The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1931
Page 3
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MAY9, 1931 NEWS ; H TIES Where Revolt Endangered Americans v Bank \v. IVI-:S«KKT I'll!'. Ml:!-Contin- rnt Hanker .••J f;o:ti the A".: 1 PACK TTrURt owning Event of Apple Festival :! Itom page ntic) 1I"U di.;i.>:s a year. Amnicin j prn-'--i><^ i:ot afford to bar- | i rc'iv lo parclwc eor.suinablo d (.j billion or mo:,' r.miunlly for HIP pur- I mill l,-i:dr:s could not alt'Drd . lend ih-.-iii ;u \} K nite O f h ; x mi Kvcr .'since someone t'ceided fo r-aku/a, IHt 1 : :!'o:i=y bv a paV/!-vba r :k book with the title? "On vi.; 3!c>v Tr:un Through Ar-;''. n !?t of 'X-'ui'ie who have thrlr ''i!rii.'ros=bn'. forme'.! easily \iy information f"oni suc!i sources rav? r/h-ead th* uiM i' nl " V.'-" 1 • :as is 1 back'.vo?:ls slate with piru-!!.'.".!!v no wealth or resources and n iiiinimuia el culture. Las', year, Arkansas, ii^iv. \--'-' t'- :] i^ I'vvuy-oiic other states, was hit b> the drouphl. Naturally. t!if j.iate suffered— so did (lie ollvr KtU'S.Jii the ill-outfit area— but .-'irkcinvis cot mont rf the attendant bad publicity. slid this irib- licity, unless impressions are corrected. Manus in"a fair v:ay to do the slate far more harm than ih? drum-lit. Listen to (his extract from an nrticlc which has aroused the ire r,f business men from every section of Arkansas <tiv» article appeared in a magazine of national circulation* : "Arkan^s, there she stands — Memphis, upper left, hastened from Puerto Csb.vas u Ceiba. largest port on the north coast, to prelect Am v- ican citizens thcr:-. '[be a'r- plar.e carrier Langley." upper with crders to v:atch Hut competition spurred on Im- p:ovcm«ni of production facilities ; ai!:l cii]iH:i] was called upon "1111111 jtol^.y ssi' f llu i inllllaiis upon m!l- ] of idle cnpiial Invcslm?ir. 'i j wi'.li its i-oiisemieut heavy charge and with mile likelihood cf early ulili?aliu:i in a manner lo earn its' 1 Coi'.vivli'ly. Tiaylor cited the \ nut-mobile Industry with Its mi- i niial production capacity of 3.030,000 car.; mid trucks and recoil! estimates ci i| le p-jsslblc American ! 1 market at uroiinrl 4.000.000. Maxl- ' mum rapacity In lhe radio Industry \ is apparently nearly three tiui-is ' tho normal sales possibility, he said, "and similar Illustrations coull be produced In various decrees lor most of our principal industries." Intelligent understanding should have indicated thai inch over?x- Ilayli Society—Personal Vcu'ro in Hie 'presence of royalty! It wns coronation dav at (he nnmia pansion Wld' le'ave Industries ' S e- ' "PI"" blor»,n festival In Winchester. Vn , and here you see anlllns Jlm Euell attended to buslmss l:i I Sike.ston Monday. I Mrs. Fred Sliiplon and chi:dr>n , Jimmy and Mary Ellen vvlsited M-. . and Mrs. Krncst Johnson o! It'o Monday ar.d Tuesday cf t>ili week. Mr. and Mrs. Anjelo Maboulis. Mrs. Euttis Pov.-ell and Norrls En- Bl; motored lo IllythevUI: Wednesday to attend to business. Mrs. Raymond Crider otid Mrs. D. P. Randolph ot Caruthem-UI; »i-re licrc intending tt> busini'ss iwrlaluliiB to the Kej Cross of tDe county. Mrs. f. X. Shumac-ier antl daughter Marguerite were Cape Gi- rardcaii visitors Monday. Mrs. Lydla Cole of Memphis Is here visiting In the home af Irr ' daughter. Mrs. C, D. Stanfll. Senator Golcher acctMiip.-inied by Ills inr.lhcr, Mrs. Kd Gctche;-, n-.-.'j visitors In mythcvllle Tu.'sdiy. Mrs. c. IX Stanfll nand daughter Vcrnlce were In Memphis Tins- day. Vernlce went for an examination to the Crysler Clinic. Lorraln LeSieur was a Mssn.ili's visitor Tuesday and Wsdnes.lay. I'rnnk Merrill of the I'.'.'jOj • 7 vicinity attended to buslncis h:.-.