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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 6

The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 6

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:

N. POULIN, Limited. The Great Whitewear Sale Into Line The vast thruii VhitCWcar Sale i Wiltetl. VCMertlay, was aillplc evidence f'1 I aaZJ I Bl I at The Great viKl.i Smart up-U- fronts, elaborately luckeil hack, front and sleeves, some opt with laundered colM in" i1 1 imi'm small pearl hiiltons. if I Ml White Sale price miiriwnists Daintv White Underwear That Ci SPECIALS. OIOKT 0 Hale prhT. t'AMKIHC ln.VttKHS. S.ile price. I'lNKMtiHT Sale" price fa tV the latter, i Thotieanils upon thous-lld. of yard, or ine While Swlse), a-. .1.. ll.ra.lii Kan- KmbroMrrtr. tl. beae from to L. N. Poulin. Limited I I smmmn Household Notes I Frcpantl specially for The Jour-nal by Mr. Maud 1-l lllcr, I'hl'aUcliiu'j. To render children a cmimvg dissolve a level-tablespoonful ol i to If air. j. Ml ommonlca In the last rinsing water. A Miriteife.r-U-luti-lnaheJZg'!ttawa and By Warde are the only kitchen for cleaning cake Iront the nifxina; bowl and for many time nyes. esaary To get the best results from fruits, put to soak In wiirm wal doubt-whlch a gvneroue pinch of salt ha 0( the nalderable Good Fellc." propoaltlona occasionally leadj for gar-gence in the (jpV puWIo nor private table, lie go eaerled on its ta Kight iLyU.airied large) on re-lainendatlon of the City 'Engineer, who atrongly advised ae bejng im-, mediately necessary. The MetropollUn franchise extension carried In spke of a very coneiderable public oppoelUon, partly on the. cry of cneap power and partly because of a feeling that thla etenskm would turn to profitable account a large amount of Otawa and outside capital now strok uselessly In half completed works. If eelf congratulations are, ever tn order Ottawa can congratulate itself -hat to the voting on these by-tawa yesterday there seemed to be none of that' senseless opposition to expenditures merely because Is expenditure ana without any regard to the gain or saving such expenditure may make possible. Ttiat the property holders, the men upon whose, shoulders- the burden of taxaalon chiefly falls ahould so willingly advise these new depart-lire--Tlueanthciepartncalthy Ilef In she future growth and extension of Ottawa that ought to be reck-, oned among the chlefest of the city's intang'-ble asset. OTTAWA SHOULD rXABf AHEAD. Now that an Ottawa Publicity Bu reau hi an assured fact for three years to oeme, with fifteen thousand dollars yearly at Ita disposal, five to be subscribed by cltisena and ten 'thousand (ranted from Ihe clvlo rev enue, is a possible pointer for its organisation, in the manner In which Boston Is handling a similar propaganda. The best men In Boston got together and after asking for general suggestions, from the cltisena at large, made a list of desirable things. In the most concrete manner possible, ths were within the bounds ot possible ac complishment, during the coming few years. Boston people Uiey had a wide programme thaHou Id take some alx years of strenuous endeavor to carry into effect, so tbey called their propa ganda' the "Boston lill Movement It is the Intention of the civic mind' sd men of Boston to. make every effort to accomplish their worthy proarramme -and If rosalblt more by ills, a when that year comes they Ut take stock, issue statements of what has beea accomplished and what leaslia) to be eocompllsnad, of where they did more and when they did lees thaa they bad hoped la their planning ahead and then they will make up soother srosTsmaM for the aest five er Ua years ahead. Parkas Ottawa might similarly. In organising her PuMlclay department, wiake a eeacrete plan of what she hope to aooowistlafe by the and of lsll. and Mnat start aa "OtUwa Nineteen Thirteen" anovament. tt would he somethlna for which to dVUnately ersrk. Aad a leohn-t back Ottawa too ceuld racouat Just how far her lMe THE OTTAWA EVENING JOURNAL. TUESDAY, JANUARY 4. 