Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1937 · Page 13
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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1937
Page 13
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WHAT'S IN A NAME? For the 100th time or more a Hollywood girl has had to go East to the "Big City" to make good before the movie moguls would give her a chance. Hope Manning, brilliant screen newcomer playing the romantic lead opposite Donald Cook in "Two Wise Maids," won her first recognition in New York City where she appeared in "The Great Waltz." Dick Tracy V - , 1 (i 7 - i RALPH BYRD Ralph Byrd will play the famous cartoon character in the Republic serial, "Dick Tracv." Byrd, selected from hundreds considered for the role, is a native of Dayton, Ohio. An all - around athlete, six feet one in height and weighing 180 pounds, Byrd has had considerable experience on both stage and screen. Based on the famous cartoon strip character by Chester Gould, the Republic screen version of Dick Tracy was written by Morgan Cox and George Morgan. Barry Shipman and Winston Miller wrote the screen play. Ray Taylor and Alan James co - directed under the supervision of Nat Levine, producer. In addition to Byrd, Kay Hughes, Smiley Burnette and Lee Van Atta are featured prominently in the past. Y JL SATURDAY EVENING FEBRUARY 20, 1937 13 HARRISBURG jg TELEGRAPH "Secretary, Boss Angle and Thief Comedy in Theaters Arthur Humanizes Brent tit Colonial; Powell, as Sutler, Scores at Loetv's Hardboiled Health Mag azine Editor Bitten by "LoveBug" The Cast - ' Carol Baldwin Jean Arthur Fred Gilbert George Brent Ernest Lionel Stander Helen Davis Ruth Donnelly Bill Houston Reginald Denny Mazie West Dorothea Kent Mr. Crosby Charles Halton Enid Geraldine Hall By G. E. S. A swell cast and fast comedy make the Colonial's "More Than a Secretary" a delightful bit of screen entertainment. Not only are the stars, Jean Arthur and George Brent, well suited in their roles, but the supporting cast go through their roles quite capably. In fact, so well do two of the minor characters, Lionel Stander and Dorothea Kent, portray Uieir roles, that either come mighty close to stealing the George Brent is a big editor. It is his hand that guides the health magazine, . "Body and Brain." Brent takes his work seriously, so much so that he watches his diet (or . duet as his beautiful, but dumb secretary would' say) carefully eats carrot and does his daily dozen. Stander is the editor's trainer, and his efforts to win disciples to his health routines are good for laugh after laugh. He puts the whole office staff through their paces at regular times each day. But along comes the businesslike Jean Arthur and changes all this. She is a co - partner with Ruth Donnelly in a secretarial training school, but accepts a job with Brent after a misunderstanding. She goes after Brent with the love - light in her eyes, only to lose him to a little gold - digger. Miss Kent, pretty, blonde, but oh, so dumb, puts a bombshell in Miss Arthur's ' plans when she steals away the heart of the boss after being wished on him as a secretary by Reginald Denny, a favorite of a few years ago. The story on the whole tends to drag at times, but dont let that keep you away. It is not so much the running story that holds the attention as the humorous situations and individual gags. Glimpses at some of the best shots: Stander trying to induce Denny, on his way home with a hangover, to trot around the park; Stander putting the publisher through his paces, sighing as he steps on his back, "Ah, this is wonderful"; Miss Arthur's dinner with Brent, the many foolish remarks made by the goofy secretary and too many others to Dancing Tops in Show at Majestic Snappy, hot dancing, provides the highlights of the two - hour Cotton Club Revue which moved into, the Majestic Theater yester day for a two - day run. Naturally, the featured attraction is Jesse Owens, the Olympic star, who made his first personal theatrical appearance yesterday. Through a misunderstanding, his orchestra is not with the show. Owens was greeted with rounds of applause. A trifle shy, "The Buckeye Bullet," showed good stage presence while talking of his experiences during the Olympic Games in Berlin. The