The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on December 16, 1960 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 3

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1960
Page 3
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CO e c , tr. c The. ! , mi , i -Aaalvassary .-''iO 230. if&ri trauf wte fFSy ri'::i':' A The Ottawa Journal, ' i Personal Shoppin Servict f - .SFuaBaeaa;iau8uauae8B8fiaG8BaG&1i PAGES' OTTAWA. FRIDAY, DtCZMBER 16, I960 llwtlMM" ' rwwwmiwwmtfHWHWWOim X it I ' - - '7 - .f - - y r ANN MOCIN. MANCCXS MON. - - CLAIRE DUUI . RACHAfc-OSBOSNe. Dt IN SINCLAIR, S - WANE ARMNIAULT, DANIEL BOCLT, 4 Fff wkst I wmltf ...mJhw$ KudipkT" 'II ir,tkumi mt mmmy" D,ut fe a are; eWeV Tm ml $, $ur$ mmymtr," li W. '1$ ikl kttd rtalf Eight Faces of Christmas LYNNC MOt, 4 "Amd mdtll tmd ..." The Christmas deitret of acorrr of youngstero poured tnto the eat of Santa. Clans, who appeared ywterdiy at Frelman'i downtown (tore. The Jolly visitor from the North Pole was featured in one of the itore'i front window!, audited by jaily dressed gnomes who distributed candy-filled stocking aa the seemingly endless line of children filed through Santa's workshop. Commit Acres for trial On Attempted Murder fa spit of the pleas of kit eVance counsel thai there was M Uimf to kill, Ronald Acres, XX of 37 Gladstone avenue. M conuntttad far trial Thars-aUy oa charge of attempted iiirdtr. - Ha la charged la connection wuh the violent beating of Mrs Audrey Parkuuoa, 31. of 554 Gladstone, who described Acres yesterdsyas "quiet. uy-tomc aiid gCfltW, Mastrata Strike, after keer-inf lestimoajr of Bine witnimi yeeterdey. toid defence couneel y TIM BLUkX - BANK AND IP ARKS Grey Cup Hangover Employes "of the OtUwa brine h of Peopie't Credit Jewellers wera finally patd off yaeterdiy by their counter parts in Vancouver a a 1120 bet on the Grey Cup ime- The payoff arrivtd la a miniature coffin. Inside of whick was a plaster of pans football, inside of which ILSwe pennies ... With all that beef on the Ottawa Police Department, who do yoa think is chosen to play Santa Claus at the cops annual Christmas party for the children? Detective Hugh (Jad) Retkerford, one of the slenderer specimens of Ottawa's finest. Hei colleagues figure he makes up for the weight disadvantage la personality ... - We hear oa good authority there was a reil flare-up a . . 1 r. UluMII MlMl'l. VMuI Tardlf he be the controller m charge of the Ottawa Fire Pepartment. Monsieur Tardif. who kas been m charge of the city waterworks department, reacted to the suggestion as Ere does to water. . . . Lyaae Goraua,' a resident of the West End. has received rave notices la the Montreal papers tor her performance as leading lady in "The MarrUge-Go-RowteT which opened this month in the Mouaula PUy-usa Tbeatra in Montreal . , , Uw a Diminishing Expenees DepU Joe Lewis Pa radii, unsuccessful candidate for Board 'of Control, figures his economical talents should get hire tome kind of recognition. His total campaign expenses which got him 9.059 votes wera 1 167 approximately I J cents a vote. In the 195S elections he spent 123 to garner 6.807 votes about gJ cents per ballot . . . Jack MacBeth leaves . for Toronto tomorrow to Join the news itaff of CBC . . . With an the ballyhoo about aid from a boat of sources -for the families who were burned out of their bomea In :'-that big Bre on Ledue street two weeks ago, a family called yesterday ihat they had received no aid yet, other than a .cheque for S26 from the City oTHufl . T OUT DSly of- ' ;ih Department of Trade and Commerce leaving Sunday night for England where hell spend the next five months In the vanguard of George Hees' aew sale-of-Canadiao- i'goods-abroad offensive ... One treat the couples who ' attend Lakeside Gardens on Saturday night haven't as yet been afforded Is the Itltmg Irish tenor of string baas player - Darinv Murphy, who has to be caioiea mio anioosuii nis repertoire of Irish ballads .... . f . One BUI Collins of our acquainUnce walked out of his i home this week, with his hutch and a letter. He mailed t the lunch and kept the letter ... ' ir ' -k ' ; ' CHEESE CUTTERS, MAYBE? Saul Shinman, president ; of the Senior BasketbaU League is contriving to launch a ; . . . new sport basketball