The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1931
Page 7
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KLYTHKVII.l.K, (AUK.) COUUIKR NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for Ural insertion and one ctnt • word rcr each aubseiuent Insertion, NO advertisement Uken for less tlmu BOc. Count this words and tend tae eash, ['hone 306 FOR SALE FOH SALli-Baby chicks. I'ay this fall. Sec us about plan. Marilyn HalclK'ry. '' ilC-Ti- TOR BALE—Cotloii Seed—Crooks Improved Half & Unit. R Stevens, Phones No. 527 or G15. 6P-KO RENT FOR HUNT—Apartment ill Ingran building. See 1'arkhurst Com paiiy. BC-TI FOR RENT — Beautiful bungiilow on terraced lot, sliad trees, garages, servant, house, chic ken yard and huubc. lialh, scwci water, lights. One of tile most at tractive homes around Blythe ville. Rent cheap to party who wi take hare ot it. Thomas Land Co. (JC-K'J WANTED POULTRY WANTED-Market, prices, any quantity. Marilyn JHat- Otry. 2iu t>. Fourth Kt. 9O-TP \,'ANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora Ji-jzcl, 2207 18th St. ' TP POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Rallrord St., west of courthouse, J. E. l-'liher, Phone 64. 23C-TF WANTED TO RENT — Furnished apartment. Call 505. C-K.-12 I'EKSONAI. CASH PAID for second hand furniture. A. L. Flowers, corner Main & Lake Sis. 6C-TF STOCKHOLDERS MEETING of The Blythcvillc Cotton Oil Company The Annual Meeting of the di- rcctcrs and stockholders of.the above company will be held Thursday, June 9th at 10:30 A. M. in the otiices of W. A. Gage & Co. Falls Bidg., Memphis, Tenn. 4C-K.U-3 New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 8 (UP)—Cotton closed very steady. Open High I.otv-Close May 975 991 915' 390 Jul ..... 007 1012 M2 1010 Oct 1033 l<Hfl 1028 1046 Dec ' 1067 1069 lOfil 1068 Jan 10G7 1081 1083 1081 Mnr 1086 1099 1082 1099 Spots steady at 10CO up 15. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 8 (UP) — Cotton ckKCd steady. Open High Low Close May ..'... 080 395 080 095 Jul 998 1013 092 101S Oct 1034 IMS 1028 1WG Dec 1056 1008 1051 1068 Jan 1081 1081 1081 1081 Mar 1000 1102 1000 1102 Spots quiet at 010, up 18. K Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 183 3-4 Aiiiiconda Copjwr 28 3-4 Autmvn 2-15 Caterpillar Tractor 29 Chrysler 20'.-j Cities Service 153-8 Continental Baking 12 s i General Eicctric 45 7-8 General Mut(5r& 44 1-8 Motilyomery Ward 20 New York Central 100 Packard 7-8 Radio 20 3-8 Simmons 13 3-4 Te.xas Corp 22 U. S. Steel 114 IIKGIS lli:ili; TODAY TlOllimN. .rrr<-rl» In llh TOM 11 V WM.SO.V. Jl Itar far -: IT. nnrr ut her She urgfH Ullll In »1ux l and nul lircnk Ikr fcrnrl uf llir nuill Mb" I- llumiclME klnl. l':.ll- Ina lu ciiiivlnrr lilnl. Ilrrj 1 I nc (hf drlnj. ihf i-li.iiriu^iLi. I. liter 'l,inii:i. KIIFI IKIiln- tinil d i\ilh Hie : u.ini:" MJuii|i* lil SEVEN OUtt BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern ;; I. liter 'l,inii:i. KIIFI IKIil AinLx' Llrrjl nnil linr =nn^ i.vnrlt. flnp tif Hit- lni}n. lll-:i:i>. f> cnrrlril mil l.j I In- ntij 'riiinniy niikl llrrj t ri'^CLU* Kkr nuilH II HlirJ tu l,i-:ir ll MKS. knf^rji or bcr \Vheo Tnntmr KKnlll lu-^i I to mnrrr htm, Klir t>nyn hl mil In tuiirrlitjii* hi^crfrrc her rnrerr imd InfuriiiN him ih:if xtii- It ID bnvr H TiitJIci iniclltloii. She tiriuulM'h lo take ltrr>l In Ike fcluillu Ef tthtf \vlM vi.isli lirr IilnUki 1 , nntl nHl-r <!i«* \vrtrk !>. lin- fKlicd nub* Ilie mulbi'r nut lo let Brrjl itn. \ti\v t:a o.\ wi'i'ii TUB sronv CJllAL'l'HIl IX «I IIAVK lo think ot my voice. •^ Ireiio answered for lier er. "Hcryl irrtt^tes me. I'd l:e a nervous wreck before I sot lo Ilie ttutlio i! siic ttout along." •T!ic[i wliy illil you tell her coulil go wltli you?" licr failier asked. Irene slirusgcil. "I IIAI! a weak moment, 1 guess." "ll'miili. Seems to me I lieard Heryl saying sonicthliig atiout buy- 1 hiB a riussido seat," Mr. Kverct: remarked. Irene jumped up from the table. "I can't eat In an atmosphere o[ Calmly, Ber\;l reached across the table and (oo.'f the. cup for herself. 