Evening Journal from Vineland, New Jersey on October 24, 1879 · 3
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Evening Journal from Vineland, New Jersey · 3

Vineland, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1879
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TIIE J0U1LVAL mricE, cextua.l hall bci.llis.-u, ., Laudi A vwiim and Hivu M. Vlneland, X. J. 'KICK, il Ai'Trlt riiu. FACK. I M. I J Vli.' i'J li M. 1 Inch 11 i 4 "i it m I- 1 "i 2 luetic 1 2 I,. column I si :w no ' Kn.'tli $.ll MI.HU IIOMrXOTES. Thermuine ter at 0 a. u!., 40. To-uiormw in turt.ou day. , ' fo tolJodd for winter clotliiug. ' -The wall of rr. Iii'STuin'i bouse will 1 completed in a ftw day. Hotlikis.-i, the leadjntr painter, ( mat-ing new scenery for Hie U. A-11. play. . ' Ex -She riff Wilson, of MUlrilJe, ban opened a ciuthin' tort iu that city. The Hidden shower lat evening fnnlitr caed out tut uf umbrella. . Fine peai.tiMuw potato are. coming Info tnaikut . -A. W Thorn. like is building a fine lam . on big Wood treel lot. , Head OayY new adrerti'sement tliia afieraoon. Tha West Jersey and Atlantic .Oily Railroad lias been purveyed through to the. beach. , The cheerful chirp of the Enyliah spar-rowi i more noticeable since the departure of other bird for iimi e cong'euial elimra. The fanners ill thi section -have harvested most of their crops and are paying up old debt a as fara tb money uci. Don't mix the grand concert at Cosmo-poll an Halt this eveHinjr- The price of admission ia very low. , i.!foii, of the Item, ia still suffering with typhoid fever. 'Hi condition ia eou- iiilered critical. , - J. 11. lleaton, proprietor of the old Citm-mina coal yard, deal in the best rcutN, and deserve, fair share of public patronage. ... James Chance can show you the amount you owe the Sta e, cotijity and school district, lie can also ell Jtiu the beat grocer-ie. Mr.'STTioriiwood, formerly of the finu of Docker & Lock wood,' ia here on a visit from New York.aeeoiujianied by hi daughter. '.'-',' . ' --(Sen. Uohorts is wdllus furntl ur. a low at any ciiy dealerM. IJy purchasing of hint yon will save the cost . of Ireifil from l'hila-dulpbia and ran -no risk of dainaei. Il.ibcock ni'led a bis own lawyer in the caw at f ill ville yi'stenlay, and aUo acted a. pomisfti for Sin. Fry, -whoo iimocenei of the charjjen preferred by ISiernu-iatcr w,i. clearly e.lablihed. ' Killed by lirlnk. The Miilvilli! Daily a'a.vs : A man living at the Furnace bought flvealloti-'of whisky in Philadelphia three wreTi o arid within that time lie .di iVnk it all except una quart, llr. Whitaker was calh'd in latt Sunday and found him iu a dying condition with no liopeM of recovery. v I'nrlnlmtMl I.eler. List orlit'er- remniiilinrlntliPVIiieliuiil.N. J 1W (JIIIcc, I'riiluy, Del. at, 1"T, llayrr, (ieorira HIkIow, Mr. Frank 1). Krown, Kl (i) Ieftrtoro, Jainel. Ieo. Win It. Hanklna, John K. ITeiully, Hue K. Mlierwfa!. LlKJSto M. Trutnueir. K 'v. H. C. Tigr, M. F. . Wilson. Jfru F. 1. ' I'erwma ciiltinc fur any of the above letters will pleiw Hy "a.lverU-al." If not delivercl In four weeks they will be. to tlieltead Lftteroltico. S K. Fowlkb, 1. M. A I'aeful Invention. Mr. Iteauuiont U a'ent f.ir a complete, inachine for tjrindiiij corn meal, graham Hour, and all the feed a farmer need for hi stock, with tho fame windmill that pump " the" w atefT""" The "."