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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 5

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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T.r.- -4. i "yT-- V'vt iji MONDAT. NOVEMBER 21, I960 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL AutharliM as tsimiS axil. OdH OqWaiM, Ottawa. The Weather MILD X- 1 Dominion Public Weather Office forecast: Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City; Sunny with cloudy periods today and Tuesday; mild) winds southwesterly IS.

Low tonight and high Tuesday at Montreal 40 and 85, Ottawa 33 and 53, Quebec City 35 and SO, Sher-brooke and St Agathe 35 and 48, La Tuque 30 and -43. Summary for Tuesday: sunny With cloudy periods; mild. Synoptic The mild treitd now occurring over the Montreal forecast district Is likely to continue for an other day. A weak disturb- ance now over northeastern regions la expected to cause' variable cloudiness today and Tuesday with the chance Prdyince to Aid Sewage Project? Is the- province going to Butch Federal assistance in construction of municipal sew- age treatment plants? Answer to this question expected- in the" Speech From the Throne 1th opening of the 1 Favors Continued From Pag One ''Later on, however, espe-" daily in Western Christendom the Tell Commandments began to be more and more taught, and the Fourth. Commandment about the Sabbath began to be applied on Sunday, and to be used as a divine order, so to apeak, to keep a a day of seat.

"When the Reformation came the leading reformers did not hold a particularly strict view of (he Lord's Day and, in fact, protested at some of the restrictions which had' been customary upon activities on that day. As far as we can see in the reign of Elizabeth I in TEngland Sunday- wss secular ized to a large, degree. It was the Puritan who led. the reaction against these! practices, and they returned once mora to the Old Testament to Justify their strictness about, Sunday observances, Ance more confusing regula tions about the Sabbath with the Christian Sunday." Take Cheerful View Canon Waddams said in general the attitude of Angll- tans has been to take a cheer ful view of Sunday and to -avoid the gloominess and black nets which has been associated with it in the Puritan tradition and in the tradition of the Presbyterian Church, for ex ample in Scotland. Ireland, too, for jthe most part followed the strict tradition.

It is from the stricter practices that non-Roman religion In Canada has mostly, derived its attitude to Sunday, observances" If Sunday were a normal day of work. Christians would still have the obligation to. worship Cod. the rector pointed out in discussing the Christian view of "perhaps early in the morning like the. first But be added: "In a country like ours, with a strong Christian background, would- be most deplorable IT the freedom of Christians to practise their religion was to all intent and purposes.removed because they were forced against their will to work on Sundays, and therefore to that extent prived of their freedom to worship God." As for the social aspects of keeping.

Sunday, there a strong reasons "for resisting the tendency to nibble away the restrictions which at present but the law as stands "probably needs amend- merit of a few flurries or light rain 'showers today and tonight over lake St. John and Bale Comeau regions. Temperature are expected to rise to the low or mid fifties over southern regions and to the' forties over remaining regions on Tuesday. Temperatures Low last night and high Sunday at Vancouver 33, 43; Edmonton 24, 35; Regina 30, 41; Winnipeg 31. 41; Toronto 29.

52; Ottawa 31, SO; Montreal 38. 48; Halifax 37, 42; Chicago 31, 49; Boston. New York 43. 58; Washington 43. 60; Miami 64.

80; Los Angeles 53, 76; San Francisco 52, 60. Sunrise 7.11 am. Sunset iM pun. Legislature tomorrow is being awaited at City HalL Pre-session speculation has made no reference to possible provincial grants, but Premier Frost said last week that Ontario will expedite municipal application to take full advantage of the Federal'plan to lend municipalities up to two-thirds of. the cost of new sewerage works through CMHC and write oft one-quarter of any of the loan spent by 1963.

Same Policy? Traditionally. Ontario has matched Federal grant to municipal and' educational institutions. If the same policy is followed for sewage treatment plants it could boost the potential Federal-provincial grants on Ottawa's 120.000 WO project aa nigh as 13,000,000 plus the NCC grant of the same amount Finance Commissioner Low- them, back from a New York convention today, said he was asounded by the unexpected Federal Government offer. Awaits Details' He still does not know what it means to Ottawa and has de clined, direct comment until he sees details of the legislation. At the same time, he is await ing formal provincial reaction to the plan.

r. Ottawa is sitting with com pleted plans for the entire project but "has scheduled work over eight years because ot financing difficulties. Plan ning and Works Director Ayers said construction could be rescheduled for completion 1963 to Uke full advantage of the Federal offer "if council agrees and financing can be worked Eastview Candidates. Threatened Eastview Citizen's League candidate for 'mayor, Oscar Perrier, said today that be had received a threatening' phone call- at his home Saturday He. was told- "You are Mr.

