The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana on November 20, 1970 · 6
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The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana · 6

Billings, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1970
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S!?r Hilling (Sazrtif ; "-"Vr" I r t .1 V f ' 1 ' 1 . i I ' f V "V " .- ... ... " - ' ' To v V v p. ;- r , t -' ? r . - - - . .. "V ' V 1 , One Bob Sitz (left) of Harrison and Jess Kilgore, Three Forks, admire a T-bone steak during a break in meetings of Montana Beef Performance Association in Billings Thursday. Doctor The Most Exciting Headache News In Years! Doctors' Tests In Treating ervous Tension Headaches low ftflade Public Non-Narcotic Tablet (that needs no prescription) Proves Just As Effective As The Expensive, Leading Pain-Relief Prescription Of Doctors. If you're one of the many who get tense, nervous headaches, these latest tests by doctors should be' of the greatest im portance. In recent medical tests doc tors proved a famous tablet that needs no prescription gives the same complete headache relief is the expensive, leading pre scription of doctors. 1 hesc doctors tests proved, beyond a doubt, that Anacin is just as effective to relieve ten- ion headaches, yet Anacin i C0NGRA1M ON 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO YOUR FELLOWMAN IN TIMES OF SORROW, TRAGEDY AND GREAT NEED. EMIL NOVEMBER NOVEMBER NOVEMBER Evening Edition Friday, November 20, 1970 Beautiful Steak Sitz is a new member of the board of directors of the cattlemen's group and Kilgore is the newly elected president. Tells Why Pupils needs no prescription and is far more economical. With Anacin, headache pain and its nervous tension vanish in minutes. Despite its strength Anacin is not narcotic. You can take it without getting dizzy or an upset stomach. Next time take powerful, fast acting Anacin". Anacin Tablets give the same complete head ache pain relief as the leading prescription product for which doctors wrote 21 million pre-l scriptions last year. OA 1Q9ft 1, 1939 90 107A H w Gazette Photo by Phil Bell By DR. GEORGE THOSTESON Dear Dr. Thosteson: What makes the pupils of your eyes dilate at times? Would this be serious? I have a grown son and also a 6-year-old grandson and I notice that at times their pupils get large. They both seem to be on the nervous side. Mrs. H.P. Several things can cause the pupils to enlarge or contract. Basically, the pupil changes size to regulate amount of light entering the eye. In very bright light, the pupil will squeeze down very small. In dim light, the pupil enlarges to admit more light. That's why, when we go into dim room from a bright outdoors, at first we can't see much. Then we become accustomed to the dim light, and can see very well. Why? The pupils have enlarged to suit illumination. Absolute size of pupils can vary considerably from one individual to another, but all change -- . AIMS. Affectionately, Your Son . DAHL Established Dahl Founded Dahl Funeral Home, Bozeman, Montana Montana's oldest director. an Denies Assault John Grady, 22, 317 S. 29th St., entered; a plea of innocent Thursda'y in Justice Court to third degree assault in the pistol whipping of a man near Fire Station No. 2 Wednesday night. Grady was picked up by police pic ked up by police, late Wednesday after a patrolman, who stopped at the fire THE COMPLAINT charging station, found Andrew Berry, 21, Grady says he attempted to S. 26th St., bleeding from facial committ an assault against Ber- lacerations. 7 by "striking, beating, wounding, and injuring" him. BERRY TOLD the patrolman Grady had pistol whipped him Vitals and BIRTHS Boys Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kenas- ton, 2015 Red Oak. Mr. and Mrs. William Maass, Lame Deer. Mr. and Mrs. James Rangitsch, 3302 Stone Ave. Mr. and Mrs. David Heimer, Absarokee. Mr. and Mrs. Marian Osborne, 1938 Beverly Hills Blvd. Girls Mr. and Mrs. John R. Swanz, Judith Gap. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stovall, Luther. DEATHS Max Lorenzen, 73, 202 S. 30th St. William A. Jones, 70, 2641 Lewis Ave. Mrs. Ethel Dora Aaby, 81, Yellowstone Nursing Home. Miss Janice Pavek, 34, Ashland. MARRIAGE LICENSE Thomas Hughes, 52, Billings, and Mary Burr, 43, Billings. FIRE CALL 6:04 p.m. Thursday (City) 138 Yellowstone Ave. Pan left on Dilate according to brightness. One-sided dilation or constriction can be due to a defect in the nerve control of the pupil not a very common occurrence. Report such a condition to an ophthalmologist. And drugs can affect pupil size, in both directions. Narcotics (morphine, heroin) cause a small pupil. Belladonna and others cause a large, also marijuana. Older folks using "drops" for glaucoma will have small constricted pupils. I doubt, Mrs. P., that in your case you have anything to worry about. Leaded Hay SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A Stanford University pharmacy professor says automobile exhaust is causing lead to accumulate on roadside hay, and is raising the specter of lead poisoning in humans who eat the meat of cattle who eat the hay. DA Bros. Funeral active funeral Chargef and had even pointed the pistol at him with the alleged inten- tion of firing it. Police Chief Gerald Dunbar said Thursday no weapon was found on Grady when he was Bond was set at $500 and trial was set for Nov. 24 at 10 a.m. Weather stove. Smoke ejector used, smoke damage throughout house. 8:37 a.m.Friday (City)-617Vz N. 29th St., fire in overstuffed chair carried to back yard. Caused by either careless cigarette or being too close to the furnace. Damage to chair only. AIRPORT WEATHER DATA From United Slates Weather Bureau lor 24 hours ending at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 1970: Maximum 46 Minimum 29 Precipitation trace; so far this month. .32; total for same period of Nov. 1-19 a year ago. 69, total since Jan. 1, 14.63; total for same period a year ago, 14.42; normal for Nov. 1-19, .41; normal for Jan. 1 to Nov. 19, 12 42. Hourly temp 6 p m. Wed -5 a m. Thurs.: t 7 1 11 12 1 I 3 4 5 3233323030292930343435 35 Hourly temp 6 a m Thurs -5 p m. Thurs : 7 8 1 11 2 I 2 3 4 5 34 32 32 34 35 37 40 43 42 45 43 42 Sunrise 7 20am Sunset4:39pm. Baker ( from PAGE 1 ) the park was full and Schlosser stopped the car on the side of the road near Gardiner and both men climbed into sleeping bags. "I laid there for awhile. I was stoned, but awake," Baker said. "When I woke up there was lightning and things. . .there was some thunder too. By that time, it was already done." "What was done?" Whalen asked. Baker stared at Whalen. "The first-degree murder," he drawled. Baker said he did not recall dismembering the body. "I wrapped all that stuff down a long time ago," he said. "If I want, I can hypnotize myself into not remembering things and I won't recall them." Baker later recalled as accurate passages in a statement he made in California, a statement in which he said he had mutilated Schlosser's body and eaten the heart. "I panicked," he said. "When I woke up with a knife in my hand. I rolled up the sleeping bags, dug around for the keys and left to try to find Harry." What was your state of mind, Whalen asked. "Frantic," he said. Baker testified he found Stroup along the highway and told him a "fabricated story about rolling a dude and taking his car." "I told Harry the guy was a faggot," Baker said, adding, "It was a lie, a stone-cold lie. "I was paranoid, frantic. I was afraid. I wondered how it had happened and I was sorry it had happened." Baker described the trip to California and the drive up the mountains in the Big Sur area where he had planned to dispose