solidly - built track star, who plans to return to Ohio State University for a year so he can get his sheepskin, admitted he was a trifle nervous before the performance, but then he always felt the same way before a track event. He feels much the same about the theater as he does sports both are entertainment for the public. Butterbean and Susie put across songs and comedy in a pleasing manner. The master of ceremonies, Johnny White, is a smooth performer. A pretty Harlem specialty dancer, a tap dancer who knows how to handle his "tootsies," and the Wood Sisters etrut their stuff. . Between dance numbers are interspersed comedy scenes, one of two dusky friends waiting up with a deceased man proving a real laugh - getter. A - lovely soprano songstress sings "I've Got You Under My Skin" and "You Came to My Rescue." The revue boasts a very talented chorus. earleIbarsIilm Philadelphia, Feb. 20, (P) Gov ernor George H. Earle last night ordered the film, "Spain in Flames," barred from Pennsylvania. "This picture is pure Communistic propaganda, dressed as a plea for democracy," the Governor asserted after seeing a preview. He upheld the State Board of Censors, which earlier declined to approve the movie. "Probably the worst thing about the film is that it definitely asks for and encourages recruiting of men of military experience for the government a - my. Montgomery and Crate - ford Splendid iii English - Plotted Cinema Fay Cheyney Joan Crawford Charles William Powell Arthur Robert Montgomery Lord Kelton Frank Morgan Duchess Jessie Ralph Willie Nigel Bruce Joan Colleen Clare Kitty Benita Hume Cousin John Ralph Forbes Maria Aileen Pringle William Melville Cooper Ames Leonard Carey Anna Sa Haden Inspector Witherspoon Lumsden Hare George Wallis Clark Clerk Barnett Parker By AITCH KAY ESS LOEWS: There was Joan Crawford, Wil liam Powell, Robert Montgomery, Frank Morgan, Jessie Ralph, Ralph Forbes, Aileen Pringle, and a host of others . . . one might thinK tne picture was advertising Hollywood . . . but no! the picture . . . "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney" is one grand story. Ably enacted by all these stars. The story . . . oh yes . . . Fay Cheyney (Joan Crawford) is the charming young woman who is . . . well, I can't tell you just yet. But she is somebody of great importance, because doesn't she have a butler in the person of Charles (William Powell) and a maid and a chauffeur? And didn't she get an invitation to the villa of the Duchess (portrayed by none other than the grand old dear Jessie Ralph) and then could you blame Arthur (Robert Montgomery) and Lord Kelton (Frank Morgan) for falling in love with her ... I ask you, what more of a plot could one ask. And may I say that Ralph Morgan almost stole the show . . . you know him . . . stuttering and stammering and the like. Well, he's great. Well there is quite a mix - up. And Joan is the girl who is the center of this plot . . . yes, she is a thief ... a pupil of William Powell. And even so, Robert still loves her and wants her for his wife. You will be thrilled at the manner in which this picture is enacted. Laughs a - plenty. And until the end of the film one just can't figure it out at all. Because Ralph Morgan has also proposed to Joan, onl. poor fellow he wrote his on paper which was bad because thereby hangs the tale. And in this - letter is written the real personality of all the people gathered at the Villa of the Duchess, including the Duchess herself who in her day never missed a trick. And she admits it. But in passing on may this reviewer state that in all the pictures in which Joan Crawford has been starred, none has been quite as well fitted to Joan's own per sonality and style. She is sweet, charming and with it : sophistica - There are some clever shots: For instance when Joan asks Robert why he doesn't seem more patriotic about his country (England) he tells her "there are some women a man would rather die for than live with ... so it is with me with England . . . most clever. What to Do, See and Hear By L.U.K. Yes, Miss Rene Ray, take a letter from "The Man of Affairs," none other than George Arliss. Romilly Lunge seems to have an interest in the dictation. The picture will be at the Victoria next Tuesday. Several' vears ago James Cagney