club, 2:30 p. P.I. Corinthian-- Main Street M. B. church, 2:30 p. m. S. E. T. -- Mrs. Joseph Sola, 718 South Indiana, avenue. ST. A. L. C.- Auxiliary--Mrs. Gla- Oyn DunMe, 1621 South Armstrong street. Howard County Democratic Women--Mrs. C. E. Rockwood, 615 North Main street, 2:30 p. m. Jewell Community and Clay Township Home Economics -- Mrs. Glen Jackson. Bcamer L. A. S.-- Mrs. Hefner, 808 North. Llnsdny street. * B«atrice Rcnokah N. C -- I. O. O. F. hall; till day. 1 Star-- Mrs. Wlllitim Clawson, 1834 South Washington street. Happy Home-- Mrs. Hig- glns. 1007 West Broadway. Parr L. A. S,-- Mrs. Ruby Jones, 1523 North Courtlnnd avenue, 2:30 "'Howard County W. C. T. IT. Executives-- Y. M. C. A.; alt day. FRIDAY T. W, T.-- Mrs. Mary Morris, 1316 North Purdum stroot. . Delphian Reading-- Mrs. H. D. Berkcypilc. 21!) Conradt avenue, 2:30 p. m. Arno Art Appreciation-- Mrs. Ralph Russell, '210 North McCann street, 7:30 p. m. Hopkins W. C. T. U.-- Mrs. Rita Maish, Darrough Cbapel. ' Mothers' Circle -- Union Street Friends church, 6:30 p. m. Jiist-a-Mere-- Mrs. Hul- lln£er, 811 North Llnsday street. Past Noble Grand -- Mrs. Bert Clark, 307 East Taylor street. Willlnff Workers. Beamer M. E.-Jean' and Wan'.W. Duke. 1607 North Bell stroot. East End Social-- Mrs. Norman Moore, 137s'East Jefferson street. Bnecher class -- Main Street Christian church, 7:30 p, m., box supper. D. T. B.-- Mrs. N. H. Hill,' 1501 South Armstrong- street; all day, Rainbow, First TJ. B.-- Ruth'Duke, 16J4) South. Armstrong, street, 7-9 p. m. . Dance-- K. of C. tall, 10-2 o'clock. Junior Christian. .Endeavor. First U. B.-- Dick and Ray Eisingcr, 1233 West Maple' street, 6:30 p. m. Phi Delta. Kappa Cabaret Dance -- Hotel Frances, 8-12. W. H. and F. M. S., Courtland Avenue Friends-- Mrs. Daisy Haworth, 1310 South Courtlacd avenue, 2:30 p. m. , SATURDAY Lincoln Day Tea-- Woman 7 * Department club, 2:30 p. m. Ida M. Mix L. T. L.-- Grace M. 3. church, 2:30 p. a- · + ·+ ·* In a. simple and impressive ceremony performed in the. rectory of Sts. Fetor and Paul cathedral, Indianapolis, Saturday evening, February 3, at 7 o'clock. Miss Josephine Clinc, eldest daughter of Mrs. A?ne* CHne of this city, became the bride of Earl-Ellsworth Evans, son of Joseph E. Evans of Columbus, Ohio, the Rev. Father Joseph "B. Tioman officiating. . The attendants were Mtes Florence L. Cllne and Charles W. dine, sister and brother o£ the bride. Miss.Cline wore a black and \vhite ensemble with matchinR-accessorios. Her flowers were a shoulder bouquet of gardenia*. . · The bride wore a gray tweed swagger suit with navy blue accessories. Her flowcre wore a shoulder bouquet of Talisman roses. Following the ceremony a, wedding supper was given for the bridal party and members of the immediate families. Mr. and Mrs. Evans lelt lator on a short motor trip, the bride traveling in a ^frrcen .boucle suit with brown accessories. After March 1, they wilt reside in Indianapolis. The bride attended Kokomo High schoo; and until recently was employed in the offices of the New York Central Railroad at Indianapolis. -Mr. .Evans Is a traveling nccountant with the firm of Ernst and Ernst out at Indianapolis. + +. Jf . Jnmcs D. Golliday unit, American Log-ion Auxiliary held its rogulav semi-monthly meeting Monday night at the Legion home with a good attendance and an. interesting' session. Mrs. Ralph Marquis, the president, was in charge. Throughout the evening' a candle burned in memory of Mrs. John Marshall, -a member who paesed away Sunday. Much activity was reported since f.he last, meeting. Mrs. Frank