The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on December 20, 1913 · Page 10
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 10

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1913
Page 10
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l'-'i i'-'y-' 'T'mZTT aTm -" ' " " "tr issm r mmm 1 4ir-1 " " ' u i : 11 i ii-ii 0 , tr-;--ri,u.. 11 Jl y 1 9H:S1 M I - - k'V : IS Christmaa Mmie. St George's Church rhrtrfmu Dev. 11 prelude, Christmas Pastorale ' (Market). Hymn. "Q Coma All To Palth-fuL' Vantta ant Olorta Patrt, Anglican chant. To Doom, Stanford In" B OaL Anthem. RaetU "When Joans Was Born la Bethlehem"; mala trio. Bar Where Ha Is Born"; chorus, There Shall a Star" (from "Chris-ton," Mendelssohn, fturtnry. The Inonrnatloa" (Dr. Albert Ham) I ao-prano . nolo. Miss RtoartuV Hymn, t-Hark, tho Herald . Anaola Sine" Communion Bervtoo, Field ta J. Paa-taral Symphony, "Meoolah" (Handel). Sunday Bvanlnc, Doo. , Carol Service After Evensona; tha follow-1ns oarola wlU bo aunf by tha choir: "3od Moat Tan. Merry Gentlemen' (Old Knallsh). "Oood King Wonoea-laa" (TratUtloaal). "Whan the Sun bad Sunk to Rest" (Old English Noel). Shopherda' Bone, Austrian Folk Boas. "The Mat, Kings." "Lo, Now a Roes," -The Bleep of the Child Jaana," Old Preach Noels (Oevasrt). "O Ho It NuTht" (Adam). "Uka Sil ver Lamps" (Barnby). Sktiu aaioa. Mtaa RlaareUt tenor. Mr. K. A. Underwood; baas, air. I. Arnold Thomson. Rev. J. M. Bnowdoa, rector 1 Rev. W. W. Crnl. assistant. Mrs. T. M. & Jeaklna, organ 1st and dlractor of tha ebolr. APPBALB DIsVbXLOWKd;' 1 Kingston, Deo. M.--Jodge Madden yostardar disallowed appeals against Inooms aasssameata made by eight local government omotais, taeludlng ,h. natmastar. oustsms and Inland revenue collectors. Get that Box of CIGARS" w . I At Allen & Cochrane9 s We Sell all the Popular Brands in Imported Clear Havana and Domestic Cigars . At the lowest Priees - In Boxes of 10, 25, 50 For 65s, 75t $1.50, $3.00 to $7.50. If you don 'I know jtut what kind to get, you can't go wrong; on our advice. ALL FIVE STORES By the way, we have a number of Brass Ash Trays and Smdkers' Sets at our Main Store that ws are clearing out at Half Price. Possibly these would fill the bill and save you money. '., CIGAR SPECIALS To-daV and Wednesday Nat Karitana, Chamberlain, Oonica, KsTfMrUa, and most popular 10o brands will be on sale to-day and also on - Wednesday next at . - 5 for 25c Not mors than 10 to a customer, but not In boxes at this prioe. . Oxford and several other S for 25 lines, 4 for 23c. TICS OTTAWA EVENING. JOURNAL, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20, 19X8. i . i. i i ; A Musical Awakening THE presence of the Mason & Risch Player J" Piano in your home will do one of two things: It will either cause a "musical awakening," a fresh, ever-growing appreciation of the beauties of music :or, it will arouse, Jong-buried ideals, youthful cframs of musical achievement, and ; point the way to their immediate fulfillment. Ths purchass of your Pltrtrrttu Md not b a finanotel burden. In addition to tho Meeon Ktseh Players wo hav wide nun of tho world'o bolt makes, and eu offer o particularly SB Instrument as low a tits. Tour proaont Instrumsnt talus at a llboral valuation. Why sot call In and play oao for yourself T ' SOU AOZHTS. John Roper Piano Company