in a gangster picture kicked a girl (I forget who), thus setting a new tyle in motion picture technique. The girls are starting to pay tnem DacK. In "On the Avenue," Madeleine Carroll slaps Dick Powell three times on the same cheek. She didn't even give him a chance to turn the other cheek. John F. Rogers, the State manager, must have heard the drum beating in this column. He has booked ''The Plough and the Stars." Suggest it be played during St. Patricks Day week on account of the Irish setting the Easter uprising of 1916. Jerry Wollaston of the Victoria will probably play that other Irish picture, "Wings of the Morning" in which John MacCormack sings', about the same time. The Motor Club of Harris - burg should arrange for a special showing of "The Great O'Mal - ley" for the members of the Boys' Safety Patrol. It's an unusually suitable picture for the lads. Usually when a special showing is arranged, the boys see "Midnight Love" with Greta Harlow or "Leftover Lover" with Jean Garbo. Here's a real police picture for Junior Policemen ... By the way, Bob Parkrite Taylor of Houston, Texas, has some data on Junior Policemen . . . Sug gest the Sec. sound nim out! CQ Mae Clarke in "Great Guy" with Jamet Cagney. It uill be at Loews, Friday. ttOU haven't seen the "Last of Mrs. "Cheyney" until you've seen Joan Crawford make the shop - girl - social - crasher iump through the hoops . . . And what a three some of support: glib Robert Montgomery, fluttery Frank Morgan and suave William Powell ... Smartly lined, well photographed and expertly directed, it looks like the PICTURE OF THE WEEK . . . And that's the TRUTH. Famous quotes: "Once upon a time I was demure." Carole Lombard. - Yes, there'll be a whale of a crowd at Hershey tonight. Jesse Owens' show opened up with a good crowd, which means the SRO sign is likely to be out tonight. How about 'Winterset?" Sometime in the Spring! Well at Loew's it'll be Maytime in March. So what? Couldn't catch "The Great O'Malley" as planned, persuaded H. J. P. to substitute. Here's his review: STATE (By H. J. P.) The trials and successes and woes and gayeties of everyday poor folk in a great city make up the story of "The Great O'Malley," which had a successful opening yesterday at the State Theater, and which will probably delight all its audiences henceforth. Pat O'Brien than whom no actor is more natural or more likeable gives one of the best performances he has displayed since he came under the Warner Bros, banner five years ago. Humphrey Bogart, who gained fame as the killer of "Petrified Forest"; Frieda Inescort, long famous as a stage star; Baby Sybil Jason, the 7 - year - old "THE GREAT O'MALLEY" Patrick Aloysius O'Malley - .Pat O'Brien Barbara Phillips Sybil Jason John Phillips Humphrey Bogart Mrs. Phillips Frieda Inescort Judy Nolan Ann Sheridan Captain Cromwell Donald Crisp Attorney for Defense ..Henry O'Neill Mrs. O'Malley Mary Gordon Mrs. Flaherty Mabel Colcord Father Patrick . Frank Sheridan Miss Taylor Lillian Harmer Tubby Delmar Watson Dr. Larson Frank Reicher starlet from South Africa; Ann Sheridan, lovely young leading woman from Dallas, Texas; Donald Crisp, Mary Gordon, Henry O'Neill and some others round out an unusually able cast. Pat O'Brien plays Officer James Aloysius O'Malley, a cop on New York's East Side. He's not especially human at the beginning. All he knows is what he reads in his rule - book. For the tiniest technical infractions of the code he hands out tickets. He's a pest. Even his fellow - cops don't like him. Th newspapers ridicule O'Malley, and his commanding officer to get him out of the way sends him to a school crossing. Here the hard - boiled policeman's heart is first touched by a little lame pupil, played by Sybil Jason. , His heart is again touched though love does it instead of pity by the little girl's teacher, who is Ann Sheridan. But he's still hard - boiled. He causes the arrest and imprisonment of a workman, Humphrey Bogart, not knowing that his prisoner is the lame child's father. The time comes, in a smashing climax, where 'this father has a chance to save O'Malley's life at the risk of his own and when this is done the hard - boiled cop becomes completely humanized and lovable. A vast lot of credit for the complete humanness of "The Great