Daily News from New York, New York on November 4, 1934 · 289
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Daily News from New York, New York · 289

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 4, 1934
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SUNDAY NEWS, NOVEMBER 4. 1934 47 BRUSH UP en etiquette! All sort a of helpful leaflets by kit nor Ames mrm furnished gratis by The News Information Bureau.. E3 STREAMLINE STOCK RUNS mmihyourncei RECORD OF 51-4 POINTS 176 GRANDS & MIDGET UPRIGHTS STEINWAY, KNABE, WEBER Grandi I Uiedl From 1125 NEW GRANDS MAHOGANY and WALNUT FROM $175. Many Steioway, Sooner, Knabc, Caicfcariaf, Hard... aaa olacrs fated) iraai $25. PLAYERS (used) $33 Otters $15 Cmik mr Term RENTING $3 MONTHLY NPW SMALL 100t THE $295 QUALITY A SMALL USED PIANO FOR THE BABY, $45. - -v. ' il 4 7 1 V CRAND$1?i; (USED) from ( midget jS3S Fffl FACTORY '421 W. 28tb St aar 9th Ave. CH itl. 4-1924 !Ca tou take a piiao for free itorafa for t months ? We are overstocked aad aeed iara. Open Until 7 Every Day and Electian Day ECONOMIC BAROMETER Cotton, New York Wheat, Chicago (Dec.)... Corn, Chicago Dec.).... Cattle (top), Chicago... Hogs (top), Chicago.... Copper, New York Sugar, New York Coffee, Santos, New York Immediate delivery. 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By the Ruddle of this month your business will be oayina you small profit nd you will meet wit food success in the course ef a few months. T. A. Will the i-ov friend whom 1 was in troduced to at a party tlve other nitflit ak me to go out with him ? Ans. You made a very good impression en this boy and the two of you will be going together steadily before Christmas. There will be a marriage for you by next June. N. I. .My daughter left the farm and is now working in ths city. Is there any way we can prevail uton her to return to the farm ? A ns. - Y our 23 -year- eld daughter is amply able to look after her- j self in the city. She j has a very good position and will make a j success where she is. ' While she will v.mI you en her vacation the will not return t tne kind of work she doef not like and is rai adapted for. U S. 1 am r.nVr' a position in a VYrsl ern city which mm l necessitate my nmvitiie my family there. Woiml you advise me t at-eept this position Ans. You should ac cept this position. I) will benefit you financially and you will find that your family will really like it better in a small -city. W N. Vtir read which I uol ihr fir-l or this year his ct-r-tainly prov-n correci. 1 have onlv been mxt rid three inomli AJ wife left me a month ago, niini bar to het old position. She prom ises that if 1 milt :ri work that she wtll re turn to oie aeain. Hoj soon will I he able to get work? Ami will I make a success st-Mint automobile Ans. You are not a flood automobile salesman. If you will see your eld boss in con -nection with the manufacturing plant and have a heart-to-heart talk with him. he will put yu back en the payroll. I feel sure your wife will then return t you. 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Biui.1 Kl. . ..t.. .:.-. 4i BiKid Ei. ...1:i.!hmi fhrrsltr romm. Crclit . . Com. Inv. Tr.. Grn. Motors . . . M.!Crory B Shrnlfy list . S.-tMilt- St M Cniv. Iaf T. t.l" Chanre Lib. a ".l-'- 47 1H.1.2K- .Z l ib. 4 ''s. 'M.l-'.ts li:i:j.i i fr.'as. 4'.'