Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 22, 1957 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1957
Page 9
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Friday Evening, November 22, 1957. Ann Landers Young Girl, Wife, Children Real Victims At Man's Trial Dear Ann: A year ago I met a beautiful girl. Although I was 28 and she was only 16 1 knew she •was the one for me. This girl looked at least 20. We fell in love from the start. After dating her for several weeks I admitted I was married and a father. She was surprised • but continued to see me. We kept steady company and she willingly pledged her undying love in actions as well as words. I left my wife and gave up my children because of this girl. Last week out of nowhere we got into a big argument on the telephone. It was over a silly, unimportant matter. The next tiling I knew, her father had me arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. AF- .ter I've given up my home and family for this girl she does this terrible thing to me. How can people be so low? Is there no justice? —DYNO If there's any justice you're going to have your hands full. Dad. Your lawyer will tell you that this girl is a minor in the eyes of the jaw and you knew it when you walked into the situation. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and consider what you've done to the people around you. The young girl and your wife and children are the real victims. You deserve the works, so stop whining and take your medicine like a little man. « * * Dear Ann: This problem may not seem serious to you but it's causing hard feelings in our family. We'd like ar; opinion. Our youngest daughter, age 20, was married several months ago. Last week she proudly announced that she is expecting a visit from the stork. We are all thrilled because this will be the first appearance of the stork in an entire generation. We want to buy her the crib and high-chair but she would prefer the middle 40's, and friends say I'm personable and intelligent. I've been divorced 10 years and am self-supporting. The mar.' I've been going with for three years is past 50 and has been separated from| nllrs i n g c ] ass was completed by 14 his wile for over 14_ years^_Theyi persons a t Lucerne this week. " ' " " ' -- - - by Mrs. Red Cross plans to conduct another course Nursing Class at Lucerne Completed A six-week Red Cross home ----- _._- — „ " ^.ci auua a I. xjuv,ci lie; aren't legally divorced for religious The class was taught reasons. He never speaks of his ;v[ary M. Sheetz. The wife arid so far as I know he never sees her. The problem -is this: He takes in January. Those who completed the course me to small out-of-the way places'are: or out of the city. He never invites me to go with him to lodge ban- Sybii Clark, Mary Bachus, Mabel Nethercutt, Marge Bur- quets or church affairs in which I rough, Helen Hilkert, Lena Hoov- 'er, Lena Mae Finton, Monta Herd, Lottie Catron, Mildred Elliott, Mae Swank, Wilma Roma McDonald, Dora Costclla and Irene Smith. he is very active. He says it's best, that I don't show up at these places. I'm well-dressed and good-looking and see no reason whv ho should be ashamed of me. Pl-sasti tell mi; what you think My friends are silent.—GREY SKIES This is the same old bag of nones, Dearie, no matter how you dress i'; up. Your boy friend is a married man and he's ducking his wife, her relatives and perhaps a g::own child or two. Merely ,becausi; hi; doesn't talk about her is no proof that she isn't around town 1 and known as his Mrs. You signed your letter "Grey Skies". In my opinion you're colorblind. The skies are pitch black and the ceiling is zero. Stop cavorting with someone else's husband before you find yourself not so "personable," not so "attractive," and permanently socked in. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newii- paper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL: Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oswalt, Royal Center, a daughter. Admitted: Miss Joyce Fry, Burnettsville; Mrs. Elizabeth Walts, have offered to give her the bed! 921 Helm street; Mrs. Jean 1-1'ecka- and chair they've had in the at-, thorne, Camden; Mrs. lor.e Zcllers, tic since her husband outgrew JKewanna; Mrs. Richard Kenna- them. We want our first grand-, mon, Walton; Miss Beth Ann child to have all new things. DojSchlegelmilch, Walton. you think this is foolish or can you' Dismissed: Mrs. Mae Barnett, money instead because her in-laws understand it? Please advise. — EXCITED GRANDPARENTS - TOBE Oh ... so it's going to be a baby? With all that talk about the stork, you had me fooled for a minute. 1006 Michigan avenue; Everett Beall, route 1; Joseph Beres, route 1; Mrs. Kenneth Caudle and son, Cutler; Master James Roberson, Lucerne; Mrs. Lois Sharp, Flora. ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Clarence If your daughter wants to accept! Pearson, 409 High street a son; Moke Aprons For Gifts Josephine Lowman You Can't Be Physically Fit Without Consistent Effort Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Nte* NYC Request to Discontinue Train OKd by Illinois SPRINGFIELD, 111. (UP) — The Illinois Commerce Commission today approved a New York Central Railroad requcs. to discontinue its passenger train No. 2nd 446 between St. Louis and Indianapolis. The order affects the Illinois portion of the route; the Indiana commission already has approved discontinuance of the Indiana lion of the service. The route serves a number of Illinois communities, among them Paris, Charleston, Mattoon, Shel- byviDe, Pana and Hillsboro. However the train identified as 2nd 446 is the second section of train No. 44(3, and operates about 10 minutes behind the first section. The first section of the train will continue in operation. The railroad said its out-of-pocket loss for the Mid-Winter Crop Show Dec. 16,17 Exhibits of corn, grain, hay and potatoes will be on display i.i the Jacksor.-Kitchel Implement store, 510 Hight street, during the county's annual mid-winter crop show, Dec. 16 and 17. Arrangements for the show are being made by the Cass county Crops Improvement committee, sponsors of the event. The show will feature both 4-H and open class exhibits. Ribbons for the top winners in each category will be awarded The discontinuance of the train!Dec. 17, at which time (lie an- after the judging of Uhe various is effective 10 days after receipt > nual Christmas parly will be held, classes is completed. Gus Thias.iof the order. iThe men will entertain the worn- Install Adams Farm Bureau Officers Officers of the Adams township Farm Bureau were installed '. Wednesday night at a meeting in Uie Adamsboro community building. Those installed were Bernard ^jFrohreich, chairman; Mrs. Paul j Williams, vice chairman; and Paul Williams, secretary-treasurer. Guy Brookie was in chargi of the installation ceremonies. Mrs.. Bernard Frohrelch opc'ned the meeting by leading the group in singing. Devotions were given by Truman Packard. A talk on the Belter Farming and Better Living program was given by Earl James, county second section in 1956 was $127,816, IBFBL agent. The group voted with an average of 3.2 passengers i'° bu y a ? 5 tuberculosis bond. per day. The next meeting be on The magic of beauty comes from regular, daily investments. My hemoglobin Ls in the nineties, but whenever I hear anyone mention tired blood I almost fall flat on rr.y face. When I read about the lack of physical fitness in the United States, it makes me feel the same way. Do you realize that 50 ]>er cent oE the men called for their physical examination during the Korean war were rejected because of mental or physical defects or both? It also is estimated ihat more than '23 million Americans have some impairment or chronic disease. When we think of this we realize that we will NOT be on<: of the fit ones unless we do something about it, and doing some thin; about it means a consistent effort, j are physically fit? This is true of both health and studies have revealed that Amer- Please every homemaker on your gift list with one or two hostess aprons, Easy to sew and so gay and cheerful. Make monotone or wibh contrast. No. 8137 with PATT-0-RAMA is the furniture from her inlaws, say Mr. and' Mrs. Robert Weaver, K.e-!in sizes I 2 . 14 - 16 . 18 > 2 °: nothing. This decision should be up to her. Many an infant has flourished in spite of second hand furniture. By all means give her the money instead if she wants it and congratulations or; having a daughter with practical sense. « * * Dear Ann: I'm a woman in my A Bright Christmas! 4 °. wanna, a son. Admitted: Mrs. Leona O'Donnell, 4617 Pottawattomie Point; Dona/Id Walters, 714 Fourteer.th street, Mrs. Ruth Pugh, 1908 Smead Size 14, 1 yard of 35 or 39-inch monotone for each. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUM- street; Mrs. Rebecca Damn, route! BER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Trib- 4; John English, 80 Eel River road. Dismissed: Mrs. Barbara James, 706 Biddle street; Mrs. Andrew Schawitch and daughter, 1303 Erie avenue; Bernard Bergin 230!l High street; Frank McGaughey, 727 East Broadway; Daniel Clawson, 2.'JM North street; Miss Nora Eskcw, 304 Day street; James Hicks, l>20 Twentieth street; Mrs. John Ehler ar.d son, 1301 Balsam street; Mrs. Beth Reidelbach, Winamac; Miss Shirley Harness, route 2. FILE APPLICATIONS A building application to lower the ceiling in a room at tile Tony I-'resutto home, 927 Erie avenue, at an estimated cost of $100 was filed Thursday with Robert Buck, city building commissioner. An application for remodeling the front porch of the Glen Langden residence, 709 High street, at a cost of $250, was filed Wednesday. RUSSIANS CLAIM CUKE CINCINNATI (UP) — An American scientist announced today that he will test a Russian developed "cure" for multiple sclerosis against blood samples of diagnosed sufferers from tie disease. round shoulders," "Tomorrow I will be more careful about my nutrition," "I must exercise." Consistency does not mean thinking these things and indulging in corrective methods for a few days •and then forgetting Lh« whole thing again. I suppose some effort is better than none, but the magic of beauty and health routines comes from regular, daily investments in them, and this can create near magic. county agricultural agent, said exhibit; must be in place by 10 a. m.' on Dec. 16. Members of the committee are: Burton Mennen, president