The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana on December 23, 1908 · 3
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The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana · 3

Billings, Montana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1908
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Wednesday, December 23, 1908. TIIK HILLINGS DAILY GAZETTE 3 Dainty Gifts in Cut Glass The newest and prettiest designs in Imported Cut Glass Nappies, Carafes,' Tumblers, Vases, Bowls, Knife Rests, Spoon Holders, Pepper and Salt Sets, Celery Trays, Salad Dishes, Sugar and Cream Sets and Bon Bon Trays. Big Variety. Low Prices, Christmas and New Year's Postals LEE WARREN DRUGGIST 1909 DIARIES AND CALENDARS U iJATIOtM BfiDK BILLING, Paid Up Capital . Surplus and Profits Deposits .... OFFICERS P. B. MOSS, President. Lee N. Goodwin, Vice President. F. M. Lipp, Assistant Cashier. Robt. N. Newton, Cashier. L. B. St. John, Assistant Cashier Interest paid en Time Deposit. general banking business transacted. Accounts Solicited. The Doll High Grade Doll Supplies : Dresses to Order : Headquarters for the Patty Comfort Dollies 202 North) Twenty-Ninth Street LOCAL AND H. E. Reckard has gone to Sheridan, Wyo., on business. F. B. Mitchell was a Laurel visitor In Billings yesterday. J. W. Vaughan has returned from a business trip to Sheridan, Wyo. Mr. and Mrs. J. Collins West have returned from an eastern trip. J. E. Edwards, a Forsyth hanker, was a Billings visitor yesterday. S. W. Gebo, a prominent Montana coal mine operator, is in the city. F. E. Runner, a prominent flockmas-ter from Absarokee, is in the city. Mrs. F. M. Brooder of Fromberg was in the city visiting friends yesterday. J. W. Hershberger, a ditch contractor at Hysham, is in the city on business. Thomas Gibson, president of the United Mine Workers, was in Billings yesterday. F. B. Mitchell, a prominent rancher and beet grower of Laurel, spent yesterday in the city. John McCollough, manager of the Carbon County Milling company at Joliet, is in the city. M. J. Purcell, member of the national executive board of the United Mine Workers from Montana, was in the city yesterday. Every particle of candy from our new model kitchen in Hie Basement of Hie Babcock Theater building, is a dainty morsel from the fact of its strict purity, due to the absolute cleanliness surrounding its manufacture. Sabcock Block Billings " LOWNEY'S XMAS CANDIE3 MONTANA. 150,000.00 50,000.00 2,000,000.00 E33 Shop Jointed Dolls PERSONAL J. Nevin Perry, manager of the Mutual Telephone company, spent yesterday in Red Lodge. J. W. Sackett, a Park City stockman and auctioneer, is in the city on a business and pleasure trip. J. T. Sayles, a well known rancher and former deputy shjeriff of Pari City, spent yesterday in the city. Commissioner Burke of the Montana Coal Operators' association, with headquarters in Helena, is in the city. E. W. Colton, deputy county surveyor, was at Huntley yesterday looking over some bridge approaches which are being built there. Dave Fratt, who lives in Billings, but who owns large ranching interests on the Musselshell, returned to the city yesterday from a visit there. Richard McAvoy of Wallace, Idaho, a mining man, is in the city and will remain until after the holidays are over. He is the guest of his sisters Mrs. C. A. Heaghney, Mrs. Peter Engie and Miss Cecil McAvoy. Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Wold of 'Newton, Montana, spent yesterday in the city doing some holiday shopping and 'buying supplies. Mr. Wold is section fore man at Newton and is quite well ! known in Billings. W. J. Hawkins, chief clerk of the Northern Pacific freight office in this city left yesterday, accompanied by his family, for a visit to his mother and friends at Red Oak, Iowa. He expects to be away until after the holidays. W. S. Corn, a civil engineer and sur-; veyor, will leave tomorrow morning for a visit to relatives and friends at Cameron, Mo., and will be absent from the city until after the holidays. Mr. Corn suffered an injury to the first