Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 26, 1957 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1957
Page 2
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:Two Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Taxpayers Can Ignore Expense Account Item WASHINGTON (UP) — Taxpayers can ignore one line in the 1957 federal income tax forms — the one requiring itemization of expense accounts. The government dropped the requirement Monday for listing expense receipts, although the query •will remain on the tax forms on line 6-A. Internal Revenue Commissioner Russell C. Harrington said the itemization "would place too great a burden on many taxpayers" because it was announced so late in the year. Harrington warned, however, that taxpayers should keep accurate records on their expense accounts for the 12 months starting Jan. 1 "so that for 1958 and later years they will be in a position to supply expense account infor- malion" to the government. The tax chief also said taxpayers would be required to follow the customary practice of attaching to their returns a separate listing of deductible expenses for which they received no reimbursement from .their employers. This applies principally to self-employed persons. Harrington's statement ended a month of confusion and consternation among taxpayers whose business expenses are reimbursed by their employers. Thurmcm Wiles, Flora Resident, Passes Away FLORA, Ind.—Thurman Wiles, 69, who was employed at the Logan Machine company, passed away at 3 p.m. Monday at his residence, 6604 S. Willow, Flora. He had been bedridden since July. Born July 21, 1888, at Ockley, he was the son of Charles and Emma (Calhoun) Wiles. His marriage was on Feb. 19, 1927 to Zelda Clawson, who survives. Other survivors include three sons and a daughter, Burl, Huey, John and LaVerne, all of Flora; three grandchildren; two brothers, Eldie, Indianapolis; Laurel, Los Angeles, Calif.; .four sisters, Mrs. Cecil Hopp, Camden; Mrs. Claude Miller Burlington; Mrs. Fred Frye, 'Flora; Mrs. Russell Talbert, Flora. The deceased was a member of the Flora Christian church and the Flora American Legion post. He •was a veteran of World War I. Friends may call after 2 p.m. today at the Loiter funeral home. Final rites will be conducted at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Christian church with Rev. George Whippie in charge. Burial will be in Maple Lawn cemetery. The American Legion will conduct military services at the cemetery. Fine 3 Violators In Local Justice Court Three traffic violators were fined late Monday in justice court. Robert Cronenwett, 24, ot Star City, arrested Nov. 22 by Deputy George Shanks for having improper registration, was fined $1 and costs. Jim Snelling, 27, of New Paris, Ohio, was fined $5 and costs for operating a truck over its registered weight. He had been arrested True Life Adventures WINGS OVER < THE WATERHOL.E HAGUE KNOWS HE 'WIU- FINP AT THE CA-V WATERHOL.E .... •...THE CENTER OF ANIMAL. 1_«=E'IN AS1 AKIP L.ANP. 'FROM HIS VANTAGE POINT, THE EAGLE EVES THE VARIED BIL-U Cfp T=AP55, Six Fined In Peru Court PERU, Ind.—City court was a busy place Monday afternoon, John Garden, 45, Peru, was fined a total of $84.550 when lie- entered a guilty plea to the charge of driving while undler the influence of intoxicants' and failure ot yield the right of way. His driver's license was revoked for one year. He had been arrested following a two car property dair.age accident. Other motorists fined wero I/eon Stock, 44, of Robertson, Mo., $17.75 for speeding and Jack Broacley, 30, of Roann, fined a like amount for improper registration. Three mer; entered pleas of uuil- ty to disorderly conduct charges. David Fodge, 23, and Robert Steele, 23, both of Peru, w&re each fined $16. Golden Johnson, 20, also of Peru, was fined a total of $20 and given a 30 day jail sentence. Driver Loses Cash, License PERU — The driver of one of the ears involved in a two ca:r ac cident Sunday lost his'-driver's license for one year and was fined as a result of the crash. Airman Gary Gaton, 20, stationed at the Bunker Hill air base was attempting to make a left turn into the base from