Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on June 10, 1938 · Page 16
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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1938
Page 16
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TELEGRAPH 16 FRIDAY EVENING JUNE 10, 1938 HXRRISBURG The Theatre: Three New Films Opening Downtown Today 'DOCTOR RHYTHM' PRESCRIBES WELL Picture at State Is Light Comedy Set to Music With Crosby Singing MARY CARLISLE OPPOSITE Bill Remsen Bing Crosby Judy Mary Carlisle Lorelei Dodge - Blodgett Beatrice Lillie ' Policeman O'Roon Andy Devine Mrs. Twombling.. Laura Hope Crews Butler . Frank Elliott Tooter Charlie Moore Mr. Martingale Bill Austin Luke Sterling Holloway J. Vincent Price John Hamilton Vic LeRoy Fred Keating Mr. Coldwater Frank Minjtr Store Clerk Franklin Pangborn Sergeant Olson Emory Parnell By SAM CINEMA Just what the doctor ordered in the way of film entertainment. A capable cast headed by Bing Crosby in a light comedy with humorous gags should spell very enjoyable entertainment for all. Crosby, old "Dr. Rhythm" himself, is at his best. His performance is natural. It is hardly necessary to point out that Crosby has a pleasing and soothing voice, but as far as your reviewer is concerned it is tops. Furthermore, Mr. Crosby has ample opportunity to use that voice on such hits as "On the Sentimental Side," "My Heart Is Taking Lessons," "This Is My Night to Dream," and others! Mary Carlisle is again cast opposite Crosby and is an attractive leading lady. Beatrice Lillie does a good Job as Mary's aunt in her own inimitable manner and Andy Devine adds his own touches of comedy. Crosby, a doctor; Devine, a policeman; Sterling Holloway, an ice cream vender, and Rufe Da vis, keeper of a zoo, are old class mates and meet in the zoo for their fifteenth reunion. Devine is unable to report for duty next morning, so Crosby steps in to help and is detailed as bodyguard for Miss Carlisle to prevent her marrying a gambler. Which, tak ing everything into consideration, snoum De nice worn u you can get it. A sketch by Miss Lillie called Double Damask Dinner Napkins is one of the comedy highlights of the picture. Devine chases a seal in the zoo after said seal gives Andy the "bird," which should make even a Ned Sparks laugh. Fred Keating, Laura Hope Crews and Franklin Pangborn also con tribute good bits. BJIIBSfflfw in i i x inn ni.i ' i yf 'i'y' i8"ww6Mw! g - jmY 7 REVIEWS AND PREVIEWS 1 HOLLYWOOD Overheard By the ' Girl - About - Holly wood Alice Faye and Tony Martin visiting Tony's parents in San Francisco . . . Joan Davis in the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital with a sprained back incurred on the "My Lucky Star" set, and surrounded by flowers and books from the cast, including Sonja Henie, Richard Greene, Cesar Romero, as well as Jane Withers, who is a Davis fan . . . seen at the roller skating party for the benefit if the Assistance League: Michael Whalen and Ilona Mas - sey, Arleen Whelan and Richard Greene . . .Tom Beck and Jean Fenwick seeing "Golden Boy" . . Virginia Field seeing "Golden Boy" with Screen Writer Douglas Field, who turned out to be a fourth cousin, and next night at Zoe Akin's party with the Count Frederick Ledeborg . . . Brian Don - levy and Marjorie Lane at the Victor Hugo . . . June Lang is the latest victim of the current throat infection . . . Harry Revel hosted a cocktail party for Jacque Levy of London . . . Jane Withers and June Carlson of the Jones Fam ily series, rollerskating at the Culver City Rollerdrome . . Eddie Collins, inspiration for "Dopey," so embarrassed he couldn't talk when he found the distinguished guest the m. c. was introducing at "The Drunkard" was himself . . . Tyrone Power and Janet Gaynor at Cafe La Maze . . . because Loretta Young provides them with coffee and doughnuts daily, the