The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, June 12, 1952
Page 5
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TAGK TEX BT.YTHEVIU.K fARK,) COURIKR NEWS THUKSDAT, JUNE 12, 1952 Hank Sauer is Gaining Stature As Most Dangerous Hitter in Baseball i Big Cub Outfielder Shoulders Whole Load for Cavarettamen I)y JACK HAM) AsMtclali'd ]'r('(,s S|Kirls WriU-r No OHP will iliiro nsk Hank Smior to .sit mil the 10. r >2 ull- slar tfiime. The liiii follow from I'liicajt" stiiii«l.s in Ted Williams' siloes ;is Uic luading .sluKKt'r i" all baseball. Barney Slioiton, National League , bgillolitiK. S.mpi may wind ii|> wuh all-star mniiRBer in IW Keif in a jinn u'lion he si^nc-.stcd that MB Hank Rive way lo Unrigcr Duke Snider In Hie slartiiiR lineup. Shouon roiiml liltnst'll willumt a cetiteifinltier in his fan-pick-'d outfield of ICmys Shn;E;hu*r, l?;>lpll Killer anrt S:mer. So Uf bench Sailer. lli« most votes of aiw plnver In cither lrni>M. At IOJIM IIP will if ho has many more days like yes- K-niay. Hatter hammered Ihifc of "roizs- in" Curt Simmons' piichus into Irfl field btenclmr area for a 3-2 \ ilcuiilcd loj Cub win over the I'llHHos. Ilaekiu! !!>5U he hit three homer.s off The wires siwled with fiery pro-! Simmons in an Aui;. 28 game at; tests from indignant Cub fans. They | WriRlry Field. No oilier major , applied so much lira', lliai Com-1 It-itfiuc bailer o\'or hit tin ee houiiirs ; iin^.^ Hajip\ Cliiindlei, lieeii : off !!ie same pitcher in tu - o diffi'J'-j ili S the muimtinK pressure, nlloil [ ml names. I "Saner must stnrl." Wl'.en Slioilon Muck his liciul oul of Ihe visiting dugout at Comiskey Part: that July adcrnaon, a Juicy boo barrage sini-'cci til* car.s. From Hie trend of the early How Did Bill Last That Long? Both Men Want To Be Whole Show on Club \Mil|r|>ru I rei'iiinslv • Oddly cnnuKh, Saner slnick will I ihrei' slralfjtiL times in his last previous medium vnih Simmons \vhen thn Phi! .sautlipaw lanned 12 and beat the Cabs on n two-hitter. Miiy 13 at Philadelphia. Sauer's homers weie lead-oil blows in Ihe sec-omi, sixth and eighth innings. In the third itming, be popped out. Despite the bombing. Turk [.own needed some bonehead Phil base^\ * I I I running and relief help from Dutch K ^)|On I f)CT Leonard lo beat Simmons. IXQJQII tQiJl with lllc bnscs i ond( ,i| ln ii, e fiflh. iiiulile Asbbnrn singled to center bill Tommy Brown dashed from firs! to third without touching .second base. Two .sure runs were nullified when the Cub Infield called for the bull and Eddie Mile- 1 sts stepped on second to rclire Drown for the third out. Leonard replaced Lowti with men on second and third nnd only one out in Ihe ninth. Ho strut-!: out Johnny Wryo.slek and made Forrest Burgess ground out. GAVf.E TAI.BOT Sailer's slugging was the biB NMfVV YORK (A 1>\ " ews °' lhe <'" y ' nlllloll K h "" !|i<! iMim iuixi\ t/\i ; — W11S i,,,!,-!, f,, ss i n g nn[ ] fuming last The wonder is not thill Bill night at Sl.Louls where both Man- Yeeck and Rogers Hornsb.V 1 a "- el ' Cliuck Dressen nnd Pec Wee ' Reese of Brooklyn were tossed out Heat and Kogan Complicate Texas Sun Bearing Down as Golfers Tee-Off in Dallas MOUTHFUL — Count Yngi lees off in an unusual way in Francisco, driving with (lie cluh held by his Icelh. The trick-shot nrtisl's technique is not prescribed. (NEA) Don Carlson Is Toast of N. 0. Brooklyn New York Chicago SI. I.oius Cincinnati Philadelphia Boston Pittsburgh W 1, 35 n 31 n 31 19 20 26 24 27 19 28 IS 2Q H 40 Pet. GB .120 .. . .G!8 •! .020 5 .500 11 .411 !2' L . .404 15' 2 .30C Hi .259 24 AMERICAN I.KACUH W I- Pel. Marciano and Harry Matthews Have Been Carefully Handled