Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on April 23, 1934 · Page 18
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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1934
Page 18
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TELEGRAPH 18 MONDAY EVENING APRIL 23, 1934 HARRISBURG PLAN INSPECTION OF BUILDINGS TO PROTECT CHILDREN With a view of safeguarding Pennsylvania's school children, the Department of Labor and Industry is co - operating with the Department of Public Instruction in conducting a survey of all school buildings in the State. Miss Charlotte E. Carr, Secretary of Labor and Industry, announced today. Every one of the Labor Depart ment's inspectors has been instructed to make a thorough inspection of all buildings in his district. When substandard conditions are discovered, directors of the school district in which the buildings is located, are to be notified so that necessary alterations, repairs, or installations may be made before the opening of the 1934 - 35 term next September. "The drive is being made at this time of the year for two reasons," Miss Carr said. "First, school boards have the opportunity to include In budgets for the year provisions to defray the cost of the work; and second, necessary changes in the buildings may be made to the best advantage during the summer recess. "Surely school officials will bend every effort to maintain safety standards for the children in their districts." The inspectors will check partic ularly the number of emergency exits, and the efficiency of fire alarm and emergency lighting systems. They also will investigate the regu larity of fire drills. Motor and Rail Selling Give Market Irregularity New York, April 23, (JP). The early trend of the stock market was slightly lower today. Quiet offerings appeared in motor and rail shares. Chrysler, Auburn and Santa Fe lost a point each. New York Central, General Motors, United States Steel, Consolidated Gas, Montgomery Ward and United Aircraft showed fractional declines. . . PUBLIC BATHING PLACES MUST MEET STATE REGULATIONS With the call of outdoors growing more insistent every day, the Pennsylvania Department of Health NEW YORK STOCKS New York, April 23, (JP) 12.0C stocks: oauses in its enforcement of the Ariam Exn . . law regulating public bathing places Alaska Jun .. and swimming pools to make an an - 1 JfSjieny . . . , . . I Allied Chem . nouncement of vast importance to ; c ; youthful followers of Tom Sawyer L oml ana xiucsieuerry rum. Am p - j of. a What to Do, See and Hear By L. U K. WILL BE MARRIED Waynesboro. April 23. The engagement of Miss Sara Louise Foreman, . daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Foreman, Waynesboro, and Dr. C. Richard Miller, son of Mrs. Helen Miller, Penbrook, was announced at a bridge luncheon given by Miss Foreman's mother at Kenwood Inn, Chambersburg. There were thirty - two guests. Miss Foreman is a graduate of Waynesboro High School and Temple University School of Dental Hygiene. For the last two years she has been dental hygienist in the Waynesboro public schools. Dr. Miller is a graduate of Temple University Dental School and is practicing dentistry in Pen - brook. PASSES EXAMINATION Notice that he has passed the examination qualifying him to practice before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has been received by William C. Fry, son of Mrs. S. N. Heisey, 331 Seneca street. Fry, who is now employed in the Auditor General's Department, is a graduate of Dickinson Law School and is a member of Delta Chi fraternity. He will serve . a clerkship in the office of Roland U. Douglass, attorney, with offices in the Commonwealth Trust Company Building, before seeking admission to the Dauphin County Bar. He plans to practice law in Dauphin county. 