1910. i nM it IX''" Ald- Hlnchsy. now JNJ. POULiP0 Bord Control, and' rx-Ald. uhal, who voluntarily retired with Brilliant In Rtdrau Ward, barely il. s.M-r.n,l 8nn. who for business Jr u.u-i tu vampaisn. yg WraT'' Ati not make an appear- evanc nce White Sale 'act styles Ueauu.u. that are 'snlcnutu as In Ideau lot. lOUKKT 20C. Bale price lm. 0 F.MllllCw the OC. price prov.nt KMBf )C. price fflnc one'a -----i farent cai Champagne nand from the Out it may er noise, after anv mean. the -e Cbampagna has trouble. 7nd brickbats, And we that this To clean aniy conclusion. them well Ir It I. necd oru not which the council of bear la that pathetic A tasty are Seven." sung by the pumpkin piz-alds. of nineteen nine, baked In a Messrs. Rosenthal. Utile. custard, If Hie ilcOratlu Stroud, Farrow and have iitu ui ine vnr return tu council their two representatives of 110. The French-Canadian cltisena of Ottawa have a Just and loyal way of sticking by the men who give faithful service. Sympathy will go to Aid. Stroud in his defeat by a email majority In Ft. Georges ward. Aid. was set erally on the right aide ot the fen in civic questions and deserved reelection. Aid. Cunningham headed the poll in George's ward, which fact la probably considerable more to be attributed to his genial personality than It Is to snyt particular pride Bt. George's ward has In his past council records. there are some 700 Socialist Votes In Ot tawa. But probably a large number of these were more a tribute to the earnestness, sober statements and gen eral platform decency of Mr. Roberts, the candidate, than to any other factor. Controller Hastey heeds the poll of the entire city, by over four hundred votes above his next opponent. Mr. Hastey was the only Controller candid ate to make no speeches In the campaign that has Just closed. Another case or. speech being silver and silence golden. The yarn that Dr. Cook gave hla wife no money for years, andlh addition-made her earn enough to provide hire with funds for his hunting trips, was probably evolved out of the Inner consciousness of some yellow New York Journal, which la not adverse to kick ing a min( when he la down and de-fenseteaa Aid. McGratli made an excellent run for Controller, his vote, which came within some two. hundred, odd of that of the laat man on the elected, list, being well distributed throughout the Had Mr. Kilt not been In the field, McGrath might have obtained enough of- the' nine hundred odd votes which' went to that gentle; man, to give him a place on the Board. Better luck next time! Twelve of laat year's council were up for re-election snd eight were reelected. Of the other aldermen, three have had previous aldermanic experience while seven are new men. Five of these seven hive run, before unsuccessfully for council, while but two are new to Ottawa civic politics. Thus the great majority of council are men who have had. In one way or another considerable civic experience. Collier's Weekly advocates a tax sa the dowries of American girls marrying foreign titles. But as tnternatlon-sj tnarrlaces seem ts have notably fal-lea off In recant mentha possibly because all the British peers have beea appropriated aad the other kind do aot-seem to make for happiness or permaaency. the tax win 'either have ta be made retroactive oi from this aonrcs wiu be tight tin a crop of jobleniea are ready. The four defeated aldermen of last 'Council, Aids. Btroud. titan. Hoes' aad Farrow, were, aa a general rale.5 faithful- and Intelligent la their public 'service. AM. McOrath and little, defeated ft the Board of Csatrol ooatest, will also be riB this year's council. The men who i-ecn elected to take, their place 3 clvlo Ufa. will have to aho ty food reoordi at the end of i een ten to surpass the joint re- of the men whose plac-cs the ra of their wards, have liven Si dint of a strenuous canvass Aid. fnt aialn managed. t' scrspc' In, -sons, a. publicly explained. ti able to pay as much attention at tee big Rldeau Ward meet- ay rvcnlnc laat. which doubtleaa hurt hie chance, of 1 to ramain'a questionable influence e- caplnf defeat by a very few vote, each time, in what I. by far the amallr.t ward In Ottawa. New Edinburgh record In the matter of cer tain of her representative, past