on ice.. According to Sir Saul, hes negotiating with the Cradle Hockey League to have a contest between an all-itar team from the .Senior - Basketball League and a Cradle League team at the Auditorium early ia the year. ' The game would Include all the basketball rules except that the players . would wear skates. .We asked "him if h .thought' that the beanpole cagemen would have a big advantage on the Cradleeri,. V 1 doubt It", he said. "They can skate. We can't." ' " '- ' '" VOIl rAVT FOOL TM: We took our little hov. hn kas Just turned three, urf to one of the big department stores yesterday for his first visit with Santa Claus. To say that ha was "up for the occsiion was putting it. mildly. So vou can Imagine our bewildermemrwhen, on reaching the great man, our progeny's 'attitude became rather cooL Throughout the chinwag, the young jellow's eyes wera fixed on Santa's feet . I When he was asked what he wanted for Christmas his lialf-heerted reply was, Toys". When we got home,' our .young hero was asked how ha liked Santa Claus. j That Santa Claus hasn't got big boots", was the com-'plaint. He'd taken a dim view of those substitute gaiters this edition of SL Nick wee'wearingv ' From a current women's magazine article about children's' reactions to Santa Clam: "At first glance he was an imposing presence, Santa was building urj a fierce hissing sound with' balloons . . ,- On the other hand it gave the children too much time to notice his boots were 'only oil tloth gaiters Booked over ordinary shoes and that his ferociously pink pancake makeup was beginning to streaky Into the edges of his Mara, Bewgaata Claus is hot work . . i John Mnky the questioa of sntent Would be up ta the Jury to aecida. The ma i .sir ate alio turned dowa a request for bad after opposiiiea was expressed by Crown Attorney Reoul Mercier. Acres has been in custody since the October 22 incident ia his apartment. , and will be formally committed January 9. Had Gum Police testimony yesterday afternoon showed the accused had tried to shoot' Constable Lawrence MclCialey who arrived at the apartment shortly after the fight that resulted as : Mrs. Parkiaaoa being sent to hospital The constable toid the court he went to the house and was greeted at the door by Mrs, Parkinson, who was bleeding profusely from bead wounds. She tnld him Acres wes upstairs and had a gun. When the Constable started ta mount the stairs he was threatened, so he Jumped back around a comer. ' "I then threw my ana out from behind the corner, and heard' the click .of the rifle". Conatable McKiniey testified. The policeman then ran up the stairs, where Acres had slumped down on a bed, a -22ahbre rifle beside him. a cartridge Jammed in the breech. Constable McKiniey took Acres into custody. Detective Lou Ullrich told the court of searching the apartment after the fight and finding evidence of two shotgun blasti and one shot from a 22 in the walls of the apart-menu Two guns wera introduced as evidence. Hair as Evidence Detective - Ullrich also .pro. ! duced hair ha said was found on the floor of the kitchen, where Mrs. Parkinson - was alleged to have been beaten. RCMP laboratory reports showed the hair was from the head of Mrs. Parkinson. Detective Ken Duncan, who investigsted the esse with Detective Ullrich, testified he' saw the accused when he was and ha corroborated the evidence given by Detective Ullrich, - Defence counsel Mirsky con ceded that the w injured by the contended there were grounds only for a charge of causing grievous bodily barm, and aot attempted murder. Could Have Killed "He had the opportunity to kin Iter-, argued Mr. Mirsky, out ne aioa t. mere is ao evidence to enow be tried to shoot her. In fact ha tried to revive her With coid water." "The question of Intention Is up to the Jury to deode". said Magistrate Strike In 'finding enough evidence ta commit Acres for trial by judge and jury. Your Help They-Need AN UPHILL FIGHT If you wera Mr. G you would be looking beck m five years of trouble. Ever since his beck was injured in an accident, Mr. a lias been fighting illness, unemployment and debts. Nevertheless, last year's Christ, mas was the best the G. family can remember The Christmas ' Exchange gave them a chance ta choose toys ror-Jieir