Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 27, 1957 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1957
Page 13
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PUBLIC LIBRARY Logansport-Gloudy and windy with showers tonight. A little warmer tonight. Saturday partly cloudy and turning colder. Low tonight 28 to 35. High Saturday in 30s. Sunset today 4:27 p.m. Sunrise Saturday 7:05 a.m. Sunday outlook: Increasing cloudiness, warmer. ( YOUR HOME TOWN NEWSPAPER J NOW IN OUR ;i!4th YEAR HOME EDITION Founded 1844— For All llviilirtmcnt* l>h<me 4141 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 27, 1957. Full-Lea>rd United Pr«»» VVIrr« Dny mid MRkt Price Per Copy, Seven Cents PICK NEW COUNTY OFFICIALS CANCER STUDY RETIRED RAILROADER HAND CARVES MINIATURES Report Progress Of Dr. SaIk's Research By DELOS SMITH United Press Science Editor NEW YORK (UP) — In the course of his unending toil with ptilio viruses, Dr. Jonas E. Salk chanced upon some oddly behaving monkey heart cells which, in behaving oddly produced antibodies of exceptional potency. In test tubes these anti-bodies inated in the bodies of human be- jngs. But they also killed normal cells derived from the lungs, kidneys and other organs of people. (There are other substances which kill both normal and cancer ceils.) Obviously these anti - bodies have no present nor foreseeable value in the treatment of human is in the making by the creator of the Sa!k anti-polio vaccine. I am emphasizing the negative out of sympathy for Jonas Salk. Cells Become Abnormal | The great affection which the j public has for him is greatly appreciated but it can louse up his communications with ' the scientific world and that would be a personal tragedy to him. So let's not read any potential miracles into his current communication to his colleagues. This communication — in the technical organ of the American Association for the Advancement of Science — describes how evidently normal cells from the heart of an apparently normal monkey, became, for unknown reasons, abnormal while being cultured in test tubes in Salk's laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh. j The abnormality of these cells'. was the loss of the natural limitation on their growth. Other scien-. lists have had normal cells take on this abnormality in test tubes. • And that is the most dramatic of: of cancer cells.'. killed cancer cells which had orig-. cancer and no anti-cancer vaccine Jobless Pay Claims Up in Cass County Claims for unemployment compensation in Logansport and Cass cotin'y are up slightly from last week and are almost double the total for last year at the same time. The weekly report of the Logansport office of the Indiana Employment Security Division shows 464 claims from Cass county, as compared with 449 last week. Of the total, 131 are new claims and 333 are continued. Last year at the same time 272 county workers were unemployed. Claims from White county showed the largest increase during the week because of the temporary layoff of 400 employees of the RCA company in Monticello. The employment office registered 410 claims from there, of which only one was continued. Last week 101 claims were received from .White county and last year at the same time 102 persons were unemployed. The RCA employees are scheduled to return to work Jan. 6. Fulton county claims climbed from 132 last week to 174 this •week, as compared to 104 a year ago. Sixty of this week's claims •were new. Pulaski county also was up, with 181 cls.ims this week against 113 last week and. Ill a year ago. There were 57 new claims registered this week. In the four-county area served by the local office, total claims this week were 1,199, up sharply from the 795 registered last week and more than double last year's total of 589. Throughout Indiana, total claims were up from 52,059 last week to 55,985. A year ago there were 33,605 persons unemployed. Warns Fire Danger High Logansport Fire Chief Dick Ei- *ert issued a warning Thursday to local residents to use extreme caution with Christmas trees now that the holiday is past. HALLECK'S PLAN Asks Tax Aid to Parents Of U.S. College Students WASHINGTON (UP)—A key House Republican today proposed a special tax exemption for parents of college students. He offered this as an alternative' to federal scholarships, as proposed by President Eisenhower. "It would cost less and do more good," . Rep. Charles A. Halleck ON FARM Nelson Hildebran is shown above in the basement workshop of his home at 1407 Michigan avenue with two of the prize items in his collection of hand-carved figures. He is shown holding a replica of a 1923 model horsc-ilrnwn school "hack" like the one he drove in Cass county for a time before joining the railroad. To his left is a miniature mcrry : go-ro uncl mounted on an old Victrola. (Pharos-Tribune Photo-Engraving.) Turns Pastime Into Fascinating Hobby Hildebran of 1407 Mich- HIV, UIIS11V1 HI«llLit3 \JL IjCtllUCL t-CiU. ' . , .. r But no scientist has yet answered^? 