of tlie Crops Improvement Association; Gerald Champ, Ed Newburn, Jesse Martin, Joe Spitz- r.ogle, Lester Elliott and Richard Martin. Seek State Funds INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—A Lake County schcol corporation's bid for $43,202 in state funds to pay teachers their salaries this month and next will be considered Friday by the Indiana State Budget Committee. T. E. BATH RESIGNS SOUTH BEND (UP) — Thomas E. Bath resigned today after 12 years as chairman of the St. Joseph County Republican Central Committee, thereby strengthening Governor Handley's hand in a state GOP factional fight. The Follow Athletes United States is a 'real country for athletics. We follow our favorite games and sports and athletes avidly. Isn't it funny that so many of us are poorly nourished when the objects of our attentions I Josephine Lowman hi care of this newspaper. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) une, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 111. The Fall & Winter '57 edition of our pattern book Basic FASHION is filled with smart, new styles'. for all sizes; special features. It's colorful, stimulating and so useful. 25 cents. beauty. Becoming healthy and youthful or remaining thai way is a lifetime business-. Physical fitness means a constant effort, but the effect it has on our happiness and appearance are well worth it. Procrastinations The following thoughts are not included in a consistent effort: "I feel tired. I will have to do something about it;" "What happened to my waistline?"; "I am slumping.' I must do something about my icans generally are overfed but sadly deficient in many essentials of best nutrition. It is loo bad if we do not take '.o our daily routines all that is now known about prolonging life and more important, prolonging the youthful portion of life! + * # If you would like to have my leaflet, "Watchwords of Science for Youth after 40" send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 61 to ROX Y An A L L.l A * C £ T H f> ,1 ' * .- Read the Classified Ads TODAY & SAT. BURT LANCASTER KIRK DOUGLAS "Gunfight At O.K. Corral" -PLUS— WM. HOLDEN DEBORAH KERR "PROUD AND PROFANE" TURKEY SHOOT SUN. AT 5:30 PM EVERYBODY SHOOTS 10 FREE TURKEYS COURTESY "HANKS" TODAY & SAT. 2 Features Comedy Open 1 p.m.—35c 'til 6 'EAR STRIKES ANTHONY PERKINS J OUT WJ&KA& MAIDEN ^1l THE IROK SHERIFF SUNDAY-'WN OF THE ARROW" & "DINO" 5737 For the 'light' touch in your home at holiday-time—these four festive candles add brightness and are simple as well as inexpensive to make. (An ideal solution for 'what to give' at Christmas-lime!) Pattern No. 5737 contair.-s directions for making the four candles shown; material requirements; finishing directions. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT (Pharos- Tribune) 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM? It contains fifty-six colorful pages showing DCOBT^^ J^ ^^ |^kfl| ^BBB^^ J^ THEATRE NOW SHOWING —2 HITS FASHION BEAUTY SHOP •NOW FEATURING OUR NEW REDUCING SALON PERMANENTS with soft ringlets INCLUDES SHAMPOO ONLY $4.95 OTHSRS CUTTING Mo Appointment Necessary 'NO FUZZ OR FRIZZ 9 'Til 6 124 SIXTH STREET PHONE 20111 FORTY [GUNS STARTING SUNDAY 2nd Feature COMING SOONMPAT BOONE IN "APRIL LOVE" NOW THRU SAT. OPEN DAILY 1 P. M. - 50c TH. 6 - KJODFES 25e "GET MORE OUT OF UPE, GO TO A MOVIE" COLOSSUS OF SHOCKERS! GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA ANTHONY QUINN HUNCHBACK NOTRE DAME SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SUN.--MON.--TUES. 2 FEATURES. YES, THIS IS A GREAT WESTERN- Paramount present! HENRY FONDA ANTHONY PERKINS IN.AJ > tHLB£RC-itXK3N —PLUS THIS FEATURE FOR THE LADIES— ' IN A NEW KIND OF ROLE— BETTY MUTTON in "SPRING REUNION" with 10ANA ANDREWS SATURDAY MORNING KIDDIE SHOW COMING en and children at Die party. Members of the Pet and Hobby _ i. — i . _, f 1 I .'J-KJliUVi O Wl V4.1V- i **•*• fc"»w »»«...~- rf Read the Classified Adsiclub met with Mrs. Betty Johnson. Want Ad Recovers "Chtup Trinkets" Worth $51,0001 Arthur Wiscnberger IOK a bag of jewels and. «ih ar a New York airpotr. Another passenger found the gems scattered around the parking lor, and thinking they jj were "cheap tinkcts," took H*?m home for his children to play with. A Want Ad advised of the lost jewels and the finder collected a $5000 reward! BUY IT-TRY IT! NEW ALL-IN-ONE )U)kui£poo€ WASHER- DRYER It washes, rinses, then dries...all by itself! New Filter-Stream action gets clothes cleaner with just half the water! Clothes are washed with a powerful stream of hot filtered suds . . . then rinsed 3 separate times... then dried fiiin any of 5 separate temperatures. This one beautiful appliance actually does the work of 2, yet saves the space of 1—costs much less than separate appliances, too! Whit* or Matchmaker color* Gas or Electric WIDE!- Guaranteed! We are so sure you will be pleased with the performance of your brand new RCA WHIRLPOOL washer-dryer that we guarantee full refund of your money if you are not entirely satisfied after 15 days from the date of installation. Bring in your clothes and try this Washer-Dryer in our store. BARNETT'S BARGAIN BARN [416 South Third Phon. 2821

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