The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 2, 1959 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 3

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1959
Page 3
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MONTMY. MARCH 2, 1959. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL TRENDS OF FUTURE r Fewer Big City Newspapers But More in Smaller Centres The Director of the "Airier- Iran Press Institute aid hrre ' Saturday nifhtTffia'r aTrjT( -lower pinfu. margin th tmil number of nwipaperr in Csn-Ida and the United Statu will increase. .Addressing the closing banquet of the Canadian Managing Editor' Conference. J. Montgomery Curtis ol ColWbi. New York, aald there would be fewer .metropolitan newspaper but many rrior tnsmallw'com-munities. la parta of the United Stalet 1 there recently were casea of rMrwapapera which had started 1 ai weeklies becoming biweeklies, triweeklies and finally dailies within two years Mr. Curtu laid newspaper would not be replaced by tele-vuion, which' aa it grew wai dealing leas with news and moretCith entertainment. Iow-ever newsmagazines w'e r a definitely on the rise and news-pa pen must employ the best production . techniques and strive to make news content as interesting as possible. It waa the duty of editors to.Umpoae a .better news- paper an your community that) your community do- NEHRU IN TROUBLE Party Revolt Over Land-Reform Glebe ... On' personnel Mr. Curtis i said a good, newspaper has no dirticulty attracting a good stiff. Newspapers could attract readera by turning out a good product and raising the standards of the area they serv e V V ' "I seriously think' he said, "the most important-Nthing is first - and foremost have fun, enjoy what you're doing. Value truth' live hv nrinrtnl alut manage your affairs so that youH ; nave sumr.ient time to improve lyour paper." Mental Health Panel Tuesday . - ' It t L i ' . - , ft 4 Gar Smashes Against Bus A tow-truck waa required to haul a car from beneath tha front end of an OTC bus early this morning after the two vehicles- collided at the intersection of Bank and Albert streets. was1 injured In the accident but damage to the car and bus waa heavy. " T Alice said - the bus was crossing ttie intersection and heading west on Albert street when it was struck on the left front side by the car heading north on Bank street. Force of the impact drove the car under the bus, ripping' off portion of the front aid of the OTC vehicle and )iftin its wheels Off the ground. Driver of the car waa Lawrence Union. 43. of 85 Poplar avenue, Kirkand Lake. Bua driver was Roger Petrin of J2 Cobourg street. Constable R F. Pepper investigated. BURNED MORTGAGE. bqVmanviixe, Out. cn The new community hall at nearby Solina 4a clear. Of debt. Tba mortgage oh tha old one waa paid off Just before it waa destroyed by fire In February, 1956. and citizene built a new hall on which the final debt was paid last week. , i I, - The Rhone Glacier m Switzerland during it recorded hie-tory has receded two milea, and now is eight milea long. SEE BATTLE FILiyt. T FKTKB JACKSON. , Amr,A . rh.ll.n.. NEW DELHI, March 2. Jup ,0 now. BuTthe threat to (Reuters) A right-wing revolt landowners container in his against Prime Mintster-Nehru's n.w poicy indicates a show-new land-reform policy mayidow(l r, brewjng. lead to the formation of a. Nehru steam-rollered the' sM'eZJTfaW. PrOPM' tt,rU,,h ,he P,rty1 potitrcat quarters here say. , T h'a re.liion Sir Saville Garner, United Kingdom High Commissioner to Canada, last night attended a special preview of a new British Aim based on the Battle of Dunkirk. Accompanying him was the Canadian Chief of the General Staff. LL Gen. Findlay Clark (right), and Major John Astill (left), assistant military adviser to thai UK High Commission. (Journal JPhoto by Dnanmlon Wdl LENTEN NOONDAY SERVICES KVIRVONK INVITED Monday through Friday, 11.43 to I.M p-m. CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL aMrkt-St. Nar Bihwi The Very Reverend G. HASTED DOWKER, M A, D.D. Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal. Que. Ll'NCH AVII.I.I IN i.aud Mtx Bsroal and rtu tub Slavics The Conservative faction of said: kl.V. r n ... tiok Farmer, wriild not. how-1 ,oi"t wKh Und ever, surrender their property ! w pooled for Jomt culuva. ri.M. .,.d i h. ni.n i fon- Farmers will continue to Tted-Ttated PUn.' ) retain their property rights and j- . m. , V get a jhare fronj. tbe net prod- r "An Insidious attempt to w. ii .-wmw,-. ,h.i, i.-h I bring In .cplteetlve farming on I rarthtr. those who actually work on toe. Und, whether they I own the land or not, will get, a share in proportion to the; Revived In New Film The Battle of Dunkirk was fought nearly 19 years ago and it seems a bit odd to be re-hashing it at this point un- K and shows of the hazards of unprepared-; dearth" of ness. t.n.i the Communist pattern by the back door", aaid Nehru's onetime friend. Minoo Nasani, ever, i film. who now sits In Parliament a. i work ( an independent 'f.rm" rt.u. Kinii, a gencrauv . Prof. secretary of the Congress Party, submitted his resigns The resolution added that! ceilings on existing and future tion when Nehru proposed the hold'"8' ho"' land reform at a recent annual party Conference. Another nowerfut foe of the proposal is former Governor imposed General C. P.. RajagOpalachari. Apert He called for the formation of i wingers. a conservative party ana received the Immediate support of many leading right-wingers, including Nasani. Jjm Leader. A major question In the formation of a new party ia who would be Its leader. At 80, RajagOpalachari ia too did to play major role. TWBTJf Nehru's colleagues Horn Minister Govlnd Ballabh Pant and Finance Minister Morarjl Deaal both are right-wingers but ruve remaihed There la almost no other loyal to their chief, politician of national stature who Could aland up to Nehru. The Congress Party, which has dominated the political scene for decades, contains most shades of opinion, from extreme right to extreme left It ia held together only by Nehru' dominance, of Indian politic. . --r Right-wing elements have Fears Civil War. Masani said a civil war might result if joint fanning is by force. from Congress right- a Conservative party might attract feudal elements' in tha countryside, small busirj nessmen and artisan and members of the right-wing Jan Sangh and Hindu Mahaiabha. India's Communist Party already has announced Its support for the proposal. INDIAN BUDGET. NEW DELHI. March 2. (Reuters) Finance Minister Morarjl Deaal Saturday presented India' biggest-ever budget, despite a cut In defence expenditure by more than 10 "percent from last year. Proposed expenditure amounted to. 8.391,800,000 rupees (SI.. 678.360,000). of which 2,426. In the Ontario budget last week 158,000,000 was provided for mental health, the largest item for welfare costs in tha budget It is estimated' the cost will rise to $100,-000.000 within Ave years. This is one reason why mental health has become so important to taxpayers, to those who suffer and their families. The whole subject will be treated at length during the panel discussion in Glebe Collegiate auditorium tomor row evening at eight o'clock arranged by the Academy of Medicine of Ottawa and the Journal. This lecture is free to all and written question will be welcomed. Five specialists in various phases of mental health will be on the panel. Dr. Rhodes Chalke, director of the department of psychiatry at the University of Ottawa's medical faculty, will be chairman. With him will be Dr. Angela Hefferman. Ottawa General Hospital; Dr. Courtney Evans, Ottawa' wartime movies, convey an ac Civic: Dr. Paul Christie ot curate picture of the rough the Ontario Mental Health 1 time had by the men on the Dunkirk Story MP Terms Hill News Dull and Inadequate By the Canadian Press. - i could help provide more wit CCF MP Douglas Fisher cgm-! himsy in the new. report plained Saturday that much of j b". n ,0 tJttni-the Parliamentary news written !rd of Commons speeches, for Canadian newspapers ii' Mr. Duffy said .the propor-dull, inadequate, repetitious llon of interpretive stone to a "tremendous 'actual news is a question for Interpretive ma-' editors to decide. ' ' In discussion from tha con- men terence Moor, it was suggest- It ktetat - -' t-hKafc4 f.At- L .. . 