The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1931
Page 8
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•UiE EICJHT x i UKWH FKIDAY, ^JAY.S, 1!):.', rioiulnran "Joan of Arc" Joins War On Former Jungle Fastness Is Now the Paris of French West Africa. BY KiciiAiw i). MCMH.I..IN Hulled Pr.-ss Staff 0'onv.iiomknl PARIS. (UP)—Since llu 1 Frcni-h took over control of Timb'.n-ktoD. once upon ix Urns regarded as m-ir. rcmole even than the uitds of Tibet, the town );ns flemished :md expanded until today It is no lo:m- cr a jungle fastness, but Hi-' I'.im of West Africa. There are only n few wlille inhabitants, but, us wit!) Fren^im 1 .-1 when they go nbro:i<!. tliey hmv their cafe will) Its terrace on ll:i" main boulevard, llic-re is ;\ mortiTj! hotel and even the native women follow the Pails styles. In the old days, when ilia lulivo* lived in the shadow of M:;>.-r- stiUons. each bore n "totem" nnuic, but isow the dusky folks iir; inu." modern and call thenuelve* Hrtiuul. Poincare, Slicll, Gillc-tlc and oilier names whleh liicy Imc picked up from the nott'spnpers that eo:ne from Paris on the weekly air-mat!. The mail is broiiRht to the caisl by air. then conveyed ii|J t're Ni^t 1 : 1 tj Timbucktoo. Contrary to popular belief Tirn- buektoo is not on the banks of the Niger. It is seven miles awny. surrounded by deicrt sands nnd Is. In fact, the otilposl of the Sahara Desert. In addition to coal-black S';;lanesc. Its population consists of the veiled Touatcss, liedoulns and other Moors. 'Hie town has not. 111? rlc'n commercial development of nearby Ujcnue. wlicse famous Mosque will be copiwl at the Paris Colonial Ex[>osltion In Mny. Although it has made progress in many ways, Tiintuckloo is still without yas or electricity. All lighting is by oil lamps which create! a charming atmosphere whet] the lights shine out on the desert from the mud-walled native houses. At night all Europeans are indoors, leaving the sinuous strcels to the veiled, savage-looking tribesmen nnd the tall Sudanese. French colonization in ills nehh- borhoo,1 ol Timbiickloo is Impeded by the rigors of the climate. In the hot seasons of April. May and Jur.e it is almost impossible for whiles to slir from the shade. Than come tho tropical rain torrents that brin« up unhealthy mists from the Niger In the other villages of the Sudar the natives say that the while who passes a season during the ho: an rainy jwricds receives the "bamboo touch" on h:s hear), tiint afterwards lie nevor completely possossis his reason. I - WHINS Bargains For Saturday Slit'Ctl (icmiinu HlacUhawk m-c ">-).!). 1AC Limit. I.I). 1U I'm-c ">-].!). 1ftC L/1ULJ I Woman's place apinuTiilly Isn't In 11"' hMrrvj In Hi- runen! guerilla warfare in Honduras. With the ank--i( not Ihe uniform—of a In Hie I -<1r:al nnny. (ho woman sho\ui in the picture Is a leader n (he 11','lit to quell the uprising :i-/:ilnst (!«• !:nv>!:imeiH aloivj the northern "l;aiiann coast." Hhe is i here »llh other typical loyalists v.lio asww.-rc'i thi- moblll/iuloii call at Ceiba. one of Hie Important cities menaced by IIIF.I:IYCIH frrces. Her v.wurd" k; a knife used for cuttinc siignr cane. lie lay • ncr. home of Mrs. Canton Mon- ovenhiB wit a large atlend- Tl'.e:.; nil] not be any inect- !ig tiesl week nil aceciinl o' the ,anriiiel bill week afler next tlioy. Ilic KuniHv ; vill meet with Mrs. Dunnlvanl. It. A. Wull C;il">. 111. II" hitter part of last G to 0 In lavor of tlie Rrngcndoeio week. team. Mr. mill M"-. C. II. Wlilslb and ( The clglilli grade graduation ex- fnmlly of lt(Ki>!aiid, Ark-, where crchcs will be held In tlie Steele nf Mr. and Mrs.! High Setiool Building nest Tr.-s- I day nljjht with Ally. Orvllle Zlm- Sam Hnmra trannacled business- riudcly Crawford, lien Hums and iiienvmn of Keiiuctt milking tlie i St. Luuls tlie firs', part of tills, ilu> MI'M'.s M.illio liatos nnd j giniluntlnii luldress. There will be crk. • Kntluli 1 . 