Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 21, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 21, 1897
Page 21
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John [grayj Blankets, Comforts, Cloaks, Gfoves, Hosiery and Underwear for large and small. P. S. We have just received a full line of Cen- temerie Gloves in the new clasp. FANCY CUTS -OF- Beef, Veal & Pork Fancy Quality Lard 6cts -At- Wm. Howe's Market, 5th and Broadway. E. H. GRACE, D- D. S. DENTAL PARLOUS, 816 Market Street. New Aluminite Rubber Plates. f[ANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand Goods. awethatreet W. J. Barnett, suoo. M ortoc.L.w 0 u. Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Market street. Calls attended day or nkrtit. The finest outfit ID the U. S. Col. (J. L. Woli, •will remain with me. a Bosldence-Matual. . S- Hunt, —DENTIST— ^SSJfS^ff^^f^^^ of teotb. Modern methods, modern prices, on Fourth Htreet. « U Telephone No. When YOU Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN —GO TO— F H. Wipperman, tOe.Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance, New Undertakers. 303 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. Calls promptly attended to. flay Or nlpht. Mr. Kllll»u was for many years joreman foi Charl. s L. Woll. Telephone 281. BE. C. D. EVEESOLE'S DECTAL PALLORS Over Portor'8 New Drug Store. Corner of_, Fourth and Market Streets. McConnell&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY FHAEQS MONDAY, NOV 22, 1897, OITY NRWS Shoes at half price at Walden's. Bankrupt sale of shoes at Walden's. One dozen bottles assorted wine for 13, at Foley's. • For fancy china at low prices call at the Trade Palace. A good supper will be served every crening during the weefc at tbe St. Bridget's bazaar, by professional •ooks, for 15 cents. The 10-months-old daughter of Mr. mnd Mrs. Charles Eeed died yesterday. The funeral will be held at 10 a. m. tomorrow. Interment in Mt. Hope cemetery. "Sunset Limited." A vestlbuled train of composite compartment drawing room sleeping cars and dining cars. Chicago and St. Louis to California lu three days. Complete particulars mailed free to any address by your local agent or James Charlton, G. P. A.,C. & A. R, R., Chicago, 111., or R. C. Town,•en, G. P. A., St. L. I. M. & S. Ry., St. Louis, Mo. Offloen Elected. At tbe last meeting of the Companions ot I- 0. F., a Dorcai Sewing •oftlety was organized and the following officers were elected: Prenldentr—Mrs- Chai. McGownn. Vice President—Mrs. F. J. Brings. Secretary—MM. James Viney. TreMurer—Mrs. Mctraw. ATTORNEYS RETURN" From a Vtoit to the Columbns Penitentiary. They Had a Long loterriew With John F. Johnuon. Attorneys M. B. Lalry, Q. A. Myers and George W. Walters returned from Columbus, O., yesterday morning. They made a visit to the Obio penitentiary to take tbe deposition of John F. Johnson In some cases now pending in the Cass circuit court. In conversation with Mr. Walters tills afternoon he stated that they found Mr. Johnson in the enjoyment of good health and that he was pleased to see them. He is now employed as principal hook keeper a&d banker for the convicts. Herecelves all the money deposited by men committed to prison, keeps an account of the same on the prison nooks and checks out the money for them on demand. In other wo r ds he is the prisoners' banker. While treated as a trusty, it Is not true that he can come and go at will. He has, however, gained the confidence of tbe prison authorities aod is able to secure any reasonable favor. He stated to the attorneys that the great Jstrain that he had endured for the past three years was lighter now than when he was struggling along to restore the lost funds of the State National bank.He was on a constant strain day and night, he says for three years and took all kinds of chances to prevent the failure of the bank. He is comfortably quartered In the prison, and has enough work to keep him employed most of the time. SCRAPS OF JiEWS Relating to tbe Railroads and Their Employes. Van Hayes, the Panhandle engineer, is 111 at his apaitments on Market street. The Thanksgiving travel began today, though the reduced rates are not effective until Wednesday. Reduced rates will be In effect to Marion Nov. 26th to Nov. 29th, on account of the Y. P. S. C. E. meeting. Freight business is BO heavy on the Panhandle that several passenger crews were pressed into service yesterday. Jesse Evans, the Panhandle fireman, who was scalded between here and Chicago, Is reported to be Improving. D- Lee, day yard conductor in the Vandalla yards. Is ofl duty for a few •lays for ttie purpose of taking his nephew to his home at Alberqueque, New Mexico. Albert Smith will be conductor during Mr. Lee's absence. The interchangeable mileage ticket has been greatly simplified. They no longer require the signature to be written ia the presence of a ticket agent, and the condition that the exchange