Direst Agents Victor Vietrolas. Open Every Evening Until Christmas i m CHRISTMAS TREE ENTERTAINMENT Pleasant Gathering; of Britannia Moth ' odlet Smnday School. Attsnded by two hundred par eons, and marked by the rendering of an axoellant musical programme, tho fourta annual entertainment of tho Britannia Methodist church Sunday school, held last night, proved the most uooeaaful event af It kind, la tha history of tha Britannia Methodist church. . . A largo Christmaa tree, bountifully ladea with, preeenta and suitably decorated, waa the chiei centra of attraction for tha Buaday School mem-bora After a suitable repast had been parmken- of the Christmaa tree waa unloaded and all tha boys and girls of the- congregation received bags of oandy, -A distribution of tha - Sunday school prises followed. Rev. H. B. Warren, pastor of ths Westboro Methodist Church, occupied tho chair. . Aa exooUent programme waa suo-aeaafolly rendered, tho following contributing: Mr. J. w Argue, .uto-harp selection: Miss Moffat, reading: Miss Eva Taylor. William Ball Mrl frank Rtddoli, Mies Beatrice Ball. MiJA,1,?..Rlcrdon" MiM Marlon Rlddell, Miss Barbara Foley, Mlaa Lillian Graham, Mr. H. Connolly, Miss H. Connolly, Miss Gladys Thompson, Mr. w M.?.A.rthu,i Ml" Je,,l HcArthur, Mr, William Seymour, Mr. H. Warren, VltoLM"""o. Mr. rmnk Rld-delL Mr. Thomas Mlddletan, Mr. Clifford Graham, Mr. B. Connolly,! Mlaa Ki Moore, Mr, Clifford Moore, Mlaa David Honeywell. Miss Margarst BelL Mr. -Aubrey Bali, Mlaa Sophia Arm-tn.t,l Mr.. Charles McLaurln. The BrlfennlaVcongregatlon pretamt-Od Rev. H. B. Warren and Mra War-rea with a large Christmas turkey. COMING AMUSEMENTS. Criticisms and Opinions of the Press and Others Coaoera-lag Ccenlag Amusements. VAUDBVILLB AND MUSICAL COM- - Wl LUItTS 1 NAD Ai 1HK RUSSELL. The clever English comedy offering at ths Ruassll Christmaa matinee and night, and two days following, comes recommended by the proas In tho highest of, terms. No better popular attraotioa could bo desired for the lolldaya, and patrons will have - a mighty Ms surprise la this offering. PAVLOWA 8BAT8. Americana who wore la London last season have, brought back acoounta of Pavlowa'a-wonderful success at tho Palaoa, To sea the laeomparaible dancer It was necessary to arrange far la advance. . Tha theatre was sold out and people were turned away up to the last aight for tho lone ensaee- ment, and It wns Impossible to set easts for any Derformaaoe on ehort Botloa. This great artist comes. to tho Russell Moa day evening, Deo. It. Tha sale or seats ana Boxes open Bent Wedaasda aad tha blnsat rusk at yaara la assured. . . ' , RUNS FOR ALDERMAN. Mr. ft AaaarUi Adopted by Trades aad Lobar CombcO. Mr. Charles 'Aequlth who Is this rear In the Bold for Alderman la Central Ward, earns before the Allied Trades' and Labor Council last Bight I and asked for their support After I ho bad explained tnat Be would do all ta his powerf If elected, to promote labor Interests In the city tho Council I Bnsnlmonsly adopt Bias, I 11 Men Who AreXanvassini V V J . 