Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 14, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1896
Page 6
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HOT SHOT. Administration Assailed for Its Position in Begard to Armenia, C. E, Hosts Applaud to the Echo Evan, gelist Mills' Bitter Attack—A Remarkable Demonstration. The umpire now decides that "BATTLE. AX" is not only decidedly bigger in size than any &. other 5 cent piece of tobacco/ but the |p quality is the finest he ever saw, and the flavor delicious* You will never know just how good it is until you try it, ^^^^^^^^^L^^^ l-cro in the :-nil oil t.ho - dc-k-gates. . >s are here, of the na- THE THRONE OF THUNDER. .'£0glie.-*t PoLat of Mountiklng on the Coatjt of Afrlc-M. Mang-o Mali Lbbeh, the •• throne, or •place, of thunder, us the natives call it, the Peak of Cameroons as the whites call it, is the highest point on the west- <BTH side of the African continent. Ths first view the vog-ager gets of it, •arho, coming 1 from the northward, has IScen coasting for weeks, alor.g low ahorcs, and up the rivers fringed with aangrove swamp, is a thing- no man can - srcr forg-et. Suddenly, rigbt up out of fie sea, the great mountain rises to its - '33,700 feet, while close at hand, to west- •warcl, towers the lovelytisland ranss of ZeMimdo Po to its 10,100 feet; and great as is its first charm, every time 3X>n see it it becomes greater, although it is never the sauna. Five times 1 have 'Seen in the beautiful bay at its foot, send never seen it twice alil;c; some- Times it is wreathed with indigo-black 'tornado clouds, sometimes crested with snow, sometimes standing- out hard and clear as though, made o" metal, and sometimes softly g-org-eous, with green, •gold; purple, and pink vapors, tinted by the-strnsct. There arc only tivo distinct mountains, or peaks, to .tliis glorious thing •ttmt geologists,brutally call "an intrusive mass"—-Big Cameroon and Little Cameroon. The latter, Mung-o Mali Etindi-h, lias not yet been scaled, Mioug-h if- is only 5,S20 feet; one reason for this doubtless is that people dcsir- .o-us of g-oing- up mountains, n. rather litre form of human beings in f over- stricken, over-worked West Africa, nat- tirally try for the big' pea];; also the lit•He peal,- is mostly sheer cliff, ai:d cov- ared with almost impenetrable bush. Behind tho Cameroons mountain, in- .fantl, there arc- two chains of mountains, or one chain deflected, bearing •She names of Uumbi ,i?id Onion mom:- Thesc arc- iittio known at present, aiic7 ire clearly no relation of MUH«TO'S; they, nro. almost at right an.q-Ics to it, and arc, '.I believe, infinitely older in structure, and continuous with Hie many-rinined r;i.o£e wc'lfviow in Congo.-Franrnise as the Sicr;-c dp! Crystal.' 1'n a. southwest direction from Cameroon.? mountain, out in tlio Atlantic, is a'srrics of volcanic islands, presumably belonging to tilt; samo .volcanic line-, of nctiviiy— ' /erf:. Pnn Tliomf, <I.'J13 .subsequently perfected balloon, liat! its starling point in the discovery of the principle of the pressure of fluids, 1 elucidated by Archimedes, of Syracuse, in 200 K. C. The discovery of hydrogen by Cavendish, in 17GO, led Joseph Black, professor of chcmislryiij the-University of Edinburgh, to suggest in one of his lee- ttu-cs that a weight might be lifted from the ground by attaching to it a sphere of some suitable material filled with this very light gas. This idea, casually . : uttered, but not followed up, was remembered some years later by Tiberius Cavallo, an Italian merchant, who, in 