ticket be used on a specified train is abolished. Circuit Court. The case of John W. Harvey vs. Jesse Baker, to secure the foreclosure of a mechanic's lien, in on trial before Judge Chase. Frank Guthrie Is appearing for tbe plaintiff and Swlgart & Smith for the defendant. Lalry & Mahoney has filed a suit for Frederick Behreos against John H. Lux. Demand, 1175, on account. J. S. Lesser & Co., of New York, by J. T, Tomllnson, has filed a suit against H. B. Kennedy. Demand, 1400, on account. H. Brookmeyer, sr., has filed his final report as administrator of the estate of the late Joseph Grusenmeyer. The divorce suit of Thomas W. Jackson vs. Fanny Jackson was dismissed at plaintiff's cost. Americus Gerard was granted a divorce from Wm. A. Gerard. W. C. T. U. Xottce. The regular meeting of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union will be held at the Home for the Friendless at 2:30 f m. Wednesday. Thanksgiving will be observed as usual. All those wishing to contribute to the poor of the city will please leave donations at the home of Mrs. C. L. Grablenot later than Wednesday evening. MKS. E. L. GRAELE, Pres. MKS. JENNIE RODGEKS, Ass't. Sec. Lynch Spirit I» Ererjrvlier*. Farm, Ills., Nov. 22.—An Incendiary burned Fritz Dahlers' tig dairy barn Friday night. Thirty-five bead of cattle, five calves and as many horses were Voasted alive. John de Silva. a tormer employe of Dahlers. was arrested and confessed setting the barn on fire. Owing t* ljst«ns« excitement De Silva was spirited out of town, the authorities fearing a lynching:. M..'u»n of th« Cabbie*. Washington. NO,., jo.—Tb« caMitct a« in s*scioij for tiro hours yMttrdajr ttvot*4 lary«4y te a dfecuaeioix ft tttt aaaul r*p*rts of the different mmken. C tk* tameial Qoertinw «po» -which HIM* wu a T»rf*tr •* UtolBi •• M DEMOCRimC OUTLOOK. Considerations Which Bespeak Future Victory. THE PAETT STKO¥GEE THAK EVER McKlnley Administration Repudiated by the People—Divided Republicans See Impending Defeat —Trouble In Store For the Party of TruetK, The significance of the recent elections in a national way can hardly be overestimated, says the Atlanta Constitution. The great growth of Democratic sentiment which the results indicate has brought hope and confidence to the Democrats, and in the struggle for advantage ia the congressional elections of nest year and the presidential election of 1900, the advantage is now with the party of the people. From the fall of Czar Reed's gavel the first week of December until adjournment comes in the summer following every move in congress will be of interest to the people and of importance in its bearing on the future. The Democratic leaders go into that contest with their forces united and with the certainty of approval at the hands of the people, if in all things they are true to the principles of their party. The election results mean that the party is stronger today than it has ever been. In r.hese early contests the people have repudiated the McKinley-Hanna administration. The hollowness of the cry that prosperity had come as the result of Republican legislation has been seen by the people, and they have registered their refusal to bo fooled. Wherever there was a fighting chance to overthrow the administration party, with its vast campaign funds and its thousands of office promises, the people have done the overthrowing, and even in the supposedly impregnable Republican strongholds they have shown the strength of their Democratic sentiments by great Democratic gains." The Democratic leaders enter upon their duties in congress fortified in the knowledge that the drift of public sentiment is their way. That they will take advantage of this, strengthening in every way possible their position, by emphasizing their adherence to true Democratic principles and their determination to bring substantial relief through legislation on the line of those principles, is certain. On the other band, the Republicans will begin the fight in this session of congress disheartened by the knowledge that the drift is against them; that defeat is impending, and with the further knowledge that their own forces are badly divided. .All sorts of trouble seems to be coming in the way of the men who secured control of the government by promises which they not only have failed to fulfill, but which they had no intention of fulfilling. The Republican forces are certain to show wide divisions on any proposition the party advances looking to financial and monetary reform. The failure of the Wolcott commission wipes away thu last vestige of the international bimetallism pretense and means now that the party must tome ont in the open in defense of the single gold standard, whose evils so many of its,leaders have so long and so bitterly denounced. The money power owns the Republican party, and despite the warnings of its wisest leaders in times past it is compelled now to come out in bold defense