211 avenue ls an actlve raan for the question of whether cells are hls 75 years ' necessarily cancerous when' they \ The retired railroader took up lose their built-in limitation on making hand-carved figures and has turned out thousands of them on a hobby basis just since he reached 62 years of age. Hildebran explains that he started' carving to occupy his mind and keep him awake while on duty as a. night crossing watchman for .the C & 0 railroad at Muncie. • A native of Cass county arid a growth. Questions Remain So Salk injected these cells, in varying amounts and by different routes, into over 200 monkeys to see if the monkeys would develop cancers. They didn't but a number of them developed non-malignant tumors which after growing for -a while receded and disappeared. Salk next found that tumors which" after growing for a while, receded and disappeared. Salk next found that tumors couldn't be produced in these monkeys a second time. That meant monkey body chemistry had responded defensively to the injection of abnormal monkey cells — by manufacturing antibodies which first killed off the abnormal cells and then, by continuing to circulate in the blood, gave the animals immunity. Salk injected monkey blood serum containing these anti-bodies into chicks. This killed the chicks. He then tested the anti-bodies in cultures of various kinds of hu-. resident of Logansport and the county most of his life, Hildebran's hobby started with a pocket knife and scrap pieces of wood. It has evolved into a six-day-a-week "habit" in which he has' turned out amazingly life-like miniatures'from old-fashioned wagons and coaches to a Sputnik, complete with canine passenger. Born and reared south of Logans- U.S., Allies Map Reply To Russ Bid WASHINGTON (UP)—The'Unit- ed States, moving' to back up agreements at the Paris conference, today planned long consultations with its allies before reply- in? to Soviet Premier Nikolai Bul- ganin's "peace" proposals. In a second step to carry out Paris decisions, Secretary of State John Foster-Dulles .scheduled a cancerous, and found that the anti-bodies killed them all. There are innumerable questions which can't be answered now. As Salk said in his report; Eisert pointed out that the trees ' " is apparent that considerable .are «ettin« drier all the time, mother study ,s required before _„..£,„ t £ n j.napr of their catch- any conclusions can be drawn." creasing the danger of their catch ing fire, and recommended that trees be removed soon. The fire chief added that care should also be taken in burning trees, in order to prevent them from starting fires. He said the post-Christmas period when dry trees are still lighted presents one of the worse times of the year 'for fire hazard in the home. COLOR TV IN JAPAN TOKYO (UP) — The Japanese government announced today it had given permission to two Tokyo television stations to begin .experimental color telecasting, .narking the debut of color TV in Japan. Need Cash To Pay Bills? Now that Christmas has. passed, a good way to pick up extra dollars is to dispose of those unneeded, unwanted items around the house. This is a sample of what a Pharos-Tribune and Press classified ad can do for you: GOOD used automatic 'Washer. First $50 takes it. Phone xxxx. The washer sold right away, and a successful deal was completed for both parties to the transaction. You too can convert used appliances, or any other item, to ready cash by using want ads. Just Phone 4141, and a courteous adtaker will be glad to help you word your ad for best results. The major questions are: Were the abnormal cells ever capable of causing cancer? Are "continuously propagating" cells the same as cancer cells? Salk revealed that colleagues in another laboratory had used the abnormal cells to produce fatal cancers in mice. But first, the mice had to be treated with X- rays and cortisone to weaken their anti-bqdy making chemistry. 