of Schlosser's small foreign car. Baker's plans were interrupted when he and Stroup were involved in an accident on a dirt road going up the mountain. "I told the guy driving the other- car that I had a 'hot' car and that I had killed a guy," Baker said, "and that was the first time Harry had heard about the killing." Working his jaw muscles, sitting erect and staring at his questioners, Baker verified as authentic portions of a statement he made in California saying he had eaten Schlosser's heart immediately after the slaying, and had not cooked the body part. He said he had cleaned the meat off finger bones when he and Stroup stopped to rest at a roadside park in Washington and he was unable to sleep. He said he told Stroup they were chicken bones. IRREGULAR? nnr Tft am nr ennn v w w wr WW BULK IN YOUR DIET You can, tool W Wf ll to-wall. or (pot and paths. Laavat nap claan and Huffy. Sala for linait fabrica (upholstery, too). L (VfRGBlFN 13lli I Grand MIGHTS- Highway 10 (oil Good Morning, Your Honor The skillful drivers) beware of "tire hydroplaning." This ran occur at 55 miles per hour on wet pavement when the car actually rides on a thin layer of moisture, not the road. POLICE COURT Judge Donald E. Bjertness Alois J. Richter, 55, 13 S. 27th St., forfeited $180 bond on charges of driving while intoxicated. David L. Sekora, 18, Rimrock Hall, EMC, fined $90; and Robert P. Hagan, 21, 2415 8th Ave. N., fined $66 for careless driving, leaving the scene and failing to report an accident. James W. Silvonic, 19, 2423 Spruce Ave., fined $36 for failing to yield the right of way and failing to report an accident. Elizabeth L. Foxall, 26, 1122V2 N. 30th St., forfeited $18 bond on charges of careless driving. Fined for careless driving: Mark K. Vinner, 20, 2403 Elm St., $60; Emil A. Christiansen, 77, 2608 Highwood Ave., $18; and Gary H. Davids, 18, 532 Yellowstone Ave., $12. forfeiting $30 bonds on charges of speeding: David M. Schneiter, 26, 4231 Murphy Drive; Richard G. Fischer, 18, 115 N. 34th St.; and Dale C. Scott, 21, 528 Sioux Lane. Fined $24 for speeding: Arthur B. Nash, 59, 1101 Sunnyside Lane; and Jeannette Bender, 19, 509 13th St. W. Also fined for speeding: Ann Hartung, 38, 1065 Prickett Lane, $12; and Larry R. Jacobs, 16, 1715 Maurine St., $10. Forfeiting $12 bonds on charges of speeding: Marian Cooke, 47, 3208 Country Club Circle; Graham D. Sims, 41, 1145 Yale Ave.; James J. Neu-field, 32, 2511 8th Ave. N.; Russell L. Knote, 18, 123 Pecos. Place; Jacobus Oosterbosch, 33, 1337 Bench Blvd.; Pauline M. Williams, 32, 1005 Lewis Ave.; and Vicky L. Mylan, 17, 1445 Wicks Road. Walter Lee Adams, 17, 2304 10th Ave. N., forfeited $8 bond on charges of speeding. Peter P. Decker, 66, Ballan-tine, fined $24 for disobeying a traffic signal and no driver's license. Forfeiting bonds on charges of disobeying a traffic signal were: Ethel L. Knapp, 48, 1600 Ave. E., $12; Lee Owen Strickland, 21, 604 N. 23rd St., $12; and Gregory C. Oaks, 16, 1507 Colorado St., $8. Forfeiting $18 bonds were: Victor L. Askins, 29, Buffalo, Mont., on charges of an unsafe lane change; Elisha D. Edwards, 68, Mills, Wyo., on charges of disobeying a stop sign; Walter A. Hauck Jr., 49, 120 N. 27th St., on charges of an illegal start from park; and Carol Ann Rath, 20, Jordan, on charges of an illegal turn. Forfeiting $12 bonds were: Charlotte Koski, 34, 1912 Clark Ave., on charges of allowing an unauthorized minor to operate a vehicle; and James I. Kincaid, 29, 1408 1st St. W., on charges of no driver's license. Toquilla A. Mitchell, 17, 2160 Pueblo Drive, forfeited $8 bond on charges of no driver's license. JUSTICE COURT W. E. Dowlin Gerald Barber, 18, RMC, was fined $15 for driving at night without lights. E. E. COLLINS Robert Taylor, 47, 2811 7th Ave. N., was fined $45 for driving with an invalid driver's license and speeding. Fined: Bruce Greenwood, 21, Sidney, $20, speeding; and Dale Fasching, 30, 2062 Miles Ave., $15, improper parking. China ( FROM PAGE 1 ) exile in Peking. And Mauritius, which voted for Peking in 1969, announced this week that it would vote no this year. Ambassador Radha Krishna Ramphul told the assembly that his government still favored Peking but not to the extent of ousting the Chinese Nationalists, which the resolution introduced by Peking's backers called for. The Soviet Union kept out of the debate in 1969, but the recent improvement in relations between the two Communist giants was illustrated Thursday when Soviet delegate Jacob Malik demanded the immediate seating of Peking. He told the assembly that to bar the Red Chinese regime any longer would undermine the principle of universality "which is the basis of the U.N.'s efforts to defend peace and security." shampoo my rugs for It a foot I" A aay at vacuuming I Bent thtmpooer tor $1 a rfay. Ben Krieger SHEPHERD- Funeral services for Ben Krieger, 61, Shepherd, will be 10 a.m. Saturday at the Evangelical United Methodist Church in Billings. The Rev. Robert L. Dunn will officiate. Burial will be in Sunset Memorial Gardens of Billings. Mr. Krieger died Wednesday of a heart attack while hunting in the Gorman Coulee area, 14 miles east of Winnett. He was born March 8, 1908, in Gackle, N.D. Mr. Krieger married Lydia Jerke Nov. 10, 1931. He was a Shepherd rancher. Survivors include the widow; William Jones William A. Jones, 70, retired store owner of 2642 Lewis Ave., died in Deaconess Hospital Thursday afternoon. He came to Billings in 1961 after selling his store, the Bridg-er Merchantile Co., which he had operated in Bridger since 1929. Mr. Jones was born June 20, 1900, in Sparta, Wis., a son of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Jones. He married Pauline G. Maier, June 25, 1943, in Glendive. She died March 1, 1965, in Billings. He was a member of the Lutheran church. Graveside services will be conducted 10 a.m. Saturday in Sunset Memorial Gardens with the Rev. Lionel Simonson of the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd officiating. Settergren-Carey Funeral Home is in charge. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Knud Larsen, of Bose-man, and Miss Armaretta Jones, of 2640 Lewis Ave.; and two sisters, Mrs. Owen I. Jones, of 445 Lordwith Drive, and Miss Gwen Jones, of St. Jon's Retirement Home; and one grandson. Woofers Services LAUREL - Requiem High Mass was sung for Orville Jackson Wooters, 90, of Laurel, Thursday morning in St. Anthony Church. The Rev. Bernard Geisen was celebrant. Burial was in St. Anthony Cemetery with Cashmore Memorial Chapel in charge. Pallbearers were Mike Kuchera, Russell Orr, Leonard Foley, E. H. Helterbran, Robert Moline and Pete Egeland. Mr. Wooters died Monday at a Columbus hospital. Survivors include a daughter. Burgo Services Funeral services for C. Robert Burgo, 59, 2118 10th Ave. N., were held Thursday afternoon at Michelotti-Sawyer Mortuary with the Rev. Franklin Elliott, pastor of Mayflower Congregational Church, officiating. Cremation followed the service. Mr. Burgo died Sunday at St. Vincent Hospital. He is survived by the widow; two step-sons and eight step-grandchildren. Janice A. Pavek Miss Janice Anne Pavek, 34, of Ashland, died early Friday at Deaconess Hospital from gunshot wounds self-inflicted Wednesday. She was born May 29, 1936 in Miles City, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Pavek. She lived all her life in Ashland where she attended school. Miss Pavek was a secretary at St. Labre Mission, Ashland, and was a member of St. Labre Parish. Survivors include her mother, Mrs. Elsie Pavek of Ashland; a brother, Louis Pavek of Broad-us; two sisters, Mrs. Delbert Slaughter of Conrad and Mrs. Russell Scroader of Tacoma, Wash., and 14 newphews