1300 toUe graduated Frederick, Md April 23. Ap proximately 1300 high school and seventh grade students are expected to be graduated from the schools of Frederick, city and county, it was stated by Eugene W. Pruitt, county superintendent of education. 3 : Waynesboro. Farmers in this section of Franklin county will not have any outlet for their Class 2 and Class 3 milk from today, - following action taken by the Supplee - Wills - Jones Company, operators of milk plants in this area. The plant owners refuse to pay the price for these two grades of milk as set down by the Pennsylvania Milk Control Board. Waynesboro. Of the $9,739,285 allocated by the State Emergency Relief Board for relief, food and clothing, $19,473 will come to Franklin county. The allocation is for the last half of April. The old swlmmin' hole is still I the old swimmin' hole. The regu - j latory act of June 23. 1931, doesj not apply to the old swimmin' hole iu its natural unsupervised state, nor does it apply to bathing pools located on strictly private property and intended for the use of the owner, his family, and guests. All other classes of bathing places, such as pools and natator - iums, are regulated by the bathing act, and may not operate legally without permission from the State Department of Health. The Department provides application blanks for those seeking such permission. Each application must be accompanied by a. fee of ten dollars, and by maps, specifications, a description of the pool, its source of water supply and other data. The law applies to any place or structure intended to be used for bathing or swimming purposes. No exceptions are made for such places whether indoors or outdoors, whether public or private, whether for hire or otherwise, if they are under the supervision of someone. Pools operated and used by members of private institutions and as sociations' are included as are those operated by a municipality. . . i Am Smelt 43 k Am T and T 258 AUTOS WERE STOLEN IN MARCH The "theft of 258 Pennsylvania - owned automobiles was reported during March to the stolen car unit of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Of these, 154 were received before the end of the month along with sixty - three others which had been stolen prior to March 1. In addition, the Bureau reports the recovery during ftfcrch of fifty - eight cars, valued at $17,435, which were taken by joy - riders and abandoned within twenty - four hours after being stolen. . . . The stolen car unit's summary of reports received during the first three months of the year shows 778 cars stolen and 690 recovered, the latter including 463 which were recovered during the same month in which they were stolen. The summary discloses joy - riders used 217 automobiles, valued at $72,107 which they abandoned within twenty - four j hours. - 3 FORM JOSHUA SOCIETY Snnbury, April 23. The Joshua Society composed of the Past Grand High Priests of the Royal Arch chapters of Free Masonry in msinci , was iormed at a meet ing at the Homestead Tea Room here. It is the second such club in the State, the other is in Phila delphia. William R. Burchfield, district Grand High Priest of Montgomery, presiaea. He was elected president A vice - president was elected for each of the chapters, Frank M. Haas, Sunbury; John Gillespie, Shamokin; Harry W. Hill, Blooms - burg; V. O. Yetter, Catawissa; George Blunt, Milton; Kreamer Fox, Danville. Herbert C. Har - man was elected secretary and jonn m. rniuips, treasurer. Legals 114 The COURT OP COMMON PLEAS or the County of Dauphin. Commonwealth Docket. 