DALLAS Wi—Tw'u intruders, heat and Ben Hot;an, threatened to eom- Jjlieate matters today as the familiar figures ol coif's tournament l began Iheir nnnual qiifst for the pri/.e of all. Ihe United States Open Championship. of course, was New York Hoslon Cleveland Washington Chicago PhiliHlelphiH St. Lours Detroit 21 18 30 21 30 22 24 23 2(i 25 '>\ 23 23 29 15 35 .IJOO .588 .517 .511 .510 ATI .412 SOUTIIKKN ASSOCIATION New Orlea Mobile W 3ti , , garded i Chattanooga as the most serious threat as the I AI J antri vanguard of the field of 1132 play- 1 Nashville ers began to stream down ,| lo | Hirmm»himi l)ottlenerS:cd fairwavs o! the North- '-"le Rock wood Course. ' | Memphis The wiry little man from FL ! Worth, who plays in only a Sew! VKSTKUDA VS RESULTS selected toiirnameius each year i National l.cnsup smashed the solidarity of the VCB- j Chicago 3 Philadelphia 2 u!ar "tourists" by witmins the last By UAH IIV (iKAVSON M)A Sporls Kditor NEW YORK — CNEA) — While Harry Matthew's wus being given ttu rnn-around by the International Boxing Club, Jac:k Hurley's pesl was a liitle. insignificant liglu- heavyweiglil. Now thai Manager Hurley has '.vou the firsl bifi decision, forced tht. mak-li with Rocky Marciano at OB! Yankee Stadium, July 28, Matthews suddenly becomes n king-si/.c? cobra. Much depends on which side >uu're on in the fight racket. One school of thought points to Mai thews' more-recent outings with Eianiiy Njirdico and Hex Layne as offering something in the way of ,*\ evidence that the son of (he Idaho blacksmith has lost some of the punch that accounted for long &ttings of knockouts. These have an idea that the hgrf.Hitting Marciano will pierce his armor within the 10 rounds. One thins is certain. Two of the tr.cst-carefiilly handled bigger fel- ious in history are being exposed to something bordering on llle le- Bl'uniate for the time. ^Mother thins Is for .sure. Marci- Pet .581 .565 .550 .517 .455 .345; ano Isn't boxing his brother, Louis, which lie did four times In exhibl- lioiir iti Maine under the names of Pile Fuller and Tony £ullo. Foi that. Marciano, the foremost [•rr-tenrier to the throne, got 30 dnys. IIUKI.KV WANTED 10 ROUNDS liurley got everything he wanted from the IDC, including an even division of the swag, theater tele- \'lMon and 10 rounds, He took the stand that Marciano had to re-establish himself after bis sorry showing against old Lee Sr.vold. His strongest point was that the highly-publicized Matthews, seen oi:ly once iti New York and then by a comparative handful of ad. Cilcl-s. offered the only medium. So he won the entire argument including, (he part having to cto with Ihe shorter distance. A; Weill, speaking for Marciano held out for 15 rounds, offered lo compromise at t2. Hurley, one of the last of the old- instructors, obviously hopes to outbox, outmanem-er and oiitsmari the awkward and less-experienced Mcrciano. His skillful manipulating has ilated the handsome Matthew* In the best possible position for an -m- vnialleled shot at prize fighting'i biggest prize—against tht antique Jersey Joe Walcott. ' THEY'RE NOT KIDDING NOW Hurley Is already back in Seatll. telling the good people of the Pacifi: northwest what a frightful hurdle the uncouth Marciano is for The Athlete, as he calls Matthews, A master of ballyhoo. Hurley builds the other guy as well a< niif own bloke. • * Before the Irish Hob Murphy scrap at Madison Square Garden, Mar 2. 