Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 8, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1895
Page 5
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New; Spring Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at LEGISLATIVE NOTES. DEWENTER, THE HATTER and FURNISHER. There Is Reason For It! Wo have told you about receiving our new Spring Goods, but •wo want you to know what otbeVs say about thuai. If you -will drop in a few minutest perhaps you won't bluiue us for "hupping" on this subject. Most people say: "More beautiful than ever,'' and a great many any; '''Not expensive either." We are receiving 11 fjreat many orders for suits to be made up for Easter and would like to'put your order down. TUCKER &YOUNG, THE, FEflRL STREET TfULORS. MONEY TO LOAN- Personal, Real Estate- or Collateral Security. Any Amount. Any Time. E. B. (Jvcrslilncr, 827 Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL. Oil (lie Slolt Lint. Cahlll, sr., of the South FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 8. Drink McLin's Kolatona. Every woman should learn about Zoa Phora. Mothers of daughters should know Zoa Phora. For Rent—Dwolllog on Linden 8ve» nue. Inquire of Edith Matt. Slate Kepplnger will hang paper at 15 cents a double roll. Give him a call over Lelncneman's tailor shop. 504 Broadway. Even if you are not ready to make your purchases, H, Wller & Co , will only be too glad to show you through "their Immense store. A walk home from business saved today. Dinner and supper at tbe Christian church fair, Justice block, No. 428 Broadway. The Seniors and Juniors of lha Sigh school wore dismissed yesterday morn- log owing to the Illness of Misses HawIt 1 DO and Cook, instructors. At tba Justice block today. Old I style and now mode dishes .of all toothsome descriptions, Christian Church ladies'dinner and supper. Don't fall to call for one of those photograph cameras that will take a life-like picture, Saturday. They are free—Boiton Sample Shoe Co., 322 Fourth street, east side, Otto Kraus wants it distinctly un- understood that he la still aa largely Interested in clothing, bats and shirts aa ever, even if he is booming his shoe department, besides he promises to astonish tbe natives with some extra Ordinary bargains for his spring open. Ing which will be duly announced. James Side. Lewis Epstein and Robt. Rada^augh ure ill. Mrs. F. P. Rogers is convalescent. Lagrippo. Mrs, Mary Wright is very sick with lagrlppe. Miss Alice Hay is quite 111 with lagrippe. Mrs. H. Bowman Is quite ill with lagrippe. MrB. I S. Smith of the North Side, lung trouble. Miss Anna Bligh of No. 204 Ottawa street, lagrlppe. Mrs. Harry Troulman of Sycamore street, lagrippe. John Mitchell is sick at his home on Railroad street. J D, Prosoh Is confined to his home on Ea»t Spear street. J. C. Austin, head bookkeeper at Kenneth is seriously sick. S. T. McConnell la laid up with the prevalent malady, lagrippe. Robert Burklt of Nineteenth and Spear streets, is seriously ill. Harry Kistler of east High street is reported sijk with tho measles. Mias Anna Powell is said to bo 1m. proving after a three weeks' illness. M. Massena of 500 West .Broadway is troubled with rheumatism and failing sight, Mrs. Anthony Gruaenmeyerls said to be recovering from an attack of lagrlppe. W. D. Capron Is sick with -lagrlppe at hla home, corner of Ninth and High streets; A young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Parker Jusiice of Clinton township, is TlieHooae P<M*rM tbe%|itl-P*«» Bill And One ProvMIn* fJl'i&l He-vice - HulfH for Beievolen.lffnKinn- tlon«. ,".-. ft^j •-,*'. •• • LSDU.XAPOUS, .Ind.,..Maria 7.—A sensation was created U'odi^wlay when the senate took up the 'feef^ind salary" bill and tore the caucus measure all to shreds, and finally, passed/a "bill 'which. 1 contains increases oyejr^tlie caucus measure all along the line/"'The' house refused to concur in the '-amendments;', and the adjustment of the difficulty is thus left to a references- committee, which must act within the -next twenty-four hours. . i '. The senate killed the building and loan bill by a tie vote on-.its passage of 23 to 23, thus settling 'the- fact that there will be no building- and loan legislation at this session. The direct tax bill for the support of the educational institutions passed the senate and becomes a law. The Nicholson" bill was considered for about ten minutes. The house passed the benevolent, institutions bill with an amendment and sent it bad; to the senate. It also passed the coeinployes' liability bill, which had previously passed thu senate, and the senate bill appropriating SI0,000 per year to the state-board of agriculture. It also' passed a house bill permitting- the governor to prose- Cute directly where local authorities