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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 10

Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 10

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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Virgil, Roman poet, wrote and re Wrote his "Georglcs" 20 times. He spent yean on the "Aeneld." In his will Virgil requested that the great epic should not be published because the final revision had not been completed. He was aiming at perfection, and would be satisfied with no lest. Wai all this, painstaking car worth anything? Well, he made himself immortal at least. In this year of 1(30 the world of letters celebrate! the 2000th anniversary of Virgil's birth. OUR OWN FIRST HARITY," according to an yj old adage, "begins at home." Accepting this as gospel, there la much to' be said for the view of Immigration Commissioner Harry E. Hall, who holds that we should admit no more Immigrants until all our own workmen in the particular lines the newcomers propose to follow are There was a time when America's greatest need was immigration. Our mills and factories, our mines and farms countless millions of vacant acres in the West were crying for men. They came from the tread mills of Europe to the Eldorado of America. iaej iouna con anions We permitted these people to come bid for their coming in many instances, as a matter of fact and we owe opportunity for a livelihood not only to them, but to the sons and grandsons of those who pioneered the Continent and founded the institutions that have made the country great. Justice cries out in behalf of these. Strict regulation of immigration is one of the answers. Nor would there be any Justice in permitting large numbers from! abroad to come here at this time hi the hope of bettering their conditions only to find themselves with out work, in a strange country and in worse state than they were at home. We haven't beard that Mr. Raskob ill going to contribute anything toward the 'wet" ticket in Pennsylvania. INVESTIGATION IN ADVANCE rWATnO nUTTMTW AviHortflv believes in having his primary InfanrinitliAria irt a rltfanIA Tl UllVOUHa IU HllVV, is Just as welL 1. senatorial probe, under exacting conditions, was bound to come. Better have it now than later. Regardless of the truth or falsity of Mr. Grundy's charges of cor ruption in Philadelphia, nobody who has clean hands need fear to appear before a senatorial or any other committee. It is unquestionably true that the senatorial campaign of four years ago cost too much. While William S. Vare became the victim of the probers, three candidates of fended in this manner, whether or not their campaign funds were properly raised or properly ex pended. If primary expeLses can be held down during th coming primary. they should be, no matter what the means employed. The less money expended the more likely an hon est and uninfluenced registration of the public will. Since this is what elections are for, and since at home do not sem able to control our election expenditures it is only mai me national gov story was whispered about among eminent should step in and do it the passengers that since the sink for us. At all events better low totf of the sister ship there was a than to repeat such a prolonged position to shy at the gang plank. rpVifs la rtntVinhlw fnnnifiil tola a This Is fanciful tale and fruitless struggle as deprived us of full senatorial representation between November, 1926, and January of this year. CAMP HILL'S EXAMPLE DR. H. C. LAWTON, secretary of the Board of Health, announces the annual clean up day for Camp Hill as April 29. This is the nineteenth successive year the attractive West Shore suburb has observed a special boroughs wide' housecleaning day. It is an example 'that others might follow, There is no better looking town in all Central Pennsylvania than Camp HilL It always looks spruce and well kept. Very likely it got its original in spiration from the annual clean up day, and renews its enthusiasm to emulate the once famous "Spot lesstown' when each spring its people unite to clear away the debris of winter and put lawns and street in condition to excite the admiration of the thousands' of tourists who pass that way each summer. Poems that Live "PAIR IS MY LOVE FOR APRIL'S IN HER FACE" (From FAIR is my love for April's In her face. Her lovely breasts September claims his part, And lordly July in her eyes takes place. But cold December dwelleth in her heart; Blest be the months that set my thoughts on fire, Accurst that month' that hinder eth my desire Like Phoebus' fire, to sparkle both her eyes, At air perfumed with amber to her breath, Like swelling waves her lovely breasts do rise, Af earth, her heart, cold, dat eth me to death: Aye me, poor man, hat on the earth do live, When unkind earth death and despair doth give I In pomp sits mercy seated