The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on July 23, 1960 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 3

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 23, 1960
Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal SPORTS -AND MARKETS Saturday. JULY 23, 1960 ' THIRD PAGE Expert's Plan S uggests Members Park Along River .T'- .Another suggestion tO-ielieve ,A -parking condition' on Parlia- '' ,4"1 Uin'was mil forward vpi. -.. m'n - f- - j imy In the Commons on top dr three ' suggestion , or tne ' previous day.-. P. J. Bigj (C Aihbsk). speaking on National Capital " Commission estimates. Said the Ottawa river shore line- behind the Centre Block could provide i "narkinc sdscs for ud to 4.000 1 ; 'ears. , , , - ;. Accommodation could be "I have an intimate knowl-built up over period of years, edge of this -problem, having he suuested. .starting with a! directed parking on this Hill spiral ramp down to the lowest 1 - . ' aiiu niuuin. up irmn there. 4 Airmen Die Battling Forest Fires SAN 'FRANCISCO (AP)-Four airmen died in flaming plane crashes Frldfy while belping thousands of ground fighters bat tie the worst forest fires la ' 30 , years in sine western states. ; Two converted B-2S bombers tmong mtny pouring fire - re tarding borate solution - Just head of roaring flames . crashed, one in eastern Oregon, the other la southern California Spreading fires, maiy litht- ning - Set, blackened some WQ.-000 acres in California, Washington, Oregon. Montana. Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Arizona. In Idaho, the FBI investigated the possibility of ar-. son. t More than 300 fires were v battled by 3.000 men m British J Columbia. The worst was 13,- 000 . acre fire. . . 1 Damage. was In uncounted mil- lions of dollars mors than (10.- By CRADLE OF CONFEDERATION: It was a compliment to the National Capital Commissioh and to Edward L Wood. Ottawa landscape architect that he was selected to draw up plans to enhance the beauty of Queen's Park which sur rounds the Prince Edward Island Legislature in Charlottetown. The work is of interest to alf Canadians as the provincial capital was the cradle of Confederation. ' Mr. Wood has returned from Charlottetown where he spent 10 days conferring with Mayor Walthen Caudet obtaining material on which to base his plans for the-park and approaches. A son of Major E. E. Wood, a native of PEI, Mr. Wood admitted that family ties were such that "cousins .were jumping from behind every bush";-- , - - - The fact that Charlottetown, In addition to being a provincial capital, is also a market town makes the proposed changes far from simple. Plans, however, will soon be oh the drafting board. When completed they will be submitted for final approval DOUBLE-BARRELED DEFENCE: Telephoned at his room In the House of Commons, Arthur Maloney; QC, MP, said-he secured the acquittal of Geda Janusonwis, a Lithuanian. 1 charged with causing a disturbance when he hurled two eggs at Moscow's touring msyor, Nikoli Ivanovich. The irttident took place during g visit of the Muscovite. to-Niagara Falls.-, -Niagara Falla Court Miy Msloney'e first defence was that there was no intention to perpetrate an assault.. The Intent in throwing the eggs was "to" focus attention on the danger of Soviet agents being permitted to tour the ; country". No such misgivings were- expressed in Ottawa. ' Second defence was thst under tha nrnraa nt Rrlriah l.w it applied to Canada there is ; ww is not concerned wnn imies . - . 'i i James Renwick of Toronto, sat on the bench as a , . retlevmg magistrate and ..w,.ln,"B y . ' i ' During the trial there wasinTyTstanding room In the : courtroom which was filled with Lithuanians. Latvians and . Fstonians. - Mr. Maloney represented the Baltic .Federation . of Canada. ' - . ',' . - , - " ' ;. PHANTOM AUTOMOBILE: Cart May hew of The Journal r mechanical department, motoring in the Sharbot Lake area was following a new car which travelled the winding, hilly ' . road with apparent familiarity. Suddenly as' Garl came to . the top of o hill the first car had vanished into thin air and there was no side road into which it could have turned. . Stopping at the first refreshment stand he told of his experience and was assured there was no cut off. Now thoroughly concerned about the first car, Carl motored back t along the road watching for any trace of the missing car. From the broiarbT-ehill he saw a break in a small roadside V fence. Stopping nea?Bte peered over the side of the road, ' - and some 400 feet below kaw the missing car. still upright , The driver was standing nearby and his . wife was. ia -the. . csr. Neither hsd been tniured despite their sudden descent But so steep was the hill they could not make their way back, and Cart found It Impossible to descend. He summoned ; aid and the couple were hauled back to safety, thankful. - for their quick rescue and the fact their 1960 car had' not . been irreparably damaged. . .. J. . - BUSY -CORNER MAYHEM: Sharp and sturdy one-Inch . . nails used to penetrate concrete were found scattered la -" prodigal fashion at the intersection at Sparks and Bank street. Something that can penetrate cement can also pierce i, rubber and a number of automobile drivers were up in arms. ' One Came to tha editorial rooms of The . Journal to show -.