U.S. Hgh- way 31 when his car was struck from the rear by another car driven by Ronnie Dillman, 31 of Peru, at 12:10 Sunday afternoon. Carton's convertible landed upside down after the impact. -Jimmy Page, 22, al&o stationed at the base, suffered a laceration of the left leg. Mrs. Lpvell B-ureny, of Peru, a passenger in the -car driven by Dillworth received a severe cut over the right eye. Dillworth was slated for driving while under the influence of intoxicants and was fined $40.75 and Gl in Japan Faces Charge Of Murder YOKOHAMA CUP)—' The U.S. Refugee Flow Increases Into Western Germany By UNITED PRESS The East German Communists Army, today formally charged a;are getting alarmed/over the young Michigan soldier with the strangulation murder of the Japanese' wife of a U.S. Navy man now serving in California. Charged with the slaying of 25- year-old Kazue Eikawa. Wescott was S3C Gregory J. Kupski, 23, (5014 Grand Ave.) Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Wescott's nearly nude body was found in a Yokohama alley Nov. 22 that Kupski had confessed Nov. 17. The Army announced to the crime. , Her husband, AD1C Robert Leslie Wescott, (1 Ample Drive) Vineland, N.J., currently is stationed at the China Lake Naval Air Station in California with the VX5 Experimental Squadron. They were married in Japan May 19; 1955, while he was stationed at Atsugi Naval Air Station near here, and their marriage was registered with the U.S. embassy in Tokyo. The Army said murder charges were made formally after a "thor- steady flow of refugees to West Berlin and West Germany. There are' increasing indications that the Communist puppet regime may soon try to stop the flight by isolating West Berlin and tightening control of the .border between East and West Germany: If that happens, it may mean serious trouble for West Berlin, which- is isolated from West Germany by a llOrmile stretch of Communist-controlled territory. Two Million Flee East Since. 1949, when West Germany's remarkable economic ' recovery got really started, about tuals and skilled workers. More than half of those who flee are under 25 years of age. Communist officials and members of the militarized Red police are. scattered among the older ones. Any determined Communist move to stop the flight would tend to increase the- isolation of West Berlin. Western officials fear- that, for one thing, the Reds as part of an isolation campaign would impede railroad and highway communications between. West Berlin and West Germany. Communications Interference They also would be expected to interfere with allied airplane communications along the authorized 2 million East Germa.is have fled air lar.es between Berlin and the the Communist part of the coun- western part of the country. try. Most of them-have crossed from'East Berlin to West Berlin. The flight has reduced East Germany's population by more than 10 per cent. The flow of refugees continues ough" investigation by Japanese ! at the . rate °f about m ' m a and U.S military police. OFFICIALS SLAIN Abbe Lane Is Big Star in Italian Films HOLLYWOOD (UP) - Here's a reverse twist to the stampede of-Italian actresses to glamorville —a home-grown charmer has invaded this country and wriggled her way to top stardom. She's Abbe Lane, the Latin sex-, FRESNO, Calif. (UP) — Andy pot from Brooklyn who has made j Linden was off the critical list to- nine pictures in Italy in the past:day for the first time since' his racing car cracked up three weeks . Untl1 recently the East German Reds did little to stop the movement. One reason was that East SAIGON Viet Nam (UP)—Two! German e c °m>rny is in'a bad South Viet Nam provincial offi- state ,' especially since the Polish cials have been shot; to death re -! revolt, which sharply-reduced the cently in an area where outlaws : amount of raw materials available have killed seven' other persons-f° r factories. Another .was that since late October, it was disclosed today. The rural slayings occurred in the Mekong River Delta, southwest of Saigon. Linden Improving two years. Until the generously endowed Abbe made' good in Rome the traffic in glamour girls was a pretty one-sided affair. Gina