$.1 Oscillating.' Feed Grinder fan be attached to any makn .of windmill, and i junt the tbinj for the farmer that own one. Person having windmill fchould call on Mr. Ibaumont and nee one in operation. Kesideuce, one door East of Mr. Maxbam'. Illerinleler . Itabro-!. 1 II tho trial yesterday before. .1 nstice Joha-on liiertnieatcr flnr-d thai" Mt rt. U ih-cock and (iaP f 'hl'iMl h.im of S-'X? 'dn'riii? their warch Of hi premisrs mi October t'i, 1KT7. Ho could produce ho evidence to back lip hi aei-ii-iJioii, and' when Mr lUbcnck took the stand In! proved the charge ti t o be entirely unfounded. I!i.rtnieler acknowledged that ! knew nothiiig aliout the matter, but hi wife thought the accused (Hole th nioriev. Tb' Justice d-irniI the cttf in (!ie io' '.-t pf cn:derb!? tnerr:-mei'f at the -fM-oe of the jiU'mant bo bad the f.'ost ofeomi t pay. ; hmiil iy School txn.-er. . ' The f,J!6w:it! otri'-r wun elected by I li" j Cumberl.ind County eiimd ty &:U.l C.-n- Telitiiin l')f t'u- fiiiii af r ; j IVesidrnt. V.i r. If, Tliodtiy, of i- w:.:!i. j ';f l'r-.:.! !o W. ISridi'etoH.'-J-H rria O,;detior Fitoit, V- f I5-t.iim.il T. !' J'- . 1 I llecordlus W-.;iel.ry, J C. 15oWeH.Vb.ioh. f Cor, ft.-eret.ry, Wilbur. F..Wil tr, Viue- j imd. ' ; l.--utivi. r-..ta:ul...e. t),.Ct.; J'.f ; of V.lielal!.:: Dr. '. C i'l.wi ' --i i ! " ei d !!; l. ,r,.ne-, it M..' .i:. . lit n v'";- fi Fair!, r .1 f ?: r n, 'i t The I,, x! t ft.-!l. Tln-t-pii ftmLvi C-t C.'tllV! !.I c-oniiv. i t !r-M af d-t. : r .: i ; i : W.-S Oi Wui X. -Tyler" new ojnter aaluoo will draerve I. Ural patrunaa. Sawyer k-ep a full line of atyliah. bat from .'J ceuu to $, ;.(.). Carlo Qiairii keep bell foreign and domestic fruit "m Canary bird for tuit at Manning'. Iluy cedar or cpruc blugla of Kimball, Prince Si Ca. ' , Dren into Elton' and take a-look at hi Cat f Sot:on, Cutlery and Toilet Articles. Tha Dr. ha a flue lock. Could & Son, oppotil Baker" Houv, bave a great variety of parlor, office, and kitchen tove. .Inst received ay full line of Zephyr in all hade,ifteniiatitowa Wool and Canva. at II Alirso.v . icti.iwl It alaay pay to gel tbe best. Dudd keep a full line, of clulln, aud Cut and make u t tu order in I he lateit ityle, and in a manner that never fail to five, atifao- ti-fu. " ' ; "Ever) body 'a Friend" will ba repeated one week from next Monday evening at Cosmopolitan Hall, for tbe benefit of the Library Amoi;ition. 