60-Day Deferment For Elvis Presley From Draft Board MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UP; — Elvis Presley was granted a 60 day deferment from the Army today so that he can complete his fourth ties between the Atlantic Ike to Begin Week's Work On 2 Messages WASHINGTON (UP)--President Eisenhower packs a heavy brief case and heads for the solitude of his Gettysburg farm today for a week of rest and work on his State of the Union and budget messages to Congress. The President and Mrs. Eisenhower were scheduled to leave by automobile early in the afternoon for their farm where they probably will'remain unil Jan, 2. (R-Ind.) told a reporter. Halleck is a House leader with close White House connections and normally s a staunch administration supporter. House Democratic Whip Carl Albert (Ok!a.), in a separate interview, rejected the Halleck proposal as an answer to the critical need for more scientists but saidi might have merit on other grounds. Albert endorsed the scholarship plan. Albert said Halleck's plan would help most those families who can and will send their youngsters to college without federal aid. He said families most in need aren't paying enough federal taxes to get much benefit. Only in a "very, very few" cases, Albert added, would a special tax exemption, make a difference between going i to coliege and staying nome. The contrasting views of the two House leaders pointed up growing indications the President's plan for scholarships and other federal aids for scientific study faces sharp controversy in Leland Smith Slated to Get Appointment Ray Skillcn and Elmer Chambers Also to Be Named Attorney Lclanc L. Smith, 2329 North street, Cass county Republican chairman, will become county attorney, and Ray Skillen, Royal Center, will become count? highway superintendent effective January 1 when the .Republicans regain control of the Cass county board of commissioners, it was revealed Friday by Commissioner Fred Moss. Eimer Chambers, route 2, Logansport, a Clinton township i'arm- er, will become the assistant highway superintendent. Tile appointments will be officially made at a meeting of the county commissioners at 9 o'clock . . , , . WUJILf \,VlllJJI*OO''UI"'i O «!• « « *,.w^f» special tax exemption | Md morn jng in Hie office o£ .ffprpnr- h.tu^n •"•""" Count / Audjtor Ric)lard Go!ll . The meeting will be attended by Joint W. Conn, route 2, city, the new Republican commissioner who is succeeding Democrat Delbert Smith on the board. Randolph Lannlng, city, will be the Democratic member of tlie City to Open Bids On Jan. 8 Estimate $100,000 For 1958 Supplies Logansport civil city Friday advertised for bids, which will be opened Jan. 8, on an estimated $100,000 in supplies for the coming year. The list of supplies-was prepared Thursday afternoon at the Board of Works meeting, and 1 __ = p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 8, is the po7t"" HUdeb~r~a"n"moved to Twelve deadline for filing bids on the 16 Mile in 1919 .and then went to'items. Jonesboro near Marion, in 1932,, Supplies for which bids will be after joining the railroad in 1924. let at the board meeting Jan. 8 He moved to Muncie in 1944 and are: 60,000 gallons or'less of bitu- returned to Logansport when he minous. materials, 5,000 tons or retired from the C & 0 in 1952, after 28 years' service. Hildebran' started his carving in '44 and quickly became fascinated with the reproduction of miniatures. In addition to the thousands of replicas, his collection of woodcraft also includes two full-sized musical instruments, a violin and a mandolin, both of which are real instruments as well as objects, of art. Hildebran recalls that the first real carving which he turned out was an ashtray and pipeholder. After a year of carving in which he added-jewelry boxes and miniature horses with saddles and riders to his then small collection he and other regional defense groups.,purchased a wood carving set. A. less of stone, 8,000 tons or less as- phaltic concrete, 400 tons patching material, 2,000 lineal feet of curbing, tires and tubes, 40,000 gallons regular gasoline, 1,000 gallons kerosene, 1,000 gallons high octane gas, 2,500 gallons diesel fuel, 40,000 gallons fuel oil, 600 Ibs. transmission and differential grease, 850 gallons of lubricating oils, 150 gallons alcohol for antifreeze and 300 cubic yards crete. central-mixed con- Set Population pf Indianapolis: 461,654 INDIANAPOLIS CUP) — Results of a special census Thursday re- anything else that smacks of it. Federal aid directly o universities for added equipment and plant may run into a squabble over racial segregation. Halleck's tax exemption plan, especially with the high-level backing he can give it, cou!d draw ..... ........ „,, „„ „.