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Sioux City, Iowa
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HDSKERS DEFEAT HOOSIERS of the season. Next yeai however, Louisville drops oat of the National league and Milwaukee takes her WORK. GR DOING Hci on? MiMiM wreiris I The.ngltshmen Alead. Third of the Indianapolis Series Won by. V.

a 8oore of 12 to 7. i i' Payne's Celery Compound Brightening MEN AFTEB WESTERN LEAGUE Philadslphia, 3ept. 21. Between 5.000 and 6.000 people witnessed toe International cricket match on the grounds of -the Marion Cricket club at Haver ford today between Lord Bawkes' English eleven and tbe Gentlemen, of Philadelphia. When stumps were drawn on account of darkness tbe score stood 187 runs in favor of the visitors and 74 for tbe locals and two men were not oat on the local side.

-'So many important things and each demanding ntore than ordinary recognition we hardly know how to do each justice- The store is honey-combed with great surprises immense values bargain prices. Thousands of Homes. jYhe National Deep Inroads on the Hanks of the Former Milwaukee Club IJiely'to Be In the BI league Xext Year. Posltlfily tie Last Day ol the Last Day Positiiely ol tts 1 0 lie 1XDIAX4POU, Sent. 21.

Special: In-diauapolls tailed to make it three straight 'from the Buskers. Mots and Fbillips were both absent from the game, and their bit ting was sadly misted. Bcbaub, a local player, made a costly fumble in the fifth DRESS GOODS DRESS GOODS drive by alarr and auowea tne oatsmaa to scratch a home ran, tbris giving the visit-'f 'ore a winning lead. The locals succeeded in getting as many bits off Hart -as Sioux iCity got off Pepper, but Hart kept the hit scattered, and the home club bunched a lot of errors along with the bits of the visitors. Ilogriever was taken oat of the game be- I ...1 k.k rTmnliw Mharidjtn.

Those who have secured one or 'more dresses i from this marvelous lot of 59c goods are to be congratulated. Saturday ends the sale Monday morning will find them at their original jarice figures, anywhere from $1.25 to $1.75. Do not let your chances likesunbeams pass you by. 59c 59c 59 59c 59c ID JJarr, who was put in. proved a Jonab for locals, as he batted in eight runs, with a borne ran, triple and a single.

There were no brilliant features to the game and ttbo closeness of the scoro up to the seventh was all that kept up the interest, ALL WOOL FRENCH SERGES and other fancy weaves, none less ihan 46 inches icide. All. K. IB. PO.


lU'iar, cf cuaub. rf. Mills. 250 dozen pairs of tho finest stockings ever seen in this 3 PAIRS 4 3 4 4 4 3 4 2 1 0 3 1 3 0 0 0 3 1 4 1 3 1 1 6 0 8 1 3 PAIRS FOB 4 1 2 31 Cavalrymen Beat Infantrymen. Bellevce.

Sept. 21. Tbe four days' annual carbine competition of the practice departments of the East Platte and California closed today. Tbe combined' work of tbe ten men wbo will represent the departments in tbe army contest reached 3,497 points out of a possible 8,000. The remarkable feature of the work was the fact that cavalrymen with carbines beat the best work of the infantry with rifles, very feats.

Closing Day at Dubuque. Dcbuque, 8ept. 21. This was the last day of tbe Nutwood park races. The weather and track were favorable.

Summaries: 8:30 trot, purse 8500, five starters Josl won. Utility second. Time. 2:33 trot, purse S500, six starters Monologue won. lime.

2:23 Free fo all pace, purs 1500, four starters Fidol won. Time. srio. Special trot, four 6tarters Billy McGregor won, Dick Wilkes second, Maggie third. Time, On the Galeaburg Track.

Galesbcro. Sept. 21. The track was heavy nd tbe crowd small. Summaries: 8:24 class, trot, puree S1.O0O.

twelve starters II won. Nubbins second. King Patoben third. Time. 2:17.

2:45 trot, purse, 1.000 (unfinished) Lemoaee, Anthelia and Expressive each took a heat. Time, :18. AVorld's Bicycle Records Lowered. Waltbam, Sept 31. In private trials today three world's bicycle records were lowered.