1951. he had everybody feeling sorry for The Athlete and the rest of the larger men running 1 av,ay and hiding from tha savagely-striking, southpaw. He steamed up a crowd of 11.000 and > $72,000 gate records in Portland, Ore., by releiiing to Matthews' last engage- n-Mit—with punch-sossy Rex Layne —as the most Important in The Athlete's career. But Jack Hurley doesn't have to kui anybody about this one. AP he has lo do is prove that (tarry Matthews can figllt. 1 s '- Lcuis 3 <"o<*>J'" '*• lu >»nmgs two open championships His: rivals i Nclv Yol ' k 3 Cincinnati 2 wouldn't like for him lo do it j Pittsburgh 5 Boston 0 aj;ain, but they can't deny him aj place among the top three or fotlt'i favomes. The .sticky heat. <vhlch hasn't kept a fe\v players from scorching the course in practice, may have a more serious effect if it continues through Saturday. The contenders will have to play 36 holes on lhat last day and (he strength-sapping Te.xas sun may lake a more severe toll tlutn those old enemies of lour- namenl goiters, par and pressure. The local weather bureau forecast continued ryQ-det-rec tcmpcrature.s today w:"i no relieving vain. Bi s Ho.vs Arc Old The top f a v o r i I o s. Hogan. Sammy Snead and Lloyd Mangrum *~ , t . r» . i alc letting old as athletes go — Celebrates Return from from 37 to 40 years — and niosi American League New York 7 Detroit 2 Washington 1 Cleveland 0 Boston 11 St. Louis 9 Philadelphia 5 Chicago 3 Southern Association Memphis G, Atlanta 0 Little Ruck 8. Birmingham 3 Nashville G, Mobile 5 <12 innings i New Orleans 5, Chattanooga 2 TODAY'S GAMi:S N'aticitKil League Philadelphia at Chicago. New York at Cincinnati, noston at Pittsburgh. Brooklyn at Si. Louis. Jaycees Win as Pitchers Dominate Midget Game The i mei-ce Junior Midget Chamber of Coin- on five walks League entry capi- un error. I lallzert on tight pitching by Brown | to defeat Rotary. 8-3^ in R Midget j League game at Ninth Street Park yesterday. Brown struck out ten In the five- inning affair and retired the side un strikeouts in the second inning. Romisavall got half his team's lilts with two singles; Rclary scored in their half of 11 ihe first, inning when Peterson belted a home run with no one on. Tinker tripled In the third ju\d later scored on an error mid Hucy addPtt the fin:i! tally of that inning i after singling to wind up Rotar However. Jayroe. Rotary pitcher. scoring f ° or [ he d . ly p Todny. the first week's play of the series will be concluded when the Kiwants team meets the Yarbro Co-Ops at 5:30. Tuesday, Ro>Aty meets Kiwanis, fell oul, but that their strange alliance laslecl even as long as it did. Except (or their mutual love (or bnsebail. Veeck. (he ebullient young promotional genius, nntl Hornsby, the steely-eyed lUiiviinet of the diamond, had absolutely in common. It would be of the with Hie Pirates by Hurling Mates Past Lookouts Hy The Associated Vrcss* Don of their strongest rivals aren't exactly young. You don't find fuzzy- cheehctl bids winning major tour- tinmenta these days and the open tille hnsn'l gone lo a runk outsider Carlsen. Ihe blond viking i .since Sam Parks won at Oakmoni name is synonymous with success in New Orleans baseball th KRVC lhc Cards a slicing 1 the Dodgers' National League lead lo four k-aiiios. Jim Hearn pitched (he New York ftiauts pasl Cincinnati. 