Sioux City Journal from Sioux City, Iowa on February 22, 1878 · 2
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Sioux City Journal from Sioux City, Iowa · 2

Sioux City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1878
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V A 1: -;. Ti WASHINGTON. : Congressional i Committees Take Action Upon Matters Com-mitted t6;Tlieir Ctarge. The Senate in Executive Session Does a Thriving Civil Service ' ft . . . Business. , W111. O. Pollock Confirmed Superintendent of Indian AfV f?ilrs for Dakota. Senator Speneer Introduces a Bill for " v Military Protection for Black Hills Settlers. The Honse Concurs in the Senate Amendments to the Bland . SttVerBill. ' The Measure Now Goes to the v- . f dent for His Approval, or Rejection. i- w Presl CAPITALt NOTES. COMMITTEE BUSINESS. Washington, Fetv. 21. The house f' committee on elections to-day, .6 to 5, - agreed that iienjimen Dean, Democrat, - was -elected from the Third ; Massachusetts congressional district, and ; that, Walbridge O. Field, Republican, v was not entitled ts ; his seat. The vote was as follows : In favor of Dean Hari ris, Springer, Turney, Cobb, Williams and EiJis; in favor of Field Candler (Dem) Wait, Thornburg, Price and' His-cock.; The senate conynittee on commerce to-day agreed to report the following sub-. I stitute for the house -bill concerning the Woodruff expedition: The secretary -of the treasury is hereby authorized to grant a register to a! foreign built steam- - ship for the sole- purpose of the use of i, the same by the owner thereof for s scientific expedition around the world, provided jame u. Woodruff shall With-1 in four months after1 the TtaRAAITA nf this act purchase the steamship and obtain g jivui me secretary i me treasury ms certificate that the same is in his opinion suitable in all respects for such expedi-:; tioay - ; .. .. - The senate railroad committee this morning heard Vice President! Hunting. jun.oi me central Jf acme, and V ice -President Brown, of thei Tpi panies, concerning their proposition for the southern Trans-Continental railroad. : - The elections committee to-day nnan-. Imously concurred in; the report made by the committee,in the FrOst-Metcalf case, j that no additional time for hearing testimony should be granted.- The senate postal committee to-day decided to report favorably upon the long contested nomination of paniel Q. Potts ; as postmaster for Petersburg, Virginia.- . . THE SENATE -in executive session rejected the nomination of Geo. Williamson collector at New .Orleans by a vote of 37 aealnst 15. - Kr .n nomiQWon of Northrup, to be 'United States , attorney for South Caro- una, was connrmed hv a' vnta r f Q-f - . J " W. Ui o - wiiuiuiabiuu wag lavOr" I .uvgitai auu 1 u ed by both senators from South Ca-olina. ciPle established in the bill. - -"viouu mi jjuuer, ana among i wuc ticiuuo uaaiiun. Other KfinilhllVan nmntn.. i ..j !SI Mr TTonrlit nt XTi. r 'vuutuig W11U VUieU in the affirmative were Messrs. Cameron of Pennsylvania, Conover, Bruce and teller. Jttr. Davis of Ijliaois, spoke against the T,,-,,. iucu was mat 21 Wlllttmson, to be collector of customs t New Orleans, jind after some discos-sum the nomination was rejected, yeas 16, nays 39 The affirmative voteswere given by about an equal number of each political party. q t ; . : A Along discussion- then took place on ui.nuu.ui i-operttti Smith, to w.St0r j jawJWM t Mobile, and it was confirmed by the close-votM)f 26 to 26. - The nomination of Parsons. fnr . i. . f? ) UB uisincts oi .iuoiu was not reached . TTS2?Hfe 6t amnel Reid, nominated Vnited Statea m4rshal for the middle and I" ,"", i " ; 1V-10 Aiaoama, it was d a ?y ceurM of the debate that lieid. duruiir th , SSSSf."1?? Ling the ground shon! tTr? or colored troopi f..kll,ed lntad of accepting Burrenaer as prisoners of warThei thority for the committee to senCfor ier i ou" nu papers. , . . ' IBB KniM k ann.A. i'nri . . r wuuiuiea nm. . I'ol. affairof .Wi;;niT H,Pr Postmaster at 'dav sai.fh . r m ine fiouse r-'A1? wa ee from bias or nnlit. i1PJ"ln this: matter, anrtin. 