O'Malley" must go to the direction of William Dieterle. The settings of "The Great O'Malley" are extraordinarily accurate. Three whole blocks of the New York East Side were built for the picture on the Warner Brothers lot made from photographs of the exact region intended to be portrayed. COLONIAL "More Than a Secretary. ' Jean Arthur. George Brent and Lionel Stander. Times, 11, 12.84, 2.27, 4.21, 8.14, i.OD, 10.0S. HERSHEY COMMUNITY THEATER "Two Win Maids." Alison Sklpworth and Polly Moran. State show. Continuous after 5 p. m. LOEW'S "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney," Robert Montfomery, Joan Crawford and William Powell. Times, 11, 1.06, J. 12, 8.18, 7.24, 9.32. MAJESTIC Jesse Owtns Revoe. Shows, 2.30 and I p. m. STATE "The Great O'Malley," Pat O'Brien, Sybil Johnson, Humphrey Borsrt and Frieda Inescoort. Times, 1, 2.4.1, 4.30, 6.20, 8.10, 10. VICTORIA "Dr. Bull," Will Rosen, Roehelle Hudson, Marian Nlson and Ralph Morgan. Times, 11.30, 1.35, 8.40, 5.43, 7.50, 9.55. BROAD "Mind Your Own Business," Charlie Barries and Alice Brady; "Round - up Time in Texas," Gene Autry. CAPITOL "Hearts in Bondage," Mae Clark and James Dunn! "Ghost Town Gold;" "The Three Mesqulteers." GRAND "Stowaway," Shirley Temple and Robert Young. LEMOYNE "Stowaway," Shirley Temple. NATIONAL "Palo Joe," Jo E. Brown; "Speed Limited," Ralph GraTei. PAXTANG "Legion of Terror," Bruee Cabot. RIALTO "Stowaway," Shirley Temple. ROXY "Honalong Cassldy," William Boyd and Evelyn Brent; "Law In Her Hands," Margaret Lindsay and Warren Hull. STAR "Nine Days a Queen," Nova Pllbean and Sir Cedrle Hardwieko; "Clearing the Range, Bally Eilers and Hoot Gibson. Ginemalines By Hall E. Wood P. O. P. took a gander at the Victoria's film, "Doctor Bull," which opened yesterday for a three - day engagement. Here's what he has to say. THE CAST; Doctor Bull. . . .WILL ROGERS Virginia Banning ROCHELLE HUDSON May Tupping' . MARIAN NIXON Dr. Verney.. RALPH MORGAN Herbert Banning BERTON CHURCHILL Larry Ward. . . .ANDY DEVINE Janet Cardmaker VERA ALLEN Joe Tupping. HO WARD LALLY Mrs. Banning LOUISE DRESSER Grandma..... TEMPE PIGOTT Aunt Patricia ELIZABETH PATTERSON Aunt Emily NORA CECIL Susan PATSY O'BYRNE 'Mary ..... VEDA BUCKL AND Aunt Myra...EFFIE ELLSLER Helen Upjohn i HELEN FREEMAN When "Doctor Bull." opened at the Victoria, the popular de mand that brought it DacK ior the return engagement became nnnular acclaim for one of Will Rogers' greatest performances. The return of Will Rogers brought also a fine featured cast, giving the cowboy . phiiosopner perfect support for his inimitable, world - renowned wit, Roehelle Hudson, Marian Nixon, Ralph Morgan and Andy Devine being cast in the leading roles. Based on a nationally outstand ing novel by James Gould Coz - zens. "The Last Adam," tne screen story of "Doctor Bull provides many opportunities for the display of the laconic" slyness of America's Jester, and the H i r p p t i n n of John Ford lends , a Keenness throughout. Will, as the lovable New England small WILL ROGERS town doctor, is an amiable bachelor who has been courting a comely widow,' Vera Allpn. fnr manv vpnrs with - real reason for not having married ner, except that it just never oc dance All Types of Dancing Taught Lranekin School of Dancing Private Lessons 75e Class Lessons 30c 2216 N. 3rd St Phone 4 - 0991 HALF WAY HOUSE STEELTON The Mighty HAMMOND ELECTRIC ORGAN Frank X. Miller at the Console FRIDAY and SATURDAY Nites Beer and Mixed Drinks RHINE'S RESTAURANT PROGRESS SQUARE Steam Jumbo Shrimp 15c doz. BUDWEISER BEER 15c HOT TEA 15c Dine, Dance and Be Merry OLD MILL Hill THE ACE OF CLUBS . On York - Harrisburg Pike Floor Show Saturdays Walt Ducan's Band Nitely ATTRACTIVE NEW PRICES Under New Management ' 'IHii 5 jt fiifljiraV..i;iKt). curred to his easy - going, kind - ) hearted nature. A quick rush of events is precipitated, however, by the newly instituted practice of Dr. Ralph Morgan, whose new - fangled scientific jargon and impressive instruments have won the support of the social lions of New Wintop. When Will is successful in averting a threatened epidemic, discrediting, in the process, both the officious new doctor and his snobbish supporters, his retention of the post of town health officer is assured, plus his enviable position