crew of "Suez" presented the lovely star with a silver coffee service . . . Richard Greene is fast acquiring American slang when Cesar Romero commented to Sonja Henie, in an all - white costume on the set of "My Lucky Star," "You look' like Snow White," Greene promptly cracked, "That makes me Dopey" . . . Sonja, on the other hand is acquiring Greene's English accent she ruined a take by intoning "cawnt" for "can't . . . Between takes Tyrone Power maintains his sun - tan by rushing to the roof of the "Suez" stage . . . Loretta Young dining with Doug Fairbanks, Jr. . . . Amanda Duff, romantic lead in Shirley Temple's new picture, dining with Socialite Alfred Wright . . . Joar Val erie and Jim Bush at Dave Chasen's ... O'BRIEN HEADS CAST George O'Brien, popular outdoor star, heads a notable cast in his newest saga of the plains, '"Border G - Man," an RKO Radio film directed by David Howard. Laraine Johnson, attractive screen discovery, is cast opposite the star, while John Miljan, well - known film "heavy"; Ray Whitley, singing cowboy; Rita LaRoy, screen siren, William Stelling and Edgar Dearing portray important supporting roles. O'Brien's role requires the stalwart star to demonstrate his athletic prowess and skillful horsemanship, for which he is noted. Wallace Beery and Jackie Cooper in "Treature Island' at the Senate Monday: By PAUL WALKER f"pv AVID COPPERFIELD" had a little tough luck in I ) Harrisburg on his return trip but a - little thing like that doesn't seem to stop the revival parade . . . "Treasure Island" returns to Harrisburg via the Senate screen on Monday . . . "Jezebel" (hardly old enough to be called a revival) will be at the Victoria next Tuesday. From other cities come reports that the favorites of yester - year are keeping pace with pictures of current manufacture. Especially mentioned in this connection are: "The Count of Monte Cris - to." ... "I Cover the Water Front." . . . "It Happened One Night." . . . "King Kong." "Little Women." . . . "Naughty Marietta." They'll all probably be booked here during the summer and their fate rests with the customers. The future holds the answer. Good quote, inspired by Tom Lynch: "We are flashes in the pan of eternity." RETURNING to the subject of revivals rather reissues. ... To differentiate: Revivals are made on individual requests of exhibitors, re - issues on more general requests throughout the country. The re - issues will be listed general interest. The list: "All Quite on the Western Front." . . . "Broadway Bill." . . . "The Champ." . . . "Count of Monte Cristo." . . . "Farewell to Arms." . . . "Frankenstein." . . . "Lady for a Day." . . . "Love Before Breakfast." . . . "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town." . . . "Mutiny on the Bounty." . . . "Rose Marie." . . . "San Francisco." . . . "She Married Her Boss." . . . "The Thirty - nine Steps." ... "The Whole Town's Talking. ' . . . "Evergreen." . . . "Lady Tubbs." . : 4 . "A Man's Castle." . . . "The Sign of the Cross." . . . "Twentieth Centurv." It looks like some of the houses are in for stood old - fashioned revival meetings. By ED SULLIVAN LOOKING GLASS Hollywood, June 10. CAMERAMAN HAL ROSSON, perched high in the air on a boom, calls down to Leo Carrillo: "Remember that I'm up above you, Leo, so stand up." They rehearse the scene which Rosson is to photograph, and Carrillo bends over, instead of standing up. .'