Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 20, 1957 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1957
Page 20
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LIDIVUXI Twenty Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune American Family Menu filets with ca;ps. Add a little more I butler to par., melt, add juice of ! half a lemon and chopped parsley. Pour, over filets and servo piping hot. Puree ol: chestnuts or lentils goes well with it. Red cabbage, •knob celery salad, mashed turnips or potatoes will make it a perfect meal. As a compote, use Hngen- berries or fresh stewed cranberries. Both of these sauces are for venison: Brandy and Apricot Sauce: Put Vis cup of apricot pulp through .a sieve. Add I cup water, Vz cup sugar; then simmer, Thicken with a little cornstarch worked smooth Tell Plans to Keep Toll Road Free of Snow with the syrup. Simmer again and add 1 tablespoon cognac brandy or 1V4 tablespoons apricot brandy, Make tart with juice of Vt lemon Old English Walnut Sauce: One oE juicis from ' pickled black walnuts. Add two of the nuts themsleves, six chopped capers teaspoons of bloater or anchovy paste, two teaspoons finely chopped chives or shallots, 1 tea' DANISH BLUE CHEESE serves as a tempting part of this salad dish, as -well as » Hsht dessert \rith fruit after dinner. By GAYNOR MADDOX, NEA Food ami Markets Editor Both Hawaii and Denmark add their share to the great American Thanksgiving feast. For unusual salad to be followed by a light dessert, try this really exciting combination of Hawaiian pineapple, Danish blue cheese and toasted sesame seeds or chopped walnuts. It's a medley of flavor, texture and color contrasts. Danish Bine Cheese and Golden Pineapple (Serves 4) Four large slices canned pineapple, 1 cup Danish blue cheese, crumbled; 2 (S'A ounces) packages cream cheese, heavy . cream to moisten (3 to 4 tablespoons); 1 head lettuce, finely shredded; Vs cup toasted sesame seeds or Vt cup chopped walnut meats. Drain, chill, cut pineapple slices in half. Let cheeses soften at room temperature. Mix with fork, add cream gradually until consistency to form balls. Chill mixture in refrigerator. Rinse hands in coW water, shape cheese into balls about one inch in size. Roll half of them in nut meats, cover, chill until serving time. Arrange alternately 'between pineapple slices on lettuce base. Serve with wedges of lemon or tart French dressing. Curried pineapple with your roast turkey as a change from the traditional cranberry sauce _ may please your family. Very simple to make: Drain a can of pineapple cubes, then saute lightly in butter. Stir in a teaspoon (or more) of curry powder. Mix well, and serve warm as a relish with meat. Of course, Danish blue cheese with fruit and crackers is an ideal Market & Bazaar Kroft's Shoe Store 8 A.M., FRI., NOV. 22 by Deer Creek Presbyterian Church | dessert for a heavy meal. TOMORROW'S DINNER: Fried chicken, cream gravy, steamed brown rice, green beans, warm rolls, 'butter or margarine, mixed green salad, oil and wine vinegar dressing, Danish blue cheese, crackers and fruit bowl, coffee, tea, milk. According to an Old World tradition, now ison feasts. is the time for ven- At Luchow's in New York, one of America's oldest and O Men On Staff To Be Alerted in Matter of Minutes INDIANAPOLIS (TIP) — When snow and ice spread a hazardous coating over the Northern Indiana j need anses - scrapers, plows and hopper bodies. There are 'seven two-ton trucks with plows and scrapers, four of them with hopper bodies and three with tailgate spreaders. Other equipment is .located at various points along the road for fast use in snow and ice removal tasks. Thousands of tons of sand, cinders, calcium and sodium chloride have been accumulated arid distributed at strategic locations along the 156-mile route to combat slippery pavement. More is on order and will be delivered as the ties, and a police squad car noted Treud's car travelling north at 27th and Ashland. The police gave chase'and curbed the car at 19th and Ashland. ^ Cobb, who had no previous po- ice record, admitted the kidnap- robbery. , Police recovered the money and Freud was released unharmed. Toll Road this winter', a maintenance force representing