and present, Is. a mighty bur argument In favor or large ward. or a council elected by the city at large. TirTTa PTTT i Ir VVnA 1 lilt. DAU PAPERS ARE SAYING ItED TIE AXD BLUE FUNK. Manitoba Free Mr. Blatchford. the SoclallsL who la eeeklng to tire the heather In Kneland nl wraln ar scare, la declared by the Journal which publishes his let. ter. to be "master of a style that for vigor ana terseness has been surpassed by no English writer since the days of Cobbetl." This moves the! Westminster Oasetta to observe: "Not- withstanding the possession of a style aina. lae Alan Wltn Me Red hv algnally failed to XONE MORE POPULAR. Montreal witness. A leading Canadian Club In the Weat is memorialising the King to aend ua the Duke of Connaught for our next governor general. Apart from the distinction of having among ua the Klng'a brother, no appointment could be personally more popular, especially among those who remember the prince's long and exemplary aojourn among ua and how he set to other young men a good example. WBFRK THIS PENALTY FALLS. Woodstock Sentinel-Review. Whatever the cause may be there is no doubt whstever ss to where the penalty falls. The people, in the end. pay the price of their own Indifference, Anrf mnA 1' late tbey wake up to find that their business haa been sadly neglected, or else that the powers and possibilities or the community as a municipality have been exploited by the gratters. ENORMOUS PUBLIC GIFTS. Philadelphia Record. Public benefactions of the larger sort during the year now closing are believed to have reached 1 41.000.000, which beats the record by M0. 000, 000. most of this excess being due to the death or John 8. Kennedy, whose be quests figure in the benefactions of the Nearly 11.000.000 Is credited to John D. Rockefeller, and over to, 000,000 to Andrew Carnegie, while Mrs. Christopher Msgee Is put down for Two millions left to the Unl- verslty of Wisconsin by Colonel Vilas, who was In the first Cleveland cabinet. Is Included. Mrs. Mage gave away nearly -two millions. 'and the bequest of Oeorge Crocker lor cancer watLjietween a million and a half and two millions. More than a third of the year's total waa given for education. KXPLAMATION FROM AFAR. Halifax Herald ICon.) There have been two principal causea. for the success of the McBrfde ministry In ita-appeals to the people. One of them waa the fact that II Is and haa progressive admlnletratlon. The other is that Ita opponents have pursued -It with vindictive criticism. The local opposition has only been an opposition. It baa opposed everything proposed by the government. SAM ASKS WHY. Calgary Herald. There were 71. Ms Americana came Into Canada In 110. which is per cent more than the number thepre-vloua year. If Uncle Sam la very, anxious to know lie can get the answer from these people, that" troublesome question: "Why go to Canada?" DIED ON STREET CAR Special to The Journal. Windsor, Ont, Jan. 4. Death came with terrible suddenness to Alderman A. H. Dalslel laat night. He boarded a street esr and came down town to hear the election returns. Just before reaching Sandwich he fell from hla seat and died immediately. He had been a eufferar from angina pectoris for sometime. Mr. Dalstel wss a candidate for re-election and had been returned by a handsome major- Ityv- FROM THE GERMAN. Father Tyrell, "Put out my eyes; but when you've done. See If you can put out' the' sun Thrust me In gaol and turn the key. Freedom shall win. nor falls with me. "fetter these hands that' wield the The sword most feared by knavish Boms hand, some pen renews the Buiie, While throbs ens heart for Ood and "t- What though my firs-touched tips were dumb; Sealed la the darkness of the tomb; Ten thousand vol ess thunder 4oud: Shall mine be missed In such a crowd' "Tou think lha (Spring Is deed, ot course. Its light, Ita song, its sap, ita Because your stupid heads prevail to strangle on. jqot I I I i I I I s. I eooooooooooooooooooooooooa 1 sm QeOQOOQOOOOOOOOMOOOOOOOOO A Brand of Pslsi-ar. I'tiea uiooe. "rVlnthrop Amee. the capable head ef the New Theatre, said at a reoent dinner In New York: "We shell have some day. here In America, a theatre equal to the Come- he patlnt-aa patient aa that lone line or fishermen alwaya nihlnc ellently. In the atream that Aowa on the Comedle Frencalse's aouth. 