Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1934 · Page 14
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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1934
Page 14
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HAJUUSBURG jgJSJj TELEGRAPH 14 WEDNESDAY EVENING . MARCH 7, 1934 STANDING OF THE CREWS . Enola Yard B Trick, Philadelphia Di vision. Road crews Firemen for SO - B. 1 - JB. Engineers up Holland, J. Hinkle, Bheaffer. Kanp. McNallev. Feu. ' Firemen up Kensler, Taylor, Holmes, Sanders. Benter, Boyer, Meek. Metz, none, copp. Kline. " Brakemen up Last nut. C. E. Jacobs. Harrisburg and Enola Side, Philadelphia vivision. Koaa crews Harrisburg engine crews first to go aiier jz.ui r. M. via, mm. Harrisburg train crews first to go after 12.01 P. M. 101, 104. Enola engine crews first to go after lif.W P. M. 219, 204, 210, 209, 214, 216, 317, 211. Ambov. 325. 331. 333 320. Enola train crews first to go after 12.01 F. M - 213, 203. 217, 203. 216, 212. Amboy, 325. 322. 329, 331, 321. Enola Jersey train crews first to go aiter 12.01 p. m. 637. tv, eos. bjj, en, . 623. 627. 625. 643. 6353 Jerseys. Enola Jersey engine crews first to go alter iz.01 p. M. 9i, M. wi, ei, en, 613. 631, 643, 619, 607, 651, 625, 609, 653. 627. 621. 655. 645. 623. 611. Camden train crews first to go after 12.01 P. M. 176. 171. 173. Engineers for 391, 333, 219, 172, 609, 623. 677. Firemen for 211, 219, 171, 501, 631, 637, 639. Conductors for 212, 625, 633. Brakemen for 203, 213, 323. 623. 623, Engineers up Conley. Krebs. Miller, Snoop, Gross, Kaufffhan, Everhart, Neff, vanasnn, Keim. coiiins. Fung. Firemen up Edleman, Shishkoff. Kim - jnick, Ressler, Swicegood, YIhgst, Kiscad - den, Smithgall, Leitbeiser, Kugle. Kase, Plank, Strieker, Shopp. Fenstemacher, Brown, Daullary. Doyle, Ellis. Conductors up Bowers, Coffman, Gump, Coder. Linsenmayer. Brakemen up Zerbe, Stiles, Smoker, TJnderwood, Mitzel, Sheesley, Hornberger, Gilner, Bejford, Books, Arbegast. Lber, Eenshaw, McElewee, Stoll, Cooper, Beni - dict. Kirk, Etzweiler, Poff. Dorsett. Focb - linger, Boffenmyer, Manuels, Derrick, Dietz. Miller. Harrisburg Yard C Trick, Philadelphia Division. Road crews Engineers for 30 - C. Engineers up Saltzman. Landis, Har - ter, Biever, Blosser, Malaby. Firemen up Hamilton, J. R. Miller, Waltz, Hall, Desch, Graham. Dougherty, E. F. Eyde, Ewing, Hitz, Peiffer, Snell, "SCHUYLKILL" MEDIUM HARD ANTHRACITE NUT COAL CASH PRICE fTrrrpTTftvar. sttf HIGHEST QUALITY! ARNOLD COAL & SUPPLY CO. PHONE 8318 With Spring in the Air There is Nothing Like . REAMER'S WALLPAPER To Take the Winter Gloom From Your Living Room You Will Find Our Selection Large & Our Reductions Great Reg. 33c Value 30 in. aun tested Plastics for living room and hall. Reg. 10c Value Bedroom and Kitchen Patterns eoc Reg. 20c Value Sun tested bedroom patterns. Free Trimming. Paper Left Over We Buy Back. IN OUR PAINT DEPT. 4 - HR. DECORATIVE QO - ENAMEL, Quart UUW INSIDE FLAT and Ct QE GLOSS WHITE. Gal. ...VUU HOUSE PAINT, Inside CI 75 or Outside, Gal J) I . I O V. A. Reamer & Son SIXTH AND REILY STS. Next to Atlantic Filling Station Store Hours 8 A'. M. to 8 P. M. Fleisher. Wagner, Richter, Keiser, Oettyi, Sheets, Bair. Brakemen up Last out. McCann. Harrisburg and Enola Side, Middle Dl - viciAn T?na H rpewjb Enola engine crews first to go after 12.01 p. m. hi. no. im, in n 13.11 Altoona. Enola' train crews first to - go after 12.01 P. M. 142. 121, 127. 12, lira. 146. 145. 132, 128. 144, 131. Engineers for 139. xiremen for 443. Brakemen for 131. 