1 Something new the niimnilt stove pipe shelf and utensil stand best tiling out. For ale by F A. Cornell at Gould & Tboru-d,ke'. Call and see them, The largest retail dry good bouse i John. Wanamaker'e, 13th and Market, Philadelphia. Card. Mr. J. I. Osbornof Philadelphia will in a lew day pen au otean and piano forto wareMiuu in the store, Taylor' Illock, Landi avenue. West Itotilevarii. . Where to buy ithoe At tbe leading boot and rhoe Ktore nest doer to bank. Invalid who liave used preparation of the Health Food Company, are satisfied that they are preferable to violent medicine ami tbe result are' more permanent. Mr. Fitch' i agent for thl place. - ' iire yon rmiis and e our new Millinery floods. ."All lb new style selling cheuiv at LKAVi rr & Niikkiu rnk . UlRIIKMN XOTICKl, Men and boys" Fall and Winter Root, in clear, solid lea' her, ami warranted tirst-olusa, clwaper than ever, at J.T. Cram. New liiK SIarhlan. The Ibjlit runnirii TKniieslic and Xoiseles White Sewina Machines, cheap a ever , t K.cUoi;s'alMUnli-VvfcT V UelaiMlNL Sew r.nterprlse. " If you have Household goods, Farming tools. Horses, Wat' n or Merchandise ol any ilcjicriphoii foi or to exchange, up-ply t- L- F. lUbci.it k. commission uuetit, I.andis avenue near Tth street, w In-re yon can Mrtii.e siiiisl'.u-tory price at private sale mill no ( liarjjo for storage or entering ibcnptaui of g"ol for exchange. Store op li ilay and evening. Why use so niivr-li fuel when Ilracketf weather 'eirip on the Doors and Window will stop it. Also all kinds of Lumber, Door, Nai-h, Ulind, S.-c. Ike., cheap. Order may be. It-It at residt-m-e. Klaier street, west of .railroad, or 8) kea utile. . jit'-timl. --The large-1! ovaler in town are to le found at lieiiiiiigton V Coniell'. epaitf A small family c for-sale cheap. - Apply at this ollii'e. - Dawson ba Sunday papers for sale at the depot after the. airival of the Sunday morning train. Paper delivered to regular subscriber. - Try Ileiniiigton Cornell' large oysters, and you will never liny of anybodv bill them. . sep'Jilf Xotlee. J. 11. Heaton will continue the coal biisi-ne lormerly nwti(l by H. T: Cummiiigs, ilealer in t 'bolee Lehigh and I.yken Valley foal. He will sell n low .a the lowest, (tive bun a call. , epH .I'ust.receited for euniiner trade a lot of new tvasfbe best we haveever had. MoRAir It no. Chew Jaeksou's IU-?-t Sweet Kavy Tobacco The Vlnelatid Library will be ripen for the exchange ol iioo.k from 3 to t o'clock p iu., on Weil nesilay'jt and Naliirilay's, every week." " I'cr orib r of tbe Director. Kpletidid butter from H tu Si cents. in tek now. Price Mohak lino. j 11 IK 10 ; 'OTI't5.) It ha been a plan of certain hmiirt In tjie funiiiiiro Traile to elve sr even P reeeut, commissiiH) to isirrlex frm other trade or tore tirl-'itlriu or s -n-tl ng eusionier to therrvj aim ini'ii i-tiargnig u j.iin-tiasir a iuit price for ttietr Furniture,.)r,senilit; tliem an inf'-rlor article.' Tlita I ' lJiHUtlon part le not to go to store where tliey an-llms Myly recommended by these Inlere-ocil a-lvl.r. Mors. tiiel'1,1) C do riot iy anr corn- juiasl'mt to t'arfiet Ku,r or any others, ami can, tlieri i ir!', aitoM ro li eneiiis-riinii give Itieir eiiH'omer the fiill lM-iietti r,t ihiM saving, l io-y Lv hv li'inoraMw ilealing iiriil the larttent. KTrrn n a r TrH I tt America.autt hit tOlll'Ti! ill CiHI' jlltlHlKV-, N. K, fortierof M.irkfl an! Ninth Hired, ST and North SunisJ .Streets. OfUtial Uutiffo. I'OxT-f-J-'t atiin!.iy n fhe lllirh frh i groii'-iH. a iT'iM cna i m Willi etiwriiis. To tii.ili-r m jirt,.? Mt-&h!v' r-wie!l hy ii-uving ID sum'- wild . It. r'nwl.