Daily News from New York, New York on October 9, 1932 · 292
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Daily News from New York, New York · 292

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1932
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SUNDAY NEW3. OCTOBER 9. 1932 jjQ .3ii A (SA1ES i Lions Get Hot CHICAGO, YALE TIE, 7-7! Not Forgetting the Swindle! r rttl UiLlICO I )KKtt. r'lKLI, NVw York, m-r.. 3. Th student of J 'olunbia f .'mvr-iity amhl.-i contentedly thrxjh th tn..-fif f rr. no-ton l'nivtMity hrw thL chArmin fiii;m Summer afternoon lfh j;or win Columbus I'nm t n 7 ht Kimxhn it d.rfieult for m t k.e; mv mifuJ ii fhx Nail jram. I - still thinking of th pu'li.-'ii' t'"t, vm't imt'H, a httf .ii.-tir'itinjf tfir that on f :,.ti in- 'i ..mr, th- .urhi.w-.rhS champion of th w .t -'if, th cvtriinif hcf.r a h paradil his pr ;.:.. ;" ' " ri jo.ooo friend. acd customer wh hai Ci!T prio fo '( a priz r:rnt ami VTui si r a -slo-v arid Hiimftr Mar7-eyed otl man i mt. th- r i r ! x r -ir.i-l.r.r t.Il ami catchm i hi 4 untritrffl had. pur-.eh that sounds! i.i-i.r of a rur;'t ard whu-h srav on ..i';"!! af th- p.r, of r... Fordham Bowls Bucknell Over, Taking Foe, 30-0 Bl Br R WALLACE. "VJEW HAVEN. OcL 8. Lonnie Stag?, AH-American end ll of S3. retuixed to the cam pu i of his youth today and brought a football team with him- The Chicago boys didn't quite bar the bulldog for the trophy room of the Grand Old v i n f in r 'I Mi i r.i Ilk ' SI' k : I 4 ' ! A 71?-. V A. O i-h orr.a'n. tittl-i V.-, HI fl." til thi- nltnit ii ((. will tti h!t ia '.(. m i n iiii i(iiii riivnt and eUrtf KkNKM. UNIVERSITY. th ' t, .'- Eonf- "...it " t. It . 'h ' if '. t t -" for f r" iii- t'Ar'ii ib tM 'h- n.i f'!iil two to'h- 4 .-h. . i- .. .f.rf.njc cominjr an early lead and out inlaying: a s!ug$:ih Yale team -rit throuphcut the lat thre icrio.li. Alxut 2o.fW saw the !";, Chtrngm tmptmin mmj trf kmlfbmk. m J mim md im nrwt nnmrtrr. Man of football, bat they iut on an in-jired inrformanc which farnid a 7 7 tie xw won a moral victorv bv over- Yat sC'rd nt Jy in th ftrl rTi-vl r-! vri r-t u o.i thr i bu l I hi- rriiM--l m.wnfnl. hrn th B!n M ikI ih rni ami Klrh rUl pUr k f rMi tfew hi- In him ml him. hi htrlw hrnttf hlrk ft" Ihi mirM wit lnn twnlh pwii ntrtd brw run hiit-i ni ruiT-il bun l iiniil h rrmHt . mu h mltro! ! f jih-r htn nh'-ti ! teurat tri-nt m hHxlnin n. m l i-it tri im - on i yrl nr f'W nn n . t.itrr th B'wWfw-U p pit t,S B.,tft en If 7 r i rf.trh. pK-ir!! . i f on .tlrW y th for- r 1 i Jwii:" I turnp'r' b-: t - of inrfrn', I . n t pr fx. I of.ihj-n o-t.r.l i ! t . -!.r- i.t. !4.t. t ' r:'l ar4 from that tim on ' 1- i ud I,n. I1 e.. I : I T .1 T 11 K 1 of lh 27 1 - i t triMTirh !-! by Alhi H-m'h at i h. . , 'arr r iri.J U-it yr, but Bth " . K T . . k i; . . M H . I H . It H . I T um . . . , , T I O T j . T M T aJ thr nobl)r r-fnbjin I --e a H',th arronc a!l f th Ya!? ! 'i t-.T-r";!". back he strratnnj in an.l out of - f'lticac T'r Sotr. ( L tI th Oif with p-t-.:uiaf p a." in tn- xron-j p- C HI' At.') iTi ii' C.i ...... 3i'fe ....... Z-r. nrr . . F'.' ..-.n . . . J my h-c a , P.n,., . 7" in- f 'JR.RIr ,;.,.,. -r,rr,j ' -a.:y upr-or .ul a litiy lac fc-; ' ' . . a . . tfi m ir.EratEft i ..w wr-im - - r i,Ml'r Pi-if l .nm I i'hnn.. i !;! luf whu'H hn not w if t hv h . h'v fl,n 'n'Mi'vi TH nt ffm 'i hr la) ha man'if-t.iir!! hu-'fiat bi'M-l har a.i 1 .i -rt a ! f th nifw r!a M'- Tl will put a-ttiie. thru, if pmibi. Ih w f f'nrto Btn I nr. !. htt iwrjM fnlur, t rtrwwi t lhoiif ilewlw of t h- mt.Mir hri' hr aftr. In h Hrl nnartr. affrr hwtt i omn'M ! aViItrf ,jn, mi .hiM a I'rim rtiin forof tn.if h mtt pu.-l hi Viwt Sahh?i ind Pet Ziromr. j I s. Chicasa bad little ofTense of !"r r": Er.:i- i-i; a"a r-aJ earktiry pair of lightweight ; it own, but it compensated for this .