Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 22, 1957 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1957
Page 6
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Six Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune BROADWAY CIRCLES PLAN HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES AT SEPARATE MEETS ; Plans for holiday activities wore made at the individual circle meetings of the Broadway Methodist church Wednesday. RACHEL CIRCLE convened at the home of Mrs. Robert Willis,' route 4, with Mrs. Harold Thomas as co-hostess. Mrs. Betty Crist, chairman, opened the meeting with prayer followed by the reports of the secretary, Mrs. Hollingsworlh, and the treasurer, Mrs. Personette. The devotions were given by Mrs. Ina Macy on Thanksgiving. The program was in charge of Mrs. Dorothy Ballinger, using as her topic. "The Charter of the Woman's Society." Members were reminded to remember patients at the State hos- pi'.al during the yule season and to attend the meeting on December A at which time Lloyd Brown will be the guest speaker.. Miss Janet Willis presented a piano selection, and Mrs. Eva Brown offered the opening prayer. Dessert was served to 21 members. ESTHER CIRCLE met at the home of Mrs. Glen Sweet, 518 Twenty-second street, with Mrs. Edna Grove as co-hostess. .Mrs. Esther Realty opened the meeting with prayer followed by devotions by Nell Bradfield on Thanksgiving. Mrs. Hazel Keener and Mrs. Bradfield presented the secretary-treasurer reports, respec- 51 War Mothers Attend District Meeting At Knox District No. 2, Mothers of World War 2, convened at the VFW hall at Knox Thursday with 51 members attending. Mrs. Lucinda Julian, of Walton unit 131, president, conducted the morning session. An auction sale was held at noon followed by a luncheon and a talk by Rev. Clifford Van Duesen, his subject being "What to Be Thankful For." . Committee reports were heard lively. Mrs. Ruth Huntsinger presented •the program on "Christian Social Relations," snowing slides for illustration. Plans were made for the 'holidays and the meeting closed with a dessert served to 14 members and two guests. REBECCA CIRCLE convened at the home of Mrs. Dessie Cappel, 1422 North street, with Mrs. Swayze and Mrs. Obee assisting. The meeting was preceded by a dessert served to nine members. Mrs. Swayze then opened the meeting, and devotions were offered by Mrs. Bess Hyres. Secretary-treasurer reports wi;re read and yuletide activities planned. The program for the afternoon was' presented by Mrs. Verner Hedlund, a talk on "Religion in America." RUTH CIRCLE held its meeting at the home of Mrs. Agnes Spahr, GG Twenty-first street, with Mrs. Effie Tucker assisting. Devotions were offered by Mrs. Maude Brown on Thanksgiving, and Mrs. Tucker and Mrs. Helen Byers submitted the secretary-treasurer reports. The program was presented by Mrs. Tucker, whose topic v/as "Food From Cave Man to Supermarket." The meeting closed with prayer, and a dessert was. served to 13 members and one guest. Hatten Home Scene •' Of Tau Phi Lambda Turkey Supper Meet Alpha Kappa chapter, Tau Phi Lambda, Supreme Forest Woodmen's circle, met at the home of Mrs. . Loisann Hatten, Wednesday evening for a turkey supper. Mrs. Delores Morgan, past advisor,, presented Mrs. Jo Timmons "IMPROVEMENTS-MADE AND NEEDED" TOPIC OF AAUW PANEL DISCUSSION ••A panel discussion, "Logansport Improvements Made — Improvements Needed," highlighted the Wednesday evening meeting of the American Association.of University Women at the Trinity Episcopal parish hall. Miss Agda Rafter served as Mrs. Clara Powers Entertains Club St. Ann study club of St. Vincent church met Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Clara Powers, 13'17 Smead street. The Rosary was led by IVirs. Frank Latz for Bishop Bennett. and Mrs. Virginia Callaway a gift: moderator. Panel members in- for having perfect attendance dur- eluded Richard Bailey, representing the 'past year. ing the Junior Chamber of Corn- Mrs. Kathy Nethercutt and Mrs. j'merce; Eugene Denham, Cham- Delores Morgan were given honor-:ber of Commerce; Terry' Hersh- ab'.e