'Hv 1 -Tweniy-threa mon.leur.-waa h'vr Do you set many blue, monsleurr I continued. tKleven year. ago. on thla very apot." he answered. 'I had an excellent bite.1" A Roae Colored butesnent. Chicago Miss Jane Addama. the brilliant head 'of Hull House, aald at a luncheon of the Chicago Civic Club: women atlll have much to light for. Our battle will be long and dlfll- wel- ua frankly admit it. There la nothing to be gained by euch rose-colored phrases as William White employed. William White's brother had killed a man In cold blood. William, how about vsur brotherr a visitor to the town asked hm on day after the trial. "Well." said William, "they've put nlm Wl 'or a month. "That's a rather light eentence for a cold-blooded ssld the gentlemen. 'Tea. William admitted, -but at the month's end they're going to hang a His Defence, Pittsburg Despatch." H. c. Frlck. crossing on the Campania, aald one day nf a certain trust: "Of course they hsve their excuses and palliations. Who hasn't, even when caught red-handed? I remember a Pittsburg divine who remonstrated with a tobacconist tor dplng bueiness on the Sabbath. 'Doing business? shouted the tobacconist indignantly. 'Tou call selling cigars like these for Ave cents apiece business? Why. man, it's Appropriate Gifts. New oYra Herald. Collector Loeh, at a dinner In New York, aald of a customa criminal: "He'was taken aback when we produced our proof ae much taken aback as a Washington who took his little boy to church one Sunday morning. A preached, telling In the tropica "root) a missionary col- lection waa taken up. The little boy noticed that his father put In a sua. pender button. On the way home he aald "Didn't I understand the preacher to say that those savages went naked, "'Yes. my was the reply. Tm glad to find you. were ao attentive. aald the- did you put butten in the plater' Young Gouramonda. Denver Rev. H. J. Inglls. at a newsboys' Chrlstmaa dinner In Denver, amused his young audience with some striking Instances of overfeeding. At a Chrlstmaa he aald. once pressed a third piece of pie on a lad Who thought a moment, then aald "I guess I csn manage It If I atand up. "Another lad at this seme dinner ate so much that he couldn't walk. When it waa decided that he would have to be carried out. he lasued the warn Ing: 'All right, carry me; but don't bend me. "I asked a third lad. aa the fruit and nuts came on, If be had made a good dinner. No. he answered, pressing his nsnd to his stomach; it don hurt me Hard to Niagara Times. Kllhu Root, at the annual dinner of the International Young Men's Chris-tlsn Aasoristlon In -New York lest month, ssld that evil courses were more difficult to conceal than men generally believed. "Take the case." said Mr. Root, with a smile, "of old John Bodewln. John was a lawyer's confidential clerk, and he had the pernicious habit of going to a neighboring saloon every, morning at 11 -snd taking a small glass of whiskey. He was not proud of this habit; hence, after the whiskey, he always took a clove. 1 But one morning It happened that there were no cloves on the bar. John, having considered the matter, swallowed a small raw onion from the free lunch tray. That would destroy the tell-tale whiskey odor, no doubt, as well aa the clove had alwaya done; and so thinking, he returned to his desk. It was a double desk. At It he snd his employer sat face to face. on his return, was soon aware that his employer noticed somethlnr- The men's nostril quivered, he sniffed, snd finally, with rrimsce of dlssust.he broke out: "'Look here, John. I've stood whiskey snd clove for years, bat I draw the line at whiskey and see a Room for Imaalnatioa. Otlca Olobe. Mrs. O. H. p. Belmont, st a luncheon In Mew Tors, complained that the Christmas toys of nil had been too elaborate; too perfect they left notn-Inr to the child's InusinsUon. "Anatole France." said Mrs. Belmont, rpsys a tins tributs to ties lmai nation of children In lIsle les Plncoutns. when he talis of a little toy playlnf