The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on September 24, 1960 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1960
Page 7
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2?. 1960 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL ' '.f- THE CIVIL SERVICE raintina ttears Of Mad Bears By EILEEN TURCOTTE of The Journal fectlve for baars up tree, or to ladder work necessary? On. of the mot t enterprising ! enimel ee(U oj, shin 1 mail Businessmen we ve neard ..( sht0. o( rea by. or for long time is a painting crimson or vermilion, contractor In Alberta who has ' "The above or any other written to Northern Affair ; pertinent information would be V -ar a: Miniiter Hamilton, asking to be given the chance to tender for the job of painting1 the rear nds of vicious bears. Hit bid for the'' perilous painting J o b followed the recent an-nounee m e n t that the Federal Government hat decided to decor ate the backs f of bad bear V round nation- fe el parks with. ; Eileen '". '',h, Z Tureott. paint, ao that - . x - they'll be more easily recognizable. ' Offhand, t can't think of any Job I'd care for less than making like Picasso on a vicious and unpredictable ; . bearskin canvas. .' But the Albertan painter Is made of sterner stuff. "We regret that to date our Arm has had no experience In Bear Rear Painting", he told Mr. Hamilton in hie .letter. "However, wa do pride our-elves on being quite versatile, and wa do feel that' we 'have had considerable experience in the painting business. We are confident that with our background, we could adapt ourselves to this very specialized work. We should appreciate e opportunity, to tender." Wants Information To be able to submit anni-telligent and competitive tender", the prospective bear rear painter asked for the following yital information: "1 How large -a territory would the successful contractor eervice? ' "J--Would the rear ends be! painted on location' or would the bears be brought into the nop? - "J Would a one-, two-or three-coat application be required? If snore than one, would sanding bo necessary between coats? Is flat, semi, floss or high gloss required? ' "4 Is spray or brush Method Specified? If brush, advise whether soft or bard bristles. In this connection, please advise whether long handles are considered of. appreciated, so that our tender can be completed without do- A Few Suggestions The v would-be bear-painter also had a few auggestions to make reflectorized tape, for instance, would make a "good night-time presentation" to attract attention wherever encountered on an overly-frisky bear. . "We might also suggest I . that advertising space might be sold on some of the larger ends, thus reducing the cost to the Canadian taxpayer of this Important stern painting project", his letter concluded. We don't know how -Mr. Hamilton feels about this offer, because the Intercom issue that reprinted the letter didn't divulge, the department' official reaction. . ' j But we do feej anyone willing to tackle a ticklish painting project like this should be encouraged. . f We'd also like to advise using the long-handled brushes even if the bears aren't up a tree. CSignoff , The quickest way to get youthful figure Is to ask a woman bar age. 'ILLIOT LAKE Industrial Giant Of the North? POPULAR VALLEY FIGURE W. B. George Retiring From KAS Post -f ' KEMPTV1LLE (Staff) -r -A, game By the time they'd de Elliot Lake isn't thr,ough. ,to 3.000 men. And we'll do It, boy '' 'n 'he email farm cided they were going to play That's the considered opin- with or without government -communities ion of Chic Shave, outspoken ' help." . .