John S. Johnson rode a half mile in :54 2-5; Layo and Sannderson cut tbe quarter mile tandem to 26 4-5, and Harvey Davidson lowered tbe class A record for a quarter, unpaced. to :26 4-5. Tboaxb private trials, they will stand as official. Entry List Ieopened.

Rock Rapids, Sept. 21. Special: The date for making entries ia tbe speed department of the fair to be held here next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday has been extended to September 25. Norfolk Will Ilajre Races. Sept.

21. Special: A two days' race meeting will be held bere on October 5 and 6. Tbe programme is filled with good races. Clinton. 13 Cedar Rapids.

2. Clixtos, Sept. 21. Special: In their second game with Clinton tbe Cedar Rapids team was defeated by a score of 13 to 2. ITS FAIR A GREAT SUCCESS.

FOR 1 Boat, ss Vf blelda, 't Jfepper, p. 33 7 1823 11 Absolutely stainless, double spliced sole, high spliced heel. They are now being sold on State Street, Chicago, as a special drive at 50c per pair; our price 35c per single pair, or 3 for $1.00. AH. K.

IB. PO. A. K. 8.08 0 0 0, 0 3 0 0 0 0 SUUX CITT.

Bogriever. If. rf and Uenloa. Htewart, Melobaa, ss ih TWO OTHEE LEADERS 1 3 6 4 4 4 a 3 2 1 0 1 1 1 4 8 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 3 1 it 0 1 I 1 Misses' and children's fast black stocking. 3 a u.

1 7 0 Ladies' regular made, fast black, double heels 1. 1 by 1 rib, ft regular school wearer, all sizes 12c Ma 1 lu O'Rourke. 3b 'Krans. Hart, and toes; a splendid 30c stocking; Saturday TW usually; 38 13 IS 24 14 Totals Genina out for running out of line. i Tnill.nannlia 0 2 0 0 0 1 How hard it Is to see the dear ones gradually losing their hold on life and fading away.

No home, however guarded, but has some dear one for whom anxiety never Ladies' Gloves. Our $1.00 Special The only Glove in Town, Four button glace kid glove, all colors to ma ten fall shades, also white with black trim- CM AA mlngs, 31.50 actual worth, for v. qjliVv Hew Stock of Cbildren's Garments. Xow on our tables the most complete line of handsome little garments for tbe little ones ever bought, we want you to see them, bring the little folks Saturday and try them on Child's gretchen of eiderdown in grey and Sioux 001033-0 e-w famed runs Indianapolis, Sioux City. 7.

bit Three-base hits Roat, Marr, Holohan. Camp. run-Msrr. aacrlhce hits Gray. Pepper.

Hart. Stolen base-BbieKH. Double play Stewart. Holoban and McCauley. Struck out By Hart.

-4; by Pepper; a Hit by pitcher Boat: Bases balls Pepper. Hart. 1. Wild pitch Hrt. A Time of game One hour and 45 minutes.

Urn- ptre baeridan. ceases. tan effects, aud sleeves edged with gimps, collar also trimmed with white angora, S5.00 garment. Saturday. Child's gretchen in novelty checkand stripe cloaklngs, Columbia' collar, large sleeves, trimmed throughout with five and seven rows of fancy gimp; this Is also a $5.00 garment.

Ladies' Handkerchiefs. I A. 10c Lot They Have No Equal. -This huge lot consists of embroidered, hemstitched, drawn work, scalloped edge, colored hemstitched and open work, all new and novel. 4 Ap Nose worth less than 25c or 40c, for 1 $2.98 $3.00 It restores healthy, nervous action of the heart; sends purer, richer blood through the intricate ventricles and chambers of this vital organ and equalizes Its action by regulating the nervous System.

Paine's celery compound cures speedily and permanently All disorders doe to impure blood and badly. nourished nerves and nerve centres. Mr. Claude Clary, a picture "of whose wife appears above, writing from his home in North Topeka, Kansas, says: have been a sufferer Jtom nervousness for years, and have used several remedies, none of which did me any good. This season I had sv severe attack and tried Paine' celery compound.

