Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 30, 1957 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1957
Page 24
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J.OGANSPORT PUBLIC L1BRAKT Twelvfe fcogansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribunt GOP Needs Top-Flight Political Strategist By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Dec. 27 (UP)— No telling what the Republicans •wanted for Christmas but there is no doubt about what the party needed most. The Republican Party needed a top flight political strategist, a po- Jitical genius type. They are hard to come by. The Republican Party must, however, come by such a leader — or else! Or else refers to the 1958 Congressional elections and beyond that to the Presidential contest oE 1960. There are politicians in Washington who keep not one but both ears to the ground. In this strange posture they have been listening to the grass roots for portents of next November's Congressional polling. Republican ears-to-the ground men do not like what they hear. From what they hear they fear that the Republican Party will emerge from next year's Congressional contest weaker than at any time since the political upheaval of 1926. . Remember RoosCvelt That was .the year in which FDR carried all but Maine and Vermont. The 75tli Congress elected in 1938 consisted of: ' Senate: Democrats 75; Republicans 16; Progressives 1; Farmer- Labor 2; Independent Republican l. House: Democrats 333; Republicans 88; Progressives 8; Farmer- Labor 5; Vacant 1. That was the. low point for the Republican Party since the war between the states. The 85th Congress elected last year consisted of: Senate: Democrats 49; Republicans 47. • . House: Democrats 233; Republi- car- 200; Vacant 2. Differences Pointed Up The consensus is that although | the Republicans are not heading to a new Congressional low next November, they surely will take a bad beating. Thirty-two Senate seats will be up for grabs in 1938, eleven of them now Democratic and 21 Republican. All 435 members of the House must seek reelection or retire. There is a peculiar difference between the political outlook for Senate Republicans and what actually happened in the New Deal election triumphs of 1934 and 1936 which so humiliated the Grand Old Party. In 1934 and 1936 the voters cut down the flower of Republican conservatism. Republican candidates who survived those elections generally were politicians who latched onto FDR's New Deal and promised mostly that they could do it better. Conservatives Listed The voters picked off such Republican Senators as these: Frederick (correct) C. Walcott (Conn.), Simeon Fess (Ohio), Hamilton F. Kean (N.J.), Arthur Robinson (Ind.), Roscoe C. Patterson (Mo.), Felix Hebert (R.I.). and David A. Reed (Pa.). Patterson was succeeded by an unknown named Harry S. Truman. These defeated senators are gone and long, forgotten but they once were among the shock troops of the conservative GOP. Next year it probably will be a bit different. Of the 21 Republican senators whose terms are expiring, the experts generally agreed that only two could be absolute shoo-ins, couldn't be beat. They are Sen. George W. Malone (R-Nev.) and Sen. William E. Jenner (R-Ind.). Jenner has decided not to run again. That, however, does not alter the fact that he and Malone —conservative anti-Ike m e n— alone has it made. FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO DIED IN 1957 Monday Evening, December 30,1957. Survey Three Types of Musical TV Performances helped open the show with "Great Day." while tons of balloons dangled in the air and dancers dressed in carnival outfits fandangoed. By WHLIAM EWALD United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (UP)— The musical shows on TV fall roughly int 0j ., Tnat was ' sure a movel .," Miss l^^fl^!