Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1934 · Page 10
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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1934
Page 10
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HARRISBURG jfgJ TELEGRAPH 10 FRIDAY EVENING - XPRIi:27 1934 ORCHESTRA TO PLAY DURING ART EXHIBIT The New Cumberland High School orchestra will present a program 'luring the annual art exhibit at the high school auditorium tonight. The program will be under the direction of Miss Irene Schwalm, music supervisor of the New Cumberland schools. Several hundred parents and friends of the students attended the opening of the exhibit last night. All art work done by the schools during the year under the direction of Miss Charlotte Zerfoss is on display. TO HAVE A GOOD NIGHT'S FUN GOME TO THE 9 27i PEARL INN Formerly Finecrest 9 W. MAIN ST. MIDDLETOWN SATURDAY, APRIL 28 Music by Harris and His Band ENTERTAINMENT Beer and Ale on Draught Lunch For All WHAT TO DO, SEE AND HEAR By L. U.K. " Boopaboop - adoop! Helen Kane, Etc. - AT LAST Little Ann Little, who boop - a - doopa - dooped a Betty Boop at the Colonial has landed in the midst of the Helen Kane trial in New York. Helen is suing a quintet of damsels, whom she accuses of stealing her boop - a - doop - a - doo. Ann is pictured in the N. Y. papers with Mae Questel, Margie Hines, Bonnie Poe and Katherine Wright . . . The girls all look happy . . . after all publicity is publicity. '. mAL SKELLEY S new snow in wnicn. nunsourg s juilu eeiuiebimm has a part will have its try - out at the Boulevard Theater, Jackson - OVER TH M su - vr u WM&Z&7& Heights, N. Y. . . . then Broadway tendinu the N. Y. plays with Penn sylvania locales "Pursuit of Happi ness" (in its last two weens. ,ana "Broomsticks." Maybe we should run over to New York and see Mr. Bennethum off to a good start. It all depends "Come What May." the name of the play. This column has been at - two SINCE 1860 At State Stow, Restaurants and Hotels. Exclusive Representative GENERAL WINES 8i SPIRITS CORP. 120 Will St. $NoYork T - AGLE - EYED Effie noticed Yj slips in recent movies . . . . In "Melody in Spring" Mary Boland wrote Lanny Boss a note, "Come to Suite 25.". And when he got it, it read, "Come to Room 25." But Lanny got to the right place. Also in "Spitfire," Katharine Hep burn as she bent over the baby had no black bow on her dress. When she stood up, there was the bow, says Effie. Also noticed in "Spitnre:" La Hepburn left the engineer's cabin in broad daylight and when she got to her own domicile, had to light the lamp all dark outside. saw himself being awarded the Croix de Guerre by a French general. 'Forgotten Men! ! ! I" . . . Victoria. Basil Bathbone, opposite Katharine Cornell in "The Barretts of Wlmpole Street," Zembo Mosque, Mar 8. NOT a movie. Harrisbure's Donald Oenslager has designed the settings for Nathan ZatSKoduction of "The Lady From the Sea." Isben play will have S fltat rJghrnext Wednesday with Moffat Johnston in the leading role. New vaudeville at the State . ... See the review, ncture is uuine On Marines." New Ones Downtown AND a few words about the new downtown films today: "The House of Rothschild." George Arliss, Loretta Young, Boris Karloff, Robert Young , and others in bit of Actionized history of the Napoleonic era "The swords of all Europe could not divide the House of Rothschild bankers." . .' . Loew's. ! "George White's Scancais." Another musical in which you'll see Mr. White and Rudy Vallee (whom you'll have to hear), Jimmie Durante, Alice Faye et Al. . . . Majestic. - "Forgotten Men." War picture, actual