Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 30, 1957 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1957
Page 21
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Monday Evening, December 30, 1957. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribuns NIn* RIP KIRBY HERE COMES I OH. RIP... CARMOPY .X I'/w SO NOW, HONEY. TAKE (T EASY ITOSHTENEC! ANI7 JUST TELL THE TRUTH. OKAY, RIP. WANT TO TAKE A LOOK AT IT WITH ME? HMM, I DON'T LIKE/IM AFRAID. THIS. DO YOU A iOO..,«T SEE WHAT 1SEE? MICKEY FINN IHOPEYOU'RENOT ^W OH,NO,MICHAEL» V -AH-TALKING TOO MUCH m BUT, OF COURSE, ATCLANCy'S,UHCLEPHIL / THE FELLOWS PO -ABOUT CATCHING / APPRECIATE GETTING A GOOD POKE IN T THAT WOULD BE, . THE MOUTH WOULD 1 A LITTLE CRUDE! WAKE HIM REALIZE / HOULIHAN IS SMART -HE'LL THINKOF SOME. WAY TO CORK HIM OFF! VES, JERRY, THAT GIRL WHO Y WELL, OOH'T KEEP WElfrTO BUSINESS COLLEGES ME IN SUSPENSE! WITH ME BRAGGED JUST LIKE ) IELL ME WHAT PHIL-AMD! REMEMBER SO JL YOU DID! CLEARLY HOW WE FINALLY CURED HER!. MORE THAN JUST EXCITED, SST. PRAKE.L HE 1 TURNED WHITE AS PAPER.' YOU SAY WEBSTER SEEMED EXCITED WHEN THffi FELLOW TALKED TO HIM AND SAHARA -. IN THE CAFE? MEANWHILE, <SAYLORD STARES AT A SNAPSHOT. I FOUND OUT FROM A ) WEBSTER'S WAITER. THE 6UY IS /HICHNS SOME"DITTO" WVSE.'.. HE WORKS FOR THE THINS-, NOLAN.' I'D BETTER TALK TO HIM/ IT'S WORTH TRVINS/ WORTH TRYINS/ IARSEN DEPARTMENT >c r REX MORGAN, M. D. WIFE, CLEO, HAS BEEN RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL BY DR. MORGAN, THE PROFESSOR IS INVOLVED WITH A MORE IMPORTANT PATIENT"/ ,^A LITTLE AIR Yi FEEL SO WEAK\ . i.WILL PO YOU JANO EXHAUSTED, I [ A WORLD OP >*--^PROFESSOR.' I GOOD, MRS. BARTON A THINK. YOU • I'LL WALK WITH YOU J HAD BETTER TO THE BANK .' ^ DRIVE ME / JUST AS you SAY, MRS. BARTON.' I TRUST THERE \ I A5KEP. MY BANKER T BE ANV I TO HAVE A CASHIER'S DELAY AT THE / CHECK REAO/...IN YOUR II BANK..' A. NAME, PROFESSOR/ TIZZY BUZ SAWYER *'Vou know what Elsie had the itfcrve to give tfte for Christmas? The «ame thine I cave her!" GRIN AND BEAR IT "... Am) I btame Hie people «w «*• f 0 ' 1 ' 1 " 8 rfou /' lt-» «w wit thinj «t didn't I— •" •»»—' Kentuckions Test With Turkish Tobacco LEXINGTON. Ky. — Twenty farmers in Kentucky, long-known as one of the nation's top burley growing areas, are trying their •hand at raising Turkish tobacco. r Chewing Delicious Wrigley'$ Spearmint After Every Meal Helps Keep Teeth Clean Buy some The growers have "pilot" crops of Turkish leaf underway for the second season. The project is sponsored by the University of Kentucky's Agricultural • Extension Information Center Gets Some Odd Queries BOSTON — "Is is all right to eat dead lobsters?" "Somebody painted my son green. What can I do?" These are some of the queries received by telephone at the Poison Information -Center of Children's Medical Center. With an estimated 250,000 materials on the market containing poisonous ingredients, th« center receives an infinite variety of inquiries. Such calls number about 1,500 each year. 1 ALREADY DIP, A TWINKLE --EYES. 1 I60r\ YOUONTHISSUOW BOAT BOUND POR I NAPLES. /- BUT HOW CAM YOU AFFOR7 TO QUIT YOUR JOB WITH ZORKA, BUI? WHATU YOU 00? BUT Ml-OVf (WO KISSES SERIOUSLY, \_PEPPER?... QUIT WORRYING SWEETHEART.' LETS LIVE MNCEROUSLY FORA WHILE... STRICTLY BUSINESS Bailey's BLUE SUITS are right... right around the clock! MARY WORTH I KNOW VOL HATE IT "- VJ OH.5L1RE,FRANK.! WHEN I—UH— DO A HARD/ BU5INEW 15 BU5INE«: SELL'; PHYLLIS!.--BUTIT'S A . ...'ANDSO i« A ECT2PWNA iOCIALCALt! HOW, LOOK! OUR SSTER WILL ELL YOU THAT I'M JOT SUCH A Yti- I THINK rft TIME WE HAD A PI AIM TALK. ..•ABOUT YOU ANOLOUAHN! LITTLE ABNER I THINK VCXJRE AS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE OUT- SI DEiT I'LL INVESTIGATE VOOR STORV.ATtiJWOWN , EXPENSE.. VOU CLAIM > VOU HAVE A HUSBANP > IN DOGPATCH, NAMEDSOKUM? DESCRIBE HIM- -AN" HAM'SOMER,^;-AND fs'GHS AN' STRONK5ER, J$r LLXTKIER- AN' BETTER- LJOOKIN; AM'~ NANCY I THINK I'LL TAKE IT EASV TODAY— I'LL > JUST REST AND BE QUIET i HAVE TO MAKE A NOISE NOW AND THEN OR AUNT FRITZI WILL. THINK I'M SICK IK.-IQy "I have some company business to get out, Miss Fogg, when you finish running off the Church Bulletin for Argyle, the Boy Scout program for Smith, the PTA minutes for Cartwright. .." STRICTLY RICHTER <S[M», KINO FEAIUStS SVNDIOATI, IK, WOULD M«HW HtSMVED. "We have thirteen letter men. coming back. I'll have, to work out some new BCD talks." CUTIES "My husband built it. He got a do-it-yourself kit for Christmas." DOTTY DRIPPLE W CALL VOUR BOSS J / AND TELL HIW THAT < l\OUR COLD IS SO 1 V. BAP VOU CAN'T A IT 1 HEDPO, BOSS PIS IS PRIBBLE" LEP'S PACE IP, POPPY—HE WOPE HAB IPPY SYMPATHV FOR BE// GRANDMA NO, JUNIOR, I'M NOT GONNA PAINTA BLOOMIN' THING/ f IT'S JUST A LltTUE LABOR- SAVIN'IDEA I THOUGHT UP.' BETCHA IT'LL ICBA DOZEN COOKIES,. WITH ONE SWIPE.V

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