19)1. No. 148. In the matter of William D. Gordon, Secretary ot Banking ol the common wealth of Pennsylvania, receiver of the Commercial Trust Company of Harris - burg, Penna. To depositors, otner cred itors and stocknoiaers: Notice of filing the second and par tial account of William D. Gordon, Secretary of Banking of the Commonwealth of - Pennsylvania, receiver 01 tne commercial Trust Company of Harrlsburg, Pennsylvania. Take notice that on Saturday, the 7th day of April, wu, trie secona ana rar tial Account of William D. Gordon, Secretary of Banking of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, receiver of the Commer cial Trust company 01 Harrisourg, penna., was filed with the Prothonotary of the above Court to tea above Term and Number. The aald Account consists of the statement of receipts and disbursements from September 22, 1933. to March 31, 1934, Inclusive, together with a list of claims allowed or objected to. Any corporation or person who Is. or claims to be. a depositor, creditor or stockholder of said Commercial Trust Company of Harrlsburg, Penna., or who has given the said Secretary of Banking notice of his claim to the right of execution or attachment, against any assets owned by or legally In the custody or possession of the said Secretary as Receiver of said Commercial Trust Company of Harrlsburg, Penna., or who asserts any other type of claim against the said Secretary as Receiver, may file within thirty days after the filing of the said Account specific exceptions in writing under oath or affirmation. Notice of any exceptions to an Individual item of the said Account shall forthwith be personally served upon or sent by registered mall to the corporation or person whose claim 4a thus objected to, or his counsel, and also the Secretary of Banking, or the Deputy Receiver managing the affairs ot the said Commercial Trust Company ot Harrlsburg. Penn., or the counsel of either. The Account will be presented to the said Court for confirmation on Monday, May 14th, 1934. at 10 o'clock A. M. The Court, on the same day. will be asked to approve a pledge of the Institution' assets to The Reconstruction Finance Corporation for a loan of - cash now being negotiated by the Secretary of Banking for the benefit of depositors nd other claimants, which will be distributed as toon as possible after the Account has been confirmed, and the approval of the conrt to the pledge secured. The Secretary of Banking determined to liquidate this institution on November I, 1931. WILLIAM D. GORDON. Secretary of Bankins of the Common wealth of Pennsylvania, Receiver of the Commercial Trust Company of Harrlsburg. Penna. B FRANK M. BALSBAOOH, Deputy Receiver. T MtLNOR. ESQ.. , i ;i.er Building, Harri;urg. Penna. Special Counsel. THOMAS R. WICKERSHAM, ESQ Mechanics Trust Building, Harrlsburg, Penna. HOn REAL VETERAN Wait Hoyt, Pittsburgh pitcher, pitched one inning for the Giants in 1918. After 13 years in the American League he came back to the National with Brooklyn and the Giants in 1932. He was with the Pirates all of 1933. Waite is one of the real veterans of the big leagues, and holds jointly with Chief Bender, of the Athletics, a record of total games won In World Series competition, having won six games. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK Chieat - o. Aoril 23. (API . Kuttvr 1X1 steady; creamery - specials (92 score) 23 23!ic; extras (92) 'Ac; extra firsta'(90 - 911 22ig22'ic: firsts' (8 - S9i 214i21'ac; seconds 6 - 7) 2040: standards (90 centralized carlots) 234C. Eggs, 48.823, unsettled; extra firsts l1. 16e; fresh graded firsts lS'jiglS'.ic; current receipts 14c. Butter sales 279 tubs extras. 22' aC Eggs, 800 cases current receipts 14'te. NEW YORK EGGS New York, April 23. (AP). Ebbs. 20.894. irregular. Mixed colors, special packs or selections from fresh receiDts 183ift 20V4C; Standards and commercial stand ards I8wl8'4c; firsts 17e, seconds left I6V4C: mediums. 40 lbs. and dirties No. 1. 32 lbs. average ehecks li'Ae: atorate packed firsts 17 'ac. 1 Philadelphia Produce Philadelphia, April 23. (API Flour - Soft winter, straight, western, 5.SSi: 5.90; nearby, 15.45ft 5.M; bard winter, 95 per cent., 85.90(68.10; shoft patent, $8.1008.30. Hay Sound feeding best, $13 14; com mon. $10 12. - Cheese Whole milk, longhorns, round lots. MHeiJUc; daisies, fresh, 12'e 13 '4C. Live poultry Plymouth Rock, fowls, fancy, 17c; fancy, mixed colors, 18c; white Leghorns, fancy 4 - pound average, 13fil6c: ordinary. 