fail to do their duty. At its evening session . the senate passed the Moore temperance bili from the house, 'giving- city councils the right to confine saloons to the business districts, to prescribe the mode of their construction, and -to abolish wine rooms. The anti-compact insurance bill and the bills prohibiting- insurance with companies that do not file papers with the auditor of state we're killed in the house. The House by a volo of 52 to 27 passed Representative 'Sr,ute:mnn's bill providing for civil service government of the benevolent institutions. The bill provides that tbe State Board of Charities shall act' ns the civil service commissioner, , aod shall submit to the Governor a system of civil service rulss to be observed in all State institutions. The rules, It Is provided, shall have reference solely to securing personal fitness and qualifications for' service. The rules, after approval by .the Gov. ernor. are to become operative. In case the Governor does not', approve tbe rules within ten days, they-are . to become operative. The Board of Charities Is charged with examining all applicants for positions. •! , , CONTINUED ALL WEEK! QSFFOR CHOICE. $1.98 FOR CHOICR '• li'% Clife of Any Ladies'Shoe in the Store L NOT SAMPLES, BUT FROM STOCK. Any Ladies' Shoe that you see on exhibition in any Show Window at S3. $3.50, $4, $4.50 and $5. the same at Otto's, choice for $1.98. ALL WEEK! 4 There is no house in the city that carries so many fine shoes. Therefore we are safe in claiming to duplicate any that you may see displayed elsewhere or that you may have bought within the past year, Today for $1.98. This Remarkable Offer should fill our house from morning till evening. , Our Great Sample Shoe Sale is sti'J in its infancy and prices going" still lower. OTTO KRf\US; ' Great Shoe Sale. WILL BE CAKEJ) FOR. The amendment allowing keeper's family to enter the -saloon In prohibited hours, was adopted—31 to 17. Employes of a saloon can not enter H In these hours. An addition to Section 4 of the bill making the revok- .lag of a license imperative on the third conviction was adopted by 23 to 15. •The amendment of the Senate committee striking out the local upilon clause was discussed at length. A vote. had not been reached at 3 o'clock. * * * ' The House passed the bill known as the pure milk bill. The'bill 'provides that U shall be unlawful to sell 10 any cheese or butter factory mi!k : diluted with water, eklmmed milk, milk froai which the '-strlpplngo" have been held back, or milk from dleea'sod cowa or cows fed on refuse /rom distilleries. The bill Bxoa a penalty of from $50 to 1500. The vote stood 77 to-3. Gn» Explosion Bl Wilton. QAooumuiated gas In a drum attached to a*tove in the office of Dr. J. L. Ned of Walton exploded early yester- d»y morning, making considerable .noise, but doing no great damage. The explosion occurred when a fire was lighted. critically ill. Misses Bertha Hawkins and Ella Cook, teachers at the high school, are 111 with la grippe. A little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Crismond Is said to be seriously sick with pneumonia. Col Brlnghurst, aTter a severe ill. 'ness, la'agaln able to be on the street in his invalid's chair. The Nicholson bill which : was debated for a short time In the . Senate Wednesday as stated above,-;, took up most of the time of that body Tester, day. Tne antl restaurant clause was stricken out of the bill.' Tne vote w»s 24 to 24, and President 'Nye cast the deciding vote. Thus there can be a bar in one room and a restaurant in the adjoining one with a door between them. . •• ,-.: ••. » * • ,. Ti>o lUmi'Dtetl Soldier Wa« Gem so Totv.inend «f JlurlonOltm, IVIycoii- sin—Jle'lla* Iteeu at the Harlem Horn?. The soldier who bad been in the Casa county: jail for several days, and whose mind seemed unbalanced, turned out to be;George Townsend of Marionette, Wis, A. E. McBndeof that city was here yesterday and took charge of Townsend.;.: who is his cousin. Toe pair leftilast evening for Marionesta. Mr. -McBrlde stated that Townsend was a soldier In the regular army; that he .had- been accidentally wounded and was..sent to the Marlon soldiers' home. : • His mind-was almost wrecked as. a result of an attack of lagrlppe, sustained about eight months ago, Townsend is unmarried. Before hia .j&iokness he was- possessed of unusual ability intellectually, being a fluent 'and forcible writer. The tale he tells of describing the forest fires In Wisconsin for the Chicago and other metropolitan papers seems to have been ,true. . ' The horror Townsend has for tbe life at the soldiers' home is almost a mania, and bts first act after reaching the jail last-Sunday night was to write an Incoherent letter to Mayor McKee,- bagglng that his honor would not send him to