- Wednesday aflornoon. J. J. Barkctl of Cairo, 111., and N. Khourle of Slcele, visited Mr. and Mrs. Wolf Kliourle Wednesday Ferrera. center, power- . , fill Honduran military leader, bojan pif.yii-.ij a baling part. American MinUci- Ju'.liis c;. Lay. low> right, ripcrleJ the cMbreal:. and th; S;a!e ncpartmenl that lite -M:j:a Colindres m?,hl, r.L'ovei. was threatened. eovrrntnnn of President ''L-ikc a bur-voning tree caught by f!io Might, a flower scorched by fire. "Land of dustv (Violation, sucked rirv by the drr.ught, rasped by the- sharp edges of a cruel economic fate, her citizens destitute, hungry and helpless." This- kind of publicity has hurt. At Hot. Springs, tlv> Chamber of Commerce has had to answer letters from prospective visitors who v.-ant to know v.-hcthcr or not it is safe' for them to venture into the state—whether or ne-t food can be obtained. Conine, from Tcxarkana to Little Roc-k en one of the fine trains ot a lending railroad thr.t derives a very irr.paitanl part of its revenue from, tlie StaL? of Arkansas, n traveling salesman recently made j(l-.- remark thnt he was afraid to p in 1-itt'e Rock because he had 'i':ard tiial it would be a difficult matter for him to secure enough feed to eai! Of course it is, but that's the sort of thing that Arkansas lias to contend with no-.v—due to ton much of the y/ro:ig kind of publicity. Th? general impresion sc.ems to l:e lint the state is "shot."' The facts are a lot different. Approximately 125.000 people in Arkansas received from $2.000,000 to Sa.OC-O.OOO in aid ircm the Red Urcss. b'.it this aid was not extended in t'-ie cities and towns. It has been confined almost eniircly lo country districts -and Ui2 recipients, for th^ most parl, have been'-'ten&nt farmers, share croppers and their families la group which-' includes several hundred Alabama Hero O-' lb.-eu chililroii .l uiie time- \Vlii f'.: owning is [lie tieroii; ii. of 2 2-yeu r-ni«l N(!\v, nrrve. ot Whistle: 1 , -u Uio pirnic [11 t x.-bnol to'.s \vova rit!- Tisei hi ,\ deep stream nrwr Mo!n|o. l.eivis piiin^cd into tip: ^1roa]n fully clothed, awam to tlio -Si:e]:c mid saved Ilirca lives. T!:roo of tl:.' oi?ht cliiiurcu dro \vnod. was paynvnt were returned immsciiat^- ; iy. thus making il cash business. In several lines this practice has de- ! veloped mere business for in?r- : chains than ever before in history during t'r.e winter unnt'.'.s. grocery i jobbers especially benefHting. Th? • town of England, in Lonokc coun- j Iy, which figured so prominent;:.- j in the drought news during in? . winter, oilers a typical example. I Traveling salesmen who call en = England merchants have assert?? 1 ; recently that they have sold mare j goods there ttnn al any time hers- I tofore because the merchants hive . cash and are not afraiJ to buy. | Normally, at this time of tlie year, j . the bulk of she business conjr,r:te:l in rural districts is on a credit bv sis. the merchant carrying tlie cus- ; tomer until he nsioliaijs a loan for his season o[Kjralions. i Tt is a well-established rule that ! trie annual purchasing pi-.ver of a i ccmmunity or slate may be accu- ! rr.tely gauged by ' multipiyin? ils! payroll two and cns-aalf times, in- '. a c r.iuch as one-half of the payroll i is bpriil wiih retailers and turns [ over five times during a period cf i twelve months. To ail intents and i -^ 3 purpaies the Red Crois expand!-1 r ; c lures and Federal reed loans naw ' being made can be regarrlerl as pay- : rclls and an additional $15.003.000 : or $18.000,000 will be available from . ; the Federal Intermediate Cr«dir Bsnk through the local Agricullur- - ; al Credit Corporations. The stale'; seks Uratory Title for South •Quetn Shennndoah VIII" receiving lirr crown from the. hands of Rear Admiral Richard K. liyrd. The lovrly ruler of the festival WHS Patricia Morton of Winchester, England. t'ily Involved and employes out work »hon the peak demind had passed, -li-nylor said, and as for j financiers, as early as 1927 it was obvious lo anyone experienced In Braining credit that if expansion'they entered (he field of compell- and .simulation were not checked ! tion