mention. Mrs. Morgan's was a perfect record and Mrs. Nethercutt missed one meeting. A fruit basket was sent to the Cass county Infirmary for Thanksgiving. A winter coat was donated to a needy girl, and a contribution was voted to the United Fund. It was decided that the annual Christmas party for the county infirmary will be held December 15 with Mrs. Betty Clayton acting as chairman for the entertaining committee. Games were enjoyed with prizes going to Mrs. Delores Morgan and Mrs. Nethercutt. A_ Cakewalk was enjoyed with cakes' won by Miss Mary E. Bougher, Mrs. Leah Nies and Mrs. Betty Davidson. Coffee and pie. wero served by Mrs. Hatten, Mrs. Ervin and Mrs. Callaway. All members are invited to attend a covered dish supper of the Supreme - Forest Woodmen's circle, Ivy Grove No. 41, at the home of Mrs. Jessie Scott, on November 23. Current events were given in £.ns- The nex; meeting is December ',ver to roll call. A lhank-you note •was read from Msgr. Scliall, and a card was signed and sent to the secretory-treasurer, Mrs. C. R. M-jrphy, who has been ill. A paper was read by Mrs!. Bow"The Story of the Mire.cu- . , during the afternoon, and a nom- lous Picture of Our Lady of Good inating committee was appointed to include Ella Crockett of Deer Creek Merle Englehart, Monon, and Esther Fencemaker, Akron. ! On the auditing committee are Helen Rowe. of Knox, Alma Rodgers, Rochester and Hazel Campbell, Logansport. ' History books were requested to !}e turned in at the next meeting . . - . i for judging. Mothers were asked ,rV\Qae r\l to sell poinsettia and make corsages for the next state convention. Counsel." A social hour was enjoyed and refreshments served. The annual Christmas dinner will be held at the home of Mrs. Agnes Murphy, 810 Spear street, December 19 at 6 p.m. Reports And Plans Of Miami HD Club Reports and plans ' were nwde at the Thursday evening meeting i of the Miami township home fliers creed. Unit 18 members at-! Demonstration c ] u b a t the home tending were Elsie Bushing, Jennie The meeting closed with the Mo- Rcnkenberger and Mrs. Campbell. The next district convention will be held at Rochester with the date of Freida Miller. . The meeting opened with a poem by the president, Ellen Smith, and Carmen Lowe offered to be announced later Members; devot j ons • The his tory of *e are asked to bring articles for an sQn? Q£ th(J monah was given by auction. Fausta Bell. Pvoll call was CWF Division 7 Convenes At Home .Seventeen members and two guests, Mrs. Ruth Burnett and Mrs. Rhea Renkenberger, CWF president, were present at the Wednesday evening meeting of Division 7, CWF, of the Ninth street Christian church, at the home of Mrs. Frances Lapcheska, 519 Thirteenth street. Theresa Isaacs was co-hostess for the evening. The business meeting was conducted by Lucille Smith, president, at which time it was voted to buy another canteen card for a patient at the State hospital. Money was contributed for the cheer plates being made by the chlirch for shut-ins. The lesson was presented by Mrs. Isaacs, and Mrs. Helen Gifford offered the devotions. Game prizes went to Marge Drompp, Catherine Lowes and Helen Gifford. The next meeting will be December 18 and will be a Christmas party and 50-cent gift exchange. SOCIETY answered with "something special I'm thankful for." Mary Alice Balsbaugh and Peg Minglin, read the secret£.ry- treasurer reports, the latter Eilso collecting the pie donation money. The flower report was r^ad by Mildred Bowman, and '.Miriam Kanaway presented the lesson on •healht and safety. She also conducted a traffic quiz with Lorraine Lowe winning the prize. Donna Balsbaugh talked on Achievement Day, and a certificate of honor was shown .for the club's help in the United Fund drive. A Christmas party will be held, at the State hospital December 22 with the committee to include: Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Lowe, Mrs. Balsbaugh and Jean Barker. Tlie home nursing class pre- senied a review of its work. Mrs. Barker residgned as secretary and Delores Cotner was appointed to this office with Thelma •Miller assisting. 