The Winona Daily News from Winona, Minnesota on July 24, 1951 · 10
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The Winona Daily News from Winona, Minnesota · 10

Winona, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1951
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THE WINONA REPUBLICAN-HERALD. WINONA, MINNESOTA TI'ESDAY, JULY 24, 1951 SOCIE Keep In Trim Waist is Easy To Slim Using Right Method By Id Jn Kn When the figure fetj soft around the eiin, the waist a 1 w 1 7 idm, A the oblique muscle that cms-cross around th sides of the Silhouette ks toe. . the waist area bulks out and alas, pa-is age. Hat you don't have to put up wan it, for the waiat is tie easiest menurement to sLm. And there is nothing that help you feel more streamlined thao to reclaim a lost wautline. Go easy on warm weath er esercise, but make waist mus cles giv-e. C.rt in a lihthearted mood with a LI: ;n tune. That old son g, "The Sidewalks of New York" has the n:ht swing. . .slow paced for precision movement. Position: Sit on floor, legs ' spread wide apart, arms held out at suit's at shoulder level. The tru k in this exercise is to pull up-arid in snugly with the girdle muscles and hold the up-pull as you circle. Movement: Twisting gently at the waist, in time to the music. wing around to touch fingers of left hand to outstretched runt toes. Come on . . east side, west side, all around the waist. Ring around the rosy, .and touch the left toea with the fingers of right hand. Continue for a dozen rhythmic cir-e!?s. . .London bridge is falling cwn. flop ever cn the floor and etretch luxuriously from tip to toe , . relax. And now to the tune of "A Bicycle Built for Two." follow through with a side bender to reach the i muscles bounding the aides of the ailhouette, the laterals. Position: Kneel on floor and sit back on heels, with arms stretched out at sides at shoulder level. Pull up f'ircihly with the girdle mUS-C'eV Movement: Bend to the right. . . "Daisy,". . .and touch fingers to floor at side. Come back to position. , ."give me your promise true". . .and bend to the other side. Continue rhythmically for not more than a cozen counts Make it a slow, smooth stretch-bend, and keep pulled slim through the midsection. Don't overdo at the tet'inning, Uf-Iax. . . The exercises in the leaflet "For a Slimmer Midriff" can easily be taken to music. Please address re-fj j t to Ma Jean Katn, care cf this newspaper, and enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope. RatlTf Stiff traakfaat C iri T mi. 4 1 n ji.ii .; n lamoa ........ . . 1 nri ( on ,. 12 ft. a. n I aai luaa Or;. 1 i . and tomata ana allca h il it in to ,!- failuw chi lona omifn ha.f luir,l. 1?J I. 1 ira with lnnn . t hmrr'rn aith i(fvi) ftMi lr j.t 'S JW 4 r w C aa of aire mi. a kutiaraiuk ... SO llata Brm.aiJ (Di irn irf an4 tbih ...... 12 W r'l.g iina ......... ,5 Ti. n ! Road llfii!f buitarrd ... " T ,n 1 ir.fri naiad 24 ai i1r)iig i "inaauoia aja a td frantl tbtrriM 13 er 1itn p.nrap.a l ad laa Rafara alirlaf G.a til n.iu nt . or ft.i'frm., T ril ca ori for tna dif 1 Stockton Guests Stockton, Minn. (Special) Mrs. R ise Piens and son, Leon, Norcross. Minn , are visiting at the home of the former's sister, Mr. Kmma Foehl and other relative here. .Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Gaul, Chicago, and Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Coy, Columbus, Ohio, arrived Saturday morning to spend a few days at the home of the latter's brother and sister-in law, Mr. and Mrs. l'Thin; Coy. Mr. and Mrs. John Davis, Belo.t, Wis , arrived Friday for a week's visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Benuke and son Ralph. Gutft Sunday-Guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Nole, 266 West Fourth street, were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lindsay and daughters, Joyce and Carol. Lleva, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Snoyenbon, Mondovi, Wis , and Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Nogle, U mona. Disinfect ,4fl w . - 1 UI F i j i vrwoiOtfflH L mKufriH , i 1Y Harfarr ahata Mr. And Mrs. Huge E. B inner, 913 West Wabasha street, announce the engagement of their daughter, Janet Merle, St. Paul, above, to Robert