1S72, tested its truth by experiment, His attempts to fill paper bags ivith hydrogen failed, owing to the rapidity with which the subtle gas escaped through the pores of the paper. Then he collected the gas in. soapy water, and a bubble of gns ascended; so that a soap bubble filled with hydrogen was the 2rst balloon. This'experiment seems to liave'been repeated by Cavallo before the lioynl society, nnd is described in their "Transactions," but it was pursued no further, the practical energy rot being forthcoming at this stage, when it -u-as nothing more than a scientific curiosity and an interesting experiment, apparently too trifling to be. worfil more (li.ln thought. — Gentleman's Magazine. .-."10 JUlcycIo In the Future. Has anybody, we wonder, thoroughly rea.liy.cd the ohange that will come over •1 lie appearance of our cities when everybody uses a bicycle and almost all traction is Tiic.chamcal?- 1 There will be a cc- licions «ilence, io-bsgiii'witli. No lumbering- rnns,"no bang-ing-omnibuses, no clattering' of iron hoofs upon asplia.lt. Every wheel will be of India ri.ibtnia-a.nd. the hors'c "'ill only bo used for pleasure. Then the dust sweeper a.nd the scavenger boy will be abolished. No longer will to:is of manure be deposited upon London streets every clay. And loco- •'molion will 'be enormously cheapened. .TV'liOD neither horse-nor harness, neither corn uor veterinary's bill is required, n i-idc in a c»b will cost perhaps three-, pence and a ton can be carried from •farm l.o market for a shilling- or t\vo.. The city Tnnri'.hant and his clcrl; can,. nlil;e live miles out of town, steering- themselves home at night in their motoi-'. cars. The suburbs of London will extend a down miles all round. • The /of-t, and, furil-.cr nw.-.y still. Asec-ncion, i changes that will ensue arc GO'ninny and Saint Helena and the- Tristan d'Acun- \ so grwi^as to be unimaginable 1 yet.' A la gfj-oupsj.—Xatlotinl Review.. EWPIRE OF THE Alf!. . .'fti"ay Yot Ko ISro-.itflu C«0cr MI/J Do. minion <>( Jinn. Iloger JK.COII, in nil essay which wn,<; .not published ujitil 1018," £;;ve some faguc- foreshadowing- of the po-.sibiii- •JJ*s of steam, and tloclarcd aerial navi- jation to be a thing of the -future. "It is possible-," rcmarkc-d this wonderful natural pni'los-opher; "to devise inslru- . znents for flying snch.that a.man being. iii the center, i " revolving something- by •which artilitiaJ wings are made to beat the. air in the. fashion of.birds." ..Leaving the indefinite out of the ^ee!;- Dning. we first, find a definite projccifor 1 Biouuting. into the. air in the device;, of so grL-aLas to be unimaginable 1 yet.' revolution is coming—may it bu soon Chronicle. ' j A Slaincan i:ntrul!iiil. j In Siatn n person wishing to become j betrothed to tlic girl of his choice of- j fers h:-r.a flciivt:!-, or 1 lakes a light from a cigai- 01- cigarette if she happens to have 01^ in her mouth, and,-thereupon,- j.n-ovidc;)- there is no impediment in the birth n:oiiths anrl years of the rcspee- 1 tivo p;:i-li.";;, steps lire ut once taken to arrange foi- the pnyir.er,t of the dowry. The families of bride and bridegroom have each to provide at least, Sl.OOO. In Calabria a;id irr certain parts of'India o. lighted taper betokens the acceptance of (.lie, suitor ifo-r the hand of a 'lady in marriage. In Siberia it is the custom that when a suitor has been. .'Francis Lima, an Italian Jesuit, who, in accepted by a-girl, she presents him 11G70, published his plan of. four copper, with a box of cigars a-nd a.pair of slip- balls, exhausted' of air to,form a vac- •<nmi, supporting a vessel, .and. with a sai/.aUachecl'to.give the'•necessary liori-. zoata.1 .motion. lie supposed that 'in- practice these would .displace a volume . of air. greater in weight thnn the wi-iyht 1 ottlic balls, but this would not really.be- lifus. case,. This idea, sntl 1 . that-of;th'o pcrs as a sign that he is'16 be mns'tcr in 'the house,—Chicago News. ' Fought n DucJ. Kolvoroo, Ind.,, July • IS.