0.1 'acharser "to Tsun HOUSE. " Washington. Feb. 21. Mr. Milbr of fered a resolution calling for the .Correspondence with Spain in relation to the seizure of the Virginias. Adopted. Mr. Sparks made a short personal explanation in which he said that his opin-waa that not only Wells And Anderson and the rest of the returning board were a set of unmitigated' scoundrels, but everything connected with the presidential count was a swindle and a fraud. The regular order being demanded, the speaker called Committees for reports. The resolution directing the court of claims to take jurisdiction of the claims of Wm. M. Springer for services to the government before the supreme court was referred to committee of the whole. Thi bill to relieve the disabilities of women and providing that when a woman iS3 been a member of the highest court n any State or Territory she shall on ap plication be admitted to practice before the United States supreme court, passed, 189 to 64. - After the morning hour, Mr; Bland moved 6 proceed to .business on the speaker's table. So ordered. ' The silver bill having been reached, Mr. Springer raised a point of order that the bill must go to the committee of the whole, and debate upon that point took .place. ' . The speaker finally overruled the point of order, and Mr. Cox of New York appealed from the decision of the chair. The appeal was tabled, 222 to 25. Mr. Stephens then moved to concur in all the senate's amendments, and advocated his motion. Mr. Hewitt moved to table the bill and amendments, but the speaker ruled that Mr. Stephens had the floor, and Mr. Stephens acceeded to the request of Mr. Springer to allow a few amendments until his motion was voted down. Mr. Stephens then allowed various members to speak each a few minutes, and thus consumed his hour. Mr. Bland favored ihft passage of the bill in the present shape to avoid defeat of all tha legislation on the mihjpot hnt gave notice that it -was not satisfactory, and the war would continue until the silver dollar ranged alone- with thA crnM dollar. He voted for the nresent hill under protest. Messrs. Springer, Ewing. Hale, Butler, Bright. Soarks. Shellab&rirer. Whi tA And Bacon made minute speeches amid great comusion. ; . Mr. Stephens closeil theiSbate, having three minutes of hla hour left for that purpose, and in conclusion Baid: . I shall vote for all the senate amendments lest we hazard the great nd important prini 1 now ask r FOREIGN. . . - a i-rr . - . 4 lationoi war materials 01 an Extensive Scale. Orders Issued by the Office libraries for the Territories of Dakota and Mr. Gordon reported, with amend-mon fmrrt f Vi o rfimmittftfi on commerce. X iTSJ&S Sae.Er'S England Commences tne AcoWy rnff ECientiflc expedition, around the world. Placed on the calendar. Mr. McMillan announced that he and Mr. Spencer dissented from the majority of the committee in reporting this bill favorably. ' ' The rresident sent: to me senate re-nnru of the peneral of the armv. Quarter master-general and commissary-general relative to the cost oi the taxe war witn the Sioux Indians, and the number of soldiers killed. The estimated boat of the war is $2,312,531, and the. whole number of persons killed was 16 officers and officers and 123 enlisted men wounded. xne senate, aiter agreeing tnat irom the close of the session to-day to adjourn over till Monday, went into executive session, and when ' the doors were re opened adjourned until Monday. for the Purchase bf 21.000 - Horses. t4 A General ItQsume of the Situ ation at Various Points of Interest, j Chinese Military Officers of ' Visit Us ooi a Tour Inspection. Rank Of ts The Report of the Elevation of Cardinal Pecci by Adoration Proves to be Unfounded. THE COWERS. ENGLAND. London, Feb. 21.4-An officer of the horse guards arrived at Bristol yesterday accompanied by a veterinary Burgeon to purchase 5,000 horse? for the war office. The officer states that this'is a part of a purchase of 21,000 horses which have been ordered; The war office has nvited tenders for the supply ef 150,000 tlenry rifles. London, Feb. 21.-r-Tbe suspicion is widespread that the government intends uisoivin parliament! about easter time. It is reported that the cabinet council was hastily summoned this- morning, Lord Cams, lord high chancellor, being called from hearing a case in the house of lords. The stock market is dull and heavy in consequence of this report. Russian securities are lone per cent, lower than yesterday. Northcote, in the house of commons ihia evening, said: The result of the negotiations with Russians the understanding that Russia will not occupy any portion of Galllpoli pepinsula'or the Bon-tain lines or tho Asiatic side of the Dardanelles. ' England is not to land troops at Gallipoli or on the Asiatic side of the Dardanelles. " I ' ' 1 la the house hof lords this afternoon Derby stated that the difficulty as to the place for the meeting of the conference had been removed, and ilhat Baden Baden had been chosen. Austria proposed that the meeting should take place the first week in March, but the, government objects to the shortness of the time asked. England will not deviate from "the usual course of sending an ambassador. BU8SIA4 St. Pkterbrcxq, Feb. 21. It is generally felt that Russia's present relations with Roumania are extremely awkward, but the government shows no signs of relicquishing its demands for the retro- cessiua oi xessarauia ' The AgenceRum Mr. HeWitt Of New York nnv1 in l.n V - i : 1 1 i . . . . ... uio uiii iuiu tusenumenis on the tame. 