The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Fruit Salad Platters Feature Strawberries By CKClljY HROlVNSTOVr,' Tress Kood Kdlln Illifi KUaviijriry Cnhhler, II even rivals tradillolial Strawberry Khort- Fruit salad plftttprs for lunch nrr-1 cake— it's Mint Rnml! particularly dolidmjs in sfrnu-brrryl -Strawbcn-.v Cohhlpr time berau.ip the phimp lUtlr 1 hor-1 InurndlpnT,s: i Qsi^rt s'rau'hpcfip.s rie* team so wpU with nthpr fn- rhuUnd and -.vasJioih. ] nip siicar, sonal fruits. An nttrnrtlvp nrni\vc-[ \ rKS, ^ cup snpnr, 3 mps hisrnit ment for onp side of 5wh » plat-.'mix. 1 nip milk. H Uiblrspnons butter is to plarp ranlalonpo riims in rpr imPlt* lettuce cup- and pilr waifimolmi tilr,[irmns balls in thrfr cpntpi-fi; nn thft oJhcr '• rronm. sido place lone Rlivrr^ of l;n nnna i MfOmrl: and wertec* of fresh plnr^pplc .tlipn : c*np siienr top with n rrown of jniry rod Mrflw- berrtw. Leave thr hulls ^H .^onir nf Crisp Frozen Vegetables Tasty Kitchen Time Saved With These Recipes And They're Cheap Many Brides-to-Be Nowadays Baking Own Wedding Cakes Today's bride Is inakinK an Increasing interest, and ac- tlh'ly ill that most. important event of hei life -her own weddinc. Many of the sliis are desi^nine their own '. wee/dine gownp and trousseau items, and making ihem. too And many: iihip* are I,, ,„,, morp ar(1 "''"'Wi'ic" "I'd makine' are ini IP.IS- ; , hn( delectable and beautiful tiart' ^^^•^w^^nZXij -y are ^^r °^^ n ^» ]w ^^^\ Pro/pn vrif ingly moir ix high quality. h. % nip hul.tor. 3 flour, 'i nip M Vou'lt rn\<\y these two rprlpps. Nothing vrr\ fancy about thrm but they rnrininlv ral e^c\-. Fro/en .Spinach a/id Corned Beef the berrle.e pretty that way. planer with cheese mtxod Innk . Serve Mir frnil r r Pa m -style roiiflpp with plenty of cnm- fired snur cream, f.v- rolls and liinter, and ' IT. ppn( same .^erd toa or cnffpp. For fi hrartv des.sei f. nfirr a supppr thiU'. 1 ' on the licht side, fry Mix sliinvb. n llo'J. 1 lo s<; p while von prprjitn* ha(:a inirri thirk and Irrnon- colnrod; hr:M In '*j njjj Kiica!" grari- tinlly nnri thorouultly. Artrl bisouil mix, milk, and 3 iahlpspooii!= molt- rd hn(rpr ;stir only until dry in- "rrclirnts art* riarr'fi^i^pd; bat.tnr u'ill ijr lumpy. .Spread ovrr n wfill- huttprpd a x fl x 2-inrh bnkjnc rlish. CVivrr v:itti i IIP s'.vcptpnpd straw- hprrips (incliidiiiff juicfi. Crpnm In- Kiianr, | fl-R .iprviiiRs) I OIIP pnck;i«p fro/rn .spinarh. with I j'able-sponm liutror nr fortUifd mar- mom "--'••- " ^ vC% ^fU£4*w r ~ &&!< L& y#wf« FRIGiDAIRE Electric Range with the "Wonder Oven" Lets Br You Bok» a Cake — ait a Sforrk — Sntnm rim«-Sam« Ov»nl It s Ihe greatest iaiprove- msnl in ranges in yenrs I "Wond&f Oven" providei one 9vVo-lrwga ov^n — of Nvo over?.