L. GreensLt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Greenslit, Morton, Minn. The couple will be married at Central Methodist church August 11. Both are graduates cf Ha mime university. Former Residents Visiting in Alma Alma, Wis. (Special) Mr. and Mra. Gottlieb Ryffel and son James, Belt, Mont, former resi- dents, are visiting at the Theodore Buehler home and with other friends. They are en route home from a ; Open house was held from 3 to 5 visit to relatives in Switzerland ; p. m. and from 7 to 9 p. m. where Mr. Ryffel was born. Hej Mrs. Degnan is the former Flor-came to this country at the age ence Duncanson, daughter of Mr. of seven with his father, the late and Mrs. William Duncanson and Gottlieb Ryffel. who. operated a ! Mr. Degnan is the son of the late shoe store in Alma for many years. Mr. and Mrs. George Degnan. Mr. and Mrs. Ry ffel made the ' VVairen township. The couple was trip to Switzerland on the liner I married at the St. Paul's Catholic America while their son finished church at Hart July 20, 1926. his year in hih school and later) Their attendants were Mrs. El-followed by pUne. They all re-1 mer Wirt, formerly Miss Maude turned on the America. Tbey Beach and Joseph Degnan, War-stopped in Alma in May on their j ren township, way to New York city where they Their children are Mrs. William boarded the liner. Vinonans Attend Scn-in-Law's Ordination . Robert H Schiinkert, son in-law cf Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schmidt, 4X19 West Seventh street, Coodview, was ordained as a minister in the Lutheran church at services ia the First Fnglish Lutheran church. Little Falls, Minn., Sunday. Attending the ordination were Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mueller, Lewiston, Mr. and Mrs. Lldon Steuernagel, I'tica ; Mr. i and Mrs. Palmer Erickson and I ,,tK t.,i u.';, if, ! and Mrs. Elmer Erickson, Cedar Valley. Walter Tolo conducted i 4,1. ,1.,. ..Sill 4VS1S Vl.'-4UVt.V4 the services. Mr. Schiinkert o was graduated at the Lutheran ! Theological Seminary, St. Paul, ! thus spring, has been serving j charges at Dazey and Rogers, N. D., and will continue hfs work ! there. He will be installed in serv-1 ices next Sunday. His wife is the former Arlene Schmidt R.N. A. Participating In Bloodmobile Drive Popin, Wis. Special) Camp : Women of the Rosary society of St. No. 318-1, Roval Neighbors ofRose ot Um parish will sponsor Amenra. is oarticinatm? in a naJs" ice cream social August 1. Mrs. tion-wide patriotic project of fra-1 ternal benefit societies to obtain ' funds to be presented to the Amer-! ican Red Cross with the sueees-1 Hon that the money be used for the nurchase of several b'oodmo- biles r The project, sponsored by the National Fraternal Congress of America, calls on the 85,000 local lodges cf its member societies throughout the United States and Canada to contribute cash and to enroll blood donor volunteers from their million members. Pepin Silver Tea wu.(Soeciai)-The Dor-1 cas group of immanuei Lutneran church is sponsoring a silver tea at the annex for the benefit cf the Mission Advance program of the American- Lutheran church j Friday at 2:30 p.m. The aim of the ! A.L.C. is to establish 36 new mis-' sion churches through this project. I A program will be given. . SPECIAL 50c off n all KAYS Eft HYLOH HOSE CI-ovt on on. piece twmmer nvitemiry cottons. 149 Main St. CLUBS - ir i : - - t Peter Degnans Celebrate 25th Anniversary i Stockton, Minn. (Special) Mr. and Mrs. Peter Degnan celebrated ; their 25th wedding anniversary at their farm home Sunday. A dinner i for relatives was served at noon. iioizer (Mary;, ttusn creek valley: George, Yokasuka, Japan, and William and Joan, at home. All were present except George at the celebration. Mr. Degnan is an employe at the Froedtert Grain & Malting Company, Winona. Mrs. Degnan was i formerly a teacher in Winona 1 county. For the past nine years j they have been Stockton area residents. Mrs. Degnan wore a navy flow ered sheer and a corsage of white carnations and roses. Lunch was served during the afternoon and evening. Mrs. llolzer presented her parents with an anniversary cake. Mrs. Hugo Ben- A'li" , rt , , uu": ""cr ! . Mrs Joseph Degnan edett and Mrs. Antone Holzer