One bottle gave me immediate relief. I used wo bottles and am as well today as I ever was. y- "My wife has also used the medicine with 1 liara Tectnttme-nded it to. several of my; friends and am sure that the? are satisfied with its" Try It once and be convinced from personal experience. utner xase iiau uiuei.

00182008 8-9 Kan City 1 0000 1. .9 1 6 Batteries Gayle and Jaotzen: Daniels and i Donahue. Hits Detroit, 14; Kansas City, it). Krrors Detroit, 1 City.l. Umpire-Mc-l Donald.

i Father and mother breaking down under heavy cares, or a sister or a brother growing thin, pate and weaker day by 4ay. Into these sad homes Paine's Celery Compound comes like a- messenger of mercy. There is sure to be some, near relative or friend who owes recovery from some debilitating sickness to Paioe's celery compound. The family physician, no matter of what school, recommends it and tells of others we became vigorous by Its use. This is -the.

usual story -of the entrance of this remarkable blood puriSer and nerve strengtheher into so many homes in every city and village in the United States, Toledo. 8 0 0 9 8 1 1-13 000080 48 Important.Specials For Men. The Only Fldce in the City to Buy Men's Goods. Game called on account of darkness. Batteries Blue and McFarland: Parvin and Bur il tin.

T-vlr1 14. Mfnnaa.nrtl1it- V.rmr Hair Ornaments. jEeiland imitation tortoise shell. A large and very carefully'; selected stock of pins have arrived, newest conceptions and designs, plain and silver filigree work. 7 Imitation shell, 1 0c to 48c.

Real tortoise 98c to $3.75. 100 doz. men's extra" reinforced, unlaundered shirts, strongly made, linen bosom and wrist- 25c V1 Toledo, Minneapolis, Umpire nassu, .0 003010004 Milwaukee. i 100,30401 -JO i' Batteries Parker and Spies: Stephens and I Bolan. Hits Grand Rapids.

13; Milwaukee. IS. Errors Grand Rapids, 8: Milwaukee, Umpire Kerlns. NATIOXAL LXAOU. 75 doz.

of men's very choice fall underwear shirts and pante. correct weight, natural color, cancot be fold by 'others under 50c a garment Saturday our pri ce. i i v. A special purchase of men's white silk handkerchiefs, hemstitched border, extra size, made to sell at 7oc, our price. i 39c 38c ftfrftM Peedld place for carrying FOUND DEAD IN HIS on bis Illicit email fram ltvviu i uuhbctd, Deiog located, in sbahk set out on- tbe prairie nearly two tune uisians irom any noose.

ti9 was ac- At cnicapo i-nuaueipnia, a. At lAulsvllJe Loul111e. 6: Boston. IS. At St.

Louis St. Louis. Baltimore. S. At Cleveland Cleveland.

Waabincton. 4. At Pittsbunc Pittsburg. New York. twelve Innings; called on account of daskness.

WESTKRX ASSOCIATIOX. At Peoria Peoria. SC Joseph, 5. At Rock Island Hock Island, 4: Omaha, 7. Dead wood Life Insurance Ageat Suicides Some Notion Prices.

Fanc Crepe Gloth, Japanese crepe cloth for all kinds of interior deco" ration, -draping pictures, mantles, piano, cushion covers very handsome designs, plain colors and gilt out" line effects. Plain colors, 15c per yard. Gilt effects, 25c per yard. Our Cloak Salon. to Avoid Disgrace At Jacksonville Jacksonville, eslD.

ft. At Quincy Quincy, 8: Dee Moines, STATE FALB AND GEAIN PALACE NtMAInr nrin I Inhi. Close of Aberdeen' Double Exposition The Charles Mix County Counterfeiter Crochet Ordinary toilet pins; pet Knitting White bone buttons, 1-gross. Spool cotton 3 spools i. Agate buttons per card.

Silver and giltliair pins, box of canvas b'el Household ammonia Densollne, per boUlo Corset r.C... 4c 4c 4c 5c 4c 7c 8c 5c 5c 4c 4c nueuT uiscoverea Dy a voung man named Henry Pederson, who. while searching for some property that had been stolen from his claim near by. entered this Shanty in tbe absence of the proprietor. Episcopal Convocation Closes.

Hcnox, Sept. 21. Special; A convocation of the eastern deanery of. Episcopal churches of Mouth Dakota closed here last evening, following the ordination of E. T.