scences of fighting. Local veterans may see themselves in this picture. If so, call the column. It at brings to mind a story we've told before. The picture was being shown in an Indiana town. An un employed man, hungry, hopeless, tired, was given a job cleaning up in front of the theater. The manager paid him, said, "Step in and See the show." The man did and from a back seat saw himself in the film JThe Trumpet Blows." George Raft, bullfighter, reminiscent of Valentino's "Blood and Sand." . . . Also in the cast: Adolph MenjD: and Frances Drake. ; Kadlo fans ' will be glad to know that Colonial's H. Lambert has booked with the featnre film. "The Trumpet Blows," a ten - minute short by Father Conghlin ... "on of his fiery d - - dresses," said Harry ... Tne feature film concerns buU - flghtinf. Spanish style. Comes a letter from CFH, a letter every child in Harrisburg should clip and hang on the bathroom mir ror as a reminder. The letter: "The youth of Harrisburg Is soon to be reminded once again that it pays to keep its teeth clean. Each school child in Har risburg who is on the Denat Honor Roll will be entertained in . the Wilmer and Vincent Theaters on the moraine; of Saturday My 12. "HABOLD TEEN" wUl be the entertainment at the . Colonial, "GAMBLING LAD" with " Barbara Stanwyk at the Victoria, and . the Majestic Theater will run - a special morning ihow of "WE'RE NOT DRESSING," with Bing Crosby. Nearly a thousand chll - ' dren will attend each theater." Pi I 1 l& m J operate in this cleanup and have all articles ready to be taken away. Trucks will begin hauling at 7 o'clock In the morning. Ashes will not be removed. ; . GIVE MINSTREL SHOW A minstrel show was presented Francis Lederer, who rose to stage fame in 'Autumn Crocus." Featured at State Monday in film, "Man of Two Worlds.' . ... ..and on the stare, - a chocolate re view, "Shuffle Along." Euble Blake's the head man. And tomorrow youTI be reading all - about the new shows . . LLH will do "House of Rothschild." . . , CNF. "Forgotten Men." . CADI, "George White's Scandals . . and that seems to leave "The Trumpet Blows" for old Luk, who takes what's left. SPENCER TRACT in "Bottoms Up the Victoria next rnaaj SOUR FITTED . PIE CHERRIES No. 2 Can 10 QVAUTV POOS PRICC - CUTtffn FINAL DAYS OF THE TREMENDOUS CRISPY SODA Crackers 2 - lb Box STATE (By "JUST GENE") Pay attention to this movie or you're going to miss some good cracks. You'll see Richard Arlen as "Lucky Davis," a marine just back from the tropics, getting shore leave, getting in a mess, losing a chance for a commission and back to the tropics. There's good support by Fuzzy Knight, a just grand and glorified? group of "Children," (wait till you see the children) and best of all, good old Roscoe Karns, to keep you laughing. The Marines, in the Philippines are sent to rescue the "Children" Who were shipwrecked and stranded in a mission in bandit territory. They do the rescuing, capture the bandit and have the situation well in hand (One guy anyway). You can't miss Ida Lupino, she's right there for beauty. uooa snot Karns cleaning up the pig pen. Best Crack "You're a good soldier." "Yeah, good as dead." It's a fast moving, interesting picture. A good "Blues" chaser. The stage givers you Luster Brothers doing some good acrobatics. Watch that dancing spoon and figure it out if you can. "Ac - cordionette Revue" is just that. Catch the girls playing "St. Louis . , Blues" and "Blue Prelude" sweet and a little hot. There's some dancing, too. The "Society Favorites" will give you a surprise. Instead of dancing right they pull boners, but believe you me, to pull the