with excess productive caoac- disasler was Inevitable. But every . lly. Industrial over-productio-i kind and character of combination might be brought about by a small and merger was made without re- group of industrialists, but iwrl- gard to economic advisability or cultural over-production was the future passlblllles of economy and. result of a slrugElc "of many mil- |Jrcr ' ls - j lions of producers tehting to r.iain- False or unsafe positions'.fre- | lain a certain type of individual fluently have been aggravated bv i Independence by maintaining l!:em- tarilfs or other government aid. it j selves on the soil, was pointed out by Jean Parme.n- | Elsewhere at (lie congress was Uer. director of the French Credit i traced clearly the progress of th- As smaller and Intermediary plants lind to suspend they have been (aken over In the general trend toward Industrial consolidation. Parmcntier pointed out. great depression and it was shown how raw materials production and finished materials produc- tion'went to pot together. Gketchlly: The raw ivjitfcrtnls countries and operated by larger groups. In- 'began lo suffer at the lime of the stead of disappearing as lhe weak ] 1927-28 slump In Germany. The sisters of indictry they have re- (jrcat industrial countries were fio- mamed to retard what might DC re- Mng full tilt but raw materials were -•-. a nonmi i 50 i u ii 0 i, 0 [ ,j e _ j produced far In excess of the peak I market for them, rcstiltinfl in fall- jing prices which seriously affected Overcapaclly and ovcrproduc-' tlie raw materials countries nml tion have cursed both industry and : their buying jiower. agiiculturc, Theunis pointed out. j As pther counirles faced severe but he absolved I lie farmers in economic crises the industrial Mrs. J. w, Cunningham and Mrs. Trig SaraJcis shopped in Blythevlllo Wednesday. Billy Jean Hayes, Iwo-yjar-oU son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hayes, anil Ihe ruw materials countries! passed away Saturday morning. His were hit. harder than ever. Uncm-! dentil was caused by measles. Ycev. ploymcnt c:uno alcns In a bis way and soan no country was eiulow.l lo buy Its (iuoln from the world's vast cver-exiKmston of nroductlve fnclillles. MONDAY: How American Imlus- fry Is l.idillni; the iirulilcm of rrjr- pression. Absolves Farmers w. Cunuliiifhani conduclsl t.i-' funeral at tbc Hayes home. ms ut Braggadocio cemiicry. . . cr. have received mere than 'S2,- ' purc .haiing power! therefore, is fir 000.000 within the last six v.ecks, a .<, 1(n ; t .r than would appear cr. the sum which the State A5ricuit'.ir?.r 5llr f;, CP around 577.5M.030 emanat- Extension Service estimate will be ! ,,,„ f rom tlies" thre^ sources alone. .iull of hii ]urt i ii=:c vi* Un-y y o v«v dr-lpf'ules ai;d Souih Carolina, Vir- hiul \Ve.-=t Vh-Riula. Mil- II. /.miif. above, nf Nuriii Carolina Slale L'olleco, will vetne- t-ent tlie imillifasterii sectur In lialiunal nratotiral i-o:ili^(s tills biimiuur. lie live.-; :.t liijh Pi ii:t, N. C. weather conditions this summer the state should produce bumper crops. inrrearcd to between 57.000.0CO and rrom lhe vlcwpo'.n! of industry j The foil utilized for the produc'tloS CO f.rvn r.ivi in iv,^. ,.^,-,>- ?,.*....„ ..-i,-., ' . ,. „,__.__-_.- . _ . *^ •«»-« " fund heretofore have been slcv: in- j marble and Fox Farmers Stealing Horses for Fox Food IDAHO FALLS, Ida., (UP) — A new type of rustler has come Into helm, if suspicions of slate au- Iborldes ale correct. He Is a fox raiser, who needing horse meat with which to feed hLs foxes, steals out a night and rustics several head of horses from his rolghuor. Activities of several fox farms in southern Idaho arc being checked and watchcrl closely In an ntlcmpt i -— ---- to stop widespread liorsc rustling comparison with the Industrialists ! counirles passed-lhe boom zenith i that has caused considerable loss on ih? ground that lh; tiller knew jand started downward. Thev want- j -— Just what, they were about when Jed less raw material then, of course, 1 ncad Courier News want ads,.