Simpson, the newly chosen rector of Grace charch. The services were largely attended and were Interesting and instructive. A number of clergymen from abroad were pres -nt. Wednesday evening the Rev. W.

H. Wyatt-Hannatb. of Yankton, preached the preparatorv sermon. Thursday forenoon Bishop Hare of Sioux Falls, delivered the address and conducted ordination ceremonies, followed with holy communion. 2n the afternoon the bishop's annual address was given and the business of the convocation closed.

and Ilia Uen Representative Prather at the Point of Death. Stoux Kansas MiaaeapoUs Grand Wayno County Exposition One of the Best Ever Held There. WiTSE, Sept. 21. Special: Today was the third day of the Wayne county fair, and about 2,500 people were in attendance.

A. B. Carey, populist candidate for attorney general, made an address. The races were good, although the track was slow, owing to tbe extreme dry weather. Jn the 3-minute trot Nettie Lee won.

Doc Medium second and Doc Heath third. Time. 2:53. It tbe free for all trot Misfit came in first. Undine second, Midnigbt third.

Time, 2 :32. There were six horses in the free for all running race, which was won by Billy Lake in :53. About SU0 people witnessed the Wayne and Randolph ball clubs contest for supremacy and it was tbe hottest game played bere this season. Randolph had engaged tbe tbree best players of tbe Coleridge club to play witb them, but Wayne won by a score of 14 to 10. Tbe batteries were: Randolph, Getohel, Partridge.

Wood and Curtis: Wayne. Welbaum and Spleen. Tomorrow promises tto be tbe biggest day of tbe fair. Congressman Bryan will make an address, and tbe bicycle race meet promises to be tbe most interesting feature of tbe fair. There are twenty-six eutries iipd nine races.

Tbe champion riders of Nebraska and Iowa are entered. The fair is a success far beyond the expectations of the society. Burt County's Fair. Lyox, Sept. 21.

Special: The Burt County Fair association closed its second day in a very satisfactory manner. The display in all departments exceeds' that of last year. More than 2,500 entries have been made. In tbe 2:85 trot Mont Russell won. Max More second and Tom third.

Time, purse, $150. George Byam's yearling. Lena Lockbart, want an exhibition beat, one-balf mile, in 1:82. In the running race National won, Texas Frank second. Time, purse, $125.

To Have an Opera Honse. WiKstDE. Sept. 20 Special: At a meeting of tbe citizens of Winside last night A. Woodward proposed building a $2,000 opera house if tbe citizens would give him a bonus of $250.

Tbe money was quickly raised and Winside will have an opera boose, 26 by 74. Mr. Woodward will also build the Tracy Dixon furniture store. SOLD niS WIFE Ladies Wrappers New Choice Line. 3 50 uozen fine print for such-fine dark grounds so beautifully figured, the price should be $1.25, our price I 25 dozen ladles' flannelette house wrappers deep ruffled yoke, dark ground with white or colored stripes and figures; these aro being regularly sold elsewhere at $1.75, our price.

25 dozen of a higher grade flannelette wrappers in stripes and figures, plain yoke, empire effects, ruflled edge with fancy gimp trimming, regular value S2.50, our 79c $U5 $1.98 Bal timers Silk garter elastic, all 2 skeins of carpet thri Security, hose i supporters. with belt; Darning Pearl buttons, per card i New Philadelphia i Hrooklm 20c 4c 8c Per Won. Lost. Cent 73 4 .698 68 (V5 84 65 6t 83 .498 7 .480 S4 67 .448 44 74 AOCE. "Per Won.

Lost. Cent. 84 S8 .700 84 43 .867 78 44 .839 70 51 .669 6S 67 .633 83 69 .518 6S .496 6ft 70 .440 63 71 .423 61 7S .411 44 38 .349 34 89 .870 HATI0X. Per Won. Lost.

Cent. 71 60 .587 69 64 .581 67 54 67 54 .549 65 68 .538 18 65 .463 58 71 .43 41 .330 4 a Itereaford Js'otea. Behestokd, Sept. 2LSpeciaI: Deadwood. Sept 21.