126 14c; winter chick ens, 30i22c; itaggv young roosters, Wa lie; old roosters. 9ft 10c; Plymouth Rock broilers, newly hatched, fancy, 23724c; Rhode Island Red. 21c; mixed colors, 22c: white Leghorns, broilers. llftSls. Ducks, white. Pelsins, spring, 16fil7c; old 13ft 14c: mixed colors, old, ll12c; Mus covy. 15il8c. Dressed Poultry Fowls, fresh killed In boxes. 17019c; as to weight; fancy nearby chickens, 25j'28c: old roosters, dry picked, western, 96.11c; Ducks, Long Island. 18c. Wh'at No. 2 garlicky, domestic spot and April delivery domestic. 833tc bid. Corn No. 2 yellow, western, 89'tt ei'ae. Oats No. 2 white, 391Mle. - Butter Tod grades, 2i6i2c; 92 score. 25c; 9i score, 24'ac: 90 icore, . 2i',4c; 89 Am Tob "B" Anaconda 16 Atchison 70 Auburn 40' Aviation Corp 8 Baldwin Loc 14 B and O 29 Beth Steel 43 Beth Steel pfd 76 Borden ; 25 Can Pac 16?i Case (JD 70 Cerro De P 36 Ches and Ohio 47 Chrysler 53 Coca Cola 123 Col Carbon 76 Com'l Solv 28 Com with Sou 2 Cons Gas 38 Corn Prod 75 Del L and W N 28 D Pont 97 Yi Eastman Kod " 95 Elec Auto L 27 Gen Elec 23 Ge:. Foods 35 Gen Mot io ,s Gen Refract 20 Gillette 12 Gold Dust 22 Harbison Walk 23 Hershey 60V4 Hudson Mot 19 International Harvester ...... 42 International Nick 28 International Tel and Tel 14 Johns - Manville 56 V2 Kennecott 22 . Lehigh Valley Coal 3 Lehigh Valley Railroad 18 Loews 34 Lorillard 18 Montgomery Ward 31 Nash Mot 23 National Biscuit 43 National Dairy . ITU National Pow and Lt 12 New York Central 35 NY NH and H 19 iNorui Am .. i,8 Penn R R 35 Phila Rdg C and I 5V4 Phil Pete 20 Pub Ser N J 39 Radio : 8 Rey Tob B 441 Sears Roeb 51 Socony - Vac 17 South Pac 27 South Ry 33 St Brands 21 St Gas and El 13 St Oil Cal 37' St Oil N J 4614 Studebaker 6 Tex Corp 27 Timk Roll B 35i Transamerica 7 Unit Aire 24 Unit Corp 6 Unit Gas Imp 16 U S Ind Ale . 52 U S Rubber 23 U .S Smelt ....124 U S Steel 52 Util P and L 3 Vick Chem 34 West Union 54 West El and Mfg 40 Woolworth 54 Cities Svc 3 Elec Bond and Sh (Curb) ... 11 Ya CHICAGO LIVESTOCK Chicaro. Aoril 23. (API Hois, asooo including 13.000 direct: market Active 5?10c lower than Friday; 179 - 280 pounds, $3.80i&3.90; tcp, $3.95; 290 - 325 oounds. $3.856 3.80: light lights, S3.40iS3.80; good pigs, $2. 25ift3: packing !ffs, largely $3fi 3.15 light light good and choice, 140 - 160 pounds. $3.40?3.80: light weight, 180 - 200 pounds, I3.65i5 3.95: medium weight, 200 - 250 nounds. $3.75ift 3.95: heavy weight 250 - 350 pounds. $3.603 3.90; packing scs. medium and good, 275 - 550 oounds, $2. (re's 3.35: pigs, good and choice, 1O0 - 130 pounds, $2.256 3.40. cattle, 18,000: ca ves. 2000: two way market on streets; medium weight and weighty kinds strong to shade higher on active market: light offerings weak to 25c. mostly 10615c lower on slow change; light steers and vearlings aradini me dium to good predominated in runs: early top weighty steers. $8.10. some held higher; several loads. $768: most light cattle, 852568.50: other killing classes very uneven. Cows and heifers steady to 14c lower. Slaughter cattle and vealers: steers, good and choice, 550 - 900 pounds. $5.756 7.75; 900 - 1100 pounds, $5.7567.75: 1100 - 1300 pounds, $8,506,11.15: 130O - 15CO pounds. $76 8.25: common and medium. 500 - 1300 pounds. $4.5068.75; heifers, good and choice, 550 - 750 pounds, $5. 251ft 6.35; common and medium, $3,506 5.25: cows. good. $3.75 6 4.75: common and medium. $2.856 3.75; low cutter and cutter. $262.85; bulls (yearlings excluded), good (beefl, $3 35 6 3.75; cutter, common and medium. $36 3.80; vealers. good and choice. $568.75; 'medium, $465; cull and common, $34: stocker and feeder cattle: steers, good and choice, 500 - 1050 pounds. $4.7568; common and medium, $3.50 5. Sheep, 8000; fat lambs in broad demand: Indications, 156 25c or more higher; with asking prices well above $10; new nearly good lambs sold early at, . $9.85. Best California on sale this sea - I son and several best fed clipped lambs I as yet unsold; sheep steady; lambs. 