Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 25, 1957 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1957
Page 11
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Monday Evening, November 25, 1957. Ann Landers This Is One Time That Lipstick On Shirt Mistake Dear Ann: Will you please print this in your column at once and perhaps save some innocent guy from getting into trouble with his wife? The elevator in which I was riding this aft-ernoon stopj>ed suddenly. I fell against a nice-looking gentleman who was leaving as I was entering. He was about six feet tall and had on a white shirt and a dark suit. I'm certain I got some lipstick on his shirt and maybe on his suit as well. When I turned to offer my apologies the need to worry about exceeding your limit. Dear Ann: I -made a mistake many years ago and had a son out of wedlock. I later married « wonderful man and we've threi children of our own. My son thinks I was divorced and so does everyone else. My husband is the only one who knows the truth. The boy will be 12 soon and I've started to tell him a dozen times but I get cold feet. I've been a good mother anJ elevator doors had shut. Please, Ann, hurry this into the - .paper. I'm afraid some nice guy .want my children to continue is going to have a problem and I feel terribly guilty.—TROUBLE MAKER California Brush Fire Under Control AZUSA, Calif. TOP) — Nearly 1,000 firefighters stood guard today to prevent any new outbreak in a five-day fire that blackened 25,000 acres of brush and timber Josephine Lowmon No Matter What Your Line Is, Good Memory Will Help Meeting and talking with Doc Lor Bruno Furst. distinguished memory expert, was one of the most delightful and interesting experiences J have had. He and 25,000 acres of brush and Umber expei •«"••« * ••»"• '""••"-.. "" sxsst^ 0 "* ol down "££«• ™ *ef ha^x^ Attention all wives whose husbands came home recently with lipstick on a white shirt and or suit. When he denies any knowledge of how it got there-believe him. This man was the innocent victim of a woman who fell against think. him in an elevator. I There's an outside chance this letter was written by a wisenhem- er who anticipated trouble at home. However, I'm willing to assume it's on the level and hope that you'll give the spouse in "the house the benefit of the doubt. (P. S. I'm not going to divulge the name of the city from whence the letter came. Now don't say I NEVER give the men a break in the column,- boys? Somebody, somewhere, is getting home free.) driven flames sounding like an immoral woman? cn — causning Please suggest a few opening sentences. It's awfully hard for me to put my slory into words.— P.Y. There's no reason for your to go into this with your son now- or ever. Your husband is the only father he's ever known, so why drag up the sordid past? The only one who should rightfully be filled in on the background is your husband. He already has the facts, o for.get it. able watershed - causnmg aam-j verj ... the M . cGeorge college of age , ! J> b ° U ' 2 L"!! U !™ „<"?!^ L™ in Sacramento, Calif., wide- lad died. Authorities were hopeful hat the fire would soon be completely under control. '"F'ou'r" p'risoners from the Cal 'ornia Institution for men at Chino :ook French" leave from firefighting duties and escaped. One was captured Sunday night near Covina, Calif., but officers still were looking for three others. The fire at one point came with- Dear Ann: I've been dating a fellow with a terrific personality and I like him a lot. I'm afraid how- iclp you with your problems. Send :hem' to her in care of. this newspaper and enclose a stamped sell I've ruined it for myself, . ever, and need your help. We went to a night-club the other evening and I don't know what came over me but I drank more than my -usual limit. Before I knew what hit me, I was staggering around looking for the la- d-ies room. When I returned I tried to cover up' the fact I didn't feel well by suggesting we dance. He said "Don't disgrace yourself further You can't even stand up much less dance." On the way home, I. becam< awfully sick and ruined his car He was really mad and I don" blame him. I'm afraid he'll never call me again and I'm heart brok en. How can I let him know I'm sorry I made a fool of myself? I want another chance to sbov him I can behave like a lady.