of unofficial confidante, mentor, and observer on human foibles and affairs. DINE AND DANCE TONITE Featuring THE BLUE ACES Beer and Mixed Drinks BITNER'S INN Ml. from Hbf. on Gittysburg Road THE LIGHTHOUSE 8 Mi. E. of Harrisbnrg on Route 22 ' TONITE Music by the JOLLY FOUR Modern and Square Danelng Tues., Thurs. & Sat. Nites Good Eats and Beer ' K. K. COOK, Prop. Larry Walmer's Orchestra Is Featured Tonite at UNCLE TOM'S INN 14 - Mile off Carlisle Pike, Good Hope Road We Cater to Parties, Banquets Thomas Cornelia, Prop. Dine and Dance Tonite FINK'S ORCHESTRA Oysters, Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Spaghetti, Steaks & Chops Seafoods Served Daily BEER Mixed Drinks LIQUORS LEONE'S CAFE 389 S. FRONT ST. STEELTON Experienced Teacher Clarinet Saxophone and Improvising Beginners or Advanced Pupils Carl Schindler 405 Herr St. Phone 6337 TONITE BALDWIN HOTEL 373 - 375 S. Front St. Steelton, Pa. NIGHTENGALE ORCHESTRA Sandwiches and Shrimp Beer Wines Liquors MODERN AND SQUARE DANCING TONIGHT Musie by Jean Arthur's Orchestra Good Beer and Delicious Food MILL CAFE 1 Block Beyond Progress Square OPEN FOR BUSINESS Jimmy Lantz's Cafe " Formerly Magnelli's - 714 N. THIRD ST. specializing in the finest American & Italian Foods Lunch and Dinners Daily Dancing Every Saturday Night Try Our Special 35c Lunch From 11 a. m. to 2 p. m. - NOW SERVING Beer - Mixed Drinks - Wines SPECIAL TONITE Clam Chowder and Mug of Beer 25c Crab Cake, Tomato, Lettuce, French Fries QOl and Mug of Beer. . OUw MOOIIEY'S CAFE 16TH and APRICOT STS. SILVER DOLLAR HOTEL Under New Management 2 SHOWS NITELY 2 Featuring MACK & MACK Comedy Show & Fancy Dancing Come and Have a Good Laugh PAUL HUNTER'S TOP HATTERS Specialising In Mixed Drinks and Lunches. We Cater to Socials and Banquets. NO COVER CHARGE - SHOWS CONTINUOUS AFTER 5 O'CLOCK ON TAOI DAZZUN6I DANCING 1 1 FLAMING YOUTH III j "7,, Win Maidi" Tht Win Old Ptnouin Myi, "SEE THIS SHOW" All Nut W)k' GRACE MOORE In "Whtn You'r In Love" BEACH FRONT HOTEL Just Across the Walnut Street Bridge, WORMLEYSBURG Announce Their Re - Opening with a Complete NEW DANCE FLOOR With Master Pave Finish MODERN DANCING Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Nights SQUARE DANCING Every Wednesday and Friday Nights CHARLEY EARHART S RHYTHM CLUB Never Cover or Minimum Charge We Cater to Banquets ic Parties Moderate Rates Practically All Mixed Drinks tie Always at his best when he is not hampered by convention or false pretensions, Will's role allows him complete freedom, and the result is typical of the best of his career. VERBEKE GRILL S14 Broad St. Double Attraction Tonite Featuring RUTHIE & CHUBBY Singing and Dancing . - Beer Mixed Drinks Wines Diek Bueher, Mgr. THERE'S T.N.T. IN THIS TRIANGLE! M - G - M TOPS 'Libeled Lady'! JOAN CRAWFORD 7M. POWELL R03T. MONTGOMERY M.S - M Cast HUNK MOROAN - JsmIo Kolph Mickey MouseLJ b4 CARTOON JUg PAXTANtt i Breathtaking Expose "LEGION OF TERROR" With Bruce Cabot A at! V4M . "Hearts in Bondage James Dunn Mae Clarke "Ghost Town Gold" With the Three Mesquiteers i Added: Mickey's Circus. Pay Envelopes Sat. Mat. 2 P. M. JT4R 'Nine Days a Queen Sir Cedric Hardwicke Nova Pilbeam Lft - viearmg ine Hange " t I Sally Eilers Hoot Gibson ran no. Koomson Crusoe DANCE TONIGHT JFrom Nine P. M. One Dollar Minimum HOWARD GALE and his ORCHESTRA TONITE GALA FLOOR SHOW We Cater to Banquets and Parties NOW PLAYING BACK BY REQUEST IN THE ROLE Mb HE LOVED BEST! - TO mm V WILL WW Dn - DULL STARTS TUES. liiliBW BOOCOQO.4 DCV - jar TOtl .WT JEANAOTIIUTt GEOHEttEOT W6 Lionel Stander Ruth Donnelly Reginald Denny NOW SiMA HOW A HARD - BOILED COP V 'THE GREAT O'MALLEY" with ANN SHERIDAN SYBIL JASON HO BART CAVANAUGH Also a Variety of Short Subjects I . I MARNA FLOOR TONITE SHOW I PRinCESSyrOF THE j A! I Helen Sinclair Geo. Kobler Mary Ramsey Mattie Hancock NO COYER I NO MINIMUM LARGEST FLOOR SHOW IN HARRISBURG MAPLE GROVE mSyasTs TODAY LAST DAY! THE HILARIOUS SHOW "Butterbean and Susie" And the Famous COTTON CLUB REVUE 45 - HARLEM STARS - 45 Including HARLEM COMES TO HARRISBURG JESSE OWENS IN PERSON and His Orchestra Prices and Starting Time BARGAIN MATINEE! All Seats 57c Evening 57c 86c $1.14 Including Tax Shows Start at 2:30 and 8:00 .h - :1

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