Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 29, 1957 · Page 51
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 51

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 29, 1957
Page 51
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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1957. THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT. INDIANA PAGE THREE LONGCLIFF 'PILOT PLANT' Indiana Setting Pace For Treatment of Alcoholics "The problem of alcoholism | needs a tremendous amount of public education; there is so much ignorance about it" declares Laurence P. Smith, co-ordinator at the Alcoholic Rehabilitation vard at the Logansport state •hospital. Smith says, "Alcoholism hits all strata of society." Alcoholism and drinking are not synonymous. Alcoholism is an iilness for which there is no cure in the. forseeable future, according to most authorities. But, like some other illnesses, alcoholism csn be arrested. Alcoholism is said to be the nation s fourth greatest public health problem, numbering at least 120,- O'JO residents of Indiana among ils victims. Many other hundreds of thousands of people are affected indirectly either as relatives, employers, or friends of alcoholics Eight hundred and sixty-eight men and women were admitted to Indiana state-operated institutions in the last year for treatment as alcoholics, according to figures re- cfin.lly released by the division of mental health's alcoholism section. The figures for the year ending Noverber 30 included 820 men and only 48 women. HEADS 'CLIFF ALCOHOLIC PROGRAM (Staff Photo.) . Laurence P. "Larry" Smith, above, is co-ordinator of the Alcoholic Rehabilitation ward which was established at the Logansport state hospital in 1954. Forty-six Cass county residents are among the 1,350 patients who have been treated for alcoholism at LongcliK, more than all other state institutions combined. Although Indiana has seven in- O f the Division of Mental Health. stitutions with facilities for handling alcoholics, more than half of all commitments have been made to the Logar.sport state hospital. All local law enforcement officers are familiar with many cases in which Logansport residets, sent to jail for public intoxication, v/tre returned on the same charge a few hours following their release. Although judges realized that jails provided no real solution to the problem of alcoholism, until 953 there was nothing else that could be done, except send them to jail. Finally, after much from various agencies In addition to developing further the program for the rehabilitation of alcoholics it empowers the Section on Alcoho'.ism to conduct an educational program and to engage in research activities. The law defines an alcoholic as "any person who chronically and habitually uses alcoholic beverages to the extent that he loses the power of self-control with respect to alcoholic beverages; or any person who chronically and habitually uses alcoholic beverages to the extent that he becomes a men- I ace to the public morals, health, pressure] safety or welfare of the members such as of society in general." the Indiana Medical society, civic! commonly accepted symptoms groups, and members of Alcohol-| o£ t j, e disease include- ics Anonymous, the General As-j 1 Car/t contro i your drinking. sembly in March, 1953, passed an I ,. Drinkin act setting up a program for the j j n vour rehabilitation of alcoholics. j causes unliappiness 3. Lose time from work, possi- suport of the program by an ad-: job, due to usiness or your ditional $30 fee for the issuance : 4 - E> rink because of worry or of any alcoholic beverage permit trouble, or to lace a problem. to retailers and dealers. This mon- 1 5. Drink because you are shy ey is deposited in the ABC's en- or afraid of people. forcement fund and used for ad- 6. Drir.k alone. ministering the alcoholic treatment 7. Have a partial or complete law. In other words, the drinker loss of memory as a result of is paying for his own treatment. I drinking, The 1957 state legislature re- 8. Need a drink in the morning. vised the original law governing 9. Crave a drink at a certain the rehabilitation of alcoholics, set- time of day. ting up the Section on Alcoholism! 