1 For License Reduction I inMMl - M.mM at thl moa Commlttae Ma A MhMlrtnafi Vrahal constituting tho various committees Brooka; secretary, W. J. Wilson, appointed to oanvaaa the eleutors la Commlttsa No. I, chairman, B, Tn-tha interests of tha Ucanao reduction dnll; secretary, . W. Argue, uempaiga. C I -ommitts No. a. chairman, Duncan VICTORIA WAHV. fewer, secretary, Horace W. Robert Lennox; secre- i - . . . tary, Juhn Patloa, I -mmiiiaa no. T, ebalrmaa. Joan immiiu. No. L ahalrman. W. l. i ". secretary, Charles junaa J MoOloy! aacrotary. OUbart Holt 'j?E. .N" !lrm A' H fill' Commlttaa No. I, chairman, gsorg JU. aacrotary, John Bmlth. Ml Raid; secretary? P. Garland. Commlttea No. 1, chairman, R. D. Commlttaa No. K chairman. , noeen , TSmvTJ I I .Commlttaa altar LannuM: nrwirv Jnhn Pattoh. vamminao No. 4. chairman, I cott; aacratary, Q. H. iUihaaon. Commlttaa No. i, chairman, R. S. jackaun; aacratary, w. A. umo. tcKBuni sacraiary, w . a. eommlttao -No. -a. chartnaarwav Hoollijan; aacratary, W. atllla. commlttaa No. 10, chairman, u. , McLatchla; aacratary, John NallL w j Commlttaa Mo. 11, chairman, J. P. ,1 i Balhariio: aacratary. T. D. Kerr. committee no. u, cnairman, j. Spence; aacrotary, J. M. Hunter. ' Committee No. U, chairman, W. J. Eaatcott; aacratary, Robert Kenny. Committee No. 14, chairman, A. B. ' Uorton; secretary, Alexander Campbell. Committee No. IS, chairman A. B. Hoodie: aecretary. A. Cromer. ! Committee No. leohairman, Qfrorra Ooodf allow; secretary, Robert Mont- I' (omery, WELLINGTON WARD. Chairman, W. U. Black; secretary 1. A Murphy Committee No. L chairman, J. J. Poraythe; aacratary, Dr. V. H. Lyoa. Committee No. i, chairman, J. T. Caldwell; secretary, Samuel Pink, - Committee No. t, chairman, J, I. McMullen; secretary, Oao. H. Nuna. mining - XT ' J ii m .1 sit,. - m0T For Concha. finlHaanii Bran. ohitii Procure Sr. Fergtuon's Pectoral Syrup. . ' It ts exesnsnt fsr beareeneee and other Inflamed conditions of the air It will promptly ChlMrsn tsaw Curs s Cougar M reeoily. . For eele In Ottawa by J. H. Mo-Kaen, Ml Bank St. or direct treat us Me, A BOTTtB, The Or. IwanM Mcoacta 0w No. 10. chairman. W A. .Tuokar; aacratary, W. T. ataaon. vommittao No. U, chairman, Simon I lain. rasmon. aaoraury, Wm. Ariua. , , vummuiM no. chairman. A, a. , . Commlttaa No. L chirman, Frank fl rotar. Cowan; aaoralary,-A. Parka. 1 urX?m No., II, chairman, John Commlttaa No. t, chairman.. O aorta """laai aaoraury, jamaa Mont-Wilaon; aacratary, A. lowar. V,.?!?;,,,. , ' . ComiDlttao No. K ohalrmaa, W. Mo- Commlttaa No. 14, chairman, V- r-Donald; aaoratary, D. af. Ixwkhart. r .. ' . , J Commlttaa No. . chairman, K j comttao No. lis ohalrmaa. Wm. i Travora, aaoratary, Tbornaa lirowo. UAUiUUBIB WARD.' Chairman. Jamaa Latimer tary, John C. aponoa. Commlttaa No. 1. chairman. Wil liam Farmar; aacratary, K, J. David-aon. (Vjnmltlia Va , nhalrmafl ThatnOB j ; Bowman; aacratary, J. hi. atouianac- .U wrwy, w. u. isarrati. -CKNTUAL WARD. Chairman. C. O. Poppari aacratary, D. J. Waanar. . Commlliea No. X chairman, A. A. Crawlay; aaoratary, Harvay Uoppar. Commlttaa No. t, chairman. W. . Hurdoa, . Commlttaa Mn . 1 n w : io, aacratary, w. J. Cralf. I Commlttaa No. I chairman, Jamoa ! ?,".mftM N . chairman, Jamas j Baxtar: aacratary. R. W. Portooua. 1 1 Commlttaa No. 4, chairman, Blljah fall waarai aacratary, jamaa rriuwa. t'J I'nmmll'lM M 1. ,h,lnn,n (lwirM : McKrm; aacratary. T. T. tiaattia. I Commlttaa No. t, chairman, Robert .Mulligan: aacratary, T. A. Coultar, I Committee No. 