. . "If you're going to play the scene that way," kids Rosson, "I'd make a better actor than you." . . . Director Jack Conway supplies the topper: "Yeah, and if the stuff I've seen on the screen so far is an index, Carrillo would be an improvement as the cameraman." . . . Conway's witticisms pep up any company he's working with, the grave - faced Minnesota!) releasing his cracks from a poker face. . . . A BEARDED HERMIT walking along Laurel Canyon, hopping In the air every third step. . . . George Raft, walking along Sunset, flipping a coin. ... Eddie Cantor, kissing his daughter In the doorway of the antique shop, and then wiping off the lipstick stain. ... Paul Muni, hidden behind dark glasses, driving past in his car. . . .' Marjorie Weaver weighing herself on a drug store scale, and then stepping back and examining herself critically in the looking glass. . . . Mrs. Rhea Gable - denying that there will be a December divorce, as no papers have been filed. . . . Rochelle Hudson, i very soothing on the orbs, in white slacks and sweater. Bette Davit in "Jexebel" which plays a return engagement at the Victoria Tuesday, June 14. there being apparently more Tnz. iKUiH seenis to be, that the Hollywood picture makers wpnt panicky some months ago and slashed production. Currefit s.v.vu.j ouin.! a num uica luuutuuii, ouiue were cancclieu altogether. Others weie put on the shelf. The result is that they have to dip into the files. Suppose you had a library on a desert island and couldn't Bet hold of sny new books. What would you do? Read the old ones again, of course. That is the whole thing in a nutshell. Lacking new pictures. they're - using the old ones. There's no two ways about it. Truth is that many of the older ones far outstrip those of more recent manufacture. THE REVIVAL period will likely last through the summer. By that time the producers will have caught up with their scKed - lilcc ATn.ir Unit. 1 1 1 1 J A . ... iicn nuu ucuci pinuica win uk vuicu ai your lavonie theatre. MGM's listing looks particularly attractive. Behold this production list: "Marie Antoinette" (Norma Shearer) . . . "Northwest Passaee" (Spender Tracy) . . . "Idiot's Delight" (Shearer and Gable) . . . The Thin Man Returns" (Wm. Powell and Myrna Lov) . . "The Women" (Norma Shearer from the stage play still running in N. Y.) ... "The Citadel" (Robert Donat, Elizabeth Allan, Rosalind Russell from A. J. Cronin's widely read novel) . . . "Stand Up and Fight" (Wallace Beery) ... "A Day at the Circus" (Marx Brothers) . Boy's Town" (Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney) . . . "Sweet hearts" (Eddy and MacDonald) . . "Goodbye. Mr. Chirjs" (Robert Donat what's happened, Charles Laughton?) . . . "Broadway Melody of 1939" (Eleanor Powell, Fanny Brice. Frank Morgan. Judy Gar land, et al.) "Fidelity" (Joan Crawford) . . . "The Wizard of Oz" (Shades of Montgomery and Stone! Judy Garland and Ray Bolger in screen version, which'll be in technicolor) . . . "The Great Waltz" (Luise Rainer) . . . "Kim" . . . "Madame Curie" . . . "He Who Gets Slapped" . . . "And So, Victoria" . . . "The American Flaggs" (the Kathleen Norris novel) . . . "Delilah" (not about Samson) . . . "The Forsyte Saga" . . . "Quo Vadis" . . . "The Shining Hour" . . . "The Red Mill" . . . "Pride and Prejudice" . . . "20.000 Leaeues Under the Sea." that WkLL THAT seems to take care of Mr. Gilman's theatre. There's a great list of pictures there and the hope is than v 41.. j 1 1 j j uicj wm uc niLciiigciuij' ejiiu uuuersianaingiy produced. This column started out rather pessimistically with "Revive Us Again" for a theme song. The MGM list of futures was a perker - upper. More perking up, please. 'Translated: Will Mr. Carroll, Mr. Chubb, Mr. O'Rear. Mr. Rogers, Mr. Wollaston kindly send listings of future releases planned by the companies from which they import their canned entertainment? Thanks, gentlemen. NEW TODAY: "The Toy Wife " Loew's . . . "Kidnapped." Co lonial . . . "Penrod and His Twin Brother." Victoria. REVIEWED on this page today: "Dr. Rhythm," State. . STILL running: "Vivacious lady," Senate . . . Due Monday: "Treasure Island." COLONIAL "Kidnapped," Warner Baxter, Freddie Bartholomew, Arleen Whelan. Times, 10.50, 1, 8.15, 8.28, 7.40, 9.65. HERSHEY COMMUNITY THEATRE "The Devll'i Party," William Garcan, Paul Kelley. Timet, 7 and 9. ' LOEW'S "Toy Wife," Luise Rainer, Melvyn Douglas, Robert Younr. Times. 