- '4T-'5 1 11. Is .7 4 ."iiui :4S 4 sk 31 1. -'i U 1 :i,Mitt -'t.tHMt 4.4iii 1 .tn Ml 4 .SlMt 4. Mill By "TRADER." THE streamlined stocks ran away with the market yesterday, leaving the general list far behind. But even these issues were hauled out of the usual week-end rut in a 300,000-share turnover. ? Budd (Edward G.) Manufacturing Company, which is turning out those slick, stainless-steel trains, registered a 25,400-share sale for its preferred stock, which was up 54 at 26' i, and a sale of 13,900 shares of common, up 1 at 51,. Several preferred stocks in the building group also made an excel-; lent showing. Celotex, reported in receivership, was up 4 at 16, with I its common up 1 at 37s. Cer- tainteed Products preferred was up 6 at 24. Johns Manville and American Radiator, also in the building ; group, made relatively good show ings, both up fractionally. These j companies are expected to profit i tnrough purchases in connection , with the Federal Housing Admin istration's operations. Activity in the stock of Bullard Company (up 1 at 10'4), which manufactures such heavy machin ; ery as lathes and milling machines. was watched with interest, as a de- ! mand for those machines would in j dicate further pickup in maufac- I turing industries i Several issues made new tops for the year yesterday, including ! American Sumatra lobacco, up j at 22'4; Universal Leaf Tobacco, up at biSVa (probably due to the recent rise in wholesale tobacco prices); Wilson preferred, up 1 at PR. ELMER ELLSWORTH BROWN. Pr. Elmer Ellsworth Brown, chancellor emeritus of New York University, died last night at his home, 52 Gram-ercy Park North, a victim of pneumonia. Dr. Brown, 72, retired as seventh chancellor of New York U n i v e r sity in June, 1133, after jtwenty - two sive leadership, during which time he saw the student b o d v j Church of the Ik.ly Ked.-emer t Warren, P., died here tcisy. He j suffered a cerebral hemort hre lst j May while visiting friends in ; ton and his subsequent ctma baffled the medical world. - I SIR ROBERT Mr M.PINE Ovshott. England, X.v. . tU.R). Sir Robert MeAlpine. fann-d public works contractor whose firm built the British Empire exhibition at Wembley, died to.iav. 1 ir iiWa tr:',,' fli 91J2,- Coca-Cola, up 2 at 144Vi: McCrory B, up M at 6, with the latter's preferred stock up Is at 563r. also a new high. The tight inventory situation in gasoline, with a shortage reported in the Chicago market, gave those stocks a slight boost. Amerada was up ll2 at 422 and Standard of New Jersey gained 1 at 41 7s. While no scarcity was reported I in wet goods, they also made a good showing. American Commercial Alcohol was up 1 at S's.Schen- MARKET BAROMETER j 'Copyright 1934. by Standard Statistic Co.. Inc.. N V tester- ipar'B Tear'" 50 Industrials ... 83.2 4 0.8 105.0 76.0 20 Ra.ls 35.9 54.3 34.1 20 Utilities 56.0 0.8 90.3 53.6 90 Stocks 71.1 4 0.7 93.8 66.4 STOCK SALES. Yesterday .mi.mio Friday i.ii,om Saturday, last year I'iiS.MU BOND SAI.KS. Vestfi'day Jt.3S0.OiHJ Frida;-- 9,4;ii.n00 S;turlay, list year 6,2iiti.iJ0 The late Pr. Elmer E. Brown grow from 4,175 to nearly 40,0o0. He conferred 35,095 degrees upon graduates. ' i On his twentieth anniversary as j chancellor he was lauded as the ! "major general of a campus fifteen miles long, a veritable faculty regi-; mtnt of teachers and scholars, and j students that would make a good sized city." ! Funeral services will