'X ' chairman, J. at Do ban n; aacratary, W. at. Laavar. I Commlttaa No. t, chairman, P. O iBuraaaa; aacratary. John Dawaon. Commlttoo No. (, chairman, T. O. Committee J4o. t. chairman, H. Cole: cretary, P. R. Byshs. a Committee No. 7, chairman, W. 1. Montgomery: secretary, K. T. Dlahar. Committee No. , chairman. A. loung; sscretary, a J. Jar0a Committee No. . chairman, M. M. COrnmlttea No. 10. chairman, C. O. Tr"' . secretary, B. T. L. Frost. . Committee No. 11. chairman, a J. Jenkins: secretarv. o. c Committee No. 11, chairman, A. H. Brown; secretary, J. r. Day . Committee No. II, chairman. C. B. Taggartj secretary, C. W. Bteevea Committee No. 14, chairman. John Bell; secretary, J. T. Wadsworth. CAPITAL WARD. Chairman. Fred Webster; aecretary, w. n. Hone. ' Commlttoo No. 1, chairman. J. H. Hughea; secretary. A. W. AulL vommittee no. I. chairman, E. F. nvi'iui, . u. uavMson. Commutes No. I, chairman, R. J. ' Farrell ; secretary, H. T. Brown. Committee No. , ohatrman, V. L. Lawson: secretary, H. T. Owena I Committee No. (, chairman, IraW. , Btorr; aecretary, Jnhn A. Meldrum. ! Committee No. a, chairman, A. B. Falrburn; secretary, T. H. Brewer. Committee No. 7, chairman. W. i. ; Falrburn: aeoreury, D. McJC Mlnard. I Committee No. , chairman, K. K. i Bam peon; secretary, Sydney Collins, j Committee No. , chairman, Ueo. Birtch; secretary, W. M. Eaatcott. i Committee No. 1, chairman, J. V. , Hooper; aecretary", Robt. Tliford. I Committee No. 11, chairman, W. A. t Perkins; secretary, A. H. Oulon. Committee No. H. chairman, W. E. ' Beaton; aecretary, B. W. Campaall. i OTTAWA EAST. I Including Capital ward aub-dlvlslon IT, and Central ward sub-division 51. Committee No. 1, chairman, W. B. i Beaton; aecretary, John Bell. 1 ST. GEQROB'S WARD. Chairman. Wm. McQimn; secretary, W. J. Stevenson. Committee No, 1, chairman, F. Commutes No. t, chairman. J, B. crown. Committee No. t. chairman. M. Jef ferson. : .Commlttoo No. . chairman, C J. Bott . : Committee No. I, chairman, C. H. Thtirburn; secretary, C. H. Stapledon. Committee No. t, chairman, F. C. ' snipman; secretary, w. McKnight. Commute No, 7, chairman, T, W. Colllna . . . - ,. Committee No. I, chairman, George unoaay; secretary, js. u, urown. Committee No. . chairman, T. Cuthbert: secretary. Geo. Johnston. Committee No. 10, chairman, David Turubull; aecretary, T, Todd. ' Commlttoo No. 11, chairman, C. E. sscKBignt; secretary, w. Gray. RIDBAU WARD. Chairman, C. B. Robinson; tary. Harry Lisher. . Commlttaa No. 1, chairman, F. W. Dawson; secretary, J. C. Grant . I Committee No. I, ohatrman, D. J, sbcnsnsie; secretary, n. rlalaton. Commute No. I, chairmen, T. B. I nanain, aocroutry, ffi. uurrle. . TO APPOINT NEW JUDGES' Two New Members of Superior Court Bench for Hull District. ..... . Quebec, Dec SO. On . or two .new Judge for tha Quebec Superior Court are to be appointed to the Hull District according to aa announcement made yesterday by Sir Lomer Gouln. Reprsosntatlons have been prevlouely made to the provincial government by the bar for the district of Ottawa and supported by Mr.'H. A. Fortler, M L. A., for La belle, Batonnler of the dis trict or Ottawa bar, and Mr. F. A. Oendron, M.L.A., for Ottawa district . MKN ENTERTAINED, ' " - Received and Entertained by Mr. aad . .. Mrs. Robert Dooglaa. ... Th men's Blbl class of Westminster church waa tendered a very waym reoeptlon . last evening at th horn of Mr. Robt Douglas, Seoottd avenue. Th men were received by Mrs.' and Miss Douglas, and a very interesting and entertaining musical programme waa enjoyed by all pre-aent, at the close of which supper was eerveo in ine aimng-room. . Bnort dresses followed by Rev. C W. Nlcol, jar. jaa. eooDie ana sir. k. j. sor. ward. A hearty vote of thanks was tenoerea ine noet and nostees by Mr. Jas. Baxter and responded to by Mr. vougiaa. ADVERTISEMENT.