3 at the WW home. League Studies "Conservation" At Luncheon Meeting "Conservation" was the topic studied by the League of Women Voters Thursday afternoon at a meeting held in the home of Mrs. H. L. Huntsinger, route 5. Luncheon was served by Mrs. John Southworth, Mrs. William Redding and Mrs. Walter Hunnicutt. Present were a new membar, Mrs. Robert Watkins and guests. Mrs. Roy Buscii, Mrs. Clarence Cobb, Mrs. David Roark and Mrs. Ed Waters. Following the business meeting, berger, (senior) representing the high school, and Charles L. Sharp, superintendent of Logansport City Schools. Miss Rafter, after introducing the panel, directed her first question of the evening to Mr. Denham: "Since the program for the panel is Logansport, Improvement Made —Improvement Needed, we would system has begun' to receive re- Miss Rafter addressed her 'next question to the high school representative. "What improvements should be made at the High school?" Jerry's main'point was that the school cafeteria should be enlarged—also stated that the poor lighting system has been improved.'He stated that most of all the school needed a special reading class arid that the business department needed new equipment. Mr. Bailey asked Jerry, "What about Science equipment?" Jerry felt that it was inadequate and that little had beer; done toward improvements since around 1915. Mr. Sharp. stated that approximately 1GOO were in the school with Friday Evening, November 22, 1957. ., ,, ,, ! approximately 700 eating to know if there was really C a( eteria _ a need for improvement?" Mr, Denham answered: There is an industrial survey made at Indiana University, the purpose of which was to show the true situation both good and bad." Miss Rafter asked if there was an immediate need for this survey. Mr. Bailey reminded the group of'the General Motors report that was published September 1955. When the General Motors plant was located at Marion rather than Logansport, the following 1 was not in our favor: water facilities, disposal, unkept houses, bridges needing repair, a brewery downtown, inadequate hotels, poor streets, the traffic situation and inadequate schools and hospitals. Bailey stated this was a "shock" to the community! Miss Rafter—"What has been done?" Mr. Denham—"G. M. claimed they did not give that report, nevertheless, the shock did the community some good. We can see an improvement in the downtown area, better curbs, sidewalks, buildings remodeled and repaired, bridge railings repaired and one- way streets." Mr. Bailey—"Mel Riley has done much of the work particularly to Miss Sue Blasingham conservation in terms discussed of water resources development and attending administrative, legislative and economic problems. Mrs. Henry Kraut brought the water problem home to Logansport by pointing out that an 1897 city ordinance prohibits, dumping rubbish in any river or'on any river bank within two miles of the corporate limits. A report on the Citizens Advisory Council was given by Mrs. John Shafer, Jr. She has littera- tu.re on methods of financing school construction interested. for anyone who is The next League meeting will be December S. "My Square Lady", a music comedy, will be presented by the LWV players. PRAYER. SERVICE SUNDAY The Women's Circle of the Union Present-Perfect Attendance Awards at Homemakers Meet Perfect attendance awards were made at the Thursday evening meeting of the Homemakers HD club at the home 'of Mary Regan, 1416 North street, with Mrs. Jeaiv Fritz as co-hostess. Awards for perfect attendance went to Mrs. Fritz, Marilee Williams, Juanita Jackson, Gladys Gifford, Geneva lies, Gerry Mather and Mary Ann Mason. Roll call was answered by 18 members and two guests, Mrs. Kathleen Levan and Mrs. Jean Panton, with "my favorite winter sport." Mrs. Williams read the secretary's report, and Joyce Dawson presented the treasurer's account. Mary Ann Mason, president, reported .on the Achievement Day, and she was presented the club s:rapbook. Mrs, Fritz and Estelle Everman were put in charge of the Christmas gift fund. Officers' training school was announced for Monday at the