^-Lug-en Txe : and Horace Lewis (colorcd).'fbiight a duel with revolvers in a saloon 1 'in this, bity and both were seriously injtn-cd. Washington, July 13.— The hi.it day's session of the fifteenth internntionl Christian JCndeavor convention, began Jl'onclny nt the appointed hour in tho three white tents, simultaneously ,.a(t<!r the usual sunrise pi'iiyei'-meeting^, l.'resident Clark, rt-cusui-er Shaw ami Trustee JVaylnndWoyt presiding. It was l! day reserved for missionaries. Addresses wen: nitirh.- in lent.s Williston nnd Endeavor by n number of foreign delegates, India, China. Africa, Asia, J^n<j'l:i!id and the countries of conti- neiiial Kuropu • being represented. Among oihors, ,Missioniirii'S Gall, of Africa, Kutjiiim, of ln:li:i, lien'tli'v, of China, and J-Iildnet', of (/f-rmany, sjjoK-o. Ciliet' imeri'st. of the day cnih'ivd in the AniH-nian denionsl ration in tent Washing ton. .An Arinutiian ix-li-.-f com mittei: has hei i n at work nl,' ilic wec.'K stirring uj) t'ntlitisi::sni ainung ilie delegates. sjieciiil. Armenian relief Hags uiv.l badges have been sprc-ai] oviM 1 the ci'y and tlu\v jippcar cvcryw rieci.ii'iit ions, in PtrLH 1 ! cnrs hood dress and Inpels of I': Three Annoniiin iuis.sion:ii- one being Secn.-lai-y Giv< i. tional rcl iff commit kv. ri-.d Ihcotheiv being Ladies M^rginv. \V. Loiteh, of Ceylon ami Ifebi'i-i-ii ICirkorian, of Turki-y. just rottinn-t! fi-om tin 1 scene of tlu- ;i I riiL-il ios. T'lf'se i hi'OO spoke lo an imrnonse i-rowl of sympathising cn- ,'lyavorurs in tent. iVnshingfon. Aiullonco Ucoply IM<n r i;d, The appearance of Ali^s Kii-l;oria:i, in Armenian i-nslumi 1 . her sac! face am! her lu-oUi'ii and patlu'tii 1 slory of her peo|i!i''.s H'OCK mrivi'il the grf-jil nuilirnca to fn'f|i:i-nl and aodibli: expressions of sympathy nnd sorro^v. HIM- •fjithci-. ;i \ 1 t']H l ! - :!l)li- I'yotostnnt. jinsl'dt- in A rmcn ia, lias just l.ior.'ii iTluiisi-d from a Tui-kinh pfison. TNVO of lu-r brothers an- still' sulVerir.g im]ii-isonnient, yot sin- s-pal<c .^vi'th I'omarl^ablo forboarar.c-o of her pe.rsi'entors. She did nnt ask for t.hu extcnuination of the Turk's. JMo;i for Kv:tlljri*n/;itloi) '»f llio Turk. "..\s Christians.", .-"aid slic, "we hcllov,-' in Clod rmi.t JJis I'lowt^r ;ind promises con- ccriilns tlic kingdom of Heaven, nnd so \ve wait anil liopo (or a religious harvoal among the Turks. Oh, wu 'do not won. them to die fn tln-lr sins, but we. deslr! lo soc them nuked with us !n_ the samu ji.'t'va.clan itnd J?c-comc- posscsyorfTorotcrnal lli'a. If you think that the JFoslcm nen- ])li> arc- doomi'd to eternal condemnatlai yon nro greatly mistaken. \Ve ArmcnliuiM, llitlr ndllu-ted victims, do not think so, fln not c!i:«lro so, do not belk-vo HO. N'o; tiie Moliair.mc-dana muKt and <liall he saved,. Vi'hcn and how? You aro to f-lvti the an- i'V-'er to this Important question. It IK In your handH to keep or shut out the light of truth from nmonff them. Do you want to save those millions of wretched, perish • ing souls?. The Armenians have sutert-d and nrc crushed, but, thanks be to God. the door of Hla kingdom Js open to thCi Turks. Oh, churches