'v The'' motion was reiected. vpho 79i . ' J nays zu. rhe main question having been ordered 1 a- in . t. l . . . i iiioiu 4UCDUUU navmg oeenoraerea T f w?t?- nominatIoa "ached was that U81 10 43 the house Proceeded to vote i VYilliamson. to be callentm- nfin.tAn.(nnon thifs spnnfA imnnfn.t. vails -achaMnr ;."s.B,c,.a onJy .si . VtW V T. iae gap left in the shoniH it. K07lAe,aue. and said that did it wnr. r ricliuiefwe than h jo manner. r . "Jp ; CpUnTDECISION. ed in th 7 'ZJ"0K(Iut) be enter- n in 7 vhi ' H . v 7 ii ui. k i . ' 1 -WAU Vt u(ri , I . has r Aust King. dieted?,,, 'tt .!?trict waslnC before he tf1"' postmaster 4neVar7?r flf8t, tant THE PRFftmw i6 NATrnic t . ted dwfflcs;: - TURAL TUM CONGKESSION . Rw vi. o. A- i w.oDencer tn : . tary cost fnV W. 72. '4""ue for a milt of theBlack UUisSn People to-J il95 senate rcer- and upon the senate amendments lhe first amendment nrnvMinv that silver shall t a legal tender except where otherwise expressly stipulated in the contract, was concurTert in -tin tn ko r The second amendment, that strikes out the free coinage feature of the house bill and inserts a provision lim- mug tun cumsge oi me silver dollar, and providing that any gain arising from that coinage shall be paid into the treasury was conurred in, yeas 203, nays 71. The next vote was on the third amend-ment. nronosinc an - intprmiinn.i . ' " -O .WI..HWUUUM Oil C1 conierence ana it was agreed to, yeas UBjrs II. Thenext vote was on the fonrth amendment, anthorixinv tha inn. a too m o.nkn. A t i 1 . tj t was agreed to without divism mt . . . ... ine Dill now empa tn tha P:,4n. t bis approval - : Mr. House, from the Pacific railroad committee. rerorted a WH in fArannA to the Texas Pacific railroad. , Ordered printed and recommitted. I Mr. Morrison presented thltnr- the minority. Ordered printed. Mr. Snrintroi- fhm elections, made4 report on the Massachusetts contested election case of Dean against Field: that Pierd. s not enticed to a seat, and I 'that w' the contestant. ia 1 ' Mr. Candler nf fJpnrri rennrt timtnH h. vs i . j au oe itepUDlican memha-n nf thA mKtee. The rennrta i V-jirri . - T.V.VUIUHCU irimeu. Mr. Jlrace. f rom "th miiiian. tee. rennrtflri a hill i. - . . . u '. . xcguiaio ana umn allowances of officers of the army.- Or-dered printed and recommitted. A-ujuarnea tui Monday. denies that Tttifiatfl. has demanded or intends to demand the expulsion or any Mussulmans from Bui- TF1? P' governme: garia, except TurkiBh functionaries and citylias been destroyed by fire. tmnm on.H P.ettl Ta rsinV . I OBITUARY. 'I'hfl Antmr Hnf sovo. TArothirf "uuiiur with the whole RnnBian nrpaa imvi.. graven is dead. servealy approve ot frtnee Bismarck's speech. ! ibe Agenx declares England's armaments ere ill calculated to inaugurate a pacinc conierence. AUSTRIA. London, Feb. 21. Thejconviction pre- Rnasiana are erner.teA tn neennv the Paa. ha'.ik'of Nisch shortly. GENERAL TOPICS. ' I . CHINA ... ' - S'as FaiKCTsco, Feb 21. Lum Bine. a prominent Chinese merchant of this cityu and connected with officials of high rank in his native country, has recently returned from China. He states that in three or four months a Chinese war vessel withAmeriCan officers and a Chinese crejr will j visit this port, bringing as passengers the Chinese consul to this port andlUargc number rf Chinese army officers of tank, who will take a tour of observation through the country. He describes tfce famine in the northern provinces of China as terrible. In one distiict of the Stae or Saltony, last year, out of a population of 96.000, about 8J00 died of starvation ''k , ' i f ' TBR'KBSr FOPB.'' 4 i! IS & ' RdME, Feb. 21. PW Leo XII. held a congregation of cardinals to-day. He announced that an encyclical to the Catholic world would be dtepatched to-day announcing his accessionVto the pontificate' It has been decided that the pope shal not for the present leave the Vatican. It ia said the pope will continue the policy of his predecessor. The coronation of Leo XIII, which vfrill be private will take place in SistJne chapel Sunday next. There will be no Ceremony at,St,' John's. Lalerna te &um$vttil be sung in the chnrches to-morrow. Oq good authority -it is stated that Pope Leo XIII was not chosen by adora-tion.'fcut by the requisite majority of the votes of the conclave ; that Cardinal Bilio having declined to be a candidate, his jjar-tizang, to the number of nine cardinals, gavel their votes to Cardinal Pecci, and that when the votes were counted all the cardinals knelt at the feet of the pope, and this act has been construed as an election by adoration. I TUB CUBAN TROUBLES. Washington, Feb. 21. Senor