1 lau I tdl III an tiiiuu3|iiLi:L u «t ^ • ,1 bickering," sbo aunouuced Indie-1 in l!ia breakfast "nook, 1 pouiins fresh coffee preparatory to finishing her iiitornsiftc I morning meal. There was a ]MUl ol injured feel- iiantly. "Poor clilld." her mo'.her muttered as Irene stalked out of the room. "Why do you upset her so. Henry? You know she's high- strung and dellcaler-a real artiste." Mr. Everett w-as contrite. "I didn't mean to spoil her breakfast," 1m apologized. "Uuess I'll no eel- ting back to the store. Never mind pouring auy inoro corfec for me-" Ha got up and walked over to a peg on which buns his hat. Ills wife licsltated u hall moment, then spoke out boldly. "You'd better keep Beryl at the store," she consumed. "I really couldn't be annoyed," Irene replied. Beryl Rot to her feet. "Well," "Tell lier you need her advised. there." Mr. Everett fidgeted from one foot lo the other. "She'd know I was doing It for a reason," be Ob- [ Jccled. "You can't fool Beryl." "Well, you keep her there Jusi the same." she ordered, with 8 finality iu her tone that letl no room for further argument. He went away, mumbling that he didn't like it. And ,: as lie esuected Beryl laughed at liim when he clumsily attempted to detain her at the store. "1 suspect you've been getting a ),. || Cr pretty face, a "Well, pet c-hc said with a pleasant Inflection, me It you like, biU I'm armored "in Hint case I'll have linio for a just the S3EUC" expression In her! little laundry work." blue oyea nnd a smug satisfaction ' with herself that made lieryl want to shake her. Instead the older sirl sealed herself at the table wiih Hie easy, unconscious grace that waa characteristic and remarked casually: "So you've decided I shan't go to New York ivllli yon?" Irene cocked her head side-wise and pursed her\ lips. Then she reached for tho cream jus and load of Irene's Impression of a \ K]:s f or me." pourert mine, of Its contents into the cup of coffee. Calmly ISevyl readied across tho [able and took the cup for herself. "Yoti have a nerve!" Irene said furiously. "Now, now. girls, don't quarrel," Mrs. Everett intervened and rushed forward with ;i second cup. "I'm starved," llcryt said to her aiother. ••"You'll tie out of luck If you didn't liriiiK something witu you." Irene taunted. "Mother's just cooked the last of the bacon and Irene's glance followed her In uneasiness as she swung otu of the kitchen into the front hall. Beryl's altitude puzzled her—for mostly her half-sister fonsht for hei rights. Sue did cot go to hear what more Beryl might have lo say about the matter, but slaying In the kitchen availed her nothing, for presently Beryl returned. And whilo she did not conic to rave anil rant she bore, a declaration of war lhat was more effective than word's "WliP.t nro you doing with tny blouse?" Irene- screcciied as Beryl v.alhed over to the sink. I5eryl smilctl at her.-"Why, my rlenr," fiho said pleasantly, "I mean to wash it tor you/' and readied for the dishpan. Irene flew over to grab the gar-' mcnt hut Beryl ssvnng it out of her reach. ".Mother, don't let her wet It!" Ireno screamed, "Beryl Automatically Beryl Lcp,Jin to alher up Iho breakfast disliea. ihc'd loai; a»o leavned that Ireno would not help llictr mother nrul that It she too refused her motlier would do the dishwashing alone. Mrs. Everett fluttered -around more or leas helplessly. Beryl knew she had something on her AS IF vou AReM-r THIS House VQUR ROOM rr is' BLAME Me IF c/kMY MAKE HAIR