boners they do, you've got to be good. They are. It's a fast act. "You'll Be Surprised" with Frank Melino and Co. gives you some fast acrobatics and dancing. It's a dizzy speed they set. You'll see some good stunts. Here's Herman Wells and Jeanette Gilmore. See this young lady dance, by all means. Here's gracefulness in dancing in all its glory. It's the best act of the show. Wells does a comic dance that's a scream. Miss Gilmore steak the act and rightly so Paramount Pictorial gives you a thrill Donald .Novis singing the best song ever "Trees". There's a comedy with Walter Catlett on the loose. It's some show. "COME ON MARINES" CAST "Lucky Davis" Richard Arlen "Esther Cabot" Ida Lupino "Spud McGurke" Roscoe Karns "JoJo La Verne" Grace Bradley "Susie Raybourne," Virginia Hammond "Katherine" Gwenllian Gill "Shirley" Clara Lou Sheridan "Dolly" Toby Wing "Loretta" Lona Andre "Bumpy" Leo Chalzel "Peewee" Pat Flaherty "Wimpy" Fuzzy Knight "Brick" Julian Madison "General" Edmund Breese "Lieutenant" Monte Blue "First Girl" jean Chatburn "Second Girl" .., Jenifer Gray "Third Girl" Kay McCoy "Fourth Girl" , Mary Blackwood last night in - the Lemoyne High Allen township, Cumberland count School auditorium by the Lower Al - The program was directed by Johl len Fire Company No. 1 of Lower Fisher. If .....vwnnnCUW Hutu ""ri "2 Hotel Verbeke 314 Broad Street DANCING EVERT NIGHT Betty's Novelty Orchestra And Other Added Features , BEER AND LIQUORS ' "DICK" BUCHER MANAGER Be - Md - Y - Harrlil rtwar'a Bsush HH - F Hafrlibin'i Own Thrilliaa . WA m sss m m m ffl 14 - niunLAriDERS SAT AFB. asth Adam fomstloml J VamsMri Meeds 15 - 14 aadty aaaAiLanow a.mjiRiSBuaB FREE SQUARE AND MODERN DANCE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY , at the FARMER'S HOTEL E. Main St. Middletown Music and Entertainment by FINK'S MELODY BOYS Large Beer 10c; Giant Sandwich 10c Peanuts and Pretzels All You Can Eat No Cover No Minimum Orchestra Every Night GREEN GABLES TONIGHT AL TRUMBINO and His Seven College Boys ' Tomorrow Atlantic City Stompers - " LARGE DANCE SPACE PARKING FOR 500 CARS Front Street Below Swatara, Steelton ROYAL PALM GARDEN 118 - 130 Market St. Daily Z5c Business Men's Lunch . A la Carte Service Steaks Chops Salads PLAN CLEANUP DAY Dr. H. C. Lawton, secretary to the Camp Hill Board of Health, an - HI - WAY INN 707 DERRY STREET SUNDAY SPECIAL Chicken &. Waffles B"f Roast Chicken and Filling .. SMIfi Steak Mushrooms CATERS TO CARD PARTIES MRS. CORA SANDERS, PROP. nounced today that the twenty - second annual cleanup of the borough will be held May 1. Dr. Lawton said that all citizens of the borough are asked to co - Daily IOC . Speeial MONDAY KRAUT AND WEINER, MASHED POTATOES, Bread Butter SATURDAY CHICKEN PIE, MASHED POTATOES, BREAD AND BUTTER Large Plate ofSoup .... 5? Sandwiches Big Mug of Beer or Ale 10c, With the Peanuts You Can Eat All Est AmnvmsAE? saile CARLOADS oS QUALITY F OODS at LOWEST PRICES!! SHOP! SAVE! - Friday and Saturday - Last Days! Chase & Sanborn COFFEE 2612c Gibb's Tomato SEA FOODS CATSUP FLOUR Apple Butter BROOMS SOAP CHIPS Mussel - man's Well Made Clean Quick 14 - oz bot Reg box 28 - oz Jar each 5 - 16 box Fresh Roe SHAD " 22C Roe Included N GERESOTA FLOUR 53c SUPREME FLOUR 22 37c ..offer's Best Flour I;;" 46c 10c 23c 11c 25c 25c Royal Anne CHERRIES lgst can 15c PRODUCE Crispy Table CELERY 3 dOc Sliced Cod STEAK lb IVORY SOAP 4 rinso z reg bars bxs 19C 39C Silver Dust Sjr.SSi" Jlc Fresh Haddock FILLETS 16c 7 Fresh Buck SHAD Fresh CROAKERS 3 " 19c A P0RGIES or SEA BASS 5,ta25c JELL0 ROSE TjTMe OEUTIHE BSK flm b0X5C each 19C cZ5C I I MEAT DEPARTMENT Picnic