10. Feel remorse after drink- John W. Fisher Funeral Director As the task is ended .. . its rich rewards begin Richly rewarding is the spiritual harvest of a life, well lived. All the deep and abiding comfort of this truth is expressed in the funerals we conduct. Lady Attendant Mary E. (Kesling) Fisher AMBULANCE SERVICE Fasher Funeral Home 303 West Market Phone 3608 408-10 East Market START THE NEW YEAR R:GHT by making PILLOW SLIPS Just as Santa Clans and the Bunny are synonymous with Christmas and Easter, the making of Pillow Slips is in keeping with the observation of the New Year. Tradition has it that she who makes a new pillow slip on the first of the new year shall encounter Health, Happiness and Good Luck throughout that year. 1958 GOOD LUCK Pillow Tubing BE DOUBLE-LUCKY FIRST- Because you mak* a pair of Pillow Casei. SECOND- Because you use B 8t B Stores 42 inch fine quality, typ« 128 Pillow Tubing by Spring Mills B i- B DOWNSTAIRS STOKE ing. 11. Drinking affects your reputation. Any Indiana resident who believes that he is an alcoholic and who can obtain verification-of the fact from a licensed physician may ask the judge of a circuit, criminal, superior, probate or juvenile court in his home county for treatment under the law.. If opening of a ward exclusively for alcoholic women. The largest num. ber 'in the hospital at one time has been 14. The ratio of male, alcoholic patients to females has run slightly less than 13- to 1 on a statewide level. The number of women alcoholics coining to general public attention is increasing, but this is not necessarily an indication that more women are becoming alcoholics, according to Smith. He feels that it is an indication of more education of the public and more sympathetic understanding of their problem. There are two reasons why female alcoholics do not come to public attention as much as males, Smith says. One is the greater stigma attached to female alcoholics and the other is that it is easier for husbands or families to "cover up" for a female alcoholic, particularly if she is r.ot employed. Smitht, himself, is an "alcohol- ist," that is, a non-drinking alcoholic..Because he has been through "through the mill" himself he is better able to understand and overcome the problems of the alcoholics under his care. A graduate of Columbia university with the class of 1928, Smith is a colorful figure who just three months ago was commissioned a Kentucky colonel by Gov. Albert B. "Happy" Chandler. Collis Ringo, director of the Ken- OPENS AT LOGAN NEW YEAR'S DAY I "Kiss Them For Me" featuring Gary Grant, Jayne Mansfield and Suzy Parker opens a week's engagement at the Logan Theatre starting Wednesday. Will Harrison's Trail INDIANAPOLIS W)—A commission created by the Indiana Legislature to memorialize the trail followed by Gen. William Henry . , ,' . *-— luiiuweu uy vaeu. vviiiidm .neiJij' tucky commission on Alcoholism, j Harrison through western Indiana the judge agrees, the applicant cliff, Dec. 19, that he was held may be committed for treatment to a state institution. The first alcoholic patient was has said of Smith that he .„ _ times the amount he makes in his private industry make several times the amout he 'makes in his .present occupation. He is so grateful for his recovery, he is dedicating his life to helping others who have gotten into the slough of despondency. He is doing a wonderful job and is, I believe, the most dedicated man to the work of rehabilitating alcoholics I have met." It was evident at the reunion of the "graduates" of Wards H and I, the alcoholic wards at Long- high esteem by the former patients. Smith completed the Summer admitted to the Logansport state!School of Alcohol Studies at Yale hospital on January 10, 1954, and i university and also attended the in August, 1954, through the in-1 Midwest Institute on Alcoho terest shown in the program by j Studies last summer at Madison Dr. John A. Larson, who was then """ ' ' superintendent, a separate ward for male alcoholics, known as the Alcoholic Rehabilitation Ward, was opened at this- hospital. Since that time 1,350 alcoholics have been treated at "Longcliff. This is more than have been treated at all other state institutions combined. Longcliff has been referred to as the pilot plant of this program. For a long time it was the only state hospital with a separate alcoholic ward. Now there is one other at the Dr. Norman Beatty hospital, Westville. The local state hospital presently is treating 77 alcoholics, including 64 men in the 73-bed ward, five women, one. man in the tuberculosis ward, and