1 In rakrtl v naucrtaiiar m a urge new Drm.n ,K.. ' ', , ed that lhe nt for r,..t. r. ...W -1. aruava una. aaasi isvi at VI on he overall picture of glory makt u mediocre1 the quality of writing but this speeches and that Government ! was a problem that defied easy J, solution. Mr. Fisher.-CCF member ton The farmer', murk.t .-.,n snatched from the jaws of de- icii ny nmin mi iia(,iii; L w u dull litlla ilntiM uttkin t h Hi rrm John Mills, in the role of an British i unwillingly intrepid I Army corporal, and Richard' Attenborough. as an unwilling-i ly heroic small boat owner, 1 portray the military and civil-i ian aspect which together made the Dunkirk evacuation : successful. The action scenes, well in- Clinic and Dr. Stanley Abel- Ion-, Ottawa TCivic. AID FOR INDIANS. WINNIPEG. March 2 f) Aid toialllng $2,500,000 for Indian education in Manitoba will be provided during the next five years, John Gordon of Ottawa, head -ef welfare service for the Indian Affairs Branch, told an Indian-Metis conference here. The money will be spent on additional classrooms, staff Irving ouar- 800.000 rupees (H485.360.000) ten and other education facili-will go toward defence. I ties. - ! critic of the paper scene, comprising Eric Wells 01 Winnipeg Tribune as chairman, James McCook of The Ottawa Journal and Robert Duffy, political columnist for the Toronto Globe and Mail. tl. i ... . nr u . with clip. from actual ' ' conference here apd discussed ''Federal news i coverage r satisfactory or otrjerwise?" . Mr. Fisher dew general agreement when pe said the Press Gallery quarters in the Parliament Building are "atrocious". He also agreed that MP's frequently are dull In debate but he suggested that written wit and ridicule-assessed on the performance of individual MPs could help rectify matters. The fact Canada lacked the strong periodical press of Britain, for example, placed heavier responsibility on Canadian newspapers for well-written Port Arthur and a previous 0f Paris, known a Les Halle. lanaaian news-, has oneratMt ne.r th. I sat on a panel: ainre ih i?th rMn, i - i uic Family Reading Special SATURDAY EVENING. POST ONLY LADIES HOME JOURNAL $10 HOLIDAY J A. YEAR Single copy value f I8.M or 1 ONLY SATURDAY EVENINC POST j. $7.50 LADIES HOME JOURNAL J A YEAR Singl copy value: $I2.M 203 Sparks Street and Carllngwood Shopping Centre Both atdrea dial CEC-744 beaches. Attacks by acream-ing Stuke dive-bombers are particularly impressive. .The message, if such it can be called,- seems to be that bumbling doaa not win wars. But it probably haa been aaid before. GORDON DEWAR. Deaths Managing Editors Elect Simple? mm it. aiiifloruiff uhd MaBpUt,; L. N. Smith, St. Catharines L N. Smith of the St. Cth-i Other member of the board arines Standard Saturday was elected president of the Cana- ' dian Managing Editors Con ference. He aucceeda past president it.hia7.iraict.rii.i; e aucceeoa paw prcsiuem !i uu. a f. sW!.. w. H. Vaughan of the 'Windsor ii.brwt. uk) ji . c., Star who retired after two i xiut ksDTanma. wtum i ti lmi year aa, prvaiumu . .1 aiW - H.ip. bMi u utmj other officer are Emery T.xopiiltV.-uWSulS'S LeBlanc, f Moftcton L'Evange- nt kk. And u ela your aooaius auawaws aaa. rre' v i ' nr Tkt Cauataa Pru. ' STAMFORD, Conn. Max-i well Anderson, 70. Pulitzer I prrre-wlnning playwright and I author of "What Price Glory?" I MOSCOW. Sergei Starl-! interpretive material chevsky, , 45, vice-president of I the Internation Aviation Fed-; eration and a leader in Soviet I aviation sports, in a plane crash. NEW YORK. Mack Gor. A MEMORABLE TRIBUTE NEED NOT BE COSTLY A modtsr budget will cnat mora memorable tribute including our modern chapal. IS 19 Wellington St PA8-a77 are: Charles Bruyere, Ottawa, don, 54, lyric vyiter whose best La Droit:' J. Larkin.