Perriet, 'the candidate for Eastview? You fctd better take care. Mr. Perrier said he had re ported the incident 'to police Eastview police confirmed the report of the threat today. Charles Leclerc, secretary or trie League, said that Sim lar calls badxome to- himself, league president -Emanuel Renaud and council candidate James Mannion over the-weekend. "I don't take seriously.

1 think. they are just saia Mr. Lecierc, Journal Want quick results. Ads bring HULL- PARIS CONTEST WEEKLY WINNER -Nls. 1 B128977 No.

-8128683 No, A553253 No. 4-4613958 No. 5-A550722 Ticket Holder No, I Must CUka Before Neon Tuesday HULL RETAIL MERCHANTS ASSOOATION rannj must bi claisb AT.asAiaisa sroaa Mocks U.S. Embargo GeinadaPmmisied HAVANA (D Cuban Armed Forces Minister. Raul Castro, mocking the United States trade -embargo against Cuba, declared hi government is about to begin trading "in a big way" with Canada.

RauL the younger brother of Premier Castro, said Cuba has been winning economic bat tle with the U.S. and that President Eisenhower's des patch of warships to the Carib bean "unmask United State puppets Central America" I He said the embargo oa an exports to Cuba except toodV stuffs and medicines has failed so soundly "that are about to begin trade la a big way very close to them (the U.S.) are referring to Castro did not elaborate on this. While condemning Eisenhow er's Caribbean action as "crimi he refrained, however, from rattling Soviet rockets against the United The omission wss in line wlth a trend noted recently in speeches Riders Leave Continued From Page One The three Injured players, accompanying the squad, are Merv Collins, Jon Jelaclc and Ted Smale, all of whom were at Toronto yesterday. Train at BaU park Rough Riders, who will stay at the Georgian Towers in downtown Vancouver, have completed plans for their training site, according to their general "We made arrangements to train at the Vancouver base ball park, and we'll work there if conditions sre Satisfactory. I think they will be, and we'll have an -enclosed field.

How- we have another propo sition to train at Federation Parkv Just a 10 minute ride from our hotel. The Edmonton Eskimos will train at Victoria. Ask Red Sweaters Terlep revealed that Rough Riders have made a request to use their red sweaters In the Grey Cup game. "I spoke to Commissioner Sydney Halter in he said, "but the Commissioner tells me" that Edmonton has the right to wear their. dark green and gold sweaters.

They have the choice. Ha ssid that if Edmonton agreed to use. their white uniforms, Ottawa could wear their red jerseys. It would be up to In addition to president1 Barry Bnen, several mem bers or the executive of the Rough Riders plan to attend the Grey Cup game. Meet Wives' After the game coaches Frank Clair and -Bill Smyth arranged for their wives to meet them at Toronto and accompany the club West on Tuesday.

Dr. Fred Davie is also accompanying the. team along with trainer Art Sergeant, equipment manager Frank Morgan and assistant Ivan Kelly. There were no serious In juries reported after the game, mainly the normal bruises. though Gary Schrelder, who has been bothered right along.

ssid he "wss hamstrung1 again a tightening back of the knee on his kicking leg. Plan Parade, Dinner The wheels are already In motion for a welcoming parade to Lansaowne nrx ana trie civic testimonial dinner for the Ottawa Rough Riders on their return from tho Grey Cup final in Vancouver next week. "Win or lose, (he dinner is definitely on and each, player will receive a suitable mem ento from the said Tourist Director Gerry Geldert toaay. Mayor Nelms left instruc tions Tor Mr. Geldert to arrange things on his departure last week for Mexico.

He returns to his office tomorrow when full detail will be announced. At CoUsema 'However, the testimonial din ner will definitely be held at trie Coliseum, at 7 p.m. Tuesday. Fifteen hundred ticket at S2.50 apiece are being run off today. Rough Rider man ager' George Terlep ssid the club will present each player with two gifts at the dinner.