by hlrneelf. who Imsflnas tsat he Is at once a runaway horse, ths crowd pur-sulnc It, snd the people scsttsrln In tsrror before Its wild The costly tors of le psy ao sach trlkete to ths child's tmsainstkm. On the contrary, they I an era It nitewelher. "I know a woman who cave her little son a railroad. There were 4 or is ysrds ot track, there wars tiny sn-flneers aad brakenten, conductors and pSssentsrs. tunnels, elsnelmen, sta-tionmasters and ticket sellers In a Vord. the toy railroad was ejutts complete. The little boy studied It very (raveiy oa Ckasunaa jotnlag. Thaa Important Announcement On Saturday, the 8th of January, R. J. Dev- lin Company will cornrnence ita great Annual Fur Sale. We should prefer beginning today, but that is impossible. The stock is so enomous that it wiU take a week to get it in order after the holiday ru.h. By 9 a.m. on Saturday everything will be in readiness. All reductions will bo marked in plain figures so that the public can see for thenxelves. This sale should be the event of the season. rife R. J. DEVLIN CO. lia-ltcd. be turned to his mother and aald tn a disconsolate voice: iBut. mamma, what Is there for me. to ber" see "Eskitology." A little Igloo now and then Is relished ty the -Esklmen. Nashville Tennessean, A little whale oil, well trapped. la relished by the Bsklmaid. Washington Herald. A little gumdrop. this Is truth. Is relished by the Eskltooth. Detroit Free Press. A little blubber, raw or b'tled. Is relished by the Bsklchlld. Cleveland Plain Dealer. The all of which shows Just how hard The grind Is for the Rskmard. -43uffalo -Evening News. But poets might detect a grp. 'Tween truth and Peso's Ksklmap. Brooklyn Eagle, And think that In etralts dire. Rejoiced to find an Gaklllar. Florida Times-Union. I A little pemmtcsn Co chaw la welcomed by the Eskimo. Chicago Record-'Herald. We could keep thle up all fall But fear 'twould make the EaKlbawtr" ejt, liouls Times. Tie said two gumdrops snd a knife Will buy a man an Eakiwlfe. Houston wMnrMrWarVI From Journal Files of 21 Years Ago FRIDAY, JAX. 4TIC, IMS. Married James VI. Macoun. eldest son ot Iror. Macoun, io Miss Mary, second daughter of Rev. Kenneth Maclen- an.ho..ofnclated. i Miss 'Heater Kerr was presented with handsome music rack by Rev. Mr. Oeeproae on behalf of Mount Sherwood Methodist Sunday Schools at the anniversary lasf night. W. A. Allan, of Ottawa haa secured the contract of dredging the approach es to the 8oo Canal. The following read papers at the Y.M.C'A. Debating Society last night on various phases of 61 Walter Scott; B. J. Bradbury, Frank Nelson, and Mr. Plaw. Dr.Cousens horse while being shoed yesterday kicked and trampled on Mr. Bkuce. the Queen SI. blacksmith, seriously hurting him 'Speakers at Dr. Valade's meeting last night were John Murray. Jos. Katte, p. O'Reilly, AW. Ourociier, Aid. Krrwtt. W. H. Liewls. W. E. Brown. Aid. Dear Jardlns, AM, Bingham, snd H. b. TMn-ard. At St. Patrick's Society Utersry concert last night trie following took part: Mies Doron, Mrs. McOarr. Mr. Mavety. O. P. Dunne and Master Clarke. DUCK EXPLODED AND BLINDED MAN Extra ordinary Story' of Des Mofcm- Btrd Which Burst Into Fragments. ves "ie-. w. est accident In local history occurred here Saturday, when Rhadamanthus. a duck, which hsd taken prises at the recent Iowa poultry show, exploded Into several hundred pieces, one of which struck Bliss. Perkins In the eye, destroying the slaht. The cause of the explosion wss ths eatlnf by ths duck of yeast, which had Been placed tn a pan upon ths back porch and which bad tempted his duck ship, whs was taklruj a Sunday morn- ln7 stroll. Upon returning from church, Mr. Perkins discovered his prise duck In a somewhat lofty condition. Tell-tale marks about tits pan of yeast gave him hla clue. He wss about to pick up ins when the duck exploded with a loud report, and Mr. Perkins ran In- to tbe house, hoidlruj beta hands over ana era. I A snrceon wss called, who found that the eyeball had beea penetrated by a tTswment of flying- duck and tars ns I hope of savins tho sptle. Mr. Perkins prised his duck. ut values his eyesight mors. Hs advises that If ducks and yeast are ta be kept on the same premises, they should bo separated as far aa possible. stmr OVKR ASD KILLED. aprvtal to The Joe real r-r Toronto. Jan. l-Wa Peters, head ot ties Peters Coal Company, West Toronto, was killed yesterday after aeon by tselnc run over by a O. T. Ft. yard eadlao at the DUnwnd" In Ward seven. He sUpped while eros-slaf tba tracks. A Cure ap for Cold Feet Wear a pair of our rYoet proof. Felt Hole, and Pelt lined. Antic. llooteyThcjr worm op the coldest fret and are grand for driving. Priors. 