„ wide support if controversy over cials journeying to Gettysburg for; these and olh er points imperilled _ * . ? _ * . ° .. \ Mm uru:t~ -it _-i expected to fight scholarships oritorney, is former secretary of According to present schedule! the House and Senate - r»w board, the President must be back in Many lawmakers oppose all fed-1 Smith, who will succeed Herbert Washington by Jan. 3 when the e ral ai d to education and ^can be' Small, Democrat, as county at- new Civil Rights Commission "••""" t " J '- r -~'-' -- 1 -- 1 holds its first formal meeting. The President has promised to participate in at least a portion of the meeting of the commission created by the last session of Congress. The President is taking a small staff with him to Gettysburg. This will be augmented during the conv ing week by administration offl conferences chiefly concerning the State of the Union message. Press Secretary James C. Hagerty said work on the State of the Union will be the President's primary chore in Gettysburg. But he also will devote some time to his budget message for fiscal 1959, that starts next July 1, working in consultation with budget director Percival Brundage. Hagerty expects cabinet members, to make quick trips to Get- lie White House proposal. The administration plan still is taking final shape. As of now it stale, former city attorney and fci mer mayor of Logansport. Skillen, who will succeed Elmer Shuman of Walton, has had ten, years previous experience in the Ca>-s county highway department, including eight years as its superintendent. He was timekeeper for tiie department in 1940, assistant superintendent in 1941, and then, served as superintendent during the years of 1942 to 1349 inclusive. Chambers, who will succeed is expected k> call lor a federal i Marion Hopkins of Adams town- outlay of 200 million to 300 million 1 ship as assistant highway superin- -dollars yearly for aid in a variety of forms aimed primarily at producing more and better scientists in the race with Russia. Royal'Center Masons To Install Officers uiZLi* • tv inaAi^ 1414 J i. n. LI if./3 tu VJI=L~ > -r, » -i. . , ... ,. tysburg between now and the first' Publ ' c installationi of new offi- of the year to confer with Eisen-j ? en ? ° f the Royal Center Mason- bower as lie goes over preliminary drafts of the message. ic lodge will be held at 7 p.m. Monday. Doubt remained as to the man-L ' rhoy are: Joe Cosfello, worship- ner in which the President will put his State of the Union message before Congress which reconvenes Jan. 7. Hagerty said no decision has been made on whether 1 the President will send the message to Congress or deliver it in person. List Winner in YMCA Tournament John Easter, 10, of 1622 East Broadway, outlasted 14 other contestants in the YMCA grade school At the recent Paris North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) "summit" meeting, the 15 .member nations agreed to set up closer consulting methods to avoid policy differences and clashes such as the Suez Canal split. These methods, to be followed in drafting the U.S.- reply to Jiulgan- in, will probably delay the reply to Moscow until mid-January. The reply, when sent, will likely reject Bulganin's proposal, for an East- West heads-of-government conference, to try to settle world ills. The United States is how drafting its reply to Bulganin. When ready it will be sent to the permanent NATO Council in Paris for study and suggestions at its' meeting early next month. This country's draft, and those of other nations that received similar Bulgan- in letters, then will be returned to Hollywood movie. Milton Bowers Sr.,. Presley's draft board chairman, announced that the .three-member selective service board had voted unanimously to permit Presley to defer his induction into military service. The singer, who amassed a fortune from his rock and roll records, movies and various Elvis Presley enterprises, had been slated to report to Camp Chaffee, Ark., on Jan. 20. drafting and transmission to the Kremlin. This is a more extended consul- ;ation process than .normally followed in such international diplomatic exchanges. It presumably is intended to meet criticism by NATO members that this country, and other members as well, failed to take into account the views of all the allies in dealing with Russia and other crucial issues. Call for Registration Of All New Bicycles Several new bicycles received 'for Christmas were registered Thursday with the city police traffic department, and- officers urged that all new bike owners get their bikes registered immediately. Dealers fill out cards giving the serial number of bikes sold, but the number, must be verified and the bike 'stamped with a star as well. This procedure also helps police keep