132. Engineers up Sheeley, Gipple. Firemen up Peterman, Radel, Arnold, Bickert. Brakemen up Sheerer, Danner, Dare, Fisher, Johnson, Bitner. Clemm, Arter, Fultz. P.I R. R. PASSENGER CREWS Middln Division Extra enginemen marked up at 12.01 P. M. Briggles, Ressler. Steel, Baker, Goede, KauSman, Shees ley, . . Enginemen wanted ior 31 - n. Extra firemen marked up at 12.01 P. M. Norford Fletcher, Simmons, Tippery, Zeiders, Kuntz. Firemen wanted for oia - s, a - A. Philadelphia Division Extra enginemen marked up at 12.01 P. M. Dolby, Davis, Yeater, Ashton, Relsinger, Lambert. Extra firemen marked up an iz.ui Enginemen wanted for 36 - A. P. M. Eckman, Killian. Gillums. Keiiy, Lutz. Mundis, Bohr. Cook. Firemen wantea tor jo - a, bju - . WilliamsDort Division Extra enginemen marked up at 12.01 P. M. Batey, Ferer, C. Dannaker. stratton, xoung, woucw. W. Dannaker. Williamsport Division Extra xiremen marked up at 12.01 P. M. Berger, Stickle, Crowl, Hufnagle, Bingaman. Wetzel, Etz - weiler. Michaels, Downs, Keefer, Reardon. Philadelphia Division conductors up Rankin. Emery. Atkins, wuson. Brakemen up Crist, onuas, utxa. Miller. Forney, Lefever. Brakemen for 570. Middle Division Conductors up Balt - haser, Knight, Ammon, King. Brakemen up Woods, Bowman, Berrier, Davis, Sulhamer, Smith, Hammond. conductors ior a, s, eu. Baggagemasters for 25, 663. 609, 623. Brakemen for 15. 25, 75, 5, 65. Williamsport Division Conductors up Wolfe. Scholvin, Wilt. Brakemen up Showers, Eyer, Wilhelm, Cooper, Kint, Morris. Yarnell. Baggagemasters ior bji. Baltimore Division Conductors up Rosier. Irwin, Nackel. Brakemen up Farr. Fyie, seaenst, Zeck, Gratz. THE READING P. H. and P. Fool Harrisburg Division Engineers for AL - 1. Firemen for uetn star. Conductors for HP - 8. Brakemen for HP - 8. Engineers up Sweeley, Ketter. Barn - hart, Hollingsworth, Lape, Pletz, Wyre, Neidhammer. Merkle. Wierman. Firemen up Miller, Warfel, Nye, Sna - der, Bingaman, Bowers, Chronister, Stoner. Anders, Rumbaugh, Kope, Brick - ley, Bover. Anspach, Fulton, Witcomb, Miller. Martin. Deisroth, Lex. Dowhower, McMullen. Rohland, Carl. Heisler, Bru baker, Harman, Moyer. Lower, Miller, Al vord. Miller. Conductors up Shover, Fleagle, Taylor, Beaver. Brakemen up Engle, Law, Ryan. Smith Binkley, Hamm, Hamm. Emerick, Stewart, Brown. Harlan. Baadori, Marks, welana, Mengle, - King, Graeff, Sterner. Sherk, Boltz. Kerstetter, Warner, Mumma, Col dren, Remley. Yochum. Mast. Zellers, Arnold, Seighman. Rodemaker, Graelf, uevme. 3 Price Trend Is Higher Despite Inactive Demand New York, March 7, (AP). Stocks pushed a trifle higher in the early trading today. Dealings turned quiet, however, following a fairly active opening. Telephone, u. S. Steel. New York Central, Montgomery Ward, Du Auburn and American Can ad vanced around a point each. Smaller gains were shown by American Pont and Bethlehem. Motors was unchanged. General NEW YORK STOCKS YOUNG TRAINRIDERS ARE SENT HOME Four boys each 16 years of age, who rode from Philadelphia to Enola on a freight train, and walked to this city, were picked up at the Pennsylvania Railroad station by railroad police. They had some cash between them and admitted they were runaways after being questioned. The boys parents were communicated with and later were sent back. They gave their names as Thomas Walsh, Edward Coll, Robert Shuman, and Joseph Van - debin. They wanted to go further west, but was discovered getting off the train at Enola, and made a getaway, coming to Harrisburg. Philadelphia Produce Philadelphia. March 7. ( AP) . Flour hay, cheese, live poultry, dressed poultry unchanged. Butter Unchanged. Wheat No. 2 