Evening Journal from Vineland, New Jersey on September 9, 1922 · 3
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Evening Journal from Vineland, New Jersey · 3

Vineland, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1922
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- EVEMNQ JOVIAL, .TLNW. N... J.iATt'iDAV, SKITKIHKU'y,. 1M HISS COLUMBUS PICKED AS I.1ISS AMERICA ATi PAGEAI1T- (CwtlDued lron vcc,:!) "MISS VTNELAND been riot indeed. The poIIe tarried their clubs as walking canes. Tht firemen In tbelr bat b tag toga looked longingly at truster.- Then followed the men a dlvlalos no called. Tbe women applauded tht various types of ApolUlika mold. The children's division, with the many unique costume worn by toti that could barely , walk, aroused the admiring comments Of tha crowds. Then were man sat up and took notice. -Here come the beauta." '- o.m.iiMira" first Daased la re- Tfew."'A StatneWjti' Wueciat tttliftij girl representing vsiun, i the bevy. " She evidently bad "roltad her owq showing that h ' wai no amateur after all. Bilks and wlm, colors ranging fro msearlet to white and with effects that ranged froiu.iiuii-burets to leopard skin helped form the bathing ensemble- . Mis' Jean-White, of ... PbibuMpkli. who was tbe second choice, and alirr-nate for "Miss, Philadelphia." waipa the amateur division, The .proleaatou-als were .motion-picture and theatrical girls who did not. mind , Ue staring thousands. . Miss Alaska. In the white of the snow of her laud, received loud applause, ' "MiBS Allenlown" wore a natty black bathing suit. "Mlsa Brtdgpton." in silk and velvet over green bloomer was a pleasing flgure. "Miss Greater Camden- was a figure la green mil. stockings and slippers. "Miss Chester" was ft, picture In black, as was "Miss Lancaster." Miss Heading"- wore a bathing suit whew colors were as changeable the cha-melion. 'Miss Philadelphia"-Kitty Mollmaui was a Messing figure In -., nt nurnle. arav Jersey ur- mmintiflS nurnlo bloomers. 8he ware black stockings and purple shoei. "Miss Indianapolis," who captured k. rat hsnnlT nrize last night, wore . ,n-ni "Amir tt Kellerman." A sleeveless brown jersey with a abort skirt attached, but , with, cover-all stockings, formed her attire. "Miss Johnstown" was a bobbed-hair beautj all In black. " 1 ' m' ti.o mnccmA division was for the ma- dies, who took off tbelr flapper alutera In remarkable fashion, uiue m Sinderband. of Philadelphia, In a red-costume, led the pro cession. There -were dlmlutlve life guards, cupids. Jesters. Indiana atrip- pod to the waist and aaunea wim war paint. "Jack Dempsey- was mo, -Robinson Crusoe." a, little tot In ermines, who carried a parasol of furs; "Miss Liberty" end "Mjsa America." If in" snneared In duplicate form, r., nrniwl mnlhcr inllQIUI tO dllDlay her entire family of six. halted the youngest toddler along wittt a Dome 01 milk. The third division was for the com in unit inrhiflMl the usual "Chavllns' and take-offs of other movla. atari, a Borneo bathing beauty , and a general assortment of cut-ups. Omanlzatlona were next ' In line P.,rtv.lr fair swimmers . from the Girls' llygela Swimniln Club featured in their, one-piece bathing sum. a shore department store contributed a novelty with bathing girls representing each month in tbe year, wnue gin ca-noers from Derby Hall, were much admired. Th local Notary Club's aauad each man -pushing , a, golden,' rotary wheel, was another original, entry, The fifth division waa notable tor Its wide variety of shapes. It was the am alenr hamttv detjt.il. Manv of the en tries went admitted vary amateurish as to (onn and face. The aeveney-llve entrtAA wam RlrAnff fnr the foarft llmbl. One of them, a town character la her Into fnHloe knnwn "Rix.liVwt Eliza beth." contributed the big smile. She wore a tight-fitthig