TheiSB told of taking 250 magazines and a quantity of material* for rug making to the men at the Marion hospital. Mrs. Don Hall reported a. good profit on a stand conducted at' a recent sale. Mrs. Thomas Street- cr gave an account ofvthe district meeting- ot Huntlngton, Jan. 25 and Mrs. Dee Mohr told of the state conference of unit officers hold at Indianapolis Jan. 20.' Mrs. Manilla Dewberry outlined the legislative program of the American .Legion, which the Auxiliary 'is backing 1 , making- clear the four .point -pro- r . A call was issued for all girls eligible to junior membership to be present at a meeting at the home Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. They ore 'to provide themselves. with sharp scissors tnd -will spend the tlmo malting nutcups to be sent to the Knlghtstown home as valentine favors. . The report of the membership committee showed a steady enrollment and two new members were- introduced. The formal meeting closed with a period of singing, Mrs. Edward Duddy. leading 'and Miss Georgia Newman at the piano. Unit programs for the year were given out, - ' The social hour was spent playing bunco and resulted in the award' of prizes to Mrs. Ethel Glesler and Mrs. Frank Thoiss. 'Miss Helen Newman received the attendance prize. A service of refreshments with appointments in keeping with St. Valentine's day was offered by the hostesses,, · who were: Mrs. William Cameron, Mrs, Paul Caton, Mrs. Ida M. Cooper and Miss Kathleen Coopor. The next meet^ Ing will be on Monday evening, Fab. 10 with a social committee COBIROS- ccl oC Mra. George Leach, chairman.. New RiiK Safe for New Cold Protection for the Whole Family Pine Balm Can "be Used on Children Full Strength A Doctor's Discovery A. new and powerful · "rub that begins its work-in ten seconds. Ils, vapor has the "spread" of a powcr- Jul gas: reaches the vcrv lung tissue ·with the (Irst breath. Yet it is so perfectly harmless you may use il on the baby! This pine penclranl vvill^ oRcn relieve a head cold within a few moments, a'chest cold in one night. Or ease a sore throat like no spray or sargle you ever tried. Pine Balm jjivcs vou an entirely new weapon '(or fiRhting colds. 11 is not a mere surface rub. It is not another- ointment whose vapors merely clear the head. This volatile rub reaches the sir passages; penetrates to the spots where colds- settle.. So. give your children the advantage-of this new and more effective protection. ·AND : IT COSTS ONIY TO . - ' briiisinu amazing wth varioul p cc iallv useful litlle upset by dosing with iiitciutii m«-\j""».-- . Local druggist* have' now been supplied: Get the name right, and qet the risht preparation:-.nsK lor Shuns All Men A Spartan code has been worked out lor life in Hollywood by Joan Wbceler. promls- ins film actress above. She says she has no dates, no men. und no distractions'and doesn't want anything but her work. Mrs. Glen Hillis, ; MrS. James Sloan and Mrs. Luln McKinney.. ' * * + Mrs. Frank W. Gvavcs was hos-. tess .to the Art Association at her home, 1210 West Mulberry street, Monday night, and gave- a delightful talk on "The Marine Painter, Leon Lundmark." An exhibit of seven Lundmark paintings, six of them lent by Mrs. Ruth Patten ; and one owned - by Mrs. Graves, gave added interest to the program. Mr. Woodward, an artist electrician, threw colored 1 lights on the group of paintings arranged at the cast -end of the living room, with Paisley and Fersia-n shawla as a background. Mrs. Graves gave a brief history of Lundmark, a Swedish artist, born of poor