- e - - industrial commissioner, -who If sufficient interest is gen- wss in Ottawa Friday talking: crated to attract Ihe attention on which, he serves at present are: Hospital Construction Com mittee chairman; .Kefrrptvilla Centennial Publication Com mittee, business manager; Vmt rer-'::Property Comm it tee i . - of United Church, chairman! Agricultural Societies District No. 1, secretary;. Kemptville Red Cross , Society, treasurer; O n t a r la. Provincial Lawn Bowling Asso . CLIFFORD J. SLY, executive secretary of the Ottawa-Hull local. Civil Service Association of Canada, who will apeak on "Government Employment and Religion" at the evening service at Dominion United Church Sunday. At a Friendship Hour following the service, a panel of four' will discuss the subject. They Include Miss Kay Simms,' a govern, ment secretary; T. R. Mont. with government officials about the fate of a city the government, less than a year ago, "knocked on the ropes". Mr. Shave brings word from Elliot Lake, some 430 miles northwest of Ottawa, "this is exactly the way the M.000 resident of Elliot Lake feel, too". . The one-time boom-town, treasure chest of M per cent of Canada's known uranium deposits, was flatly' told last October it uranium contracts with the government would not be renewed after 1963. Road to Recovery Mr. Shave envisions, however, Elliot Lak rising within the next 10 to IS years to become the "manufacturing of industrialists in large metropolitan centres, Mr. Shave aaid he pictures Elliot Lake marketing goods to "every corner of Canada". . , , leVar Location id...... r. , mev a missed an uieir train con- VI " iici i, jtt . . . tario was bound to have tome I ',. ... ..! .... dirt "rub off on him". - V . ""lcuu,a) "' "' '" " A fellow even a "preacher's 1 v do lnen ,old tnem el tion wiln Pnd hi election af u.. l . " here or la. fhv did" hax ' . . ,. son coumn i ncip out learn i 7 J.-.. , ' 7 . governor w noiary lucrnn- such things as soil and rops : l . 'm '"J ' " Uional for Rotary clubs of East- said, ... nratr uii - .u u mol,'m- : ' , ., ... !ern Ontario and New York portent things in the world ! A name or title more fitting S(lte except hockey in Winter, of his role was bestowed on himi , '..,. . ... ", course. by Ci Indiana of Saskatche-LIn lt3.0 hf mT.?d '0m'f a. i . ,w w. ,. hii in i am H..kfc4 him Ellen Elizabeth Weaver. They He bases his enthusianw.on n.. .i...lrhi ci.nrfm. n i,- have one son, David Bryden, a Elliot Uk.'. ".deal" geographi- ,'n. T-W.l Afr .Tepp n d wn from fttX-cal location and its nearnes qq, jj., October. 1 re- post at KAS which will be taken vnL. Annade Bel-w. r1 a'v ' k . . I tire M he,d of chemi'trv. j ovtr bv Colleague D. E. Longs- leV'"- - - - ' - ---isoiis ana reniucer aivisinn at.aaii niuvn omerv. clerk assistant in the House of Commons, and Rex centra of the North". B. Boyd, director of a personnel branch in one of the large government department. i - ' USEFUL-' RATS WASHINGTON UPD Fifty-nine rats equal one' man, according to Aerospace, publication of the Aerospace Industries Association. The whole rat pack is being used In tests of space chambers, because the rata, collectively, use about the same amount of oxygen and give off about the seme amount of carbon dioxide and moisture ss one humsn. Elliot Lake's road to recov ery, he told The Journal, will follow this pattern; . ' I "First of all we're completely forgetting about uranium. We. .want, to establish in this city chemical and drug plant and both light and heavy industry such as the- manufacture! of mining and farm machinery, tools, and perhaps, a camera or watch plant "We'U skip the idea of producing consumer product completely. "In short", said Mr. Shave, "we're going into anything that will employ anywhere from one auuoury ana sauu aie. iarw. Kemptville Agricultural School "first I'll clear up some work the nickel and Iron leadera in Bor in Highgate. Kent for the different organizations 51. ,k ? TV" County, In 1899. son of a coun- I belong to, then I'll look around ...... ... .... try Methodist minister, he early tor something.' k - came in contact with men oe-every rouu of the St. dant f th , Uwrenc, seaway." I livelihood. - nr. anave ininas me rraerai Ukea Rural Atmosphere While the many committees he served and worked on at the TIlAU MM t K . . rm K. .... and Provincial Governments m,,'. ' " , 7 i T . cno' hvt l"tn him 10 air'er-are "forgetting" they invested S'",, wL. n faliSl" ountrlj and cities. - his innriwrw .. school and working on farm . hoir. of . ,. fo Uum h.. during the Summer following I, w,yi ,.wher, w..... - an kh, wa, ,! atmosphere' a year off to work on a farm r ,.fi,i i Western Diplomats Stunned 868BalB8BQ8QSQG8BQB88Q to to C3 Cj 03 C3 C3 o