juunui aervea. Mr. and Mrs. John Degnan and son Paul and Mr. and Mrs. C. E. , nio Din;...;.,., f. J . f,,1 M n . . dJm?y', ,Rush Crefk ai ePy'Tf. "n'' townuests. Deg"an were PreI SJ" X 6iftS T"6 .! TJ r feorated garden flowers inc hiding a f gre unet of Pmk idioh from inur araen. Lewiston Groups Schedule Events Lewiston, Minn. (Special) Joseph Duane is chairman and Mrs. Thomas Ronan is assistant, The Dorcas society of St. John's 1-utheran church will hacc an ice cream social July 28 on the church lawn. In case of bad weather it will be held in the parish hall. Serving begins at 5:30 p. m. The Presbyterian Sunday school s "Ponsonng an ice cream social August 4 on the church lawn if ! eith,e,r Permits. Otherwise it will hed m ke church dining room, I 'Jidar afternoon Mrs. R. Wallser I1.11 b hos'ss to the Presbyterian i Missionary society. Mrs. George j Henry will be assisting hostess. ! Supper at Fountain Fountain, Minn. (Special) The Woman's Society of Christian Service will serve a public supper in the Methodist church basement starting at 4:30 p. m. Friday. They will hold a baked food sale at Solie's drug store Saturday at 2 p. m. Fountain Visitors Fountain, Minn. (Special) lsiting at the S. H. Winslow home .Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. John : Law son, Chico, Texas. i American Society Lad The American Society Ladies will meet at the society hall at 8 p. m. Thursday. Hostesses will be Mrs. Charles rflughoeft. Mrs. William Roth, Mrs. Frank Rossin and Mrs. Wizard Salway. Return Homo-Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Lough-rey, 415 West Sanborn street, returned Monday from Maddock, N. D., where they visited a sister of Mrs. Loughrey, Mrs. M. A. Wis-ness, and Mahnomen, Minn., where they visited Mrs. Loughrey sis-ter-in law, Mrs. Stella Eilestad. Harmon Family in Reunion at Durand Durand, Wis. (Special) A reunion of the family of Mrs. John B. Harmon was held Sunday at the John Harmon cottage at Lake Eau Galle. Dinner was served at noon to 50. The party was held as a farewell for the Henry Harmon family visiting here from Juneau, Alaska. They left Monday after a month's visit here with relatives. The mother of the group of Harmon children was unable to attend because of illness. Mrs. Harmon has been a patient at St. Benedict's Community hospital for the past two months. Gertude White Visiting Here Miss Gertrude White, Chicago, former Winonan, is in Winona to visit friends. Miss White who was prominent in musical circles in Winona, has continued her singing in Chicago. She is a member of the Apollo club and the Sunday Evening club of Chicago, both singing groups Edgar Nelson is director of both groups, in addition to a program of music Sunday evenings, the Sunday Evening club also arranges for a speaker at each of its meetings. Governor Luther Youngdahl, on the program at one of the meetings this spring, was a "marvel ous orator," Miss Wnite said today The Apollo club presented the oratorio, "Elijah" in concert at Grant park, Chicago, three weeks ago with Mr. Nelson conducting and the Grant park orchestra playing the background music. Although the evening was quite chilly, the singers appeared in formal dress Miss White sings soprano with the two clubs. She recently returned from a seven-week Great Lakes cruise. She was guest artist on one of the cruise programs, singing "My Laddie" and "Love's In My Heart by Williams. On a previous cruise, the year before, she sang at a religious service aboard ship. Miss White when in Winona was a member of the First Congregational choir under Mrs. Carl Rug-gles and also at times sang in the church quartet. Winona's landmark. Sugar Loaf, was the first identification sought by Miss White when arriving by train She chose a seat in the train on the side on which she could watch for Sugar Loaf. Kellogg Guests Kellogg, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Clesson Chikasuye and sons, Honolulu, Hawaii, are spending fwo weeks with Mrs. Chikasuye's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Schmo-ker, Kellogg. Mrs. Chikasuye is the former Lorraine Schmoker. Deanery Council-Mrs. Hubert Weir, president of the Winona Deanery council of the National Council of Catholic Women, will preside at the quarterly session of the deanery council to be held at St Mary's parish hall at 8 p. m. Wednesday. She also will discuss the work of the na- r.:."' - Everything To You 9062 S.ZES 12-20 Need a housedress pinafore style? You'll work happily, market prettily in this! A gay new dater? Tfoic Hracc is a rharmapl Tnct choose your fabric and sew this style for what you need most! Pattern 9062 in sizes 12. 