3-2, with a four h Liter nnd lit tin Murry Dicker PLU.sbnrgh blanked Dostoti, nearly impossible to imagine two! 5-0. more opposite individuals. \ Tin; New York Yankees strctujth- Both were fully fuvare of this ened their American League lend when Veecfc. culled in the great inM\ wilh a 7-2 win over Detroit on of lamer and signed him to a \ Johnny Stan's pitching and homo three-year contract. Krietid.s and | runs by Joe Collins and Yogi admirers of bofh men shook their ! Herra. heads at the time and predicted [ Washington's Dob Porlerfield .with finality that lhc Rajah would j sbmout Cleveland's Bob Lemon, not finish out his first season as j i_o r to let the Boston Rrd Sox lake pilot of the Browns. lover second piuce with a come- [ In choosing Uornsby. ttie grmi from-behiml win ovcr St.Louis, i perfectionist, lo handle his team of j u-9. The Red Sox blasted Satchel rookies and cast - offs, Veeck L p n igc for six m tin: ninth. Inclnd- Kcemed to this writer to be making j j nK n g am e winning gi by Catcher Sum in 1035. determined rvnd rather noble effort to prove to his critics and the funs of St. T,ouis tlmt lie could cut the buffoonery nnd become homer The Philnrielphin A's knocked off Chicago. 5-3, on a four-run rally , in the sixth that included a two- deadly serious when it .suited hisi niT1 homer by Al Clark, needs. f or i n j in ed Zernial. Hajah Kt Host The Ret | Sox explosioii was tbn He knew Hoinsby would be tin- j moat dramatic event in the Atneri- bending. that as lon^ B.^ Rajan can as H cnine against Paige who held the Job he would be the absolute on the field and \vould stand For no front office Inlertcr- ence. II took courage tor a fellow such as Vceck to commit lumyeU hns been showing fine relief form. He hadn't tvUowcd «. run for '21 innings. Cou>stii;p info (he ninth with n The smootti-tbrowing righthand- er celebrated his return from lha Pittsburgh Pirates last night by chilling Chattnuoogcv on five hit.s as the Pels won. S-'2. and regained sole possession of lhe Southern Association load. Wa.s 11-3 Lust Year Carlson, who mint; up an ! 1-3 record in little more than half a seii.^on with New Orleans last year, .retired all of the Lookouts easily j except titiy Ernie Oravelz. .The I pint-sL7.ed-:r out fielder rapped Ihree I saft'tie.s, -including a three-bagGcr. ! Jack Paepkc homered for the Peli icims in Ihe third. I N'\ r ille went 12 innings before' locikuiK Mobile from the lead fi-5, ; Little Rock trounced Birmingham nnd Memphis handed lha Ati Crackers their seventh consecutive setback 6-0. The K^mc at Birmingham saw Baron ace John MacKinson fail -... , , toi the third time to posi his * I eiglnh violory. Alex McNeilance. Little Hock's Canadian rig-hthauri- er, scattered eif;ht hits ideally as the Travs won hnrulily. Hal Simpson, with four for four, nnd R. C. Otov, three for thi'ee, led the Little Rock attack. But for a times prize American League Detroit at. New York. St. Louis ftt Boston. Chicago at Philadelphia. Cleveland al Washington. Southern Association Tonight's Games Memphis at Atlanta Little Rock at Birmingham Chattanooga to New Orleans ; almost matched the performance. I He allowed but four hits and struck ! out seven. However, he walked eight | while Brown allowed hut. one walk, 'to Francis in the first inning, I The Jaycees got started in the i first inning on singles by Rounsa- 1 vail nnd Taylor, an error and an infield out thai resulted in three L'UIIS. They got fotir runs in the fourth the pressure of compel in; tille that is worth many 1 Nashville at Mobile (2) the value of its $4,000 top] money, and the toughened- Wightman Cup Matches Open tip course, renifiined as important factors although early estimates of (he probable winning score have been revised downward. The pro.s. who were mentioning LONDON (.4*1 — The 72-holt! totals of 283 or 28-i a few Op tennis ma;clie-s get under w.