YWCA. Several vacation gifts were auctioned with highest bidders being Gladys Fettig, Mrs. lies, Mrs. Levan, Mrs. Panton, Mrs. Dawson, Margaret Penny, Mrs. Pritz, Betty Keitzer and Mary Dunn. Mrs. Mather won the hostess prizes, and Mrs. Everman was a- v,-arded the door prize. A social to-date. We cannot change the size ! hour was enjoyed at which time Mrs. lies'Was honored at a grand- Welcome Neighbors Install Officers Candlelight installation of off!' cers was conducted at the meeting of the Welcome Neighbors home demonstration at the home of Mrs. Adam Zartman with 16 members present. Mrs. Cloyd Zuck was co-hostess. Mrs. John Si-singer presided at the business session. Roll call was answered with a holiday receipt. Mrs. George Wilson read an article, "Give God a Place in Rural Life," for devotions. Mrs. Charles Talbott read an article, "Forgiveness," 'and Mrs. Donald Van Duyne read a poem, "Looking Forward to Thanksgiving." Mrs. Zuck installed the following officers: President, Mrs. Sisinger; vice-president, Mrs. Lloyd Cleven- in the Miss Rafter asked Mr. Sharp, "What can we promise the children in the future?" Mr. Sharp—"Extended facilities in science, art, physical.education, music, and a larger cafeteria, but we must have a place to put them." Rafter—"What will we do soon?" Mr. Sharp, "Add seven elementary rooms and four for retarded children. The seven more elemen- tery rooms to be in the north section of town and bring others up- ger; secretary, Mrs. Howard, Livengood; and treasurer, Mrs. Van Duyne. Gi;ts of appreciation were presented to the retiring officers. The second part of the lesson on "Good Grooming" was presented by Mrs. Carl' Kroamer and Mrs. Charles Baldwin. An. auction was held with Mrs. Kreamer as auctioneer. Mrs. Van Duyne won the door prize. The next meeting will be a Christmas parly at the home of Mrs. Kreamer with a carry-in dinner at noon and a gift exchange. SOCIAL CALENDAR FRIDAY G:30 p.m. — Owl's club Mrs. Florence McCormick. 7:30 p.m. — Clymers PTA, .school. 7-30 p.m. — Purity Rebekah lodge 127, IOOF hall. of the present rooms, but we can give proper lighting, and proper storage." He terminated with "If people understand a condition, they will be willing to work for the improvement. It is also known that there are more people in Logansport for' numerous improvements than there are against. We are doing a better job of informing the public of the community needs." Mrs. Richard Copeland was in charge of the regular meeting in the absence of Mrs. R. S. McCord. The high school ensemble, under the direction of Miss Thelma Nicholas sang several selections including, "Bless This House." Evelyn Lyon, recording secre- Presbyterian church will-hold ajto school there were 3,0(10 students, Thanksgiving Praise Service at ne xt year there will be 5,000. Our instigate improvement in streets! tery> rea< j the minutes of the May and bridges. It is an .established 2 2nd board meeting ard the Octo- fact that only the state can repair ber general meeting prior to the bridges on highways, therefore, Lo-'report 0 [ Miss Elsie Downs, treas- gansport could not repair the bridges but only ask that it be done." Miss Rafter asked Jerry Hershberger, the high school representative, "What -do teenagers think about our town." He reported that in general they approve of the one-way streets and feel that this is the biggest step that Logansport has taken since he was born. Miss Rafter commented that she hoped that Jerry and other graduates of LHS would come back to Logansport to make their home as their fathers and grandfathers had done and support the town. Miss Rafter—"Are the Educational facilities inadequate as reported?" Mr. Sharp—"When Jerry started 10:50 o'clock Sunday morning at situation 1 is like other towns our the church. Mrs. Homer Martin, i size, particularly those that have president, will preside. ; grown appreciatively. With the de- The speaker will be Mr. Robert; pression, followed by the -war, it Cole, principal of Tipton township high' school, and a former teacher at Warren Wilson junior college, Swannanoa, N. C, He will tell of the program