three little song and enough money to buy their Christmas dinner. - The Exchange is asking the people of Ottawa for cash donations, so families like this one can have a happy Christmas. Plessa send your contribution to the Christmas Exchange, 329 Chapel street, CE6-3658. ' ROBINSON SUED , NEW YORK W) Former boxing champion Sugar Rav Robinson, who was reconciled brought to the police station with his wife last Spring, sfter sfter the fighC ' a six-month estrangement, "His hands, were covered has been named defendant In with blood", said the detective, a separation suit "'-"- aejsssaa- 1 - -.. ; r"V. ' f " f ' " " 1 '. ' " 1 " :fr,i v Vt' if ALL TILIT ROLIIXED TODAY OF EASTVIEW STORE Tornado-Like Blaze Rips Through uastview Store .A tornado-fast blsie accom-Jporation branch. J46 McArthur nanied bv ahudderm ' ex-! avenue, et 2 JO p.m. Yoland plosions all set off by ao acetylene torch yesterday dV moliahed the. I2M.00O Canadian Tire Corporation retail outlet at 24 McArthur avenue in Eastview. Smoke from the. fire that swept through 230 feet of the building within IS minutes was ti 2 miles away at the company's store at Kent .and Laurier and at the .Jeckvm Building. It covered Eastview during the afternoon and evening in a thick Smog of dirty, yello smoke, bellowing from dozens of flame-entombed tires and gallons of stored paints and motor oils. Numerous Explosions So many explosions ' from stock, which Included rifle and shotgun ammunition, wracked the building that an Eastview policemen said the lire sounded like "a small war". The Are began et a garage. behind the Canadian Tire Cor- Would Put Axe To Diseased Elms The report of Commissioner Alphonse Dulude on Dutch elm disease .in Ottawa was presented Thursday night at the final meeting of the outgoing City Hall Recreation' and Parks Committee.- The report, to be placed be fore incoming Board of Control in January, urges that all In fected or dead cut down at city expense; including those on private property, but says that large-scale spraying is "unwarranted at the present time". 22 Cases According to the . report. there were 22 "proven esses" of Dutch elm disesse in Ottawa this year. The. report states that all elm trees are. believed suscep tible to the disesse, and recommends that wherever elms are removed trees of other types be used for replacement., j Widespread use of DDT, "the only ' generally effective commercial spray", the report sayi, 'could be harmful. ' - Bad for Birds ' Bird " fanciers, the report notes, became concerned over "serious losses" of bird life in areas sprayed with DDT. The report recommends that "Islands of Infection" be sprayed to minimize possible spread of the disesse. - The opinion of Dr. L. T. White, of the Forest Research Laboratories, expressed in the report, was that the number of cases of elm sickness in Ottawa "did not ss yet-warrant undue concern". At the same time,, one Ontario Highways Department official was "pes-slmistic as regards the over all picture, irr the Ottawa area". The report states that NCC was still planting the American elms ia its parks and drive-' - I , " 1 Recreation arid Parks Com mittee also approved an offer from. South Ottawa Kiwanis Club to purchase 'equipment for Windsor Parlj. The club is to provide climbing apparatus a Dinosaur, which the manufacturer describes as "dragon green with ferocious red. eyes", and a Tank, "for those ImsginsrV wars dear to the heart of every child". . As the meeting closed, E. R. McEwen said he hoped next year't recreation committee would act trr unify administration of - 'the -city's facilities. Citing the Central Canada Ex-' Klbltlon Association's grounds and services as an example, he said the city has yet to realizeH the multiple uses in every piece of land and equipment it hat, for parks and recreation", v ,. , Brassard. 