o£ Christendom, do try to keep that door open! If you are to close It, It may remain closed for centuries. If this opportunity' Is lost, It would aoem as tt the Armenians who have suffered and died for their Saviour have suffered end dk-d in vain." •\vriippod In Old (.ilory, After her nppcnl she was agviii! presented to the audience, while Miss leitch, her fellow worker, wrapped her in the folds of un American flag and called upon Americans everywhere tc sec that the protection of this govern. ir.o.ijt wits extended to her people. This incident brought cheer after cheer from the audit-nee. Ev;i!ij,-cli»t Mill* 1 rassloniitu Addrcas. JCvangelist Mills took up the appeal and in it passionate harangue assailed the governments of Europe, England and the United States for their indifference toward 1ho Armenian slaughter. 5lc describi;d the brilliancy and cunning of the sultan, showing him to be a man of great ability, and then said: 1 "I have no doubt that those massocri-'t in Armenia were planned nr.d curried oul by the suUan for his own purpose." Mr. Mills laid the blame for tho iitrocl tics at the doors of the Christian nations }Ie (Ic-nl.trod thnt -l^n^liind stood ]'icrjurou to-3a.y before God and the nations t'nr her failure to prevent them. He showed also that responsibility rested upon- the -government, o.f. the. United States,, Sl'.c has; more direct . causo than Knplaiid to In- terfore.. 'Yet sl-.c h.id Hcai-'/elynsked for an fipolopy.. "Xoy,. lier mlDlfitt-r.had even v.-nrrHiO tile Amei-Ica'n n)is.sion.ii-iefl'io pet out of Turkey, :i& ho -should not be, able to protect them." .-•.." Ho llien explained how' tho Erlfish aro- ,l;ay;jador had extended his protection to (he missionaries so that they were allowed Ic. continue their ivoi-lc unmnlr-stert. "ThnL was the only reason that they were not slii.ughu.-red,"' he .said, "l-iud o-jr nobH) '•president on one of his (Ir.hinfr excursloni- wandered Into the Turklsli doinair, a,nd had...MO much as a- tiny. little bullet from a. Turk'rt play pistol passed, throufh his 'sail; 'S take Jt Americans would have founil lhat Jt -\va:j some of; our bus'ness to interfere in Turkish affairs." [Croat applaus and laiii-Thtcr.] •; ' Ctn-crnnipiit Arriitfructi, .•"II! v.-o, a:i Christian 3-^r.deavorors, dl not believe In war, wo rhirht hope the wlillo-ilib United States government Is spoiling for war, somo o£ the occupartr of those empty buildings aro'ur.a. us [lau ter] might unanlmoualy resolve to go to war. to protect the Turk!" [Great laughter.] "S chargo the government of"United Slates with misrepresentation of the cnllfrntoneu sentiment of. the Amorlc;i!i people in this matter, The president of the United States, the seerotary of ptntti nnd the American mlnlstifr Have disregarded our broken treaties: 1 they huve Permitted A^^orfcan Jlvc.s to 1 be endangered: they have permitted American prop- arty to. be destroyed without reparation nm] 1 Anierican. citizens to be imprisoned. "Our 'sovcrnment. -hits 'stirred the pas- nlons 'of the American people to linger iiKiLlnat England on one-thousandth part of the pretext, that would have 'sufficed for a destr-ictlvo war with- Turkey. The, administration officers .liuvo turned n deaf and almost scornful, oar to iho entreaties and representations of some 1 of our bjst, citizens, missionaries, churches and moral societies, and"! denounce their conduct as unpatriotic, uncivil, undemocratic, urirb- vubllcani un-Amerlca'n, un-Chrlstian, selfish; weak,, barbaric and Criminal, tn tho. eyes of the. American people, 'and of Goil and all men." . • •'•'.' "", . 