informed on which bikes have been traded in, they said. their home governments for final | at his craft. couple of years later an electric drill with a sander attachment was added to his stock of tools. These outfitted his "workshop", now located in the basement of his home, until about four months ago, when an electric jigsaw was presented to him by a daughter. Hildebran is currently completing what must be considered one of the most outstanding items in his collection, a miniature merry-go- round which turns realistically on the top of an old yictrola box. The carousel is complete to a small ticket booth and lady ticket, taker inside. Pairs of animals, from two-inch-high lions, deers, donkeys, ponies, horses, and goats to six-inch giraffes- furnish the "transportation" for miniature riders. Hildebran spends -an estimated six hours a day, six days a week Sheriff to Take Tucker to Prison Robert Eugene Tucker, 35, of Peru, will be taken to the state prison at Michigan City Monday by Sheriff 0. R. Carson to begin a one to 10 year term for entering thc> local high school with intent to commit a felony. An auto banditry charge which had been, filed against Tucker after he stole a trumpet from the liigh school on November 18 was dismissed by Prosecutor George Babcock. One of Hildebran's favorites in his exter.-sive collection is a recently-completed replica of a 1923 model horse-drawn school "hack", with team and driver. It is an exact reproduction of the, "hack" which he drove for four years in Cass county. The seemingly endless collection of art which adorns • shelves and tables throughout the Hildebran home also includes such:iterns. as a yealed that Indianapolis the state's bmiards tournaraent Fridav morn lar.rfacf fiH, croinoH *3i dai *-nci_ • . . • , , ing .to win top honors in. the contest. Taking second place was Clifford Taylor, 12, of 2403 High street. Junior high and high school boys were, scheduled to compete Friday afternoon. Frank Taylor, YMCA secretary, said he expected about the same turnout as for the morning contest. city, gained ' dents since the last official census in 1950. The new population figure of 461,654 was certified . to Mayor Phillip-Bayt by-A. Ross Eckler, acting director of the U. S, Census Bureau in Washington. Bayt said the special census cost the city $70,000, but--was expected to bring in $568,935 ' in state-collected gas and alcoholic beverage taxes before the end of 1960. Tax distribution is made on the basis of population. ~ ... U.S. ATTITUDE WKON'G LONDON (UP)—A Soviet- scientist said today that U.S. failure in rocket experiments stems from the American attitude toward science and scientists in general, Moscow Radio reported. . . • The broadcast quoted an article In the journal New Times by a Prof. Pobedonstsev in which he claimed Americans think it is better to recruit scientists from other countries instead of training them. Got His College Education Hard Way SUMMERVILLE, Ga. (UP) James C. Lee wanted a college degree, and he got it.. Even if he did have to: Work full time for a power company while going to school to sup port his wife and two children. Make a 200-mile round trip three tendent, has had no previous connection with the department. The Democrats have had a majority on the board oJ commission-, ers for.the past two years, during which time the principal appointivs positions have been filled by members of that party. County Nurse Sets Schedule Mrs. Eileen Huston, county nurse, will begin another round o! visits to county schools in January, to examine pupils in grades on« through eight. Her schedule for next month is: Melea, Jan. 2; Twelve Mile, Jan. ful master; Jack Stanley, senior warden; Dudley Bridge, junior warden; Harlan Schmaltz, treasurer; William Fansler, secretary; Donald Hayden, senior deacon; George Crocker, junior deacon; Frederick Minnick, senior steward; Richard Mansfield, junior . steward; Clifford Miller, tyler; |3 ; Lake Cicott, Jan. 6; Royal Cen- and George Shafer, trustee fortter, Jan, 7; New Wavcrly, Jan. 9; three years. Gain $5,616 In Seal Sale The Cass county Christmas Seal campaign was less than $900 short of its $6,500 goal Friday morning, as total contributions climbed to $5,616'.BO. Of the total, $3,437.42 was from Logansport and the rest from elsewhere in the county. Jackson township workers turned in $21 Friday morning and Tipton township turned in $18. An additional $96 was received from Bethlehem township. Z BOflBY NEALS DIE MARTINSVILLE (UP) — When Morgan County residents learned that. Bobby Neal died. Christmas Day,, they asked which one was it. The answer