* in one, each wifh irs own controls ond ^->pa- rale lempiralufasi Com# Jnl SeelrmFrigid- oi r# " Wond e r Oven" E loclric Rcngg lodoy1 Now US 1 O • Cook-Mo»»*r Ov.n Clot* Control futt-Wldlti Draw«r ooker Large WariMr a c<jiiiplot» c/<>mon<lrcjtion of Hi» sensotionol "Wonder Ovnn" Rongs ond oil Iho other nq\v Frigidnffe Fler'ric Eangos priced Ifom$ 18575 Model R0.60(illuilrated) $389.75 Model RO-50, ooly 1349.75 Eosy Terinl Halsell & White MAIN & DIVISION FURN, CO. PH <>NE 6096 Karine 3 tnblesptjons Hour, 'i teaspoon salt. 1'.; eiip'; milk. (> slices rooked (vtrned beef. Cook spinach nccoKluur to direct Ions on package. Mplt butter or maiqarlne; add flour and sail nnrt mix Lo smooth paste stir In milk nml cook until smooth and ,. thick. Drum spinach and place In ' bride baklmj dish lalxiut 6 x 10 x 2).! Place slices of cornpd l>eef over spinach; jioiij- sauce over all. Place in prehealert broiler compartment about ,1 inches (mm source of heat. Broil null! saner bubbles and is silently browned Kro7cn Caiilill.iun, I'.i5«i,, n i n feels that makine her own weddinu cake made it even move Imponant and mcmory-Bivini! lo her. Today's .vollnc Ijride ran be a ynn<\, even fanny, cook vilh Ihe aid of expert advice and the r,uirk results she eels -.vlth self-rism" rlour. So here's a recipe for that moH iinportniil cake, fm.ialne that the wertriinp is ju.-it over, and your family, friends nnd neighbors have Ratlirred to wish von well. Wh»n your new husband hHns you cut the first slire. you'll fee! n pride of achievement over this mirrnifire/it and heaunful cake, your lir't and Important accomplishment as a slorei and mix ive.ll. Add remaining siiyar and r-ream rpri-nately, u.=inc only HS much cream a.= is needed 10 iirke irostinz liable in p.i.<rry WFDDIST! CAKE ,,, f sifted felf-rtFiii'. [lour (13 One packacc frn/en cnuhnower 1 lablespoon butler or (ortinerl mai'Barine. I tablespoon (lour 'i teaspoon salt. \ cup milk. ', cup araled shnrp chees n , ', 12-ounce I'an luncheon meal, cubed (t cun crushed potato chips. Defrost, cauliflower. Melt butter or marRarine; stir In flour and salt to smooth paste, st,| r i n milk and rook until thickened. Slir in uraled cheese until melted. Combine cau- lftower. snuce and luncheon meat In an oiled 1-quart, nassnrnle Top with potato chips, nake in moderate oven C150 decrees K > for IS minutes or until cauliflower h heated thrmieh I* for Kuala Lumpur Asian Beauty Contest KUALA LUMPUR IIP, _ B«auly conlesl organisers In Kuala Lumpur c'ips, about 3 pounds' 2 1 ! cups sui»ar t!) cups or J 1 ? . priundsi , \ cup vccet.ible shorleninE '3 | cups or ]i:; poimrlsi ll'" runs s-nre-l mtlk '!'•• quarts' | 'i teaspoon vanilla (I tablespoon' . \ teaspoon slmond extract o ta| blespoon . 6 rzz whites c- t cup., unbeaten ; '2 do?enl ; Let milk and eoes stand at room j temperature al [east 2 hours before ! mixinp. ! Line bottom of pans smoothly j with waxed paper. i Plan to mnkc the above recipe I Four times. Amounts In parenthesis i followinsr Inuredients indicate 10| tnl amnunt.s nepded, j Make 2 Inyers of each si?/. 12 ! inrh. 10 inch and » inch. iBe'lt.r %,,*"«• Fl'™?*' ' i results are oblamed than hv hak- • ^ S h V" n "'H™ ? '° ?, hol: " ' Inn thick | avr . r „, fsrh ,| , '•*"' "?"**"!