^,- 5 " 1311 ^ 11 ', Clooney said'at the close of the (number and she was right. Billy De Wolfe, another guest, went through a routine about mak- ng a $67 call to London on a pay phone and the Hi-Lo's came back :n English coat sweaters M s'ng, 'Heather on the Hill." All of it, very stylish. Miss Clooney herself s a very knowing and swinging singer who dresses pretty formally n keeping wilh the character of her show. I suppose there is room on TV Tor all three types, but frankly if I have to make a choice I'll take English coat sweaters and "Heather on the Hill" over "Long Tall Sally" and a flight of steps everytime. Kenneth ' Gerard McKellar Swope Erich von Strohelra Deaths and Funerals DIX Final rites for Lydia Dbc, 78, of 1004 North street, were held Monday morning at the Fisher funeral | home, with the Rev. H. H. Hashberger officiating. Burial was in Mt. Hope cemetery. Russ Offer 'Volunteers' To Aid Indonesia Struggle News Outlook By CHARLES M. MCCANN United Press Staff Correspondent United Press correspondents around the world look ahead at the news that will make the headlines. Decline Friends of Sir Anthony Eden are seriously worried about his health. His doctors have announced that he has recovered from a fever which kept him in bed on Christinas Day and the day after. But the 60-year-old former British prime minister does not se*m to be pulling back satisfactorily from his long series of abdominal illnesses. "Volunteers" This comes from. Moscow through a reliable diplomatic source: Russia is prepared to offer Indonesia a corps of 8,000 "volunteers" if it tries to take Netherlands New Guinea by force. The corps is made up of Moslems. It v/as formed during the Suez Canal crisis, to be offered to. the Arab countries if war broke out. The Indonesians, like the Arabs, are. Moslem. The "volunteer" corps, well-equipped for. combat, has been kept together. It has now been moved eastward in Siberia to be handy for dispatch to Indonesia or to New Guinea. Dnlles And Hertcr Washington insiders say Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and under Secretary Christian A. Herter, former governor of Massachusetts, are now pulling well together. In past months, Herter felt that Dulles didn't give him ter went to Washington, he was regarded as an understudy, ready, to step into the top job if Dulies H ">P« cemetery. stepped out: The latest report j about Dulles is that he may toy with the . idea of resigning when he reaches his 70th birthday, Feb. 25. But the feeling is that he will stay on and that Herter will stay with him now that their relations are better. Farmers A congressional sub-committee will predict, in a report due in January, another 10 years of rough financial sledding for American farmers. The forecast will be based on 'the continuing increase DAMM Funeral services for Samuel M. Damm, 98, of 436 Tanguy street, were held Monday afternoon at the McCloskey-Hamilton funeral home, with the Rev. Ralph Hoffman officiating. Burial was in Mt. Business Reports From Nation's Top Corporations By UNITED PRESS Standard Oil Co. ('New Jersey) announced it plans to plunk $1,250,000,000 into its capital expenditure program in 1958 to meet growing demand for petroleum products. Its 1957 spending totaled $1,400,030,000, an all-time record. Eugene Holman, chairman, said 1958 will continue to present problems of excess supply and some price weakness for the industry. in production, despite crop controls, and the difficulty of finding markets for the increased output. Eye Keep your eye on Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. He may play a big part in any move toward a conference between Russia and the western 'allies. Nehru would do anything he could to bring the two sides together. He is to confer next week with British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, who arrives in New Delhi Jan. 8 to- begin a Commonwealth tour. Nehru may have some idea for Macmillan to relay to Washington. TOO MUCH ATOMIC ENERGY SYRACUSE, N.Y. (UP)—Assemblyman Lawrence Rulison, the father of eight children, said he'll ask the Legislature bo pass a law to keep him from spending another Christmas Eve like the last one. "You have to be an atomic scientist to get some of these toys together," Rulison said. "I spent JONES Funeral services for Charles E. Jones, 70, of route 5, city, will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the McCloskey-Hamilton funeral home. The