'A Koinarkublo. Demonstrtitloi). .' ; ' -.Evi'.ry word 'almost of these last sent- caces of Mr, Mills -was greeted by.lqiid cJieerg. Men'nnd women on the pla 1 form behind' him' iiud in the benchc before him rose nncl shouted thei la-arty approval of denunciation (. President Cleveland. In the mid.st i the solemn.charge of cou-m-dice nncl clis loyalty leveled at the chief exeeutivi the secretary of st;it« nnrl the Ameri can minister, the whole nudiencc uros spontaneously, waving flags iind ban ners and crying aloud their approval As Mr. Mills proceeded, they kept on their feet, repeating tin: cheer of in dorsement nt every adjective. (Finally when his voice and m.inner indicate', that he had reached the end of his period, six rousing cheers of. approva, were given. Eev. Waylaml Hoyt, who presided, arose in his sent beside th speaker and called upon the audience to re.'iffinn the charge. Again came th nix cheers with, hearty enthiisinsm. " hope the response will echo through Ihc empty white house nnd extend'to liuzzards bay," cried Mr. Mills as h~ took his seat. The convention closed ifsf business session Monday night. Tuesday there will be n .service of song and praise nt Mount Vernon. Go to XiiHhvlHo In 1898. The board of trustees of the Christian Endc-avor association has selected Nashville, Tenn., ns the place of meotinp-in 389S, ft will be the first international Christian Endeavor convention ever held- in the south. ARMY OFFICER DEAD. BInjiir .rm-.ifs H. GuRc-iiy Pa-<»e.<> Awuy nt ,Joli»sto\\-n, I'a. Washington, July 13. — A tolegr.-.m was received at the war department Jlonclay ajiiurjimirigthedcatli iit Jolins:- tovvn, I'a., of .Afuj..lames H. Gagvby, o the Twelfth ,nfnn!.ry. of heurt ilise.isu His .present, station is ]-'ort i\'iobrar:i Neb. lie was born in PiMiiisylvanin am" ajijioiiilcd to tho. army from the volunteer sci 1 '.ici: in ,'1'uii.', ISO]. During ''is si-Trice lie w,is twice brevotod. In July ]SOo. li-; \v:is inadi; u first iiiiUter.nnl, I'or gallant ,-int] )iicri!orioii.« si.-rviei-s tin:: :it lloov-iv's Clap, Tenn.. :ini[ in No- vt-mber of Hie .sanio year In; iv:is up 1 point'-'d a cnprain .for gallaul anil ini'i-i tovioiis servi,.;i!S in the battle of Cliatiu- r.oo"-:i, Tenn. OIL IN AMERICA. The Discovery and Production of Petroleum. Kowti IntcroHtliijf Information About nn Luaportunt Indufftry—ImmeuMo lu- crcHiB lu the Output Within ft Vow Team. A. J'. A- Orjran Suspend*. KoKfon, July.],'!.—The Boston Dai'y Standard, Hit- oi'H'iiii of Ihu A. 1'. A., has suspeniJed piibliriition and is in the hands r-f 1-ld \vnrd S. Crockett and Bonton II. iHwolf. a^si^'jiees. Each of 'lie paper's 303 employes has n uoiisiduruble claim for unpaid salary. Mr. Dewolf, who has been the cashier, is quoted as saying 'hat. j'liblic-.ation will not be ro- sinned. The Standard was a mornirg paper and received (he report of the Chicago .Associated Press. >uu<57 Held'fur Trlul. New York, JuJy 13.—The examination in thi." vase oC Col. Tjnilio IS'nne/ who is accused of having- violated the. jiotitz-aJity laws by aiding- iu sending' a military expedition to Cuba on tho steamship Lnurecla, which left this port May S last, was resumed before Commissioner Aloxuiidcr Momlny, and after n Tr.otion for the discharge of Xiin iliad been di'nii-d he was held for trial. (Jnmnii to I'leci'H. Toledo, 0., July 3o, — Michael Me- Grath, flgwl -JO, whoso home is in Hamilton, 0., but who has worked hero for some time, was ground to pieces Monday morning' by n Michigan Central freight train while helping 1 to unload a car of stone. Striku at BufTiilo. Buffalo. K. V., July 1C.