parents. .At tiie age oC cigb.1 he .was given a little box of watercolors by a kindly neighbor; 'mis was the happiest day 'in the life of this child who later was to become a great painter. Previous to roHlvIng this gift he had used grasses, and flowers for colors. Lundmark started his career' as a house decorator, but pointed marines for the, 'love of the work.: A few exhibits by dealers established his fame- as 'a £ine ai'tiat o£ the sea in its various moods, and he has been awarded many prizes and honors. Several reproductions : of Lundmark's most' noted pictures were shown by Mrt. G-ra.ves, including "Roaring Bocks" and "Main Coast Morning-". Miss Jessamine Armstrong, assisted by reading three of her own poems on -artists. Following this part oC the program Mrs. Graves called attention to hot' own Lundmark marine around which' were grouped the other pictures, depicting the sunlit. sea, the raging storm reefs, the delicate mists-of the early morning by the sea--pictures of extremes in feeling and mood. Her discussion of the pictures, she said, would be from the standpoint of .the art lover, not that of the critic. Mrs. Wanita Hughes 'was asked by Mrs. Graves-to-tell about her own- Lcndmark painting and she responded in an interesting manner. Mrs. Graves closed Jier talk with Mrs.'Myers gave'the opening prayer. Eighty-one', sick calls were reported. -Plans were made for * program to be given by Miss Jessamine. Clark, and her .pupils si the church Feb. 19 and a shamrock party- also was discussed. Division: officers were elected as follows: President, Mrs. " Martha. Tucker; vice-president, Mrs. Florence Sola; secretary. Mrs,.' Fanny Carr; treasurer, Mrs; Charles-Fye; reporter, Airs. Laura Thompson; pianist, Itrs. Goldie Martin. During.the social hour refreshments were served by the hostess and her assisting, committee, Mrs. Allen B, Rice. and. Mrs.. Ed 'Snyder. The next meeting will be in two weeks »t the home of Mrs. -Fye, 710 South' Lafontaine street ·Mrs. Will Zahn .and Mrs. Frod Wiley of this city united'in entertaining at'a 1 'o'clock dinner, Sunday afternoon at the Elks club on West Park Drive honoring. Mrs. Karl iCrebser, of Kokomo, a-recent bricle. - : · ' ' - Appointments were in orchid and yellow, the. centerpiece being a. bowl of jonquils: Those attending from Kokomo 'were Miss Eleanor · Krcbsor, Miss Eva Peterson, Miss Catherine McHale, Miss Susie Reed, Miss Elizabeth McHale, Miss. Anna Gillfspie, Miss Mararet Grace, Miss Rose Maher, and the honored uest. Miss Ruth Kinder was a. guest from this; city. . . After the dintlcr the guests were taken to the home of Mrs. Zahn on Salamonie avenue where sftvera.1 rounds of bridge were played. Miss Gillispie was high scorer. The bride was presented · with a, very, pretty and useful gift.--Huntmgton Herald Press *- * -.·* The Otterhein Guild o£ the First United Brethren church held its February meeting Monday evening at the home oC Mrs. S. A.-Wells 701 North Washington street, miss Mary Chambers, president, conducted the meeting which was opened ,,.n-i, o cnnp- and prayer by Miss fclcy. A nominating ,,,,.,,,, .._. appointed, composed of Mrs. Geraldine Maloney, Miss Lois Salmons and Miss Florence Eoycr. Miss Nellie- Shrock led the worship service and Miss 1 Mary Jo Pickering gave a vocal number. The lesson ,was on patriotism and Mrs. Wells read -the chapter on the subject from tho book, "Builders o£ a New World." After prayor by Mrs. Maloney, we 1 time was-spent with contests in which Miss Nellie Shrock and Miss Velma' Smith won- the. prizes Valentine suggestions wero can.