Eshev-erra, diplomatic commissioner of Cuba, says ei tne statement from. Havana that the paoe propositions had been adhered to DES4.10IHES. Proceedings of the General Assembly- McGregor Land Grant, and t the Liquor Law. Extra Session of the House to Discouss the Expediency of Repealina the' J Wine and Beer Clause In. J v i ! ; the Liquor Law . i --X" ' ' ' BBNAT2. iKs moikes, Feb. 21. In the senate this morning the first petition of" the session asking an amendment to the constitution to permit women to vote, was presented: ft f ; -., Petitions were" presented 'asking that the MeGregor land grant bo conferred upon the Chicago, Milwaukee and Bt. Paul road, and for the repeal of the wine and beer clause In the prohibitory liquor law. Bills were introduced ! To lease new grounds and buildings at or near ML Pleasant for the reform school for girls, and appropriating $2,000 therefor. j. To aubiect the interest ot mortgages of Miouum jjiujictij w levy ana sea upon execution. i j.-sS.i lo limit the terms of county treas- .n-u iciwa uuusecuiiveiy. A resolution was introduced by 'Sen aier uesiow, ana adopted, that a com mittee oi two on the part of the .senate and three on the nart nf th hnn k. J - - MWMV W appointed to investigate the management of the State penitentiary at Ft. Madison aunng tne entire administration of Beth oyrsig, me present warden. Senator Merrell introduced aresolu tion providing for the sale of the-build ings ana grounds of the deaf and dumb at 7 257.27J for cash, $7-279730 for Marchv ..' . i ' j - & ine poara adjourned till Saturday. boots ajt r snoEs. Fiour...4..... Wheat Corn Oats....... ..... Rye Barley.......;:. 7.000 98.000 70,000 : . C 34XK)0 , 2 000 . 10,000 10,000 80000 47.000 18.000 v 10.000 aBttlrtntl nn . a , by some of the insurgent chiefs, that it is on the condition that it pay thS ovE& but apiece of Soanish dcDl.citv. and that I in nAAnao. -t-.f .u..r.." the gd-vernment of the republic of Cuba and 'SSSTt removal of tte only can accept cr reject the peace prop- institution to Des Moines, on the con- uaiiiona. dition that buildingr and grounds be " London, Feb.. 21. A special from furnished until such time as the old MadrW says ft was reported in the cortes capltol building may be occunled aa tnch VCSterdav that aftpr rtarlntlAn P.nh aavlnm - " . will Kave the same leirialatiTe nrivilpcpa and representation as Portq Kico. Gen. Martinez Campos will remain in Cuba some time. He is much praised by the Madrid newspapers. The cortes will gig him a vote of thanks. . GERMAN FEDERAL AFFAIRS. Berijn, Feb. 21. The federal council unanimously approved the Drinciplq of the bijl authorizing the appointment oi substitutes for the imperial chancellor. The bill will probably be presented to the refcb.8tag to-morrow. X London, Feb. 22. A Berlin . correspondent says: The hopes that some of the Rational Liberals , wiI enter the ministry ha? been entirely frustrated. It is pesume4 Herr Comhovean, minister of finance, will become chancellor substitute when the bill - providing for that office is passed ; ; j CANADIAWfMPORT DUTIES. Ottawa, Feb21. The finance minister announced that the Dominion government intended to take off all import duty cm foreign malt entering Canada. PIRB. u BnubBs, Belgium, Feb. 21.The pal ace ofjthe provincial government of this Feb. 21. Charles, Francis the French Dainter and en. peach London. Feb. 21. The b&r.khnne of th Kaffir insurrection is broken. ' CRI in Berlin that the military and court vm induce the em-Icablv with Russia. ne professions of the parties at Vienna peror to settle ai notwithstanding Hungarians. The Australian colonies are consider, ing measuresto be adopted for the de fense of thar coasts in the event of Great .Britain engaging in the war. TURKEY. ! PerZ Feb. 21. Namvk Pasha'n mia. siono St. Petersburg is to endeavor to obtain from the Czar a modification of tjre terms of peace, especially those touching the withdrawal of Mussulmans from Bulgaria and the limits of the new Drincinalitv. which, it ia stated, tho Rna. sians now' insist on bringing within a t U . - . icw miles ui vonsianiinopie. Ginvinv i London, Feb. 22. A special from Ber lin says: .emperor William has assured the czar of his friendship, and begged mm io consider Austria s claims and in- lerests. it appears that Austria is anxious to induce Russia toj moderate her programme oetore the meeting of the wmierence, BERVIA BELGRADBt Feb. 21. Negotiations be tween ItUS&la and ftervla rnntinno : TK. wmsmam..; AU Russians have waived the Incorporation of Nisch with the new, province of Bnl. The 1ES AND CASUALTIES. Arrcit and Suicide of a Con- rieeticut Peculating: Po lice Clerk. Sacramento Flood Continues to crease in Magnitude, and the Destruction Widespread, : - In- Burning: of a Wisconsin