11.05, 1.10, 3.18. 8.25, 7.80, 9.40. SENATE "Vivacious Lady," Gin(er Rogers, James Stewart. Timet, 11.80, 1.50, 8.50, 8.50, 7.50, 9.50. Ross - Armstronr tight pictures precede feature by 10 minutes. STATE "Doctor Rhythm," Bing Crosby, Mary Carlisle. Timet. 1.30, J.35, 5.40, 7.45, 9.50. VICTORIA "Penrod and Hit Twin Brother," the Mauch Twlnt. Timet, 11.40, 1.25, 8.10, 4.55, 6.40, 8.25, 10.10. BROAD "Overland Express," Buck Jonet; "Women in Prison," Wyn Cahoon, Scott Colton. CAPITOL "She's Got Everything," Gene Raymond, Ann Sothern; "Call the Mesqulteers," the Three Mesqulteers. CUMBERLAND "Checkers," Jane Withert, Stuart Erwln. GRAND "Four Men and a Prayer," Loretta Younr, Richard Green. LEMOYNE "Test Pilot," Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy. NATIONAL "Dare Devil Drivers," Dick Furcell; "Woman Chaset Man," Miriam Hopkins. PAXTANO "Wells Faigo," Bob Burnt, Joel McCrea, Franelt Dee.' PEN WAY "Test Pilot," Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Myrna Loy. RIALTO "Joy of Living," Irene Dunne ROXY "Girl of the Golden West," Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, STANDARD "Boy of the Streets," Jackie Cooper. STRAND "Island In the Sky," Gloria Stuart, Michael Whalen. STAR "Checkers," Jane Withert," Stuart Erwln; "The Land Beyond the Law," Dick Foran, Linda Perry. SPENCER TRACY explaining to, portly Norman Taurog and Otto Winkler how he took off twenty pounds. ... "I weighed 190 pounds, now I'm down to 170," says Tracy. . . . "Uh - huh," reflects Taurog, "but just remember that at 190 pounds you won the Academy Award." ... Tracy grins, but there's no doubt that he looks infinitely better with the poundage cut down, and five years more youthful , . . Norma Shearer driving past with Helen Hays, but a group of red - fezzed Shriners don't recognize the two stars. . . . Hollywood is really in the red this week, with every street dotted by the red - fezzed "convention visitors. . . . Phil Harris, $200 poorer as the result of a fire on his Van Nuys ranch. . . . Had the wind been blowing the other way, the holocaust would have destroyed the house. JUNE LANG and Hope Hampton beat the field with hats modeled after Shriner fezzes ... Cute. . . . Jackie Coogan noses out Ozzie Nelson in a game of table tennis, but loses to Bob Hope, while Bob Horton and your reporter make insulting remarks. . . . Only one I can beat is Shirley Ross, and the strategy is to get her laughing. . . . From then on, she's a cinch. . . . Young Coogan's hobby is engines, and he's proudest of his rebuilt fliwer that's gone 46,300 miles. ... If he'd go into the automobile business, he'd make a big success of it, because he eats, sleeps and dreams auto engines and chassis. DICK' POWELL and Pat O'Brien, besieged by autograph hunters at the Warner Hollywood Theatre, where "Cowboy From Brooklyn" is being previewed. . . . Francis Albertanti, publicity poo - bah at the Inglewood Track, mourns: "I can't see the Louis - Schmeling fight,. Ed, the first heavyweight championship I've missed in twenty - five years." . . . Brian Donlevy and his pretty frau. . . . Mary Brian sipping a pineapple soda. . . . Ronald Colman in a huddle with' Director Frank Lloyd at the Paramount commissary.' . . . Out on the M. - G. - M. back lot, the huge blue . drums which Eleanor Powell used in "Rosalie." EDWARD G. ROBINSON tells a columnist: "Walt until you see Claire Trevor in 'Clitterhouse'." . . . Vilma Banky and Conrad Nagel in a heated discussion about golf. . . . June Storey, who is prettier off screen than on. . . . Joan Crawford proudly exhibiting the tan she got in her backyard: "Only half an hour a day." ... Barbara Stanwyck looking at a display of bright - colored pottery. ... Jean Acker, Valentino's ex - wife, buying a