garlicky, domestic spot and March delivery, Si'iC bid. Corn No. 2 yellow western, 62,,465'4c, Oats No. 2 white, 46 48c. Look at the Real the Classified ASa. Estate Values in A pura,tmooih gin with a delightful bouquet. U'Lf iMI t - 55 I CAVALIER is distilled f ' SV JWs. V Xl br America'! iaraeai i k fc&ltx rT XJ dUtHUry for lhote U WM If Y H ; who ward a good gin T&&jK I Fl ai a reaaonable price. .SSfe' - '"'' :ia ? A U AT ALL STATE LIQUOR STORES New York, March 7, (AP) Latest stock quotations: Adams Express Air Reduction 99 Alaska June 20 Allegheny 3 Allied Chemical 151 American Can 102 America! Corn! Alcohol 53 American Foreign Power .... 10 American Rad St JS .14 American Smelt ...... 45 American Tel and Tel 121 American Tobacco B 72 American Water Works 20 Anaconda 15 Atchison 66 Auburn 56 Baltimore an d Ohio 30 Bendix 19 Bethlehel Steel 45 Bethlehem Steel pf 77 Borden 23 Can Pacific 16 Case (J. T.) 75 Cerro De Pas 35 Ches and Ohio 44 Chrysler ... 56 Com'l Solv 28 Com with Sou 2 Cons Gas 39 Cons Oil 13 Cont Can 79 Corn Prod 73 Del L and Wn 29 Du Pont 99 Eastman Kod 88 Elec and Mus 6 Elec Auto - L 29 Gen El 21 Gen Foods 33 Gen Mot .38 Gen Refract 20 Gillette 11 Gold Dust 19 Harbison Walker 22 Hershey 51 Homestake Mng 347 Hudson Mot 20 Int Harv 42 Int Nick 25 JohnsMan 57 Kennecott 20 Lehigh Val R R 18 Ligg and My B 88 Loew's 32 Lorillard 17 Mont Ward 32 Nash Mot 27 Nat Bisc 41 Nat Cash Reg ,. 20 Nat Dairy 16 N Y Cent 38 N V V H hnri H ISa! Noranda 38 U S Ind Ale 55 TJ S Rubber 20 TJ S Smelt .....126 U S Steel 55 Util P and L 4 Vick Chem 31 West Union 56 West El and Mfg 40 Woolworth 50 Cities Svc 3 Elec Bond and Sh (Curb) ... 18 PRESBYTERIANS FIND BASIS FOR REUNION Charlotte, N. C, March 7. A joint committee representing the Presbyterian Church in the United States and the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church of the South announced here it had unanimously agreed upon a basis for organic un ion of the two bodies a subject of consideration and negotiations for a quarter of a century. NEW YORK EGGS New York, March 7, (AP). Eggs, 43,352, firm. Mixed colors, special packs or selections trom fresh receipts, 19 - 20'2C; standards and commercial standards, 18' i - lflVic; firsts, 17'ic; seconds. 16Va - 1634C; mediums. 39 pounds and Dirties No. 1. 42 pounds, 163,4c; average checks, l"c. BETTY B00P IN THE FLESH AT COLONIAL What to Do, See and Hear By L. U. K. iif i Jj"L" ""V. lmt STATE MARKET BUREAU REPORT Packard 5 Penn R R 35 Phila Rdg C and I 15 Phil Pete 17 Pub Ser N J 38 Radio 81 Rem Rand 2, sears Koeo 48 Socony - Vac 17 South Pac 28 South Ry 32 St Brands 22 St Gas and El 12 St Oil Cal 38 St Oil N J 46 Tex Corp 26 Timk Roll B 37 Transamerica 7 Un Carbide 45 Unit Aire 24 CAST James Dunn, Claire Trevor, Alan Edwards, Gertrude Michael, John Davidson, Robert kcWade, Effie Ell - ser, Jay Ward. Little Ann Little, who's no rela tion to Little Jack Little (Hi, Mary) is boop - a - doop - a - doing at the Co lonial Theater these days (last appearance Thursday 10.15 p. m.) and Miss Pauline Comanor, one of those lightning - like artists, is sketching anything the audience calls for. Last night she did a Clark Gable and ten fellows in one row adjusted their neckties as Betty (beg pardon, Ann) told 'em to pull in their ears. Miss Comanor is the theme artist for the Betty Boop cartoons, in and out of the ink pot. Ann, by the way, is Betty III. There have been two others, all of whom put on extra weight or lost the squeak in the voicebox, Miss Little was born in Brooklyn, sang first on the stage at 8 years, doing a sister act. Then the