—The journeymen horseshocrs of this city went on n. strike Mocdnj- morning 1 for a uniform scale of wages and a ten-hour day. THE MARKETS. Grain, Provisions, Etc. Clileaffo, JuJy 12. FLOUR—Dull iinfl unchanged. Prices ranged: ' ^Tlnter — Patenta, SH00S.CO; straights, ^.GGJM.M: clears, ?2.30@2.ij(l; seconds, $1.0CQ>2.0!>'; low . sraclcs, SI.7riJI2.00. Spring—Patents, S3.355J3.7,"; straights, S2.CO @3.20; bakers', 52.10SJ2.23; low grades, Jl.iiOQl 1.73; Bed Dojr, &..2Q®].40: Rye -2.~0@~.~0. VHKAT—Slow and unsettled. J"l3', Glv-lfff"™'!*: September, DDSljSSCvJiC. 1 COP.'N'—Hlglicr. No. 2, 25%©27>/.c; No. 2 Yellow, ~7Vn&2~~ic: July, 27'/ K (Ji)27-%e; September, 2T%gBSc; May, 30&30%c. OATS--Fair trading and unsettled. Nn. 2 cash, ]C«e; JuJy, ]C®2C',5c; September, ICQ) lli'&c: May, 3S?iiJi>]!l%c. Samples stronger. .Xo. S, l~f~m<.c', No, 3-\VJilto. IT'aJUPe: No'. 2, i^Kuinc: No. 2 White, aSV4@30',ic. BAULKY—Very oulet, lioJn.u' scare?, ThLn quotable at ]S£t20c; £:iir welRlit, but oft color, 2iif323c; good color, fair to pood weight, 2,"(fj:28c: choice to fancy, ilOiff.'Sc. ' M1-JSS POr.K—Trading .moderate, and fcellrv? easier. /'rices lower at tS.WffC.C~i -for Ciish; }i;.!i7y,(<]!fi.73 for Sf-plomber: SO. QtiSai for October, ai-.d S7.-lj#7.&L'i;. for Jai nary. " "LATID—Trading 1 fairly active- and easier. Quotations ranged at $x.~~£i.3.~<l to cash; $3.75fi'3.Sii Co.- September:.SS.S for October, ami SJ.12K!ffij.]"i-i £07- January EUTTEK — Quiet nncl steady, rathe tixme. Creameries, lOiffH^c; Dairies, Oit7>i2, IJVK POULTRY - Only moderate' de inand. Turkeys. "iji'jc; Chickens. Spring Ducks, SQ:!>e per pound; Geese, pe d.oy.en, S3.0i)ir/.;.00. New YorJc, July 13. F'fjOUR—Quiet and easy. Wosternwlie.it losv Krf.des, 'SJ.TOSi.nO; patents, $8.30(^3,50 straights, i>2.!k"(ti)3.05. WHEAT—>To. 2 Red advanced J«jMc or Trmer cables, decrease on pri?sagi>, l.'ct- ter west a:id local covcrinss; declined 5.i<5> ?4o on realising, nrm, fairly active. September, C2 l-lGfi'M 7-lCc; December, Petroleum oil, which was discovered fn this country in ISM, has been known and used for illuminating purposes for more than 2,000 years. ]n one of the Ionian islands to-day there is sin oil spring in action which was mentioned by Herodotus more than 20 centuries ago; There are old oil wells in the north of Italy and the same fluid is used in Persia. J'or many years in the United States petroleum has been known and usedfor medicinal purposes. There are creeks n the c-nst which in the early part of .he_ century were always covered with he oil which came from springs on the muks. This was skimmed ofT and sold by the Indians for medicine at 75 cents •allon. It was not until 1SJ.| that ex- lerimcnts were made toward obtaining ight from the oil. When oil was first drilled for and irought up at the 7-ate of 25 barrels a ay the mariict was glutted, but soon as its value became apparent other veils were started and tlic great jn- ustry sprr.n^iip. In those days numcr- us cooper-shops were necessary and mpoyed hundreds of men, who made le stout barrels to hold the oil, these arrels bringing fortunes to the coop- s: j j ers; teamsters who hauled the barrels ' made $15 to $30 a day; drillers made eight io Ion dollars; fanners who had existed 0:1 sterile farms suddenly discovered oil and were rich; employment was given to hundreds and money in the oil region flowed as freely as the oil itself. The si reel s in the towns which sprang up in these regions became masses of thick mud from the constant tcamagc