a man for each 1% miles of road can be mustered in minutes. Operations manager George H. Lutz has developed a program designed to cut down on weather handicaps to easy driving -along the turnpike, and it includes a 100- man maintenance staff. The maintenance men have been organized and trained to reach all spoon brandy. Simmer just once, sectiDns o£ the nignway wit hi n and rub through sieve. Excellent minutes after a storm strikes, Lutz for all types of game. TOMORRWS DINNER: Broiled ham steak, baked sweet potatoes, lima beans, seeded rolls, butter or margarine, cabbage and green pepper salad, prune pie with cream cheese topping, coflee, tea, milk. HOME KEMEDY CLEVELAND (UP)— When police found a 30 gallon drum used for making whisky in Walter Thomas' basement, a pint of moonshine in his icebox and sev- most authentic German restau-|eral empty jugs that smelled sus- »* n «tr. t-Vio tf^nieyvn facHirfll ic n iii/ii^np tVimr finnH him £20ft flnd rants, the venison festival is a gastronomic event, complete with traditional recipes, forest music and high spirits. Here are some Luchow's recipes featured at the venison festival. Larded Filet of Venison Saute With Mushroom Caps One saddle of venison, 8 ounces smoked bacon, salt, ground pepper, 12 large mushroom caps, 1'4 sticks butter, juice o! half a lem on, 1 tablespoon chopped parsley. Remove filets and loins from saddle. Cut up in IH-inch-thick pieces. Flatten little. Cut up into filet with thin knife, push in bacon strips. Season with salt and pepper. Brown butter in frying pan. Let' filets brown on both sides £is desired (venison should not hie fried or broiled loo well done..) Place on hot serving platte;:. •Browri mushroom caps in same pan lilowly until cooked. Crown jicious, they fined him $200 and :osts and put him on probation. Thomas denied the moonshine was 'or sale, said he was just brewing medicine to cure a friend's five children of Asian flu and at;empted to prove it with testimony jy the friend that her children were cured the next day. ORDER YOUR Personalized Christmas Cards QUICK SERVICE 50 lor $1.95 and up Hallmark Cards "The most beautiful in the World" Exclusive with us. TIMBERLAKE'S SEAT COLD WEATHER with SIDING All T/pes Ph. 3666 for Free Estimates Just North on 'Rd. 17 THE DOCTOR UFT THIS PRESCRIPTION FOR YOUR SISTER , TOMMX TAKE IT TO LEONARD PHARMACY RIGHT AWAY. WE'U SOON HAVE HER UP AND ABOUT AGAIN ! Police Rescue Man Abducted By Lone Gunman CHICAGO (UP)— An alert police squad today rescued the co-owner of a South Side bowling alley who had been abducted by a gunman and was headed for an uncertain fate. Authorities said Jerome Freud and his partner, co-owners of the 0 and 0 bowling alley, were count , said. Furthermore, if the- situation ; n g the day's proceeds early today warrants, additional emergency w hen a man strode into their office manpower can. be assigned to duty. Operational headquarter.3 Elkhart receives regular weather reports to get advance warning of snow or sleet storms. At each of the road's 12 toll plazas, ice-melting defrosters' heated by an oil pipeline system under the concrete assures smooth starting and stopping during bad weather. The Indiana turnpike is said to be the only one in the nation equipped with plaza defrosters. Along the turnpike are five district maintenance garages. Each is equipped with two five-ton trucks equipped -with underbody armed with a shotgun. They said the bandit, identified near - as Orville Cobb, 23, grabbed three bags of money and ordered Freuc to accompany him. He warned Freud's partner against calling police under threat of harming his hostage. But the partner did call authori- TRADE PACT SIGNED JERUSALEM, Israel (UP) — France and Israel have signed a trade pact for 1958 allowing Israel to export $10,500,000 worth of goods ;o France, it was announced today. The agreement set no limit on French exports to Israel during :he year. More than 280 million pounds of cottonseed oil went into the pro. duction of margarine in 1956. Myers Greenhouse. Dial 3996. It's Cold Outside!!For your saving and comfort, call on us for prices on "Capitol" the finest and most competitive Aluminum Combination Doors and Windows. Why pay more? You can't afford to b« without