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 16 takes 3'i yards 35-inch fabric. This easy-to-use pattern gives perfect fit. Complete, illustrated Sew Chart shows you every step. Send thirty cents in coins for this pattern to MARIAN MARTIN, The Winona Republican-Herald, PATTERN DEPT., P. O. BOX 4740, CHICAGO W, ILL. Print plainly your name, address, zone, size and style number. Our Marian Martin Summer Pattern Book is the best ever! Send twenty cents today for your copy. You'll sew the smartest, most practical wardrobes for your family and yourself with patterns chosen from this book. A Free Pattern of a beachrobe for Misses Hi is printed in book. , Bunke Family Holds Reunion The annual picnic reunion of the Bunke family wa.s held Sunday afternoon at Farmers Community park. The eldest to attend, was Ferdi nand Bunke, 92, Winona. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Erdman and family, Lewis-ton: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Otis and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Bunke and family, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bunke and family, Clinton Bunke, Mr. and Mrs. Werner Bunke and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bunke and son Delvin, Conine Shipstead - and Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Paulson and family, Rushford; Mr. and Mrs.-Arthur Albrecht, Dakota, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schulz and family, Mr. and Mrs, Henry Fabian, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Young, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Mayer and son Richard, Mrs. A din a Albrecht and daughter Shirley, Edger Giel, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Albrecht, Roland Albrecht, Mr., and Mrs. Elmer Girtler and son Dennis, Winona, and Earl Stephan, Altura. In charge of arrangements for next year's reunion are Mrs. Herman Schulz and Mrs. Edgar Bunke. Plainview Club Hears Book Review. Plainview, Minn. (Special) Plainview's Book-of-the-Month club met Friday at the home of Mrs. Sanford Olson, with Mrs. Zora Green, president, in charge. First chapter - of Louise Hall Tharps book, "The Three Pea-body Sisters of Salem," was read by Mrs. Grace Zabel. Mrs. Margaret Mundt reviewed her recent trip East, to Boston, Cape Cod, Mass., Closter, N. J., and Clearfield, Pa. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Grace Zabel. At Camp-Harold Alan Reed, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Reed, 56 Fairfax street, is spending a week at Tipi-Wakan, Baptist Youth camp on Lake Minne tonka near Minneapolis. Country Club Golf The Women's Golf association of the Winona Country club will hold its seasonal approaching and putting and blind hole contest at the club Wednesday morning. Players are to be at the first tee to draw for partners at 9:30 a. m. Luncheon and cards will follow the morning of golf. 'Vet' Slates Visit To Turkey Growers l Lewiston, Minn. Dr. W. A. Bill ings, extension veterinarian irom University Farm, will visit Winona county this week to visit local turkey growers. Dr. Billings, accompanied by County Agent E. V. Johnson, will see as many growers as possible Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. He was last in the county oh a similar tour in May. Henry Paulson Hurt In Fall Off Rack Pigeon Falls, Wis. (Special) Henry Paulson, 57-year-old area farmer and chairman of the town of Pigeon, received facial and severe arm and neck bruises when he fell from a load of hay Monday afternoon. X-rays were being taken today at Whitehall Community hospital to determine whether he suffered other injuries. Mr. Paulson was setting the hay forks on the load when the knot on the trip rope untied and he fell from the load, having lost his balance. OBITUARIES Death of John Frederick John Frederick, 221 East