older sister went her way and Ann hers into Max Fleischer's studios. She was just the type. Big audience on hand to welcome her last night, most of whom, seemed to enjoy the mimicry which reminded of Helen Kane, original boop - a - dooper, and Gracie Allen. Silent pictures are shown as Ann sings the words. There's also a sound Betty Boop. "Hold That Girl" is the feature picture, the yarn of the breezy girl reporter (Claire Trevor), who rides strange automobiles once too often (almost!) and a wise - cracking de tective (James Dunn), who gets his girl, even after she flirts with a big racketeer. An entertaining film at least. Best shot: Claire Trevor doing a fan dance in the courtroom. She had joined the dancers to get a story from raider theater to courtroom, riding in the patrol wagon. Very much inexperienced, giving Jimmy and the Judge a laugh. Screen Souvenirs" always good and you'll like Joe , Kirkwood's Unit, Corp 6 'comedy golf sequence. Unit Gas Imp 17 LUK. OF IMPORTANCE TO b usiness men! it The new Bell TeUphen Directory Is about to go to press I Make sure the YELLOW PAGES display your name and product. An advertisement In the YELLOW PAGES reaches prospects when they want to buy. It answers their questions of "WHO sells it T " - "WHAT do you sell ? " "WHERE are you located?" Says one distributor about his listing In the YELLOW PAGESi "We cannot afford to be without It" and thousands of business men echo his statement. Call y the Business Office for detailed Information and advertising rates. THE CLASSIFIED TELEPHONE DIRECTORY "Tells WHO Sells!" T H t Kit TEltPHONE COMPANY Of PINNSYIVANIA M0VIETIMES and MOVIE - THEMES (As Announced by Managers) LOEW'S: 12.00, 2.00, 4.00, 6.00, 8.00, 10.00. "Moulin Rouge": Constance Bennett In dual role in backstage drama. And Franchot Tone'i wild about Connie. Musical aequences and chorines galore. COLONIAL: 12.40, 8.S5, 4.S5, 6.20. 8.15, 10.15. "Hold That Girl": The yarn of the girl reporter and the detective. On the stage lour times daily (2.20, 4.20, 8 and 10), Betty Boop's voice in person of Little Ann Little. VICTORIA: 11.40. 1.43. 8.48. 5.49, 7.52, 9.5S. "Bolero": Dance drama with George Raft, Carole Lombard and. of course, Sally Rand. Remember the "Bolero" scene in Mr. Carroll's Vanities once upon a time? STATE: Continuous Vaudeville and Stage Show, starting at 1.30. LEGAL NOTICES 91 LEGAL NOTICES 91 NOTICE is hereby eiven to all oersons interested in the followine Executors'. Ad ministrators', Guardians', and Trustees' Accounts which have been duly passed and remain on nle In tne Register's onice or Daupnm county; saia accounts wui do presented to the Orphans' Court for confirmation on Monday March 26, 1934, at 10 A. M. ' . No. Estate Accountant ' Account 1 OTawham Elizabeth S.. Charles Bnvd and Oscar Neumver. Exec utors First & Pinal 2. Garner, J. 35. Hon. Wm. D. Gordon, Secretary of Banking, in possession of business and property nf Reeuritv Trust ComDanv. Trustee for John Elmer Garner Account 3. Rueda. Frederick Horace A. Setrelbaum. Administrator .... First & Final A .trthn.tnTl ravir! . fVimmnnw.altl, Triifi PfimiMnf Admin - istrator, D. B. N. First 4t Part'l S. Jones, Maurice R. ... Central Trust Company, Harrisburg, Pa., Administrator First & Final J.Vaughn, Patrick H. ...Central Trust Company, Harrisburg, Pa., Trustee Account 7. Putt, Margaret John Elijah Putt, Executor First & Final 8. Pearson. Mary Harris.. William parnn Admintatratnr Account 9. Brown. George L. ....Camp Curtin Trust Co., Executor Second Acct - 10. Stouffer, Emma 8. ....Elizabeth M. Hassler, Administratrix .... First & Final 11. Shope, Riley B Vlolette Shope, Executrix Flrrt & Final 12. Shisslak, Mary Allison - East End Trust Company, guar dian for Margaret Shisslak First & Final 13. Helges, George S Schuyler C. Heiges. Administrator First & Final 14. Smith. Georae L Carrm niiTtfn Truk r. Shteeutor Account 15. CopUnky, Sophi Samuel Finkelstein. Executor First & Final io. MUier, iiannan a Howard R. Miller, Administrator First nnai 17. Lubow, Percy A Jennie Lubow, Administratrix First & Final 18. Sweney, Thomas J. ...Marv M. Barner, Executrix Flrt & Final 19. Fickes, C. Ella AL K. Thomas, Executor Account 20. Pearson, Ellen Walter L Pearson and Agnes Elizabeth Pearson Humble, Executors First dr Final 21. Balser, Lewis Elmer Balser and Camp Curtin Trust Co.. Executors Account 22. Shultz, Louisa A Isaiah F. Shultz, Administrator First & Final 23. Hoover, John A W. W. Hoover. Executor First & Final 24. Troup, Abraham C. ...Union Trust Company of Penna., Admin istrator, O. T. A. First Si Final 25. Shank. Calvin L. .... Estelle M. Tritt and Harvey C. Shank, Executors First St Final 26 Wilson, Henry H Lily Tyler Wilson, Executrix First & Final 27. McFarland, Bertha M.. George o. McFarland, Administrator Account 28. Rohrbach, William J. George Conrad Rohrbach and Emma Lula Patton, Executors . , First & Final 28. Kunkel, Samuel Hon. Wm. D. Gordon, Secretary of Banking In possession of business and property of Mechanics Trust Company, ... . . Trustee Account 30. Kunkel, Samuel Hon. Wm. D. Gordon, Secretary of Banking, in possession of business and property of Mechanics Trust Company, Trustee Account Hon. Wm. D. Gordon, Secretary of Bank ing, in possession of business and property of Mechanic Trust Company, Trustee Account 32. Steel, Effi H. Freed e. Vollmer, Executrix First & Final S3. Soladay, John A Philip S. Moyer, Executor First St Part'l 34. Thompson. Latherlno L. William V, Thompson. Administrator, . . C. T. A First St Final so. Aooens, Alexander a.. Harrisburg Trust Company, Executor and Trustee First k Final 36. Irwin, Jenny L. Farmers Trust Company of Mlddletown, Administrator, C. T. A First St Final 37. McKenrick, Nettie B...Emma Kuntz, Administratrix, C. T. A... First de Final 38. Matter, William L ....Mary J Matter, Executrix First St Final 39. Kautz, Sarah A. John S. Kautz. Margaret C. Zorger and R. E. P. Kautz, Administrators First St Final 40. Brunner, Martin Harrv Brunner, Executor (now deceased), stated by Minnie Brunner, Admx First St Final 41. Neagley. Emma E Commonwealth Trust Company, Executor. First St Final 42. Wetzel. J. Edward ....Ralph L. Stauffer. Administrator First St Final Filed February 22, 1931 MEADS D. DETWEILER. JR., Register of W8l. ; . 31. Kunkel, Elizabeth O. Ramon Novarro and Jeannette MacDonald in "The Cat and the Fiddle," at " - J f - - owmQ, a UlUJIkBl SHbbCaS U 1 BCPSVUl June East Vamps Moon King! Etc! Scanning Script of Mask and Wig Show. tf - ASY PICKINS," a musical take - off with happy landings! That's Pj University of Pennsylvania's Mask and Wig Club's show, which will lure the sons of the Red and Blue to the Hershey Community Theater the evening of April 10. A script is at hand, thanks to the co - operation of one Mr. Dick Deichler. August and September Pickins, two stratosphere explorers, seem to have the top assignments . . . And then there's June East (is Mae West in the house?) . . . The King of the Moon, who sometime during the evening will be intrigued by June . . . The Queen . . . The Prime Minister . . . The Vice King . . . Countess Luna . . . Daffy, a moon man. . . The Mayor and his daughter ... a radio announcer . . . Mrs. Apple - bottom . . . two henchmen of the Mayor and the manager of the dairy . There must be a milky way se quence . . . And of course the moon is made of green cheese. S7LY ON" is the opening H chorus,, voiced by mayor et al., at the airport to see the explorers off. There's a mayoral speech and the presentation of the key to tne city . . . Later the mayor's daughter swaps September Pickins, the key to her apartment for the key to the city . . . It's a deal and the musical number's "Here My Key" ... And, of course, the East gal goes along, having designs on the Man in the Moon or something. The gondola of the balloon Is a mass of Joe Cook gadjets. After the duet, "I Want Some One to Mother Me," they're off. 'Curtain! Moon locale! June has ideas, gives the Prime Minister the wink but is wary until she has seen the King, who may be Easy Pickins. Who knows? Everybody sings "Old Man Moon" and there's a fanfare of trumpets. By this time the King has had an eye - full Qf the curvacious June and fires the Prime Minister. Theme song: "Easy Pickins." The King has his eye on June and the Queen has hers on the King. You get the idea. COWS in the moon kingdom go dry and the earth visitors are jailed, the King promising June they'll be out in the morning. Jail sequence and the song's "Loneliness." June and the Pickins Boys are celled. By this time the Queen has felt the sex appeal of August and wants him to de - throne the king and take things over . . . It's a big scene when the King opens August's cell and finds the queen on the prisoner's lap. The song's "Nasty Man." Page Joe Penner. Must be a trial! To music, of course. The arid udders cf the dairy cows inspires a cowboy number and the song's "The First Round - Up." And then there's a ballet of the cows "the cows or the milky way." Things seem to wind up when June East is crowned Queen of the Moon, the king having procured a speeay divorce . . . Music finale! Sounds like a good show and Philadelphia, March 7, (AP) Beets topped basket, 40c - $1.00; bushel, 75c - $1.50. Carrots bushel, 75c - $1.26. Parsiips bushel, 60c - $1.00. Turnips white, bushel, 30c - 50c; rutabagas, 100 - pound sack, $2.00 - $2.25. Potatoes white, 100 - pound sack, $2.00 - $2.25; No. 2s, $1.25 - $1.50. Sweet potatoes, New Jersey, bushel, $1.00 - $1.25; Maryland sweets, $1.00. Apples, bushel, $1.00 - $1.65. Mushrooms, 3 - pound basket, 25c 75c. Celery, bunch, 5c - 10c. ARCHITECT LICENSED John K. Bixler, Boiling Springs, is one of the ten architects licensed by the State Board of Examiners of Architects at its recent meeting. A MID - WEEK BRIGHTSPOT Drop in tonight for a dance, a drink and a sandwich. The cost is little, the benefits worth while. HOLLYWOOD CLUB 8 Minutes from Hbg. on Carlisle Pike NO COVER CHARGE JMIUIUliMWjMWMMllllll t gmt - m'mi - , - si Mr m III ) I - IfPifS hi STEIN WAT Grand, Recital 4 used; like new f) Priced about t J. H. Troup's - 15 S. Mkt. Sq. Jean Parker and Tom Brown, "Two Alone," film with State's new vaudeville nrst times tomorrow. All Types Dancing Taught BALLROOM CLASS Meets Every Wednesday at 8 F. M. CLASS LESSONS SOe MEL - DUN SCHOOL OF DANCING Boxy Theater Bldg., 13th and Deny Phone 2 - 2412 MELLINGEB - DTJNFEE CHICAGO BUTTER Chicaro, March 7, (AP) .Butter, 621 1, firm; creamery specials (93 score). 2634 - 27c; (92 score), 26c; extra firsts (90 - 91), 25!i - 26c; firsts (88 - 89), 24 - 25c; seconds (86 - 87). 23c; standards (90 centralized carlots), 26c. Eggs, 813,382, firm; extra firsts. 