them— KOOl-VENT OF LOGANSPORT 511 Erie Phone 3S50 ST. JOHN COMMANDERY NO. 24 K.T. Called Conclave Thursday evening November 21st Order of 'Malta Your attendance will be appreciated. Geo. H. Tidrlck, E. C. Wednesday Evening, November 20, 193T. Jim White Fire Insurance Ph. 2491 •LONG DISTANCE MOVING BECK'S TRANSFER PHONE 3539 CAPONS Dressed or alive WAYNE FORCEY Phone Deer Creek 4640 Read the Classified Ads firPHOLSTERINGt 1011 N«rth Strttl Pti.n. <7H CHICKEN PIE SUPPER and Food Sale Thursday, November 21 5 to 7 P.M. Wlicalland Avenue Methodist Church Adults—$1.00 Children—Me \ecHara PHARMACY NORGE SALES & SERVICE VESH BROS. 314 I. Mkt. Phon. 4413 Due to the death of ouir father, Candida Donato DONATO'S ITALIAN VILLAGE will be closed until further notice. I^^BB^^^lMMlMHBPllllMBBRBMMMB^BMI^^BB^BMB**^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^""™™™" ™ Garr Hardware PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE Now you can paint that room or rooms for the Holly Days and you can save 40% on the Dollar. Pittsburgh is discontinuing approximate 27 colors of paint Jan. 1,1958. We are put- tingthison sale now-at 40% OFF. these are all 1957 colors. i Satinhide j | Enamel j ^ . p ^ FOR WOODWORK and FURNITURE ONE COAT COVERS Fast Drying! Easy to clean! , PI1TSBURGH | PITTSBURGH ,...—-.*/%,». J Waiihide WATERSPAR Ideal for Kitchen Mi Batluoom Walls A/fcyd Type IPaint Roller and Pan Comp. Reg. $6.00 gal., you can when purchased with gal. get this for £O £(V [°* P ainlf Only- ^O.OU <j a |. f 0nly . ;, , OJilY^llOST OF THIS IN 1 GAL CAKIJ ONLY 75c DAVID'S IRONING BOARD nafcOT. 5»vr<*y pcrforal- •d it*.L 22" Msk, JMt *• rigM Will*. RKTRFC JIG SAW Mafc* bird K0*1*1, jfwtvwt, 1ofcWf **€. P*f• **<f for th. JR. COMFY CHAR Durotl., w<nfcobl* vinyl plotfk upholiiwy. S«H 12" high. Loog wtoring. WESTERN SET 13" Dovbb baml cork rifW, l«itK»r Hoht«r OM! SO9S 2 ii»gl> that putofc. .J WOODBURNING SET Make book-ends. NAVY POM POM GUN Motorized anJ rolalw _ JNaK. bo o K-« r*er i, Moronzta aim rpiuiw» ploqu.i, and wall painl- SJJ98 ">* '"*'"' » u " °" th ** mfli. Safe .letlrk wji* If way around. Barr*h fir< <t*r ftn irxkdtd. Initr. and rt<oil. PETAL CRAFT SET Mulll-tolor«d mop toiMy Into board creating bright dvlign* •nd ptctur**. MUSICAL BEAR Tb* wonderful ttddy b*af with a muj'rc box In tummy. Plays "Rock••by, My." U" tall. DIALMASTER PHONE S*t «p«rot*i *fi fkuK. light batteries. Jusl flip lh« dial, berl tignalt on 2nd phon*. MISSILE LAUNCHER liv«-OCtrOI* KoU HloJ 1 *) toy. Stodi ovt Kormkn PINTO PETE DELUXE DOLL CRIB Ixtiting action »pr!ng Sturdy all-ilMl crib with _ kor.t. Tak.i loh o» SQ95 «"«l«oU. pl«1.cmo»- $Q95 rough ridir,9. Serf.. A.. **f "•"• Adjustobfc drop "J *«,.« .oddH.. »«•. 22" *<9>> . SHOP OUR BARGAIN TOY TABLE! D AVI D'S 316-518 fast Broadway Phone 3167 FOR Stay, ox AMBULANCE SERVICE ' PHONE 3080 fUNERAL HOME" IAST BROADWAY AT 16TH PHONi 3080 CHOICE QUALITY MEATS' STEAKS ,79c CLUB STEAKS * 75c SIRLOIN Oft ROUND CHUCK ROAST CHOK au 0 EcuT BEEF LIVER Pound . . . 39c RING BOLOGNA Pound u,49c 39c OYSTERS PASCAL CELERY I GRAPES APPLES FRESH SOLID PACK STANDARDS 12 01. FRESH CRISP Jumbo CALIFORNIA Stalk large red clutters Sugar Sweet TURiEY WtNESAPS 79c 19c 2 *29c HL79c 'lb,. Cello 1 lb. pkg. CRANBERRIES Large, Solid, Dark Red MONARCH CRANBERRY SAUCE 2 w c£ 39c Strained or Whole Delicious with Turkey NEW! JEST 1 Cranberries '*£ 20c MCWI Monarch NEW! Red Cabbage ' 19c 2 w c£ SALAD COFFEE T2 £33c 88c Boy Your Favorite Brand Lb. Maxwell House; /Manor House; Folgers; Chase A Sanborn; Hills; Monarch; YACHT CLUB COFFEE INSTANT SANKA NESCAFE lb. Tin Lor9 * 4 oz. jar 79c 6 ox. jar $1.19 28 55c ftORDEN'S NONE SUCH MINCE MEAT STOKLEY'S PUMPKIN 2 <£ 35c Better Tasting Pies PUMPKIN PIE SPICE """£„ 25c PIE CRUST MIX 7-M.nit Pkfl 10c AUNT JEMIMA NEW! COFFEE CAKE MIX 39c Complete with mixing bag,'cinnamon topping and baking pan. GOOD LUCK MARGARINE u, 31 c •Pearl 'Earrings and Necklace with one box top and 50c BORDEN'S ICE CREAM Gallon 99c FREE PARKING While shopping KLEIN'S SUPERMARKET or IAUN- DRATER1A at corner of 3rd and Linden. CAN WTOLL OZ. 49c 711 N. THIRD OPEN FRIDAY NITE Tit S LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY

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