T. K. KENNEDY MONTREAL (CP) Thomas Kilbourn Kennedy, 63, former president of the McGill Siege Artillery Association and native of Owen Sound, Ont, died yesterday ARTHUR rXGANONO SAIJfT JOHN. NB (CP) Arthur D. Ganong, prominent New Brunswick industrialist snd former Member of Parliament, died today in hospital He was S3.

by other top figures of the Cas tro regime. The softer tone lent weight to (peculation that Moscow had nudged Castro to take the Soviet Union out of the Cuban evolution's frontline to preserve Russia's -other Irons in Latin America. Premier Khnish- chev himself ssid recently of his rocket offer to defend Cuba that it was "symbolic' The younger Castro told his audience of petroleum workers that Eisenhower's order of last week, made in response to re-ouests by Guatemala and Nicaracua. represented "a warn ing by Yankee imperialism to all the peoples of Latin America that It Is not going td permit Cuban-style revolutions Castro's speech came only hours after the shooting of a young U.S. Embassy clerk by a Cuban army captain during a scuffle outside a Havana nightclub.

Wayne Henderson. 22. of Pasadena, Calif a communlca- tions clerk In the Embassy, was Decide Hull Police HQ Tomorrow Hull council at a special meeting tomorrow night will seek to obtain the cost for temporary, installation of Its police department in a section of the main plant owned by J. H. Connor and -Sons.

This decision was taken fol lowing' a visit to the premises Saturday by; Mayor Armand Turn in and seven aldermen. Council may also meet In general committee to follow up on a suggestion made by Alder man Robert Guertin mat a S250.00O new police sutlon project be put forward by council Instead of the $530,000 one which was defeated in a referendum two weeks ago. A bylaw covering the estabH llshment or parking meters in Hull will also be submitted to council for approval. Break-ins Plague Police Service station break Ins plagued Ottawa Police over the week end a at least five sta tion were entered, several of them apparently, by the same thieves. Heaviest loss wss at March- ington Brothers station.

935 Carting avenue, where $51 was stolen from a cash register. Entry, wss msde through smashed plate glass window, An overhead door was either left open or unlocked at the Fina station at 1006 St Laurent and $20 removed from a soft dnnk cooler cash box Tierney's Service Station. 841 Richmond Road, was entered through another broken window and $2 taken from soft drink cooler. Two other station. Hughes' Supertest station, at Kilbourn and Blossom, -snd Malmberg'e station at 225 Preston also entered, though nothing seined to be missing when at tendants arrived for work this morning.

More Bases Continued From page One "So haphazard has OTC service reported Mr, Dawson, "thst as long as 25 minutes can elapse without one bus arriving at Riverside Drive from the downtown transfer points. "Our people are allowed six lates, and then fines are imposed at the rate of 50 cents each. The wsy the OTC runs. this can be expensive. The association's executive decided to break with tradition end exert the pressure and influence of an organized Civil Service group in the campaign because of what termed "the simple necessity of trying to get something done about the OTC before the onslaught of Winter makes Riverside Drive bus service- even' more impossibly The decision, of the association executive Intervene in the campaign was made known in this, signed "The membership has been advised thst when voting in the December municipal elections, to vote only for those controllers, and aldermen who would step on the toes of OTC officials whose indifference and laxity with regard to service has bees so seriously wounded Saturday night Henderson condition wss described as satisfactory after a 2 H-hour operation for the removal of the bullet which entered his body near the hip.

Conflicting Stories There were conflicting ver stons of the shooting. Cuban police ssid the shoot ing by Cspt Jorge Robreno was accidental. They gave- this account: Henderson went nightclub- blng with another, American, Marine I CpU William E. Tompkins, 20, of Warren, Ohio. He presented a $3 American bill to pay the cheque but the cashier refused to accept It on the suspicion It might be coun terfeit The cashier demanded pesos.

Henderson refused, calling' pesos "Communist The management called an off-duty who asked Henderson, to go with him to the police station. Outside the1 nightclub the two Americans began scuffling with the policeman, Robreno, who had fol lowed the trio out drew hi .45 pistol in an attempt to bait the fight and it went off acci dentally. Although the Cuban police version attached no blame to Robreno, he is being held in La Cabana military prison. A U.S. Embassy spokesman said Henderson had resorted to violence only after being pushed by the Cuban policeman and then was shot by another Cuban who walked up with a drawn pistol OttawaArea Deaths COL.

WILLIAM HERBERT MAGWOOD. 90, of Lachine, former Cornwall town engineer. MRS. WELLINGTON SMART, 82, housewife, of Shawville, RUBY LOUELLA NAY-LOR, widow, of Lindsay. JAMES HENRY.

FRANCIS BEATT1E, retired of 408 Hinton avenue. 'SARAH HANNAH HEAL-EY. widow, in Winnipeg. EMMA LOVINA SPARKS, 90, widow, of 216 Latchford Road. AUGUSTA CAROLINA WEBBER.