of that disastrous experiment in financial legislation. The eastern leaders, or most of them, will ba found standing willingly to this policy. The western Republicans will protest, for they know- such a position njeans repudiation at the hands of their constituents. The party will be badly split, and its chances of enacting any financial legislation that caii strengthen their party is infinitesimal. These considerations and others will make the coming session of congress full of interest and of political importance. The Republicans go into it burdened with the practical certainty of further repudiation and defeat. The Democratic position, on the other hand, is one full of hope and of confidence that the future is to bring party victory and substantial relief to the people whose only hope lies in Democratic control of congress and of the administration. BACK INTO THE FOLD. A Kentucky Editor Slakes » Lively Hn«- tltf For the Band Wagon. A Kentucky paper -which has for a long time been trying to save the Democratic party, "all by itself," has given up the fight since the party took up the salvation business the other day. The editorial which announces the abandonment of die enterprise is a curiosity iu circumlocution and a fine specimen of trying to "come down" while maintaining the appearance of still roostins high. * Properly translated, it would read about this way: We have done our best, but we tear rbat notwithstanding our splendid efforts everything is going to the devil, bur we feel it a duty to get back in the band wagon and go to the devil with the old parry, and all its sins, provided we are given dilettante consideration and are allowed to retam to a seat at the first tabla Of course we think this much ought to be accorded to us for old rimes' sake, but the fact is we have to go along if we only get the scraps. We're 'out of meat.'"— Cincinnati Enquirer. Not co That Extent. The appropriation- -bills will be the meet important measures at the coining session of congrees. It would probably be a waste of ink and space to advise the catting down of expenses in proportion to the shortage under the new tariff few. -thir'S&oes'Fit , Like gloves And they wear Like Iron. "We treat oar customers Fair and square" Because we, appreciate Their trade. Our prices are Low— . ... "Wonderfully lew—- And quality is- High- Yery high— And we want Your trade. EliasO Winter, Department of Pen Art Hall's Business College has engaged Mr. Andrew Frederick to take charge of the Penmanship classes. His time will be devoted exclusively to this line of work. Loftansport needs a First Class School of Pen Art, and we take pleasure in announcing- that we are DOW prepared to Kive the Yery bept Instruction that can be had. Mr. Frederick is a OHADTIAI'E of the Zanerian Pen Art School. Columbus, 0-. and W»B an iretruetor ia that school until engaged by H*11'8 Business College. C. F. MOORE, Pres. Hall's Business .'College, Second u.id Third floor, Key stone Building, Leg an , Ind. THE SEASON'S FASHIONS. Kew Development* In 'Way of Styles, Matt-rials and Trimmir-E*. The notes on current modes to be gathered on all sides are most varied. There, are severely plain skirts and skirts elaborately trimmed. The skirt linings are made with a knife plaited frill set in on the edge entirely without stiffening and quite separate from the dress skirt except at the waistband. The new sleeves are proportionately small— quite close, in fact—with very small puffs or frills at the top. As for bodices, there is an infinite variety. There are coat bodices long, short and medium in length. There are Eussiau and other blouse bodices and bodices with and without basques. Tbe one sided way of trimming appears on many of our bodices, and newer than a mass of ruffles or jabots are the single shawl revers carried from the right shoulder to the left side of the waist. Fashion continues to be devoted to jashes and belts of all sorts and descriptions. Black lace trimmings are considered the last word in point of elegance and nioclishness. Edges of fur and fur trimmings of all ;ort£ are in evidence on the new gowns EVEXISG WRAPS. both for day and evening wear. Velvet, lace, chiffon and fur are to be seen frequently on one garment. Chinchilla, Persian lamb and sable are the favorites, but there are cheaper furs which make a very effective edging. There is a new fashion in the making of bow» for the neck, these being now contrived of accordion kilted silk, very small and short and full, with finely plaited ends. They are set in the center of a collar band made of plaiting, and they are made in glace silk of every conceivable hue. A little novelty in collar bands also to be. noted is iu imitation of a clergyman's collar] made in white satin, and over this is tied an ordinary bow of any colored ribbon. Collar bands are still a very distinctive point in tbe costume, and many very somber gowns have a dash of bright