- handful of the nails he had picked up, muttering hnpreca-' . tionj against the offender. . . . , v : "' ;. Members of the Mount Royal Kiwanis Club headed by President John Newmsn were guests .of Ottawa Kiwanis at their luncheon Friday. The visitors included Tom Taylor, John Strothers, Robert Churchill and Jack Penson, i: - '. . ' - . MORE PUPILS. MORE TEACHER Frank G. Patten, secretary-treasurer and administrator of the Otuwa Collegiate Institute Board 'said there were 120 adequately qualified additions to the teaching staff. They were selected ; to cope with resignations, retirements' and the Miniated 10 ' per cent increase in the number of pupils. Very little rock cutting would be required, which would hold down com, Mid Mr. Bigg, end the. Initial facilities might provide' ipece for 1.500 care! The oroiect would not inter fere with the apptarance of the Hill since it would blend into "the natural beauty of the river bank", he stated, His qualification for making the suggestion? , , . . - back in 1947 and I have not seen very much improvement since", said Mr. Bigg. New Staff. Appointed. At County Home Appointment of seven staff members at Cartel on County's new home for the aged were approved recently by county council . " They are:, housekeeper, Mrs. Annie Gault, North Cower, sal ary J2.000 annually: laundry operator, A. U Giles, 118 Third avenue, J,txw bookkeeper, Mrs. Jean '.Davidson. RR 2, S2.700; assistant cook, Mrs. Linda - Kilfoyle, A Richmond, X2.400-, maintenance men, J. O. Crenier, Eastview; James MoT-Rtt, Burrllt's Rapids: Cordon Scott. Manotick. S3 ,300. Onfi.OM In laill urn California I alone. . .. In Los Angeles County la California. fira rmitMi anma I IMA nfMAM from thir.tioma Thiira-I aay. iner tne names nave de stroyed iwo score nouses and cabins.- , Idaho's tovernor Robert Smv. lie declared an extreme emer gency existed and sought federal aid. '. . . W.Q.K. an ancient principle that "."the acquitted the - accused with a fMtoa Hisaml Mano, latest acquisition of the Japanese Embassy In Otuwa put r diplomatic finger on hometown TokyoShe Pretty. J apanese Attache 'Can't Wait' for the Snow By GORDON LOMER 4' of The Journal f'ri A petite Asian beauty, only woman in the Japanese Foreign Service, hsa become an attache with the Japanese Embassy la Ottawa. - ? For Hisaml Mano, Ottawa Is her first official posting, and in spite of the weather she's already making plana to take up skiing. ,-. - 'Just Can't Walt,w There's not a great3eat of skiing in Japan", she told The Journal yesterday, "and I've beard so much about the facilities here. I hist can't Wait until the snow comes," She 11 probably find a few In Ottawa who can wait! Miss - Mano. a native of Tokyo, . has been -with the Foreign Service a little more than two years. She was posted here immediately after complet ing a Master of Arts m Law and Diplomacy at the Fletcher School pf Law and Diplomacy in Boston. She also possesses a Bache lor of Arts degree, from the University of Tokyo, MA from Fletcher. and an Specialist School , ' The Boston school, she ex. plsined, is a specialist college piainro. ui apviiaiiai wurjiL - . j , in International relations and rnT. eoloni Photos. graduates only about 100 students a year, of whom approxi mately 14 or IS are female. Miss Mano's fatherEiichl Mano, is a high court Judge in Tokyo. . She first became interested in the Foreign Service ss a member of the English Speaking .Society in toe Japanese capital . . - A -fluemr English "converge. tionalist, with a characteristic Asian influence, the five-foot tall attache also reads French and German. She plans to con tinue her studies of these languages while in Ottawa possibly with an Idea of being posted next to one of the' European countries: Til be here two years, but Continued From Page One One such check should have been made on parking fines and parking meter revenue where the provincial investigators found a shortage of nearl) J1.900. Of that amount 11,006 waa a cheque that had been deposited ka the bank as park- . big meter revenue when kt actually waa payment for town lot There waa no book entry crediting the f 1,600 to i the land sales account, The other 1900 was parking fines not entered in the books for the past year and a hall. The discrepancy waa noted by provincial auditors in comparing book entries with receipt books kept by police on payment of fines. Mr. Boudreau never checked the duplicate re ceipts. , The only duplicates now available to auditors are 1959, and I960. Previous years dun- them. licates we.