90 I pounds down, good and .choice. $9,856 10; common and medium, $7.25 6 9.85 ; 90 - 98 pounds, good and choice. $9,756 10; ewes. 90 - 150 pounds, good and choice. $3.7565.50: all weights, common and medium, $364.50. , 3 - " - - mm piifiipiifr ..i5i , 1 xn i' - Mh - 15 i WUCi $iEk ' In "House of Rothschild" at Loew'i Friday: George Arlisa. The Title Shufflers Back at Work! " STRANGELY enough the title shufflers with five to play with In downtown theaters haven't taken advantage of the opportunity ... until this very minute. The phoner - lnner said, "I've got tne titles shuffled for you. ' So we tied the receiver to our left ear and typed her words as follows: "Jimmy the Gent made Tarzan and His Mate Spitfire while Long Lost Father sang Melody in Spring in the unina snop. ' wnat's yours? M0VIETIMES and MOVIE THEMES MAJESTIC: "Spitfire, 8.43, 5.5. - 7.S5, ie.8. Tw engineers in iere with a snoaBiaia girl, STATE: Continuous vaudeville and film starting at 1.80. LOEW'8: "Tarsan and His Mate." 11, l.M, S.0, 5.15, I.M. 9.40. Johnny Welimaller'a wild animal circus. COLONIAL: "Melody in Spring," ll.S0t 1.50, 3.50, 5.80. 7.50. 9.50. Lanny Boas singing in romantic picture. VICTORIA: "Jimmie The Gent," 11. IS.4S, 2.41, 4.86, 8.15, 8.10. 18.08. Mr. Jamef, Cagney, of course. Advice From Arliss! J OE FLINN just brought this one in from Chicago. . Mr. George Arliss, whose "House of Rothchild" will be at Loew's April 27. stopped off there between trams, met a peppery blonde, who spufr tered in her excitement. "t - o - o - oh, Mis - ter Ar - liss, I'm just so thrilled. I can hardlv talk." sne sputtered, "i wisn you would tell me how to get in the movies.' Buy a ticRet, my dear, ' said Arliss without cracking a smile, "Buy a ticket." Obie just looked over the shoul der to say; "You gotta word spelled wrongthere." What word? We're too weary to look. You find it and the first ten, notifying Luk personally or by letter get tickets to the "House of Rothschild" and Mac, you have to "buy" the tickets . . . Look it over, folks. The sound equipment at the Ma jestic is coming in for plenty of favorable comment. "You can even hear the crickets chirp," said CNF. Haven't heard it yet maybe later in the week. It all depends ! UNLESS the memory has slipped us - .again, "I've Got' Your Number" played the State. 'Right? Anyway here's a letter signed T. T.: "Dear Luk: You were right in stating that either 'Advice to the Lovelorn' or 'Hi, Nellie!' is a frank copy of the other and th:.i evidence points to the latter as being the plagiarist, Daryl Zanuck broke away from Warnef Brother;. and made the first mentioned; Warners followed with the better picture. But here's the sequel. ' Warners made 'I've Got Your Number' and Zanuck's Twentieth Cen tury Company copied it with 'Looking For Trouble.' And here's the laff.' The Zanuck picture is the better of the two. Watch for 'I've Got You Number, and see if you don't agree. It's' strange, though, that in both instances the better movie hit Harrisburg first, in so far as the worst of each set was made first. Yours truly, T. T. John Barry more in "Long Mt Father,' current film at State. I N the Helen Kane - Boop - a - boop - a - doop trial three "copy cates" wfert named Mae Questel, Marge Hines and Bonnie Boe . . . How about Little Ann Little, recently at the Colonial in person? And that reminds of a letter, mis - filed 'till now. When Ann was here, she got a letter from a Proudfoot, Mechanicsburg. Ann also wrote a letter. This is it: "Dear Mr. Proudfoot: "Your letter was brought to my attention by the Harrisburg Telegraph and I hasten to mail you a photograph copy ol which was printed In the above mentioned paper. "Permit