The Times Leader from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on September 6, 1993 · 14
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The Times Leader from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · 14

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, September 6, 1993
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6B The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA, Monday, September 6, 1993 T ELEVISION I -LI. IjyiJ pill.llllLUI, ' I 7 ,-'BTr its f 1 :a ---, a Letterman has won round one of the fight for latenight ratings Letterman knocks Leno out oiring with bigratings: By MIKE DUFFY Knight-Ridder Newspapers Dave is getting to be pleasantly addictive in a real hurry. It was easy to miss him most nights on NBC, where "Late Night With David Letterman" aired to a 12:35-1:35 a.m. audience that Letterman Joked was made up mostly of inmates, insomniacs and college students. But geez. put him on at 11:35 on CBS and it's tough to dodge the instant screwball temptations of "Late Show With David Letterman." Been there every night so far. And so, happily for CBS, have a lot of other folks, making for very nice ratings. Though the numbers tumbled some from Dave's splashy, much-awaited debut last Monday, he's still beating up on Jay Leno and The Tonight Show." And Tuesday night with Letterman attracting an impressive 25 percent share of the late-night audience Leno suffered his poorest ratings, a 10 percent share, since he took over from Johnny Carson last year. ! Wednesday night's "Late Show," Letterman's best yet on CBS, offered several examples . of why his lively, anything-can-happen ambience makes Leno's more predictable, middle-of-the-road "Tonight" seem rather sleepy. - - Hey, where else are you gonna see slo-mo replays of Demi Moore spitting out a big wad of gum? Nowhere else but Dave's place. And you won't catch Jay ad-libbing the loboto-mized laugh of Beavis & Butt-head the way Dave did Wednes- day. : On other talk shows, Moore sometimes comes across like an aloof Hollywood prima donna. But with Letterman, she was immediately at ease, a fun-loving, down-to-earth great dame. Who woulda thunk it? ' Daily grid contains updated information rr J. Lewis ABC News Roseanne Golden Day One (44693) NFL Football: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins (Live) (650186) XJ Telethon (1709) (4544) - Girts - - i CV News CBS News Hard Copy Entertain. Evening Major Dad Murphy Big Wave Northern Exposure News Late Show (30419) (54099) (33326) Tonight Shade (92761) Brown jpave's (23780) - (8658029) Letterman CT News NBC News Wheel oL Jeopardy! Fresh . Blossom Palomino f91) News Tonight (90815) (81167) Fortune (70051) Prince (69457) (Urateey Frost, Lee Horsley) (B19S4) (3294148) (11:35)" CTH FuH House Married ... Family Works!: Reunion Fletch ('65) '. News iReal Cops M'A'S'H (14457) Children (84877) (Chevy Chase, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) (97341) (39490) Stories ..: (69070) (23815) rr Keeping Nightly MacNeilLehrer- The Ghostwriter Special (710475) - The American Waiting lor Man Called Up Business NewsHour (110231) : Experience (560772) God Horse rg") News (631) NBC News Entertain. iHard Copy Fresh I Blossom Palomino ('91) ' News Tonight (983) Tonight (167) Prince (5457) (Undsay Frost Lee Horsley) (4438) (8626867) (11:35) Cq) 1993 Jerry Lewis Labor Gimme a Gloria Simon & Simon (28631) Bamaby Jones (15167) iNews (18254) Streets of San Day Telethon (CoWd) Break (7167) - : - Francisco (76815) fQ) News CBS News Cops American Evening Major Dad Murphy Big Wave Northern Exposure News iLate Show u (8273) (9525) (4148) Journal Shade (5631) Brown Dave's (16896) (4367235) Letterman fTT) Ful House Growing A Different A Different The Sting (73) News Cheers Murphy (2099) Pains World World (Paul Newman, Robert Radford) (344728) (73254) (87896) Brown (2) Cheers Cheers Star Trek: The Next Fletch ('85) INews (20308) - Dear John Arsenio -J (46051) (62631) Generation (70867) (Chevy Chase, Dane Wheeler-Nicholson) (13341) (8361 2) Hall HBO Movto Dream Machine (PG, '91) Bebe'e Kids (PG-13, '92) I White Men Can't Jump (a '92) Real Sex 4 (4:30) , (Corey Halm) (468148) (476167) (Westey Snipes, Woody Harrelson) (597231) (4147051) SH0 Dead Poets Society ILate for Dinner (7:15) (PG, "91) I Honeymoon in Vegas (PG-13, 92) I Brett I Do or Die (11:10) (R, (5:05) (67079411) (Brian Wlmmer, Peter Berg) (73069273) (8391457) Butler '91) (56058728) PSM Movie (5) Phillies Baseball: Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies (Live) (6528322) I Everybody's Ail-American (R, '88) Pregame I , (Jesslca Lange, Dennis Quald) (71713157) CIN Swing Shift (PG, '84) Top Secret! (PG, '84) At Play in the Fields of the Lord (R, '91) (Goldle Hawn, Kurt