OR IF AT-reR 1*1-THAT ' 10 5L.T2.eP Hki-fr(A-r ROOM AMPTIUP oii-f wiU-r f-Ts ALU ABOUT; OMLV Defense WILL BE faus-tV ir.M t f A MANi, "BEA.S-C, OR SPQCiK Wrl*C?LL S1/U1P rllS QRQLKAP •WE'LL see ! prima doniia," sho said lo him. "J ' i, at her mother. hail a hunch slic'd try to renege on "You'll have lo divide." Mrs. liver- me and I'm prepared for it. U.m'l I eu sa |,] wc-akly. "There was enough lo begin will], lint—" Beryl brote in with a:i understanding laugh. "Hut frene had a :it of temperament and couldn't eat and—all (ho rest of it. Well, let it ico. Uive me some toast." * » * TftKNE fliiGlicd and Beryl noticed tliat when their motlier placed date of bnr:i:i and (.'^us Ijeforo worry; I'll tell Mother what chance you had to Isold inc here," » • • OI1E went away laughing and wav- *^ Ins goorlby to him. Ami hc- thought fearfully of what Ills wife would have to say if she could read his mind at that moment; for lie was thinking very definitely that tie. wished Dory! were his own j mind ami llii.illy It came) out lu a burst of iiuerulousncs3, "I do wish you and Pa wouldn't bo always getting Irene fussed up," sho fretted. "You ought to make some allowance for her being different." "I don't allow anyone to trick mo >jf 1 can help it." licryl told lier. "t did tbat work for Ireuc tn change for tlio privilege ot hearing her sing at Kill!. And It waa uo fun. tired as I was." "Well." Mrs. Kverclt sighed. "Please be tactful (tic lost ot ilia day. After all Irene's career is important." "She hasn't got a career-ahc'i only got a screech." • "If you're coins lo talk that." Mis. Everett E:I!I| w touch ot anger. "I'll have to do (he blouse for her myself atid ask you BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martit OOOOOH MY! "Slic'll keep her bargain wllli to slay at home. 1 can't seu why me." llcryl interrupted her mother, "or I'll make a raiu check out of her liloiise." you want to go anyway when you feel that way about It!" "\Vho knows?" Beryl said dream. Irene's cvo was caught by the ">'• "1 "light get an offer myself, fine pleating of the neck ruffle as some day. t want to familiarize Beiyl held tho blouse aloft. Stic conKl never pleat like that. And the- thought of standing over the ironing board for an hour wliiSe she IE led it drove her frantic. "Put it down, Beryl," her uiolhcr Implored. "When she says I'm going with her," Beryl retnrnetl liimly. daughter. Conscious suddenly tl:at , Mor [i ;c g j r i Mt . ,; io f UD ,i W itli sr.i.ill he was being Eiiilly ot disloyally. he turned! to fiUius his telephone orders. Beryl bad left borne (hat morning without her breakfast. When she entered tho house the inviting aroma ol freshly hroilcd bacon assailed her nostrils and .caused her to turn her step* kitchemvard. There clio found Irene tt ;Le table relish. Beryl nibbled tlie th:- dry toast siriU'lictl lo her wi'.Si a; , .in-ut en- joynicnt. nut when her mother brought a piece t=f cliecse and a brioche she was £i;!d Ireiie had no desire for the food. "So I'r.i not going to New York with yon?" sho asked f.fler the last criiKih of the sweet rn'.l linil l»ian I washed run! Ironed this thing as tlie price of my admission to the show and I'll see the show- a refund." "All right, ycu can go," Irene capitulated. myself with sludto almosphcre." And as lhoi:sli lo prove that had something to induce an offer sho be^an to hum. "IMcasc don't." her mother jhepged. "Irene might hear you. .ami you kr.uw, ficryl, that funnj way yon sins is Irritating to a real binder." OEKYI. h.andcd tlie blouse- lo her. -* J "You'd heller lake it upstairs b-:fovo I ' ii::ii?o my min'.t and decide 1 don't want to go," she said, and Ircn-i hastily followed the lieryl fell silent. Her mood.i ofien changed tiuickly. If Irene or get I had a chance—It It were line, as they said. Ilia/, sho had a voice- it would l;c cruel to handicap her. Her softer feeling cntliircd. And when she arrived at the studio with Irene she volunteered to forego the right she had bought and wait in an anteroom, little dreaming of the reward her generous Impulse was to bring lier. Ifo rrmlitmritt Half-Moon Mi 1 , and Mrs. Fi. L. Hawkins and family were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jco Walters, Sunday. Tom Bass and f.'