- Men Wishing Won't CLASSmED Late Model rocfinj; material. A tre- : t,vo j-ears the state's slwablc peach The situation was serious. Over "Smuch as the applicant is requir- m ena-ius building construction pro- ; Industry has produced little. Uur- 725,0:0 people did need hcip-and crt to ? ive n !io " on nis )031 _ c '- n ~' gram on a natinn-v.-idc scale ap- ; ing the season of 1929 tl-.e short far 'more money than was sprn: b> tlie Re:l Cross In Arkansas— and j you heard very .little about it. T.:e difference is that Arkansas .simpr." gj". mr ( re tlian l:or r'r.ave cf bao they tct It—but s-.ich conditions ns security, and he hai l.esitated . parently is in prospect with the i crop was seriously aflecled by pests \vero not peculiar to Arkansas. I to . do .so since it wo-.iU le.uv hi:n . al ivcnt of surins and the state is | and the winter of 19^3-30 produce.1 I Every city c: any size "in this co;m- wit h out collateral for | certain to receive its share of the, a freeze that reduced last year's try had a bread line during the ' n » ris u'' 1 ' 1 which to support him-j business this will create. Accord-! outpul to less (nan 50 cars against pail winter. In prcpsrticn to ;>•:;;- selr w " llil0 making i:. T iis ciifli- ' inn t o the S'.ate Commissioner of., a normal of more than 4.000. The I'lation many of ths-> cities nis'cl c " lty ]s lcm o>ed iniuer the term: Labor the gainfully enipioyDd in-1 appearance of the orchards at lliis of lhe act apprupriatin; (;:.•• ad'li- ' Aikansas normally n:i:nbrr on'.v ; period indicates that Ihe inactiv- ticnal S20.CCO.iJOO and a veritable 1236.000 persms. not including r.gri-; ity of virtually two years will rc- avalmcJte of loan applications is I cultural workers, and tt.eie are on- suit in a huga crop with abnormal expected v.-ithin the next few w?eks ]y ;<5.000 «nemp:oye:l at liiis time, freedom from pests inasmuch as On March 1 the stab ;>as.s»ssed f.u pavinc an;i purchasing power there was no fruit last year to car[only thirlv local Agricultural Cr:d- .produced ty business ::ni Indus- ry insects thiougi-. Conditions in Everyone talked of tile 114 Av- k\:>nsas tar.I-.s that classtl. but I ,•>.-. I people took into cons:derati"u . . [it Coipcratioris -.vliich diseomt ag-' | r j n l r.ctivitlrs. therefore, arc nnt; the O.ark apple district have been |ri:i]P.pral paper through Hie F?ri- : at si:e.h a low ebb as might be ex- ideal through the winter and there, fact that many of these banks I went out of business because cf mercer or voluntary liqu:;.it'.on. and fewer still ccusiderc."! tiie I that 05 n! trP5? banks hlv-- siu:e 1 reopened and the fact tliat co'.i- I sidenibly more than 300 banks j never did close and are still iluing I Lusin?.'s at tile eld stanri! The silualion is of neniilir i:i- I tercst hi fimncial circles inismu:h eral Intermeciate Credit Bank, lui pected. additional instiiutions cf this kind ; too, a tremendous crop is expected. The most unusual feature lo re- The proportions of the apple in- 1K>W are ^">? or?ran!?ed dally with | £ ult from the distre.15 ex|KTiene2.1 . dustry may be better understood cap ' ;(ri1 harrowed by the inearpira- during the las', few months aripar- ; when it is recalled that either of fac j tc " s from t'-e Forlsnl covjnnn^n:.' ently is desllr.ed to iiavo a tre-' two Ozark counties possess inor: i, r ^ ;all:J '" addition to the Fe-Jcral finri mendcus effect upon th> c.:anom- apple (rees t' anv other coun- ' tllc St;lto lm5 wt "P nn appropria- . i c lulurc cf tlie state for ali l!:«i:. j ty in the United States. ticn of S1.5CO.OOO for the same pur- From time immemorial Arkair,:,s ! Of the aggregate of $101,461.003 pose. Since the creait c^rporaticns has spent eb;cwhere a large pro- | of direct obligations of the State are permitted