-" ih.irrly i''tr tie ; bll. him. rd tK Ilulidojf la k by it sn.art ue of quirk Mrf. of th thir l pr- ..i Eoni- 1 tT''-rhout tn'Mt af tb nw, and punt, fat charging end down thw Hm' !m.-m. trr-nS ! 2 uimer" vpvetarular rrtvirn if . t.-Id. and Yate" inability to keep H-'unM r.. H-M-a a Rr.-i- 1 Prt in the .'maj q uarter gra.Ij-, .immer from brir.girg bai k punts ,r R.jv. a i'. . i":e Ram ' -f 4 Ya'e ir,t, the ha4ow . f long gam. Itr a-d r.H wa fortonat t pull ' eut with ita erorl oti( in at A 3 .-yard run ty Lassiter in th : may wn. iiri peri'j.1 pu- tr.e bus m srorir.j -on.J ' Id ling in tar e- territory and a neat 2$-yard re- S-- h vti bad' n K u krt!! tern- 1 it rin I " ' wt afl fir th- .-in. fh-vart m T lii. aa . I...' I h .a'-.. t th d-. i a! h erpFll I lAitrr and Iu4 , , . ... .... .L ..." , ' r.ji.a, mirr Pa he-1 m.rr.entanl. 1 h . .. . " . : -" "- a.; 't'.'-f ft) w The Kid's Clever! a M.I 1 ' . T 1 . J . . . . . i" "itn a .-ar.i piunire for touen- and rt purtrpg g-afne wa a Vital' r t,.x:, ' ilvn on te f.-jrth down, t urtia ir-,t-. t.jai anti ia.e r.ad a Cai -',I.'.S fV LJCKTEt r-.a.a "- -.as 2Tgu --rr itlion'!. hrnh-T niwf hurk int hi1 fae with the heel t hi hand and it com t'riiu'ptnn 1 van. at a time h t -iioo a nit theo- !." vrd line. Thi ifn.il adanfai et th M.'-a-n. "ehart and (ml jomer fo hinfhng and h-trrag lli.'iHi-tv. par' iriil irl v the l.iir-r. an'il the had aenatred anoihi-r ilnwn. hul in Ihe exlri-nm rnrner f the Held. Th iilum 'i rhi-er leailern put their t '" t'ethe like h nt'hriaf el rrminer and rh.intfd tirtni-d their n.f iph'Hir "W dii'ii inui hil'i i." I me:in, pirfnre aniner tj tudent avni4 "W ,nn.'" Uut thev (Jul. mt it erfced. In thre lav I he fin put the hall mi rhe I meh t-fte and ih thi f inrth Win! Mimerv hn-.tlti it iivr The place kn a l,tt (m1 fail'-d int .l'i!-ili xupiHtrter 'hr'ed with i. Karl I )'.', the l;ist lime (he n-hmiU hid mef. Krinrrtnn ni. 11 l. 'I. The e e ilh hirh the I inn- h ( 4nrei. m'e ii pHt-Ikmi. and the pum h lh.- hiJ tnl:ri'n that I lamh-( would nt lpe tnd.iv. 0 kM ihn :.r. !.a "I n uiv'r inn ' i J vini' .in i l t I ..'! an il ;,.li"i bi i and h'-st,""! t: and r ny ig : l-. r-l t. Prim ' mi li'" l oil' hi nt'i k. M n' im"v Haalt hii h hrt rati, or ri'.her -mnx tuna th Prinretiiii-i wr t hoinnifh , r f in-,' ioi.-ry wanVd tht ha.'I iP--r r-c-.v fi i U nd a.'Vr bia" Tin Ma'ai' arm 1- , i" I bern th- nor li m"" a-'a'-' w on t.h l-eft "'I, e uht yar-l. wor'h. B thi : ..in' ii fd. part-d ! th rwtiKI-a OCiriiUirE- Me. ) a-a V Ct Tit J r o j l-ad. Except for one or two flashes, I Yaie wa never an offen.-ive threat tn- r--altrr. Chicago. however. had just atarted. Zimtner returned a pun. 2 yard early in the second period, to put the hail in Ya!e territory. j A short dah by Sahhn and a nine-( yard pa.v. Zimtner to Hvnn, gavs jt'hicago rirt down on the j4--ard I Ime. Zimmrr lust four yards; but ! on th nest p!av. dropped back, j neatly evaded Eh "a charging line- men. and hurled s lor.g pafu into (the extreme corner of the field, j Sahlin had pa-.-.ed the Yaie de-jfetne. made a leaping cUh and i rolled over for the touchdown. Marian Page. on of the immortal Pat of Chicago fame, kicked point ; an 1 the score wa tied. Page Stops EH Threat. , The tame Page boy intercepted a j ps to stop a Yale threat later in me periou. and me game getliea down to s punting duel, as neither could get an !Ten started. Yals put on a spurt at the beginning of the fourth period; but with first down on the Chicago 35, the Eli trategi,t tried to pass on first d-wrn and lost 20 yards as Levering wa amothered. The Maroons were checked, but Zimtner returned the next punt 27 yard to the Eli 13. The Yalw d?fene wa equal to the emergency, and Bimey'a dropkick, lat Chicago hope, failed from a diffi cult angle. (Other pic tare as back page) (C'.i'i.'.'iUuii fig t)

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