-e destroyed last year "The auditor", pointed out without the authority of town Mr. Blake, "is in a very wider Leopold Labelle. nerable position if there are any Mr. Boudreau worked from a summary of cash receipts supplied by the treasurer. and didnt check further. "How they established the amounts I doni know", said Mr. Boudreau. More Irregularities Similarly, in 1954 a bank de posit of $400 was for taa cot- lections. It was actually pay ment from the town of Rock- .V. ..-ft NEW JAPANESE ATTACHE is tne 'only woman officer among the officers employed at the Embassy here. - (Journal Photo by DomlnUm Wtdel after that I don't know where they'll send me": she smiled. . Miss Mano's appointment ai an attache indicated the grow ing status of Asian, women in a world previously aommaiM solely by. men. she said. "Women an taking a more prominent role in public affairs and in life in. general in Japan. - "We have women police. writers and even Judges", she explained, "especially since the war. Before the war working women were the exception, bat they've now taken their places alongside tne men, lining more and mora public positions." Ukes Masle - A keen Interest in music was expressed by the newest arrival Guards Publish; Booklet . A 16-page pamphlet describ ing the Chingingltne-Guard ceremony and containing the background Information neces sary to appreciate the ceremony is now available in Ottawa bookstores. " . The booklet, with both black ill be sold to orovide mooev for tne regimental tuna of the Second Battalion, The Canadian Guards, who are responsible Tor the ceremony this Summer. including - an, introduction, description of the ceremony. description of ranks and uni forms, tne regimental color and a brief history of the regiment. the booklet ma Ires an attratrtve souvenir for those visiting Ot uwa as well as being Informa tive. COAL CHAMPION LONDON. C Sir James Bowman, retiring chairman of the National Coal Board, was asked recently if be would like his portrait painted. "Not i If It's In oils", be said. Nearly I mpbssible Tell Amount Lost in, Eastview cliff e for garbage collections carried out by Eastview. 'I did not know It wa f of garbage''. Mr. Boudreau said in stating that the S400 was' not to his knowledge credited to any account . . ." and there should have been $400 more cash on hand" as a xesult, It was at this point that J. P. Nertigaa, counsel for the ewly - formed Cklxans League of Eastview that petitioned for the Inquiry, drew from Mr. Boudreau the admission that "similar discrepancies could have' beta going on for years ana you srould never have them'. . Questioned about land sales and two illegal bylaws fixing assessment for the Eastview Hotel - and the Ottawa Iron Works, Mr. Boudreau "thought resolutions of council were good .enough" and didnt bother about provincial legislation governing deficiencies" tn tne account ne handles. Auditors Gave OK ' Each year b) reports '"sub mitted to the department . of municipal affairs the auditors certified all was in accordance with the Uw. , ' "We said yes; we should have said no" W tnany sbkI stances, Mr. Boudreau said. One query from the depart - . - miw-4) - w ' 'i i- d ti 10 on the diplomatic scene. "I'll miss the concerts of Boston, though I understand there are many facilities for such programs here", she said. . Boston and New England are Miss Mano's favorite North American haunts, even after savoring the social and cultural delicacies of Washington and New York, which aha visited before coming to Ottawa. The only other woman in the Japanese Foreign Service. Miss Toshiko Yamana, was killed in an air crash in Alaska several years ago. At the time she was an attache with the Japanese delegation at the United Nations In New York. Unemployment Drops Slightly - During Week . ' The Ottawa office of the Unemployment Insurance Commission of Canada said today the number of persona registered as Jobless was 4.416. compared with 4.493 last week. At tha same time last year there were 3.591. fittawa Briefs . A New Churches ' Two new Roman Catholic churches will be built in ihe J- DoruJd atreetanr on Frances street about a block from each other. Rev. Raymond Burke will be jMslor of St Ignatius, the English-speaking parish and Rev. R. Dumoulin will be parish priest of St Sabastien,' the French-speaking church. They will serve the Over-brook area. ment MrTBIake said, was "are the accounts kept according to accepted principles of munici pal auditing?