nnd an empty wagon was a load for two horses, while a loaded one was sunk to the body of the wagon in the sticky soil. J.l was not an unusual sight to see horses drowned in mr.d in the middle of the street. The first ronn whobuilta pipe line for the easier transportation of the oil built one Z\' a miles long. It was clumsy in construction, and after months of toil nr.d the expending of. his fortune nnd that of some of his friends the pipe line wns announced ready for the test- One thousand barrels of petroleum were started and only EO reached the other end of the pipe, the rest escaping through defective valves. The next man who built a pipe line made a success of it, but as soon ns it was in working order the well from which it ran gave out. The enormous output of oil—30,000,000 barrels—in 1S04 mode important the question of storing the superfluous oil. Wooden tanks were first used, but they let the oil evaporate, and to-day we see the 30,000 and even 35,000 barrel iron tanks which in some places are in groups of 300, with a combined capacity of 0,000,000 barrels. The only loss is when a tank is struck by lightning and the oil is burned up. In case of fire in one of these immense tar.ks the great danger is that it will explode .and scatter the burningoil into the other tanks and destroy them. So, to prevent this, a cannon is brought nnd numerous balls Cred into the burning tank around the bnse, this allowing the oil to escape and burn quietly with- Oiitan explosion. Petroleum oil isof many different colors. The. Pennsylvania, oil is dark green, the Canadian black, that from the shores of the Caspian sea. varies from the clear white to yellowish green, brown nnd black; 1 California oils are light green when brought to the surface. In the process of refining petroleum many valuable articles of commerce lire produced. There is gasoline, vaseline, naphtha, paraffin and rhigo- line, the lightest of known fluids, its evaporation bei::g So rapid that.the atmosphere falls to 10 degrees in 20 seconds. • It-is nsod by physicians! to produce local anacsthcsis.—Chicago News. is the title of a story written for the manufacturers-of NONE SUCH by one of the most humorous writers of the day. It will be sent free to anyone send-' .ing-, address and naming; this J [paper. MERRELL-SOULE CO., Syracuse, N. ¥. REV. S. P. KI.OTZ. PASTOR D. B. CHURCH. , waterioo, jud.. Sept. S, 1806. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sin—T have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or sour stomach. I bare tried different remedies without much benefit. Finally I bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pepsin and found that it benefitted me. I ajn conriiiced that it \vill do what It Is recommended when tatcn according to directions. I lia\e taken neadj- one bottle nnd feel like a different person. S. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. Keesling. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC • —>• >-TAKE THE-* •< -TO MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThcOrctteftt Perfection vet attained In Biwt ConttrucUon — Luxurious Equipment, Artistic purnliblttK, Decoration anil Efficient Service. insuring the highest degree of COnFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOJR TRIPS PER WEEK BETWEEN . Toledo, Detroit <f Mackinac PETOSKEY, r 'THE SOO," MARQUET7E. AND DULUTH. • LOW RATES to Picturesque Mickinac mnd Refurn. including /leala and Berlhi. From Cleveland, $iS; from Toledo, $15; from Detroit, $13-30. 