at Warren Wilson, which is a Presbyterian National Mission Station, and currently a The next meeting will b« a j special project of Presbyterian wo- Christmas dinner at.the Bearss Hotel in Peru December 19 at 1 p. m. All reservations are to be made by December 17. The meeting closed with singing. Marguerite Bashore won the Past Presidents club of the ^ oor prize. Refreshments were Jlolhers of World War 2, Cass county, will meet Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the south parlor of Memorial home. All unit past presidents of the county are invited to join the group. -*Woman's Progressive club wall meet. Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home.of Mrs. Pearl . Tikfer. —&— Tri Kappa sorority will meet Monday evening at 7:45 o'clock a: the YWCA for a social meeting. Members are asked to bring a staple item Thanksgiving or cash baskets. for the HI TRI NEWS Hi Tri I! met Thursday evening for a business session with Barbara Shaw opening the meeting. Carol Snider led singing. Sharon Leslie offered devotions, and roll call was read by Nancy Shaver secretary. Nancy Haas read the treasurer's account. The Christmas party was announced for December 19. Mrs. Guy Woolpert presented the program on ship." "YWCA World Fellow- GIA SOCIAL CLUB The GIA Society club 'met Thursday with Mrs. Lillie Ferguson, 1300 High street, for a business meeting. A memorial service was held for three deceased members. Bingo prizes went to Lula Sch- reckenghaust, Vivian Grow, June Borden, Bessie Arnold, and Geneva Messerly. Refreshments were served. Th» Christmas party will be December 19th. served to 25 members. The of- ficer's' training school will be held Monday at the YWCA. ST. VERONICA STUDY CLUB The St. Veronica study club of St. Joseph church met at the home of Mrs. Marie Kumler Wednesday afternoon with eight members and one guest, Mrs. Mary Alice Hillman, attending. The meeting opened with the singing of a hymn and pledge to the flag and crucifix. Reading of the life of the Saints was reply to roll call. Two • chapters of the book, "Many Are One" were given and plans made for the Christinas dinner to be held at the home of Mrs, Anna Grusenmeyer, December llth with a fifty-cent exchange. The recitation of the Rosary was for the sick and deceased and the watchword closed the meeiing, A luncheon was served. men in this area. Mr. Cole, who is a graduate of Warren Wilson, will sing "God So Loved the WorlcT'-Stainer, and the choir will sing "Accept Our Thanks" - Sibelius. Accompanist Mrs. Carl Hinkle. Mrs. Herbert Plummer will give the morning prayer and Mrs. Earl Purcell the offering appeal. ' The annual Thanksgiving Praise Offering for Missions will be taken at the close of service. OUR LADY OF GRACE Our Lady of Grace club of St. Joseph church met at the home of Mrs. Geraldine Hendricks Tuesday at 8 p.m. Mrs* Juanita Personett. president, called the meeting to order, prior to the singing of a song and pledge to the flag. Members read a chapter from created an unnatural situation. Logansport should have started saving toward schools. Now we do have a cumulative building fund. This will give Logansport three. niolher shower. "Fifty" was played with prizes going to Mary Jean Smith and Nan Obenchain. A dessert was served at tables centered with turkeys, made of fruit candy and feathers. Mrs. Moss Hosts Webb Chapel WSCS Webb Chapel WSCS convened Thursday evening at the home of Mildred Moss with Jean Forgey opening with prayer. Secretary-treasurer reports were read, and roll call was answered with "a book on the reading list 1 have read." Mrs. Forgey reported on carpeting for the church, and Mary Kay McKaig, president, reported feat the study classes were well- attended. She thanked all who hsd assisted with them. The next meeting will be a dinner at the church December 5 with the Shiloh Ladies as guests. Members are asked to bring a toy or game to be sent to the Newbury Center in Chicago. Clinton HO Club Installs Officers The Clinton township Home DC- _ monstration Club convened Wed-j jt W as voted to buy a back for nesday afternoon at the home of j the organ. A