Insane Asylum, hnd Four Inmates Perish - In the Flames. , . San CASUALTIES. i in i. a V uvw. FRABCTgm. VpH 9.1 TTha t.1.a . . . uw . Hiv a i rom oacramento cnnim(ii th nnt ma iub isianas tn tne delta of the river are nooaea. . ! The town of Washiniytnn tJV n1.l,t. tantS. JOnnOSltA RtrrimantA' In Un.t completely inundated. Half' the people are maae homeless. Manv hnnsM r wrecked and awent nwir. ' iivia been lost, but there have been many nar- "f" cottpeo. ine xotai crevasses in Yolo cokinty exceed six miles In extent - -ww v quishing Rlat and Akpolauka. This and arehourly increasing,:; The, 8acra- . . . . . . . , i manrv I .MrnA. . n ....r..ii tnuees mucn inuignaiion in pervia 4 TELEGRAPH BREVITIES. - New York. T?ph 01 td-.i.- ... b n ' . u oner uonam. ssiir Augusta. Me u.k t t .v . tho hsii tTTlvT ' 1U 1118 senate troops, s af'muncinr? WAR KOTJES. ' MISCELLANEOU S ITEMS London. Feb. 21. Tt t totH nn.t tivelyin the lobbies of parliament; that wo guYcrnment nas received private Information that the Turkish fleet is to be surrendered o Russia, and that part of it has already been surrendered,. . 1 The government has purchased another irvnctau, duiu ior Turkey. it mounts cn kweive-ion guns. mento levees are carefully guarded. No trains win De run on the Vallejo lines till further brders. The track Is badly washed and crtwprpi with vitav fn. " - " -V. iUl UIUE9. The Sacramento river is falling. -.Travel impeaea on ine Bouthern Pacific by Washouts i between Mnhnn nl Unm... The weather is nleaaant tn-AT ttth BOme TmsnPrt nf lt pnnKnni... lhe UOOd in SUtter COUnt V. nn the' Ri I nasr trl.1 v411 vT. .'. ramentn riv.r -1. mnnnj - 1 1 ci . . J "o- trmr.i , " . ' ' fw . w vovex- oaiuraay morning. v. v wuujr uitccu to twenty mues long and aa average of eight wide,twith a depth of water of four to six feet. . Yes- The Joint resolution authorizing the governor to employ r a special agent to wuvm war ciaima against -ine general government waa dmrpH ' The bill extending the provisions of ocuuvu i,iw to ine atate agricultural society was passed. yThe billtnaking trustees or other officers of State Institutions liable to punishment for furnishing or being Interested in fumishinz snnnlfpn nv anh institution, and providing finor impris- uuweut yi uuu iui Tiuuvioa.or me act, wan vssen up ana passea. i -. ' , IN THE HOUSE a large number of petitions and remon sirances against the repeal of the beer and wine clause were presented, as also a uuiuuer ui remonstrances against the repeat or tne railway tariff law. . ' Bills were in trod nrpd .i . 'v To provide for kindergarten' tchools in vines ux iuo ursi-ciass. To improve public highways -and toll gates thereon. i. To amend the code in relation to- the powers or township trustees, j . To define negotiable instruments. ' To lease buildings and grounds for the girls reform school at 8alem. i At 10 o'clock, the special order, being U n 1.111 ' M . . I . ..... w Mio miu. ior- me repeat ot tne Deer and wine clause, was takeri up, and after several efforts to postpone to another dav, to indefinitely postpone and to lay on the table, all of which were voted down. Mr. Bloom of Johnson county addressed the house at length in opposition to the bill. Aiter me conclusion of Mr;. Bloom's speech the remainder of the entire forenoon was occupied in flllibusterinsr, led by Mr. Mueller of Scott county, and the house adiourned for tiie fnrth ation of the question until this afternoon at!2 o'clock. ; . THE HOUSE RESUMED CONSIDERATION V" this afternoon of the proposition to repeal the wine and beer clause In the prohibitory liquor law, the session lasting three hours, Speeches were made in favor of repeal by Mr. Brown and in opposition by Messrs. O'Donnell, Bleldung and Bolton. No vote was reached on the main question, but several amendments of & minor character were passed. The house adjourned without coming to a vote, and the question will therefore come up to-morrow aa unfinished business, when the discussion will probably be resumed. It is imposlble to predict with any degiee of certainty the result of the vote, as .no . yote has been taken which can be regarded as a test, t;." i . c lAalalana ConrU and Criminal. - ; New Oblbans Feb. 21. In regard to certain charges published in the Wells letter against the officers of the court, the foreman of the grand jury said 4 they would make an investigation, and wished all parties who knew anX facts in regard to the charges published ; to come forward and testify. The case would be open until the closing of .the term of the grand jury. The court stated j. that it would aid the grand, jury in these proceedings, and that all possible : assistance should be given to that body.; j The - trial of ex Auditor Johnson, charged with grand larceny in I taking away me nooks of the office he had held,1 was commenced to-day before; the ; supe rior criminal court. i : The decision in the case of Thomas a ... v. Anderson rerarainr a motion for a Whita , r Niw Wheat In moderate demand. Ungraded SDHnfir. 