eo r ep a a to a CD a to CD g CO C3 C3 D " CD G3 CD C3 CD C3 CD cb CO G3 - m cp CO . CO DIRKS , HAVE v EXCLUSIVE DIAMOND ' RINGS AT CANADA'S LOWEST PRICES X B IRKS i ' CD I l l I s 2 4 i V OS the rki !. Man 0a S as 1.1 p as. Dally B9B9 88 B8 88 B8B8 B8 Q8 B8 0 ' Continued From Page One - "It made me wonder, while I heard him out", confessed Mr. Green, "whether he was de termined to destroy the UN Wss there a chance that Khrushchev might succeed? ' "1 don't think so", replied Mr, Green. "For I don't think the- new African members of the UN will permit it. They have too much to lose; the UN mean everything to them. But if he did what a tragedy lor mankind." What now, then? "Our beat hope", eaid the External Affairs' M i n i t e r, "would be if the non-nuclear power made it clear in the General Assembly that negotiations on disarmament must be resumed and resumed quickly." What about the suggestion by Britain's Lord Beaverbrook that the UN could be transplanted in Quebec City? , "Of course we would lke to have the UN in Canada", he replied,- "but it would not be helpful to move It, Everittalki of uprooting jt can be disruptive." The CBC then asked Mr. Green if he did not think that New York, even the United pleasant incidents." Asked to particularize, he 1 1 - J . . . J i I. u.J w... of torture Inflicted on dog. The Prime Minuter wa ex- front of the Soviet Embassy, But what "unpleasant incl dents" involving foreign vjsit ore,, he was pressed. He then mentioned the heck' ling three or four years ago, at more than Elliot Lake". He said byignor-! Ing the city the governments are writing off millions of dollars of the taxpayers' monies. - . The energetic industrial commissioner feels Canada might well solve ite unemployment problem by looking to Elliot Lake .which has "half-a-million feet of factory space available for lease". Abundant Facilities He'attributed a further factor In the desirability of indus try locating in Elliot Lake to the city's existing abundance of bousing, education,' church, and recreation facilities. . Mr. Shave predicted government requests for uranium will pick up before 20 years have elapsed and then "they'll be back at our doorstep wanting more uranium". Mr. Shave, who has been in the Capital a dozen timea within the past three years to talk with dfficials, said 5.000 resi dents of the city have evacuated ODH A. jniv uvnmcni cuioacua on uranium began. Since, he said, not one nef industry has located in the city. Mr. Shave is now heeded for Khrush chev hss been employing the "Pavlovian . Practice" in . an effort to crack the will and break the resolution of the free world through sheer frustration Montreal and Toronto, of end resulting indecision. IIUII, Willi HIV a ...w ,... ...... Niagara Falls this Spring, of. hss explained to American the Mayor of Moscow. audiences at Princeton and De- Mr. Green reminded the CBC paw Universities, "the quickest Americans, even anti-lest,' surest way to break down communist heckler, enjoyed a dog I to apply positive and in Saskatchewan. Interest Broadened - On return to Thamesville High School the following year, his Interest in things agricultural broadened. After matricu lating In June. 1918. he enter ed Guelph Agricultural College. At KAS, which he fust Join ed in 1926, as . instructor of English, Economic and Dean of residence, extracurricular activities with students led him into another career amateur hockey associations. A well e keen and growing interest in school and community organizations throughout the years, his standing in hockey circle equally grew. In the latter category he, has served a president of both the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association and the Ottawa District -Hockey Association. . At present he is treasurer of the On reflection, he added, "Mv father always liked small places".' Positions an1 organizations E. R, FISHER'S , tai StTMl 516.95 l $23.50 (iiImi .... 