bathing Jersey, trunks that came to her knees, fringed with bright red; red socks and, high, black button shoes. Elizabeth wore her hair bobbed. Tbe ' effect was quite knobby. ',: The afternoon parade was followed by the Judging contest In tbe ballroom of the Steel Pier in the evening. The elimination process among thebeautlea required nearly two hours, while the great throng In the ballroom applaud: ed their favorites. "Miss Philadelphia'' was In the running until the Held dwindled down to "Miss New York" (Dorothy. Hughes). "Miss Columbus" (Mar j Catherine Campbell) and "Mis Macon" (Frances Gurr) among the Inter-city contestants; Dorothy Knapp, Pauline Dakla and 8ydney Nelson, the " I ' T r ' ' av 'I 1 V Vs. : V ', '- 4. t ;; "t . r New ' York professional entry; Mary Elizabeth Edwards, of Vineland; Gladys Oreenmeyer and Estelle Marks, of Atlantic City, amateurs. These were later entered Into competition with Miss America and tbe winners In yes terday's chair and ballroom revues in the finals to decide the, beauty cbam-ptonatiip. "Miss Allenlown " Ellen R Shcrr. waa aa vision In black, while "Miss Bal timore." Erma Knabe. chose gray to set off her charms. "Miss Birming ham. Elsie Sparrow, fascinatingly lively, wore a blue and white gingham. "fisas Boston," Charlotte Trowbridge. was in a tight-fitting green suit; "Miss Bridgeport," In blue and white. "Miss Camden," Eleanor, Undley, selected green and won mucn.attention. "Mias Cheater," Anna M. Burke, appeared In gray; "Miss Cleveland," in green; "Mlaa Columbus," green; "Miss Detroit" and "Miss Easton," In blue; "Mista. Flsrida," In blue, a did "Miss Hsrrlaburg"; "Miss Johnstown" was in blacky af were "Miss Kansas City" and ".Miss Lancaster": ".Miss lsAoKeleiT wore a golden knit suit that, with her beauty, won the throngs: "Miss Mem phis" was in gray; "Miss Seattle," in gold: "Miss Syracuse." In gray, and black) f Miss Toronto." In red ; and green; "Miss Washington." attractive In purple, as waa "Miss Erie." PresbjterUs Services MIsa Helen Bonbrake will sing at tbe morning service at , tbe Presbyterian Church on Sunday and in the evening Miss Lucille Barthelomew will render a piano solo, and Theodore Stratton will slog. !H1 Kverybedy, Runshlna Social. Friday , evenlnr. Sept. 15th, Sherman and Main, fancy baxaar. home-made candy. Ice cream home-made cake, Florida, chicken, and all the nxlngs. Come and, have a good time. , 911 The merchant who Is the fittest sur vives because he advertises.. Watch his dally news. U TELLS.0F BATTLE -WITH INDIANS HaotkiQS (Neb.) Win Wis Pierced by Arrow During Fight on Homestead. . BROTHER ALSO; SHOT Father Beuivsd Oath Bey war Dead and Flea, , but Rsturned Next , Day and fwi .Them Both Alive, - Hastings. b, HHstiirK litis ' the distinction i.f having the only living nuin on rwHwd ever shut rlwir. tlinnik'U Xb boilx. with -an- IwtUut. lu iw tlui- arriiw bsiiug.thniub Wa Im1- ami Into the body of his brother, pinning the two toKHher. He Nut Miirtlu. He la now a retired farmer, liking In IIiisUiiks" sevoiity-fiuir J enrs of-rtu,-strng and htwky, anaxrathr eujy eslilliltlng the arrows, showing the wound In his side, and tolling of the UK-IUvwtv f ' ' i ; He and, hi . brother Ilohert, Uve-l, with tbelr parents '.shout 13 mlUn norLbnettt of .ILmkiIku--' on a lioiuesleud, They bud lieeil with Ihelr fulhet In a fifld all diiy nuiklng Imy. It was toward evening whew nine Iiidlanw rode up on ponies, lient on srviiliiiit the Martin hows. Tbe father. h was on one load f hny, beguu Kltuotiug, and wounded two or three of tl braver. : One,' slipping behind tjie wuvnn, nml sliooilns through the buy, wounded the father. Father Woundae First. : ThoiiKh wounded, he kept , on sImhiI-leg as best he could iia the horses run on toward the house. The loy. rldliut together on s horse, aturtwl also for home. The Indians tried to ln'd them off, but falling, began shoot lug from behind, . ' The first arrow Iodised In Nut's right elbow, wedging Its head In between the bones of the Joint, and the sliufi was broken off. The second arrow em tered his hock, just under the shoulder-blade next te the, backftone, passed through the rrifht mug, cttme out below the right breast, and stuck Into Robert's backbone, plunlug Uie two together. - -'' Eecsped Btinf Sealped, . i The third arrow graced bis hip, tusking, a slight flesh wound, and lodged In Robert's lilp.'