1 .2 lal .23 spring, $1.27 No..2 Milwaukee, $128. Cio 4 red winter. SI 83. -Rye Steady and unchanged.. - .s U4KLKT-r irm ana nnchinged. Corn Stronger.. Ungradid western mixed, 50t5Sic ' Oats Dull and unchanged! ' f ' Provisions Mess pork dull at $11.00 11.50. Lard, prime steam,i$7,57i7.60. Butter, steady and unchanged. Eggs, heavy; western, 10(3 15c. , Dressed Hogs Firmer at $4 7505 00. j WHiSKT-$1.081.00rB '' j Tl Lootk. Feb. 21. w heat Opened higher bet eased off at the close. No. 3 red, $1 20ai.20i for cash, $1.21i bid I for March. Spring higher at $1.061.06i.-: ' 6 . Corn Higher for cash; 42l43e for cash, 43c bid for February, 42i for March. .--! : I Oats Firm and higher at 25c for cash. 253 bid for March.! , Rtk Steady and firm at 57a for cash. Provisions Pork firm at $10.75 for cash, $10.85 for March. Bulk meats firmer shoulders, 8c. Lard, $755. whisky eneaay at f i.04. Milwaukee. i 1 ICO 21. Wheat Opined lc higher and closed easier. Hard, $1.11,. 'No. 1 Milwaukee. $1.10J. No. 2, $1.07; February, $1.07; March, $1,071. No. 3 Milwaukee $1.00. t ' r ' Corn Higher and firmly held at 42 42c I Oats Steady at 2dc. ; Ry Firmer at 54c. - Barlby Nominally unchanged. , LlT.e?poi, -1 LrURPOOL Feb. SI. Brkadstuvfs Firmer. Winter wheat. children,' 1.1 i in ladles. . V LILLY I -toS: r .. . rat, 1 . 1 - DEALER III BOOTS AND SHOES A.B.r.DiR,EL0 FIXE SIIOES. HAND-SEWED SHOES BURrS llsQlla HJL ; prinjr. 10fi10s 11; white. 12s ldal2a Sd: club. 12a 4.4.9 tni Corn. new. 27sra27a ZJ: old. MfZi . . l ' Uve Htcu Harketa. chicAqo ' . . - - .T Hhicaoo. Feb 21. Hogs Receipts 20,500. Market opened slow and weak. Mixed packing, 1015c off, selling at $3.603.8O. Light steady and 5s lower; sales at $3.80(33.90. Choice heavy, $3 854.00. f 1 Cattle Receipt 3,300. Nothing doing m snipping graaes; sales at a.eo3.B5i. Feeders and etockert active at $2.65 3 90. Butcher steersj $3 253.80; cows, .uu(9o.ou; ouiis, z.uus.oo. , - ... " ST. IiODlS. ' I St Lodib. Feb. 21. Hogs Receipts, 3,400. Market slow ana about oc lower on packing grades fair shipping demand for lieht weiirhts Light,! $3.503.70. Packing. $3.7Q3.85: BOOKS AND STATIONERY. & BOYSHois and tee Coodi anr before BujId": OrCmh,-., recieve prompt Uecl-ea 96 Fourth Sfrrr 'f "I'P lIBUbmril FOURTH S 78 F0URtH Y & CO BOOKSTORE j;i.piwci(WE Books, Albums, Autograph Albums SMOKING SETS, WORK BOXES. JUVENILE BOOKS Seist Rap. in Price from S1. 50 to SO. 00 ; Writing Desks; Bibles; Statuary. BACKGAMMON AND CHECKER BOARDS. CHROMOS, BOXED PAPESTRIEs POCKET BOOKS, POCKET DIARIES. ETC. FURNITURE. SI. HewTrk Maj and stock Market ! Saw Tobx. Feb. . money o per cent 'Gold 1011. jGovernmenta auiet. Uoaoona. 8l. 105V i Xw 102 l(M0a coupons, TO 106J CnrrencT U.... Cftnnoni.mi) inAi? I a W , ww. ...... .vvn A. V. TT 13 i.itji ovueas ami ana.ieaiireuess w. n t Pacific Mall.... N.T. Central... Erie..... Erlepref cxred. . . W...W. ...... N. W. nrorerred. kHock Island..... ,.1C6 9 . -IX ,. 35 St. Paul....!:.. St. Pan) preferred O. kndM...! I-Ute Shore IUinoia Central.... Union Pacific Wabash AdSma Expresa.... .ICS. 104 V .119 1WK 87?, 6T?i 185 ' CHINA HAXL. Ji fi S j a 1-5 2 I e I -IQ Mmi f rj i t s 1 1 't;o (- .: '-'.r. --3 -B 'If. S HARDWARE. JAMES BACOH, WnOLESAIJC AND RETAIL HARDWARE, IN IV A R E, SIOUX CITY, IOWA. Ileadnarfers for French China, Crockery. GLASSWARE. "' ....... 1 : i t Lamps and Lamb Goods, f : , Solid Silver and Plated Ware, Wood and WlUow Ware. I t..i- wapannea ana ireseea Tinware, . . . Pocket and Table CaUerr, Bronzed Chandeliers and Brackets, j :iaaet, urnsnes, anarrwine, ' B by Carriages, Toy Carts. Refrigerator, Water Cooler, Ice Cream Freeaen, rhina Ttnlla nrl Tnll I . . . . . Mantel Ornaments and Taaes, rcoiogna sots, riower Pots, ' Glasa Shadea and Stands. CALL AND EXAMINE ' ! .... . The Iira-eet Stock, ' . . " ' , Agt, for Jewett &, Root's StovesrMoIine Plow Co. and Fairbsnk's Scales. . Mancf actum of. FLETCHERS- PATENT FIRE PROOF SHUUER BOOTS AJTD SHOES. BOOTS AID SHOES it it Women's ii Misses Children s' 3VT. ' BaaJiiatreeelTewlaepleadldatock!', Men's best hand made French Calf Boots r Alexis square-toed. 1 ' ' -r Hersem entirely new styte. French Kid Button Boots. Curacoa ' " : v . ; Tampico Goat, Button and Lace. ! it . - j - j., ,.