ticket to see the revival of "The Son of the Sheik." WONDER WHY Fred MacMurray didn't play a bit in "Roberta" the opening nite at Philharmonic Auditorium? . . . MacMurray, when the show was on Broadway, played in the California Collegian Band on the stage. . . . Anatole utvaK . cnatung wun oac Warner. . . . Jack Haley, Mrs. Jack Haley, Jimmy Haley and Gloria Haley, who ic taller and blonder than her maw. . . . John a elate of strawberries and cream. . . . Bow - legged Basil James, jockey sensation of the West Coast, ankling along with n ennd - lookine brunette. . . . Liigniweigm namp uuu muycio emerging from the theatre, where the Armstrong - Ross pictures are showing. ... My old pal, Kaspuun, greeting us. ti mc .iwuci Derby. . . . Ann Pennington and Fannie Brice in a dark roadster with Louis K. Sidney. "SAFETY IN NUMBERS" JONES FAMILY'S NEXT Malcolm St. Clair will direct the ninth Jones Family picture for 20th Century - Fox, "Safety in Numbers." The production will start on June 6, having been set back to that date to permit Spring Byington to complete her present assignment in "You Can't Take It With You," for which she was loaned to Columbia. The delayed start in "Safety in Numbers" "will permit the Jones Family "children" to finish their school terms with their minds solely on their lessons. George Ernest is in the third year of high school, June Carlson in the first, and. Billy Mahan is in the second primary grade. OPTION IS RENEWED 0N F0WLEY CONTRACT Douglas Fowley's option has just been taken up for the fifth consecutive year by zotn uen tury - Fox. The young screen villain, now appearing in "Passport Husband" with Stuart Erwin, Pauline Moore and others, lived in a tent on a Western avenue lot and was sing ing in a Hollywood nightspot for three dollars a week and his meals, when he was signed for his first film role as a gangster in "The Mad Game," with Spencer Tracy and Claire Trevor. Since that time Fowley has appeared in twenty pictures under the same studio banner. Monterey, Calif.,: JPh - The sea otter has reappeared off the 'California coast after a long absence. The rare animals were believed reduced to one herd in the Aleutian islands until some ninety of them were counted near Monterey It's polite in England to say "et" for "ate" and to tip your soup plate up so as to get the last drop. Ant - eaters can live for long periods without food. TONIGHT AND SATURDAY JANE WITHERS in "CHECKERS" I DUTCH'S PLACE TONIGHT DANCING TO Hal and His Rhythm Boys WINES AND LIQUORS Alto BEER That la Kept Rlfht and Served Right DUTCH BADDORF ' rlljlk f ailiwHHM fail;! SWm! fa?,, 1 1 rlin recently. Killing of them is pro hibited by State and Federal lam Full of refugees, Chengtu, China, is taking the place of Peip - ing and Nanking in the cultural life of the Chinese nation. ' AIR - CONDITIONED Continuous 11 A. M". to 11 P. M. The Theater With the Magic Door LAST 2 DAYS GINGER ROGERS JAMES STEWART mi I 1 Vwiih JAMES ELLISON - BEUL AH BONDI CHARLES COBURH ROSS vs. ARMSTRONG FIGHT PICTURES J Coming Monday: "Treasure Island' RE17ARD WANTED: Anybody who can ted lhM two aptrll They're doublt In leekt, pranlci anal trouble I Coffect your reward at eneal 1,000 IAFFS AMD THRILLS I TWO CARTOONS Novelty & Hews M0SC0VICH ASSIGNED TO HISTORICAL DRAMA Maurice Moscovich, noted character actor of the European and American stage, was signed this week by 20th Century - Fox to play the role of Mohammed All, the viceroy of Egypt in the middle 19th century, in the historical drama, "Suez." Moscovich's assignment to the important role came as a result of his remarkable performance in "Lancer Spy." His death scene in that picture won wide acclaim from critics. Tyrone Power, Loretta Young and Annabella are the stars of "Suez," which Allan Dwan is di recting. Gene Markev is the as sociate producer, with Ralph Diet rich as his