Lol- Ibbrigida, Anna Magnani, Sophia- Loren and the rest trekked to this side- of the pond to pitch curves at delighted American audiences, but our girls couldn't cut' the spaghetti over there. Abbe says her unique success abroad is due to the fact' that she's won an "All-American girl" type. She looks more .European than the Italian gals. Never a big star in American pictures—she's only made three— A'bbe is the' Marilyn Monroe of pizzaland. "I'm a novelty over there," she said, posing in a filmy gow.n in the Paramount Studio art gallery. "They mob me in the streets, stop traffic and generally go crazy when I make a public appearance. It is exactly the same treatment Marilyn gets in this country." Abbe's married to cha-cha-cha bandleader Xavier Cougat. He spends six months a year with Abbe ii) Rome where they have a permanent residence. "Cugie doesn't work over there," she confided. "He insists on being at my side in Italy because he -doesn't trust Italian men." RUNAWAYS HELD Two runaway girls from Detroit Mich, turned up at Logansport city police headquarters and requested that they be sent .home. Judy Long and Elizabeth Marshall told officers that they had left Detroit at 6 a.m. Monday and had riden to Logansport with a Nnv 9 bv Trooner John Gaylor !ost his 'icense for one year. Two j man. ' Passengers in his car, Lovel Bur- They are being kep.t in the Cass Fined SI and costs was Cleo Razor of Burnettsville who was arrested on Nov. 22 by Trooper Dick Keyes for improper passing. Fort Wayne Man Admits Shooting FORT WAYNE (UP)—Authorities said William Gilbert Johnson, 38, Fort Wayne, admitted Monday that he shot and killed his wifej Ruth Louise, 43. Mrs. Johnson was shot Saturday night. Gilbert L. Ratliff, 38, Fort Wayne, an ex-husband of Mrs. Johnson who was held as a material witness, was released. Authorities said Johnson's case was slated for grand jury action. 2 CAR CRACKUP Two cars were involved in accident at the intersection of Fourth and Broadway streets in Logansport at 7 p.m. Monday. C. Marchand, 68, 1006 Nineteenth street, driving a 1954 sedan •was driving west on' Broadway and stopped at the Fourth street traffic signal. As he did so he was struck from the rear by a car driven by Doyle Sheets, 30, of riute 1, Burnettsville. Sheets' car sustained a damage of $350 according to investigating officers. Marchand's car suffered damage amounting to $250. . afld Robert Baker, 23, j county jail awaiting their parents both of Peru were fined $24 for! whom the police have notified. public intoxication. The Caton car was damaged to the extent of $1500 and the Dillworth car was a total losi according to investigating officers.' Read the Classified Ads They were without money. TENTH IN TURKEYS LAFAYETTE (UP) - Indiana will produce a record 2,588,000 this year, according to Purdue University experts, raising the state to 10th in production of the holiday bird. Ks mild and mellow .,. with a delicately- smooth flavor! It's FRIARS Club Special ALE ... carefully brewed and'extra- aged! And you get this superior ale at a popular price. Get FRIARS Club Special ALE today-in , 12 ounce bottles or handy 6-can cartons. SO EASY. . . GETTING QUICK CASH SALES SELL THINGS THROUGH CLASSIFIED ADS DIAL 4141 PREMIUM QUALITY ALE AT A POPULAR PRICI ago. those who fled obviouslj. were enemies of the. Communist 'regime and potential trouble 'makers. May. Weaken Industry But now the flight' from Red rule seems to have reathed the •point where its 'continuance will weaken East German industry. The refugees arriving in West Berlin and West Germany now include a big proportion of intellec- Anxiety of Germans in the western part of the former capital is increased because of fear that the •United States might not be willing to hazard a crisis with Soviet Russia -by defending them. This is one of the repercussions, now being felt throughout Western Europe, of Russia's startling successes in the field of nuclear missiles. It was because of the fear that Berlin • might be 'sacrificed that Willy Brandt, lord mayor of West Berlin, urged in an interview recently that President Eisenhower make a sort of show-the-flag visit to the city when he -attends the