In her face, Love 'twixt her breasts his trophies doth imprint, Her eyes 'shine favor, eoartesy, and grace, But touch her heart, ah, that is framed of flint! Therefore my harvest in the grass bears grain; The. rock will wear, washed with winter's rain. Bobrt Green UJJ0H0I2) eV IT StiU a Mystery GAME HERE THERE EVERYWHERg (By mail from South America.) A sister ship of the Vestrls, which mysteriously sank soon after leaving New York a year or so ago, car ried us from Buenos Aires to Santos. It was not crowded; far from it. probably a as are many stories one hears aboard ship. As to the Vestrls there is little said among the officers and crew. What caused, the sinking is still a mystery. Was it a shifting of the cargo, carelessness in handling, de fective management, or something else? It remains an unsolved tragedy of the sea. Science and Showmen Notices carefully posted in various parts of a ship leaving a South American port in early March warned all and sundry against the presence of monkey or parrot pets, But one hears of a clever simian in the third class quarter aft Also, there are to be seen several cats and a dog or two. But more important than these is a baker's dozen of native. Africans fresh from the wilds of the general neighborhood of the Belgian Congo. One of the seven men is a sheik and three of the six women of the group are his accredited wives. This three to one basis is understood to be quite a common arrangement whence these specimens come. A Frenchman who is the caretaker of the thirteen tourists from darkest Africa is escorting the group to New York for ethnological study, he says. Barnum was wont to Justify similar enterprises on a scientific basis. As a matter of fact, an in quiring soul, a seeker after truth, told me as we skirted the Brazil coast line that the seven black men and the six disfigured women were consigned to Ringling's circus. So a flamboyant announcement Before arriving at Santos the Frenchman in charge of the African group, an explorer in the dark continent for twenty six years, finally divested his charges of all mystery. "I am taking them to the United States for an engagement with the Ringling Show," he explained. He also, had the men and women give a native dance for the entertainment of the passengers. These particular natives bear ocular evidence of tribal mutilation. the women have had their upper' and lower lips gradually distended by wooden discs since childhood so that they are inconceivably stretched beyond all semblance of the natural mouth. Also, their bodies are mutilated and marked by cuts and lacerations. Bombardment at Montevideo Crossing thel broad mouth of the Platte river from Buenos Aires to Montevideo requires an entire night ploughing the muddy waters of an estuary that gathers to itself the murky silt of two or three rivers intersecting Uruguay and discoloring the ocean for miles. Indeed, it is not until the ship has proceeded but of the harbor and is well outside that the ocean cleanses Itself and makes a presentable appearance. During the night there was a terrific electrical storm and from the decks all watched the impressive play of the lightning. Later the sharp scintillating flashes were followed by tremendous crashes of thunder which resembled nothing so much as a continuous salvo of heavy artillery. This continued until dawn and it was evident that Montevideo would be deprived of our survey, the ship resuming its course after two or three hours, the next stop being Santos, center of the Brazil coffee HARRISBURG TELEGRAPH 10 FRIDAY EVENING APRIL 11, 1930 A NEWSPAPER FOR THE HOME Published evenlnts except Sunday by TH TBLEGRAPH PRINT1NQ Tflfgraph Building rderjl Squars Tj. STACK POLK, r.lrtnt and Kdltor in ChUf. Vice President nd Treasurer. X. J. Btack pole, uenerai aiaugr, unhnr Editor. O. 11. Steinmets; Mamvlns Zditor. Blon C. Welker: At reriate gouor, a. a. omovx. if i fill eajo. 111. Members of American Newspaper Publishers' Association, the Audit Bureau of Circulation and the Pennsylvania Newspaper ruoasners Association. Eastern office. Story, Brooks di Finley. New York central Bulldlnt. New York Cltv. Western office, Story, Brook tt Pin ley, 75 S. Wacker Room 1305 Mather Tower. Cnl Philadelphia office. Story, inlev. Fidelity Trust mat, Washington Bureau. National Press Bldg Members of the Associated Press TM A unclated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all sew dispatches credited to it or not omer vise credited in this paoer and also the 1nal nw nuhlUhpd herein. All rights of republication of rpeclal 4lsoatches herein are also reserved Xntered at the Post Office in Harrlsburt. as second class maw, carrier ten cents a week; by mail 15,00 a year in advance. TELEGRAPH'S PLATFORM FOS HABSISBIKQ Equitable More Industrial Slants. Increased Business Facilities. Encouragement of Infant Additional Factory Site. Pree River