11 Jriikius motored to TJly- one bundled and cighly IWe crad- Mrs. Charley Jenkins Kpcut Wc;l- (hevillp Sundny evening. I untes. iicsdiy wl'.h friends nt Carutber.';- j Oniia .lovri- i-mall danghler of j Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Asheraft ntifl vllle. ! Mr. nud Mrs Audrey Bbcllon Is; Mrs. Alma CJritswu and daiiTlit.^r Miss riorence Stone, who for j 111 "I tht-^ wrliing. Ihe past l\vo yeais has b?en em-j Misses Hnbltlc and Rubye T.i?u at tl'.t 1 post-office, has ac- •. U r i]llnms sp'.-nl Monilay night, with cC'pted a pillion us lKiok-keef:er' relalivL's at C:uu{!ien>vl]le-. i. the Dixie C.araco and Service Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Ya'tes tor- station. During Miss Store's llmr | meily of this place and now of at the pass-office she made a host. I'orlagcville visited friends here cf friends who wish her the best of: Sunday afternoon, success hi her new position. | Carl Heid of Cooler transacted Mr. and Mrs. Torn Whltfleld ami, business here Wednesday, family received a nvssnge Sunday I Mr. and Mrs. Tester Wyalt an- cf [lie sudden death of their niece ] iiciuin? (he arrival of a nine and fit Wanlell. Thcfi attended the: cue half pound baby lx>y born funeral Sunday afternoon. ' Sunday afternoon. The young nun Miss Huctta German was the has been named Herdlth Alvin. SaluriHy n!f:lit gest of ! Word was received here Sunday Anna Mae nnd La Vada Maue^s. i of Ihe death of Afrs. Nora A. San- Miss A'.ulrcy -Harnes \.'is tl'l- .tiers who d'xl at the Stale IIos- eni'day p.ucst of Miss Wlllard. j pllnl at Farmlnf Ion April 29th l-ie- Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ilrooks sidrs a hcsl r,f friends .'he leaves and Mr. J. D. German visited in her w. A. Sanders, livo Dlvllievll 1 - 1 Saturday night. ; chijilrrn. her mother. Mrs. Llllle Sam Ilan»a of the New York • 13iz/cl. two brothers, Junlns and r-tore transacted busincs.s In St.'Atti:r[. one slsier, Mrs. Pearl LouLs thLs week. ! Brown, all of Ibis place. Mesdame.s J. W. Hoblilr-s. and | The Sleele baseball team a^ain Martha Wllfoid visited frlonds in CarutheiKvllle Sunday evening. Friday and Saturday •WNDICATf Steele Society—Personal Mrs. W. T. Bailey was the guest of Mrs M. E. Sherrcl and Mrs. Jenie Weaver Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. A. I,. Jordan of Coster transacted business here Thursday morning. MisS Irine WnitfbM cf Maplewood spent several days as the gue't of Miss Golden Marshcll. Mr. W. M. Turner Is suffering with a serious stroke of paralysis, suffered Saturday night, and Will fce taken to a hospital soon. Mrs. Turner is an active mcnitor of the Methodist Church and has a host of friends who hope for her speedy recovery. Misses Irk and Mirill Michlo of Cooler were shopping at Iccal stores Tuesday. Chas. York of the Enterprise is suffering Kith the mumps at the home of his sister, Mrs. New berry Johnson. Mrs. G. R. Lumpkin formerly of this place and now of Walnut Rid3e, Ark., visited friends here Monday. Mr. and Mrs. O. Shonyo. Miss Era Wrleht and Miss Moore, all of Elytheville. were the guests of Miss Delsie Stewart Sunday. In after- neon they motored to Carmhcrs- ville. Mr. and Mrs. W. I,. DcUsle motored to Memphis Sunday to sec Mrs. DelJslc's brother. Harrison Bocne. who is seriously ill in hespita! there. Misses Josephine Holly and Rubye Barker of Cooler visited here Wednesday. Mrs. J. H. Workman shopped In Blylhcville Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Oakes of Blythevllle WCTC the dinner of Mrs. M. E. Sherrcl and family StncTay. Friends will regret to learn ol - the death of Mrs. T. Davis fornv erly of this place and now of Bragg City. Mrs. Davis died at tho iam lly