• to and - One recipe makes one , 2 -iuch " m ° '"' °' ^^ ' rnm Unlp layer nr one B-lnrh and one 10- Inr.h layer. (Place 'f, of baiter In the 8-Inch pan. remaining 2'3 in the 10-inch pan ) Mixinu method: Sift, tnset.her the Hour and pusar. Arid shortening anri n little over New Potatoes For Pot-roast Is Suggested Slant your pot-roast servuu !hf season. Today with ne'.i potatoes on the market, t'nev're a perfect vegetable to join the tenriPi beef. Brtra-n the pot-roast ibpef bladp. arm. standing or rolled rump' tho^- ouehly for that attractive golden- brown finished dish. Home economist Reba Stages rpcommpnds thai this be done slowly so u will keep the color throughout cookinp. Next, add from '; 10 ', cup n( liquid. Coi-er the mensi! rlo-ely and tel the pot-roast cook until tender. "' It Salmon-Stuffed Potato Is Tasty Nutritive, Cheap An economical main dish that can comrxne In flavor and nutritive value with far more costly fond« Is salmon-stuffed potatoes. This Inexpensive main course is chorkfiil ot taste appeal and food values. Salmon-Stuff* d Tntaloes 4-6 medinm-sbe hakinf; potatoes '•* cup margarine 2 tablespoons lemon knee salt pepper 4 cup hoi milk 1 c"p flaked salmon lor other '!.*> t '< ''up marcarineri crumbs i Wash potatoes. Rub ouliide with j margarine if a soft skin is desired : Ralte (n a hoi oven '.|(X)-45n decrees 1 P.I for 45 minutes <n onp hour, or ] until done. When done, cut a slice from Ihe baked potato or split tars- er ones in half. ,Scoo-> out center?/ , Mix with hoi. milk, margarine, lem- ' on juice, salt, and pepper and mash until lieht and fluffy. Slir in the salmon; pile lightly m'o Ihe po'.oio shells. Sprinkle with marBantiert: i bread crumbs. Return to a hot oven j for 10-15 minutes for light brown- . THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1952 and simmer until tender, three (o lour hours rabout 50 minutes to the pound). Cool in water until tongue can he handled, (hen remove skin and trim of! root ends. Slice and serve hot. 'or cold. II Livtrwunt h(s Iiver »iir5t spread to your sandw 'ch. lis>. Mash )lver»Tjt£t " nti combl " e V th w'Usned butter lemon-raisin or horseradish siince. mayonnaise. j £eef Tongue Good in of Southeast. Asia at which a "Miss Orient" will be chosen. Contestants are beinir invited from Hong Kollli. Rnnskok. Ran- eoon. Manila, Colombo and all parts Lumpur. Read Courier News Classified Ads Ef.ther V, cup sugar; drop here anri there on strawberries. Bake' In hot HOOF.) oven TO miniliw. Cut- in quares and serve immediately with plain servlncs. whipped cream. Makes Personal To Women With Nagging Backache nilla and thp almond extract. Beat two minutes on medium speed nf an electric mixer or 300 strokes by hand. Add remaining milk and the unbeaten epe whiles and heat, an- naper and hiike In a moderate oven, 350F. The 8-inch layers rpQinre approximately 4S minutes, the 10- Shch layers, sn minutes and the 12- inch layers 55 minuics ro bake. Rult<*r Cr«am 1 Ih butler 4 Ib. siiear. sifled 2 tablespoons vanilla 1 cup cream (about) Cretin butter until so/f ;add silt- fd siipar Gradually, rrenmintr rouirhly. Add snit and flavorinE. Gradually arid cream. , n Eood consistency j to spread. Spread and on top cak*. durinz cooking. About M minutes before the meat is conked, adri pared small npw potatoes to the meat. When both are rooked, remove the pm-rossi and The petaices and make a zravy wUh HIP drinpines ;f