-Mont, i known annva were "Time On real Gazette; T. J. Dolan, My Hands" and "Chattanooga1 e. caplaa ltd. ride at - vice-president; P. M. fori; Brantford Expositor, tion chairman. second vice-president: and Wil liam Thomson. Regina Leader-Post, aecretary-treasurer. Directors elected to two year terms: Alfred Renaud, Quebec hi Soleil; J. A. Curran, Sault Stf Marie Star, W. T. Munns, : Toronto Glob and Mail; John M. Murphy, Truro Newa; Gwyn ' Kinsey, Oshawa Tun en -Gazette; I F. C. Barnes, Victoria Colonial Kingsbury, Toronto Star; Eric Wells. Winnipeg Tribune: C. M. Felunan, North Bay Nugget I The conference will hold its: next meeting .in Victoria . in May. 1960. M.. Barnes I to be conven- J The coverage supplied by The Canadian Presa, national newa , agency, waa complete but dully, written and newspaper editors should try to get away front: duplication of that report byj their Ottawa - correspondents, I Mr. Fisher said. Mr. McCook. president of the Parliamentary Press Gal-. NEW YORK Albert (Alble) )ery ,aid , reporter's first diity Booth, 51. .Yale University Ut prompt transmission of football hero of 1929-31 of a. newL perhaps Mr. Fisher, heart attack. I MONTREAL. Gordon R. BaD, 61, president of the Bank! of Montreal, - of a cerebal j hemorrhage. OTTAWA TEACHERS' COLLEGE ONI-YIAt AND TWO.TIAR XOUill areoffed ' leading to an Interim Elementary -School Teacher's .Certificate, valid in the elementary achool off Ontario. TMM OPINS SIPTIMtl a, !$. DeacriWirf booklet Teachinr in the Elementary Schools of Otifcrio," free T . . . , I . on requen. ,f ACAOIMIC RIQUIIIMINT FOR ANkUSSlOMl-ONI-TIAR COUtSli Standing in ejgut Grade IS paper, one of which ahall be English Coropoattkm or Cnglian uiteranira. . TWO-TIAR COURSIt Secondary School Graduation Diploma of the Ueneral fJourae. INTIRVIIWS WITH APPUCANTS art. conducted by the Committee of Selection. Secondary achool student . interested in entering Teacher' College ahould epply . for interview through the principal of their eecondary . tehooL Crther applicanta ahould write to: . THE PRINCIPAL, OTTAWA TEACHERS' COLLEC ts new sraitT ' .t ii stem sraitT "'ill : . .Vii s jy In siteataas l - .V.', ..N . ''. -j. ' 2 1 ' "J Be Sure to Visit THE JAYCEE nn mi, TONIGHT ' and all this week! at the COLISEUM DONT MISS Exciting exhibits that will plaasa everyone .' Unusual prizes for your home J Square dance demonstrations twice nightly Canadafs finest cooking school H1 MOO tos5000 Cisl lit mi iij ii jiir sl(iiliri to S atwMIn H mm tmit Imm. Ugar duPleuii ' CtJHnl S-4SSS IS BMtaa St, IMS Itl COMMUNITY FINANCE coar OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY' STORE HOUR t to p.m. Dally more funds available from BciffaoSiiii ' Effective immediatrly, Briui has removed all exchange-control restrictions on the transfer of legacies .to beneficiaries in Canada.' Persons emigrating to Canada will henceforth be allowed a "settling in" allowance of up to 5,000 pet family instead of,up to 2,000 as formerly. Consult your nearest Bank of Montreal branch for assistance in transferring funds of this nature to Canada or for advjee on any other foreign-exchange problem. I see Bank St Mkhs RES-OSSS KINSMEN NEWSPAPER No. 25 tm A Cr.tliw-.- H you or a neweatimtr from the United Kingdom . . . ask for a copy of our folder "Getting Along in Canada . . . Bank of Montreai NINE BRANCHES to OTTAWA and HULL ; ' r toaemyo).- ' Btaadxs alio at Culnaaa, Aliaoeta, Bus Ceeaer, Baekaackaas and CUy VWw i r y J' WITH JCMAPIMS IM IVIIYWAH Of ill! II H -A'- ; Mil j it i it t i , 1 ADMISSION: 50 CENT? ChOdree under 12 free when aecompaaUd by a adult ' ' ". HOME SHOW HOURS:' . -V - Today e Mb to llai. . Tomorrow l.eep.m. U II. p-a. , TODAY NUMBERS 1-23 f H-42 J 0-C3 ci'iiitV WIIIINS

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