16'2 - 1634C; fresh graded firsts, I6V4 - I6V2C; current receipts, 15c. FREE 'TONIGHT FREE DELICIOUS LUNCH Follow the Crawds Every Night For A Jolly Time at the BESSAMER HOTEL 243 Main St. Steelton, Fa. The Bise of the Curtain Brings You Del and Dave, the Harmony Twins Jackie Steele, Doing the Bhumba D. Crosby Wallower, Sweet Trumpet Solos Skipper Sandich, Impersonator of the Hula and Tap Dancer. A Week The Hollywood Cadets FOUR CONTINUOUS SHOWS LAST TIMES TODAY A BIG FIVE - ACT STAGE SHOW FEATURING THE ROMANTIC TENOR WILLIAM O'NEAL Featured Artist of the Pontiae Hour Over the Columbia Network LEE TWINS & CO. In "The Dance ModelIstIc,, THREE OTHER HEADLINERS ON THE SCREEN I BELIEVER IN YOU!! Rosemary Ames' John BoleVktorJory TOMORROW - BARON LEE AND HIS CREOLE FOLLIES 45 PEOPLE 45 TONIGHT FREE SPAGHETTI ALBANI CAFE 207 Chestnnt St. DINE AND DANCE Spirituous Liquors, Beer, and Ale RED MILL INN DANCING NIGHTLY GOOD FOOD AND BEVERAGES PRICES REASONABLE York Highway between Hbg. and York PRIVATE BOOMS FOB PRIVATE PARTIES BANQUETS A SPECIALTY CHARLEY KEAN. Owner Opening Under New Management AMERICAN INN On Biver Drive at Heckton Beer and Ale, Large Mug, lOe Dine and Danes DANCING EVERY NIGHT To the Music of JOHN MILLER And His Band at CIMINO CAFE 118 S. 2nd St. Formerly Metropolitan Nlte Club TONIGHT ACE OF CLUBS 456 Mohn St. Steelton DINE AND DANCE Beer and Ale on Draught Johnnie Grass and His Band From 9 till ? FRANKIE JENACO, Prop. ciive Brook, opposite Irene Dunn, at we're guessing the lad who does the the Victoria Friday in "If I Were Only Junp wt U ty.m eV,nm New tomorrow: munity Theater . Stage show and picture at . the Hershey Com - . New bill at the "State. Heading in Friday: Loew's, "Cat and the Fiddle." . . . Victoria, if 1 were Only Free." . . . Colonial, watch the ads , . , What is it Harry? As bright as day where all are gay and music fills the air . . . The bright night spots where some are pots and all will soon be there .. .. . Scan the ads. CABARET": Yesterday we said tomorrow, which is today! Might mae Denina tne old saying, "Tomorrow never comes," hence no review of the play, which the Harrisbure Community The ater players gave the world at the Jewish Community Center Monday nignt, repeating last night and tonight's your last chance ever to see this play, reminiscent of "Murder at the Vanities." But a promise made is a debt unpaid! Henning Nelms, the director, wrote it. Musical scores were the work of Alice Decevee Mitchell and Fred C. Morgan, did much to create the desired atmosphere. Murder to music. A dancer drinks from the boss' flask and firms flatter'n apiece of cemented linoleum. Like Marley, he was dead as a aoor nan. Who? Why? How? Nice howdy - do for the cabaret's New Year's Eve celebration a few hours in the future. It's about noon now. Mere come tne detectives a de bonair youth, who's to spend more time singing songs to one of the dancers than in getting his man, and a blustering gentleman, who isn't, going to see the New Year in. Dry, he takes a swig from the poison container and goes down like an ox hit with a hammer. My! My! Another murder! Wasn't the depression terrible? But this ain't all. In the second act there's gun play on a darkened stage gun play, . that reminds of What Price Glory" battle scenes but all the bullets went wide. Is this a cabaret or a shooting gallery? The program requests that we tell you little about the plot. So oo! As a matter of fact!! A FEW impressions: Stage setting one of the best yet . . , Lighting effects good ... Carpenters did a good Job . . . John W. Wilson in good character as a doddering Paul Whiteman in quest of a cigaret or. a