- Tne answer was "yes". ... .. ' The accounts are kept", replied Mr. Boudreau, "but they are not kept property." He said that sometimes Mrs. Uroueho was not crediting anyone ia posting entries ka the books. "You asked us if she was make postings yea, but the posting was not posted correctly" and that wasn't asked, commented Mr. Boudreau amid courtroom laughter. Spectators were immediately reprimanded by Mr. Yates who pointed-out that It was e "serious matter", under discussion. Didnt Graduate Mr. Boudreau said he had taken a correspondence course in auditing for about eight years but never receives a diploma since he didn't com- pieia uw course.'. i Emoloved bv the Masse firm for 20 veers, he said. "I work IS hours a day" and has -to BU in a time sheet m the office showing where and how much time was spent on each Job. j "You were never et any time told that you were spending toe much time here in relation to the ($2,000) audit . feer' j asked Mr. Blake j "No. not that t can remem- her", waa the reply. i- He said the firm does audits ror 33 Quebec municipaitties Blast Procedure BiGfeen Expropriations Present land dealings of the National Capital Commission were ' criticized but ' further dealings recommended by Opposition members in the Commons yesterday as the com mission's estimates were con; sidered. . Expropriation procedure In the Green Belt was complained about, in particular w i t h charges of land devaluation1 and near-persecution b e i n g hurled. Works .Minister Walker answered only once and briefly. He pointed out that 98 per cent of Green Belt hind acquisitions by the NCC had been made through agreement .with, (inancia nardship on them, be property owners, only two per;j4 . - . cent by expropriation. Tardif Complains Paul Tardif (L Russell) bad . another complaint, related to the fact he is a City controller in Ottawa. He. sought agree-1 the death of the one operating ; Hills, the area is the only na-ment with the NCC to have it! the property has forced duv'tional park in Quebec . Oppose Resuming! Arms Talks UNITED NATIONS. NY. July 23. The United . States ran into opposition today in its bid for a meeting of the 82-na- tion' United Nations Disarms ment Commission early in August ' . U.S. Delegate Lodge yester day asked the chairman of the Commission, Luis Padilla Nervo of Mexico, -to call the early session. Some diplomats said the U.S. wanted a meeting Au gust S. Lodge said the Commlslon should discuss the breakdown of the 10-nation Esst'-West dis armament talks in Geneva June 27 when the Communist side walked out One key delegate told a re porter he had ulked with 20 colleagues and found that none waa in favor of meeting before the end of August He said delegations needed time to con sult their governments and want to sit down and think' Another leading diplomat noted the recent series of day- and-night meetings of the Security Council and ssid "we want a rest". . This : diplomat said there might have been some sense in a meeting of the commission right after the Geneva talks broke down, but there was no hurry for one now. . . Premier Heading PEI Delegation ' CHARUOTTETOWN. July 23 n The Prince Edward Is land delegation to the -Domin ion-Provincial conference which ' atari in uhiwi mmtuay, wui leave here today. . Heading the delegation ' is Premier Walter R. Shaw. Also making the trip are Attorney General R. R. Bell. Provincial -Treasurer - Melvin McQuaid, Provincial Secretary J. D. Stewart and Deputy Pri cial Treasurer William E. Mas-sey. :'. i and two in Ontario Eastview and Rockland, He admitted that he was more familiar with Quebec auditing practices which are "not as complicated as those In Ontario. Recalling the appointment of Mrs.- Laroche as treasurer. Mr. Boudreau said he told his employer that she was incom petent "and can t do the job . - Lavergne Had Way "Mr. Masse came to- see Lavergne and si you know Lavergne is a better talker than me and he convinced Mr. Masse that we should coach her (in bookkeeping practices). 1 often said to the mayor that . Mrs. Laroche Ik not willing, but sot competent" , At another point, Mr, Boudreau said: ' "She had more pull than I did. Whenever I wanted any , . - - nino in posting eniric anu uiai thing (information from her)ihe ha1 t0 dn pouing and other she would go to the mayor and;cler1cri work tn preparing the get her way. I didn't get much I aualL '..' - i co-operation.' He said Mrs. Laroche never gave hkn verkflcatioa el cash reports. "If she told me that's ' what she got, that was St I gave bar - a of my aiiad ... the ealy trouble waa the mayor was .round teilmg me to . take thksgs easy." Recalling a mistske m 1958. Mr. Boudreau said he had an argument 'with the treasurer and the mayor about crediting Belt pay for extension of City serv- I ices through land it owned where such land blocked the path of .the services between j separate parcels M .City land. - By not doing so, he said, the ' NCC puts an added burden on' the taxpayers of Ottawa. . ; His Were also the complaints that, values set on property in the Green Belt' were below those on adjoining properties. 