- Thus pinned together the boys rode on uutll folut from the, wounds end loss of blood they felt from the heme. In falling, the arrow pulled through Nat's body.. The Indians cejue up, thought they were 4ro.d orv wnld . soon -die, and-when one Indian, 8ug;eKted.sdilp DAYTON Lcroy Brown Local Agent 17 Columbia Atc Vineland, N. J. - Phone 255-W saw (A Lettcrflo Workinffmen) DEAR SIR: - One of the things you're entitled to is good clothes to wear when you need good clothes;; stylish, well-made, serviceable. You may spend your working hours in over-alls ; but the rest of th"e' time you can be as well dressed as anybody. ; ,v Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes offer a man true economy in sei-vice; they'rernade in the way you, as a good workman, would make clothes if that were your ib- '' ; .. (' : There's no reason why you should not wear such clothes; the price needn't stand in the way, because such 1 quality at our prices is ksexpensive than most clothing you see. 1 ' , ' t ' Come in some day and look them over. ( Yourstruly, .u - HARRY SHAFFER. . " ' ' N.W.cor.GthandLandisAve. i i i. .--a.-1 - Ing tlicni. sn old bro-e replied:.: Tn putiM st ulji no gxxL No Iwoor to kilt l'UlOI .' - Theught Beys Deed. . The father, set-lug the lioys full and aupixwliig llinu dVud, took the otlier mviiilvera of the fauilly and lied for safety to Kurt Kenrwy. lefltijr a train of wagons he aiinu tm k llli tin-in to recwer the bodies of his boya. Tbe boys,. In tbe meantime, munagrd to crawl to the bam, where they' were found licit morning and their wcUiids The VlneUinil Lvresm t'earse The tSlterlon Male Quartette will open tbe Vim-laud- Lyceum Toiirse, Tuwdayi (M l. Urd. This Is one or the nest Male Quarletiea ia the Irceum world. ' The other dates of the Course are Nov. 7th. Pec. 6th, Jan. Jd and Kb. 13th. Tickets on sale In a few days at Hughes' Shoe Store, Tbe Ht Coas. K-ioueer ands I'lersonTMorrls Drug Stores. , 8U fu.tli nrlni ililikens. 30c a Tb. Bog 1U8, Magnolia road, near Main. I'hono 911-U 11. , ! ItlMiilnllon tu Arm nt iiiutwui'th & Andrews h.v, ihir ilnv acrveil by niltliml cou- in HUiuiivn imrtnershln. All billa due lo the tli m and by tbe nrm will le received by U. C Itosworill. iMwwonn A Andrews. 727 1'ear St., Vlneiana, S.J. . 8'p. B. 11122 I. V- Thaworm. n ' --- .. J ) We Recommend GLASSES TilE lMTISHILi: III IOC AM for those who netwl glasses for reading and distance. Unlike tbe old-style bifocals. KRYPTOKH bsve no team nor bump. The Donahey Store . I'Use lBKlrsclles, xiiu i ii. iiu li. Di-l.Tira. graduate of, Combs Conservatory, will opn BV third HvaSon OOHept. 11." n. r..ror. Myrtle and landis Aye. 6wl Ask Or. Joodfellow about the niock Party. Tuesday, Bept. 12th. Benellt of WMUnc iW- - ..-..--,,-, W .: Vineland F.ggs, guaranteed fresh. 45c. Cuiuberland Ciwery. 211 N. 7th. ( , Miss K. . M el wilt not met Imr Monday pupils thlr week on sceouni ot llluesii. Ht2 Thus Pinned Together the eya Rede ,On. ., dressed. Itoliert lived until about 25 yeur agn. Nut Is still living ht-ri? In HiiMtlitKH. The arrows lie proudly exhibits are the arrows with which be and his brother were wounded, ami the one that punned Ihreugh Nat's body still bus some of the blood stains In the groove of tbe arrow shaft. Th KeMllliiB--Ilaasea Madia $21 Klmer Bt.. rerelves student for ih Pali torm for Violin. Voice. Tlsno. Voice culture by Ulll Ihmsnn Method. . Bptg-MMS-lS-ie. Buy Neonts. AMeatioa Ten free rmVa In the. airplane' to be given out ' next week. Watch Monday's Journal for announcement. Bt3 Herbert A, Walls, .couitnuieloncr, '.