residence Friday. P\meral scr vices were held at the Catholii church In Caruthersvllc SMurda; and burial was made in the Car utb?rsville Cemetery. Mrs. Davl leaves her husband, two children and one sister, Mrs. Archer of tlv city. GcrmaSi Undertaking Co were in charge. Fred Carlock, Howard Pcndc and the Misses Chloe Trcese an . Eunice Guthric attended the the Btcr In Blythcvillc Monday eve nin 3 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Spencc and Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Rhodes and family motored to Leachvllle Sunday where they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Spence and [amity. The MU«Ionary Bnflply met «t Wlllard Armstrong ami Miss Film Kelley sbo|)|»it In Memphis Monday. Fronds will regret to learn of a Furious accident lo J. Freuman. formerly of thts place and now of the Jewish home In Memimls who was struck by a car in> Memphis and suffered a broken hip Saturday mornin?. He Is still in n very .'ricus condSlion at a hospital (here. Miss Marllia Brown Fi>eul Ihe' week enrt wllh her pareuls at Ne\v j S'.:rvry. | - Mr. r>n:l Mrs. T. 1. Brooks nnd | Mr. and Mrs,. Knymoml lirooks j uiotored to Dell. Ark.. Sunday at- j lernoon for a brief visit with' frhnds. '; F. H. Fiinn \vtis a visitor in Memplils Monday. : N'isses Anna Mae. Mnuoss slid, Cbarlir.e Uipscnnib were the puofts of MLs Buetta German Sunday al- tcrnoou. Mrs. R. A. Wall and daughters Misses Ruth ainl Opal visited lu mcl defeat Sunday to the dccin nine in a vci.v IntcrcstiiSB Cam.^ here Sunday the score bclna R1TZ THEATER Friday and Saturday R1TZ THEATER Sunday and Monday See. the "H" (iirl i n h e r Latest I'ii'tiire C5.AUA BOW \Yith Hcgis Tooncy Wynne Gibson and Julic-lfe t.-ailoon an;!. Serial—"Indians Aru Coining, No. 11". HOME THEATRE Sunday and Monday (Kir Husband's |Slic may keep hi> i>ws<ir,;t1 | diary . . . knows his most | intimate secrets — they call I her Oav-Time Wife! .......... SUGAR SL I'ull Dressed ib. 25c MEAL c "i"i:,,». 45' SPUDS N 7,,. 4? Crackers Sunshine Krispies 2 rounds Uncolorcd 2 i.i is . HUTTER I'litr Cream Ofr( ery. All Hramls. l,lj. Lo Bargains for Saturday and Monday Fancy La. Firsts BANANAS (; ° 1<!en f^.l9 c APLIS . BEANS Gr ™ "' resh Te " S. 122° . CABBAGE- Nrw {!ra " '£;:" 2, c vneiaxs9awK3KSffiisax(aBaK!iKU2k2BW5«ac^nK3isse!ei^3aa Large Crisp Iceberg "JjU ORANGES KWCC12 S.S. 3 GRAPE FRUIT V^ y T Spring Brook Pure Creamery, pound im I ™ Fancy Queen 1 * i'-ull CoiHilry Club. All Flavors •• 3 I'ktffl. ' Mfjf If Pel or Carnation OrC IfllLii :!'c or (i Small LO or Easeasjaerasa i BEANS PEAS ' *"• CORN Ko - 2 suimlitrd ca,, 10 C PORK & BEANS 2 ot,,15 c Post Toasties J for 2k SAUSAGE I'nrel'ork 1A( JA 1U EGGS Comedy and Kew^. Matinee—10, '>r> and .|0c. Night—15 and .|0c. AM Wallace .BEERY (Kvcn greater linn in "The Bis Hr.iiso") Lewis Stone, .lohn Mark Hrovvn, Joan Harlmv. Marjorio Ramlicau Comi-dy and Carloon. Matinee—10 ami ,"tV. Nielli—10 anil ;?.V. Coming — Clara \',tm "KICK IX" — Stiiuiay Monday. ; Comedy and Novelty. 'Ailni.—Miitince atul Ni"'-i- 10 a ml 2-V. Strawberries PL 121c Libbys Large Can FLOUR 4S ""• 'Vl^ 59° MFAI I!cst Crcam /17 C IHStAL 2-1-Lb. Sack 4i MACARONI as:',^ 5 C SESE Guaranteed Fresh From the Country, Dozen WALDORF T " il " ""Si y_ SOAP ;j I'almolive OAC 1 Box l!ead> SNOW DRIFT SSasS" LARD Ccnil!0limi 84 it S 4T •XV* Supersuds 3 for 25c COFFEE 1)c!mo ,t35 c OATS Gold Medal IflC No. 2 10-0?,. 1'kjf. IJ Malt I!luc Ribhon SALMON No - 10 Can GINGER ALE Ma ,Se if Tender Pig BEEF STEW 10K M>. 162 1C CHUCK ROAST COTTAGE CHEESE ,,,.22 C Pork Made From Country Pigs, pound VEAL ROAST ,,.15 C LEG OF LAMB u.25 c DRESSED HENS ..,727 s VEAL STEW Kl °" t um DRESSED FRYERS ,,45 C 23K2acmiaa3S*BErSi«SS Bellies Ib. I2^c For Boiling, pound

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