Russell) (203148) ' (Val Kilmer) (724341) (Tom Berenger, Aldan Oulnn) (32626612) DSC Mother Wildlife Rre Attack (505983) Dynamite Dynasty iTest Pilot (501167) iThose WholThose WholFire Attack (392631) Nature Chronicles - - (514631) Dare Dare DSY Newsies (PG, '92) , Avonlea (8:05) ' Norma Rae (PG, 79) Scenic Wonders ol (Christian Bate, Robert Pirvall) 67649) 70547815) (Sally Field, RorvLelpman) (829898) '-. Amerft: Northwest ESPN Baseball: (4) Milwaukee Sports- NFL Prime Monday (Premiere) Water Skiing (958051 ) I Pro Beach Volleyball Baseball ISports-; at Kan. City (109065) Center (553896) (968438) Tonight jcenter USA Cartoon Express Unde Tennis: U.S. Open, Early-Round Matches (Live) (428070) Quantum Leap (938457) (145952) Buck - ' . . - AMC My Foolish Heart (5) Paid in Full ('50 (Tender Comrade ('43) " - My Foolish Heart ('49) ('49) (114780) - ' (Robert Cummlngs, Uzabeth Scott) (758273) (Ginger Rogers, Robert Ryan) (975728) (595032) ARTS Home Home Home Home David LWolper Sherlock Holmes iLovejoy Irish Slew , An Evening at the Again. Again Again Again Presents (516099) (596235) ' (599322) Improv (394099) FAM Life Goes On: With a The Waltons: The Kenny Rogers: Working Star Spangled Branson The 700 Club (212896) Scarecrow and Mrs. Mighty Heart (676070) Minstrel (213525) America (222273) (219709) - - King (570457) CNN The Work) Today Moneyline ICrossfire Primenews A Healing Larry King Uve . World News (144896) Sports iMoneyline (440524) (612214) (798631) (799542) Place (141709) Tonight (292167) NICK Would You Wild and Looney Pete& Partridge Get Smart Dragnet iDickVan Mary Tyler Mary Tyler Lucy Show Alfred Do? CrazyKids Tunes Pete Family (988167) (881815) Dyke Moore Moore (853032) Hitchcock Lip Movie (4) Shop Tit Unsolved Mysteries LA Law (20241 9) Lifeguard (76) . - Unsolved Mysteries You Drop (226099) (Sam Elliott, Anne Archer) (205506) (576631) TBS Lone Wolf McQuade ('83) Baseball: Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers (Live) (924612) Gator (76) (159186) (Chuck Norrls, David Carradlne) (140070) 1 ' WGN 1993 Jerry Lewis Labor Baseball: Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies (Live) (685341) . I News: Sanders, Payne Night ' I Emergency Day Telethon (Cont'd) (8347g8) Court Call TNT Fred& Yogi Bear Bugs Bunny's All-Stars The Beastmaster ('82) The Valley of Gwangl ('69) I Barney Bunch (752525) (Mart Singer, Tanya Roberts) (940070) (James Frandscus) (678544) TV talk Today 7 a.m. CD BD "Today," U.S. labor movement; Bosnian athletes; traveling in Europe; NFL head coaches r Dave -Wannstedt,- Wade - Phillips. . (74419), (60457) 7 a.m. 63 "This Morning," George Benson. (26099) 9 a.m. CD "Geraldo," Captive women. (3964) 11 a.m. CD "Joan Rivers," Best moments from 500 shows. (66490) 11 a.m. S3 "Jenny Jones," Grifters. (R) (53644) 3 p.m. S3 "Sally Jessy Raphael," Former TV stars. (541 86) 4 p.m. BD "Oprah Winfreyi" The nearly famous. (33693) 5 p.m. 00 "Donahue," Bicycle-bound computer genius. (63273) Tonight 11:35 p.m. CD 03 "The Tonight Show," John Larroquette; musicians Natalie Merchant, Jimmie Dale Gilmore. (2985254), (9574525) 11:35 p.m. 09 "Late Show With David Letterman," Richard Lewis; band Midnight Oil. (8979506) ; . 12:30 a.m.... gTJ) "Arsenio . Hall,!!-TJfiarles Barkley; Faith Ford; Ron Silver; Paulinho da Costa. (R) (51 1 129) 12:35 a.m. CD ED "Late Night With David Letterman," John Houseman; former boxer Jake LaMotta. (R) (6124484), (3383718) 1:35 a.m. 03 "Rush Llmbaugh," (R) (9323303) Tuesday 7 a.m. CD 0D "Today," Author Malcolm W. Browne ("Muddy Shoes & Red Sock: A Reporter's Life"); health care; Dennis Hopper, Kenny Loggins. (91262), (70910) ' 7 a.m. CD "Good Morning America," Sugar Ray Leonard and model Jill Goodacre discuss boxing as exercise; author Grace G. Corrigan ("A Journal for Christa"), mother of Christa McAuliffe; author Amy Tan and filmmaker Wayne Wang; author Stanley I. Greenspan ("Playground Politics"). (56736) Regis & Kathie Lee: Like two peas in a pod Hollywood stars ride with 'Harts of the West' LOS ANGELES "Harts of the West," The Kushner-Locke Co.'s primetime CBS series, has cast a galaxy of guest stars to appear alongside starring cast members Beau Bridges and Harley Jane Kozak with Lloyd Bridges in a recurring role. Mark Harmon, popular actor and People Magazine's first "sexiest man alive" (Jan. 27, 1986), appears as ex-rodeo star Sunset Sam in the second episode. Harmon plays a down-on-his-luck. once-champion rider who teaches the Harts a few lessons about taming the West Oscar and Emmy-nominated actress Diane Ladd appears in the third episode as the haughty and rich Nina Vandergrift, Alison's (Kozak) mother, who surprises everyone with her attraction to crusty, crotchety ranch-hand Jake (Lloyd Bridges). Veteran Western star Dale