Bridges. City County Building. Hlnher River Dam. Civic Center Surrounding Capitol. Support of Harrisburg Foundation. Opening River Channel Kelker Street to McCormlck Island. Adequate Public Library Support. Extension northward rt Front Step and River Park. Removal of County Prison to Suburban Site. Partially, accompflshed by purchase of Technical High School Building for Citv Hall purposes. Gradually being developed by CHj Hall and other buildings. Planks Already Ba.lBed (These proposals, originally embraced In the Telegraphs platform for Harrisburg. have baen ratified by the people since the platform first appeared: Adequate P. N. O. Armory. World War Memorial. War Service Club. Survev for Puture Expanrlon. Widening Market Street Subway. Boathouse Facilities. Shade Tree Commission. More Homes Water Supply Extension. High School Facilities. tLanre Auditorium. Solving City's Traffic Problem. Zoo in Wildwood Park. tZembo Temple and Farm Building will meet this need. FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1930 Show I hold It troth, with him wha singe To one clear harp in divers tenei That men may rise an atepplng atones. Of their dead selves to higher things. Tennyson. NOT SO BAD SOMETIMES when we get to thinking that pessimistic folks are right when they tell us the country is going to the demnition bow wows something comes along to restore in some measure our con fidence in the soundness of the public's anchorage in orthodox faith ana Qoctrmes. There are the "Billy" Sunday meetings of yesterday, for example. It is a notorious fact that the luncheon clubs find it almost impossible to interest the members of similar organizations in each other's programs. No matter how prominent the speaker, the luncheon club attendance varies not more than 10 per cent. But yesterday when the Kiwanlans presented Mr. Sunday and his chorister, Homer Rode heaver, as their guests the banquet hall of the Penn Harris was filled to over And in the middle of a busy afternoon Chestnut street t. hall was crowded from top to bot torn to hear the evangelist and again in the evening. What these thousands heard was the old fashioned gospel of Jeus Christ as it has been preached in the churches for generations. They not only heard it, but they liked It. Sunday is himself a product of just sueh a mission as the Bethesda, which brought him to this citv. and he sticks very closely to the beaten path, albeit his style is dynamic and his language picturesque. So, in the light of all this, there "seems to be a very substantial percentage of our citizenship still very much Interested in this tsue of preaching and still firmly grounded in the faith of their fathers. Maybe the pessimists are wrong. The world to many always seems to be Just on the verge of going to nun, uuu auiucuuw uwin ucvci quite goes. better here than at home and opportunities everywhere, but they in cluded among their numbers many of such moral laxity that the country would have been far better oft without them. They met the need of a but to day many of them are crying for Jobs. MOVIE OF A MAN ARRIVING HOME EARLY (FOR ONCE) ARRIVeS how MiT6 Paces Floor AMD To worry QrlOO Moo! 6J 'jn. IOER tamo LISTeaJS FOR PACIM6I HMMT AND oeew mu UJaRRYlKfcN. 0" SOMC MO AMSulfiR. CAU4 ASaisJ LOUPEK 6ets MCNTAJ. i ve AT ED LUCY SHT VC Kjevert for fjIWE MY 1 i. vi ft mm c5 SELF IF AMYTHlrJa HAS HAPrXaJB TO HERf WOaTTH weiejHT IN 601D CMY6 CHaH ISSS. R. T. Trikw Urn. fJO AaJSlAieft. LlSTreJS None INTCWTLY CALL IT A DAY HOW ABOUT GLIDING? READING about the man who flew from 4 CINCINNATI In a two cyllndered plane USING only twenty eight gallons of gas, WE got all steamed up about this gliding BUSINESS and decided to hold a columnar CONFERENCE to determine Just what we better DO about it. Now when we say "we" we DON'T mean just the editorial we; but all OF you cash customers who have Ideas of your OWN. (And we know you have, for every time WE say something you don't like, some one of YOU is sure to sound off!) As far as the small MOTORED affair that blew Into New York (and we HAVE Just realized we forgot to mention at th START of this discussion where the boy landed WHEN he came in from Cincinnati) is concerned, YOU can't really dignify it by calling it an AIRPLANE, for that signifies a motored affair IN which one may fly from here to there and BACK again at high speed. But this isn't tne SAME, and as far as we can determine, it Is NOTHING more nor less than a glider with A motorcycle engine in it The possibilities OF this sort of affair for office workers APPEARS infinite. Think of taking off from THE street in front of your home out on ALLISON Hill and puttering along at forty miles AN hour through the surrounding atmosphere UNTIL you land, in a few minutes, atop the office BUILDING where daily you labor to KEEP the sheriff from your door. Think of THE chance to dash here and there, if you CAN call