-ied out in the refreshments', j Twelve members and five guests 'were present. Officers will be elected at the meeting on March 6 at the home of Mrs. Maloney, .1601 East Markland avenue. * * + ' f . The Girls' Friendly' society of St. Andrew's church met at the home of Mrs. I. N. Miller, 3WH East Taylor street, Monday evening. After the opening'G. F. S. service, a business meeting'was called and the following officers elected: Mrs. T. N,. Miller, president; Miss Daisy Ervington, vice-president; Miss Edith Thompson,- secretary. Miss Clara Massey, treasurer; Miss Mary Margaret Gqvrard, reporter. At the close of, the evening refreshments were served.' Those present were: i Misses Daisy Ervington, Clara Mas- j soy, Ethel Golightly, Gwendolyn Coy, Mildred PJatt, Martha GerrardV Margaret Critehley, , Marcella Hulme, .Ellen.-Thompson, Wanita Gon-ard, Lois Elvin, Mary Margaret Gerrard and Mrs. Massey. Margaret j Ellen Gerrai-d was. a special guest. , . * + · ' + . The Women's'Catholic Order of Foresters hiid ri valentine party in connection wjth. : its regular meet- O.' F.: hsll. ,', Ail' officers/were present except the 'financial' secretary, Mrs. Ida.Kistner, who is. ill. Councillor Dora Smith, presided. ·" It^was. decided to'hold a.siipper .'next Monday night .af6:30-p'c!oek with Peru and other .councils attending)'. The third degree : w i l l - ' b o ' exemplified. After the', business . meeting' the tearu': practiced, for . next Monday night's .work, : . · ' ' .' . ' · · ' *.'·* *' '·The meeting''o£ thc-Trianglc-class of the'FJrst-Congregational church, announced .lor Wednesday' night at. the home of ^ Mrs. F. T. McCurdy, 1444.Kingston, road,-has been postponed 'until 'Feb: 13. : ' · · "·* * * ·-, 'The Triangle class of' Trinity Methodist church, will 'hold, '-its monthly .sociable' · in the church basement Tuesday night at 7:30 o'clock. " · · ' + · * . * . . The W. B.- A. lodge will give a bunco and euchre party Wednesday afternoon, from 2 'to . 4 o'clock in the I. O. O. F. hall.. Members and their friends are invited." - - .. · + :The meeting'of the Happy Hour Needle' Circle Wednesday .at the' home o£ Mrs. 'Mac 1 - Tuclter, West Sycamore .'street, has been changed from an afternoon to an all-day session, ' , ; (Additional Society on Pago W) GOLDEN FLASK? PHI DELTA KAPPA WILL CELEBRATE CHAPM FOUNDING Beta. Nu chapter of the Phi Delta Kappa, fraternity, will celebrate the. twenty-first .'-anniversary of its founding, at a cabaret'dance in 'the old Ivoiy room of the Hotel Frances Friday night from S to '12^ o'clock: The affair is lor both active and inactive Phi Delta: · Dinner will be served at S o'clock during which'" an- elaborate floor show-from the Stockman Studio, Indianapolis, will be presented. Tbis is expected to be one of thc^best floor shows ever brought to Koko- aio... Miss. LaBerts, Rockwood's ·Hotel Frances. orchestra will plsy for the dancing. · · ' The-'committee on arrangements consists of Bob. Ellis; Forest Ad-, dingtor. and Herbert Wynian. ' The ticket 'sale will close Thursday evening. Tickets arc on sale by all members of the active chapter. ____i___ ' : SirRuth E. Pawn, 312 N, Main, for sp«cial pric« on lamps and shadis. Drmtr lamps, completi with shadi, for $1.00. _____ Mart«gc the »c*lp with C«tl- cor* Ointment to remove m w . 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Mrs. McFann took, this occasion to congratulate Mrs. Graves upon her recent acceptance into tho Hoosicr Program Bureau. - - ' Current cheats were conducted by Mrs. Orvillc Jefferson, assisted by Miss Bemicc Thompson, Wilbur C. Vogla, Dr. Florence Olrasted and Mrs. Paul W.