- Maalea, . Prltes for tbe big Cake Walk. Bee Chief Hudson. Benefit of Wailing Pool. 7ta . . DI1 you cry when your daughter bobbed her hair? Don'tshe Is a pro-iv nitin Imdv. Be tiroareaslvs with her, read tbe ads and know what, people are doing. " Brown &: Sons. pealera la AH Kinds at Barrels and Crates ' Huttar, Hour, Apple, Vinh, TrvcW, 1'oultry, Oynter and . (lings. . . i Offle ' 2nd. and Woo4 Sts, YIXF.LA.M) i Central Shoe Repair Shop TuriiiPTly-on- tantHtf-aven ne, -ntw-at 17 No. Ctli St. Same special aU tentlon a; I von and good work. Come and see us, , Dr. K. REYNOLDS EYESIGHT SPECIALIST -Kyei tested, glaases fit ted. $1.00 as Hearst 2 U i. . I hese SiO M Other .Hjra by Appolstiseat , Pest Oftle Huildbig, VIM: LA Ml, Jt. J, BEAUTY Visit Creech's for effective hair, dressing, hair bobbins and satisfactory manicuring and , beauty work.. Special fare massaging and face packing. Hoslp ahampootng. Oil LAS IHS AVhV PHOSt IJA-Wi .1!J ..l.S. Willys lidiglit Sleeye ,Vlve Motor, No valvM , to grind, no Hprbg to weaken, 20. per cent lew partu to wear and eftUReT-epnir uuis. New, Rliipmcnt just arrived. Vineland Motor Co. rhose WX etk ani reach V -Oil. I .'A SAVE MQIMEX Buy Your Sportinf Oooda Hm ' :r 20OFF2O - on BASE BALL GOODS riahlpg Tackle, Tool and Cutlery. Etdnced Wqea on Elcyclea JUNE DUBOIS Blryt-les sad Bpsrtof Owi$ 7 ; 0 LtaiJa It THRIFT THRI FT NEWS; FOE Here are savings on things you need now that make it possible, to keep i third or more of your money for other puriwses. Sweaters for Warmth In Smart Sport Styles Whether. for outdoor wear or Just to take the chill off cool indoor days, these sweaters in smart sport stylea are suited to every need at a really remarkable low prlceA NAVAJO HFORT 8WKAT- V EKs. All wool, in brilliant ..l.n'a . anil mlnrlnrs or rlrh, subdued effects. Prlred unusually low for this quality aweater. In all aixea and colors. Thrift price, $4.23 each. For Those To Whom Knitting Is Fascinating '' . Whether you leire to kuit for ijemnial wear or for gifts, here 1h a yarn of exceptional lieauty at radicol fcavhurn. 11EAUTY LUSTRB YAUX ia one ounce4 balls. Kilk and wool it a variety of delight-fut shades. Hoft and JuMrouit. Thrift price, 19c a hall. .- ' It Is Time To Think of Winter Coverings And here Is a large selection ot comfort coverings at, a price that means a vlnt- ' . . .. .t ,. .... .a 39-inrh QUII.TINO rRhTTONWrJU in ail me wen vuiui.m6 terns. Thrift price 18c yd. i - 36-Inch QUILTING CHALUKS. The best of quality, soft la teiture nd with a beauty of design and coloring hard to find la tU ready made comforts. Thrift price )8c yard. . . . From Our Neckwear Department Thene MADEIRA COLLAR AND CUFF SKTS are dainty and iifh lookiiiK. Of fineHt material, prettily embroidered, they are a decided awet to any eoHuine. Thrift pri-e, 25e the wet. ' v . ' The Underwear Dept Offers . BATISTE BLOOM EttS In a good quality batiste, either, flesh or white. Well muds, generously sited. Thrift prlc, 39c ' i Imported Ginghams Specially , Priced The reputation of this store' Is bsck. of every fibre. In the steadfastnets ot tbe dye and the surety ot style and design. IMPORTED GINGHAMS In stylish checks and smart colorings. Note the width, 38 Inches wide, soft In tenure, a wonderful quality. Thrift price, 40c. For Children's School Dresses A 32-ineh DRF.SS OINQHAJt off, good quality and pretty colors in eheckn. Thrift prjee, ! yard, t hi-, i- it.

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