Fourth street, 80, died at 4 a. m.. today following an illness of two and one-half years. A retired farmer. he was born on a farm one mue east of Fountain City, Wis. He had lived there all his life except the last two years. Surviving are his wife; five children, Mrs Emil (Florence) Johnson, Mrs. August (Vernis) Rick, John, Mrs. Leonard (Violette) Rich and Mrs. Albert (Elvina) Arvidson, Winona; a brother, Anton Frederick, Buffalo City, Wis., and six grandchildren Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Funeral of Mrs. Joseph Galewski Funeral services for Mrs. Joseph Galewski, 600 East Second street, will be Wednesday at 9 a. m. at St Stanislaus church, the Rev. N. F. Grulkowski officiating. Preliminary services will be at the Watkow ski, funeral home at 8:30 j a. m. Burial will be in St Mary s cemetery. The rosary will be said by Father Grulkowski at 8 p. m. today at the funeral home. Members of the Sacred Heart society will meet for prayers at 6:45 p. m. today Friends may call at the funeral home after 2 p. cl. today. Funeral of James Smaglik Funeral services for James I. Smaglik, Bluff Siding, Wis., will be at 10:15 a. m. Wednesday at St Stanislaus church, the Rev. N. F. Grulkowski officiating. Preliminary services will be at the Watkowski funeral home at 9:45 a. m. Burial will be in St. Mary's cemetery. Neville-Lien post No. 1287, Veterans of Foreign Wars, will conduct military services. The rosary will be said at the funeral home at 8:30 p. m. today by Father Grulkowski. Members of St Joseph's society will meet for prayers at 7 p. m. today. Friends may call at the funeral home after 2 p. m, today. The Daily Record At Winona General Hospital (Visiting hours: 2-4 and 7-8 p. m.) MONDAY Admissions Mrs. James Sworski, 525 East Second street . Mrs. Robert Graves, Winona route two. Mrs. Delos Ciszak, 58 Otis street Births Mr. and Mrs. James Sworski, 525 East Second street, a daughter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graves, Winona route two, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Delos Ciszak, 58 Otis street, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Karasch, 4315 Seventh street, Goodview, a son. Discharges Mrs. Robert Haugen, Rushford Mrs. Inez Osgaard, Wykoff. Paul Brandt, 604 Lafayette street Raymond Otis, 528 West Mark street. Admitted to the Winona General hospital Saturday was Adrian Kes-ler, 459 Grand street, not Adriene Kesler, as previously reported. AREA BIRTHS Chatfield, Minn. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rodgers, Chat-field, a son July 14 at a Rochester hospital. Mrs. Rodgers is the former Grace Groby of Fountain. Whitehall, Wis. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Gunder Solsrud, a daughter July 18. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Westegaard, a daughter July 19. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Benedict, Taylor, a daughter July 20. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Scow, Blair, a daughter July 21. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Albin Hanevold, a daughter July 22. All births at the Community hospital. Pepin, Wis. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Serene, Minneapolis, a daughter July 21. Mr. Serene is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Ser ene, Pepin. TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS Richard Allen Mayer, 1086 Marion street, four years old. 1 Ike Names Korea Hero As Observer In European Job Paris p General Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme Allied com mander in Europe, today named the Korean war hero. Brigadier General John J. (Mike) Michaelis as his observer in conferences to form a European army. General Michaelis, who gained fame and promotion for himself and vital victories for the United Nations as commander of the 27th regimental combat team, recently joined Eisenhower's staff in Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE). As Shape's observer he will participate in conferences being held in Paris to create a single, one-uniform army out of the military forces of France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg, plus those to be established in West Germany. Mrs. N. A. Giere Dies at Rochester