Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 5, 1958 · Page 34
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 34

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 5, 1958
Page 34
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PAGE FOURTEEN THE PHABOS-TRmUNE and LOGANSPOBT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, JANUARY S, M9I Bride-elect Of J. A. Smith SOCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Person Without Pretense Most Appealing to Others An outgoing spirit, a person without pretense, is always-most' appealing to others. There is so much subterfuge and posing that when we meet someone who approaches life with candor _and simplicity and friendliness, it is like a breath of spring. Here is another old thought for the new year: We are never so ridiculous from habits we have as from those do not have to be-smart or intellectual. You do not haye to be popular. You do. not have Jo be any of these things in order to make a success of your life if you will just be yourself and bring sincerity to daily living. • Here is another quotation along the same line. "Affection hides three times as many virtues as charity does sin."—Horace'Mann. Those who are struggling and we affect to have."—La Rochefou- perhaps cannot dress as well as they would like, or who do . not cauld. This is so true. Our affectations make us look ridiculous. They ride awkwardly on the shoulders of our personalities. They do not belong to the picture, and others always know it. How much wiser and more have the money for many of•• the luxuries, or who have not had the educational opportunities of others, may be. tricked into self-consciousness which causes them to pose, thus hiding qualities which would Mothers Of War II, Unit 18, Elect New Officers At Meeting .'.Unit 18, Mothers of World War 2; 'met in regular session on Friday .evening in the Memorial Home with Mrs. Elsie Bushing, president, Jn charge. Officers were elected. Mrs. Hazel Campbell, chaplain, "gave the opening prayer. Mrs, Mabel Guy, presented and introduced Mrs. Lucinda Julian, 2nd District president, and Mrs. Gladys Bowyer, past district President and present parliamentarian, who were guests for the meeting. Both are members of Onward Un- .t 181. The president appointed Florence Gangloff to serve as secretary pro-tern who read the min- Patricia Crump Engaged charming to rely on the real qual- have been appreciated. Warmth, • •• naturalness, friendliness, are prized in any society, anywhere. If they aren't, that society is not worth any effort and it is certainly not worth the loss of your individuality and personal integrity. . (Released by The Register •and Tribune Syndicate, 1958) ities we have to offer. Be Yourself You do not have to be rich. You do not have to be socially prominent. You do not have to be famous or even well known. You do not have to be sought after. You do not have to be talented. You Ann Landers (Pohlman Photo-Staff Engraving) Announcement has been made by Me and Mrs. John D. Shafer, 131 Tanguy street, of the engagement of their daughter, Sue Ann, to Joseph A. Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Smith of Route one, Logansport. The bride-elect is a second year student at Indiana University School of Nursing. Her fiance is an Engineering Student at Purdue. Both are graduates of Logansport' high school. A date for the wedding has not been announced. Sailor's Apartment Is Poor Place for Runaway Girl, 17 Girl Scout News Senior Troop 33 met in the Girl Scout Office Friday afternoon to Troop 30 of Daniel Webster School went to Indianapolis Friday to visit one of the television stations. Accompanying the Scouts as leaders were Dr. and Mrs. complete' office furnishing. The|9- L ' Shanteau Mrs. Mary Scouts have put a lot of thought and effort into this project and the office has become pleasant place. Mrs. William Killion, a very council president, will meet with the Fif- npnce chairman. John Schmidt, and the treasurer, Arthur Kitchell, to plan dudbets, Tuesday even- Ing at 7:30 in the Scout Office. Brown, and Mrs. John Carithers. Mrs. Walter Collins, sales Dean Ann: I'm a sailor 21 years of age. A few days ago 1 met a 17-year-old girl on a bus. She was running away from home. She had only $30 in her pocket and no place to stay. I invited her to spend the nighi in a little apartment I keep in the city for weekends. She stayed two nights. I slept on the couch and treated •her like a sister. She. cooked, cleaned and we listened to classical music. Everything was on the