desired. Serve 'h- pot-roast surrounded with the no'a- tcM.s. lifhtly sprinkled wuh paprika. Spring has a way o! touching us lo all with ihat rio-it-tomorrow feel- ingand it's wonderful! One of days when you (pel like (akin? life easy in The kitchen, prepare a spicy b?ef Tonaue for dinner. You can leave rhe toncue cook- ins while you »et away 10 en toy SiK'inEr's unfolding. Serve it hot or cold, with or without a tasty sauce. as your time allows. Spicy Ileef Tnucue 1 smoked or fresh beef ton?u= 1 bay leaf 1 clove sarlic 3 whole cloves '.- cup vinegar Wash tongue -veil caver with boii'nu water 'if usinp fresh lonsue. add l<; teaspoonfuls salt to I h r rooiinc wnicr>: ariri wawninps and vinesar. Briu? lo a b->il and skim water, if nptvssary. Cover Here Are Pork Suggestions for Brides-to-Be head your SHOPPING LIST with these FOOD BUYSK ^1 For • Lb. By Slab Only Lb. 50 Lbs. $6.75 $ No. 300 Cans Hunt's FRUIT COCKTAIL 4 BEST BACON SLAB BACON PURE LARD ""-iS? 1.19 /vtore Wonderful than DDT. MAGIC INSECT SPRAY «. 50< BEST GRADE WIENERS- 42< PORK & BEANS"""foS-M BLUE PLATE TEA Pkg. HODGE'S CASH & CARRY GROCERY HOMER HODGE 4'/j Miles West of Bly _ Half Moon Road * , down of Vi'lnt-y function, Onr kMnrj- funr-tion T* vory impn h^nlrh. Whrnnnmccvcry.InF ' -T fr ;. on't neeltft ronr ki.(ni*y!> if ronrii. ns boln«r ymi. Try DOATI'* Pill*-* milri i^ttp. 11 serf nticcps-<fii!Jy hr mjllinnii fnr prpd yonr*. Ifp nmnxinirhnvr muny [ime.i an'p {rive hai>pr rrliff frnm ihesp ijmrom. t* -hi-lp thp !SmiIf*c-rki'fn<-vl(iiir^nnfifll. n flu*h Pill WMil*?. fi"l npon'n PiHn todny! MACARONI -SPAGHETTI PUHE EfcO NOODLES consider at: nn. Be- •*:? n om i cs L«5 bn r 3 tone,= ffttr pork recipe- for to-be. very — abou rhop. 45 mjn'Jt inrh rhop Ariri if neco.-5ary; but keep Spanish "6 Pix pork =hni;]d meJtrd ccc rrfam (about) Brat e?a xhite slishtly. CUP siflod st, = ar and stir 'until btentierf. Add butler, vanilla. .<nd eocoti butler (available at. /, TIME awl GOOD TASTE ''11 "S To brew Budwelser Jakes the b«jf of everything: 1 Premium Hurley Malt 2 Choicest Hops 3 Select Rice 4 Priceless Yeast 5 Much. Much Longer AC;ed 6 Tailor-made Equipment 7 Kxac.t Temperature Control 8 Dependable Skill 9 A Century of Budweiser ANN EUiS 5 L A G E . sy j CM, INC., si R BEER . IOUIS. «O. ^^•"i^S^rv^ Robertson Distributing Co .'*Lut£ V- au-n pork in ?ktllpr. Add onion brrwn Arid remainins inrre- ien's pxrppt ^lour ar:d ^at-er Cover; rook .-Irvvlv or-* hour | Make smooth pa? [ e r>I flnur and ', va'Fr S(ir in tom-ilo mixture until thickened. Cover and mer 5 minutei. Sweet Potatoes Good for Rolls sp^rk nl nricinflliij- in h"r mpal . plam^inc Manv hnmpmakrrc ^rp • nni r\w,ir* that sswc^r pot^lop? offpr onp mrrui? of m^kinc hnt ro]l= rh'*! witl brine nrw IrVrp.^ ^o thoir and ?FP for yrxir.^flf what, suprb roll.~ result ' i Swrrt Pr>l^l 0 Rolls ; 3 f-ihlcspnnnt p^car i nips mnshrd ronked ^arm sweet potatoes. fiip,« sifted fnrirhert flour . t iukr.v.irm. ?r,ildpd milk . and nnrsann? Chicken And Gravy Call For Quick-And-Easy RICEIAND RICE gynmuneQH iiTp'^rt s\vrp| ^. niisiMlv Arid otip mix c rii. Oi^nh Arid ffi =v.rn( no' mini smnoih, rov a '.'