Special: R. R. Pope, a life insurance agent, was found dead in bis room over tbe American Express office here today. The body was so badly decomposed that it was almost' impossible to handle it. and so offensive that persons in adjoining houses had to vacate until tbe body was removed.

Popo was last seen Wednesday evening, when it is supposed he retired and took bis own life by poison. Pope csme-td Deadwood about seven years ago from Devil's Lake. N. Dr, and bad been engaged soliciting life insurance for the Equitable Life Insurance company, of New York. Of late be bad been gambling heavily and lost money belonging to tbecompany, which" was presumably the cause which led to liis A coroner's inquest was held and verdict sub' The resi- Cincinnati I Louis Washington.

v' PARS0N8-PELLETIER DRY GOODS CO. dence of. Mrs. Johnson, five miles north of town, was struck by 'lightning this morning and bnrned to the gru'hd. No iu su ranee, ll i III sst Rock Island jperssiora ana Aisen are mastng preparations to put in creamery plants this falL Nearly all the stock has been subscribed.

)llllll 111 r-t, Chose DeJecateaiTlh' t. BtlSIHESS better ir spots 1 "Jl jn lice periods. Tbe sales in milliner- s4 dry goods are large, as well as those is lumber. Heavier, exports of wheat from 5te Yorki San Jrancisco and liontreal ban ea Sept, 2L -Special: The hottest. st Josepn, les Moines.

Much Material for Encouragement, but etantisllv in accordance with -thevabove facta was rendered. Also for Discouragement. IEOir I DISAPPOINTINQLY WEAK Trade In Boots' and Shoe Continue While In Textile Fabric It Has BecreasedTho tVeel'ly "Beview of Don and Bradstreet'sw flour exports from both coasts of tbe Usitsa States and Canada within six dart tin total being 8.537.000 bushels, against 4,427, 000 bushels year ago. Tbe price movement this week ai dof ward, cotton having sold to wiibin points of the lowest price on record, sod wheat having gone off sufflcienUy to make another "lowest record." Other decreases- are shown i bogs and cattle at western markets. bes seiner pig Iron, steel billets.

Iadian cors, oats, naval stores and refined sugar. Steady quotations are announced for pork ass eastern markets and advae bavs actually taken place ia leather, coffee sb4 to a relatively small degree ia sroeL Two hundred and eighteen business isu nres are reported in the United States the week against 846 a year ajo. Tbe gains in the rolnme of busiaes the lsadiag eastern cities in the preceding fortnight has been generally maintained. Week's Bank Clearings-- Naw Yokk, Sept. 2L Tbe tatemeel compiled by Bradstreet's -shows tbe totd baalt cieartags In the principal cities of tM United States for the past week were, re" 237,045, an increase of 12 per cent, com pared with the corresponding week I year.

She Agreed to tho Contract but Finally 'Deaerted Her New Lord. -Mt. Pleas-ST, Sept. 2L Olive Heath, of Isabella township, just was married to Henry Cornwall. In a week Cornwell was- willing to give her op and she was willing to go.

At this juncture a former friend of Olive's named Gates, from Saginaw, appeared at tbe hotel where they were stay ing. The Satinaw 4 man was told he could have her for $10. Gates oonsulted Olive and as she thought the plan and the price were about right an agreement was drawn np. which all signed, and tbe transfer was made. Olive went t' Saginaw with Gates, but left him the next day and cams back to CorowelL Now Cornwell reports ebe has disappeared.

He says he understands the was the same as a divorce, Jfaw hrosK. SepC 2l. Dan: weekly trade review will say tomorrow: Plenty of material for eneouragsmrat and also for can. be found by those wbo seek nothing else, but business men who want to see tbe situation exactly as it is find accounts so far conflicting that it is difficult to strike a balance. In tbe aggregate' business, is about a- tenth larger than last year, but still falls about 23 per cent, below tbe full volume for the season.

tinct decrease In trade, as Initial atocks for next season bare been ordered aed dealers are now waiting for tbe retail trade to give encouragement for further purchase, The demand for woolen drjss goods is better, while cotton is narrower, though the advene in prices is maintained. London prices on wool, beginning about per cent, toijrber than at tbe last sale, are not quite up to previous market quotations and sales of wool at the tbree eastern markets for the week were larger than ot late, being 6,041.550 pounds, against Ut year. In three weks sales were 14,295,753 pounds, against 9,803.223 last year. Breadstuff are weaker, possibly because the government official report went, so far in predicting short crops as to. cause a reaction in options.