up and up in case you have any funny ideas. I went back to my ship and left After all, the rent chairman, wishes to thank all'^g Scouts, leaders, the public and wasS pal d Tnd'sh'e"h~ad~no piace'to everyone who helped to make the go j will see her in two weeks and I need some advice. Do you think this could work out all right respectively. Mabel Guy re-elected sgt. at arms and Jennie Renkenberger, historian. Installation of these officers followed with 'Lucinda Julian serving as installing officer, Gladys Bowyer as sgt. at arms and Naomi Douglass as chaplain. The recording secretary will be elected at the next meeting atj which time the president will appoint the remaining officers and name the new committee chairmen and the retiring of the colors. Louise Hardin was reported on the sick list and the president announced that annual dues are now payable. Officers will be in charge of the social hour at the next meet ing on Jan. 17. The demi-belted suit is belted utes of the previous meeting. The in th e front, straight and loose at the back. The skirt for mis is slim, with perhaps one pleat. In its widely discussed fall anc winter collections, Paris shows tweed hats worn with matching dresses. * * » American women have a-flair that no other women possess for wearing sweaters. This winter they've choice of more styles, colors and knits than ever before. nut sale so successful if I control myself?—TATOO Look, Mate, this girl is under, was incurred under the of Confederation. FAST, EFFECTIVE RELIEF FOR COUGHS OF COLDS: 1. controls deep-down bronchial cough 2. soothes rasping throat tickle Mother, har»'» fast rallof for those nagging coughs that turn nights into nightmares. More effective relief, too, because new Vicks Cough Syrup relieves the cause of coughing. You sae, coughs of coldi are often caused by irritation in the throat.. . and by congestion in the bronchial passages. Because new Vicks Cough Syrup has a special penetrating ingredient... Cetamium®... the first 3. eosas sleep-robbing "eroupy'! cough 4. calms dry, hacking cough spoonful stops throat tickle. Then it works internally to control bronchial coughs . . . thereby getting at the cause of the cough. In fact, a Boston medical center reports that Vicks Cough Syrup gives faster, more effective relief than the 5 other leading cough medications tested! Flavor? Dollclous wild cherry! Mother, get Vicks Medi-trating Cough Syrup today! ric-flu toughs; jids; ittes/ij ' ' ^ M15DI-TKAT1H& * COUGH SYRUP tionship is loaded with dynamite for the simple reason that she is NOT your sister. Picking up with runaway girls and putting them up for the night is just begging for trouble. You could be arre'sted 1'or contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Tell the young lady to pack her b£.£ and go home where she belongs. I admire your interest in sociology—but you aren't very smart about chemistry. * * * Dear Ann: I'm a marired woman with troubles of my own, but I'm writing to get help for my mother. Dad passed away four months He was only 52 ' He and Mom were married 30 years and she depended on him for every IHtle thing. , Her friends have stopped call- the sister-brother rela- jng because she refuses to see them. She keeps Dad's clothes in the closet and his shaving supplies in the cabinet. His slippers are in the library and his favorite magazines are stacked by his chair. The worst of it is, Mom goes to his grave every day, rain or shine and spends hours there, I've tried to tell her in a gentle way to give this up, but she says •her interest in life died with Dad land this is her only pleasure now. jW-.at can I do?—WORRIED M People who spend their lives in mourning do no honor to the dead. They merely punish themselves which is sometimes the hidden motive (although they do not understand this). Daily visits to a grave don't help the one who is under Uie sod, or the one who is above it. Pretending that her beloved is still with her will get your mother nowhere but down—further into the depths of despair. Encourage your Mother to do things for people who are worse off than she is. Hospitals, homes for the aged, crippled children's centers are filled with truly unfortunate people who are hungry for a little love and attention. Tell Mom that no life is completely free of tragedy. Thirty years with a wonderful man is a great deal more than many people get out of this life. Dear Ann: I just saw.the letter in your column from the woman whose neighbor borrowed from her constantly, and never bothered to return anything. My