ID discount pap:r i-) portion of its income for foodstuffs • 582,000,000 is represented by issues tt'.e extent of six times their ca;>- [hat might have been produced at , for highway construction. Out Hal il U possible for farmers an3 bciue at comparatively liltle. cost. Iht currcni" sfssion of the Genera! plantation o-.vners to borrow it will virtually fee^ Assembly came an increase of one as securities in the sum of S101,- tl>2 S20.COO.OOO supplemental appro- ; isa concerted campaign oil the part be Insufficient to care for I relegated lo the background and I those who i'.ave reaches the cou- Iclnsini] thai its purchasing \nnr land i!s ability lo meet its cbii^a- j lions have suffered a setback from (which it will net recover in several I years are sir.'.ply lacking In In.'a-- Imation. Mll'.iniis of tiollars are beromin-j Javail.ible !o increase purchasin? I power au:l prrmit the noiinol pur- snil'of b'.tsine-'s aiid agricuitiirr, lhe I principal industry from wbirh fie major portion of the state's lu- I come is <!:'riu';i. To suDslenuut |th:s. CO of lhe I' 1 banks which sus- ?d .•sub-eqticiil to July I. 1D30. resurr.od business rcleasim of dollars in fro/en creel- interest prlntinn. cares for the farmer" who ! of the State Agricultural Extension jnnd sinking fund to meet the State's oprntrs on a small scab, ivhils i Service, the Agricultural depart- | obligations' so much of the reve- the. Crcdi! Corporation'- win «rvc • mcnls of the railroads. Chambers j nue from the additional tax as the plantation owner and large op- , of Commerce ar.d other agencies | necessary shall be diverted to tre °™tor. to encourage the production o! trod ; State fund. To all intents and p;ir- Ks|>:ni»Hiircs by th« Red Cross ' stuffs on the farm and In back- poses the Assembly simply Increa'- hav» exceeded $2.000.000. Every ' yard gardens within communities. ' : cd the gas tax to six cents a gallon P?t'ny of t!u-, sum has t^en Autlioritie.s are conndent that once i to meet lhe State's highway ob'.isa- jvlth Arkinsas country and small- C.:e average Arkansas farmer do- lions an.1 that which remains over town merchants, t'-.c relief cr^ar.i- , (ermines for himself that his liv- and above the necessary sum «i!l - . a! the having deter- i ing cxixinscs can tc sharply reduc- I po (o tile counties. Th e measure .. - . mnral lo p-.irchase nothliiR outside : cd by producing the bulk of his • was approved by the Ooverncr and '"stale, if It was obtainable , food the practice will become per- | collection of the additional tax was of the _.„,.„ there, in order that (lie oslabllsh- 'inancnt. aud that out of it may deed channels of business might be' velcp a commercial spring vegcla- bcgun Immediately. The average Arkansas business! maintained and stimulated. Per- bl- Industry to supply the thin spat man has little, or no fear for the sons receiving assistance were sup- In the market after the Gulf Coisl | future. One. of them, discussing the ! pned^ with orders for r/ccr.rvuy | districts complete t'r.e movement of i situation recently, summed il up I i''frc.iandlr.e which (hey receip'.e'l : their early vegetables and before . this way: "We will all te here and I il . Farmers applying for loans fiom "tion presentation to tin: merchant, i shipments" tegin from resions in i will be buyini! Christ'nas presents' the Frdorsl np;iroiinalir,n f.-.r the These receipt? (hen were forward- ; the north. '' ' »urch.i£c of fetd, sco.-l and tertdiz- ed lo the Red Cross end checks in 1 With aityll-.ins Bring your car to Denton Chevrolet Company at Blytheville, Monday, May llth at 10 A. M. An out of town buyer will pay the highest cash prices for Chryslers, Buicks, Nash, Hupmobile, Graham Paige, Packards, Cadillac and other high grade cars. Will Pay Off Mortgage and Pay the Difference as usual in December" like normal Arkansas is looktuc. up!

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