and nieces. Funeral arrangements will be by Dahl-Brown Funeral Home. Elery Services Requiem mass for Mrs. Mary Frances Elery, 58, of 921 N. 24th St., was sung in St. Patrick's Church Friday morning. The Rev. Dale McFarlane was celebrant. Burial was in Holy Cross Cemetery with Smith's Funeral Home in charge. Pallbearers were Francis Plouvier, Francis Powers, Francis Smith, Greg Aldrich, Mike Bede and Ross Lanier. Mrs. Elery died Monday in St. Vincent's Hospital. Survivors include a son and a daughter, a step-son and a step-daughter, two brothers and a sister and five grandchildren. Billings Tonight Homes Arts Dept. Billings Women's Club 6 p.m. at MDU. Boxing Club 7 p.m. at National Guard Armory. Newman Cub Scout carnival 7:30 p.m. at Newman School. Lodge 29, 7:30 p.m. at Masonic Temple. Duplicate Bridge 7:45 p.m. at YWCA. Alcoholics Anonymous 8 p.m. at 204 Grand. Closed Alcoholics Anonymous 8 p.m. at 245 Broadwater. Star Dusters Square Dance 8: 30 p.m. at YWCA. one son, Nolan Krieger of Helena; two daughters, Mrs. Ray Erkmaii of Seattle and Mrs. Richard Dunn of 4531 Murphy Ave., Billings; three brothers, Gust of Worden, Rudolph of Gackle and Reinhold Krieger of Shepherd; three sisters, Mrs. Jake Hankel of 106 Monroe St., Billings, Mrs. Bill Klundt of Billings and Mrs. Ottilia Pressler of Tarland, Tex.; and three granddaughters. Roberts Funeral Home of Roundup is in charge of arrangements. CARD OF THANKS We wish to acknowledge with deep appreciation the flowers, memorials, cards, calls, visits, food and all other expressions of kindness by our many friends and neighbors during the loss of our loved one. We shall be forever grateful. The Family of Mrs. Anita Corcoran Pilgrim Cong. Church, Friendly Circle Bake Sale at Security Bank, Fri. Nov. 20, 9 a.m. Adv. For a limited time only, Wright Tree Service is available to do tree work for private parties, 259-0783. -Adv. Bazarr at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 2nd Ave. N. & 33rd. Nov. 21, 10:00. Theme: "A Mexican Fiesta." Adv. Free delivery of Shaklee products. Basic H Center, 3119 1st Ave. N. Ph. 248-6441. Gladys L. Merritt. Adv. Thanksgiving Flowers featuring "Home Grown-Longer Lasting" Mums & Poms. Phone HOPPERS, 252-4178. - Adv. This week at Roxanne's. COFFEE MUGS Reg. $1.25, this week $1.00. 1417 13th St. W-Adv. Dr. J. M. McBride, optometrist, will be out of the office Nov. 16 to the 30th. Office will remain open for repairs and adjustments. Adv. ROBERTS FUNERAL HOME Roundup KRIEGER Funeral services for Ben Kriger of Shepherd, Montana will be held 10 a.m. Saturday at Evangelical United Methodist Church of Billings. Interment will be in Sunset Memorial Gardens, Billings. Friends who wish may make memorial contributions to the Evangelical United Methodist Church, Billings. SETTERGREN-CAREY Funeral Home Serving Ihe Community Since J906 721 N. 2fth Ph. 25MIM JONES - William (Bill) A. Jones of 2641 Lewis Avenue. Graveside services will be conducted 10 a.m. Saturday at Sunset Memo-' rial Gardens. Memorials may be made to Yellowstone Boys Ranch. STOW - Arthur W. Stow, 135 Grand Avenue. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday 1:30 p.m. at the Settergren-Carey Funeral Home. Interment will be in the Laurel Cemetery. FUNEHAl CHAPEL... 10 Yellowslena Ave. Phona J4MI07 fHicfcelolti-Sauijers 100! Aid., HhhJ52.J417 Martwry P.rkina. Adjacent SMITH'S I unorail Homo Established in IH AA? Funal services for Mrs. Ethel Dora Aaby former Joliot resident w" be held at Smith's Chapel Saturday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Interment will be in Juliet Cemetery. Those who wish may make momo nals to the Yellowstone County Nursing Home ANNOUNCEMENT RATES" a an Hn, Mr per lirw f h,rtt Send., "iwr"''' h You, Adi If HT1 ""HM terry, buJ T I (L ' Twin ' '"rmwMiif n I

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