le"TieId in Could Memorial Chapel, University i Heights. Tuesday at 4 P. M. j WALTER DeBAUM. j Walter DeBaum, 72, once a top-i notch lightweight boxer, whose victory over Harry Gilmore on Feb. J i, Ibt-i, was a pugilistic milestone MRS. J. PELMONICO Rl SSELL. Quebec. Nov. 3 Vt. Funeral services will be held here Monday for Mrs. J. Pt-lmorncii Rusell, 7, of Brooklyn, N. Y, hn .iietl today. She was a daughter of Hon. ire Pel-monieo and a gran.i.iaiighter of Peter Delmenico, fanio-.is lelauia-teur. I.Ol IS COHEN. Ijouis Cihen, 4. iu.i .f a heart attack yesterday st Yankee Stadium while watching a f'lball game between Carnegie Tech and New York University. Hi --iri, 1 -rence, 19, is a guard en the New York eleven but did net p'ay yesterday. Cohen lies at 1 ::." I.mj.n Place. Brttoklvn. ley up Ts at 25 and the other al cohols doing about as welL a-i.k -I.-, a- . n frti, i -."-e-:died last night in his home, 90-22 fractioi.aily up were American iCOth St. Jamaica, Queens. He es-S?' dS?" Telfrhone Atchi- tablished the first American bar in rw,l K Mera Electric. paris at tne famous Hotel Cha. Ward, New ork Central, Scars I RTwLami U- S- STK ' THOMAS STERLING. Chrysler was up fractionally, v x. despite the poor showing in the : ' CN,,rva1-Corn-' Nov. 3. Thomas third quarter as compared with ' ftlinp, M, who seized under Gen. the earlier part of the year Sherman on his march through Though hoIxkIv is being quoted 0e'r?,a- dead at home here. me moguls ol the auto industry appear to agree with Henry Ford that there will be a derided pickup SAFETY LKACUE TO ENROLL HIKE ! RIDERS, SKATERS ! Organization of the Ti.ree-In-One Safety Lea gue To protect juvenile bicycle riders s.n.1 roller : skaters was announced lu-ie yesterday. Mem ter. are b:!Jin from sis to sixteen. After passing simple safety teMs, thty nr awarded a 3-C emblem for caution, ! courtesy and co-operai inn. Af plication blanks and safety tests are provided without charge by itu r- ! chants selling bicyd.-s and skates. MRS. ELIZABETH BROOKS Bridgeton, N. J Nov. 3 W). in 193j. The automobile r.le in. Mrs. Elizabeth Brooks, who cele cidentally, has been extended to brated her 101st birthday Aug. 2f Feb. 1. ' died today. Her needlework, which Otherwise there wasn't much in won a prize at the local fair this the news of the day to atfect yes- F"a"- and her reading were done terday's market. Steel operations without the use of glasses, at Youngstown were unchanged: IR ..... , , . at 30 per cent of capacity for next i l,R- W ,LI 1 AM U "OOK. week, with an increase looked for ' . St- Louis, Nov. 3 Aj. Dr. Wil-on the strength of automobie I l'am H. Mook. 57, noted skin spe- orders. i cialist and president of the Amir- Grains were steady to firm ves- ! Itan Society of Dermatologists in terday, rubber futures were off, 1932, died today of pneumonia, and cotton rose several points. ..... , , ,. j " 1I.I.I.A.II 1 I.VIII.l; With the ground swell of busi-! William Pinchin. 