Rev. Walter Davis Jr. will officiate. Burial will be in Bethel cemetery. enough to do. There was specula- most ot Christmas Eve working." tion that he might quit. When Her- BLUME Last rites for Roy Blume, 76, of 919 Race street, will be at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday at the McCloskey- Hamilton funeral home. Burial will be in Mt. Hope cemetery. World steel mills produced more during 1957 than ever before, despite American makers slump from last year's total, according to Steel magazine. Total world output amounted to 322,139,400 tons, against the 1956 yield of 310,785,979. WILLIAMS Final rites for Mrs. Josephine S. Williams, 66, of 307 Grove street, will be at" 10:30 a.m. Thursday. at the McCloskey-Hamilton funeral home. The Rev. George Dunham will officiate. Burial will be in Mt. Hope cemetery. DON'T TELL JONES WAUSAU, Wis. (UP)—A Christmas card addressed simply to Neil Jones in Wausau was returned to the sender with a notation "address unknown." But no one at the post office had the courage to tell Jones about it. He's the postmaster of Wausau, and what's more, he's the only Neil Jones in the entire city of about 40,000 population. The federal government owns approximately 21 per cent of ail property in the United States. DISPERSAL SALE Complete Registered Holstein Dispersal of Harry H. Weideman i Sarah C. Wagoner, o£ Peru, Ind., to lie held at Royal Center Community Sale, JANUARY 2, 1958, at 12:30 13 cows due to freshen in next 6 weeks,. 13. heifers. .10 to 18 months old. Calfhood vaccinated. The foundation of the herd was started in 1951 with the purchase of the Dunloggin bred herd of Mrs. Madageline Weldy, one of the oldest herds in Elkhart County, which consisted of Granddaughters of Donloggin Fond Memory which sold in Dunloggin Dispersal for $6500, and has sired 52AR daughters with records up 'to 969 Ibs. fat. This herd was crossed with Curtiss Candy and Dictator breeding. This is a high producing herd (will milk from 70 to 90 Ibs.) and several ot the heifers suitable for 4-H projects. i Along with this herd of cows we will sell 25 Wisconsin Holstein heifers, icalfhood vacc. and ready to breed. 25 other good dairy cows and : heifers. Sale will be held at Royal Center Sale Barn. For further information contact Harry Bridge or Orville Etnire of Royal Center. Prominent free world statesmen, economists and businessmen cited foreign aid and inflation as two of the most important problems facing the U.S. over the next 20 years. None mentioned a great economic depression. The symposium was sponsored by the Committee for Economic Development with the assistance of a grant from the Ford Foundation. Woolen and worsted fabrics production last year totaled 325 million yards, the Commerce Department reported. The 1956 production was 2 per cent higher than the year before and 14 per cent more than 1954. Fabrics for wearing apparel made up 311 million yards of the 1956 production. Try to Avert Strike In New York Subway NEW YORK (DP)—The City Transit Authority was expected to make a new wage offer today to f .he defiant Transport Workers Union in the hope of heading off what could be the city's worst transit strike beginning at midnight New Year's Eye. Approximately 7,000 shouting subway and bus employes voted unanimous approval .of the strike at a rank and file meeting of the AFL-CIO union late Sunday. High officials of the state and city 010 councils attended the meeting and pledged support of the strike. Charge Reds Not Dominating Meeting Held at Cairo CAIRO (UP)—Neutralist delegates to the unofficial Afro-Asian "solidarity" meeting launched a move today to change the Communist tone of the conference. , Many leaders of the 39 delegations showed open distress at Western press charges that, the conference was Communist dominated. Ethiopian spokesman Mekasha Getaehew said several delegations, including his own, were trying to get the conference to issue a moderately-worded, middle-road final communique. "Many delegations, notably the Burmese, are displeased and irritated by charges that the conference is Communist dominated," Getaehew said. Teamsters Reach