finger of his left hand a short time ago and the bone was crushed. The digit has been causing him trouble of late and he fears serious complications. (Continued on Eighth Page.) There's always something missing without I. W. HARPER whiskey. It's so old and bo extensively used everywhere that we should find It hard to get along without it. Exchange Saloon. Sold by The POLICE COURT. There was but one victim In the police court yesterday morning. Oscar Blond, a drunk, who was found in the alley, made a piteous appeal to the judge and promised never to do it' again, so the judge told him that sen-1 tence would be suspended during good behavior. Men's House Slippers, $1.00 to $3.00. Blrkens. First Class watch repairing, C. M lay. Northern Hotel block. GREATEST NEED OF MAGIC CITY PAVING AND BETTER ROADS, SAYS AUSTIN NORTH. DURING COMING YEAR If Billings Would Hold the Trade of Surrounding Country, Better Highways Leading to City from All Directions Should Be Constructed. "What is the greatest need of Billings In the year 1909?" queried Austin North in response to a question. "Paved streets and good roads. "If we expect to hold the trade of the surrounding country we must build good roads. If we expect our city to develop as rapidly as it should we must pave our streets. "Every merchant should be interested in seeing that better roads are builded in the country surrounding the Magic City, leading to Billings. Many farmers have to come 10 and 15 miles to Billings to trade and they do not come as often as they should because of the bad condition of the roads. Build good public roads and they will come ofteuor, they will buy more of their supplies here, because it will be an easy trip, and they will have the advantage of larger stocks and the opportunity to inspect them. We ought 'to make boulevards of our country roads, make them so it would be easy to haul produce to market. The need of better country roads is one of the greatest problems facing us today. "Paved streets are needed in the city. They are needed because of the saving they would make in the cost of caring for streets, because of the added value they give to property, because of the metropolitan air they would give the city and the advertising they would do, they are needed for a score of other reasons. They should be constructed the coming year. Paving can be procured in annual payments running over a space of ten years. If the paving is done now, the city will reach a population of 100,000 before the final payment has to be made. "Paved streets and good country roads are, to my mind, the most important need of the city of Billings in 1909." Lemp's beer on draught, at Reilly's. Concert by Beach's Saxophone Quartette, Wonder Store, Monday evening. All kinds of Jewelry repaired, C. M. Say, Northern Hotel block. When the buyer "looks," the seller's ad. should be ' THERE." Hay hurst's Helpful Hints for buying Xmas Presents What is nicer than a good Silk Petticoat for a Christmas present or an Alligator Hand Bag They are the swellest things on the market at the present time; or an Opera Coat We have them in various styles and all prices to suit your pocket book. Net and Silk Waists The early spring 1909 styles are here for your approval why not buy one for Christmas? Silk and Lisle Hose We have them in all colors and sizes from 65c up to $3.50. They make beautiful Christmas presents. Ruche Collars A fine line in all the late styles at prices from 65c up to $1.00 each. Furs! Furs! We have an elegant line of Furs in Mink, Sable Lynx, Brook Mink, Fox and all the different kinds of Furs you like to mention. Shop early. Hayhurst I5a!iro'k Block. Killings. CIRYA SAYS AGAIN Wo open the gate to the rich and the poor. We are selling meats at the same old prices that made us so popular when we first came to Billings. That Wrinkle of 0vk, whereby we save you your Coal BUI by charging you less than others for meat is n hit in this cold weather. SIR LOIN STEAK Per lb - 15 HOUND STEAK Per lb 121 PORTERHOUSE STEAK Per lb 15 SHOULDER STEAK Per lb 10 PORK CHOPS Per lb 15 PORK