While lower, estimates of corn are commonly accepted the price fell 3f cents, and men reason that if the oQciat estimate of wheat 'was found bushels out of the way the corn estimate may err 400,000.000 or 600,000,000 bushels. While corn declined neither perk nor lard yielded in price here, tbotrgh lower at Chisago. Wheat receipts were 5,481,413 bushels against 5.932,023 last year, and Atlantic exports were only 902,880 against 1,893,334 last year, and prices sll 1 cent. The failures during the week were 212' against 821 last Bradstreet'a Weekly Review. Tokk, Sept.

21. Bradstreet's will aay tomorrow: The condition of general trade this week is an improvement over a week ago, la that the favorable features reported then have been maintained. There are surprisingly good reports of business from the south, and with some exceptions from the west. One, sals Is reported of 10.O0Q tons of southern pig iron this week. The activity reported ia almost all fines at Chicago a week ago has merchants-being' with the situation.

Far buyers' who' nsed to buy la eastern markets are purchasing stocks at Chicago. Tbe greatest aotivity is shown la dry. goods, clothing, millinery and shees-Wool, too, is active, one of TOO 000 pounds having been sold to a Rhode Island man; fit. Louis -manufacturers ana jobbers in clothing and bats report bu si a ess fceavlsr than in their preceding expsrio-ee republican eaoeua ever held in the precinct was held here today to delegates to tbe county convention. The delegates are W.

lC RowenH. Green-side, J. V. and 8. alker.

i Marshal Price "After Him. SprixgS, Sept2L' Special! City Marshal Price started after a' man named Charley Hall this morning who Is accused of skipping with a mortgsgedjborse belonging to Albert Ss Vesey. He was last seen making toward Aberdeen. Died of 'l iWjtssiKGTOX SriiiNOs. Sept.

2L Special: O. P. Kellogg, an oldand respected citizen of Anins? township, this died very' suddenly W.ednesdsy evening of dropsy complications. 1 X.egIslator Prather Dying; Castalia, Sept. 21.

Special: -W. A. Prather, Charles Mix county's member of the legislature, Iay lying at 'the 'point of death. Gnsher Proposition. Defeated.

JCastalia, Sept. 2L Special; Unofficial rltarns show that: the proposition tq sink artesian well in Charles Mix.county has been beaten by nearly 150 majority, i V-' 1 1 i i i i v'j ''T HUTCII IN A NJEW" role. The Ex-Plunter of Chicago Opena One-Cent ClgarStorei 1 Chicago, Sept.1 21. B. P.

Hutchinson, better known as Old Hutch, tbe once famous board of trade plunger opened hi 1 -cent cigar store opposite the board where he once made and lost millions. A startling red sign in "tbe window, offers good curars for 1 cent; better, two for 5 ceaU. 4 cents a package." lir. Hutchinson ref asad to be interviewed regarding his venture, simply saying that he was "selling clears and that's all there is to it." -r IVatklns to Go Pittsburgh Sept. 81.

The National league Is making sad iaroads upon the playing talent of the Western league clubs, The best men of. the Western are being rapidly signed by the big. dobs, and there will be mourning in fandom as a consequence. Minneapolis loses tlines and Bur rell as a starter. They go to Brooklyn, and 'John 8.

Is some $1,000 ahead as bonus Thus far nor others of the Minnenpoiis players bare been taken, though there are doubtless others to follow. The following is a list of the lather play, ers that hare been drafted, into the big league so far: Pitts bar has signed Deaa-bue, ilernen. Niles. Uenins, Clingman and Usnisls, and tskes Manager Watklns as manager. Lottlsyllle takes Spits and linthey.