Lanesboro, Minn. (Special) Funeral services for Mrs. N. A. Giere, 83, will be Wednesday at 1:15 p.m. at the Giere home here and at 2 p.m. at the North Prairie Lutheran church, of which her hus- j band was pastor for a number of years. The Rev. S. Theo Severtson will officiate and burial will be in the church cemetery. Mrs. Giere died at a Rochester hospital where she had been a patient three years. Born in Oesterdalen, Norway, September 6, 1867, she came to the United States with her parents when eight years old. She had lived here since 1920. The former Carrie Lie, she was married June 6, 1888. The Rev. N. A. Giere died in 1944. Surviving are five sons, Adolph and Carl, St. Paul; Hubert and Neil, Minneapolis, and Marcus, Mason City, Iowa; three daughters, Mrs. Otto (Cora) Bergen, Clinton, Minn.; Miss Olga, Lanesboro, and Mrs. Signa Drake, St. Paul; 13 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren. One daughter, Gertrude, died in 1922. CAPTURE MOVIES OF YOUR VACATION $44.50 tax inc. ONLY 1 DOWN BALANCE MONTHLY Catltl Last Ta LtatharrtU Cat With CkraaM Trie. O IJfht Wetfhl It makes full-color movies easy as Brownie snapshots. Stop in and let us show it to you. Edstrom Music Store "WINONA'S rHOTOGKAPBIC HEADQl AETEKS" sd with KODAK'S .S'rl f BROWNIE rjtfjj Iff MOVIE y Vp CAMERA Municipal Court Parking deposits forfeited: Dan Trainor, 428 Grand street; Lloyd Stehn, 1108 West Mark street; Mrs. Robert Son sa 11a, 115 East Fifth street; Fred Burraeister, 1340 West Broadway; Ervin Baudhuin, 214 West Wabasha street; C. Paul Ven-ables, 110 Main street (on two counts); J. C. Kiral, 1480 Gilmore avenue, and Helen M. Anderson, 77V4 West Howard street, for meter Violations. Irs. v Sally Weimer, 467 West Fourth street, forfeited a $1 de posit on a charge of overtime park ing. Winona Dam Lockage Monday 9:10 p. m. La Crosse Socony and six barges, upstream. Today 4:10 a. m. White Gold and three barges, downstream. 4:35 a. m. Meriwether Lewis and two barges, downstream. 5:10 a. m. Gordon C. Greene and 63 passengers, downstream. 7 a. m. Tri-Cities and four bar ges, downstream. BIRTHS Lindow. Born to Lieutenant and Mrs. A. T. Lindow, Fort Camp bell, Ky., a son, Thomas Lee, July 17. Mrs. Lindow is the former Rose Lee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lee, 253 Mill street Trempealeau Co. Drafts Four Men Whitehall, W i s. (Special) tour men left for Army induction from Trempealeau county Monday morning, and ten left for Minne apolis for preinduction physicals Both groups traveled to Minneapolis by bus. Eugene Grover, Galesville, was leader of the group inducted and the others were- Laverne Julson, wnitenau; Konald Olson, Osseo, ana Vernon Weld, Independence. Kenneth Dahl, Galesville, who had been slated to go with this group. had previously enlisted, and Donald DeHusson, Blair, was trans ferred to a Milwaukee board. Kenneth Kopp, Galesville, was leader of the pre-induction group and the others were Ellwocd Au-stad and Truman Moen, Blair; Vernon Bergerson, Ettrick; Lloyd Fox, Raymond Olson and Roy Hagen, Osseo; Joseph Molden-hauer, Arcadia; John Hammond, Galesville, and Kenneth Christian-son, Independence. 8 Charged With Federal Job Sales Plead Innocent Jackson, Miss. VPh- Eight of Mississippi's top pro-Truman Dem ocrats pleaded innocent Monday to federal charges of conspiring to sell government jobs. They included Clarence Hood. deposed acting Democratic nation al committeeman; Curtis Rogers, secretary of the rump Democratic committee formed after the state's regular Democrats bolted in 1948 to support the States Righters; B. C. Beasley, former committee secretary; La Verne Yelverton. of fice secretary; and Frank Mize, chairman of the committee. They were among the 12 indicted last week by a special grand jury. The eight voluntarily submitted to arrest. The grand jury investigation was touched off by charges on the U.S. Senate floor. A Senate committee held hearings here in April after the charges that the committee was asking contributions in return for recommendations to federal job appointments. At WILLIAMS partners in economy 9'. : BeUerllomes Here's help in trimming" your food bills. This famous "best seller" gives special attention to economy cooking, whether