SHOULDERS ""';ir I OS SHOULDERS S 9g Fancy Chuck 8u!"0ked" Sugar - Cured ROAST HAMS BACON .h lac ib lil2c ih ijVzc Rump or Leg of Veal lb 16c Lebanon BOLOGNA Ib lSc g LIMBURGER b 23c Meat Loaf II ' " I Ftaest Minced Ham BUTTER 0 U t sliced 15c .b tsVze 9c 3 Gr. Peppers or 3 Bunches of RHUBARB 5c Large New POTATOES pk15c Solid Ripe TOMATOES lb. TONIGHT AceofClsS:nSt Just What Ton Have Been Waiting For THE CARI0CA Featured by Lucllll Zimmerman With Lloyd Valentine and His Orchestra ALSO TOMMY KOSER EAT TONITE EAT DELICIOUS SHRIMP BESSAMER HOTEL 248 Main St. Steelton Featuring the Sensation of the Season MICKEY McBRIDE With the Hollywood Cadets VALEHCIAvoST SATURDAY, APRIL 28th HAL KEMP AND HIS FAMOUS BAND Only Appearance in This Vicinltyl ADMISSION $1.00 Plus Tax FIRST APPEARANCE Dolores & Diinfes After 3 Months at Miami, Biltmore Hotel, Show Boat, Palm Beach, Rendeirous, Washington, D. C. OLD BARN Tonirht and All Week Halfway to York on Trail NO COVER CHARGE HARRY F. LENZ, MANAGER Iceberg LETTUCE head bVzQ Sweet Juicy 0RAIIGES doz Open Dally 9 A. M. - 9 P. M. Open Satur - 7 A. M. - 10 P. M. DANCE TONIGHT TV7 CAFE AYii agnell! 714 N. THIRD 8T. We are now equipped to serve you your favorite drink at popular prices. MID - NITE SUPPERS Featuring Steaks, Spaghetti and Sea Foods 50c and up Dances Wednesday and Friday PEANUT NIGHT LYNCH HOTEL BROAD & CAPITAL MARLIII BURD And His Cadets , With BUCK MARLING EVERY NIGHT NO COVER CHARGE Everything to Drink ' Served At You Like It Largest Uptown Dance floor II ' 1 '. "' . I II , ,,!. - - iTs Mjiiia jpfi in Hbg." NOW SHOWING W1'' A SHOW THAT HAS PUNCH PROCLAIMS THE PUBLIC! ! FRANK MELINO jXtlttVfi r In "You'll Be Surprised," (Vitj GINE DcQUINCEY. With Madge Norman, AiB&3m & LEWIS Tommy Carlton. Al Melino "jJXmM, "Society Favorites" HERMAN WELLS & JEANETTE GILMORE IN "THE GYP" , Bartee Sisters & Co. Luster Brothers in "Let's Have Fun" If VI ON THE SCREEN An Outstanding Feature Picture! IBTl III "COME ON MARINES" with RICHARD ARLEN STARTS vvr TODAY XlF TlJ Suppraod V Frfms Tbey Said Could Newr Be Shows ,7 V i UNCENSORED 7 X RAW WAR FILMS J I THE UNCENSORED ZJjllsI I nkdC OFFICIAL U. AL - VS1 "( I SSJV LIED AND GERMAN r sj V I SIGNAL mDM Mr. t iQSjC' 'ilVk I TURESI ''sSS'" ! I 1 1 I ' cit 9fioofioo If JiTs t til Um ami CnW II gF IJI tlJ BILUONS TO I - W U X yy MAKE Tki. Pitm. Jv V K th TRUTHN J? Jf at Last! Tbe ) V A Harrowing, 5 Sroi'"H " I l.,nr , AT THE ORGAN ' Tt TRUTH About in a stirring I i 1 the War! "Patriotic Medley" J : - LOVE THAT SCORNED the barriers of prejudice I This laughing Irish lover ...and his lovely Jewess sweetheart! Together defying her father's millions ...his people's creeds I A love so brave, so beautiful it will flood your heart.' (four Start) N. Y. Daly Neau' The HOUSE off ROTHSCHILD . Twentieth Century Production with GEORGE ARLISS LORETTA YOUNG - ROBERT YOUNG - BORIS KARLOFF Blazing drama . . . shocking : surprises ... a love story you'll always remember! 1 EXTRA Thelma Patsy Todd - Kelly In "Soup & Fish" And Other Shorts dr!T'S AMERICA'S! v r n 4 1 r w ( Al George White's Nk 4 was too big for i 9f j Broadway, . . so he I ylS brought it to the ! f fTj screen for the whole . Yjt ' J "C country to enjoyL js 1) t . f ;i if l An array.. y , i i ot dance - - - ) rsk Zl - iU I I f, 11 , song jf L w J l& l comedy - - - yr - - $ ut romance jCW . sb mmmmmw wr m Doors Open at 1 P. M. NOW IT BEGINS WHERE THE $10 BROADWAY SHOW LEFT OFF (qoMUOj)lilMi,J (30 n I Sa(Dj . If mr . Chai.E.Coughlin 1 1 1 I 1 I I 1 b I "THE FIGHTING 1 I J I 1 1 J kl CJ PRIEST" 1 ww v ' :

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