me to thank you for your interest. I am sorry you weren't in Harrisburg during my three days' engagement at the Colonial Theater, where I made a personal appearance with my artist. "I hope you are a BETTY BOOP "Pan" also. X am 4 feet 11 inches tall or small in those high heels you wrote about, weigh M pounds and wear size 2 shoes. My age is "Boop - Boop - a - doop." "Hoping for continued interest in Betty Boop and the Harrisburg Telegraph, which paper I also found to be so Interesting, I am, "Very truly yours. "BETTY BOOP. ' "(Little Ann Little)" "Viva Villa" at Loew's May 4, following the Arliss picture. On the way: Warner Baxter in "Stand Up and Cheer," a musical Jamboree, signalizing the end of the, depression . . . "Uncertain Lady," with Edward Everett Horton and Genevieve Tobin a farce comedy. Once upon a time there was a theater and every seat had a hat hook that worked. . HE boy's on the job. Pipe this letter. . "Howdy L. U. it.: I am slipping you the stage show that . Mr. Bierbauer booked for the first half at the State. It is as follows: Three Zcchos - 'Balancing Marvels", Tiny Spira "A Ton of Fun"; Jed Dooley stage and screen comic; Roy Sed - ley late start of Ziegfeld Follies Rehearsal Hall; Southernaders in "Southland Gayeties" and on our screen we will show John Barrymore in a great feature picture called "Long Lost Father." Watch for Bierbauer's four big units coming soon to the good old State. S long. "BALLYHOO NICK." STATE MARKET BUREAU REPORT Philadelphia, April 23, (JP). Spinach, nearby, bushel, 25c to 60c. Broccoli greens, bushel, 10c to 60c. Dandelion, basket, 15c to 25c; bushel, 25c to 40c. Kale, bushel, .15c to 30c. ' Rape, bushel, 25c to 40c. Rhubarb, bunch, l4c to 3c. Leeks, bunch, lc to 2'4c. Scallions, 100 bunches, 25c to 65c. Mushrooms, 3 - pound basket, 20c to 65c. Apples, bushel, $125 to $1.75. Sweet potatoes, New Jersey. No. I s, basket, 50c to 75c; Mo. 2's, 35c., ( w hit murm rfr Bui mt naTTW irniiMn STANDING OF THE CREWS Harrisburg Yard C Trick Philadelphia DiTision Yard crewa. Engineers up Blosser, Malaby, Rodgers, Snyder, Loy, McMorris, Runkle, Wise, watts, Biever. Firemen up Reiser, Ctettys. Sheets, Bair, J. C. Evde. Ktever. Ford. Boyer. Hamilton, J. R. Miller, Miller. McCartney. Waltz. Hall. Desch. Graham. Dough erty, Ewing. Peiffer, Snell, Flelsher, Bur ner. Wagner. , i Brakemen last uut Moreland. Harrisburg and Enola Side Middle Division Road crews. Enola engine crews first to go after '.2.01 P. M. 140. 132, 130, 144, 139, 133. '.51, 125, 122. 148. 136, 138. 149. 145. 121, '.20. - 137, 131. 129. 150, 147. 2 Altoonas. Enola train crews first to go after 12.01 P. M. 142. 121. 134. 12. 131. 149. '33, 144, 140, 129. 135. 138, 141, 139, 122. 148. 147. 2 Altoonas. Engineers for 122, 130. 149, 150. Firemen for 131. 133. 140. Conductors for 122. Brakemen for 121, 122, 129, 131, 139, 141. 144. Engineers up Smith, Strickler, Glpple, HODkins. Rathfon. Firem?n up Peterman, Arnold, Bickert. Peters. Brakemen up Depew. McNaight. Fish er, Clemm. Speerer, Hoffman. Danner, Johnson. Baker, Bitner, Linn, Kipp, Hey, nen. Harrisburr and Enola Ride Philadel phia Division Road crews. . Harnsiburg engine crews first to so after 12 01 P. M. 103. 101. Harrisburg foremen crews first to go after 12.01 P. M. 104. 102, 101., Harrisburg train crews first to go after 12.01 P. M 105, 104, 101. Enola engine crews first to go after 12.01 P. M. 201. 214. 206. 209, 202. 218. 213. 204. 217, 203, 210, 205, 212. 215. Amboy 327, 32. 325. 323, 324. 321. Enola train crews first to so after 12.01 P. M. 212, 217, 207. 203, 208, 206, 205, 210, 216. Amboy 325. 331. 333, 323. 329. Enola Jersey train crews first to go aner vi.vi p. m w. bis. era. ozv, on, SV3, ail. BUI, 013, BUS, BOO, Bill, 6117, 641. Enola Jersey firemen crews first to go alter iz.vi r. m. boi. B43 ,B4i, em, 649, 645. 639,. 617, 619. 631, 623, 635, 651, 635. 