^y days ago before the siccl-ioii<>h [ nt Wimbledon tomorrov; with -the bermuda gra=,s rough was trimmed j Vnked State." Indies, as usual, rul- a bit nnd the irce-lined course was *"B lne hcav V favorucs spruced up foi the tournament. City Softball Standings now nre snying .scoie oar will be needed to win. Norihtvood will p^av fi.782 yards ! VK3a with n par of 35-35—70 for the championship. Thf- Knelish girls have not won : Kilcuauets tl.c- Cup since 1931 and have fin-1 Plaviers ishec ! first in only two of 41 indi-' Mrrey Ctiangers matches since the end of the COMMKKCIAL LEAGUE Tonir * W.L. Pel. D;rt> Sox 4 1 .BOO 4 2 3 2 4 Leather Pullers 2 5 wai ml 8 ' 3 ' ly White. One of the largest plants dot's not have a woody stem above! titli-st from San Diego, will ground Ls the banana. ' Mrf. Jean Walker-Smith. Ir the opener. Wiinbk'don Cham- ! pioi Dons Hail of Jacksonville, Flu., will meet Mrs. Jean Rfnkel, j v:hile In the second match 17-year-, oln Maureen Connelly; the U. H.; play comfort »ble 9-5 lead for Many to a deal of lhat kind, and perhaps | Marion's new charges. Old Hatch he should be given credit (or the loaded the bases on two infield try. singles nnd a walk. Vern Stephens popped nut but Paige walked "We'll have no trouble. Rogers and T." Bill said seriously in tram- Billy Goodman to torce in a run, Ted l.ppciiVs single scored another run and Whin; c leaned thn bases — ihe first homer off Pai^e this ins camp. "1 dUln'l hive him lic- <• f wanted a companion, but because he's tht- preatesi baseball m R na % c i in the wo r Id. He'll r t in the club on inn field and mv jub | Di?/y Trout, acquired froi will be lo iry ro get him the pLay-Ltroil lasi week in the big scvon-1 bn'.'s eis he v,;'.nl.v" |m,nn deal, ivoii his third m H row j <,;,,, The (.'uririice sorms to iw UiAlMor Boston by pitching a .scoreless i iiai the game's K;onuin iiKuic: a mighty } ninth as ihe fuurth Red Sox pitch- 1 n mx/inqlv or. rollin;- hit twn lumin and Berm one olf Billy Hot-It for ihe Vlinks' ninth victory iu then ; In^t 10 si^i!^ as they surged from fii'h lo fir.-,i phtcc in less ihnu l\vo - v.tvti.-,. Sinn t:avc up 10 hil.s bui v, CLC sinulos. Plowboys Win and Lose In BWL Tilt A Beautiful Car Wash In Just 15 Minutes! II Bi» bo iie? iiiiidc neitnit;* 1 VS. It Wii ol\ efforl He quid x\hi!? ihc'i]- hue e.\r>- r;. Horiv.ij> (o Like i ni'it. m frs'/i. ,..n-ij ; ihft* Vv ui (i n'-;irl',p[i Bill hrtri vve:'V:cL)«i Th'j iii'\\s rh: /io;n ;si. l.uii: tn p;-i)to>; 'he dn\ 's d-nibiriir ecs. ami :ii;i; the dsciate, e:, ui (lie "y: f^i (.-xut'i inu'iil" (o £i m he :::i-i ft'lci'lioisoil ' i>:xiet .iiy Hoiusby iir'-i mniit 1 of Sun- ; Tier v. itli ihv- Yitnk- : n.rlorfh-ld Wins T'u: i.-rlu'lri bent I.einou \vith a i tin :;i :he riuhth wben T'tntc Kun- m'ls iru-kU-ti a double past Second lln--i-ni;m Hc'uby Avila and Ken Wood, icci'iiily 'acquired from Ihc yly a n d coir.moiit Diat il u r( l Sox.u sUu:lca to center. The shouldn't be IOUL: now. It wa'-n't. -, vm rm j ri i Waslinialoirs five-game ]oii:i s stre.iii. It adm:ti.ed he had ;n a- iona ?s he tv ood the \u'ho;;< \ias the third tune Implement Company's PI > \ HOD one and IDS! one vpsler but Ihr victory \va.s the one rotinlcd. I'hc-y got n Forfeit win over Hie Ki.-h(-rmen and thru (lie latter (JM keel U[i n te;un It om spectators I ;nu' promptly grabbed an unotfirLil 1" !i; win. ^li'.itli homered ami !i jjilf d for i I 1 -" Ir-sri.s and Abbot l lielped out w if i ; a puir of homer;;. Slnlhii s Vi 1 - on Hie mound for (lie Plowboy r l\\o doubles nnd a tiouicr by Poe t"d the way for the pirfc-u^ who ivir; Hick-T doing their chunking. N,-' panics nre srhrdtilod in the TJrv Window Lcrvpue the rest of this v.<ok. HI: Monday. Moo;-e I^odsic will inert the undefeated AmciitMn Ui.ited Lifer.-;. &2&£ HAV WINDOW LEAGUE Tram \v. 1.. Pel. Liters . 7 0 1.000 Chevrolet; 4 3 .511 Plov.