Contract Accord On Midwest Trucks CHICAGO (UP) - Teamsters President - elect James R. Hoffa said Sunday night the union "got substantially what we asked for" in negotiations with midwestern and southern states truckers. Details of the agreement, reached Sunday at a> meeting in the Shoreland Hotel here, were not revealed. However, Hoffa previously said he would seek a 42-cent hourly increase over a three-year period and other benefits for 96,000 Teamsters in 22 midwestern and southern states. Hoffa then began negotiations today between representatives of three Chicago area trucking associations and two Teamsters locals with 22,000 members. Their contracts expire at midnight Tuesday. • The Department of Commerce reported that 1,192,000 short tons of iron and steel castings were shipped during September, 1957, -a decrease of 7 per cent below August and 11 per cent under the previous September. Black snakes often climb trees to reach birds' nests and eat the eggs and young birds. Jim White Fire Insurance Ph. 2491 Drive-In Package Liquors U.S. 24 & W. Linden Phone 21162 YOUR ONE-STOP PARTY SHOP UP, UP, UP—The Air Force's Thor Intermediate range ballistic missile roars up from it» launching pad at Cape Canaveral, Fla., and the camera Jol- Iowa It to 60,000 feet (second from bottom), then on up till it'i Just a "star." The 1,500- milt missile did what it -wai • BUDoosed to do. (International) PUBLIC SALE Having sold my farm, I will sell the following items.at the farm, located 4 miles east of Winamac or 9 miles west of junction Roads 14 and 17 and Vt mile south of Road 14; 6 miles south of Monterey, beginning at noon on FRIDAY, JAN. 3, 1958 MACHINERY — Two tractors, W. C. 1950 Allis Chalmers, and F-14 I.H.C. with cultivator; Wood Bros, corn picker; I.H.C. combine No. 42; David Bradley manure spreader on rubber; 7 ft. disc; grain drill; I.H.C. 2-row corn planter; rubber tired wagon and box; 2-bottom radex Oliver plow; 3-sec. spike tooth harrow; 3-sec. spring tooth harrow; I.H.C. side delivery rake; 2-wheel trailer; hand corn shelter; hog feeder; some lumber. Antique organ and 'some "other household goods. ... • • TERMS-CASH. No property to be removed until settled for.- Not responsible for accidents. Lunch served TONY MOOSE Ray Daugherty, Auctioneer SPECIAL FOR JANUARY For each order of-laundry or dry cleaning amounting to $2,50 or more through our cash and carry offices. YOU WILL RECEIVE 50c CREDIT TOWARD YOUR NEXT ORDER Visit Our Convenient Call Office* Located At: 216N.CICOTT 614 E. BROADWAY PHONE 2222 MAIBEN'S EST. 1893 launderers—Cleaners- Furriers AUSSIES BATTLE BLAZES SYDNEY, Australia <UP)—Hundreds of residents in remote rural areas of New South Wales spent Christmas Day fighting bushfires which have burned out more than two million acres of pastureland.' Firefighting crews burned firebreaks 40 miles long in attempts to save the threatened towns of Roto, Mathanga and Euabalong during a heat wave with temperatures as high as 113 degrees. Will Buy Cass County Fair Association Stock DONALD WITMYER Route 4. Phone 4995 suburban and big city. Thursday night is a study in all three types. And strangely enough, all three follow each other not only in respect to time but in terms of sophistication. They are the ABC-TV Pat Boone show and the NBC-TV Tennessee Ernie Ford and Rosemary Clooney shows. The Boone show, like another ABC-TV offering, the Guy Mitn- ell Show, shuns sophistication. Boone is a young fellow with a frank, open face and he has what the ladies call "a nice manner." And they are right: He is nice. But his ABC-TV 30-minuter'lacks the drive and aggressive qualities that the Ford Show (suburban; has to some extent and the Clooney Show (big city) has in even greater degree. Production Flat Fare From the production standpoint the Boone show js pretty flat fare. Thursday night, he sang "AH The Way" in front of a potted plant and "Long Tall Sally" while he was standing to the side of some steps, He gave out with "Stardust" while he stood in front of a guitar player. The dancing on the Boone show is pretty stale and the jokes arc about on a par with the dancing. The Ford show, on