1 EVERY EVENING . Between Detroit and Cleveland September, Scptombcr, COR,\ 7 —No. 2 quiet, firmer. SJT-.ICifilSS'ilia; No. 2, ."S'/i^SS'/ic. 'OATS—No. 'i (lull, ilrrncr. SO'/iC; State, KiJMKiic; Western, BEET—Quiet; 1 -firm. Extra mess, JG.OC31 7.CO; family, JS.Mjjfl.OO. •PORK—Steady.. Maw mess,- 5S.3CiJSS.7a; old mess, J7.7&5)S.Ei. 'LARD—Quict. Steam rendered, J.l.07%. . BUTTEP-—Moderate demand. Fancy cteacly. \Vi-sfern dairy, IXijnie; Ellas, llic"; Western creamery, IllJifBlac; do. factory;. S@llc; imitation creamery, lC@12c. CHEESE—Steady, Part skims,. 2<guuc: full slclms, l^.c. ' EGOS—Choice, steady. "Western, 10^© 12Vic.. • ' . Live Stock. ' '' ' Chicago; July 13,'' ; CATTLE—Market »teady •;' heavy slow; Pair to,, host beeves, ?3.-10(tJM.50; stackers and feeders,' 52.30iS53.75; mixed Cows, and Bulls, S1.2B@150';-Texfta, $2.5013)3.70. • ' HOGS—Market-active and steady. Lig-lit; »3.25@3.50; rough'packing 1 , $2.35@3.00; mixed 1 , .. and butchers', ~2.15igs~.4D; heavy packing tnd ahipplnfi:; $3,06®3.30; ' A Itt^li Urovrn Slew. Secure from the round or from the fleshy part of the .shoulder tivo pounds of U':m beef. Trim off the f:it nud sinew. Cut ihe ineut into pieces ;ui inch square, roll such pieces core-fully in f.oiK, put tivo ounces or two Inblesiiooufuls of finely chopped snot into your saucepan, stir cure/, u My wjthotit brownii;™; 1,-ilift out the crackling: throw the meat into this hat, f;il', i-hake it, and turn it unti! the pieces ura nicely browned; the draw them to. one- sicli: of the pan; .id •'two t:iblcspoonfuls of flour, mix unti .smoo'.h; add ;L pint of good stoc?v, r tcaspoocful of kitchen boucjuet, a 1 leaf, a Slice of onion,-a. clove, a tea spoonful of sali and a sallspoontul o peppor. Cover the. saucepan and Ictth mlM.iiro stow slowly, not boil, untU th mcRt is tender, :;bout 3 1 /;; hour.-;, acd i is j-endy to serve. The sauce laust be a rich golden u~o\vn and the meat oius' not boil.—Bostor: Horald. Connect!!]}; nt Cleveland with Burliest Trains for nil points East, SouUranti Southwest and at Detroit for all points North and Northwest. , Sunday Trips June, July, August 2nd September Only, EVERY DAY BETWEEN ' Cleveland, Put>in=Bay $ Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet Address A. A. SCHANTZ, o. r. «.. DETROIT, MICH. T&s ueirolt ml Cleveland Steaia Kay. Go. . Slake a light.dough, Ihc sa&e as for apple o'unipljnjys, roll it out in anarro-n long: sheet about a, quarter of an inch thick. Spread tliielJy over it p^l and sliced oranges, sprinkle it, plentifully with whitu sugar, scatter over all a large Icaspoonful of grated orang'e peel, thcu roll it up, fold the. edges we to keep the juice from running; out, place in sU-n.nier and steam hard for fin hour end three-quarters. Servc-tvith lemon sauce.—Boston Budget. l.n r.bo Swcot Cy-und-Dy. Judge—I'm fjoing- to line you ten dol- ,ars. This scorcbing 1 business most be stopped. . ' Prisoner — You should remember, ; mlg-e, that you may beascorchoryou*- ;e)f, some day. Never vrliile I live!" , "Well, I won't dispute that point,"— -Sthtesman. /IGSODiMVESTHENT. CERTIFICATES;, - Instted Jn $50., $100.. $250., $500., $1,000. TJio interest is (ruarantccd for S years. . . They nc.tUio. purchaser's per ct." per annum. Tlie interest is from c.irmngs. '' ' • • Tla coupoua are payable Bcini-amnially. , i They ore similai to Collateral Trust Bonds. The principal is rapidly enhancing in value. They are* safe investment'. . .. > , or particulars address: ' ''- 11 - -,.' • . - , i»»UURK£ l'II'E.LI>E SYSTEM,, Manhattan Building, Chicago, Ills.

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