STEAK Per lb BEEF ROAST Per lb 10 NECK BOILING BEEF Per lb 8 RIB BOILING BEEF Per lb 6 IIAMBERC.ER STEAK Per lb 10 01 It DELI VK HIES: First starts S:00 a. m. Second starts 11:00 a. m. Third starts 2:00 p. in. Fourth starts 4:00 p. ni. Fifth starts 6:00 p .m. S;01TH1SIDE CASM MEAT MARKET 2908 Minnesota Ave. ED. CRTAJf, Prop. Phone Mutual 1115 ADJUST SITUATION IN ALL COAL FIELDS PRESIDENT OF MINERS AND COMMISSIONER OF OPERATORS HERE. Thomas Burke, commissioner of the Montana Coal Mine Operators association of Helena, and Thomas Gibson, president of the United Mine Workers for the districts of Montana and Wyoming, were in the city yesterday to adjust the last difficulty that exists between the coal operators and miners in the state. It was in regard to some minor matters at Coalville. When the contract for two years between the workers and the operators was signed it was agreed that some slight local differences at Roundup, Lewistown, Coalville and other places would be taken up and adjusted. Commissioner Burke and President Gibson have been devoting their time to this since the contract was signed with the result that one by one they have been adjusted. Conditions in the coal mines of the state are excellent, according to President Gibson. There is not a difference between the miners and the operators, save the slight one at Coalville, and the output of coal is steadily increasing. PAUL HX0RWICK1IS SICK WITH TYPHOID PIONEER EASTERN MONTANAN HAS SLIGHT ATTACK OF FEVER. Paul McCormick, presidential elector from Montana, has been confined to his bed for the past ten days with an attack of typhoid fever in a light form and for a while his family were somewhat worried about his condition. He is said to be improving now. PROGRAM. BEACH'S SAXOPHONE QUARTETTE Wednesday Eve. 7:30 to 9:30. "Wonder Store." 1 "Dixie Blossoms," March, Wenrlch 2 "Song of the Bell" Romberg 3 "Yankee Dude." Two-step. .Lampo 4 "Blue Bells of Scotland" "Kathleen Avoon" 5 "Soldiers' Chorus" from Faust Gounod C "I'se G wine Down Souf to Die" Plantation Song 7 "Ivanhoe," Intermezzo. . I Van Alstyne 8 "The Soldier's Farewell". .Kinkel 9 "Juanita" "Last Rose of Summer" 10 "Tyrolean Echoes" MAY COME TO SON'S RESCUE FATHER OF SPENDTHRIFT SON MAY PRODUCE. WROTE MANY CHECKS Lee Moore, Father of Floyd Moore, Notifies Billings Men That He Will Make Good His Son's Bad Checks-Boy May Be Released. Ix;e Moore, a prominent cattleman of Douglass, Wyo., has written to par-tics in Billings who went good for checks which his son gave In this city to the amount of about $3x and also about $200 which the boy obtained at Sheridan, that he will make his son's shortages good. Moore was arrested in Billings some time ago and a charge of obtaining money under false pretenses was preferred against him at that time. The boy 'has since been in jail here. At the time of his arrest the young man stated that his father had never refused to make good any checks that he wrote, and he made an earnest appeal to his parents to reimburse the parties 'who had cashed the chocks for him. Something over a week has elapsed and the father has, from all appearances, relented and will square accounts for the boy. There is no wish on the part of those who aided the lad to get the money to prosecute him, as they have been friends of his father for some time, and it. is more than likely that if the checks are taken up that the prosecution will be dropped. 8IG HORN PEOPLE MARRIED IN BILLINGS NUPTIALS OF WELL KNOWN YOUNG PEOPLE SOLEMNIZED. The wedding of Bernard J. Hoiberg and Miss Laura B. Lawless of Big Horn, Mont., took place in this city yesterday at 2 p. m. Judge S. H. Men-denhall performed the ceremony, which occurred at the parlors of the Commercial hotel. The sister and father of the bride were present and the wedding was in every way one of those quiet home affairs. Thomas J. Lawless, the father, gave the bride away and Miss Lida Lawless her sister, was bridesmaid. After the ceremony, the party sat down to a wedding dinner and left last night for their homes. SQUARED HIS CHECK SHORTAGE E. B. RAY, WHO GAVE BAD CHECKS, SETTLES UP. E. B. Ray, who gave a check without having funds in the bank, made the check good yesterday and was released. Ray, is a traveling man. Toy, the Chinaman, refused to prosecute after getting his money back. Ray is quite well known in this city and has many acquaintances. Lion Hats, $3.00. Birkenb. BURTON'S NORTH 30th STREET .. BOTH PHONES .. 