drink . . . Jane Gannett's dancing fine and the drop from the balcony was a thrill . . . Our heart was in our mouth, fearing Frank Menaker might miss ... He's done a good job picking up the part in a few days (Bob Fohl ill) . . . Was that bump on the head in the script? . . , Ouch! ... Miss Gannett a good trouper there . . . Dan Vollmer and Wilson did good turn in the buffoonery sequence . . . Jack Kelly's excellent acting . . . Jack missed a claim to fame by not cigaretting one of the toy balloons in the Vollmer get - up ...... Th non chalance of the girl, speaking of the murderer, "Is he gone yet?" . . . A. Boyd Derr always competent . . Should be more off stage music . Edwin (Ted) McKay did exceptionally well in the Rasputin part (for want of a better description) . . . the be - whiskered, unkempt figure, who was, nothing if not out of place ... But Mr. McKay did an expert bit of characterization . . . First honors to him, Miss Gannett and Mr. Wilson . . ; The end of the page and perhaps It's Just as well! In closing: All praise to those who had anything to do with Cabaret," an all - Harrisburg product and perhaps our discomfiture was occasioned by the meanings of our companion, the 'Roundabout Secretary, who that very evening had been pulled loose from an aching tooth ... Amenl. COMMUNITY THEATRE Mon., Mar. It One Nile Only Fanoaa FIra Chlal al Radio la person ed wynn "The Perfect Fool" I Hit Mulcal Lssshqstlct "An EretKag'g Entertainment" Company of 65 . , 1 1 - 2 houri of 1m Price. Lose a Oreh. Si.75; S.S0; 1.6S Balcony $1.65 a 1.10 Including Tax b. Constance, Beett FRANCHOT JONE1 "MOULIN ROUGE" Hear These Radio Favorites RUSS COLUMBO BOSWELL SISTERS FRIDAY i nnwinnA k llVYAKKVs mACDOnALD SOON ANNA STEM 111 'NANA' COMMUNITY THEATRE Thurs. - Fri. - Sat., Mar. t - 9 - 10 ON THE STAGE "BROADWAY MERRY . GO - ROUND" A Syncopating Rovue of J Mirth . . Melody . . and Danes ; ON THE SCREEN I "AS HUSBANDS CO" j Warnei Baalet a Helen Vinion Thurs. & Fri. On Show, 7.30 P.M. Sat. Two Shows, 4.30 & 9.00 fM, Admission SO ft 75e Inelu. Tax. "CABABET" CAST Dancer Marion Shaw Hank Pritchard A. B. Derr Betty Pritchard Eleanor Pedlow Maxle Strauss Chester A. Good Marcos Arrlaga Prank Menaker Waiter Raymond Clark Susie Edwin McKay Musician Daniel Vollmer Kosta Popa J. Wayne Berge Arthur Swan John Wilson Ruby Alys Zita Cummings Gert Janice Householder Zora Jane Gannett Jerry Holabird Charles L. Fair Henry Quilt Walter Gaither Ernie Arnold Steck Noonan ..Joseph Price EXTRA SPECIAL EXTRA WILSON HOTEL 143 S. 3rd St. Penn Royal Orchestra Featuring GINGER LEE IN A FAN DANCE DANCING JOHNNIE IN BIS SNOWBALL DANCE These 2 Artists Have a Surprise tor ion every Hirnt BEER AND ALE lOe MUGS NO COVER CHARGE A CT1DTC u . .it. All F IRENE DUNNE CIIVE BROOK in 3 N I A drtmt at larltS, "voltigilnstththvt corfe el tht centuries, . Nils Asther GEORGE RAFT in "BOLERO" I With Carol Lombard W I Sally Rand, the Fan Dancer mJ Also CARNERA - LOUGHRAN FIGHT THE WEDNESDAY CLUB Presents NATHAN MILSTEIN Sensational Russian Violinist in Recital Thursday, March 8 at 8:30 O'clock IN THE FORUM Tickets, ?1.50 and S1.00. Student Tickets, SOe. Reserved Seats at J. H. Troup Music House A RIOTOUS ROMANCE ACTION COMEDY THRILLS! HOLD THAT GIRL CLAIRE TREVOR AND A RARE TREAT FOR HARRISBURG FANS! BETTY BOOP In Person In Real Life "Little Ann Little," Whose Voice and Figure Eave Become Famous As the Pen - and - ink Star of the Max Fleischer Cartoon Dramas Assisted by PAULINE COMANOR ONE OF THE WORLD'S FASTEST FREE - HAND CARTOONISTS

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