( 4 , - .. .i ' Curacoa Kfd. 7 1 : : ' -Pearl and Black, all stvles. ? . ! AH fitvlea of Boots and Shoes at Wholesale and kef ail. - 58 PEARL STREET. SIGN OF THE BIG BOOT. it i ii ii . u 6 . a g it oe O cJ - The Beet saartiiaeal, 1 postponed. ToLsbo, . O., elections was indefinitely troops ' are concentratine bevond l-Il! 8 lasned .this lake into a fury. a n,i iia a wbi iinm aa a m m r - - - -!, . I r., . v , "uur -uuuuiaga are re- The forei in A f.lnpna that1 tka tKAk:kfs!. . M m- j .. i. i -mw w ua tuaa tuc in iiiiiiiii in nr w ntm m v Feb. 21.Arrangements I ?rt P' Lgrain 411(1 otner Productslrom are complete for the- holdine of thft I Black Sea seaports has been ra!B mhnt iffhTf nv0n of the onal party torpeoea have not yet been r-moyed. t j, - r - " -uirrow.. DOned 4fl heinir nrrrtrl an1 - -No loss of life is reported, most of th teomenw peing . proTidea -with-. boats ior an emergency." - 1 i TNIiro a dw-y t.t w., ao jUi-rtJU.y M 7 f U lii.tJ. iH'-Ftrca. 'iVr.V 1 N'-.r'J ! Chtcaqo, Feb. 21. Early this morning! uie oeei-pacung nouseoi neisonmoms, at the Union stock yards, the largest ia the country, was entirely; destroyed by fire. Twelve hundred carcasses of beef, twelve nunarea hides, one thousand bar- j rels of tallow and two dogs, Talned at i ' ' J . And the xVoweet Prieea. Parties about to commence boosekenlnff arfll ana h treaur w weir acraniara 10 tpmiuui aeir ontflta at tau popular sunuanmen(. Bemember the Place i lC-a!-k--aCf 40 Pearl BC SIOTJX CTTT. IOWA. . ' 1 f TTtTfk TraW" a S1UU eACII. VfiM 'lit 'Ihft Ml M t10' kThA X-L - I I :nVOT A aTHtTVTAtif ' iTI-v " ! A v. L I i -a. vW, J." 41. All 1 11(1 ITPfl V01VM I T V " . " BALTtwntJB' .ar-w!:t. . ' . rr5Lifi ilf . " "aches here Xh-.atnll firm estimate their loss at $120.000 1 to andl Mra '"?.VHaen! r.T:: "Tk " r ""14"ruuDl flM insane asyldm -at '-iWinokr.vaK.iT.r. masonic temple, and hpM . .a to the interrnntion nf ini:Vl vf ?u at:.Xoar inmates. : LncreHa w a,i buu c- v vvaumuuityaiuiii iiv i 'rnnai... .."a -n w i ... t . : i auau:i-H.r. ni rsi m rt f iai, m - a - . thmn T:,. Ti:: T. TOBACCO. were in- By Mr. Ma, VkZ1?11- i V T paymentof the Laranrfnutnor,ze he "Sfe memorialfof y severaVbf the Tt ors ' Iointed after thXprorem? .Suta" to and i7trJ?.,?7.ef?.ent ?f the Ohio Hver to of consider' E1? thelmni-fv : ino quesuonf of ittlrih:;"1 OWo rirer. and vT " ao as a mere local on aa hereof":: t? r"r 101 qnes- natonalim'" ouj heretofore introduced bV w Dl at07'f meaninfor A1"?. great tO th declar u.-iaratory'of the meanin- .v nim section' or.thVPacSo f0f!hel5ll Jni - V -wiuc. railroad t j b as to authori?-. ! u-dentofthe UaitPrt HT."ze--e Pxesi. consent of the senstVV "PPoint, by the manoI:rr?le Person ti !tyled theTacirS rai0' ;whose duty SlSffni and reo-nl.ts UB" 08 toestahliah a U1CO approval : 'i Wlations "e!Hah rul. . oi tne secretarV J . laierii and the ino : 9raMoVaBdl!r!. o o- road eompaJ,T"inTnio Pacific rail-m4 jecureA-ompaniea" .rntnent all tha-f "4 lle gov ception. " . , , AtBAHT. V mu lLi8,r?rTade4 tfae --nate the removal of John Ti s-,fv- . ent of . insnr.r '"""sena- .y k Tv" r?".' euaie will con- nNiw YoKK,Feb. '21.H. S. Bernard's horses were sold at auction to-day at the following prices : Sprtngbceck, f 2.500 ; Hampton, $800; : DanV dilef ' CHICAOO r 91 TV.' nt Hand mantel company. extensive'SSb m&iT-n qu8ti manufacturers, filed Jfr.81?"516 conference.- in bank-ranti-V .k, :r"?M"-' pewiion 11 SO 000. Th nnlv., known . Inanranoa was $10,000 on the building and fixtures. contents were uninsured, -v snow; troops could n$t obtain supplies v- -.uw v. UIG W4J-. .w-iV, . .. ;. . iA.. j it is said Kus-ia stipulates for a date uy nu co inn maiv r . ... signed at Adrianopj " '""t W ! ii- ue are O.000 Kasslans ? at Tchal- ih t i iney'are no aoTancing beyond thron and Rillv rino . t,I,. , in the flames. For some reason no attempt has jbeen y maUft to r remove the 1 uuuich. inn inn itn Ma .v- M u fe JThe Pro.Pe"-' Joss is only v-.vw IV 1J.IAIU. WlT.n nn tnm....' 'I JeWett.! the kfprte nmnul !.. I mj v - V, ue,WUT "e was tne cause.' Losdok. Feb: 22"-. a. sf 1 7n.lcaLIMS ofcioia. . ; correspondent h. r-.o rTv!" ""t??-, JHi Y4 FebJ 21-A in spite ot th7veinhan, ffi "5 f.V.Ta. 6 between tha three emnemvVT;; .MZr-T hV:!? . "om .iew York r ran ment has been t' r i"w." "B,n.1 n at J-ow Point awitch main ouestiona toX'X, ' "Sine, and: one ex- --vva uie i uichh rjtr vpfm naatAni ' m - ' i-- - i ; f -.4-. ind "n7Tr1rit':l iaB engineers MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Av-tdt AiyW at Caoteanial: Expoattlaa far k akewtiM 4tmahtimt and rar aaada. Aa oar Ma atrip trsda-aaark fa ctoaatjr k-ita-Ml n lnerfor frooda. M thai Jadamt't Mia a nm Hnld k. ail iImIm . " - J fa. w.HrJ to C. A. Jxcajoa a Co- Klr- rtMobw. Va. that place. J l ne Russians are .fortifying Rodosto. CHEW 4- tolated and defined inKrl1"011' Mp wo ol the aaid roadV r!.operation and in 'viuntary, petition PHn Ri.,.i,v. : J . ""Ti remen li debts. $34MWsec2 tothe,trit.h. .a eight car. (were wo ; unsecured debts i&nflnn v ' I non Petersbnr? - as th finHul T " It" v lands, open aSsSPSi "sets, diplomatists atrtTwf i ?8'ian L f Co babgbs. busk. wio, civ. aizmm ij.