North Atlantic Treaty Organization conference in • Paris next month. There are reports that the East Germans may start an isolation campaign next week. Allied officials are watching Ihe situation closely. That is about all they can do until the Reds act. '• Tuesday Evening, November 26, 193T. Want Ad Replaces Lost Christmas Money for Eileen Ader lost her wallet •with S32 Chrisrnm money in ShrcvcjKirt. A Jose ad brought back the wallet, but with the cash missing. However, a businessman .impressed with the faith the message in her sd showed send check to her for the amount lost. Sonlo CUui llvc.l and my Ul.y nn<l 1 I bcllc.r III Some Llnilly |m>™ wn wnllr-t coitlninlne 512 In c cy not! idrnllflroHoii nnpcu. l-° 1 ' Milim l.rt>-<-™ 2 M.J 3 P.M. nit rrMiirj lo employrd molli U lo Hrrf wmlrr f f»rh ln» nm«p«|irr CU.tlfW lwy »f »"»!*• Hwirt l<*rUJi * IIS. N. W, Dr. MtMnf «. F*. $ Million Mystery Is Solved _ INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—A million dollar mystery in the Indiana Statehouse was solved with the help of the federal government Monday. . State Treasurer Adolph L. Fossler found the check in his mail and no one knew what it 'was for. He sent a letter to federal officials in Washington. But newsmen checked with U.S. Treasury officials and found»Fossler had signed the request for the money in connection with the buying of land for Indiana's new Em- ployment Security Division building. Fossler recalled the Employment Security Division request after the mystery was solved. But he didn't remember signing the request to, Washington. "I don't pay much attention to amounts like that," Fossler said, Read the Classified Ads Stops Heart Gas r 3 TIMES FASTER An inuring llttli blich tiblt-l cMtifelv Ihi f»t«it-»clIffK n>tdlcln« known, ii liking thi country by ttorm. Ttili famous BELL-ANS tibltt lor icJd Indlmlfon, [.,. hinrtbHtn. ind jour Mcmicti contilni no hurtful rirun. li»tflvt», *jp4rJn or irinrjuiliim. CirMied Itboutory teiti provir BtLL-ANlt tib!*1i ntuttai;jt 3 Um B i it muth itomtch tcidlfy In on* rrlnult u nunr ludlni dlRntlvi ItbHU. fet 8ELL-ANS todiy rot Uii fiiUM knewe nllif, Kt THE BIG M FOR'58_FIRST WITH SPORTS-CAR CONTROL AND THE SOLID. LUXURIOUS RIDE OF A LIMOUSINE AND FEATURING EVERYTHING NEW FROM SELF-ADJUSTING BRAKES TO A NEW HILL CONTROL Awaiting you at your Mercury dealer's is a car thai;, in many ways, makes driving a new experience. Here are four examples: Big n«w brakes that adjust thems«lv«s automatically! Mercury's new brakes are eelf-adjusting for the life of the brake lining. They automatically adjust for lining wear during the course of your daily driving—save time and cost of frequent brake adjustments. A chima that warns you when you exceed the speed! limit. Mercury offers a Speed-limit Safety Monitor which can be set at any desired speed. A warning chime sounds when this speed is reached — saves having to watch the speedometer. A power feature that automatically lubrb cotes your car every lime you ilart it. - Mercury offers you power lubrication,. It works automatically whenever you start the engine, or push a button on the dash. And each lubrication coats less than one-half cent —cuts down on trips, to the service tri-ation. A separate push-button that gives you engine braking on down-hill grades. All Mercurys equipped with Merc-O-Matio Keyboard Control have a new Hill Control; Just push a button for the extra safety of engine braking. (Your brakes last longer, too.) Equally important are Mercury's new road-hugging size and weight—and revolutionary Cool-Power Marauder engines. Teamed with Mercury's wonderful new driving aids, they result in a car that can't be matched anywhere for control, handling ease, performance and comfort. We invite you to try Mercury's, new sports-car spirit witli limousine ride. Just stop in at our showroom. See how much more your money buys in a Mercury; 1958 MERCURY WITH SPORTS-CAR SPIRIT AND LIMOUSINE RIDE ot OO'Z Bum.A» Xopuns ,/MOHS 'NVAIIinS 03 3H1,/ '414 «<>:«!*»I»* B H «)* "I™ W*} 8:00. StoHon WISH, Channol 8. HAVENS MOTORS, INC Market Street at 25th Logansport, Ind. Phone 3507 <

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