57, chief of the news activity ever on the increase, audit section of the Internal Keve-the poor old Slock Exchange's ' nue Bureau, Eastern District, died seats were slill on the skids, so to j early yesterday at his home in Say-speak. The latest sale of a seat i ville, L. I. last week registered a new low " n,T since 1932, namely $70,000. , . "r- ,lr '- itutn ravorable dividend changes last i loston, Nov. J (U.RJ. After lHo week totaled nineteen against fif- ! days of unconsciousness, the Rev. teen the previous week; unfavor- Edward P. Short, pastor of the able changes were two eleven the week before against 33ratlj flotitti STEEL GAIN PREDICTED Youngstown, O., Nov. 3 (U.R). An early recovery in steel mill operations in this district was forecast by mill operators today as reports came in that the automobile industry is expected to step-up activities shortly. bRADV. Krnnk 1". m-poms at aifr U. t ,ke tuiieral -haj4. :147 Wiiiis Aw., Hr.mji, until V'll,iay 11 A.M. CKushY. Atli l.idc. r-IH-i,r ht Ws;l- r H OxiKt furH riii ,4j3il. ."hi s-vvnth Ave tii-'lyn unlit Smi'iay 2 C -M KLKMlNi; Kl, aiH.r. r lrHiU at -.4 K. UK. st . N . V C. until T us-I.y A M l'u."-r;!l ,tir-"tir. Waiir H Cok In,. KINO. Kiiz it lii rHmc at 4 K 14-lii St until M.irxtsy St .in A M . Funeral iiir,.li,r. Waft.T B CfH.k1. Itj,-. Carloadings Take Drop MANMMi tharits. :.l W j'ter B. tVKiKc's funeral home. 117 W. 7-,l Si . yi,l;l Tu'h;i.v 'I V. M CARLOADINGS I I ! I I j ' '932 ! ! 1 Jam. Fra. Marrk April Ma; Jaac Jalj Aanat Scat. Dr. .M--t,OVEKN, M:ir retn.,teiii; al Wit.rr it. Cii"k, s tulii-ral hnnie. 1 W. l!ntn s.t . until Siin!:iy -I P. M Death and Id Memoriam Notices M.) K lA. plvinl to Tbr .Yen s by yuur undtrlaker ety time bp to P. M. f,yr tmcTtton m the mxt Jjy'i th-. rlnf MC rro ' 2-124. ' i icoitontio ONE OF THE FINESI IT MRU HOMES NEW T0RK CITY CO0KES SERVICE cecib!c caaalart lor it lar-ren1. 2S.604 itmikn ram mt't to tk ..ptrlatiy. ti.t W qiipaacat i arK-a Prxra t rcatosablc. Far liari;r ariif with Caelt's Sertr Wiorr i-raf-m, .. ..irrlaler DIGNIFIED FUNERAL M50 tl'i Ml aTrallllaaSaL - 1 Htr COUCH CME, . ri,iM '. it t,aiai.. ait ntniaa Mr aa tfmi a. ma u aal lim4 ii a-ia a . ,,.a Stranf. wtaioa k-jrtal k . i" m-t n. "'ias raaf. I. r Iwiiltl C 'Mrr New Vara t irh-t r , mmrm if fiailn e,alra,a. . ,, ar a Oaf r Caraaa' ..a '..'.,. rrMaal. tw t r-aciaa m j ttiairi and a,1 r:,.,.. , . rataries sarial at,a.ia la Craar r. . a ft,i,w,., a., u Ceaiettry - mm i, a sstve our mo sonn c HLF COUCH casas; T...a '' r n'm. ...- PM S4ar. a li,a at.tt, a-i. alta )M. ta aiaUk mi nr a.ira aaaw atcaa. MANHAIIAS 117 V. 72d St. IRalalta, f.TOO 593 !Otb Ave. 43di ME dallion J tMIO 1451 First Aw. RH iwUniiri stun) BRONX I SV. I90tb St RA vniona -IUOO 347 Willia) MO tt H.vrr 9-7O70 BROOKLYN SO Seventh Awe NE nm. a-J03 135 Flatbusa Ave MA ohrld 6-703O Phone call will bnnt REPRESENT A1IVI Carloadings for the week ended Oct. 27 totaled 624.232 cars, a de- j crease of 16,028 below the preceding week and 18,171 below 1933. How- i ever, this was an increase of 6,968 above corresponding week in 1932. ! Where sentiments are carefully respected We employ skilled, licenced female, as well as male, embalm-ers lhal we may thoughtfully carry out preferences which w ith many are matters of delicate sentiment. And you are at lb-i-ty to use oar beautiful chjpel without added cost though we are thoroughly 1lLimoE is D4t on m car, TRefalgor 7-8200 etjoifiped to render fii. lent -rr-vice from joar ova thtirHi .r home. Tithdl, our cme s?jnd.d of aervice i a rca-nnjI,U in cost a any in New York. I . kct as low a $Tj itinU i ri-r- m jrked. II. I. Carr. Imr BR'ttti 4V AT i. I. 4ir MCA. 10 P W Wratnrada. .Ill, a arrfaaa thai ' rWrawliiatvly Jiftvwt

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