524.95 $3) L R. FISHER LTD. UJ-1U Sparks Street ' meetings with businessmen in Montreal. Toronto, Hamilton, freedom of speech, Temperature Drops The Soviet' attempted dynamiting of the UN bad 'Baldy' George In Ottawa and area, hockey associates and friends know him affectionately aa "Baldy" George. The nime has stuck with him for several year but only now is he partly bald. The remainder of his tough, wiry, iron grey hair almost matches the inner firm- it You Pln to Build or Renovate Call Michmet Elickmk First I Many of Ottawa's flnest boms and commercial balldlag have been construct ad by Michael Elichuk. Every type of construction work large or small office buildings, stores or churches remodelling, repairing and rebuilding ALL are given hia expert personal attention. ESTIMATES GLADLY GIVEN . . PHONE CEa-253 ELICHUK CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. If AVENUE ROAD OTTAWA negative, stimuli; and, in turn, to be nice, then nasty; to feed it, forget it, fatten It, starve it; ring belli, flash lights and do all manner of opposite thinis changed the temperature ofj in rapid euccession so that the 5X2 C?f overnight, animal will , ... to piece, in 'T.'ti EC" LTZ., !7 -v. ?. "J!:!' La night. New York'. iiveiui VI test wa vesica a ev1(e on". mistic about th. "propositions of "selling" Elliot Lake. "We're flihtint time". ' he declared, "and it's a dead duck'ne that comes through when if Elliot Lake can't attract new j be e talking of business; industry. Ai president of the CAHA in "But give us 10 year, and 154 he wa once up against this will be the beat town in the situation of having a Que-Canada." bee junior team refuse to play in , .i i i a Barrie team after all tickets of hi limousine like a bundle tot ama hsd been sold. Play or Forfeit Game mourned Mr. Green. Thursday night, after Presi dent Eisenhower had spoken at the UN, Mr. K. had seemed perhaps more reasonable than at any time sine ha pulled eve ning newspapers, including the quality World-Telegram and Sun, carried front page stories of Cuhan hanlcv funkv ! th v:i. ... . ... -i .1.. :. " " He said. "I told them' they either played or forfeited the HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR CITY? PUBLIC MEETING NATIONAL CAPITAL RECION BRANCH Casualty FUunlai AtMrUttmr ( CaaSa at NATIONAL MUSEUM, Ottawa TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th at 8 p.m. A I fcf MWn M. XrHi(l,IMttKt ( flulraiiai M. LAW.RNCC rKXIMAN mlu,ii ... Ilunill MR O. rianalai, N.C.C ; Ml. W. T. MALONX. HMl,m. rl . Catkw at c. ; mb. a. w. aoaaowMAN. rai-f puim mi-ki, aa. Ml. M. T. NIXLSIN. Olracwr ( Tra.1. (aslanrlas, cur af oua.a. Tka ami lll.lul,,'il. Kallwar Klarallaa'. Parkwi.h niiavrw. Oa,rml Hull. I.I, tka OwmaiT, an. Parkla. rnll'ai. tka Mr Ollawa alar Bil.l. OtUaia oeiclal riaa aa. Vrkaa RaaawaJ aia.j. Bouncy as Ever 1. Cii-aiMit unnfae. ?. tn P.?,. down around the ,rM wo;''e dismayed, tfte Castro at a pres. conference M5 t jd worid. ("If f ,h"r l,Vre;, ttmti ve' mug. of beer Thursday ?n Ll hi hflnd th.',0b MVOr'n, th" d'"PP'Bt- had said that he had not mind-Eisenhower soeh concilia I "'Bn . VWI. . . ed President Eisenhower", ex- Ltsennower tpecn concilia- un v kuhhlin mnA bminrv. iai s new jam, even nm unuea j m,A aA n..KUi-1i I .. .. . . veuu n mm uura uii uiun SUte. itself, had been '"J.hJ' "'""V T i"' B,hi.'J American luncheon lut'.t the ,.n,ta Khn.hrh. Then yesterflt morning he nii . nfW.foun(, fneno fidel Waldorf Tnw.r. i-,., k. f Mr. Green' wa. not immedi- Pulle5 'STJmblv - n longed to the poor people", atelycleara.topreciywhat on e" m, r.r-J. 11,6 rVn,pIei C.uban' db I , The Cuban, .nubbed. Claimed the CBC had in mind. PREPARE KOW for your naxt dan.-In amalamant. Ka- InatrueUen, It Miaaaa ! . Call today and raaarve your appointment. CBi-ee4S. . , US Sparks St. Tk. Mad . BARON SCHOOL OF DAXCIKG IIS Sparks St CE2-HO AhCaaeiUaaa I Mil IS fm. axaaM' MaaSar. an. SataraaTt- VN after being advised by hi Foreign Secretary, Lord Home, that the belligerent Mr. K. was novance could not unset Mr. snowing some laini eigne m k he was feeling that good. simmcrina oown. . The message to MrU Mac- m effect had been: on in, . the water' Cites Hecklina The CBC was thinking of the ,''cided to come to the street heckling' and picketing and the five-day ''quarantine" on Manhattan Island of -the Soviet Premier. x Mr.' Green quite emphatically did not think there had been - anything at all "ungenerous" in the treatment of Mr. K. The kingpin of the Kremlin may have been irritated by having all the rest of the United SUtes "off-bounds" to him, but like the close' police guard he had been given. It was an lor ma own aaieiv. i The security problem has nlque of the Soviet Premier been tremendous", suggested hss been defined by Prime Mr. Green, "anywav, even. inl Minister Diefenbaker as. the Ottawa we have had some un "Pavlovian Practice", a form ...... . ...... ..... w... DY lnc yaw iorn newspapers he was . "hsonier" " with hi. recalled nhst only Thursday J a "one-man slum", showed j-Lp" fare" Pta the Harl Prime Minister Macmillan had UB for hii dinn d.., M wttr. LTTk. L " w""f,f5! ' " . " . i uuiw a I aea la "UUIU LS ItVIIlV ing hi grubby army fatiguea. up the luaury high in the Wal- c waa an now and iv gorT TOWera. minutes. late, but even that an- millan, "Come warm. Mr. Green tnorted. ' "ha got a good bit colder since .then", he laughed, but with little mirth. . , Torture Technique This blow-hot-and-cold tech- . So the New York paper had kept a continuing watch on Ms auaterlty , keeoing count of The last 40 tof those 70 the "bnoze anH. K.W .. ,k. minutes, he waHed out on the! phrased it, going up to the kaaaai it sidewslk In front of his Park Cuban quarter. Avenue -.remiin, ana wa in The less sensitive morning such great good cheer that h tabloids, the Dsily New and e0?!1. l5!dbiUt. rt" .v w ,ne Mimr Put b't more Didnt he feel like the- bride vividlv than the mora n.iri waiting at the church, a new evening paper. oing into such msn asked. . intimate . details, concerning -Mr. K. grinned, pawed hi ripped lingerie, a related by glistening skln-head. and cam one of the maids on the Castro up with the crack: floor. ; "Depends on the state of her . ' anticipation." Journal Want Ad bring Finally castro tumbled out quick result. Eyeglass hearing aids with We extend our best, wishes, to the CAMP KALALLA CHOCOLATE DAY PROJECT $pontorei bjf the ' " .. OTTAWA C.G.I.T. BOARD (Canadian Girls In Training;) . SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 1 Syies'n6huckie limited . ' -x. .. GORDON HAMBLIN, President ' - COULTER'S ;: Drug Sfrti 1090 8 ink St. CE5-1418 289 BinkSt.-CE2-9646 ,781 Bank St. CE5-H54 35- CO ob cb CD a For thf first timt , . , BIRKS STERLING FLATWARE . all pieces all pitterns Choose from 20: exclusive open-stock designs, created . In Blrks own ' sijver craftshops. Welght-for-welght and dollar-for-dollar, Birks Sterling represents Canada's- finest value. Sale ends Septeaober ! DON'T mSS THIS SPECIAL OFFER I.-- Budel Terms AvailabU S3 3 3 artvERSMttts. -"ON THE SPARKS STREET MALL" Open t.M ajsu to L3 p.m. Dally Mail and Phone Orders fUled promptly es x innn " i i B II !i u o v If tot know that yoa aeed power in your bearing-aid" . .'. then yen thoold know shout ear new kit fairr Aeoastieoa amaaa'A-910 ...the most powerful eyeglaaa bearing aid that Aeauatieoa asa ever medal It offers for the 6 rat time, aa Aeotutiepa Eye Glaaa Hearing Aid with live tranxtoni ploa 'jmtk-fmir eiremiityl This eyegiaaa kearihg aid delivers mart tlrv tones, marl clear "speeeh, vara hearing pleeaora thaa any ether in oar history I Toe jloat "hare to settle for leva thaa thia power and this torn fori and this !& alyUaf Come is today for the demonstration that may change your idea I boot what aa eyeglass bearing aid should do for yoa.-.. - ' 0Uf TOWS (HnlCl ABNrnion. n.w u. mft, Maa.. SaM. IS CHI Slaara: t p.m. la I J. e ar. ntxrnnw, a, straw aaui. aaa. it . Cllal. naara: 1 a.av u 1 11 .a. i TtMBBoaa.. pakrk. aat, ' Tliarv. trp. IS Cttak Inn: I sat. ta f.m: T i i '. i i i stcon Of OTTAWA U SPARKS ST. Room J7 PHONE CE1-17M . THE COMMANDING OFFICER, . .. . ; OFFICERS, - MEN AND " WRENS OF . v H.M.C.S. CARLETON Dow s Lake, Ottawa , -Invite you - to. an :. OPEN HOUSE Saturday, 24 September, noon to 6 p.m. : . . Sunday,. 25 September," noon to 6 p.m. ' . . Yourwill be enter tained on the 1 , f. L - 1 it kj" - A I latiaakU.Wv. JAUJ ANNIVERSARY There will be trainingdemonstratlons, exhibit '., v. and displays, band concerts and movies. Everyone Welcome" ' -r .... '

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