forty miles an hour dashing, with THE use of little gasoline or oil and all THE comforts of the big time airplane ride. FOR the matter of that, maybe you wouldn't even HAVE to have a motored glider. Maybe you could GET so good, through study of the Capitol pigeons BO BROADWAY EW YORK. The affable little Nchap with the pleasant smile and the poll thatched with reddish down, who greets, you at the portico of the swellest' benzine buggy shop on Fifty seventh street, is none other than Signor Ugo d'Annunzio, son of G. d'Annunzio, poet, soldier and international Nose Thumber. Ugo, wlio is New York agent for the most famous of foreign Swank Wagons, expects, soon to "ghost" the' story of his Delectable Dad for George Bye, Big Wig Lit'ry Agent of hereabouts. The Columbia Theater at Broadway and Forty seventh street is about to be demolished to make way for new Radio Kelth Orpheum shlftln' picture temple. One by one the landmarks of The Lane are tramplad out of memory by the fugacious years harvested by the house wrecker. The Columbia was Burly cua's stand on Broadway. And with it will pass "Columbia Beach," the patch of curbstone territory outside the theater where, through the long summer days. Impecunious "hams" were Wont to foregather in shrunken Palm Beach suits, to rock on their HSU C0MIN4 IN POOP Looks oor of VAllMDdVAl FOR H6R. tl By BRIGGS Hcrc lva 8eeM WUTlMC boot a. I eAN HOUR If I WOMDSR 1 VIHCRC ViH6 A wQNOCK YOU VCfTT LST A pELVA KNOW urn i bout It If I Your lit 60IN6 OOT "For nifhft iwift cfrajon out tb aloud full ft. And nndm uhinm Aurorm't har hint." UMsunsiasr Nlghf Dreeea the Susquehanna ducks and seagulls that you COULD make use of the air currents and could SAIL around over the city with' all the light INSOUCIANCE of the bird. The more we think about THIS glider stuff the more we become enthused OVER it and if at any time you find somebody LANDING In your backyard with a couple of yards OF airplane wing wrapped around "his neck, that Vi" IS quite likely to be your humble correspondent, ALL wrapped up in gliding experiments. We think THAT in all likelihood we will have to go into A huddle with Messrs. Fred Nelson, Harry Mills, ET alia, who have been sitting behind the control STICKS fit powered planes for so many years that THEIR whiskers are now getting Jangled in the H. CONTROLS and their great grandchildren have to HELP them In and out of the planes, but who are STTLL able to retain their mental equipment in BEHALF of developing aviation. Maybe we better HAVE a straw vote, not at all like that one of the LITERARY Digest, confined to those 21,987 readers OF this column who have paid up their subscription TO this newspaper and are thereby in POSITION to join In the argument. We WILL probably ask three questions: DO you fly; would you like to; have you ANY mental difficulties and how's your GOLF game? These three questions (the LAST two really refer to one and the same THING) would serve to give us an idea as TO your ability to absorb or retain, a matter THAT has bothered the school board for many YEARS, and with that as a starting point we could GO ahead in an effort to get the gliding club OF this column under way. Have we. any suggestions? A. H. S. Taking Their Time i (From the Boston Transcript.X A couple married in New York presented a license issued ten years ago, thus affording documentary evidence that they were not marrying in haste to repent at leisure. heels, swing their bamboo canes and indulge in hop head dreams. Lord, Lord, what a foolish thing time is! In the old days Alias Jones was a hard working re write man on Park Row who daily drank his lunch with the rest of the Journalistic geniusss at a neighborhood. Temple of Bacchus known and honored as The Oil Can. Those were the days ante dating Babbit, Boole and Borah, when all the hats In America were not made on the same block. Recently I encountered Alias In the ornate publicity office of a large film company. He was reclining in a Lred leather chair with his pedal ex tremities on a rosewood desk, pre Adamite bromides at a secretary. Will Not Plou The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; therefore shall he brg In harvest, and have nothing Counsel in the heart of man is I'ke deep water; but a man, of understanding will draw It ont Proverbs, xiv, 4, By Joseph i VanRaalte "Hy he called, with a Nancy Astor twang. "Behold in me a perfect example of the modern, high power executive. Bottle In the nearby and handy cellarette cigars in 'the drawer feet on the table and nothing in the head!" De Wolfe Hopper, the aged and much married musical comedy star, is still going strong. It's impossible to think how old he is. Forty years ago he was "knocking 'em dead" at the Broadway Theater. And he has no more hair on his head now than he then had. His poll was e'ver innocent of hair. He never even had eyebrows or eyelashes; and of late years