^rni plnrr ["r naHy arid mnini info a stiff cinush <T and !pt . tno nip of flour and iTa.=t in milk j tp imxtuip H^.^t i r and Irt ri^ 0 in! r ["r nnr h<mr. Grari- i ninin-r rfrvir ^nd work .• inush Kn",-id u-rll. Cnv- i ri^r until dmiblpd In ' li.ipr into rails Pin OP on a i mrd ronkip shpft. 1.^1 n.=? '• vTiihlrd in hulk BakP tn a 373" nvrn for \2-1* minntp>. Tins mp*cp* ivrn inri nnr-h-il,' do?- j f. Pone hot ' m.irzarinp 1 art CinriBr NP-.VS rl.l=sltird Arts FALSE TEETH"" Thof Loosen Need Not Embfirross ,-ir acoh- IV. no! •al«p iff i h n'.orp firm IT ! o?i FA&TF.F;TH «i »nr , Savp Time. Effort And Monry! Quick-And-Easj- RICELATSD RICE! Rlt'.KI.AW) RICE minirrt nn <rr,.<!,inii. nn riniine, nn tlrnininf. nn re- xti-amine ' I <p 'l'iirl:-nn,l.f,,.,v RICELAM) RICJ, „„,! , r j, n "<> effort — in }„>! n /pir minixr, — voii'/l Ymi can IISP qiiirk-nnrl-pasv RrCKT.\ NT) RlfE to tnakp hundrfds of er.onomiral. delicious mn'n J,",."; r< V." >r ?'"'=- !T"<-iaH1ci.. ^nps. salads and desserts. Here's just one example: Kicclnml Hire. Cliickrn niul Gravy 6 cup? hot rooked Riceland Rice 1 frying chickp.n Sail, pepppr and flour, mixed F"at for frying chicken Ch'rkpn Gravy 6 !»nle.sponns fat 6 UMejpoons flour 3 clip? miik Cut up r-hirk-pn anrt roll well In season-d flour ,,4 ° C . r J' p E ° ldnn nro^-n in fat which has h.-on meltPd in thn skill,!. Rp mo v. chirken from rtillpt Kppp hoi in ovpn To make thp srravy. P n,, r -„, frf , m h \ , , , '"" 6 UbIe -'P«"" «f fat bark into thp skillet. Ix-ave nny bro\™<-d hi Is of rnnt In Vnill"' sinre they pvo gravy a rirh. mc.ilv flavor "ria're ov. r „ !„„. h(>i ,, , V(1rt , h( , finur anrt - hlen) , (rlrv , he fat, stirnnjj ronsinnlly. \VhPn the (lour is hrn-,>-n^rt crBdimlly nilrt !hp milk and stir until th- sravv thickens. Add salt and ppppor to taste Economical Rirpland Rirp f t.retrir»s one chirk™ to make .S <iell<-io«s and (•(•ononnral Fprv-ir,c= Fverv one \vill pnjoy Shis traditional Southern dish-fried chicken, Riceland Rice ajirt gravy! VTrilr Fnr liip FHKF, Cook tJook Wrilp for your hip FREK Rlppland Rice Cook Book - 2S pa s es. hoantlfully illustrated in full color it shows thn quit-k and easy way lo n^nkp wonder-' fully delicious Rnd econnmicnl tmln dishes cna- serolps spprialtiP,, snip.,, ,«l»,is, pnddinRi nnd deiserts. It will save you lots of money. U'rite to Arkansas Rice Growers * ^tutlpsrt Arkansas, for big FREE Riccland Rico Cook Book.' Ouick-And-EHsy Cooks Fluffy in RICE Few Minutes! \ronriprfnl rice which To-jr prncer now has this \ronrprn rice wc cnoks flnlTy in just a fe-.i- minutes. Be sure vou eet tlic RrcEt.A.VD brand illustrated above You pay n'.thinp r-xtra far the quirk-nn-l-easy. ncrfect-cook. ing finality of RJCB1, AND RICE. Hrrn's Tlic Onirk-Aml-Easy V&\ To Cook KlCKLAiND RICE! ' To make 3 heaping cups of white. RalTv. perfectly cooked RICS-.t.ANt) RICE: (1) Put 1 cup uncooked RICELAND RICH JrupR water 1 ti'a.'poonjiilf in A 2-fjimrt pnurepftn. (2) Rrlnfftpn vienrnus hnll. (SI T.irn rlown honl nn Io»- ».< pn^iblf Cover5«uc*f p»n wilh n H.|. I XBVC over y^ low h t ( lt minules. Serve.

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