seven in the receiving ward. Because of the small number of female alcoholics admitted to the state hospital, officials in charge of the program never have felt there was any justification for the treatment program at Longcliff. He laughingly reports that after te received his A.B. degree from Columbia, he received his B.A (Bachelor of Alcoholism) degree and now is working on his MA /Mastery of Alcoholism.) He ; j quick to give credit to Dr. John Southworth, Longcliff superintendent, who has shown a continuing interest in and a sympathetic understanding of the alcoholic treatment program instituted by his predecessor. Assistant Superintendent Frank Hogle, Dr. C. C. Mackey, who has been the ward doctor since May, 19o6, and other members of the' Longcliff staff also have given invaluable help to the alcoholic treatment program, according to Smith. Andorra is a republic in the Pyrenees mountains which has 5,500 people and an area of 191 square pal occupation. in 1811 is expected to hold its first meeting next month. The William Henry Harrison Trail Commission was set up to prepare a plan of the trail followed by Harrison's military expedition and arrange for designating roads, parks and historic shrines as the William Henry Harrison Trail. Counties traversed by the expedition were Knox, Sullivan, Vigo, Parke, Vermiilion, Fountain, Warren and Tippecanoe. The eight counties were defined by the 1957 act creating the commission as the William District. Henry Harrison Trail The Legislature expressed its intent to make the trail "a unified system of parks and historic shrines with connecting drives." No appropriation was made for the commission I.' it was empowered to accept donations and acquire property. It Harrison's expedition culmi- fore he died of pneumonia. He was the grandfather of Benjamin Harrison, the Hoosier President. The commission consists of 14 members appointed by the governor and three serving e? officio —the state conservation director, the chairman of the State Highway Commission, and the director of the Historical Bureau of the Indiana Library and Historical Department. The commission is to hold its first meeting within 30 days of the appointment of the members. Gov. Handley mp.i.e 'he appointments Dec. 1C out the meeting time, at which a chairman will be named I:as not been set as yet. The governor's appointments: Anton Hulman Jr., Terre Haute; Prof. Fred E. Brengle, Terre! Haute; State Sen. Leonard Conrad, Terre Haute; John G. Biel, Terre Haute; State Rep. Joseph A. Harris, Carlisle; State Sen. Matthew E. Welsh, Vincennes; Mrs. Edna Lauer, Williamsport; Herbert H. Heimlich, West La- CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Ind. ' Phone 624 nated in the Battle of Tippecanoe fayette; Judge Curtis E. Shake, Nov. 6, 1811, in which with 9001 Vincennes; Money Kelt, Clinton; men he defeated the Indians un-|Mrs. Harry T. Watts, Vincennes der Tecumesh. | State Rep. Donald E. Foltz, Clin- He was the first governor o; Indiana Territory, served as both a congressman and senator from Ohio, and was elected Presidenl in 1840, serving only 31 days be- Usually *10'* For 2 weeks only Sarong—the completely different, completely wonderful criss-cross girdles that walk, and never ride iip—are specially priced. Only Sarong's patented, sling-like construction lifts, slims and supports you exactly as nature intended. Sarong improves your posture—you stand straighter, look younger. And Sarong is go comfortable. Walk, bend, sit—it doesn't matter.. Sarong never, never needs adjusting. Let us fit you with a Sarong. Two popular styles (#102 and #104) from our regular stock. No seconds, no irregulars. Don't delay. Come in while this excity ing event lasts. Contract BRIDGE TRUMP BREAK IS NOT FATAL By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NEA Service If you want to have fun with today's hand don't look at the ast and West cards. You are in four hearts and West starts proceedings by leading ace, king and another spade. You trump the third spade and need 10 tricks. If everything breaks you can make 11. If hearts break you can play safe against a four-one clubi ton, Mrs. Alaxda McColIough, Stockwell, and Dr. William M. Sholty, Lafayette. Hubert H. Hawkins, Indianapolis, state historical bureau director; John Peters, New Albany, chairman of the State Highway Commission, and Edwin K. 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