Marlon, where, he claims, he would soon bocome a driveling iliot. Townsend 'was consolons of his unbalanced mental condition. It is hoped he is now In good hands. THE LOSS AND LVSCIUNCF. Si> Far UN Learned In tlic Itlu: Fire at H jru-J-onH Kencheii S4O.OOO. As stated In yesterday's Journal the village of Flora, Carroll county, was Wednesday eight visited by a destructive Ore Among the losers were J P. Ufbin & Soi, $6,000, Insurance $3 000; Kayes & Banna, of the Sentl- nel $2,000 loss, no insurance; 'Squire Glllam, $500, uninsured; Long'a restaurant, unprotected damage, $500, loss on the building, $3.000, partly covered by Insurance; £G. W. Pogue, law office, $500 loss, no insurance; Clingenpeel & Krous, who had a hardware store In a building owned by the Nobes estate suffered a $4.000 loes, half of which will be met by the insurance, while on tbe building, which was not insured, there was $1,500 lost; Samuel Thomas' building was damaged to the extent of $500; Hunt's drug stock was burned with $2,200 Joes and $1.000 insurance; Yundt ifc Carper 1 ! lose, in* surance not known, was $4 000 Among the smaller losses were those ofJ. F. Wolf, Mrs. Arthur Gillman and George Douglass. HAVE YOU CATARRH? THE STEAMER FRIESLiSD FLOATS Awarded Highest Honors— World's Fair. DR. The Xodcrn Inrilld Has taste? medicinally, io keeping with other luxuries. A remedy must be. pleasantly acceptable in form, purely wholesome in ^.composition, truly beneficial in effect aod entirely free from every objectionable quality. If really ill he consults a physician; if constipated he uses the gentle amily laxative Syrup of Figs. CREAM V BAKING POWHR MOST PERFECT MADE. 4 pure Grape Crea mt ' Tartar Powder. Free jom Ammonia, Alum & iny other adulterant 4O YEARS THE STANDARD. it .Rendered. Judgment has Deen rendered, in ac. cordance with the finding of the jury' ID the case of Wm. Welch vs. Vintoa F. M^rrlman, for alleged mallcloui tresspass. The jury Y finding was In favor of the defendant. Koiice. Water rents are due March -1, 1895. Penalty will be added and water shut off If not paid promptly. Bv order of Waterworks Board. D- A. WrDDixioN, Clerk. The Swatt Case Appealed. Oo the rendering of a judgment for tbe defendant in the ewe of Sweet vs Sweet, an appeal was taken to the appellate ciurt. TteifHouse passed the bill to require toi^ship trustees to print In' '' August of each year in- one newspaper an itemized statement of receipts, and expenditures, and of all outstanding orders. . . : w ' * . . ... * " '" Tbe House passed the actUpaas bill by a vote of 65 to 9, It makes it unlawful for the judge of any court or for any public officer to accept a pats Over any railroad. . ••'.. » « * The Houee passed tbe bill authorizing counties and townships to vote aid In the construction or repairpf bridges without dleoussion — yeas 63, cays 16.* * ' • ' * - '-. The bill requiring- railroad com paries to put in Interlocking switched passed the Hpuv— Yens 51,. bays 34 Tne Hed Slar liner GI>CH Acronnd »t Von Moid. Bne !• Noon Floated. , ' The Ead Star -line steamer, Friesland on 'which was the party of Jerusalem ^excursionists, which In. ciuded;many Indiana people, grounded inside the break water at Piirt Said, near JoppaV and only a few miles from '"the holy.'cHy, was yesterday flsa f .ed. .The excursionists were sent ashore at Joppa, but will again be taken aboard at once.- ^i** Mrs. Ruth Forrest cf this city Is a passengeron the Friesland. anl there are people^from Lafayette, Richmond, Indianapolis and other cities. A Flny for Kv«ry OUP. "Alimony" was presented by "Tim" Murpby, "gene" Canfield and their company fulfills to an unusual degree UB lau^h provoking mission. With all its length and breadth of smile, there appear at odd times little sparks and flashes of wit, satire and horse sense on the question of marriage and legal separation, that arrest the audience's attention in tbe midst of tho laugh, and produce an approving round of applause. "Tim" Murphy on and off the stage Is a clever actor and gentleman. When called before the curtain for a speech last night after the second act he made a most happy hit in an imitation of playwiightChas. Hoyt. His right hand man, the foot ball crank, Eugene Canfield. Is a three ring circus In himself, nnd his make up after a victory on the gridiron never fails to convulse the audience. The crowd last night was good, but tbe company and play deserved better, or perhaps best. .tcani*e.s (rr/mtrd. The county commissioners yesterday granted- liquor licenses to the following:. John R, Abern, George A. Helvie and Daniel Brown of Logansport; John Ubelhauser of Boy a! Center and '-.. Z. and A. M. Scott of Galveiton.' 