-r. nrttitz IOPND A few ( nwnnn Hixth ireet. 1 l.i.i v'i , hum mi.-I Tin-- 'alllon. Thi'lo-.-r can i! t It I -v f pljlr.if K Ki.-ve-w -xVr-.u- iiuiii. ar.'it rH) in for ttii al venl-nint. IOHT-A-l-la-n nM s'-ti--,lt.'.i Ka'iinlay i nvc'.iiu M i.'ra ,-l Army oro iiue sine'. Tii".- IU ' f v..H I I iw lvive at tiijs -.,li-c.. ' ' . IVM t;t - T ' f i.-i'l t-mr-l i nn t.eha t ar cor-) in r i Mom i row i r- ! ami We( I'.mlc-vanl T.-.f-r-r-a-!.h:- L, Iiiinrsiix. Is.;: e,(.i.i. t ii(!fi,-i.i h e iri.nf If it I-I'.e,trr- r.vr -imp.eor. .inter ami J..i- J-Jiul"' et-i-. I,"!l M.V ! !' f'-Xiie biillJ::,K. v, rv I' ' ti-. ' : it rn or a-t-liMoti n TOTHEPlDLIf! OWl.NOIOTHE LNCEEASLX'j DIKiND FOR WHEAT, THE PRICE OK FLOUR MCSTUO ItlGlIEO. NOW IS THE TIME TO BCY. LEAVE. TOCIt ORDER WITH UOBT. KJAVELL, and h Will aell you Flour at rate that will suit you. COR FLOUR TRADE HAS INCREASED wonderful linca wc bar beeu uslnf . tb Punfler. OarTrMl la Tlaelaaa alawa ha via; Heaekra Ifly Barrel r Week. We are now running three fradea a follow: $0.50, $7.0a, & $7.50 PER BARREL. Recollect fe f arrant Eferj laiTcl. Ifyoohare food Hwnet Potataea, lake them iliere anceicltaiige for your winter Flour. P. M. O'tiONELL, SEAL, ETTCtBHOKCI ' i aD CONVEYANCER. OFFICE No. im South 1?th Ktriit flllLAUELrillA, Pw - RK81DF.NCE iNOHTH VIXKLAXP, !. J. Farm honalit. sold and exchana-ed. Title enamlned. ami Briefs preiiantl. Philadelphia fit y vniH-rt v to excliaofu tor t arm. Money to loan on M )rtgge. COAL! COAL! JACOB B. H EATON, - AT THE OLD STAND, Junction of N. J.' Scuthem and W. J. R. R, ' ' . . Dealer lit , - FIRST QUALITIES OF Lykens Valley r Now I tho time to liny; Price as low ua tile low cut. Coal DflliTcrci to all Paris of Town. v n - li I' ill 11 u u IJ1 liiii'a At tliold taad of Hmlih KclifMiltield. Pr-iclifal if atrhcnk'r L Jwr!fr, Ind denier In WATI'IIKH, CLtM'KH, kiLtCHWtnr j r.wr. i.t v of very ilescrljitkm. Violin Ktrlag and Mi.ietele a Mieciaity. lu iiairiiig pnuiipiiy atteuoeu to, MRS.IlD.IiiOOLFIi:LD, AHTLST IN HAIR. Alsa dealer In Roal and Imitation II A III . I. Plait, Curls, Piifni, l'rl.es. and Hang Net . c instantly on haisl, Hair Jewelry a Specialty. riera'a Illexk, landla Air. hhnd, ltciiitii,fT L tr-4 Ft ( rJU I .. ru Hm4f fiwa to ennf H illcleauiM. J.P Miua. I" h I U., I . BoU IV itU. r. i .ibimi Phi j-'-Ti J,x"- tfnUmtng HEWER Co., Aent. Vloeiand. N. J. WM. M. STEVENS II i the ' -. Xaargest Ajisortment of- ". 