— D.C.T. This boy has every right to cross you off his list and I wouldn' blame him if he did just that There's nothing more revolting tx a fellow than a drunken girl- particularly one who ruins his car There's not much you can do to "get him back" but if you should run into him one of these days, you might mention how thoroughly ashamed you are of that evening's performance. And just make sure you don't ruin your chances with another "terrific «uy", why not stay off the grape completely and then you won't CONFIDENTIALLY: MISS 32-2236: 1! dimensions are his groate-st concern tell him to pick up his ape measure and shove-off. (No, don't believe in dreams. The ingerie store makes more sense.) (Ann Landers be glad to , . ly scattered adult education centers and thousands all over the world who learn through ohe correspondence course; A lot of folks must want to remember a lot of things. Or more accurately, many people are -smart enough to realize that one's efficiency and effectiveness in business and public relations, as well as success and happiness in social ne nre cu uue punu i-uujv; «.n.- as success a no Happiness in social three miles of inhabited por-, lj£e an[ ; tne j lome are diminished is of the city of .Monrovia. u,, iv,o innhilitv in rpmemher. police sergeant, a hairdresser, a handwriting e:cpert, a professional gambler in L as Vegas, a funeral director. . an insurance salesman, and lots of housewives. Then there are -some famous alumni such as Red Buttons and Rear Ad miral Redfiel.d Mason, who ' won 100,000 dollars on a TV quiz program. I asked Doctor Furst if one must have a superior or better ttian average intelligence in order to.perform the feats in mem- lory which 'his students are capable of after just 10 short weeks. He assured me that this is not so. He said, "Anyone who can read and write and will practice my technique can do it," Know Students Doctor and Mrs. Furst are York City students by name one weeik after they enroll for the course. Doctor Furst also _can shuffle a deck of cards, look at fcem for 1 -, only -a few seconds, and then give the sequence forward and backwards. I would hate to play bridge with him. As a matter of. fact he does not play, pro- balily because it would be an unfnii: advantage. He prefers chess At the end of 10 weeks, or 10 lessons, the Furst graduates can Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Eleven Deaths in News 1 Scientific and Cultural Organize 'tion (UNESCO). By UNITED PRESS NEW CANAAN, Conn.— George Thurman Bye, 70, a former newspaperman who was literary _agent tor many famous persons, died at his home Sunday after a long illness. Among Bye's clients were Charles A. Lindbergh, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Westbrook Pegler, Alexander Woolcott, John Er- 1 skine, Heywood Broun and Gen. John J. Pershing. He also "discovered" many new authors whose works he published for the first time. a magazine in around 20 minutes, meet 40 or 50 strangers and remember their names, . remember long lists, all sorts of dates, faces, ami myraid other facts and information. It is really just short of magic. - USD Hooks To put. it simply, Doctor Furst AVON, Conn. — Sir Alfred Zimmern, 78, noted world affairs expert, historian, political scientist lions of the city Aerial tankers, carrying 500- by the inability to remember. Variety pound 'bombs" of water and bor-l . ., , th blaze should break away on a new the League __ the United Nation's WASHINGTON — Mrs. RomiW» L. Flanagan, secretary to Lyle C. Wilson, vice president and Wash- • ington manager of the United Press, died late Sunday at Columbia Hospital. EAST BLIP, N.Y.—Ethel Jackson, 80, the actress who first played the title role in "The Merry Widow" on Broadway, died Saturday at the Percy Williams home. DENVER — Mrs. Pearl B. Ruppert, wife of one of the Ruppert brothers who built New York's Yankee Stadium, died in Denver Sunday. She was 65. Her husband, George E. Ruppert, was president of the Ruppert Brewing Co. of home after a long illness. Zim- WJIBB ^ i^w^s »~> *•'-»—•;morn helped draft the covenant of of the Hjippert Brewing; Co of the League of Nations and formed New York unLi his death "me hat you put it on a hook. You mvist also put things you want to remember on hooks which you have established in your mind. mien when you want to pluck from your mind you though I am flying on one engine and I could certainly use four! This is seriously interesting to le because I believe so corn- that the mind must be sub.. to mental gymnastic's of some sort if it is to remain youthful. ma lormiiu *•"" ----- ------ . , .. Education, years ago. He and his brother, the •late Col. Jacob Ruppert, financed the construction of Yankee Sta- nothing like the baldheaded man who was selling hair tonic. They can identify all of their 500 New find the right hook and take it off." This interview made me feel as Tomorrow: "Mrs. Housewife, a Good Memory is an Asset to you." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) dium. ROBINSON, 111. — William W. Arnold, 80, retired United States Tax Court Judge and former United States representative from Illinois, died Saturday of a heart condition. To remove the old hem line from a garment, dip a pressing cloth in a solution of half vinegar and half water. Squeeze the cloth dry and rub across the him line, then press. addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. whirlwind run. The fire started Thursday when gale-force winds upset the outdoor stove of a prison crew and sent flames racing across the rugged San Gabriel Mountains. Read the Classified Ads taken from the Fursts' current classes: executives of all sorts, an office engineer, a manufacturer, Oriental rug wholesaler, a laboratory technician, a doctor, a legal stenographer, a registered nurse, a sales representative, a banker, an interior decorator, students, a real estate promoter, lawyers, teachers, an artist, a | He'll treasure and | wear It's Farm-City Week Around The Calendar for Motor Trucks This Attractive MASONIC EMBLEM RING Priced At Only FERNBAUGH'S Jewelry Store "Where Your Credit h Good" 416 i. Broadway "Whereas it is desirable that those who work on the farms and those who work in the cities develop greater understanding 1 of their mutual problems and interdependence in a closely knit economy ... I ask the people throughout the country to participate fully- in the observance of that (Farm-City) Week." —From the Official Proclamation of President Dwight D., Eisenhower. October If, 1955 The third annual observance of Farm- City Week falls this month (Nov. 22-28). We as an organization hope to help along the goal of the observance. Trucks serve both groups because they a:re a versatile, mobile transportation^ agency helping to handle the reciprocal flow of goods and services. From the farm, trucks move more and more grain on long hauls direct to the processing' point —* not just to the local elevator. Livestock hauls from farm to market are virtually all by truck, likewise eggs, poultry, fruits, melons, vegetables. Industry., too, relies on trucks for the inbound and outbound movements required for manufacturing and distribution. You'll mentally tie trucks into this reciprocal trade better when you realize that nearly 1,600 Indiana communities are reached! only by motor truck, moving all produce and products in and out. To them trucks are the only transportation link in this trade interdependence. Yes, farm and city are indeed interdependent—and trucks are a tool for transforming city dollars into farm dollars, and vice versa, this week and every week. CHRISTMAS Indiana Motor Track Association, Inc. Th» Stof«'« Organized Trucking Induitry >W5 N. Mwldlan Strut • IndlanapoHi (, Indian* Jam** E. Nicholas, O*n*ral Manogtf mx . **^^ ! Letter from Santa Clans Hello Children! "Next Friday morning about 10 o'clock, 1 will be at my headquarters, Second and Broadway. I want to meet all Little Boys and Girls; 1 have a gift for you too. Come visit with me." Affectionately Santa Claus Save Each Week for SO Weeks $ .50 1.00 2.00 5.00 10.00 Plus Liberal Collect Next November $ 25.00 50.00 100.00 250.00 500.00 Dividends Of course, it's fun to shop for gala gifts with no money worries on your mind ... and you can do it if you're a member of our Christmas Club! You never miss the little bit you put aside each week, but it mounts up fast... as you'll discover when you get your generous check next November—and at First Federal your Christmas Club Savings draw dividends. > Your First Federal Christmas Club For 1958 Is Now Open. Come in soon and pick the savings plan that suits you best. CURRENT DIVIDENDS .' - I 1 Maaa*M**isi«i»*»»»*»**»;M^^ 3 PER YEAR 314 Fourth Street ASSETS OVER $12'/2 MILLION

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