2.0 to ti.OO. Oar lines of warm House Slip pers are alo worthy ot notice, and we can supply anything you want for men, women or children. J. Stephens Son. 187 fiP.IRKS ST. New Year Bargain No. 1 Toilet Soaps Hccular die; and toe. box. Graham's Drug Store SO SPARKS ST. Saving Values AT OCR Clearance Sale A 1,1, WOMESi'S BOOTS. AM, MFS'S BOOTS $2.65 $3.49 The above lines- Include' sll our regular $3 and $4 values In Ladles' Shoes, Dolly Varden only excepted, and all our regular M. 15 and vslues. In Men's Shoes. R. Clarke Cum mi ngs 101 SPARKS ST. MANY DEATHS rHOM TVBERCCIiOSIS. (Easson aervlee.) St. John, N. Jan. were j78 deaths In St. John last year, and ot Itheae 110 were due to tuberculosis. A ieigorotis campaign against the white w. mangursted durli Ing the year. Extra Furniture Values No Better Time to Buy Than Now. Our stock Includes hundreds ot ait)nlrube and handsome, articles pf permanent value which will brhut thH purchaser lasting remembrance beeidi-a beautifying and brllitcnlng the home. Accounts opened to any amount biic or llltlo. ON THE EASY PAYMENT PLAN. 7i rrtty HOUSEfURNISHER rie JU UtXtZ, -The 59 and 61 RIDEHU STREET. Resolved 1. That wt stay in trt coal bu- JntM. The only but-tntM we know well -enough (o make an honest dollar. 2. That keep the old customer By maintaining our Btndrt of excellence, (ulriieM and courtesy. That we make new customers Rv guarmntrnc them wlmt we give our old patrons: Mtfeructlon. 4.That weT" Improve ourquality coal Impossible Bfcue our'a is Beit Coal Now and Always JOHN HENEY SON, 30 SPARKS ST. Phones' 4t.ll and Branch Office Yard loll. SJ H. Borbridge A number of sets of nice Cutter Harness on hand in all mountings. Ieigl Bells. Manufacturers of harness. 88-90 Rideau St. OCEAN flfo. Fuman, O.P.I., rrporis the r- flvril of ntaniKhlp-i' as follows: At Halifax timmptan. from Ai WYTpnui- i untpmn. irom nr. Jiui'it N.B and i At Brtshamv-Mukura, from Vancouver. At Halifax 'anala. from At Portland Canarta, ffftm tit. John, Kfld. WoiisoKan, from (iUi gow. At Povr Finland, from New York. At Rotterdam Ryndam, from Nw York. At Uvcrpffbl f-aice St. John. N.H., and Hillfax. At New York Barbaroaaa, from Rre- At Fishguard Lai I tan la. from Nrw York. At Plymouth President Grant, from New York. At Hamburg Pretoria, from New TO COMMAND THE SEVENTH REGIMENT (lauon Service.) London. Jan. i. Major Campbctll haa ben promoted lh'- eotoneU of Curtains arid Bruce Stuart Big January SHOE SALE Big reductions on everything in stock. No old stock to choose from. See window display for prices. BruceStuart 275 BANK ST. WHY do Canadian insure In American Uf Caiadtan Companies ai Juat aa st rone financially and art bettor in 4vvty way tot Cana-diaxP'v' -Inaura In The Federal Life Assurance Co. R. STEWART SON. A)t ELECTRIC BEANS A I Qi' BLOOD NERVE TONIC. Tbey are unoquallfd for BlltooiacM, Sick IIcN -ache, OcctUon, Heart ralplUUoa', Indigo Uoo, iaMala. Write for and booklet of eatimooUl. fioe. a box at allHealeiior Taa EiJKffaio Bun Caoucja. Co. L-Utrrso, Ottawa. 1 I Now Ready 1910 Almanac, Who's Who, Almanac, Pocket Diary, Canadian Office Diary, James Hope Sons llifl 7lh to surcid Col. FraAlc llcld. ome'). fiKKVKIl IN KKHKMJO.N. 5. Hriei'liil to The Journal. 8t.v 'Cathnrln. Jan. I. Reuhn Hotiiilp, who ilii-rl Sirmlsy mornlns a. sliori lllnt-Hs In blx s-ltli year, sprv4 In" li MscKenxie. r.Vllion trouble In 1W7. inul a-ns a volunteer at tho t'mo nt th Koit'nii rulfl In 1R6H. ets PHONE 1772 Garp 2Q PER CENT Discount During January TERMS CASH Respond at Once for Best fchbice Gleghorn Beattie, 3t38 O'CONNOR ST.

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