for large families, or just 2 or 3. More. than 1000 triple-tested recipes. Loose-leaf, so you can add other favorite recipes. Tabbed and indexed for Quick, easy reference. Handsome, washable cover.. . , (2C5 Wilt BAMS BOOK ft STATIONERY Weather Hampers Search in Alaska For Lost Plane Juneau, Alaska IF Worsening weather continued to hamper planes today in their search for a Korean airlift plane missing along the Alaska coast since Saturday with 38 aboard. Sixteen planes and three Coast Guard cutters have been attempting to comb the lower waters of the Gulf of Alaska and the moun tain peaks rising as high as 15,000 feet along the coast. But the weather has prevented an intensive search since the plane vanished. The pilot made his last report 80 miles west of Juneau. Missing aboard the Tokyo-bound airlift plane are three civilians reported to be on a United Nations mission, 26 U. S. servicemen, two seamen of the Royal Canadian navy and a Canadian crew of seven. Strong Tornadic Winds Listed With Twin Cities Storm Minneapolis Ul Friday's storm which struck the Twin Cities goes into the records as an extremely severe thunderstorm with strong tornadic winds. M. R. Hovde, chief Minneapolis weatherman, said all evidence points to tornadoes. The cleanup job continued today. Nearly 3,000 Twin Cities homes were still without power last night Northern States Power Company officials said repairs should be virtually completed by tonight. Northwestern Bell reported 4,000 telephones mostly in the south and southwest Minneapolis area still out of order last night. Farm Home Entered In Newburg Township Canton, Minn. (Special) Noth ing apparently was taken when a secluded two-room farm home was ransacked near here sometime Saturday evening. When Alvin Capron, farmer in Newburg township in the Big Wood area, returned to his home ten miles north of here at 1 a. m. Sun day, he found a south side window broken, a chimney on his kitchen table lamp broken and clothes and belongings strewn about. Deputy Sheriff Walter Kruegel, who investigated, said the break-in was committed by someone ac quainted with the place, as the house is in a secluded area. Car tracks revealed that about 30 rods from the house the car became stuck in the mud and that the owner had a' difficult struggle in getting it out. The Day You Buy a Diamond . . . As the growth of democracy has spread the power and wealth of the old royal courts among the people, so it has spread the love and the ownership of the most brilliant of all gems. Today the principal buyers of diamonds are the average citizens of democratic America. Yet at the same time, because of the matchless fire of its beauty, the diamond still remains the richest prize among the jewels of royalty. Queen Victoria was fond of diamonds, especially long pendant eardrops, which she wore from the day of her marriage. In England it is customary for a mother to hand over certain family jewels to her daughter as a dowry, and a family tiara is often worn when a debutante is presented at Court and again on her wedding day. When King Edward VII was crowned late in life, his first gift to his Queen was a magnificent collar and chain of diamond brilliants. The gift was a surprise, and since the couple had been married nearly forty years, some of the King's advisers wondered about this considerable investment "Well," said the King, like many husbands of today, "I always wanted her to have something really fine, and I know she loves diamonds." In our own country there was no Court, but tiaras blazed at balls in Washington and at the opening of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. As the general level of prosperity rose and more women could afford precious jewelry, the creation of new designs made diamonds usable in a variety of ways. Today it is much smarter to have and wear one. fine piece, individually your own (diamond jewelry is usually made one-piece-of-a-kind), than to buy a succession of novelties and see them on everybody else! This is the gem, once the mark of power and still the mark of fashion, that has become also the recognized symbol of the pledge cf love. GicltGnaiaihi Jewelers 313 Mankato Avenue a

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