his face has taken on a purplish, copper blue. All this added to his enormous height makes him a remarkable figure. He is much in demand as an after dinner speaker and recently told of a nervous toastmaster at a movie dinner Folly wood: "And next, ladies and gentlemen, I am privileged to present that sterling star that eh, beauty of the screen, who has charmed a million etc etc. Miss eh, Jessie Laaky!" IN THE RAILROAD FUTURE (From the Boston Transcript) i. TRANSPORTATION systems that will include' railroad trains, motor trucks and buses, airships and the ships of the sea, trains on which the traveler may check his automobile, the abandonment of tracks where they are not needed' that their, beds may be transformed into concrete highways for the operation of railroad owned motor vehicles, telephone facilities between car and car of the moving train and with the people at home these and other developments are pictured by General W. W. Atter bury, president of the Pennsylvania Railroad, as among the attributes of to morrow in the transportation world. Here Is no flight or fancy by a day dreamer. Instead we have the predictions of a practical man of affairs, director of one of the world's greatest railroads. General Atterbury has something to say about the money being spent Weak Minded Criminals (From Philadelphia Inquirer) Pennsylvania expects to begin construction in the Cumberland Valley early tills summer on an institution for mental defectives. It will be the second of the kind in the country, New York having established the first, of which Dr. Walter N. Thayer was formerly su periptendent. He has lately been in consultation with trustees of the enterprise for this State. The purpose is to reclaim defectives whose criminal tendencies have been due to early neglect, faulty habits in youth and unfortunate associations. Inmates will probably come from prisons, a startling sort of "prep school" if one stops to think about the matter. Yet the undertaking shows the hope which inspired the project. It reveals the advance made in classification of offenders whom society is obliged to board and lodge in its own defense. Some, to be sure, are victims of "total depravity." Others have been mis guided by factors in their environment. Fatalists would say they also are doomed. But psychologists are learning that "fate" is not necessarily Inevitable. Even astrologers admit the stars do not compel, but only incline. The State Department of Welfare has a similar theory in its treatment of the feeble minded with criminal Inclinations. It now proposes to work on that theory if final plans meet approval. Agr reement (Pages Gaies, Yverdon) Saxophonist I wish I had money and I would never play another note on the saxophone. Neighbor I wish, I had money I would give it to you. Caustic Retort "Any empty pop bottles, lady?" asked a junkman at the back door. "I should say not," sneered the woman. "Do we look like we drank pop at this house?" "Any vinegar bottles, then, lady? Perfect Obedience "Does your wife obey you?" "I should just think she does! Ten years ago, when we were married, I told her to run the house just as she pleased. And she has!" Credit Established "Just put It on my BUT" sobbed the young widow as she left a wreath at the crematory. Everybody's Weekly (London). Pungent Paragraphs One of the greatest screen triumphs is putting them up without losing your temper. The Louis ville Times. That Illinois prisoner whe loaned the sheriff money with which to take him to the penitentiary should do for a trusty. The San Antonio Express. They have passed a law against drinking Jamaica ginger in Miss Issippi, which wUl probably a violent in the addicts The Charlotte News. So powerful is tradition, even in a swift age, that long after Its present mayor Is forgotten, Chicago will probably be the Windy City still. The Detroit News. From the national standpoint prohibition itself seems 'to be somewhat intoxicating. The Worcester Evening Gazette. Why don't they give these von essioral spellers a hard world, like "economy." The Omaha World Herald. for the improvement of the rail roads. It will amount to $1,000,000, 000 this year. Between and $10,000,000,000 will be spent or betterments in the next ten years! With such expenditure and the In elusion of other methods ot trave in the great railroad systems of th country it is perhaps not fanciful say that 1940 will look back to 193 as in the pioneering stage of mod em transportation. "Development of Beppelins i being watched," says the Pennsyl vanla president. "Evidently th4 modern railroad executive must looW up as well as along the glistening vista of the rails. And when hi suggests the railroad owned eeppe un receiving tne passengers of the: railroad train to carry them oveJ uie oceans to ianas aiar ne may oq picturing a dream of to day which will become one of the realities of the