-' ". Remember "to com - to Roeo Theatre tomorrow (Sundarl. at o'clock and hear Hon. . A. Wlndle, 1 -Chicago, deliver lecture against prohibition and License Reduction. Vocal and tnatrumental mualA. Ma collection. Ladle especially Invited. NEW EDISON DIAMOND POINT AmEERCLA Just received a Bow styl Edlsoa Amberola, with diamond point reproducer, In golden oak ease. Bo sura and hear. this instrument Christmas. before making a purchase HUKTEAC. Wll.l.MMn. LIMITED , 11 SPARKS ST.- . I e'e . Open in the Evening' $45.00 Evening Go vns) Monday All Fa Tha ODDortaaitr to sbtaiH ait Evaniajr Oown at i25 ia a anh mm ,... ,i,.t ,k. a is worth of a Christinas Waek 'Special, sin this prie repreewaU about what a high class dressmaker would ehargB tot making alomd, Thass Oowat are derelopwd ia Whits, Ivory and Apri-oot Satin, and Whit MArquiaa tte, and fttrniah a plaaaiBf ehoioe of th leading style in vogue. Boms of the satin gowns are veiled in ehifToa er aVinort, and draped according to approved modes, while others have a tunie and bwdiee of Bnuaela o ChantUly Laees, Pearl and Crystal bead gar-mtures, bead fringes, hand mad flowers ef aiaoa and bandings of Velvet ribbon are the approved forms of trimming, while the UsyaaiawU Gowaa are desined with aani anKvu.ei T.ii.. ..j Oolden Bods, entirely in French, knots. Any woman requiring a short order gown ati limited expense will be delighted wit, these, aad will obtain an unqualified bargain It th is fortunate enough to obtain her sise. KeguUr prioe $35 to $45. Monday .. OC AA " .. .. .. .. ...... .. .. VMtW Everything for the Baby In the Children's Department We are just entering upon Christmas week, when ths World and his Wife and their mm.' roue-progeny will all be abroad with one Intent to purchase something that will convey an evi- uenoe oi gooa wiu. ine ojuy exempt Demg in toe vast concourse u tne Baby. The baby buys nothing, yet gets everything. Every patron seeking something dainty or practical f or infants' and children will find the end of their quest on our second floor. . There are Infants' Idtyettes from Paris, hand made and beautiful for the favored Child of Fortune, and other qualities and grades for popular purchasing. - - ' , -. : Robes snd Coats. Jackets and Bootees, Kimonos and Pyjamas. Dresses and Vndera-armentn are. all represented, from the infant siie up to the miss of 15, , There is a splendid showing of Imported Dresses in Fine Cashmere, 8erge and Panama Cloth, for party, school, or general purpose wear, designed in all the leading juveniht styles. Girls' Dresses from 8 to 10 years, from . . ,.... Girls' Dresses, from 10 to 15 years. From Desirable Kimonos : " : , In Sought-AIter Qualities ; A Kimono or Dressing Oowa may hit ta unslstit- ry, dowdy objeot, or a comfortable inviting gar-.. ment, suggesting oaae, freedom, and dainty negligee. A great deal depend upon tho wearer, af course, but some Klmonoe impress ons unfaver- aoiy oven, oeroro tney are worn at all. uur ao-day stock of those Indlspsnaabl garmsnta, which are so destrabl for resting ep during the active social season or for convalescing after aa attack at Orlpp or Influonaa, will carry their own reoom-mendatlon to all who are purchasing them for presentation purposes. Bilk. Challie, and Detain Klaaoaoa, frosa sHlded ee.o ap ev i At Popular Prices S1S.