color at the neck which adds wonderfully to the effect Hats are less extreme than they were earlierje the season. The toque is 6 fc- There are, perhaps, one hundred different baking powders sold in this state. How many offer your money back if not satisfied? One only — Cleveland's. Read ottr guarantee: — Guarantee* Qroevr* tack TOUT mon«T if T»» *• not lad CleveUad'B th« W powder yon. h»v» vnr mild. Tailor and Draper, DON'T MISS ^^ thls'opportnnlty-to order' jonr Wl»ter Overcoat. You will n«ed It be- toreilong. We hare each a cboio» selection of fabrics, from the beat woolen mills of the world, that w« are making up into itjllsh and bund- some overcoats, at such a reasonable price that we would like to take your measure at once. Our reputation for high grade custom work speaks for itself. Carl W. Keller. 311 Market St, BANKRUPT SALE! Slaughter Sale of the Best Shoe Stock Ever Brought to This City, Having bought the Walden Shoe stock at assignee sale, I will proceed to close out the entire stock at prices vou have read about, but never came ia contact with THIS IS NO FAKE SALE, fBut the goods must be sold to meet deferred payments and I -will sell these goods at just • • 1=3 Less Than Wholesale Cost - • Tou cannot afford to miss this sale. If-yon don't need them now, you -will in a few days. Is there any INVESTMENT that will PAY YOU AS MUCH? This wholesale daughter sale commenced Monday, November 8th. M. WALDEN. 315 Fourth;Street, Logansport, Ind. Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in town is Craig. He will make up a Suit for you thai for Price, Style and Fit cannot be beaten. His Stock of NEW AND STYLISH FABRICS For Fall and Winter, Up-to- date and includes everything desirable. Call and inspect. W. D CRAIG, Tailor 416 Broadway, Next to Friuzee's. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREk .ft. CHICAGO. •"orite'snape, and there are some ex'ceed- ingly small bonnets. Round felt bats with moderate brims and soi'fc dented crowns are a novelty. The hats are Eashioned so that they seem to tilt a trifle on the head. Birds, plumes, wings, aigrets, flowers, furs and jet and jeweled ornaments are all employed as garniture in millinery this season. For opera and other evening occasions where full dress is in order are some :harming evening wraps. One seen recently is in pink satin covered with duchess lace. Frills of accordion plaited chiffon covered with lace finished it around the bottom and it was headed with a chiffon ruche. The large collar is of satin ribbon, lace and chiffon. In striking contrast, but equally stylish, is a white hooded cape bordered with ermine and fastened at the throat with a lace bow having long ends and a jewel in the center. ALICE Daisy Proposals. Proposals of marriage have, no doubt, 36611 occasionally made in the language of flowers. The practice has never been common, because, in the first place, the Language in question is in a, somewhat unfixed condition, its vocabulary containing much that is still in dispute among the learned, and. secondly, because the recipients of the offer might very reasonably object to its nncommit- ting and essentially revocable character. An inventive genius has now copied nature and invented a proposal charm, "a six petaled marguerite in pure white enamel and gold.'' ingeniously overlaid upon another daisy in such a way that by preying upon a tiny spring concealed in the calyx the flower becomes a 12 peraled one. Upon each of the alternate patals thus newly disclosed is in- bribed a word, and read together they form a declaration of passionate and devoted lova It is thought by the inventor of this eracefnl little trinket that it may be "of great assistance to a shy gentleman." who might, it is suggested, send it to a lady by registered post, and If afterward he .saw her wearing it he oocld than "a*k her whether th« had p*MMd the spring."—London Telegraph. .. The county board or Wlnnebago county, "WTs^hAs demanded that the register of probate pay back t2S a. month •!lowed Mm for clerk hire on the ground tb#i he dj<l not hir* a clert ------ FIRE PROOF. One block from C. U. I. A: P. and. L. S. A M. S. Railroad depoC. Improvements costing 575,000.00 have just teen completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found in any hotel, including hot and cold water, electric light and steam heat in every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner and Proprietor YOU SEEN The New Furniture Store in the new Pythian Block Corner.Market, Fifth and Erie Streets? YOU SEEN Those Quarter Sawed Oak Leather, Rubber, Seat Rockers, they usually sell st $4. 90, our price is $2.25 YOU SEEN Those heavy, well made polished, square top Center Tables. 25x25 In. that ar worth $3.50, our price is $1.50. HPE YOU SEEN Those solid oak Sideboards? We are selling so many of them. They are worth. $16 each, our price ig only $8.90.

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