.mily visitcil in Half Moon, Sunday afternoon- Mr. and Mrs. Bonnie Gaines and children and Mr. and Mrs. Twcc- die and Mr. Shancyfelt attended church at Lor.c Oak, Sunday. They were dinner guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Peoples of Lone Oak- Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shaneyfelt !,pcnt Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. T. J. of Dell. Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins entertained the eighth grade class last Thursday evening with a-party. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Holland, and cla«3litcr were: guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Bass of L>ell. Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Lois Hawkins and childien were guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ted Holland, Sunday after- Monday is the Greek Sabbath; TM.sctoy, t' lc I'crusian; Wednesday, the A^yrian; Thursday, the Egyptian; I'riday. the Turkish; Saturday, the Jewish, and Sunday, the Christian. Mid way Notes The Midway baseball team played at Hosa Sunday and won uieir game, 21 lo IU. Thu Burdc'.le baseball team played at Coles Ridge SutiJay and won their game. 8 to li. Mrs. E. M. McDonald was the of Mrs. R. L. Ti:c:-ji Monday. Mrs. Dyass is vHitmg friends iu Turrcll lor a lew days. Mrs. McCaity and Mr. and Mrs. | £ Ira Bohanninj of BUllicvdl ited Mr. and Mrs. Frank LinJ Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Uujan of Luxora visited Mr. and Mib. White Sunday. E. M. .McDonald was a business visitor at Blythevil!e Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lintl visited Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Katon Sunday afternoon. Uan Moody, L. A. and Junior Maxwell and Clarence Davis were Blythevillc visitors Satisr.'ay. Mrs. Hoy Hudson was the 31103! of Mr. and Mis. J. J. Hudson day. Mrs. Jewell B'.aylock visited Mr. inrt Mrs. J. R. Elaylock Sunday. 'Miss Ruby Blaylock s,);nt Saturday In Blythevillc. Ike Conaday was 3 visitor Ltixora Saturday. Louis While was a Luxora visitor Sunday. Sam Holllnger of Luxora was the guest, of Jack Hall Tuesday. L. U. CiUinaday was a Blythc- villo visitor Monday. REPAIRED^ iWASHED GREASED; EATON AND SON I'lionc "00 Main & 5th St Cop's Ridges Not fnr Solons BOSTON. Mass.. lUPi — Badges such as |X>liccn:en wear are r.o for legislators, the joint rules committee of the Massarhusms Lcgis lature has decided. It turned <!ow; a petition under v.liich members c the General Court would be equip pCti with such credentials. 1-lJKCKI.lCvS AND HIS FRIENDS 1 JUST \WOUD6K V1V4AT HlVJO OP A vro^AA^J THIS MRS . CUULGa \S . ViHOtA TOUD MS TO GO To SHE COESM'T UVS IKl SUCH A VJICE PART O IP Sues A , MIND STAVW AT HEC. NOOSE AVID G01HS OOT LOOI4VY FOR. FARBAR-see, BaT L JUST 6D To Tmnk.....\NUAT IF FARBAR FIP.ST?? WASH TUJilJS \N\T' «, BlftST SOUl CCUP^MT Or p.??ROfvCV\«SC3 (.'.OTOR BOKT PRo\!ESlToBEiONe OTriER Tv THE TO TAliE, I 60ESS.... OACK OOT OF THIS 7HIWG slovj....! BSTTER START LOOKIW' MADOErJ STfSEGT JUST ^ i sasvwep THE. \ ME— TtttY OUTSMARTt? "Peerj TO en ietl ->io t^les 'i T\V& KOTE «lM—HE'S P£fXl>. OCU IvILL BTHER. NIT 6UIUV, Oft WIU. . ^CUSE H1»A OF TH£ SOU TURNS KHMHU/ VALE. HIS lil'l.i, GKTS A SUHPHISK!

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