'If you bare dull and' heavy pain across forehead and about the eyes; if the nostrils are 'frequently stopped-up and followed by a dissgrteable discharge; if. soreness In the. no*e aa<l bleeding from the- nostril! \a often experienced; If you are very sensitive to cold In the head accompanied with headache; then you may _ be sure you have catarrh; and should r .(lmmedl alely) 'resort to E'y's Cream:- Bslm for a cure. The remedy/ will give instant .relief. : •"'..- - Hot Go»tp. An alleged sensational elopement. which wag given some prominence in ; the columns of an evening paper, proves to have been the fabrication of ever : bu6y gO8»lp», based op the fact that a Tho Ke-urninn Pr"<ll(f»|p«, They've broke up house In Co gress— lelt Wash- In'ton fergoed; An' some will go to plowin', and some to spllttln' wood; So ring the bell, conductor: an' people, clear the truck! But, makes no difference where they g», they never will go back ! They've hroke ap hoiue In Congress --they're headed now /er home— They're done got all tbe honey ont, an' throwed sway the &imb; So ring the bell, conductor! Jest take In all the slack! It makes no dlff»rence where they go, they never man and -woman train yesterday. boarded the same i -Tke Kry Found -In knowing how to be successful 18 to give tbe customer the value for bl» "money. Jacob Herz, whose reputation 'for •electing!Jasty aod njbby «tyleB and making: them up In first-class" .style is well known in this com- munlty. begs leave to announce that be has secured' the nicest tot of spring eoods ever brought here, and at prices to suit the. time*. You are invited to call.' • .--v- Tours, • -.! -. -. .' JACOB HEBZ. The fitlds air needln' plowin.'— die land fer labor tails; • We're cattln 1 close on firewood an' runnln' short on rniJs; So ring the bell, conductor! good people clear the truck! It makm no oUTi- recce where they go, they never will go back! —Atlanta Constitution. Th* i. A. A A meeting of t&e Logansport Athletic Association will be held tonight at George B Forgy'* office Tbe association is in a flourishing condition with sixty members, and new names being added. The club will •oon purchase all tbe needed parapn ar- nilis, and will occupy tbe third floor of the new Jordan building. Then Uond This. Part of the Testimony <£ One Day. January 15, 189£. Mr. Colmac:— .">EAK SIR—I must hava some man Petroleum Balm; I oin't g-ot along without it. It is the best for catarrh of anything I have ever tried. -I had a thumping in my head over a year. That was tho first thing that stoppett it. Since I began using the B»I*:£l have not felt it at all, so I am recommending it highly. Address MKS. NORA. DAVIS, • Box 20, Adams Matt. GAimETT, lod.,'Jan. 15, 1896. Mr. Colman:— The sample of Petroleum Balm Kt& Emollient you sent me hag done w* great good. My throat is belter than for six mouths before. I encloee pay. for another box of each. Miis. CIIAS. SIMMONS. CARTHAGK, Ind,, Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. Colman:— Please send me two dozen boilles"«i your Petroleum Balm. I think I shall have no trouble in selling it us it tme done my husband more good in-oc« week than all the medicine he h»? used in yeare. MKS. CBAKLES Wnjoxsox. HANTJSOMS, Va., Jan. 15, 1895, Mr. Colman:— DEAR SIR—I received thePetroleu* Balm all right. Enclosed ,plsate.£n* 30 cents for a box. It's tho -only thing that does my leg any good. F4^re months ago my leg broke out with » burning ulcer, and our family doctor has tended It all the time, but -ii-dajlj- grew woree, with no ease Oi lite. Your medicine is all that I can -get that eases It. I think it will be E un- dent to. cure It. I shall try to be M all the use to you I caa in selling your medicine. Respectfully youra, L JOYlfEJl. ' HARPEH, Mo., Jan. 15,'18fli£- Colman Bros. & Co.:— * DEAK •SIRS—My husband baa boat troubled with catarrh in tho head f«: twelve years and has tritd eeveniK remedies, but received no benefit from them. He bought a box of youfB* troloum Balm some time ago »nd ha* not used more than, half of it a»C thinks he ia well. I would very much like to ta4«-W«» agency and think I can help rcyseU and you too, by doing so. Pleaee lal m» hear from you at once. Respectfully, MK3. W. D. MCCJ>AIN. We could fill thie whole column such testimonials all written in O day. During next week you can free lample of the remedies at tto drug- storei of B. F. Reesling or Job* Coulaon. Vandali* Linn Kxr.urmtoam, On Feoruary 12, March 5, Aprll'S and 30, 1895, borne seekers excursion tickets will be on sale at very cheap rates to various points in tbe Soutfe and Southwest. .For rates, limit atOjp- over prlvLIges etc . apply to J. C. EDGEWWJTH, Agt, ? rpp*rlDKf«r memorial l>*r. The H go' Scbool culets drilled • Dolsn and McKileV hall laet eight, m a beeiDnioiiof the annual preparatltK for Decoration day.

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