mother was a wise woman and I would like to tell you how she put an end to a similar situation. One fine day a neighbor who was a habitual borrower, knock- on Mother's door and said, "I need two eggs. I'm in_the middle ol a cake and I'm' two eggs short." My wonderful mother looked at her with a straight face and said, "I'm not lending any more. I am selling things at the store prices, and for cash only." That woman never bothered mother again and apparently the word got around, because neither did anyone else—MRS. ELLEY P. * * * CONFIDENTIALLY: WOMANHATER: Thanks for your editorial. I'll bet the feeling is mutual. Why don't you do some nice girl a favor and remain a bachelor all your life? * * * CONFEDERATE CAP: The Civil war is over, haven't you heard? Why don't YOU read the constitution? — •&— (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her. in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.) Copyright 1958, Field Enterprises, Inc. financial secretary and treasurer's accounts were given. Committee chairmen gave their reports for the year and the auditing committee composed of Mrs. Jennie Renkenberger, Mrs. Pearl Jones and Mrs. Florence Gangloff reported that all books of the unit were in order. Election' of officers was held with Mildred Frey, Mabel Shanks and Mns. Renkenberger serving as tellers and the following were elected for the ensuing year: Elsie Bushing re-elected president; Hazel Campbell, 1st vice- president; Bertha- Jasorka, 2nd Vice-President; Helen Barnett and Elizabeth Harnasch re-elected financial secretary and treasurer, Hands hanging at your sides while standing may seem awkward. But relax and let them hang naturally. It is much better than looking somewhat aggressive with your hands on your hips. (Burgman Photo-Staff Engraving) Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Crump, 1305 College street, announce the engagement and forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Patricia Toann, to James Gordon Hclvie, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Arthur felvie, route two, Walton. Miss Crump presently is a senior at Logansport high school and : ormerly wa s employed at A. J. OLse-u company. She is also working as a secretary at McKinley school. Her fiance, a graduate of Tipton township high school, is attending Logansport Business College. He is employed at the RBM Manufac- .uring company. The couple will be marrisd the latter part of this month. Good mate for that wool sheath in your closet is a cardigan in matching color. Together- they make a line team for a snowy day, particularly if the sheath is eith-j er sleeveless or »hort-«le«v«d. TEAZEL'S SUNDAY SPECIAL MER-DEL'S SUPER FLAVOR FUDGE RIPPLE ICE CREAM An Old Favorite Back Again ICE CREAM TARTS Butterscotch or Strawbfrry Vi GALLON FOR 69c 59c Rush your color film to us for developing Fast Service On All Photo Finishing HIGHEST QUAUTY WORK, GUARANTEED INDIVIDUAL "DIRECT TO HOME" MAKERS AVAILABLE OPBNl DAILY AND SUNDAY 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 513 East YEATE| / C Money Orders Broadway I VAJLCL J At Any Tim* GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE! Terrific Hosiery Values! While Quantities Last! Nylon Hosiery Buy Several Pairs at 2. Pairs 99 « Values to B9c Pair 400 Needle Seamless Seamless Microfilm 6O Gauges — Block Heels — pairs Values to $1.39 Pair .50 Val-U Frocks Market at 4th SPECIAL Coats "The Quality Dry CI«aning>YcHi long For" BURNER WITH A BRAIN! This amazing new top-of-tbe-range burner makes every pan and kettle in your home an automatic cooking utensil. No need for expensive plug-in fry pans, deep fryers, and sauce pans when you have the ingenious Burner With A Brain. Simply set it and forget it... just like your oven. R A N G E S BUILT-IN ROAST CONTROL You'll just love this brand new way to roast meat. Whether you prefer it well-done, medium or rare, your roast will be exactly the way you want it—every time! You simply place thermometer in the roast, set the dial, and the automatic roast control takes over . . . cooks the meat until it's just right . ... and turns off the oven-l AUTOMATIC ROTISSERIE Here's the way to barbecue perfectly... right in your kitchen ... on your own gas range. It's completely automatic ..'. the spit rotates at just the right speed browning the meat evenly. You've never tasted such wo.iderful barbecued ham, chicken or ribsl 7/te Com/fan*/ MOKTHCRN INDIANA, fUllIC $ I » V I C I COMPANY -FRED A. HAUSS, District Manager

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