-Ballingcr. Guests enjoying the meeting with tho large number of member included: Mrs. H. P. .-Sailors, Miss Jessamine- Armstrong, Mrs. Fred Weldon/ the Rev. and .Mrs.- Edwin Johnson, Mrs. Wanita Hushes, John Pearcy and Mr. and Mrs. 'Woodward.. Mrs. Paul Ballinger was received as a new member. The' next meeting. will bo held,' March 5 -with ; Mlse Helen. Ross, 215 South .McCann street .. Mrs. Geraldine 'Armstrong Scott will have the paper · on '-'Influence- o£ Interior Decoration at the.Century of Progress Exposition" -and Mrs. W. G. Long will have current events in art. ; .' . ' ' · ·· · . I · · -·+ + +The Phi'Beta Psi .sorority will hold, its annual Founders' day observance at the -Hotel. Frances Thursday'evening," Feb. 15. It will be in tee-nature of a dinner-bridge. Mrs. Walter McFatridge is '.general chairman, other-members', of the committee/being Mrs. Guy 'Wilson, Miss Martha Mills,-' Miss 'Marian H9.uscharC Miss'. Alice Meidol -and Miss Geneva- Patterson. At its business meeting 'Monday 'night -at the Carnegie -library · the sorority made preliminary · plans, '-for. its annual spring danec-;to, be held Friday night. April ··B.- · · - . - - : · -. _ , The third-division of the Ladies' Aid- society 'of'the 1 Main Street M. E. -church -met Monday · afternoon, with Mrs. Lola Myers, 718 South Main', street.."-Twenty-eight .mem- bars.-'-three children-and -a guest, Mrs.. Luella- Toops.'Vere present .Mrs. C.'I; Miller was received as a new"member. The'.mombcrs '.re- . pcated tec Twenty-third Psalm and. readings by Beverly HawJey, two piano solos by. Miss' Daisy V. Grant and vocal solos -by Miss' Onda Ball- 'ingor, -Mrs, Ed. Englc and Mrs. JGlcn Seott. Refreshments were served by the hostess committee.. "..The N. -A. L. C. Auxiliary will meet Thursday 'afternoon at the homo of Mrs, Gladys Dunkle, 1621 South -Armstrong- street. Members are asked to note that the ^meeting has been changed 1 Jrom Mrs., Margaret Bice's home. A large attendance is urged as there is business of'importance', t * +. ' -Fifty were in attendance at the meeting of : Star Council No. 1 10, D. 1 of A;, Monday, night in the I. .O. KEMP'S-ffil ;AM LOOSEN COUGH Canadian Bacon, 1 Slbs.avg. Lb. :.;.:, :· to Fresh Pork Liver, lb:.-.". 6c Ring Bologna ' SUPER STORE MEAT MARKET IIS E. Walnut St. Outstanding Values We are offering, .while they last; ,,a selection of drapes, curtains and drapery materials at prices you can't afford- to miss--so measure your windows right now and take.advantage of these sensational sale prices. 75 Odd lot panels--2 to 8 panels of a design, value to $1.50, each. Printed Marquisette Priscilla and criss cross .curtains in green, gold, blue and rose. T14s group also, includes cottage sets French ecru tailored Boston nets at,-pair-- '' . ' · ·'' 89c Cushion Dot Priscilla curtains for living room and dining .room. Just. 100 .pairs in cream and ecru at, pair--' . Celebrated '"Town and Country" Cretonnes Sold exclusively at Turner's. Fifteen designs,, formerly selling at $1-25 per, yard, while they last, at yard- Glazed Chintz Priscilla Curtains In egg-plant, green and lavender backgrounds with all-over designs, $2.50 values. May be used without glass'curtains. While 22. pairs last. Pair--- SL69 50 Inch Sun Fast Damask In-plain and spiral reps.. SucK beautiful colors as rust, green, red and wood rose. Specially priced, at yard-- 89c At Rare Intervals We Are Permitted to . SeU Our $125.00 GUL1STAN and 9x12 ; . 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