was,- both of them. Bobby Neal, 64, formerly of Mortimes a week for 2% years to gan County, died from natural meet classes at Georgia State College in Atlanta. Buy a new car when it was all over because the 90,000 miles of driving wore out his old one. causes at his home in Carmel. Bobby Neal, 21, formerly of Morgan County, was injured fatally in a traffic accident near Logansport. Lucerne, Jan. 10; Noble township, Jan. 13; Washington township, Jan, 14; Deacon 1 , Jan. 16; Lincoln, Jan. 17; Galveston, Jan. 20; Clymers, Jan. 21; and Walton, Jan. 23. Water 10 Ft. High in Wabash River Here INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Indiana river stages as of 7 a.m. CST today as reported by the U. S. Weather .Bureau: Wabash River—13.33 feet at Wabash, 10 feet and falling at Logansport, 4.2 feet and falling at Crawfordsville, 19.2 feet and falling at Torre Haute, 14.82 feet and rising at Lafayette, 22.7 feet and rising at Vincennes. White River—3.43 feet and falling at Muncie, 18.15 feet and falling at Covington, 10.55 and rising at Indianapolis, 17.85 feet and rising at Sponcer, 23.42 feet and falling at ElUsion, 21.9 feet and falling at Edwardsport, 24.1 feet and falling at Petersburg, 14.8 feet and falling at Seymour, 6.90 feet and rising at Columbus, 25 feet and rising at Shoals, 22.4 feet and falling at Bedford, 25.5 and rising at Hazleton. 32 feet and falling at Noblesville. WIDE ASSORTMENT OF PERSONALITIES Recall Good, Little News Stories During Year By DOC QUIGG United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK. (UP)—The bi. red and white cow, an Eskimo with ™*£> "V V,f p ™ dog sle'd and dog team; churches' httle stones of the year including.one which is lighted on the inside, and a replica of a 40- year-old oil tank wagon, drawn by a three-mule team. One of the most exacting jobs accomplished by Hildebran is .a tiny tool chest, measuring only slightly over six inches by three inches by two inches, which contains half a dozen 1 -trays in .which G8 separate tiny, tools -rest. The tools, each carefully duplicating the real thing, include chalk lines, hand saws, a hack saw, clamps, wrenches, pliers',, chisels and files, "a miter, box, hammers, hatchets and axes,- a brace and bit, planes, squares and mallets. using an electric razor. Fortitude In March, in Brie-Comte-Robert, France Auguste Ibrelisle won and classified for history's long a bet of a bottle of champagne run); grabbed three melons, jumped back in, took off. Medicine In July, in Tokyo, doctors pondered the case of the woman who Genius In- January, in Knoxville, Tenn., the FBI had to step in and capture es'caped convict Robert Husky. He had made good his escape, from a state prison-by pourr ing disinfectant on his feet. The bloodhounds, turned up their noses at his trail and walked off the job. Modernity In February, in Los Angeles, Jerry A. Prod, 19, was arrested for shaving—while driving. The cop said Prod was hurrying to work trying to steer his car while pagne, by gulping more than four gallons i was allergic to her husband. A of fresh clams in less than an | top dermatologist fiown from the hour. Then he drank the cam- U.S. to investigate the case reported only: "Whenever her hus- Mall Gall band would come near her she would break out in a rash similar to poison ivy." Outrageous Fortune In September, in Pacoima, Calif., Mrs. Virginia Schoen, 34— who six months earlier had been rescued by the fire department when her hands got caught in a non-functioning garbage machine —did it again. Barefoot she tried to kick shut the refrigerator door, £ot jier bi£ loft In April, in Memphis, Tenn. a letter to a penal farm inmate was returned, to the post office stamped "escaped." The post office returned it to the sender stamped: "Moved. Left no forwarding address." Invention In June, in Brawley, Calif., farmer W. I; Fifield reported that a helicopter landed in his watermelon pittch, the pilot imaged'out. left by a removed broken handle, got rescued by the same F. D. Philosophy In October, in San Diego, bartender Pat Freeman unveiled a "Sputnik Cocktail" designed for engineers working at nearby missile plants. Ingredients: Vodka and the juice of sour grapes. The Military Again October, in London, It was disclosed in Parliament that Britain has an enormous military stockpile — of "pants woolen, long" for the Women's Royal Army Corps — enough surplus women's long underwear to last the corps 800 years. In Identification November, in St. Paul, Minn., a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Watkins and named

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