nursery for the Mrs. Truman Slusser at which 'school children during church time new officers were installed. ! S ervices was discussed. Mrs. John Conn, president, open-; Gladys Nice and Gladys Moss ed the meeting with a quotation. Mrs. Dale Dillman based the devotions on Thanksgiving. The history of the song of the month was read by Mrs. Eldo Meeker. The secretary's report was read by Mrs. James Scott. Mrs. Harry Fitzer gave the treasurer's report. Mrs. Conn conducted a questionnaire on safety. It was announced that our club placed second in the Achievement Day exhibit. Mrs. William Heckard and Mrs. Edwin Hankee were appointed to make arrangements for a ward Christmas party at the state hospital. Roll call was answered with "What I'm most thankful for." Mrs.' Oscar 1 Homburg-. installed! the following officers: Mrs. James; Scott, president; Mrs. John Jus- presented the worship program and lesson and. closed with prayer. Refreshments' were served by the hostesses, Mrs. Moss, Mrs. Shirley Moss and Mrs. Dorothy Heckard, to 21 members and four guests. million dollars in three years. A^ce, vice president; Mrs. John sum which will be adequate if taken care of. We will have an enrollment 'of 6,000 within ten years.' Schools need more space, a larger staff and also we must think of what we will teach and make additions to the Junior High and High School programs. "Some cities are in worse condition. All cities must work hard to alleviate the situation. He. also revealed that there are two rooms in the elementary grades with classes with over 40 pupils." Miss Rafter—"What plans are being made for our city?" Mr. Denham—"We have new zoning laws, one-way streets. Logansport should be proud of the changes in the public attitude; on the second attempt to have one- way streets, there was no opposi- Porter, Jr., secer-tary; and Mrs. T. E. Alread, treasurer. 'Mrs. Ernest Homburg won the contest prize and Mrs. Harry Fitzer received the door prize. Refreshments were served to 15 members and six guests by Mrs. Slusser, Mrs. Dale Dillman, and Mrs. Bernard Slusser. Pre-Thanksgiving DRESS SALE all fall and •winter dresses reduced The SPYCE SHOP Ph. 3503 1306 Bclwy. Dick Bailey continued in the same vein by stating that the Father Instructs Jackson. : community is reaching a point '•The business part of the meet- where it has much'for which to ing was led. Announcement was made that the next meeting will be held December 17th. The meeting closed with the reciting of the rosary. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Hendricks. be proud. Citizens taking personal' pride in the new banks and other downtown improvements are good advertisement for the city." Mr. Denham—"We have a new waterworks, a light plant soon to be. in operation, and the school HOLY ROSARY The Holy Rosary study club of St. Vincent church met Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Gerald Pancini. Recitation of the Rosary opened the meeting. The Rosary was said for 'Bishop John Bennett. Roll call was Current events. Plans were made for a covered dish supper to be held December 18 at the home of Stella Pursh. A $l gift exchange will be held. Prizes in "50" went to Ruth iiun- day, Flora Mordenti and Merle Quaglio. Ice cream and coffee were served. Window Shades Rugs-Carpets ... Upholstery ,'. ' Venetian Blinds Draperies-Slipcovers f hon» 360» . V . H« E. Market Slrtit LORRAIN'S BEAUTY SHOP 826 North St. — No Parking Problem •For appointment phone 2211 'CLIP&SAVE" THE PAGE From the New, Combined SUNDAY PHAROS-TRIBUNE LOGANSPORT PRESS i- Complete Schedules For The Entire Week! AT MOHLMANS FREE COFFEE ALL DAY SATURDAY A SUNBEAM DEMONSTRATOR WILL BE IN OUR STORE Alt DAY SATURDAY TO DEMONSTRATE AND ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT SUNBEAM APPLIANCES. $19.95 am GmtoW even Heat AUTOMATIC FRYPAN America's favorite! Prepares everything from a quick breakfast to a family-size meal the quick, easy, controlled heat way. And everything you cook tastes and looks better. In standard, medium (In colors) large, and super aizes. 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