assistant. TRAIN 40 GIRLS IN DANCE OF THE VEILS The ancient Egyptian dance of the veils, almost forgotten in the modernization of that country, will be revived for the movies. Nick Castle and Geneva Saw yer, dance directors at zum L.en - tury - Fox, this week were as signed by that studio to stage the famous Arabic number for the spectacle drama, "Suez," in which Loretta Young, Tyrone Power and Annabella are starring. The two dance directors will in terview 500 girls in their search for forty who have had previous basic training in oriental darces. Since the dance is one of the most difficult of all numbers, the chorus will rehearse for two months before 'going in front of the movie camera. ML VERNOH THEATRE WILLIAMS GROVE PARK Admission 10c and Me Judith Allen Grant Withers ln - "Telephone Operator" Windsor castle has been a residence of the British monarchs since the time of William the Conqueror. There were 102 passengers aboard the Mayflower. HOTEL BESSEMER Steelton FLOOR SHOWS NIGBTLT Dance Sway to JOE Ic RAY'S NOVELTY FOUR WHERE SERVICE IS A PLEASURE Try Our Mixed Drinks They Talk for Themselves French Fries, Shrimps, Crab Caket STELLA'S Srd St Market Sts. New Cumberland Special Friday Nite! SCALLOPS 15c PER ORDER Good Music Dancing Beer, Wines. Liquor, Mixed Drinkt DICK CULHANE, Manager MY PLACE Steelton FLOOR 8HOW Featuring TOMMY MARSHALL Acrobatie Taptter and Orchestra Shows 9.30, 10.30, 11.30 NOW OPEN OLD MILL INN 5 Miles N. of York Route 111 Mack Davis and His Orchestra 2 FLOOR SHOWS NITELY Moderate Prices i No Minimum No Coer PIRATES DEN i .lust Beyond New Cumberland Bridge N BILLY & SANDY Singing Dancing Comedy LLOYD VALENTINE'S ORCH. Added Attraotlon Saturday THIS WEEK ONLY C At FIELD St OAKLEY A Smash Hit Show Direct from New York Also ROBERTA FRANK MORRO AND THE ALOHANS THE CANTEEN 1843 N. CAMERON 8T. Hotel Dauphin Dauphin, Pa. DANCING IXIZTJ'' SEA FOODS OUR SPECIALTY Daily and Sunday Dinner! Carlo, Proprietor III J .T.I 1 1 ki as w filial lVl' Ifonfohau vltV JS - - MN0 COHCIKtK.' 11 ENJOY ROLLER SKATING Y ENJOY ROLLER SKATING IN THE ROLLERDROME SPORTS AMNA, M iVr VHERSHeV MK RCSTAURANT fx , piwiwt) noon tmo wnitaw 'PARK OLP CLUB DIMIM6 ROOM l7Z ""'k. SAT.. JUNE I Ilk (:00 P.M., D.S.T, Danetn Jl.UO ka itl!HrH!imi COMMUNITY THEATRE 535 TONIGHT 7&9 P.M., D.S.T. 10 44V WOMAN I lAri m"U . V 1 f EXTRA ENTERTAINMENT! y ' ; ,t HOLLYWOOD SNAPSHOTS Vfr " - . j M. G. M. MINIATURE ' ' jl NEW8 OF THE DAY HHHl r - dr I TODAY - , - l 13 DAREDEVIL FREE ACT AT WILLIAMS GROVE PARK Saturday Evening and Sunday Afternoon and Evening WILLIAMS GROVE PARK is featuring one of the world's outstanding high FREE ACTS Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and night only THE FIVE AT.RANIS Three death - defying girls and two Daredevil men perform high in the air on flimsy lattice piatiorm track with motorcycle, trapeze riffcinc'. bars and rings. You must see this hair - raising thriller to appreciate what a sensation it really Is . . . Was featured at Atlantic Citv on Steel Pier and just returned from a six month trip to the Orient where tney thrilled hundreds of thousands of People. If you want the thrm 01 a me - time see the FIVE ALBANIS at wtt.TjTAMS. GROVE PARK Sat urday night, Sunday afternoon and night. It's absolutely FRJSiff free act second to none. You'll also find amusements and fides galore Movies and the American Legion Cadet Corps Sunday afternoon and evening. Don't miss this big FREE SHOW. Advt. FROM GREAT STORIES COME THE GREATEST PICTURES!, . . .and hero, for the first time on tho screen, is the story the author of "Treasure Island" always considered his best! with a call ot 5000, featuring ... WARNER FREDDIE BAXTER BARTHOLOMEW ARLEEN WHELAN C. AUBREY SMITH REGINALD OWEN lOHNCAWtADlHI - fflGELBRUCE - MlLISMANDEJi 'RALPH FORBES E B. WARMER

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