'y rRBCKEBV &" CLISS - U'.1RB ..' In Kouth Jersey. Also Ijirite fto. k of . FXJlsr I TTJKE, Which ho Is wlllnsr very low. fall and see h! . Five and fen cent Counter". s (its-UN eht-ais-r tlian any wh-re this side of l'ttttadi.j. T. DODDS, Merchant 'Tailor, ; now r"-' -vi- r t.U I'll,!; ID WIMI'R STOCK vo()ivi-:x.s I T'9 whi.'lj.lK- nt-ii! I r. -pi-r1...;y l :r. it . at- f I'.Mi'itO Utr 'UtJ-'- AM rtOODH f.'o) 1 at the .1 no PASS IT ALONG & LET YOUR NEIGHBORS KNOW "X'lIAT Tliey can Still U ci (lie iScsG LEHIGH AND ' T VTT I? ATQ GOAL AT FULLER'S YARD, AT LOWER PRICES Than Ever Offered in Vineland 2,000 LBS GUARANTEED, OR FORFEIT S2T All Orders Taken JT I'RESIIXT OUR AUTUMN GliEETtNG. 11 i . "" " We thank getierou public for kindly rnooiirauenient. We !ri ve by every mean In our power to denervo a constantly lin realn Irmlo. The tare following 1ntileerve attention; - OUB GOODS oitk OUR STORE PRICES WANAMAKER & BROWN THK LAItOEST AMKItlCAJf CLOTIIINO HOUMK, oakiiall! sS. E. COnNKIl SI XT II ANDAUH ICICT HTS r . PHILAEELPHIA.--- Fino parlor and I LID) NINTH AKD IVI.inl f . f?.il ",f''f,n"'""lr,r1rKulle, eovere.1 In Itleli rtnwflllk anl ftaltw J ,1 .T,' "! Mn"1)"' 'fame of (he latest neslnit, warrante.v ail hair nllln anrl ..aterlal HavlnK recently clarifed our I filKtlsierlt.; I.. i,rl u.er't ,, M ,Troe Ti .-'lJi,r '""r,1 "roriha beet I'i holier..r In I'rillyMr4.la, and am mahlnc the. t . m:',Tr:i."tFi"n"ll nri'" 'rf-'dlMy new , orlMal'.IBnl; mihoU "t uJxl ' 1 ,U""'r' HivH 'l "f ' nJriall..u Kr.'a"u trllah GOULD & CO., ,? JT fe 3? ) oSrorth 'Ml wtl-cot, Cor. 9th & iitMisnni; Miiin wiiAiTiirtniirnmiTi) T!e r-t tie of chiiiint Moll.l Warmit. Ah a tut u.,.t r t,... r,se. and j!aS.i Sh.rMn Tv.. of thirty - LO W'l-lS'J1 (..'AS It PEICES. ' hnn?arl f '.' '"1"' ' ( ofU make and ittern. VutnU AVt k X. i:.B. KI.VTH nn Wtltlirr Jl VX JJ., JAMES Wholesale and ,W T-ytfuWj Biii,',uti io tJ,eMii,iiet.at ail In war,! of I'il'rit HlitH inwi'i'ii ri at thtJ.owct ,Ca-h i)iico ' A' " rf" le tier U;sn to call on u lc'ore j.orr i,ang tUewktre, HtlttCDl .Su-(-lalty. 71: 1 THE COAL Now w'll bo Fillo 0l I'RIfES Our Ih-ay-Mail Chilhln; will atlfy lh most eritlcnl ta.te. We irlve -elal attention In elevation of l)in and Improvement at workmanship The line nnKirtlon of our hiisl ties soils tons! lie soen to In- appreciated, Our lM-k meet the neeU of I'mfn-elonal men and Merlin tiles, Men haul ami LaUire ra Karnier and dork. J completely adapted to all oeeujiiiilon. l'lillttilelplila' het artist and artisan' hav lieen employetl In iK-antiryliiK Oak HaM from orlKtnal amleleKHnl deiKn.- inexlerlordea. oration our liuilllo Is tineo,ualel In any Amerlean elty. Our reliance, however, I not upon Art In our tiiilltlln, Imt art onmhlnea with nerlority and clu-upnes In our osl, We permit no rivalry In mr o.l, neither da -we allow anr house to iimlerll us, Oiir.prl-eearealwalhfllnwealt Cnainbcr Suites. & U.5 ; : MAEKET SZ Markot new dlK0, J11 rent from ai.yihln' In w.rkH , 7 A l 3lt A Oil I II Ki:O.W )1 CHAFJCE ot. Retail Grocer . V1LLET . 1 : A c II LOWEST PHICES. I ifr f- -tl of 11. K. t !

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