-hovs 3 4 MeacTs 3 4 Monsi 2 5 Fisiici 1 5 Y Team Loses 9-7 Decision To Jonesboro Biylhcvllle's Y team lost n toug! one to Jonesboro in the Craighea County town yesterday, 9-7. The Y club olithit their oppoti cnt«, II to 4, but. were unable t keen Jotiesboro from outscoring. Jnn Rayder relieved Eddie Sterna in the sixth with two on. Raytie walked the first man to load hasp I and then threw \vild when he ficlt .BOOfon 3 bunt ;\nd three men score, .800 This gave Jonesboro a t-6 lead. .4001 T e n bases on balls and ragt^e .333, foaj-,- running cost the Y team Ih .286 i game. Lone, Garner'and Bynum enc sot two hits for the V. Childre har< three for four and Tomm Medley .stroked n triple with Ol on in the fourth. This afternoon, the Y taem was scheduled to meet the strong Corbilt Motors Legion team in Mcm- . CHOLLY-^ Popular Charlie Grimm, who replaced Tommy Holmes at lha Boston helm, is a one-man circus coaching at third base. Braves' base runners have little trouble hearing the former Milwaukee generalissimo with the fog-horn voice. (NEA) .444 .429 .288 .167' 'Smitiy' Going Strong PICTOU, Canada f^j—The only working blacksmith in this community catering to the horse trade is Arthur MacPhee. who for 30 years has been -plying the ancient croH on .the, same location where his father began business some 75 years ago *Ngf i. en ion hiitl been shut om Can't Illanie tlurnshv ' Ko blame c.ui bo niun-hed to, Horn.-bv. lie :oUi liill ond ai^'onci cl-.c v.ho astt-tl liari thai he Vvould- mn U-e Brov.'iis in his own way or j nn 1 , :i '. ri 1 ]. li e v" 11 u ;i s t yped i n ln.= t.'onr:-;ict iimi "there wovildifi. ijf^ ,TII> o! nmiiici. 1 ;" on the Held \vhilp he vuis inanayer. \\'licn liie old ijattLiiy ntiinoi t:il found Veeck cauldti'i keep his pail of ihc barfcjiin he bi ux;ght u show(J u '.v 15, It v, as liooci 'o h;\\'e liitn buck iii the b;'j leaiiur.v e\on for .so short ;< lime ?»nd wp luipe it won't be Ins l:i^t vi.-it. Martv MrtfLon. who takes over, probably Is uau-h better suited Thf Cauf-i' exira-innitig win was iJieir second ui a ] ow <>\ rr the DotUifi> wlio Doomed into St.Lotus wuh ;\ Vio\ winiunB! streak. lV:inuLs I.OV,T(\V opened ilie 10th with ;i double olf lci>er Hilly I.<irs. Afier Dk'h tji^ltr was passed in- leiHioiuilU. Tommy G 1 n v l a n o forced l.owioy at third on nn at-j tompfed .> a c r i M c P. Ricn then I arched l.oes' fust pitch uilo short I left to sroif Sisler : \Villard Sctimidi. t!ie No. 3 mmi: of a riVfkte n 10 (bat allowed the i Oodiier.s ot-jlyhiour t\it.s, \v;i,s the '• winner on ,1 uvo-iniiing relief Job. i The CiL.ini.s picked up a full same • nn Helm's line effort at Cincin- j Mali. IMunitf one stretch, Ihr right- i einc'rt 15 consecutive [ Flowers Aid Blood Drive WASHINGTON. D, C. '.P—They're asking uiih lioweis in an ef- Joi l to spur blood donations. I'letty models passed out 3,00tl led roses here recently and to each was attached a card askinp the recipient to donate a pint of blood at 1he Red Cross center. A llor- . ist aroup sponsored the idea. Ihrin lloiij,i,y to the task ol man- 1 h ; , nrte oging Veeck. I'lie "real shortstop i Reds-. ha-, a sunny disposition and no j Jtu.ce.-ive doubles by Boll Elliott marl-.ed averslnn eilher to midBels. anrl Don Mueller scored (he dc- 01 fireworks, ile did not have a i eisive run in the fifth after Bobby happy experience inannKing the : I.oekman's eighth homer, with Cardinals Ins: season, but he and I Wl-.iley Vccck iniRln make a good coin- ; score. lunation. Maitv won't [ind things: j _____________________ dull, nt any inlc. 'Rrad Courier News Clarified Ads. , [.ocknian on, lied the FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blytheville Motor Co. 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