7 w ii CHRISTMAS FLOWERS, ROSES CARXATIOS8, CHRISAXTIIE-3IOIS ASD TIOLETfr ORDER EARLI. Maybe you think you do because you brush them daily, but they may need much more than brushing. You had better let me examine your teeth occasionally, and I will be able to give you expert advice about keeping them in proper condition I am an expert Dentist and I am skilled in treatment of teeth In their extraction or preservation. I supply full sets, clean, cap, crown, fill or file them as required. And my charges are admittedly moderate. Dr. Beach, D; ntist Gruwell Block. Mutual Fhote 12M 'WtM - l THE GIFT YOU WANT Loads of inexpensive, yet attractive, goods. It's the spirit you have rather than the mere cost, that makes the real a'ueof your present. Don't Worry Over Your Choice "You Can Get It We wish you, one and all, a very Merry Christmas -'-.;v . ... ... O MERRY Z '- " If you will put some money in our bank every week or every month, the INTEREST on It will more than buy your Christmas presents and you will have all you put In left for that time oi need orl for that chance to go into business for yourself. Have you ever said: "If I only had $1,000 NOW." The semi-annual interest on all pass book accounts will be credited at the close of business Pec. 31st. First TRUST & SAVINGS BILLINGS, MONTANA. SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT. OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS, 7:30 TO ;CO O'CLOCK. SOLD STQLENjl KI3 SUIT. CASE JOHN SHELDON IN JAIL, CHARGED WITH PETIT LARCENY. John Sheldon who has been a porter around the saloons of Billings for some time past, was arrested last night while trying to sell for 50 cents a suit case filled with good clothing. To Chief of Police Talgo, who arrested him, he claimed that the case belonged to him and that he had it in one of the saloons for the past several months. There is one new suit in the grip made by a firm of Chicago tailors and there are receipts in the pockets of one of the coats from a teamsters' union made out to Gabriel Ferguson, and also a receipt for road tax paid by George Torgenson. There is also a copy of the by-laws and constitution of the Western Federation of Miners in the case. There nave oeen a numoer oi suii. cases stolen in the city in the past few weeks and the police department! will try and locate the owner of this' one. I Chief Talgo says that it is certainly not the property of Sheldon, as he was never known to have as many clothes as those in the case. OUT THEY GO To The Great Judith Montana. Basin in Where they raise 40 bushels or win-1 ter wheat per acre every year and j without irrigation. Two new railroads. ' Splendid business openings. We own large tracts of land and we are sell- j ing it at bargain prices. Write us for maps and facts. Wm. H. Brown Co., . Moore, Fergus County, Montana, or 131 LaSalle Street, Chicago, III. ! Lemp's beer on draught, at Reilly's. ; First Class watch repairing, 3av, Northern Hotel block. C. M. IS HE RE At Chappie's .Ba 4 Typewriters. Typewriter. 4 Rented, Sold, Bought. 4 Repaired, Exchanged. All makes, monthly payments, -f W. A. BROWN, 2707 2nd Are. "Gets over the keyboard" Yon have heard pianos pure and clear in tone that, notwithstanding, left you perfectly cold. There is emotional beauty tenderness and poetic feeling in the tone of the Packard Piano As one artist expressed it, it "gets over the keyboards at o. s." We would like to have you hear this piano and get your opinion. We have some beautiful Packard on our floor now. Come in and hear them try them. Bring your music-critical friends. Houghton & Talcott --. m . t nmi liaucocK uioca- uiuiug. ,

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