the other hand, is a little more glossy. Oh, I know Tennessee started out as a country singer, but his folksi ness is pretty polished by now and even though he'll bless "the little pea pickin 1 hearts" of his audience, he's pretty much a station wagon man right now. The theme of Ford's show is a kind of suburban togetherness and Thursday night, he and guest MacDonald Carey, went through a rather long routine about Christmas presents in a rather slickly furnished living room. Too, there is a singing group, "the Top 20." on the Ford show that are strictly chrome-plated. Thursday night, they did "Lonesome Road," against a stark back; ground with a rather weird tree hanging over the back of the set. It was not the sort of thing you might see on "Ozark Jubilee." Late Evening Manners Rosic Clooney's show comes on late and it has late evening manners. Thursday night Miss Cooney had the Hi-Lo's with her and they ROBBER FATALLY HURT MUNCIE UP—Ira Herron, 23, Muncie, died in Ball Memorial Hospital late Sunday of injuries sustained when run over by a car as he apparently fled (he scene of a robbery two days before Christ- Myers Greenhouse. Dial 3996. KOOL-VENT of Logansport AWNINGS AND CANOPIES "Capital" Aluminum Comb. Storm Doors and Windows 511 Erie Phone 3650 RUBBER STAMPS Mad* In Our Own Plant 2-DAY DELIVERY CHRONICLE PRINTING CO. 417 Market Ph. 4362 NOTICE of Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of The National Bank of lo- gansport. The annual meeting of stockholders of the National Bank of Logans- sport for the election of directors and the transaction of any other business that may come before the meeting will be held at its Banking House in Logansport. Indiana, on Tuesday, January 14,' 1958, at 3:30 p.m. E. W. H El MUCH, Cashier FOX DRIVE and TRAP SHOOT NEW YEAR'S DAY Deer Creek Cldb, 9 A.M. —f r*e Eats— „ Members Bring Pie WINTER TERM JANUARY 6 Indiana's leading private business-training college. Established In 1902. Annual registration 3000 fa 3500. Built on merit and results. Strong, reliable courses. • Capable, friendly instructors. Individual. progress methods. No frills or lost motion. Approved for veterani. 10 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Marlon, Muncie, logansport, Anderson, Kokomo, Lafayette, Columhuj, Richmond, JVincennes, and (Central) Indianapolis. Free, state-wide placement service. Big demand for graduates. Eligible applicants invited to enroll now for January 6. for Bulletin, describing courses, tuition few, etc./ »ee, write, or phon* the point preferred; or INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE ' - ' 501 Barn.• Office Building Logansport Phone 4276 . . Mn. Sadie K. Creery, Mgr. DR. W.RAY DAVIS Your Chiropractor for 25 Years, Says: Your New Years Resolutions should include A determination to overcome, the cause of DIS-EASE. This can be done with my complete spinal alignment. 304'/i 4th St. (Over Central Drug Store) 4th St. Entrance -—PHONE 3365— THANK YOU We wish to thank all the merchants and citizens of Logansport for their donations and time in helping our post with its Christmas toy program. ARTHUR BEST Cass County Post 60 American Legion HAPPY NEW YEAR SPECIALS • Club Soda • Ginger Ale • Collint Mix • Lemon Soda • Coca Cola • Lemon • Orang* • ,7-Up -PLASH BULBS AND HiM- THE DAY AFTER NEEDS Bottle of 250 Aspirin 89c Bromo Seltzer Alka-Seltzer Buffer! n Anacin Pepto Bismol Antacid Tablets Eye Wash Kleenex OPEN NEW YEARS EVE TK. 9 P. M. CLOSED ALL DAY NEW YEARS DAY BURKS OPEN TtL TOP. M. EVERY NICHT 1230 E. Broadway Phone 5966 Tipton Lodge, No. 33, F. & A. M. Orient Lodge, No. 272, F. & A. M. Fidelity Chapter, No. 58,0. E. S. Annual New Year's Eve Party at Temple, Dec. 31. Euchre at 7 p.m. Dancing begins 9:30 p.m. AH Masons, Eastern Star* and their families invited. Refreshments will be served. Children's movies! ROGER PARKER. W.M. CHARLES E. DECKER, W.M. MRS. CLARA MINNICK. W.M. CIO. CLUB NEW YEAR'S EYE PARTY TUESDAY, DEC. 31 DANCE TO THE MUSK OF THE CASS COUNTY RAMBLERS From 9 p. m. until ? LubANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRAKY

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