01,1 answered by Mr. .Walker's revelation. Fear" Hardship ResidenM in tin Green Belt; also suffer from fear that If and when their land' ia taken, they i will not receive settlement for ; II n In lur. Vffkra imnrtcinDl George Mcllraith (L Ottawa West) said some owners in the: belt, awaiting expropriation but not knowing when it would ; come, have suffered because NAME FIFTH BABY. PYKOWTISDWANAM To break with the conservative tradition of naming children Elizabeth Anne or William George, why not try an .original title such as "Pykowtisowanam"? - Mr. and Mrs, Joe Austin of 1011 Hooper street who announced "the successful drawing of a full house" three queens and two kings after the birth of their fifth child, a boy. on Tuesday, have named the latest addition J. Herbert Pykowtisowanam Austin. r 1 I I- 1 I B aw B II ; V 'A .;--- I . 1 W . i 1 a I - - ! 11-1 i, .,. .. i ', S"TT dj BOOKKEEPER J. ROBERT COLDREAU "My Nerves are Shot" ". 19$S provincial grants ss 1053 1 m charge of the treasurer, revenue, lie went along with' everyone in the office had the mistake after. Mayor La-j access to the cash, vergne saidf-T know (it's t .Third witness at the hesring right). Tm a member of Pariia-Fve.r;fay wl, Jsme Gorman ment . . . George Dunbar is the if ,ilv . owner of the LafonUina minister hnd I was .talking to him this wis ai ,n:7 tternoon Put; them No Reply ! Mr. Boudreau had rtt renlv when asked why he didn't' put !on his virtually land-locked his troubles' in the annual re-'hicce of property on the Mo-port to the department "1 did Arthur road.,;. the best 1 could ... He coud-t recall if a "so. With regard to the ! questions !c,,lcr jio.OOO performance in the departmental form to be, WM ever pu, up filled each year. Mr. Boudreau empbizwi ,na, lD terms of ssid: "We answered quotmns fhf tinemtnt wtre clrried out u .am. - " Commented Mr. 'Ystev "You certified all was according to law but you didn't know what the law was ..." The' bookkeeper said - the'.ha nlavernund wss developed. 1 treasurer was often months he - " I kiaul m 4Mif FlaME gltfl I ItSkt NU ""' - He said he worked ot what tne casn on nana snou.u . . i s tne ena or eacn year, onr rj Hch ve.r. "She would take the sash on hand fiaure . . . and that was that" - ...,4 J, Kmt. ga'n. "that each yr you told the treasurer what tne casn on i' r' hand should be and she sa.d property he obtained in the that's right1" - deal was assessed at S43.4J) The town's ch en hand jfor the land. alone while the was kept to an office drawer total aement for the play-dairy and -in the vault at "ground, building included, was night Although technically only J5.220,. continuance of its use, but they are unable to borrow on mortgage except at high rates, He suggested advances be made on such properties while . negotiations are in progress. He also suggested a higher , rate of interest be paid on money owing property owner when an unreasonable delay in settlement occurs. Requests Actios .,-.' A request for action by the) government "was" ni a d e by- Dnrlnlnl,. I mIiu. it r.luu.ul who ft u , buy up property within Gatineau National .Park owned by the Province of Quebec. 'l Vm Bmiinimwil has triMl for years to buy the land from the former . Union NaUonal administration without success. he staled, but he was Sure busi- ness could be done with the new Liberal administration, 'Located in the Catineau Apparently the name Is not a new one. Young Pykowtisowanam is the namesake of his great - great-great-great-great great-grandfather, who was. an Indian chief. Roughly translated the name means, "See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil", - As a. happy footnote to Ottawa school teachers who may someday have the child in their classrooms, Pykow. tisowanam will be called Her bert Hotei wriich is "built on the Montreal road land that was obtained in exchance with the.' town. The agreement Was thst Mr: Kellv build a plaverbund ' Ky ninl. No Reason -'. ' He. bad no reason why council should i have kept the deal quiet for nine months until , K,lly i4 pi,y, ' m .round waa built accordini to groun. 'c'''c ichange cations and the -land ex i was a "food deal" for lik. ,au.m if l liarf maintained " ""'".". fc . . .. m d ivErDUfHi nts vuut -. . wfc. - - - - ... ,.,a " - - . . -""- -- la playground . ne aooea. Commissioner Blare poimeu out that "M"" I L -fc -X. "

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