78. widow, of 56 McDonald street Aniprior. CAROLINE E. ROSS; 82, widow, of. Kemptville.

JOHN ALBERT WILSON, 61, of Burritts Rapids at Kemptville. MARY A. SABOURIN. 92. widow of North Main street Kemptville.

THOMAS P. BRADY, 74. at Smiths Falls RALPH RUDDELL HEWITT, 65, retired civil, servant, of 862 Rex avenue. EDITH V. LARRY.

72. Widow, of 469. Highland, 'avenue LIONEL SCOBIE, 68. retired civil servant of Smiths Falls. HARRIETT INEZ HOWE, 60, retired civil servant of 2 Mutchmor Road.

ROSEANNE CUTHBERT." 87, widow, ot Holland avenue. WILLIAM DOUGLAS, 77. retired civil servant of 311 Fairmont avenue. HARRY ROSENTHAL, 85. retired Insurance man, of 150 Driveway.

JOHN SMITH, 54. OPP Staff Sergeant of Perth, in Toronto. (For Farther Details Sea fag 10) pas i A'X 1 laiflgMH 7 WITH ON CAPSULI AT sWDTWUJ relieves pressure, helps yon breathe freely alt night long! ONI CAPSULI IN THt MORNINO you can forget about cold medXcatloii fortktrut of thtiayl V-' TM SECRin A new scientific development called Sustained Release Medication. Each 0RNAL capsule maintains a constant therapeutic level for1 10-12 hours, by All-day, Court Rules a No Appeal On Sentence By The Canadian Press William Roy Johnston of Toronto today was denied leave to appeal to jthe Supreme Court of Canada against what he considers a harsh and excessive sentence (or the theft of $4,000 worth of cigarettes. A.

former OtUwa resident Johnston wss sentenced here in June, 1959, to seven years in prison for stealing the cigarettes from a CPR freight shed in the Capital. He sought leave to appeal on the ground that there was no trial evidence that SALE TUESDAY of HIAKUFACTUHER'S SAMPLES of ummn Girts' nylon, cotton and wool dresses. Sizes II the group. Girl' skirts, mostly full styles. Sizes 7 to 12 at the' gmuf Girls slim Jims.

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K1lle' wool and rayon scarves. i-i 80,,, Artkl "fw CnuP Sllsitly Soiled 4 the cigarettes Were ever in the CPR's possession. In sentencing the 32-year-old man. County Court Judge A. G.

McDougall ssid Johnston hsd been in custody for most of the 10 year between 1947 and 1957. He added: "I'm going to see thst the public is protected against you for a while." VISIT BRITAIN Oversea visitors to Britain dur ing 1960 Will total 1.900.000 by the end of the year, it Is predicted. Lr gj 3 i i i ON OVER 100 PIECES 7g 3' IS JJ V) A I s52nuV- I iA jXl rOvt T5tri Kiv 'KJ I'iH brl 75J3 i Cvl mm 6erj JL 'fan, I CHILDREN'S WEAR SECOND FLOOR releasing medication at measured qll-night relief Two ig City Op en This Two major city roads the first leg of the Queenswsy and part of relocated Riverside Drive will open this week. -The' Queensway ceremony, with Federal Works Minister Walker, Ontario HighwaysMin-ister Cass and Mayor Nelms participating. Is scheduled 'for Friday at 1.30 pjn.

Opened Thursday Controller Hamilton an-, nounced today that the city-built section of Riverside Drive between Dunbar Bridge and Bank street will be officially Opened on Thursday at 3 p.m. At the Queensway-cenmony, Mr. Walker and Mr. Cass will cut ribbons arid. Mayor Nelms will unveil a plaque commemorating launching of the project by Queen Elizabeth three years sgo.

The city, Highways Depart-ment and NCC are sharing In the $16,000,000 Queenaway 3 blf-V ill intervals. cost Construction Is being CI ried out by Ontario. Three, Stages Relocation of Riverside Drive to serve the government' Ri deau Height development it being done In three stages: Bank street to Dunbar Bridge by the city: Dunbar Bridge to Heron Road by NCC, and Heron Road to Hog's Back Road by Public Works. Total cost of $1,500,000 1 being split three ways. The Public Works' section should be open before the end of the month.

but work on NCCa section is being delayed by design of a railway overpass and will not be ready befoe next year, NORAD DENIAL COLORADO SPRINGS. Colo, (AP) The North American Air Defence Command has denied published reports thai British planes with a counter radar device flew undetected over the United States. 0 A- ssaf TW stfrVMSlgsf with two capsules per day.

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