Cincinnati takes Klosman. Under the agreement it costs the big league a. bonus for -each player drafted. The Western league managers will, of coarse, rook for new timber next year. .,1 Milwaukee Goes Into the National.

iln-WACKEE, Barnle, of the Louisville bate ball club, was in Milwaukee yesterday, aud practically completed a deal for the transfer of IheLouls-villo National league franchise to this city. Negotiations to this end bare secretly been in progress for nearly a but final nction has been delayed. "Two weeks ago I're-ident Burns, of TBrooklynv came to Milwaukee and looked the fltid He stated that he favored the admission of Milwaukee to the National leaf ue. Ills visis' was followed by. that of Mr.

Barnle. lie bad a long conference at the Hotel Fflster with local base ball tnen The terms of the transfer were agreed upon, but they are not made. public. No cbange will Ire made this season. "The Itouisviila team.

will clay out tbe national schedule and the Milwaukee tssm wilt in the Weutero league until the dote 1 Fair 'and Grain Palace Close. AberOkex, Sept. 2lvSpeciaH iThe state fair and grain palace exposition both came to a close tonight. The latter entertained its third mammoth audience of the week and many found, it impossible -'to get into the building. The Iowa State band and tbe North colored quartette presented a joint programme of great interest.

At the races this after neon Little Mike, si Sioux Falls horse, won the free for. all trot. Bartboldl Patcben Financially the grain palace was a 'much. greater success than it was thought possibles i Lincoln Count Fair Cantos, Sept Tbe attendance was large at the Lincoln county, fair today. Flandrean's Indian ball club, defeated the local team by a score, of 8 Y.

Mollis T. was the winner of the free-for-all trot. Duke second and Irene Time. In tbe half mile running race Pei finished first, Fannie Moore second and Fijr Time. :55.

The. mile bicycle race was won by Helgersoo, with Van 1 Houten second and Davis third. Time, 2:45. TheCharlea AIIx Castalia, Sept. Levi Clark, tbe counterfeiter captured in the northeast' ern part of Charles Mix county by Deputy nited States Marshal T.

F. Ryan, had been operating in this county about two years when caught, according to 4 Clark's story told to The Jocrxal correspondent while here in custody of the marshal. The marshal captured the complete optfit of tools besides a lot of correspondence and a few small: counterfeit ceias. While the dies, presses, were of erode' construction, yet tbey looked capable of turning out a fair article of free silver. He was coining silver money ia all denominations from a dime to a dollar.

Clark bad selected Tbe iron business, after tbe greatly la creased' output last disappointing, weak ness at all. east QUESTION OF DUTY. ern and central markets, 'with the consumption not large I enoagh to keep the' fairly, Employed mills -la vuiiua liecons ixiwrrru. New Yokk, Sept. 2L All previous io operation.

Bsssemer pig is. lower at 111. 50 records on cotton contracts were brow this morn ia? when October sold at 6. agaimt the last lowest record of 8.2S. wbtt was maae on March the bale crop year.

ac Pittsburg, and business in. most manufactured products there and at Fbiladelr phia is generally done at some concessions, though in structural work and In Sheets tbe demand is excellent. Wire rods, nails and barbed jrrire are weaker, steel billets and bars a shade In minor metals speculation has ad va need both tia and copper a little, but without evidence of increasing Area Snake Charmera Snakes Toola r'; of Tradel New Sept. 2LJ. a snake and Arthur Katshem a circus rider, have applied to Jodge La-combe, of the United States clreuit court, for a judicial opinion as to whether or not live animals can be classified', as tbols of when tbey are used by their owners solely to aid them In their vocation.

The aaimals are twenty-sight snakes, a tiger, a horse and a dog, which arrived here on March 20. andv wbicb were classified bv Collector Klibretb as live animals aud subject to, tbe They owners say that tbsy are "tools of and. therefore, exempt from duty. Transcontinental Lines. Chicago, Sept.

20. Tbe transcontinental lines this afternoon finally abandoned thl effort to form a transcoutiaeatat passes association and adjourned subject to cau consumption. Ia boots and gooes toe de mana continues large, witu intny ssies from stocks end orders for quick delivery, and other Indtcatioas that a replenishmeot A ok ttered in tb presence of bJ Hood, a colored man, aged 68. who resw at 813 Winter street, Pniladelpbia. Wc fctm sach a decree that he burst of laurtter wbich dislocated his ja.

of stocks is not yet contemplated. In textile fabrics tbere has been a dis.

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