Robertson has been set for multiple appearances beginning in episode four. He plays Zeke Terrel, a prominent novelist who comes to Sholo, Nev., seeking revenge for a girlfriend stolen by brother Jake 45 years earlier. "Harts of the West," created by Robert Moloney, is an hour-long family show with comedy centered on Dave Hart (Beau Bridges), a Chicago-based lingerie, salesman who seeks to change his life following a heart attack and accidentally buys a long-collapsed ranch in Sholo. Nevertheless Hart, wife Alison Debuts Sept 25 Channel 22 and their three children Zane (Sean Murray), L'Amour (Meghann Haldeman) and Duke (Nathan Watt), all named after heroes of the old West, together with old-time rancher Jake, Marcus (Sterling Macer Jr.), a convicted securities lawyer turned cowboy, and a host of colorful western folks decide to turn their dilapidated home into a ranch. "Harts of the West" debuts on the CBS-TV network Sept 25. The show has been given the coveted 9-10 p.m. Saturday-night time slot on CBS, with its lead-in to be the network's popular series "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" starring Jane Seymour 8-9 p.m.). It will be followed by the action-adventure series "Walker, Texas Ranger" starring Chuck Norris. ' Peter Locke, Donald Kushner and Robert Moloney are executive producers of "Harts of the West" Jill Gordon, Chris Ruppenthal and Trish Soodik are producers. The Kushner Locke Co. Is a publicly traded television production and distribution company primarily engaged in the development, production and distribution of television series, pilots, movies-for-television, miniseries, feature films, reality and animation programming for network, cable, syndication and international markets. By FRAZIER MOORE AP Television Writer athie Lee Gifford has a A way of upstaging Regis i Li jl Philbin even from OFF-stage during the maternity leave highlighted by the Aug. 2 birth of her daughter. Cassidy Erin. She is expected back mid-month on the syndicated "Uve With Regis & Kathie Lee" and until then, Philbin makes do with substitute co-hosts (including, through next week, former model Cristina Ferrarej. But Gifford's absence has afforded an opportunity to focus on the "Regis & Kathie Lee-teammate still on duty. And a good chance to marvel at the perfect symbiosis he shares with Gifford, who since 1985 has played an arch goody-goody to Philbin's blustery schoolboy. It's the classic "host chat," unrehearsed and unscripted, where Regis and Kathie Lee talk tete-a-tete about life and their respective lives Regis' with wife Joy; Kathie Lee's with husband-sportscaster Frank and their family. During these first 1 5 minutes. Regis and Kathie Lee start out by announcing the date and dipping into the morning papers. They might talk about the weather, about the kitchen Regis is redoing, about pregnant Kathie Lee's gas pains and how she won't be taking 3-year-old son Cody to that scary "Jurassic Park." They "' J' ii n mum" i.MuujmMMmmmii.m.i.. 1 jiuimujwi 'i : if Am St ss a s is x tvt-m s- Airs weekdays 9 a.m. Channel 16 Regis Philbin whispers to Kathie Lee Gifford, who is now on maternity leave, in this 1 993 photo. might talk about the world and about their famous friends, all of whom are great, just great. Glamour and the everyday commingle seamlessly. It's the fast lane with frequent side trips for the common touch. "I am so SICK and TIRED of the TRAFFIC in this TOWN! It Just drives me NUTS!" Philbin might explode, doing his famous little-guy-against-the-world, before Gifford tames him with her full-throated laugh. "You've never seen this." she butts in during another of his rants, then licks the full length of her dumbstruck co-host's face "and you WONT." The tone is folksy and spur-of-the-moment, a little " corny and a lot upbeat, as "Live" strikes a daily blow against rival talk-show fare: Don't expect ' cross-dressing anorexic bigamist Siamese twins here. "Everybody else's topics are getting gamier and gamier," Philbin complains. "We're not doing that. We're two people. Interrelating, talking--- nothing new, to tell you the truth. But different" .; The real concept of the show, in a symbolic sense, is that they are husband and wife," says executive producer Michael Gelman. Simplicity itself. But call it "easy" and you give Philbin fits. "It is a grind." he says. There are some days when you don't go out the night before, when absolutely NOTHING interesting has happened to you. But with us, it's every morning, live, and there are some mornings you Just don't feel like it." "v." h tm r mm m ML CARPET CLEANING 7 825-9229 pl ljplj WE DO A DOUBLE PROCESS: STEP 1 STEP 2 SHAMPOO STEAM CLEAN Specials include rooms up to 1 2' x 1 5'. 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