-.. .. - i"' w vuuua idb inn i nwiiiitiim. n.i. . . Jng the s5nth tow .T"!" -"8lfam- between IxndonAndE" atYnT .wu"8nei1'i coal, valued .coH.Mitb to' aiMw Bwauiu ana-sunk at the art..-. .. - tyti DPT Mnt l2.i ' . . .... -.hwhucbi IBOniQ I vi w. rtX board; addld' tTe ffi'z oIl ora or thi a -..scssmeni. nn :nmmw t ... r 1 the countv . - - w. wklw0. Z1' . I . " I ' w . K. . T w IX . L 'MAt8HATJT.Tr'rr T, 1 ; rsider that-thev onVht tn nil. Auwa Main ' in rani . t . a a w uiit a. 1 1 aw -bm w Ljaiiiarii iiif nna - ias tec is to arrahire thX;7r jT 1116 object Special, r-n of Iowa tdiStofl i e ecursion cities sav T-iflmvt- .'""wow, capital I m o Jtjbjlkctsco;: Feb. 21 Geo W . 4a UO T - -1 . ' T- ? -w WVBI L.t-l-. . 1MH I ai IF - IK lin mm fx Flour Quiet and; -strong. j VYestern extras,. $4.405 B0. J lij ' t ' Wheat Active, stronger and hleher. No. 1, $1.10. No. .3 gilt edge, $1.09f 1.10r closed $1.10 for regular, $1.08 for casn or jtveoruary, 11 U7l.U8f . Closed fi.uoti.uot ior jtiarcn closed tl.OSIrt?) 1.09 fnr. 1 n.ia1 ftsi cin.Ad t npii : . n.tMMii - on Tf . w wJg w.wuwwk f .iVW.' UIVtU W (3911c. No. 1 Minnesota in store, tl.14. CoBir-oFalrly active and higher. : I New mixed and nevr hfirh mlrpd . Aila iiU( No. 2 regular, 4242ic.-; GUt edge,! 42,c Vinpci Pn Toii In U WnrW Jgular, $1.08 for . r , ; , --, ,.;. ,: ; ; - r S'S Matchless Plug Tobacco l. Rejected, 00 J i'l :'v'rr';.r-.-.:,:--:i-, "WOOD TAG. county'g revenueT -T ' aim siich guarantees are Tri venhrnnpT ffiPim.l0TQ "ora "wpool f or ikittiSS.i :. insider that-Th? She Is an iT I. mnti sii I: UH. JO lexaa. : Th I ' and TPMnJ'T "warj, Jiansu jBeo. J-a special tA f, erry or & firm t TVv'r. v . .outuau to llPni.. t- tt IUOinenA Fin.: . t. . "--"- I VI Ann tt , " w wui inr mi tr.n. . . . ia aeo. i : w-w. , .v. -jiaumoai. Denison via I-- W 'aTlaaa. Tiri w r, -f r I PPr: Mi8lDoir SSf sta iB: lnnteers' wn. . have taken' for. Pan- -o-1 .A .v...."TTT .-j..--swaii events nave I w. (B aoppoaea to ni rAv.wfwa Te 8WUa Intellectually and PWge on the steamer Georgia 8tonS?t0.CaB0 ,crioaa PPrehen. ;v UJ - i' 4 , . niTF0BD,Feb.21.-EdwardL;Good. icia. ixew Jirltain an1 - court clerk j there, was ar-night on the charee of ml- forcash, 4242c forFebruary,-4242jc ciosea tc ior April, 43i43jo closed 43r hid fftf. Maw RfEAt R795tA Oats Firm and a ahadA hlo-h 1 "Kn 2, Ht(f4jc ciosea Z4jc ror cash, 24c for February. 2410241c closed 24o for March, 2425ic; for i April, 27i27c ciosea wtc diu ior aay. Rtk Better. No j 2. B4 a ."Uift. - Bablbt 46c for March, 461c for April, ic ioruay;.'."'.r; - : '-r-.-.-i .f 1 Dbxsseo HoQSQaiet J Mixed riack ing to choice heavy shipping, - $4.25(a 4.80. Packers bid $4.25 at the close.- , , PRnVTRTnwa Pnrk in fair ituminil an higher at $10.25lj).30 for cash; $10,324 010.35 for March!, f $10.50 for rAprH. $10.62 J10.72, for May. " "Lard m fair demand and higher at $7J257.27T lor Cash, $7.30 for March, $7.407.42 for April, ij.ei;tr.B5 ror Jttay. Shoulders 3fc; hort clear, 61c; short rib, 5c- Butter, choice to fancy dairy, 2426c; Ko. 2 wea-ucry, iJ(CDiWC; lancy Q0, JRJQ4UC. vt Muiunx am. '1 THE PIONEER TOBACCO C0. r . . ' : I , . Jfew Tark, Beatea, Chlea;o .Order from H. D. BOOGE & CO. WHOLESALE GRO OEBS siotjx crrr. iow 4 'i i BRj- W -TR.IT-S. i : oas couPAirr. Sioux City Gas Light Company : CAPITAL PAID UP, 1100,000 00 .. t. X. 8000S, FzeaUent . TXO. P. AUISON Beeretary. v C. E. HEDGES, Vice Pr-i i (iZOi WEAEK, Treu-rcr. Colie.CoaloiidOoal Tar for Sale OBce East Room,;-: Habbard House Block) tor. 4th and Pierce Sts. : 'hr l' :t Ad-rit J. H. DECKER, S.perlnteBdent netjuaxgia cube. 0 0 Jrv. R. SELZER'S Steam Brewerv : I i ' , - , ' ":'''.' f-i..s.?. frrna'nra twrmn Wheat $1 061 for iMarch, tl.0711 07 . a - - . 1". -JIV;--''- roDriatfnrkvw Tvvt Tt,r, m .m18 11?' APru- Uo"t 42c for March or April. - . y - vuvu. t-v.wt.iv.o- ior iiarcn. lara sifiartv Clous City. Ioxvo. The oldeat brawenr and makea tha beat h er Ia he had In the West oreers Dj mail wm wcelve prompt personal at ention. - r - '. ; : : - ' Instantaneous Relief. Permanent Cure. ' r . HAi)iso, Wis., Febniary 1, 1W. This is to certiff that my wife was a great snf-ferer with Neralia, one application of "Nenrun laatsauv cored bur. 'w'U v F. K. DIETRICH. . Book keeper Bank of Madiaon, : TEsriMosiAiJ-. ; , ; ' ST.Loris.Febr.i.'jK.l; ri cheerfully add my tetimony to that of i- many elUaena of thla the Inatanuneoof effect r-a few drop, f -Senril" le earie me of every annoylnz attack of Neora?itfa. eld bjr MAS, O. JEMBBEE, ST. LOHS, HO,. Preprleter ef the rormala. ) ; , SOIJl BT DRUGGISTS TZ-CBOrCSIIOUT.TIIE COUSTST

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