607. Enola Jersey engine crews first to go after 12.01 P. M. 633. 603, 629, 613, S23, 643. 605. 657, 659, 847, 661. 619, 635, 655, 649. 651. Camden engine crews first to go after 12.01 P. - M. 175, 173, 172, 174. - Camden firemen crews first to go after 12.01 P. M. 175, .172. 171. 173. Engineers for 213. 173, 175, P - 84, 635, 649. 645, 651. Firemen for 102, 104, 204, 206, 212, 215 218 173. Conductors' for 101, 207, 331, 625, 817. 613. 607. Brakemen for 105. 323 Engineers up F. C. Conley, Dohner, Breitigan, G. C. Miller, Overmyer. Geb - hart, Ulrich, Halble'ib, Myers, Speece. Fostnot, Miller. Hackenberger, Breitcher, Earhart. Young. Alloway, Hoar, Bateman. Firemen up Wlsegaver, Copp. L. H. Zimmerman. Doyle, Lowery, Ressler, Brin - ser, Awkerma. Daullary, Polleck, Bas - ton, Boggs. Shue, Evrehart, Binegar, Kauflman, Blckle. Conductors up Coder, Kane, Blair, Gump, Bowers. Linsenmayer. Brakemen up Presgraves, Flowers, Ar - begast, Rosenberger, Flanagan, Benedict, Corbin, Poff, Bents, Fagan, Books, Groff, Stiles. Kuhlwind. Eazweiler. Swenson. Swenson, Shoffner, Trestle, Spence, Wal ker, Troilo, Deitz. Smoker, Foehlinger, Szerba, McConnell, Ibaugh, McEiwee, Hilliar. Cavanaugh, Haak. Shelley. Schreffler. Lee. Enola Yard B Trick Philadelphia Di vision Yard crews. Engineers up Sheaffer. Kapp. . G. For - tenbough, Mcrfalley, Feas, Bruaw, Ewing, Lutz. Fortenbaueh, Curtis, D. Hinkle, Holland. J. Hinkle. Firemen un Holmes. Bandera. Benier, Boyer. Meek, Metz, Walters, Copp, Klein, Cessna, Pace, Kocher, Kipp, Fitting, Arter. Shoop, Heim. Brakemen last out F. H. Wagner. P. R. R. PASSENGER CREWS Middle Division Extra enzmemen marked up at 12.01 p. m. Steel, Shirk, Sheesley. Baker, Kauffman. Enginemen wanted for trains 613 - B, 23 - B. Extra firemen marked up at 12.01 p. m. Snyder, Stevens. Reeder, Beisel, Norford, Simmons, Bitting, Zeiders. Philadelphia Division Extra enginemen marked up at 12.01 p. m. Gehr. Lambert. Dolly, Albright, Simmons, Reisinger. Ashton. Enginemen wanted for trains 570 - B. Extra firemen morked up at 12.01 p. m. Ramsey, Wood, Killian, Killums, Lutz, Eckman. Williamsiport Division Extra enginemen marked up at 12.01 p. m. C. Dannaker, Rubendall, Morue, Rice. Hilbush, Batey, Young, Voria. W. Dannaker. Enginemen wanted for trains 575 - C. rVilliamsport Division Extra firemen marked up at 12.01 p. m. Keefer, Crowl, Patterson, Housberger, Stickle, Reardon, Michaels. Etzweller, Hufnagle, Earon, Down, Bingaman, Wetzel, Berger. Firemen wanted for trains '577 - A.' Philadelphia Division Baggagemasters up Enery, Atkins, Rankin. Wilson, Conductors for File, Forney, Levefer, Hoover, Desch, Ruppe, Fitzgerald, Miller, J. P. Crist. Sites, Hoffman. Middle Division Conductors up 3. 66. Baggagemasters up Hollinger, Geisklng, King. Millar. Baggagemasters for Smith, Shande - lmetr, Lorenz, Hammond, Strieker, Farber, Miller. Youtzey, Woods Belhleiner, Cogley, Barton, Glpple, Wilson. Brakemen for 31. Williamsport Division Conductors up WW. Baggagemasters - up Wolfe. Wilt, Latham. Baggagemasters for Kent, Wallace, Kllem, Ever. Morris. Dort, Yarnell, Oath - eramn. Ferseman Wllhelm. Baltimore Division Baggagemasters up Nackelp. Parks, Irwin. Conductors for Zeck. Link, Gratz, Pyle, Welty. Brakemen for 994. THE READING P H and F Pool Harrisburg Division - Engineers up Fetrow. Sweeley. Kauffman, Fortney.. Merkle. Welrman, Tipton. Kett - ner, Emerick. Mlddaugh. Hollengsworth, Bamhart. Wood, Wyre, Neldhammer. - Firemen up Rumbaugh. Eslley. Aun - spach, Warner, Rohland, Alvord, Krelser, Wltcomb, Folk, Miller, Marks, Mover, Bovers. Nye. Martin. Helsler. Miller. Longenecker, Warfel, Fackler. Delsrotb, Kope. Tlppett, Bingaman, Relgle, Dow hower. Anders. Esllnger. Brubaker. Fulton. Harman. Miller. Conductors up MeCullouah. Derrick. Shuff, Danner. Mitten, Taylor, Kauffman, Meek. Beaver. Brakemen up