morrow. tttHILE public attention is dl rected mainly toward the ma Jor offices to be contested foa in the Republican primaries, pretty little fight is being staged foq the Republican nomination for Sec I retary of Internal Affairs. None ox the three principal candidates Philip H. Dewey, manager of the Workmen's Compensation Fund Secretary James W. Woodward, whrJ is out for re nomination, nor Fred 1 eric A. Godcharles, has any thought of quitting. Dewey has the endorsement the Vare "war board," but there is a growing suspicion that Wood ward's old alliance with "Tom Cunningham and the rest of the old line Republican leaders in Phila delphia in the end may net hird more votes than Dewey will get irl Philadelphia, while throughout thd State there Is no question as to his, popularity among' organization leaders. Whether Godcharles will make serious play for the place or not to has not said, but whether he does' or not he is so well known through out the State and stands so wel with those who have followed hi historical articles and his radio adJ dresses that his vote will be much larger than might be judged from i mere scanning of the present align ments. Woodward and Godcharles weri candidates for this nomination foui years ago, when Woodward was en dorsed. by both the Beidleman and the Fisher supporters, Godcharle; taking sides with Fisher and sink ing his own aspirations, as a resul of which he was named State Ll brarian by Governor Fisher, whosd personal friend he is. There wen those early in the campaign to felt: the Governor would be glad see Godcharles preferred. On th other hand, there was a time when it looked as though Godcharle might receive the endorsement the Vares. He was on the verge that at one period. Dewey was a candidate for Goverj nor four years ago and dropped oul of the race with the request thai his friends vote for Fisher. Hi present berth Was his reward. Earl; in the campaign he was talking the Governorship, but went into th Vare camp for the Internal Affain nomination when the Philadelphi organization began to look up Stat for a cpndidate who might dra votes from the farmers. It's a pretty little race and by means cut and dried. E. J. Griesmyer, burgess Renovo, having withdrawn from th race for assemblyman from Clintol county, leaves the present assem blyman Joseph A. Simon, of Loci Haven, unopposed for the Demd cratic nomination. Simon has als filed petitions for the Republics! nominations. The name of 'LeRoj G. Rearick, of Lock Haven, will alsl be on the Republican ballot. At conference of Lock Haven an Renovo residents, Burgess Gries rayer stated that hl reason for en tering the race was to obtain fav orable consideration for Renovo 1 the matter of a site at North Ben for the proposed County Poor Farm and recognition in the matter State highway construction for tW western end of Clinton count i After it was shown at the Joirl meeting of Lock Haven and Renow industrial captains that J. A. Simo: has done much in the past tw years that he has been in the sembly, In road improvemen Griesmyer stated his intention withdraw. Everyday Questions HUMAN SACRIFICE TO GOD Fear of Heaven's Wrath Men tcPKill. Loved Ones By DR. S. PARKES CADMAN Memphis, Tenn. i How prevalent' was the custom among the ancient Hebrews of offering human sacrifices? The Old Testament contains numerous references to human sacrifices, of which those of Jepthah's daughter and Abraham's willingness, to offer up Isaac are familiar instances. In II Samuel' xxlK 6 9, we read that the two sons of Rizpah and five sons of Michael were hanged on the mountains of the Glbeonites "before the Lord." Ahaz is said to have caused one of his sons, "to pass through, the fire, according to the abominations of the heathen." Manasseh also is reported to have practiced this ferocious rite on one of his children (II Kings, xxl, 67). Propitiatory offerings of human beings are distinctly implied in the 116th Psalm, verses 37 and 38: "Yea, they sacrificed their sons and daughters whom they sacrificed unto the Idols of 'A Jeremiah speaks at his comparatively late period of the practice of burning boys and girls on the loath some altars of Moloch, located the Valley of Hlnnom, at Jerusa lem itself (xxi, 6 9). The prophi denounced this unspeakable custoi as contrary to the mind of Goi So do all civilized people to da; Yet it reveals the fearful depths evil and cruelty into which, fear heaven's wrath precipitated the ancient religionists. It. is notab that the Biblical revelation whld began on its human side with terra ended on its divine side with Christ! unveiling of God's universal FatK WELL KNOWN PEOPLE Mayor Mackoy, of Philadelphi will address a Republican Club all ner in Scranton, May 10. Malcolm Atterbury, son of Gei eral W. Atterbury, has joined tl staff of a Philadelphia radio statu as program director.

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