20, of 20 Doucet street, HuU. was applying an acetylene torch while making exhaust pipe repairs to an automobile, -' "We had Jacked up one side of the car and I was lying oa the ground making the repairs at the front end when I saw flames from the back of the car", he told a .reporter. It is believed - the torch Ignited ' a puddle of " water mixed with gasoline that 'had dripped from the tank of the side-tipped car, , ll23,ao la Stock Service department manager Herva Jette, SO. of 113 Beech-wood, only other person in the workshop at the time, declared: "i mw flames, on the floor and I tried to put them out with a lira extinguisher. It all happened so quickly I don't know how the ' Are started." He estimated stock in the building at about $125,- 000. With the flames -still con fined underneath the car, Mr. Brassard drove one other car In the workshop outside, while two unidentified men also drove their cars, there for re pairs, to safety. Within 19 minutes the flames had devoured 250 feet to' the front" of the building through the space between a false f oof and the four-by-two-inch lamjnated proper roof covered by tarpaper. The Canadian Tire Corpor ation store was that of Romay Automotive Limited. Its vice- president Is Edward Leroy, 920 Killeen avenue, who owns and runs both Canadian Tire Cor- MALL REPORT i THURSDAY . . Report of the Sparks Street Msll Research Committee will be released on Thursday, C A. BounsalU chairman of the ' seven-member com mittee, said the findings will be presented to Mayor Nelms at City Hall. - The committee was established by the Sparks Stree Development Association to sea If the Summertime Mall experiment should be established on a permanent year-round basis, '. poration stores at Eastview and Ouawa Aims R. Houle of 56 Barret! street, manager of the Romay Automotive Limited, told The Journal he Intended "to erect temporary Mail headquarters i the garage". Although the fire started there, the workshop wss " not completely gutted. . . The store sold sports goods, paints, turpentine; but its big gest stock wss of car accessories and parts. Missed Fuel Tsnk The fire missed a 3.000-gal. tank of fuel oil encased underground, protected by concrete slabs under the Are. Firemen arid a concrete Are wall prevented the Are from spreading to the rear half of the one-storey, 563 foot building. This - half Is used by Dare's Biscuit Company as a storage house and by the Bell Telephone, who have a" garage there for 30 telephone trucks. All of the trucks wera out when the fire began. - Flames " leaped a hundred feet in the air at timet and .left only desolate and charred walls four hours later aa the last embers died. Eastview police re-routed traffic on McArthur westbound to Lacasse, and east bound to Olmstead. - Hundreds of school children from Eastview and Rideau high schools arid neighboring public schools peered through the windows of the still-standing sioe wans at tna nouing furnace of flames Inside. Four -hour Battle The full staff of Eastview Fire Department under Fire Chief Michel Lanoue with a hfMU anil turn nimn fmrka from Ottawa battled the four-hour blazv. Eastview Areman Gaston Guenette, 37. of 298 BeJin street, received 10 stitches In his little Anger after he cut it breaking a window for a hose . Mrs. Jean Gauvreau, of Apt. 8, 37S Maria Goretti Circle, who- called firemen when she sew smoke across the 50-foot space between the two build-injts, said her window paries grew so hot she could hardly CABBIE'S VIEWS Many Lack Knowledge of Rules of the Road The Journal ha$ asked those uho ihould tnowth taxt drivers of Ottawa how theg rate The Capital! icortt driven and tchy. TM$ it the third of a erlei. By KUHIALU UWIU - as told to Nelson Skuee of The Journal If all the drivers in Ottawa were made to try a driver's test all over again, I bet 50 per cent of them would fail Most of them don't have proper driving tests when they do get their licences. . But I think the biggest fault with Ot tawa motorists Is they lack knowledge of the rules of the road. They- show a lack of consideration for persons driving be hind them and obstruct traffic by taking too much time getting away from . stop streets. : . ; : Another big fault is the way they make left tarns. . You often see a lot of ' them driving down the street unaware - that 'their signal lights are flashing. You never know. what these people ire going , to. do. ' Persons pulling away from curbs and changing lanes without looking to see what's coming are another headache. Women drivers are a little too cautious and slow and don't, make up their minds fast enough. This also -obstructs traffic. .. .. ' . ..

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