&0. from an t Plata Creoa Klsaoaoa, In Pink. Hnr sua. a4 Cardinal. A great range of stylss. Hoeolal values at .. .. .. ., .. SI.4S. (134. MjU. aad Hand Crochet Shawls and Sweater Coats ' Two lines of smrments that wUI maka.wr oepUble Christmas Olfts are represented la euch . cosy Items as Wool Shawls aad Sweater Coats, and manda. " - n.www, in ai, nue. wnit trimmed with Pink. Sky and Black, iTloed tram .... to SS.TS, . Wool Kant IsmIh rMun. In AnMH . M a, t-'1. and fins wool Qualities. ' Plain and stltchsry. AU tho popular shades aad combinations. Special value from .... BIAS mm aa sua . Ladies' Pyjamas Ladles'' Whit Flannel atta PMaakaa. wkth ib braid frog and olasps, Speclai .. .. At) tr w . ' ePaasW Striped QuallUe. Special Vatoee at Pure Spring Wats nirptM tntb. Tea Boom id .!. Hintofrom Toyland . 4. i mk e . . i ..,.3.70 to $12.75. , .. .. tg to 116.60. Special Snaps in r Mdaj Trade Towels , e Old Bleach Towels, It x SB; hemstitched or scallofted, la atrip or check designs. Also pattsms suitable tar Inltlala. Nicely boxed. Moa- CJQg Broken lots of Initialled Quest weansutea ana embroidered ends. as ana pair. Chrfstmas Blonse Length A Practical Gilt . Boys' Blelgwa, low styls. wttk aaaa. aro. iaaaaV swaaaeev - el n .- Regular prtc JSc Monday, te ajear .. .. .. XC BwtaslBa; Tarawa, eoinsnea wtthi pejta. rilr arte Monday .. . .. ,, . .. k4 ,V., SOC '-I .. -.-..'- .:: lamoeadn Oar, with stookvyort spristja i Bp mat ..' : - Brass Wfers Dolls' Bedn, Btoery eVaped, ' taaaBa, ' - ' Sl.OO, HM, aad a.e. ' ' ; '.-r"" . , . 1.-..:..". Hookey sticks, regular prtc U. , Mnday .. .. .. jw Hookey Pujcas .,. ... ... . e e.e aa. ...'a. AnT a. .. .. .. .. .. .. if ...,.k4fi5C ,pectml .. .. .. .. . toJVkmnA Boy soont Urmmet shAfpskla Intd.:, flpetft vum .. ., Towels, with Regular val- Monday, each O 7 Special Taines in Christmas Gilt Hosiery ' ' Plain Silk Bocks, In Blacks-Navy, - wvuwi uaie sole. Adsis no- sd sop. An slssa Special, par pair J, alls, 50c Tan, Men's Two-tone Shot Silk Socks. Black, Gray. Perala . Hod, Amethyst. Double Silk soles and silk ribbed ton. All sliee. Special. In rrr faacr bopc at, pair ... .., , (Q ""k "ocklngs. Black. Whit, and Colors. Special value at - :--..- ise,, blm, tl.ts, sin and Men1 Christmas Umbrellas; silk aad wool, at BtAe,, as.,,, st.oe aad . Xdky Christmas Umbrellas, silk and Wool, at axse, Bt-rs, sgLSS, si &e,, $&, ad, w aad as. Christmaa Sal asm Dresa Lngth. aitrssH. lonabls auallUa aad oolorings. Spental at - ' asm, Bilk BIouss Lengths at .. .'. .. .. Chain, rtaaael, aad Novelty Walatlng In Bilk aad Wool OuallUa. - Bloua lengtha Nicely boxed At had HM. i ' H Ba.BsgaajB- M M . . B v . M I - Easel I Black Boards, with atudlMi at top. Just the thing for homo work. JPrioed from . . .. , B1.M ap to H.ZO All Truclis, Bs8 and Suit Cases AI 33y3 Discounf. ... ; Pure Spring Water Used in the Tea Soom XitelMB,

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