Aunspach. Dahr. Ray. Baker. Ryan. Brown, Zellers. Engle, King, Arnold, Graeff, Graeff, Devlne, Smith, Harlan. Rodemaker, Mumma, Strawhecker, Kerstetter, Coldren, Hamm, Sourbeer, Mengle, Remley, Larkln, Greiser, Rltter, Hamm. Emerick, Funk, Miller. Moyer, Mentzer. Warner. Wealand. Aehev. Bad - dorf. Korn, Selghman, Barbour, Peters, Boltz, Lauver, Staller. ACE OF CLUBS 3S6 Mohn St.. Steelton , All Thia Week THE DRAKE MIDGETS . . IXOYD VALENTINE AND HIS ORCHESTRA Also TOMMY KOSER - Sensational Tap Dancer ' : and Matter of Ceremonle N Cover No Minimum ORCHESTRA EVERY NIGHT GREEN GABLES Large Dance Space Parking For 500 Cars TOMORROW NIGHT Big Band and Dancera Direct From 10 Weeks at the PARADISE CLUB Atlantic City Front St, Below Swatara, Steelton Look For the Green Lights C. Dailey, Prop. FINAL SHOWING TODAY JAMES CAGNEY BETTE DAVIS W3M3 ifMtehr. 1 rl rlk. II l STARTS TOMORROW! RUTH CHATTERTON in "JOURNAL OF A CRIME" Pages Torn From the Diary of a Jealous Woman! HEAR BILL HOFFMAN At " - - ' TYm MIGHTY ORGAN Special Preaentation Zr tMI HOUSC OT tiiTS - wf NOW With Robert Young Ralph Bellamy Martha tlaaaar MATS., 25c EVE., 25c - 40c DOORS OPEN AILY: 1 P. M. STARTING FRIDAY "GEO. WHITE'S SCANDALS" 1 LANNY ROSS CHARLIE RUGGLES MARY BOLAND ANN SOTHERN AMOS'N ANDY CARTOON 1 1 ;i HONEYMOON IN A TREE - TOP EDEN! Jane and Tarzan in a New Amazing Jungle Romance TkeOrigtnat Sweethearts! mm WEISSMULLER and MAUREEN O'SULLIVAN McfnvOoldwyn.Miyer Picture C9 Never Before On Any Screen 1 Starting; a New Week With a New Show THE HOTEL BESSAMER 243 Main Street Steelton Presents v DANCING PETE in Song and Dance Al Parfait Hollywood Cadets Featuring Curly at the Dram DAVE and DEL Harmony Twins Harmonica Alike and His Harmonica aTUDKNT DAMCE VTl Ada. Remaining 25 AT CLUB MADRID TONIGHT The star of Harrisburg musicians will be on deck at the Club Madrid tonight for the students' dance. Ted Brownagle at the helm of his merry men and their marvelous music . . . and genial Gene Otto on the bridge to make everyone of the big crowd happy. Washing - toll, April 23, JP). The Senate's special munitions investi gating committee disclosed today it would track down the sources of 'rumors of war between the United States and Japan." - Ralph Belli my and Kathartoo Bepbarn la Mafettle'a ApitUra,' ON? aa mi at laa xaaa'a hacU halloa fey OPENING NIGHT TUESDAY, APRIL 24 The PEARL IflfJ (Formerly Pine Crest) 279 WEST MAIN ST. MIDDLETOWN Beer on Draught 1 BIG DANCE FLOOR Orchestra For Dancing PS I V SPECIAL TONIGHT VENICE CAFE 1015 N. Third Street FREE LUNCH BEEF STEW ' FREE DANCING Ray Cassatt's Orchestra All Welcome and A Good Time for Everybody ORCHESTRA (pi COMING FRIDAY Hotel Verbeke 314 Broad Street DANCING EVERT NIGHT Betty's Novelty Orchestra And Other Added Features BEES AND LIQUORS "DICK" BECHER MANAGER Re - opening at FLYNN'S Under New Management BEER and ALE Large Mug 10c Dancing Every Night To DICK BOWMAN and His Muaie Featuring Norm Harris on His Banjo Dancing ta T No Coyer Chart AUWcdc! WILSON HOTEL 111 S. Third Street GENE ARTHUR'S BAND Featuring GENE and ART In Some Comedy GINGER LEE . Originator ot the Jungle Dance . DANCING JOHNNY In His Mae West GENE McNALLY Tap Artist and Master of Ceremonies SEEK AND ALE. 10c NO COVER Re - opening of: TILLMAN'S GRILL 3rd & Market Sts. Lemoyne Tonight at 6 P. M. Under New Management Large Sandwiches, Free Bar Lunch, Finest Quality Been MUSIC AND DANCING N Oarer '. No Minimum r. E. FLUME. Mgr. LYNCH HOTEL BROAD & CAPITAL MARLIN BURD And His Cadets With , BUCK IIARLIHG EVERY NIGHT NO COVER CHARGE Everything to Drink Served As Yon Like It Largest Uptown Dance Floor lr.iiiimiuimh..gac IW r ai mm The Only Stage Show in Harrisburg" STARTS TODAY! Grpa! Screen and Stage Show Presenting An Extraordinary how LA Stage FEATURING JED DOOLEY Stag and Seraen . Comie ROY SEDLEY THREE OTHER HEADLINERS ON THE SCREEN JOnn DARRYMORE in "Long Lost Father" Continuoas Shews Starting at 1.15 YAWS 9 4

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